you know you love the french revolution

If Romance countries never knew that their language was originally Latin
  • Italy: *Whimpering in the corner*
  • Spain: *El conquistador mode on* YOU BOTH ARE WRONG! SPANISH HAS BEEN AROUND FOR-
  • Romania: *Doesn't even know he's a romance country because his language is literally something else*
  • *More arguing ensues*
  • Rome: ...Should I tell them
  • Germania:
  • Germania: Nah

Here’s some more GIFs from Bill Wurtz’s history of the entire world, i guess - from the Intermission to the French Revolution. As before, the GIFs are larger than shown here - click on them to see ‘em full size. Also, feel free to use these for absolutely anything you want - including posting them individually to add ‘em to Tumblr’s GIF cache. No need to credit - just like this post if you like ‘em! :)

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Study Buddies.

Brett Talbot x Female!Reader
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Author: T💕
Request: “Can you writte a Brett smut wheres reader is a typical good and shy girl and Brett really wants to fuck her :’) and one day they are alone at readers hause ;
and yeah, you know how it ends xD”
Warnings: Language and smut 😋

  “Alright, boys and girls, you all know the drill! Get your stuff out and get ready for some notes!” Coach droned.
  We all knew that he didn’t want to be here any more than any of us did. It was the same thing in class every single day.
  I got my stuff out and heard my phone buzz. I took it out, expecting a message from Scott McCall about pack business. But, it wasn’t Scott. It was Brett Talbot, my best friend.

          Brett💓: You look good today.😋

  I rolled my eyes and smile. My outfit wasn’t anything special. It was a black tank top, ripped jeans, and my all black converse.

         Me: Thanks, Brett! 😊 Shouldn’t you be paying attention tho?

  “Ms. Y/L/N? Do you want to read the passage from the book to the class?” Coach asked me.
  My ears got hot and my nerves got jumpy. “N-N-No, Sir.” I whispered.
  Finstock nodded, being aware of how shy I am. Someone else started reading and I tried to calm myself down. I hadn’t even realized that it took the entire class to calm my nerves. The bell rang and I came to the realization that I didn’t get any notes.
  “Shit.” I mumbled.
  “Woah-oh-oh! Such an ugly word from such a pretty mouth.” Brett walked to where I was packing my stuff.
  I sighed. “I know, I know, but I didn’t get any notes today. Brett, I don’t ever miss notes! What am I going to do?”
  Brett put his hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry, babe, I’ll come over tonight and give you the notes and go over the lesson with you too.”
  “God, you are a life saver!” I hugged him.
  Brett squeezed my waist. “Alrighty then, go to class or you’re going to be late. I love you!”
  I waved and walked out the door. “I love you, too!”

         Brett’s P.O.V

  I groaned when Y/N walked out of Coach’s room. I’m glad she didn’t catch me staring at her cleavage that was falling out of her tank top. I adjusted the bulge in the front of my basketball shorts.
  Y/N is my best friend, and she has been for the past ten years, but now I can’t help but want to be more than friends.
  The final bell rang and I ran to class; the only thing I could think of was how I was going to make “more than friends” work when I go over tonight.

         Y/N’s P.O.V

  As soon as the last bell rang I sped out to my car. I wanted to get to my house before Brett did.
  I got up to my room and threw my stuff on the bed with a huff. It was super hot in my room, so I put on some shorts and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I took my books out of my backpack and started reading the passage from class today.
  Five minutes later, there was a tapping coming from my window. I smiled and opened my window to let Brett in.
  “Why couldn’t you use the front door?” I stretched my hands over my head and groaned.
  Brett’s eyes moved to my stomach, where my tank top had rode up.
  “Um, maybe because that is no fun at all?” He smiled.
  “Well, as long as you have the notes, I don’t care how you get into my house.” I hugged Brett.
  Brett hugged me back, but he held on to me for a little bit longer than he usually does.
  “Okay, let’s get our homework done, yeah?” I sat on my bed and patted the empty space in front of me.
  Brett came to me and put his backpack on the bed.
  “Don’t put your shoes on my bed, Brett Talbot. I will screw you up.”
  Brett raised his voice. “Your gonna what?!”
  I leaned back. “I’m gonna screw you up.”
  “Oh. Okay, sorry.”

         Brett’s P.O.V

  Holy shit! I definitely did NOT hear her say that last word. Y/N is seriously going to be the death of me.

