you know you are in ib when

are you familiar with the feeling of oh-my-holy-moly-my-life-is-a-complete-mess? me too fam. but now, it’s time for change. It’s time to get our shit together and here are some tips to get started.

note : this is just a beginning guide; which only includes 1/100 of the tips to get you life together. I’ll probably make a part two if this is helpful?

1. do not procrastinate.

sounds crazy? but honestly, just don’t. procrastination leads to stress and anxiety and helps you lose your shit.

but, how do we not procrastinate?

  • ‌get things done early. remember that sheet of paper your professor gave around in class having the list of all the assignments to be done that semester? yes, do that work months before if you have time.
  • do your homework the day it’s given. (no watching tv before you do)
  • ‌study in the time you’re actually studying. don’t go on your phone half the time. If you’re doing that, you may as well put your books away.

‌other resources -

2. become the master of  “fake productivity”

fake productivity is basically when you do mechanical work (i.e. stuff which doesn’t require much brainpower) to get into the real “productivity” zone. it helps you brain prepare for the big task ahead. here are some things to do -

  • make your bed
  • do the dishes/laundry
  • clean your room (i know it’s messy yo)
  • get your closet together
  • empty your inbox (be it gmail or tumblr)
  • do a smol workout?
  • make a to-do list/ organize you calendar
  • do a easiest or the most enjoyable task off your to-do list

3. plan, plan and plan

your planner/bullet journal should be your best friend. plan those essays you got to write, that research paper you have to do, down to the time you need to go out for dinner with friends. Plan. Every. Single. Thing. I. Really. Mean. It.

+ and follow up with those plans!! you have already wasted a lot of time on planning, you hAVE to follow up with that planning, right?

4. wake up early

why?  waking up early gives you the time to do things slowly and carefully so that you get it perfect in one go and your life isn’t a complete disastrous mess.

how to wake up early? i got you.

5. have a healthy lifestyle

an example -

x wakes up at 7 am every morning, goes for a short run to wake herself up and comes back to have hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, slices of bread and a mug of steaming hot tea. she starts on her work after that, doing it without stressing about it. Then, after a nice hot bath and a delicious lunch, she goes out to a cafe to work on her online classes and to hang out with her friends. coming back home, she does a quick workout, takes a shower and heads off to make dinner. Having an early dinner, she spends the remaining few hours relaxing, drafting blog posts and spending time with her dog. at 10 pm everyday, she heads off to her bed, looking forward to a glorious tomorrow.

..sounds like a fairy-tale, right? you can definitely live it though.

In general, your day should have the following stuff  -

  • ‌sufficient hours of work using which you can get all your work done
  • ‌a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner (yep, no skipping meals)
  • ‌a workout, generally of 15 - 30 minutes at the least
  • ‌interaction with people, like hanging out with friends or family
  • ‌sufficient sleep and resting time (preferably 8 hours of sleep)
  • ‌a fixed routine consisting of you waking and sleeping at fixed time
  • ‌a ‘me’ time at some point of the day where you don’t worry about work or anything and focus on relaxing after a long day.

6. believing that coffee sucks

why? its basically a drug and if you need three cups of it just to get started on work, you’re going to have a really hard time during finals.

Instead, get enough sleep so that you have enough energy to study without being a coffee addict. or you can even swap coffee for water. (hey, you’ll be more hydrated!)
side note - a cup of coffee per day is okay though. I love coffee too and I totally feel you but don’t overdose on it, okay love?

some extra things to know about -

  • ‌have a companion to keep you accountable at the start.
  • ‌do have a laid-back day once in a while, you’re human after all.
  • balance work and play. reward yourself for shit done.
  • keep track of your spending, earnings, investments, etc.
  • stop being a perfectionist. seriously, you dont need to rewrite all those notes, trust me (comes from a was-a-perfectionist-kind-of-still-am-but-trying-not-to-be perfectionist)
  • ‌don’t stress yourself out. getting your shit together is a journey and not a result.
  • remember, change will come. yes, it will; but only if you take action. start now.

also, on a side note - and this might seem very ironic, but sometimes you don’t have to have your shit together. life is always a mess and trust me when I say this, no one - yes no one - has their shit together and sometimes it’s worth it to lead a messy life and enjoy it without having any fixed rules and regulations like you would have if you wanted that perfect life. enjoy the life you lead and stay wonderful, loves!

- ̗̀   the adulting 101 series   ̖́-        

part one : kicking a rut

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much love, Taylor  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

The lie of privacy rant

My mother would gossip to the other parents about my stomach pains, the rashes, my bowel movements and bed wetting when i was a child.

