you know you love that body

Sex with namjoon would include

  1. Soft sex
  • Taking his time on your body
  • Learning how your body reacts to his touchs
  • Tender, loving, passionate
  • His lips are on your neck
  • Loud groans ccoming frm him
  • Sensitive oral
  • Knowing what you like
  • Tender amazing aftercare
  • Carrys you to the bath and you guys snuggle in the bath

2. Rough sex

  • Powerful, quick thrusts
  • Doggystyle is his favorite
  • He loves you ass
  • Is a total ass man
  • Loves deep throating
  • Toys are involved
  • Vibrators especially
  • Loves overstimulation until you squirt all over him
  • “You like how i fuck your tight little pussy princess?”
  • “Do as i tell you princess or there will be consequences”
  • A/N :i got bored and wrote this

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I was Hufflepuff-shamed by two Ravenclaws and I didn't think Hufflepuff shaming was actually a thing, I thought it was just a joke but now I don't want to be a Huff and I'm sad Also this happened in real life, not online which makes it even worse

Wow. I didn’t know that happened irl either.
That’s really awful.
I don’t see why people can’t just let people be who they are. It doesn’t affect them in the slightest but it does affect you. That kind of shit- and this goes for anything, not just house-shaming- can really fuck a person up and this society already gives everyone enough issues with body image and all that bullshit without other people adding to it.
That actually really pisses me off.
And you know what? The best thing you can do is be happy with who you are. That’s really the best way to get back at them. Nothing will get under their skin more than you loving who you are and being happy with it despite what they say.
-Mel (the Slytherin)

Random facts about the boys:

  • Istvan never said “I love you” to anyone in their entire life
  • They were blonde and dyed it black
  • You can count with your fingers how many time Clint had sex, probably.
  • Elijah plays the guitar
  • Elijah has a passion for culinary art but that never went anywhere
  • Clint finds the teddy bears in the Commonwealth that he came across oddly comforting
  • It is recorded by Porter Gage that as an Overboss Istvan had rolled off the bed once
  • Istvan dreaded their look as a ghoul big time and stayed with Elijah throughout the recovering of both their mouth scar and their ghoulification
  • Istvan and Elijah hate each other for sure, they’re just both chill enough to tolerate each other
  • Istvan and Clint never met before 
  • This is everyone’s default standing pose:

msdrpreist  asked:

Hey could you do HCS where the s/o is incredibly ticklish with hanzo, mccree and soldier 76 please. Also I love your blog.

So, I’m actually not ticklish so I really don’t know what it’s like but I’ve tickled enough people to guess (that sounds so bad)

Hanzo Shimada

  • Is a total douche
  • Will pinch your sides during a meeting just to watch you squirm
  • Sometimes you squeal in surprise
  • Your whole body jerks when he actually tickles you and it’s not fair
  • You can’t trust him when he comes up behind you for hugs
  • He usually ends up tickling you for a moment or two
  • Doesn’t do it while you’re cooking or anything
  • Will use this power to wake you up sometimes
  • You have to be quick to avoid his fingers
  • He isn’t even ticklish
  • Wtf is that kinda crap?
  • You can’t even retaliate

Soldier 76

  • Only tickles you when he is in a wonderful mood
  • Usually when you’re wrapped in his arms on a lazy day
  • He doesn’t do it for very long
  • Ends up pressing firm kisses to your temple and cheek as he stops
  • Thinks it’s adorable
  • Teases you constantly tho
  • Jerks towards you with his hands extended and fingers held in perfect tickle monster fashion
  • Uses it to bring you physically closer to him
  • Does not abuse his power
  • Is not ticklish
  • :(

Jesse Mccree

  • Honey
  • Baby
  • Sweetie
  • You’re gonna laugh yourself to death
  • BUT
  • He’s ticklish too so you have a good chance at a proper retaliation
  • Tickles you all the time
  • At breakfast, watching TV, in bed
  • That last one is your favorite
  • You end up a tangled mass of limbs and smiles as you catch your breath
  • The cuddles afterward are amazing

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Sleeping with jax for the first time after him doing a year long stint in prison would include?