         Y/N’s P.O.V

  Brett chuckled nervously. I shrugged it off. “So, what all did Coach talk about during class today?” I asked.
  Brett flipped to the page from class in his textbook. “The lesson was about the French Revolution. More specifically, the Tennis Court Oath.”
  I nodded and slid Brett’s notebook closer to me and finished copying notes for that section.
  “I love you, Y/N.” Brett said.
  “I love you, too, Brett.” I answered absent-mindedly.
  Brett took my pen out of my hand. He lifted my chin until I looked him in the eyes. “No, Y/N, I love you. I want to be with you. You have no idea what you do to me.”
  I couldn’t even find the right words to respond to Brett. “Brett…I don’t know what to say…”
  Brett leaned forward. His lips barely touched mine. “Say yes, Y/N. Say you’ll be with me.”
  “Yes, Brett. I’ll be with you.” I answered without even having to think about it.
  Brett closed the gap between our lips. I leaned back and pulled Brett down with me. Our books and other school stuff got pushed onto the floor. Brett’s hand moved to the front of my shorts.
  I broke the kiss. “Brett, I’m-I’m a virgin.”
  Brett gave me a sweet smile. “I’ll go slow, sweet girl.”
  “Promise.” Brett kissed me again.
  Brett helped me out of my shorts. I giggled a little bit. I pulled off my shirt, showing Brett my naked chest. Brett hissed and discarded his clothes faster than humanly possible. (HAHAHA)
  Brett pulled something out of his basketball shorts. A condom.
  “Awfully prepared for this, aren’t you, Talbot?” I quizzed.
  Brett blushed. “I-uh-well-you see…”
  I laughed and kissed his lips again, just to shut him up.
  Brett rolled the condom on. Brett put his finger on my clit. I started to moan instantly. Brett’s expert finger got me completely soaked in no time at all.
  “Are you ready, baby?” Brett asked.
  I bit my lip and nodded quickly.
  Brett pushed into me slowly. I squeezed my eyes shut and gripped his shoulder tightly. The sharp, tearing pain made my eyes well up with tears. Brett continued slowly until he was buried inside of my pussy completely. He stayed still for some time.
  “It’s okay for you to move now. I’m okay now.” I breathed.
  Brett pulled out some then slid back in. There was still some pain but it subsided after two of there strokes, and turned into pleasure.
  “How are you doing? Does it hurt?” Brett stroked my face with one of his hands.
  I moaned. “I’m fine. It feels good, Brett. Really good.”
  Brett laughed softly and sped up a little. My moans and his moans got slightly louder and louder.
  Thank god my parents aren’t home. I thought.
  With one particular thrust, Brett hit a spot inside of me that made me arch my back. “Holy fuck. I don’t know what you just did, but do it again.”
  A smirk appeared on Brett’s face and he duplicated his actions for the second time. An unfimiliar feeling started to form in my abdomen. It felt like a knot that was on the verge of exploding.
  “Brett, I’m–oh, god–” I panted.
  Brett groaned. “Me too, sweetheart, just a little longer.”
  Brett thrusted twice more and a feeling of euphoria  washed over me. Brett pulled out and laid down beside me.
  “That was like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life before.” I rested my hand on my forehead and caught my breath.
  “It’s better the second time, baby. Just saying.” Brett said.
  I smiled. “How about, in a few minutes, we test that?”

taye-x  asked:

Concept: the story of Les Mis in the style of the History of Japan. You can do it. I believe in you.

France is an country by the sea filled with poor people and it’s ♪♫ beautiful ♫♪

In the year negative a billion, France might not have been here. In the year 1815, it was here, and you could walk to it, and some people died in it

Ding dong, it’s the Revolution, and they have ideas from the future. Like really good laws, and ♪ crazy guillotines ♪. Now you can make a lot of dead aristocrats really really quickly. That means if you own the guilloine, then you can make a lot of equality, which is something everybody needs to survvvvive. So that makes you a revolutionary. Also things get a bit out of hand, Bonaparte happens, Louis Phillipe happens too

we do not here pretend to furnish a history of the French Revolution

“Please try this new monarch,” he said.
“No,” said everybody.
“Try iiiiit,” he said.
“no,” said everybody again, quieter this time.

Meanwhile in Toulon: 

“Hi Javert,” they said.
“Hi 24601,” said Javert.
“Can you call me something else, other than 24601?” said Valjean.
“Like what?” said Javert.
♫♪"How about Maire Mad’leine?“♪♫ said Valjean.

Knock knock, it’s the ABC. Yes, they’re here to take over, they just wanna bring you some cool shit. Like democracy, and freedom, and ♫♪ Enjolras ♪♫. So that’s cool. 

Grantaire wants to help at some point but Enjolras is like ♪"Listen I trust you for once this is very important okay don’t fuck this uuuup"♪
And Grantaire said, ♫♪ How bout I do, anyway? ♪♫

Then, when the barricade was done, the National Guard downgraded to a fuckton. Did I say downgrade? I meant upgrade.
And the ABC says, “Can you maybe chill?”
And the National Guard says, “How ‘bout maybe you chill?”