I begged her to not share these things but she would insist maybe one of those catty women would know a way to help.

My grandmother laments my strict diet and shelves of medication to her bible group and I simmer when they make jokes at dinners.

My father complains about the medical bills to his buddies, I hear him on the phone telling a man I’ve never met about the anxiety attacks I have always hidden from my friends.

My sister explains to the people ar the grocery store why I walk so slowly, why I limp, why my breathing is so loud even when i ask her to stop.

My grandfather asks people to pray for my crooked spine, my failing lungs, the way my joints have begun to give up.

They do it because they need to explain why I’m not normal, they do it to vent about the burden.

They say it’s public information since anyone could see.

But that woman in the store didn’t need to know about my bowel movement when i was 13 and burning red with embarrassment.

The church ladies didn’t need to know the amount of pills i take in a day.

I deserved an increment of privacy.

But if you’re disabled in any way you are seen as a small child. Private information is nonexistent, they speak like you can’t hear them, like it doesn’t matter how embarrassed you may be.

And that sucks.

You asking what a saying/word means in korean, but it’s dirty.

[I put romanization]


You: Jinnie! Can you translate something for me?

Jin: What is it?

You: Naneun neoege ib-eulo julyeogohanda (I want to give you a blowjob)

Jin: *shook* Jagi, you shouldn’t know that!

[Gifs don’t like working for me]


You: *points to a term in a book* What’s this mean?

Yoongi: *reads it out loud* naleul meog-eo chiwola… (Eat me out..)

*Other members looks at him*

Yoongi: You did that on purpose didn’t you?

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You: Hobi, what’s this say?

*sentence* naleul ontong jilnae sajeonghada (come all over me)

Hoseok: I’ll explain later..

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You: *showing him a text* Can you tell me what this means?

Text: Naleul songalag-eulo (finger me)

Namjoon: Why tell you when I can show you?

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You: Jiminie, what does “nal geosigi” (dick me down) mean?

Jimin: *flustered* You don’t wanna know.

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You: Tae, what does “eumhaeg” (clitoris) mean?

Taehyung: Well.. you have one Jagi..

Originally posted by taesscripts


You: Kookie, can you translate “jumuleugi” (Handjob) for me?

Jungkook: *jungshook* Who’s sending you that word?

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Never judge someone with a chronic illness if they...

• choose to eat something that’s bad for them
• forget to take their meds
• take something for chronic pain
• never drink (some people can’t ever drink because they can’t mix their meds with alcohol or because they physically cannot tolerate it)
• decide to lay down and rest all day
• skip their treatment one day (meds/shots/IV treatments should sometimes be rescheduled of we catch a cold or we feel rly bad that day)
• drink
• complain a lot about their symptoms/illness
• ignore their symptoms

I could go on but you should NEVER judge someone with a chronic illness when they DECIDE to do something. Unless you know what they are dealing with and can offer a better alternative for them then shut up and keep your comments to yourself. It’s our body and we are the only person responsible for the consequences. It doesn’t mean that we should actively make decisions that hurt us, but you’ll never understand the life we lead and all the limitations that come along with it.


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this is an introductory post because that’s apparently the thing u do when you start a studyblr. so hello. i am in grade 12. currently stressed out b/c of school, but when am i not???/???

i thought i would make this blog to keep up with my goals, which include graduating high school with my nerves in tact, trying to get a butt, and not going in debt. follow me if you care. reblog this so i can check out your blog b/c god knows i need motivation to study

surprise! i’m not dead

I’m sorry for my long unannounced and unexplained absence- School has been absolutely overwhelming, as i’m in the IB diploma program as some of you noticed from my math book. Life is wild and crazy and unpredictable and you never know when you’re gonna find a caterpillar or be kicked down the stairs of academia

for those wondering chicken nugget is no longer in my care, i freed him august 2016 and hes somewhere in that great big ol world as well in my heart. tears were shed and i miss him but sometimes you gotta let things live their own lives to be happy

The finished post is > here < for those of you who haven’t seen its tearful conclusion and additional chicken nugget posts can be found in my > tag < and @chicken-nugget-appreciation (which isnt run by me btw! my friend @gummiebearz does it and i am so thankful for him and i love him)

for those of you who have sent me so many asks and messages I’m so sorry i will get to responding as soon as i can

I’ll also make an faq soon 

thank s

Make the most of 2017

The new year is just about to start and with that comes new opportunities to make the most of your education – whether that be in the form of private or public accomplishments/rewards. Here are some things that I do to take advantage of every second I have.

Keep a planner/bullet journal. This one is a given, but I feel like not everybody listens when I say that keeping up with this is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I write down everything that I need to do, regardless of whether it’s school related or not.

