you know you can start running when chrom has his i'm so done with you face on

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Ooh, in the spirit of Halloween, what about the male Shepherds' reactions to being sent into a haunted house?

I started something similar so have fun going through a forest with Yarne idk man. Great minds think alike, huh?

(Some of them are staged haunted houses, some of them “real”)

If I’ve left out any favorites, let me know (I pick them kinda randomly)

Inigo: You are half expecting him to chicken out and clutch you in terror. “There’s no such thing as a haunted house,” he boasts boldly as you enter the place. You know that the voice will be filled with false bravado for only so long. You prove to be correct after a few bodiless shadows send the two of you shrieking as you escape.

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