Then everybody died, except Marius, who pulled a sewer inspired  ♫♪ post-rebellion survival miracle ♪♫ But then the miracle wears off, he’s sad in the Musain but everything’s still pretty cool I guess. ♪♫ Bye. ♫♪


Hey everyone!

So it’s that Time of the Year Again and by high demand, I’m hosting the History Secret Santa again!


Everyone will receive the URL of their assigned buddy in a few weeks. This person will not know you are their secret santa, so don’t tell them who you are! But any time after you receive their URL, feel free to message them on anon!

The point of this is to befriend someone else who has an interest in historymaybe an interest in a completely different historical era that the one(s) you like. 

Ask them about the time period they love, or the historical dramas and books they like–start a conversation. Or maybe you both like the same era and historical figures, and want to talk to each other about that!

On December 24th, you will reveal yourself to the person you were assigned to. However, there’s a bit more–in the weeks leading up to December 24th, if you want to, make them a present! It can be anything–a gifset, a drawing, a fic, a short story– preferably something having to do with history (that’s the theme after all). Anything you feel comfortable with.


REBLOG this post so I know you are interested, and so other people will know about it!

please fill out this survey, as it will help me find the best match for you.


December 2nd: the last day to register. I will not add anymore names after this date, unless there are too few people.
December 24th: the day you reveal yourself to the person you were assigned!

You don’t HAVE to talk to your secret Santa, but it is highly encouraged. The only message you need to send is an anon saying you are their secret Santa, that way the person knows they were assigned someone.

If you do not receive a message confirming you were assigned a secret santa by December 10th, I will assign a new secret Santa to you.

Also: don’t message anything explicitly NSFW, don’t be rude on anon, etc. etc. etc.

Please message me if you have any questions.

Use the tag #historysecretsanta on all your related posts so all of us can see the art and presents you make! Have fun!

  • DWIGHT: Hey, hey, hey, hey. What do you think you're doing? What's this? What's the Fist?
  • JIM: It's just a social club. Like the French Revolution or the Black Panthers or communism. It's just a club. Guys talking.
  • DWIGHT: You expect me to believe that you're starting a rebellion?
  • JIM: Nope, social club. God, I hate when everybody calls us a rebellion.
  • [DARRYL walks into the kitchen. JIM puts his fist up and DARRYL does it back]
  • DWIGHT: Okay, you know what? I would love to join the Fist.
  • JIM: And we would love to have you, but not today. Unfortunately, it's a bad day, what with Operation Overthrow and everything.
Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 1

Hi, hello, bonjour !
So this is my first fanfiction/imagine (that I actually post on line). It’s an idea that I have been working on for like a week now and last night (or very early this morning) I wrote this and I would like to know what you guys might think.
Imagine you, little human, befriending the Originals.
I decided to make a series of it so this is actually just the first part, and if you guys like it, I’ll continue. I think it’s more of a fanfiction than an imagine but… I try.
Please note that I’m French and so English is not my first language so there might be some grammar mistakes here and there.

( (Y/N): Your Name)

Originally posted by originalhbicrebekah

Imagine: Rose and Trevor kidnapped you and Elena. Reader x Elijah

So, vampires were real…and witches… You were having a hard time believing in the situation you were in. You just wanted to give Elena’s phone back to her and now you were in a dirty old house, with two vampires called Rose and Trevor and the Gilbert girl who, you weren’t surprised, didn’t even know your name.
“Don’t worry” she said. “Stefan and Damon are coming”.
How she knew that was confusing but apparently, Bonnie Bennett was a witch.

Yeah…All that made perfect sense.

Rose left the room a few moments ago, leaving Elena, you and Trevor alone. You were scared and in pain. Your head hurt, you must have fell when the vampires took you.

Rose came back with a man, you assumed was Elijah. You’ve heard them mentioning his name earlier. He looked right at Elena, you weren’t sure he even saw you there.
Suddenly, he was in front of Elena. You jumped, scared. He was so fast you didn’t even see him move. You don’t know how you stayed quiet but you did. Though your heart was pumping so loud even you could hear it.
“Human. It’s impossible” were the first words he said. “Hello there”.
Then, his eyes laid on you.
“Who is this?” He asks.
You’re too afraid to say anything, you just look at him, trembling. You were feeling dizzy. Rose spoke up.
“She was with the girl when we took her, she wasn’t supposed to be here, we had to take her with us”
“Well, we have a long journey ahead of us” he says.
“Please, don’t let him take me” Elena beggs Rose.

Me? Okay, she already forgot about you.