  • If you know that you need to do it, write it down.
  • Keep track of important dates and anything you plan.
  • Keep it with you so that it’s always there for reference.
  • When I cross things that I’ve done off I feel so happy and motivated to do more.

Make lists for everything. This goes with the first point, but this goes for more random things too. You have a few things you want to buy? Make a list. You have some ideas for a project? Make a list. You want something new for your study space? Make a list.

  • You can compile lists so that they don’t get too overwhelming or you can keep separate lists for everything to keep yourself more organized.
  • When you make lists, you keep yourself in order.
  • Organize your lists by priority so that you always have the most important things in the forefront of your mind.
  • I can draw little sketches in the margin that make me laugh so that I’m already in a good mood when focusing on what I need to do.

Use stationary that you like. We all se studyblrs everywhere using Mildliners and Muji products. While that gives us all somethings in common, it’s not always practical. Using the products that you like for x, y, and z reasons will make you happier and more motivated to do work. If that happens to be the products aforementioned, then use them! The point is, you do you, and you will be more productive in the long-run.

Have a study space that works for you. You have to enjoy where you will be for the next eight few hours before you can start to focus on your work. If you’re not completely comfortable then you won’t enjoy studying and learning.

  • Make a space your so you feel more comfortable and ready to hit the books.
  • Have a couple of backup spaces for when you’re not feeling that go-to space. Changing it up once in a while will prevent your work from feeling like work and help you find that motivation again.

Take breaks every once in a while.

  • Whether you feel you need them every half-hour or every three, use them!
  • Do something productive on your break or don’t – whatever helps you feel better.
  • I personally prefer to take a break from one subject by working on something else that I need to do or eating a small and healthy snack. By staying productive I feel better when I get back to what I was originally working on.
  • However, sometimes I like to catch up on a show I’m watching or read a couple of chapters from the book I’m reading. Staying productive can help motivation, but sometimes you just need to do nothing for a while. And that’s okay.

Set goals for yourself. When you have a goal, you are more likely to be motivated and stay productive.

  • Small or large goals, keep them in mind.
  • Set goals for what you need to do before your next break.
  • Set goals for the day, week, even month.
  • Imagine where you want to be by the end of a certain time period and work towards it.
  • When you reach your goal, reward yourself! You deserve it!

Be stern with yourself. You are your biggest cheerleader, so make sure that you stay on top and finish your tasks. You will feel better finishing that paper today than you will when you have to finish it tomorrow. You can do it, so make sure that you do.

Go to sleep early and wake up early. A healthy sleep schedule is key to motivation and productivity.

  • Start by waking up early. You will have a longer day to do what you need to and will feel better when you finish earlier.
  • When you wake up earlier you will naturally want to go to sleep earlier. Use this chance to stop staying up all night.

Music can make or break you.

  • If you prefer to study in silence, then go for the quietest place you can find. If you prefer listening to music, choose your music wisely.
  • Classical music is my go-to, but sometimes I need faster-paced music to make that twenty-page paper less of a drag. Understand what you need to finish a certain task without losing concentration or falling asleep.

Utilize the studyblr community and others around you. Personally, I am fairly new to having a studyblr, but I already have made great strides in my productivity by using the advice and help of others.

  • Find someone studying similar courses as you. They can help you understand a certain topic or guide you to a great online resource.
  • Use the accomplishments of others as your own motivation to get work done. When you see others succeeding, you will also want to succeed.
  • Talk to others when you are feeling down. If they don’t completely understand, at least they can be a way for you to vent your feelings.
  • Get to know others in your class. Having the number of that nice person that sits next to you in class will really come in handy when you least expect it. And you can make a friend somewhere along the way.

Remember, you don’t have to utilize everything listed above! Even using just one or two things will help you be more productive and feel better. And the best part is that you can change thing to make them fit your life!

In this year, I hope you all do your best! I would love to hear from you.

Xx Rhianna

amosaicofmagic  asked:

Hey, tumblr mom! Since everyone is asking you about food can I ask your opinion on frying pans? We need to replace ours and my husband is really into the idea of buying cast iron frying pan. It seems like to much work for me, tough. I've always used either stainless steel or teflon ones. What do you think? Is it worthy? And if you had to choose between teflon or stainless steel which would you buy?