Endless kisses

Him constantly wanting to hold you to him

His hands being glued to your body

So is his mouth

Him being torn between wanting to be in top to make it up to you for being without him and wanting you to be on top and pamper him

Doing both multiple times each

Him taking you fast at hard the first time because he misses making you know who you belong to

Then being soft and gentle in the second round because he’s let off that steam and now he just wants to love you

Him constantly telling you that he loves you

Him wanting to cuddle up and have you hold him after because he misses your touch and comfort

I remember leaving the movie theater that day. As I got into the car, I felt my whole heart sink. “You okay?” my Mom kindly asked me. I nodded my head, my eyes blankly staring out the passenger seat window. Nothing but an overcoming sigh of emptiness filled my whole body, consuming me, as I left a part of myself behind that day.

I didn’t know it then, but that was the last time I saw your face. I still feel that same aching pain in my heart when I remember the last words you said to me, “I’m sorry.” I still feel the same drop in my stomach when I remember how quickly, “I love you” turned into, “it’s just not the same anymore.” And every time I think I’m over it, over you, my broken, shattered heart leads me back to the start every time.

-but what happened to “time heals everything”? // 11:27pm ; 9.25.17

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Hi, I am that anon who had to double check if there are people who are attracted to obese men. I know you struggle with your body, but when I look at your pictures I go "how can she not see it, she's wonderful!" That gives me hope that somewhere there is someone going "how can he not see it, he looks great!".

You are precious. There is definitely someone out there thinking that! We are always our own biggest critics. I really love big guys. They’re like big cuddly bears. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

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There was a drink sold a while back called Blackout... It was alcohol filled with enough caffeine to keep you from falling asleep till you actually passed out. My brother apparently loved the stuff but I don't know if it's still around now. I can tell you my experience with sleep aids when you can't sleep isn't pleasant- body twitches on and off and your brain wants nothing more than to shut down and your body feeling like static between twitches... You just want to cry, in my experience. ~<3

Oh no! That’s awful. “Blackout” doesn’t sound fun either, Because what if you pass out in the middle of nowhere? what are you supposed to do then? I’m sorry you had to deal with crappy sleep Emoji Anon (I think) But I hope it’s better now. Also yeah, If Blackout is still sold, STOP! That crap sounds dangerous as hell. ~Awesome

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how can I learn to accept my body and size and shape and love myself. I'm tired of living in a place of self hatred.

stop comparing yourself to others, for one. you have to realise that you are unique person and nobody is the same, nobody has the exact same frame/shape. take more pride in your appearance. i know it seems trivial but little things like getting your hair, nails, eyelashes done really does make you feel better. also exercising is a good idea, even if it’s not an intense work out or going for a walk, just to clear your mind - it’s good for your mental health too. wear cute clothes, perhaps re-do your wardrobe. and buy nice lingerie or sleepwear! these are just small steps you can take. they may seem unimportant but they really help with the bigger picture.

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Whether you’re a student or a soldier, there’s one thing that will always give you an edge: a hot lunch.

So, your body’s changing, believe me, I know how that feels.

…human reproduction…

If you feel an itch, don’t be afraid, stand up and be counted a hero. Keep your head held high, and may God bless the United States of America.

This has been: Rappin’ with Cap.

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Yoongi for me! Can I maybe ask for a friend too? Her bias is Hoseok. Thanks!

Hmm well the Min Yoongi we all have come to know changes 370 degrees around you. He is so so so soft. So touchy. His hand always need to touch some part of your body. He would be so shy and blush around you everyone would know he was whipped for you. He would send you good morning, good night texts every day. He’d melt into a puddle of goo around you. Your support would matter so much to him and he would always be thankful for it. He would do things he normally hates around you such as going out and expending energy. He would just love you so much and to everyone who knows him he would become a complete stranger. 

Hoseok under the cut

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hey.. as a fellow feedee w body image issues, i want you to know you're not alone, and that you're gorgeous and that your body is beautiful as it is. much love

Thank you I really appreciate it.. like lately it’s been way too hard to love. I shouldn’t listen to what people have to say but some days it’s hard.

i can’t decide between quoting lucky i’m in love with my best friend and lucky we’re in love in every way from this song that resonates with this picture, and my feelings, perfectly

seamus and dean you guys


Delphine Cormier: a woman of her word


everybody lives AU | AKATSUKI
• setting — the Last

Akatsuki becomes a mercenary group for hire, as they did in Road to Ninja. 
This is more appropriately named the “everybody comes back to life and somehow things work out AU”… but as promised, 10 Akatsuki members in the timeline of The Last! Designing is fun (esp the village flak jackets) (・∀・)

See more extensive character/AU details below the cut!:

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