“One last piece of business, and we’re done” says the vampire before turning around towards Trevor.
“I’ve waited so long for this day, Elijah” the vampire says, obviously terrified.

Okay, the fact that the vampire that kidnapped you was scared of the one they were delivering you to, was not reassuring.

“I’m truly, very sorry”
“Oh, you’re apologies aren’t necessary” Elijah says.
For a moment you think that he would actually let him go, that he was scared for nothing.
“Yes, yes it is.” Trevor insists.
“You trusted me with Katerina (okay who was that girl everyone is talking about ?) and I failed you.”
“Oh yes you are the guilty one. Rose aided you because she was loyal to you…
Where was your loyalty ?”
Now, you’re starting to get worry again.
“I beg your forgiveness”
“So granted” Elijah says.
You let out a breath of relief you didn’t even realize you were holding until Trevor’s head ended up on the floor and you gasped, terrorized.
You heard Elijah telling Rose she was free, before you lost consciousness.
You were about to fall on the floor when Elijah caught you. He put you on the couch before turning towards Elena telling her to come.
When you woke up on the couch, you were alone. You called for Elena, for anyone, but no one answered. You thought that Elijah took Elena and left you there because he had no use for you, at least he didn’t kill you the way he did Trevor, whose head was still on the floor not far from his body. Just looking at it you feel like you might pass out again. You get up and run to the entry. You had no idea where you were but that didn’t matter, as long as you could return home, safe. When you arrived at the entry you saw Elijah pinned on the wall and you screamed. You had never seen a dead body before this day, now, you’ve seen two. You were feeling really dizzy. Your legs failed you and you fell on the floor. You couldn’t move. A couple of minutes later you finally get up and go sit on the stairs, where you tried really hard not to cry but you start to sob.
So Elena was gone but he was dead? Maybe Stefan and Damon came for her like she said they would. Did she forget you ? Did she leave without you ?
You weren’t mad, a little sad maybe. But you didn’t have this kind of feelings. You thought it was pathetic to be angry at the Gilbert girl for leaving you here, you weren’t surprised at all that she forgot you.
Suddenly, you see movements coming from Elijah. You scream again when you see him move. His body who had turned grey were coming back to normal.
“Oh my God” you say a little louder than you meant to.
The vampire looks at you, curious. Surprised to see you standing there. He doesn’t say anything.
“You’re alive, I’m so sorry I thought you were dead !” You say. Without a second thought you were rushing over him to help him remove the really big piece of wood that was stuck in his heart. He let it fall to the ground and looks at you curiously.
Now, you’re getting scared again. Did you just help a man that was going to kill you ?
“Thank you” he says.
“Uh… You’re welcome” you say, unsure.
You keep staring at each other. You, scared and him still curious.
“I’m Elijah…what’s your name?”
You don’t say anything for a few seconds and then you say in some kind of a whisper
“What are you still doing here, (Y/N)?” He says, readjusting his sleeves.
You heart was calming down a little. You didn’t know what to answer because you didn’t know why you were still here.
“I think Elena forgot about me, I woke up on the couch a few minutes ago, I almost had a heart attack seeing you on the wall I thought you had taken Elena and that I was alone…” You say.
He stays silence, still looking at you. That’s when you start looking at him back, really looking at him. He was, well looked, young. He was wearing a suit and you had to admit that he looked charming and was really handsome. When you realize that you are staring at him, you blush and look down at you feet, thinking about how you must be looking terrible right now.
Suddenly, a thought pass through your mind.
“Did… Did Elena…” You didn’t finish your sentence gesturing him, the wall and the wood stick. You feel silly asking this, you knew Elena couldn’t have done this, not alone.
He let a little laugh escape his mouth.
“The girl did not do this, her vampire friends did” he says, getting a little angry at the thought of it.
You nod. You stay silence for a few seconds. Damon and Stefan, of course, so she did leave without you.
“I’m sorry, about… It must have been painful” you say, again gesturing to the wall.
Elijah wondered if your apologizing by fear he would hurt you or if you were actually sorry. But you looked genuinely sincere, which made him even more curious about you.
“Elena must be a very bad friend to leave you here alone”
“Elena is not my friend” you say. You can’t help but wonder how he is still alive. You clear your throat before speaking up again.
“So, I just learn about the existence of vampires that day and I’m sorry but I have to ask… The stake in the heart doesn’t kill vampires ?”
He chuckles.
“It does, it just won’t kill me”

Great. He’s a super vampire or something, you’re in luck.