Oh, and I was going to mention it in the other ask I sent but forgot. I have IBS and one thing that really helps me is chilean boldo infusion. Idk how easy it to find it where you live (the fresh leaves work best), but it’s something a lot of south-americans use to treat hepatic and gastrointestinal issues. (Fun fact: the nurse at my high school used to have a bottle of concentrated cold boldo infusion in the fridge to give to students who were hangover)

Thank you for that last little bit, it’s something I will bring up with my allergist/many doctors as a quick google tells me it could also help my gallstone/bile production issues. So thank you :)

And ooooh god not teflon, anything but teflon, firstly because I don’t like how they cook/retain heat, and secondly because of some of the health concerns that comes with what happens when teflon starts to break down and you start eating it/breathing it in. Y’all can call me a mad hippy over that if you want but when your immune system is as fragile as mine you’ll avoid anything at all that might harm it.

Both stainless steel and cast iron have their merits. 

Cast Iron

You are right in that the cast iron takes a little more work to upkeep—initially. After it’s been seasoned a few times and you don’t do things like soak it in water or scrub it with lemon juice, it’s going to become practically indestructible. There’s a reason you can still buy cast iron skillets in antique stores that just need a little bit of salt and oil to get them back in working order. If you maintain it right, your cast iron will likely outlive you by quite a few decades. I wipe mine clean after every use using waterand  a non acidic soap, dry it on a high heat, and then season lightly with some oil after each use. Once it starts to smoke, that’s you, you’re done seasoning. You only really have to do the salt and oil scrub if it loses the coating or if something gets burned onto it, or if you have rust spots, which happen form not being properly sealed. 

I will say, cast iron is hard to get used to working with at first, because of how differently you have to manage the way it conducts heat. Cast iron is great at retaining heat, which is what makes it great for searing meat and yes, even baking in, but you need to get it hot first, which can require about ten minutes of prep over a hot stove trying to ensure even heat coverage. (I throw mine in the oven for 20 mins)

That might seem like a lot of work, but given how well it retains the heat after that, it actually cooks things better. With stainless steel the output of heat is enough to sear the outside of something, but to cook say, a chicken in it (yes you can cook a whole chicken in a skillet) you’d need to keep it on the heat for longer for the heat to reach the middle, resulting in chewy over tough food. With cast iron, the heat output from it is so much better that it’s already starting to cook the rest of the bird while you’re searing it, resulting in less cook time, and hopefully a more juicy meat—as well as making the outside very nice and crispy. Cast iron is great for making things crispy.

That and you know, you can fight the Fae folk with it if the need arises.

Stainless Steel

There’s a common misconception that you can just throw things into a stainless steel pan and it’ll be fine. But the truth is if you want to maintain your stainless steel in good working condition, you will want to make sure it’s evenly oiled before any food touches it (Ask ETD about the time he made popcorn and ruined my pot because there wasn’t enough oil around the SIDES of the pot so the heat just obliterated everything and I had to buffer the pot to get it back to working condition, he felt so bad lol) and make sure that it is adequately preheated. Otherwise your food is just going to burn and stick to the base and it’s going to be a mother fucker to get it off. I’ve seen far too many people burn away the caramelization going on in their stainless steel pans because they don’t know how to heat/preheat with it. (note if your caramelization does get stuck, loosen it up with some water or better yet some stock, get that flavor back in your food yo!) Other than that, yea, once you get used to how stainless steel works and retains heat, it is lower energy when it comes to maintenance vs cast iron. Just don’t use cold salt water in them, or you risk pitting the pans. (As I have previously talked about)

Because you have mentioned you have IBS, I will stress the importance of trying to buy as high quality stainless steel as you can, as not all stainless steel is made equal. 

Surgical stainless steel is the safest as it is non porous, while a lot of the cheap stainless steel you can pick up (I’m thinking of places like Walmart and Target) can break down and leech into food during the cooking process. Stainless steel is an alloy made from a mix of metals including iron, chromium (is what keeps it from corroding) and nickel to name but a few components, and given nickel is a high allergy metal you don’t want that going into the foods of people who may be sensitive/allergic. (I had a friend find this out the hard way that that is what was going on with her)

The way I was taught to test the quality of the pan is by holding a magnet up to it. If it sticks? It’s typically going to be higher in nickel than you want it to be and could cause a possible health risk for people with nickel allergies. Nickel is also a carcinogenic and considered worse than aluminium which everyone and their dog is now trying to get away from because of the metal being linked to cancers and altzheimers, so, just something to keep in mind seen as how you already have a compromised gut <3 

(Also to those of you reading this now who are about to go check your pans: if it sticks? It’s not a cause for panic. Although if you have a known nickel allergy and you keep getting sick and you have no idea why…you may want to consider replacing your pans.)

There is also a third option available to you, which is ceramic pans. Which honestly have become my favorite frying pans to cook with. Due to their low metal content they will not work on induction stove tops, but if you’re using electric or gas you’re good to go.


