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I don’t care what the Clave says. Jace is in trouble.


What is this “life” I keep hearing about?

tfw you have no life so you go back and watch Aaron’s performance of “Why, God, Why?” and take screenshots because goddamn look at those arms imagine cuddling with him oh my god [link to video is below because tumblr mobile is absolute shit]


duality of man and woman, (2017)

okay so im killing two birds with one stone with this one. not only is it aroha selca day but i was tagged by quite a few people for those selfie + bias games so im finally getting around to those as well! 

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ill go ahead and tag some as well; and as always no pressure whatsoever!! ill try and tag a few of my newer mutuals + old friends: 

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Luke Evans Romeo & Juliet fanfic idea, let me know if you’re interested!!

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Alright, the time has come where I’ve finally decided that I’m going to write 2 chapter fics at once ( @hobbithorse19 has inspired me!!). Romeo and Juliet is my favorite play (cue Dan Stevens’s sassy reaction) and I have some interesting ideas for a Romeo and Juliet story with Luke Evans as Romeo. I’m going to include the same Shakespearean dialogue, but it will read as a book. It will also have different fantasy elements with its own type of story and will be much, much darker! Sorry it’s super vague, I don’t want to give too much away, but if this is something that interests you, let me know so I can tag you!! I’m going to get started on it this week!! 

What bugs me most on Orphan Black is really not knowing what’s on the second floor of Beth and Paul’s place. What’s upstairs. As an interior design and house enthusiast I must know. More rooms? More bathrooms? Office? Store? Drug stash? Bondage gears? Big Boob Blowies 2.0 stash? Firearm closet?

I’m gonna be real here I don’t know how I’m going to catch up on this reading BUT I REALLY WANT TO SO PLEASE. If I missed something that you tagged me in, please send me a message!

[8P/Eight Piece] Jumping Smile

Jumping Smile - Hatanaka Tasuku, Nogami Sho, Yashiro Taku, Enoki Junya, Arthur Lounsberry, Kousaka Atsushi, Masuyama Takeaki, and Chiba Shouya, for the seiyuu variety show 8P (Eight Piece)

Even if you’re hugging your knees and worrying, I’ll reach for your hand and never let go;
From here on out, you’re not alone.

Full translated lyrics under the cut!

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