“Oh… Okay…”
“What do you know about Katerina Petrova ?” He asks.
“Who ?” You have never heard this name before.
“Never-mind, do you live in Mystic Falls ?”
“…I do” you answer, unsure.
“I suppose I could drop you off, then. I’m heading there.”
You stare, surprised, you were kidnapped the day before and now, a vampire who literally just chopped off some guy’s head in front of you were nicely proposing to get you home. You weren’t sure if it was a good idea but you didn’t want to upset him. Besides you had no idea were you where or how to go back home,
“Uh… Sure…” You answer…“Thanks…”
He leads you to his car in silence. It was dark, you didn’t know what time it was, you took your phone to check, it was nearly 9 PM. You get in the passenger seat and stay quiet for a little while. He is the one who breaks the silence.
“I must admit that I was surprised to see you there when I came back… And even more surprised when you apologized and helped me”
What could you say, you were surprised yourself.
“Well, if I knew that you weren’t dead I would’ve get you off that wall earlier… You seemed dead…”
“I was dead, I just can’t stay dead”
“Right… Cause you’re a super vampire of some kind ?”
He laughs. You laugh with him. What you said was really stupid and you knew it, but you were getting curious.
“I’m one of the first vampires, an Original, nothing can kill me”

Oh, great, he’s the boss of all vampires… How reassuring.

You say nothing. Processing the news. The guy becomes more and more scary but also more and more interesting.
“Are you okay ?” He asks after a few minutes of silence.
“Yes” you answer. “I just… Have… So many questions…”
You’re hesitant. Would you dare ask any of them ?
His eyes are focused on the road but once in a while he checks on you out of the corner of his eyes.
“Can I…” You stop. Your curiosity would kill you one day.
“What do you want to ask ? I will answer” he says.
You take a deep breath.
“I’m sorry, it’s just so rude of me to ask…”
He grins. He knows what you’re going to ask. It’s what they all ask first.
“I’m around 1020 years old” he says.

Well… At least you didn’t have to ask…

“Wow” you say out loud.
He chuckles.
“So you’ve been around for like… All the interesting stuffs !”
You loved history ! It’s actually your favorite subject in class.
“How do you mean?”
“Were you in Paris during the French Revolution ? What about the discovery of America ? The War of Independence ? Have you met any Kings or Queens…?” You go on and on but you stop when you hear him laugh.
“I can’t answer all this questions at once” he says.
“I’m sorry” you apologize.
He’s nicer than you thought he would be. Your head is still on your shoulders and you recognize the road to be the one leading to Mystic Falls.
You spend the rest of the 3 hour drive moving from times of complete silence to him answering some of your questions. He tells smart jokes about history and you find his voice very pleasant to listen to.
Finally you lead him to your house, where you were sure your stepfather didn’t even notice you were gone. You thank him for answering your questions and you apologize for being so curious.
“Don’t be sorry, I quite enjoyed this time with you. Before I let you go I must apologize.”

Apologize ? For what ?

He sees your confusion and continues.
“I’m sorry you got caught up in this situation. I understand you know nothing on this matter and that it doesn’t concern you in any way”
You smile.
“Don’t be sorry, it was nice meeting you Elijah”
You say, and you mean it, even though you will probably have nightmares for the rest of your life because of Trevor. Elijah seemed surprised by your statement but smiled anyway.
You get out of the car. Once you locked the door behind you you wonder if you should text Elena that you’re safe back home. Until you remember you don’t have her number, and that, if she did forget about you, and you were pretty sure she did, you didn’t want her to think that you were angry. You should be mad, but you weren’t the kind of person getting emotional over things like that. You were used to being left out. You tried to be nice to everyone, even to those who weren’t nice to you. You just didn’t have it in you to hate. It took strength that you no longer had.
You walk in the living room and you see your stepfather passed out on the couch. You imagine he is drunk, seeing all the empty beers on the floor. You start cleaning up. An hour later you had finished cleaning after your stepfather, who was snoring very loud, and you decided to take a shower. You were exhausted. It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep.

French Revolution & J. Laurens

lafaynoot: Hi, I have two questions if that’s okay. Sorry if you’ve already answered these questions but what was Lafayette’s involvement in the French Revolution (eg. was he wounded? Why was he imprisoned?)? And secondly what was Lafayette’s relationship with John Laurens like because I know he was close to Hamilton but idk how close he was to Laurens? 

Thank you for your patience on this, @lafaynoot. I’ve been swamped. At some point, I’ll do a complete breakdown of Lafayette’s participation in the French Revolution. For now, here are a few highlights.