They still don’t have the slippy non stick you get from teflon pans where flipping a pancake is akin to wielding a projectile weapon, but given how ceramic heats up and retains heat, they are pretty non stick and it makes them ideal for cooking with a lot of things. You also generally shouldn’t use metal utensils on them, because you can damage the glaze, but plastic, wood and silicone are fine.

They’re sort of like the easier to maintain version of cast iron in that regard and use less oil to cook with. (I personally would never fry eggs on stainless steel, meat and veg sure, but eggs need a surface that is more forgiving and ceramic was a god damn revolution to me. I speak from over a decade’s worth of experience of making breakfasts in restaurants and cafes) They are also great for throwing in the oven, and using as shallow casserole dishes, provided you make sure they are listed as oven safe. (Mine is good up to 350′f)

Due to the materials  they are made with, they are also pretty damn sturdy and hard to break, and you also can’t damage them by soaking them in water, which is also nice. You should not however cook on anything higher than a medium-high heat on them, whacking your heat up as far as you can with a ceramic pan is going to cause issues (it will cause issues with a lot of pans tbh, but you can generally get away with it for boiling water, just not in a ceramic pot), like breaking down the glaze quicker and ruining the non stick. You also should not take it from a hot stove and throw it in the sink right after cleaning. You really shouldn’t do that with any cooking utensil, but especially do not do it with ceramic as you might crack or even explode it. And no one wants that. 

Again, like stainless steel, not all ceramic pans are made equal and some will be made from cheap material/coated with an extra non stick layer to compensate for this, and they will break down faster/ruin your food, so keep that in mind if you do decide you want to look into them. Between the three, ceramic is in my experience the best, most easily maintained non stick without the health risks of teflon. It’ll also cost less in the long run, because you wont have to replace the pan as often as you would a teflon one.

I currently have the Green Pan Lima frying pans, which tbh I found a lot cheaper in an outlet mall than Amazon currently has it listed for, and I think Target might be selling them right now too for cheaper. It’s an excellent pan and I can get really crispy results with it due to how well it holds heat. I’ve also used it to bake with.

I have also used the Cuisinart ceramic range, which you can use metal on, but I sort of found the heat retention to be not as good as Green Pan Lima.

And then there’s also the Green Life range which tends to be cheaper and rather cute, even if it doesn’t feel quite as sturdy in my hands. (They currently have both the large and small pan on sale on Amazon for $30, which is pretty good)  I’ve got my eye on their ceramic bake ware sets though. I’m intrigued to see how they’d work out compared to my metal tins.

Anyway, I hope some of that was helpful for you, in weighing your options. Ultimately it’s about personal preference. I love all my pans, cast iron, stainless steel and ceramic, but it really depends on how much maintenance you are willing to put in, and how much you are willing to spend.

As for the rest of you, you now know more about cookware than you likely want to, but who knows, it might be useful for you one day :)

ib things i’ve learned so far

*** these are mostly for the full diploma program but they apply to any class i think, even if it’s not ib. but, if you’re not in the full DP program there will be a few irrelevant things

do your heckin’ homework

there will be times when you have massive amounts of homework and other times when you have very little work, but the bottom line is that either way you have to get it done. learn to prioritize your work and talk to your teachers about due dates. 

also do your heckin’ readings and ANNOTATE THEM!!!

i know reading can get tedious as f*** but one way to make them more interesting is to annotate. i expand on this more later but even if your teacher doesn’t tell you to, you should annotate the readings whether its english or science. interacting w/ the text is incredibly important. it helps you obtain more info and it’s also really helpful when you’re going back later on trying to remember why you highlighted or underlined something.

be open to discussion

i have not had one ib class where discussion isn’t a major part of the class. it’s not always a class grade, but i can guarantee you that discussion will help you with essays, worksheets, and pretty much everything else in ib. your own ideas will evolve as will your understanding of other perspectives, something that ib LOVES to see.

consider as many different perspectives as possible (within reason)

like i just said above, perspective in general is really important to all aspects of ib. try to consider cultural perspective as well as econocmic/class, location (rural/urban), anything else that isn’t your own perspective.

side note: i’m constantly worrying about being incorrect when considering other perspectives, but ib doesn’t care. all ib wants is to see that you’re able attempt to put aside your own biases and privileges to a certain extent and empathize with others. 

use some kind planning system

i know everyone says this but there are still a ridiculous number of people that i know that have no planning/organizational system. there are plenty of apps and different methods you can use to keep track of everything, which is especially important with ib. ib has tons of long term deadlines and projects and it’s really likely that that is how a lot of teachers will lay out their assignments. its crucial to have all of these dates SOMEWHERE. i don’t care if it’s in your bullet journal or the notes app in your phone, but just keep track of them. you also don’t want to be that person constantly asking everyone what’s due today

create your own deadlines

if you have an ia due in 2 weeks, give yourself mini goals and deadlines to keep yourself on track. a lot of ib is independent and self-guided, which means you have to be motivated. reward yourself when you accomplish your little goals and give yourself breaks, but also stay accountable.