  • National Guard, National Assembly: Lafayette played a pivotal role in the Estates-General that evolved into the National Assembly and sought to limit monarchical power and titles of nobility. He also became the head of the National Guard, a post that gave him great pride. It was during this time that he authored (Jefferson collaborated) the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. Lafayette was also instrumental in changing the national colors of France into blue, white, and red…the opposite of the American colors. Coincidence? I think not. When the royal family refused to approve the Declaration, did not cooperate with the new governing arrangement, and ignored the food shortages suffered by their subjects, outraged crowds stormed their residence, intent on killing them. Lafayette restored order by kissing the hand of Marie Antoinette in front of the angry mob. Both his political and military contributions added to his fame and prestige. For a time.
  • Jacobins et le Traître: The Fête de la Fédération oath sworn by Lafayette signified the height of his power in France. In essence, he had weakened King Louis XVI’s authority to such an extent that the French monarch was, in short, answerable to Lafayette and the National Assembly. He spent much of his time thereafter going back and forth attempting to protect the French border, quell angry uprisings by nobles and/or citizens, and trying to prevent the royal family from leaving the country. The Jacobins, a radical political faction, did not approve of Lafayette’s constitutional monarchy and started several different campaigns to lower public opinion of him. Although the Jacobins initially played the part of a minor nuisance, their influence soon caused Lafayette’s motives to be considered suspect. The former marquis’ popularity plummeted after the tragedy of the Champ de Mars massacre, in which the National Guard fired on a crowd of unarmed citizens who refused to disperse. Although the historical record is mute as to whether Lafayette gave the order or attempted to prevent it, the Jacobins branded Laf a traître or traitor to the French people.
  • The End of the Line: It wasn’t long before public opinion turned sour towards Lafayette…a man who had proclaimed the rights of all mankind but had protected the monarchy and had led a military unit who had fired on civilians. The final series of events leading to his imprisonment consist of Jacobin intrigues, military revolts, hostility on France’s borders, and eventually…the execution of the king and queen. At that point, it became clear to Lafayette that he would be the next target of mob wrath and he fled the country–only to be stopped and arrested at the Austrian border. His intentions had been to escape to London and then to sail to America, where he could bring his family and purchase land in Virginia to build an estate. It wasn’t to be. Lafayette’s knowledge of French political affairs made him a valuable prisoner and he spent the next five years being moved from prison to prison in parts of Austria and Prussia.
  • John Laurens: Lafayette almost never met a stranger. He described his relationship with Laurens to be ‘most affectionate’ and wrote to Henry, John’s father…and basically told him how awesome he was at making good sons. ‘I make you my warmest thanks to have projenited a son like yours whose compagny and friendship is so agreable to me in camp, whose activity, zeal, intelligence and military knowledge have been so useful to me in the field during our detachment, and tho’ you di'nt think much of me when you did get him, I however aknowledge myself under great obligation to you for that so well performed work of yours.’ Hamilton, Laurens, and Lafayette were all young men united by the bonds of wartime brotherhood. When John was killed, Hamilton wrote to Lafayette and broke the news in tones of close familiarity: ‘Poor Laurens; he has fallen a sacrifice to his ardor in a trifling skirmish in South Carolina. You know how truly I loved him and will judge how much I regret him.’
Deep Space Nine and the French Revolution

A few days ago, I did a post about how two of my favorite things are linked, and how I think one will play out because of  that. (Game of  Thrones, Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones!)

Today I want to talk about 2 more of my favorite things - Star Trek and art history. These two things are not intrinsically linked, like GoT and the Wars of the Roses, but instead a link was created by a fan artist who I wanted to give a massive shout out to.

This is the famous painting by Jaques-Louise David of The Death of Marat.

Marat was a leader of the French Revolution, specifically a leader of the Montagnards, who were considered radical revolutionaries. He was friends with Robespierre and supposedly had his hands in some of the more infamous massacres that occurred during the reign of terror. Due to a skin condition, he spent much of his time in the bath, and often worked in the bath. Therefore, he was in the bath when he was killed by Charlotte Corday, a member of the Girodin faction.

Of note, Jaques-Louise David was a friend of Marat, a fellow Montagnard, and a Jacobin. His portrait of Marat has almost religious or spiritual qualities - as Wikipedia as well as several other sources note, it’s similar in style to Michaelangelo’s sculpture of Christ after being crucified - The Pieta.

Sooooo what does this have to do with Deep Space Nine? Enter THIS amazing piece of fan work:

The Death of Dukat by Biostasis (click on title for link to the DeviantArt account - the picture has a watermark for a tumblr account but I can’t find it anymore - please let me know if you have the current tumblr link!) 

The artist himself says that the main reason he chose this was simply because of the similarity of the names (Marat, Dukat). But I still think it’s an apt subject. Dukat is someone who, to his own people, at various times in his career, would have been considered a hero. And he is also someone who people tried to assassinate multiple times over his career. I also love the replacement of a piece of paper for a tablet and a bottle of kanar replacing an inkwell. To be frank, because of what it references, this is one of my favorite pieces of fan works of all time, in any fandom.