*some extra little things that i’ve found helpful*

  • keep a list somewhere of basic reminders. with ib if there are nights where no work is assigned (for me at least), i can guarantee that there is a list of at least 5 things that i should be working on. i tend to remember these things at the most inconvenient times so it’s best if this is kept somewhere that can be easily accessible.
  • experiment!! ib is incredibly individualized compared to other high school classes, so take advantage of it!! in tok ias, math ias, the ee, and other things i can’t think of at the moment you basically get to choose your focus and that can be pretty much anything. take the opportunity to look into something you’re curious about, really interested in, or are considering studying in college.
  • don’t put cas on the back burner. just don’t. make some sort of schedule where you update it every other wednesday or every time you have a softball game. whatever it is, make it a priority. and, anything you can think of will probably work as a cas activity as long as you’re reflecting consistently and meaningfully.
  • create study groups with people in your classes. i genuinely have a groupchat for every ib class that i’m in.

that’s all i have for now, but i’ll keep compiling things like this if you’d guys like!! i’m going to try to be a lot more active and i can make posts/elaborate on any of the things i’ve mentioned above, please just shoot me a message!

xox annie


You’ve made it to junior year, which is dubbed by many as the hardest year of your life. This is a crucial year for your college applications because it may or may not be the last grades colleges see when you submit your transcript. Thus, it’s important to make the most of it both academically and outside of school. I recently completed junior year so I can hopefully impart on you guys some useful knowledge for having a successful year.


Ok so this is crucial. Colleges want to see that you’re challenging yourself so try and take as many advanced placement or honors classes as possible (I don’t know how the IB system works so I can’t offer any advice :( ). But also make sure that you’re not taking as many as to completely overwhelm you. My high school has six periods and I took six APs, which was kinda crazy. I did fine and managed to pull off all As but not without insane amounts of stress and anxiety and staying up till 12 a.m. every day. I also had to cram in extra-curriculars and volunteering plus studying for standardized tests, and while I managed to get in the activities I was most passionate about and still was successful in them, I had to cut some stuff because of my course load. Had I taken one less class, I could have still done it. So moral of the story, take hard classes but make sure you have time to pursue other interests outside of school and still have a social life.


These are also crucial for college applications. Most people wait until junior year to take standardized tests so it’s an added workload. First thing to know is what test, the SAT or ACT, your school offers for free. Most schools have a mandatory test date in the spring that you don’t have to pay for. Once you figure out which one your school offers, I would plan to take it for the first time (if you haven’t already) a couple months before the mandatory test date. This will allow you to know the format of the test better and realize your weaknesses and strengths, thus allowing you to prep better for the one in the spring. If your school doesn’t offer a free test date, I would still recommend you take it twice because you have better chances for a higher score. I would also recommend that you take both the SAT and ACT or at least look into both tests and see which format suits you better. Colleges accept the SAT and ACT equally so take the one you’re likely to get a higher score in. Prep is crucial regardless of whether you’re taking the SAT or ACT. Plan a head and have at least a month to study, whether that be through a prep class or prep book. It will make a difference. There’s also the issue of the SAT subject tests which are required for highly selective colleges. I would suggest that you take those at the end of junior year so that you can retake them in the fall if necessary. Make sure to check the requirements for what subject tests your school needs. If there are no requirements take the tests your likely to get the higher scores in. This sounds like a no brainer but colleges don’t care that you know basic Chinese if you got a 600 on the subject test. Take the ones where you can score high because numbers really count for standardized tests. That being said, don’t kill yourself retaking the tests ten if you haven’t gotten your desired score, focus on the other parts of you application as well.


Junior year is the year where you start showing your dedication to your passions. Aim for leadership positions or awards/achievements that show your dedication. It’s still not to late to find your passion though. You can still join clubs and other activities as long as you manage to show what you’ve accomplished in that club when you’re applying to colleges. It’s also time to narrow down your list of activities to the three or four that really matter. Colleges don’t want a jack of all trades; they want someone who has a passion and is really good at something. Being a member of 10 clubs but being mediocre in all of them isn’t better than being involved in two or three activities that you’re really good at and have achieved strong results in. Being ‘well-rounded’ is a myth. Find your passions because colleges can see if you’re only doing something because it looks good vs. because you actually care about it. Extra-curriculars shouldn’t kill your grades. Grades are also important so find a balance that lets you do what you love and be a strong academic candidate as well.


Please be healthy. Eat solid meals, drink a lot of water, get 7-8 hours of sleep, try to eat breakfast, and work out. It will make studying and pursuing your passions much easier if you’re well fed and well rested. All the stress of junior year could really make you sick so love yourself. If you’re really stressed out and can’t handle it, talk to a friend or parent. Don’t kill yourself for the perfect college application. There are more things in life besides getting in to Harvard and what’s the point of going there if you’re going to be an emotional wreck. Love yourself.


Don’t become a recluse. Take time off from your busy life to meet up with your friends and just chill for a few hours. It helps you step back and take a breather and your friends can help you get through the rough patches. Trust me, there will be many of them. Try to have fun every now and then. Time flies by fast and before you know it, you will have graduated all ready. Make some memories that don’t involve studying all day. You’ll appreciate it later :)

That being said, enjoy junior year! It will be challenging but the satisfaction of finishing it will be worth it in the end. Let me know if you have any questions :)

How to: Approach Poetry Analysis in an Exam

An in-depth guide to write super-awesome commentaries. So my IB paper 1 unseen text exam is tomorrow, so thought I might condense all that I’ve learnt on poetry analysis over my high school life here. 

Reading the poem/those first 5 minutes:

The first time you do so, don’t worry about finding literary devices etc. Just read it. Feel the mood, feel the poem. Often in exams, you are given 5 minutes of reading time when you’re not suppose to write anyway, so really make use of that time. Remember your initial impression of the poem. 

  1. Ask yourself the following questions: WHAT is going on here? (What is the “dramatic situation”? WHO is speaking? (Known as the voice or persona. What kind of a person, what is their attitude to the situation? Who are they speaking to? How consistent is the speaker with the situation? 
  2. Ask yourself how the poem achieves the effect you noted above. Look for:  PATTERNS: The effect of the structure, the construction of the stanzas, lines. Repetition? Look for use of rhyme, metre, rythm, and sound patterns. IMAGES: What appeals to the senses? Look for taste, touch, sight, sound, smell, movement. What about literal images? Or are they figurative? Why? WORDS (Use of diction): Why the choice and position of words? What extra implications, connotations, dimensions, allusions? Ask yourself how these contribute to what the poem is doing.


Now use lots of pretty highlighters to annotate the poem. It helps to use a colour scheme! For example, use orange for literary devices, green for specific use of diction etc… It makes it easier to identify and go back to what you’ve found while writing the essay.

  1. Literary devices: So, so important. Focus on how language shapes meaning. I have created a page with all useful devices you could use HERE. 
  2. Structure: Look at the number of lines per stanza (Is it a tercet? A Quatrain? - Find the names of your poem structure on the same post as the literary devices) Look at rhythm (pentameter) and rhyming scheme. (ABAB or ABBA…) OR is it free verse? Drop all of this down somewhere on the page. 

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laisix-maisix  asked:

This isn't about art, but...I remember reading somewhere in response to some ask or something a long time ago that you were in the IB Program. I don't know if it works exactly the same way, depending on the area, but did you think it was worth it? I'm in the IB Program now, and it's okay, but it's pretty stressful and I had to switch schools to do it, so I have no friends, lol. Was it worth all the work? Did it get easier? Do you have any advice for managing it with school, sports, hobbies..?

In the end, IB was worth it. But to be honest I didnt feel like it was worth it until I hit college. The IB Program gave me a TON of college credits. So when I went, I didnt have to take any courses other than art at University. No math, science, history (other than an art history course). I was able to relax in college and do what I wanted. Illustration, book making, advertising, business, etc. 

In that way, it was extremely rewarding! IB also, I think, helped with my college applications a great deal. Although while I was in high school people were constantly asking me “if you want to be an artist, why are you in IB?” to which I usually just got angry, because artists can get a good education too, you know! 

I know it’s tough switching schools. When I joined IB I not only went to a new school, but had just moved to a new city too. And it utterly sucked. But in general, your fellow IB students will be smart, empathetic and it’s a close knit community inside of your high school. You’ll get to know the other students very well and make new friends. 

The classes were definitely tough (I am an awful test taker and if a subject doesnt interest me I have a terrible memory for facts), and for me at least, they didnt get easier but you do get used to the flow of the classes. By Senior year I was tired and I just wanted to focus on art and the math classes (i loved math) were getting ridiculously convoluted. But I do think it was worth it in the end, it made my life easier in college, where I really wanted my life to be easiest. 