To round out this discussion, I would like to take us back to Marat, who was not seen as a great man by everyone, and as time marched on, his reputation shifted so that he was sometimes viewed as one of the monstrous murderous revolutionaries who almost brought France to its knees.  In this moment in history (1860), Paul Jaques Aime Baudry did a riff on David’s classic - he “spun the camera” slightly in the room to tell us a different piece of the story:

Take two steps to the left and turn 90 degrees and suddenly the focus is on Charlotte Corday, heroine (in this iteration) who saved France from a terrible person. Marat is no longer peacefully Pieta, he is grimacing horribly and gripping the edge of the tub in agony while SHE is the one who is calm and peaceful looking, knowing her conscience is clear.

If I had the artistic talent, I would love to do a version of this second painting with Kira Nerys, moments after assassinating Dukat.

Thank you for taking this little walk through history/DS9 fandom with me, thank you to Biostasis for your amazing fan art!

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Heya, I know it says your requests are closed ;;; but is it okay if I ask for some vamp Lafayette headcanons? 030

YES! Yes! YES! (Again I’m on mobile l’m sorry)

🖤He was born 10 years before the French Revolution
🖤Grew up during the revolution
🖤He’s stuck immortality at age 31
🖤Though he loves you deeply, he can get very animalistic and revert back to primal vampire when he goes too long without blood
🖤He always gives you what you want after feeding
🖤Sex and feeding
🖤He’s the most romantic vampire to ever exist
🖤His presence is extremely intimidating - especially when hungry
🖤He adores rough sex
🖤Brutal feeding - being covered in your blood, biting serveral places, and draining you until you can’t take anymore; it’s rare that this actually happens.
🖤Eating you out during period (I understand it’s really not 100% blood…I’m a girl, I know…but ya know what, come at me)
🖤He’s been through a lot of wars and often gets into a cold headspace
🖤During this time he gets extremely callus towards you
🖤He has an extremely dark past and refuses to tell you all the details
🖤You’re the only person he’s every truly loved
🖤He has quite an elaborate house, more like a mansion
🖤His eyes are naturally and healthily the shade of red velvet
🖤He’s insanely rich

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Have you got any classic queer lit recommendations? (would prefer focusing on women, but watevs) I've read mlle de maupin and the girl with the golden eyes, loved them both, but I'm struggling to come up with more than that :(

Hmmm, let’s see! Focusing in on Romantic-era French lit here because that’s the closest thing I have to an area of expertise:

  • That Eugénie Danglars subplot in The Count of Monte Cristo is p. much Textual Lesbians All Over (and there are also some shenanigans with crossdressing bandits near the beginning), just make sure to pick up an unabridged edition because for mysterious unaccountable reasons it’s always one of the first things to be cut
  • I… haven’t actually read Balzac's Cousin Bette (or its male counterpart, Cousin Pons), but I’ve been assured on good authority that both of them are pretty fuckin’ gay
  • George Sand wrote a play, Gabriel, about a girl raised as a boy. The first act is played straight (no pun intended) according to the grand theatrical traditions of “male protag meets female protag while she’s in drag, falls for her anyway, freaks out, and then all is revealed and they’re happily married off.” The second act is an Into the Woods-style deconstruction where Gabriel(le)… um… doesn’t adjust very well to the role of ‘wife,’ and things go downhill from there. IDK if it’s available in English translation anywhere. :(
  • Sand's Lélia is kind of queer-adjacent–it is very much about the shit roles available for women, traditional marriage as a respectable form of prostitution, and the stunting of female desire in a culture where love is dominated by male violence and possession. The discussions of 'frigidity’ are mostly relevant to asexuality, but it was also scandalous at the time for some minor but very suggestive scenes between two sisters.
  • I feel kind of crass putting Gamiani on this list, because it’s terribad Evil Lesbians porn that Alfred de Musset 'anonymously’ wrote while he was on the outs with George Sand… but on the other hand the French Romantics writing RPF about each other will never not be entertaining.
  • Sylvia Townsend Warner's Summer Will Show was written in the 1930s but set during the revolution of 1848, and stars an independent but rather staid Englishwoman who moves to Paris and proceeds to fall in love with her husband’s mistress, a Jewish revolutionary half-actress half-strumpet wild child.
  • Okay fine I know it has absolutely fuckall to do with the French Romantics, but if you haven’t read The Well of Loneliness yet you should totally do it

That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head for female-centric lit (besides a couple of poems in Les Fleurs du Mal, “Lesbos” and “The Damned Women”). For textual male gay, the gold star recommendation will always be Balzac’s Vautrin trilogy, Old Goriot, Lost Illusions, and A Harlot High and Low–featuring the most magnificent bastard of them all, who has a taste for Faustian bargains with pretty young men. For not-all-that-subtextual male gay in prison, check out Hugo's Claude Gueux.

If you want androgyny and genderfuck the offerings are a little more obscure–there’s the aforementioned Gabriel, Balzac’s short stories Sarrasine (about a painter who falls for a castrato who’s living as a woman) and Séraphîta (which I have not read, but is apparently weird and philosophical in its approach to androgyny), and a poorly written but historically interesting novel by Henri de Latouche called Fragoletta, whose title character is intersex. The Balzac ones miiiight be available in English somewhere; Fragoletta isn’t easy to find even in French.

Also, if you’re interested in alienation-from-society angst and repression so thick it has to erase the actual subject of its anxiety and make it into a cipher, hoo boy have I got some stories to tell you about the 1820s Romantics. Nobody in these books is actually gay, but… well. The whole thing got set off when the Marquis de Custine broke off a promising engagement for reasons that looked completely inexplicable at the time. (Spoilers: he was flamingly gay. He wasn’t publicly outed until some years later, but man, he was gay as a sunny June morning.)

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La Revolution Francaise as things I've heard at dinner parties
  • (Saint-Just enters, only wearing boxers)
  • Robespierre: Antoine...did...are you forgetting something?
  • Saint-Just: (thinks for like a solid minute)(softly) I forgot my shirt.
  • ...
  • Danton: (makes a shit-ton of fish for everyone)How's the fish Camille?
  • Desmoulins: (in pain)(too polite to say he hates fish) it's lovely (starts gagging)
  • Lucille: (pats his back in support)
  • ...
  • Marat: have you seen the new saw movie?
  • Charlotte Corday: (under her breath) I wish I could saw you to death
  • ...
  • Marie Antoinette: (twists ankle) I'm too beautiful for this
  • Louis Capet: (Icing her ankle) (nods in agreement)
  • ...
  • Bonus:
  • Saint Just: (wearing red and white outfit) Guess you could say I'm really rocking the 'tricolor' look
  • Desmoulins: Umm, don't you also need to wear blue for that?
  • Saint-Just: (winking at robespierre) Well, you don't know what color I'm wearing underneath...
  • Desmoulins: (leaves)
  • Robespierre: (chokes on his water)
The Signs as Things AP European History Students Have Said

aries: “fuck you catholic man.”
taurus: “wasn’t julius caesar like, a good guy? didn’t he give people bread?”
gemini: “hapsburgs? in MY germany? it’s more likely than you think.”
cancer: *discussing prairie dogs at the zoo* “it’s a placebo effect!” the instructor: “do you even know what a placebo is?”
leo: *knocks a water bottle over* “it’s a metaphor for the french revolution.”
virgo: *prays to odin before tests* “i think i’ve converted to odinism.”
libra: “i’m going to yeet this water bottle at you.”
sagittarius: someone: “dude why do you sleep all the time?” “it’s called depression.”
capricorn: “miss me with that religion shit.”
aquarius: “the dark ages are called the dark ages because they didn’t have any light.”
pisces: “he’s called william the conquerer because he conquered william of orange.”

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I have a 15 minute German presentation and my topic is the French Revolution so everyone is stressed about how they don't know anything about their topics but like???? my aggressive France knowledge that has its origins in les Mis and enjolras cosplay is paying off finally

YESSSSSSS!! Ya going to crush this thing! Presentations are nothing to be afraid of tbh. Most of the time no one listens to you enough to make fun of you, because they’re stressing or doing something else.

(Believe me. I’m a teacher. My job description is literally doing presentations but for an hour in front of 25 people x)))) )

History and Demigods

is it just me imagining demigods in earlier eras?
Like imagine Camp Half Blood or New Rome in the WW1 or WW2? heck, imagine New Rome as victorians fighting demigods of india? 

Like the earlier books said the camp is always in a country with lots of power… When England had lots of power the demigods would be there. imagine the Greek demigods being from Scotland or south England, and the Roman demigods being from east London or idk. 

Like just imagine all the historic big and small events through history. The great fire of London was probably the fault of a Hephaestus kid like Leo who had fire powers. Or the great STINK of London was some demigods fighting a big monster in the Themsen and it stank a lot and oh my goooddssssss..

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  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has ever spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Maximilien Robespierre, i know, you love Maximilien Robespierre so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Robespierre, i KNOW, you love Robespierre you fucking love Robespierre ok i know, i get it, YOU LOVE MAXIMILIEN ROBESPIERRE. I GET IT.