I’m not sure if my answer was inspiring or demoralizing. But I don’t think you will regret plugging through the IB program, if you decide to stick with it! No knowledge earned is really ever a waste. 

General positivity about studying/note taking

So on this website there are a lot of blogs dedicated to studying that share tips and beautiful, beautiful notes. I think that this is great, but I was thinking that seeing all these well put together things can be a bit stressful for those of us whose notes look nothing like that at all (I know it is for me.) I’m going to share a few of my own notes in case anyone out there is feeling shitty because their notes don’t look amazing.

As you can see here, my handwriting is a mess, I couldn’t make up my mind about what to write and I doodled a whole bunch at the top of the paper.

Here are some more notes. Can you even read these? It doesn’t matter, becuease I can read them and they’re my notes. I crossed stuff out here too, and added a whole bunch of other information in the margins. Is it neat? No. But it works for me.

This diagram isn’t aestetically pleasing at all. But that’s ok! As long I understand it, it’s fine.

Most of these notes are from science class and science is my best subject. Pretty much all my notes look like this, and I have a 4.0 gpa.

My point is, it doesn’t matter what your notes look like, as long as they work for you. I think it’s really awaesome that there’s this culture of sharing pretty notes and tips on here, but I know that a lot of people can’t take notes like those. I just want people to know that that’s ok! 

Some people work better when their notes look good and this is ok too! Whatever works best for you is what you should do.

Everyone is diffrent, and everyone has a diffrent learning style. And this is a good thing!

Hello everyone! My shop is open again! I will have it open slightly longer this time! I will let you guys know when I am closing it ^^ I will be updating it with pictures and new products! It will not all be Undertale. I will be making things for “Off”, “Ib”, “Mass Effect” and “Persona” as well!

I have a few new products listed so please be sure to check it out again if you have seen it once before!!  Click “Keep Reading” to see more photos!

Thank you for your time!!


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What its like to be in your early 20′s with a chronic illness

Or in my case, multiple chronic illnesses.
1. Drinking: hahahahahahaha not with that medication babe. And if you can at all, very lightly. 

2. Going out: It depends on what the plans are, either way be prepared to cancel last minute and fear all of your friends hate you. Oh and if its for food, be prepared to have a massive anxiety attack about what you can/can’t each. Oh and if your intestines are going to explode in the middle of dinner.

3. Relationships: Constant fear that they are going to leave you because you are “always sick” “you never feel good”. Dates will be rare. Sex will be rare.

4. Sleep: You ALWAYS want it. Sometimes you lay there in agonizing pain and can’t seem to sleep. Sometimes you can’t wake up. Just depends on the day.

Through all of the good and bad days you have to grit your teeth and push through. You go to work when you want to stay home and rest your joints. You go to class, even though you have to get up every five minutes and puke. You try your hardest to have/keep conversations with people, even though you are jealous of their adventures and “spending money”. You choose which medication and which doctor bill you can afford out of your paycheck. You laugh, and tell everyone “yeah yeah one day I will have kids.” When you know your own medical conditions (and the fear of passing it on) will prevent that completely. Plus who would want to marry someone that was “always sick”.

It Started With...

Summary: Request: Doyoung Soulmate!AU, in which you really want to meet him, but accidentally panic when you do. College!AU

Idol: Doyoung of NCT

Word Count: 1182

Warnings: None

Before you had ever met your soulmate, he had made you laugh. Every time you looked at your wrist, where his first words to you were forever imprinted, you would laugh. Every time someone new came into your life and saw your wrist, they would question under what circumstances the two of you would meet.

Especially when you were younger, when his words made sense to no one since the trend wasn’t in then. His first words exactly?

“It’s not lit, fam.”

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No okay this isn’t funny. If you do this, you’re actually an asshole.

First of all, your entitled ass doesn’t get to decide whether or not you think someone “needs” skim/non-fat milk. That is the customer’s choice, and you respect that whether your high and mighty ego likes it or not.

Second of all, I don’t get “skinny” because I want to be thin. I get it because I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I have basically since I was born. You know what happens when I drink full cream milk? Stomach cramps - and not just average stomach pain cramps. I FEEL the pain from INSIDE. Ever felt a stabbing pain from inside your gut? It’s excruciating, and most of the time I am hobbled over because I cannot walk.

Even if I didn’t have IBS, YOU DON’T DO THIS. It’s beyond douchebag-y, and it shows how much of an entitled ass you are. Get off your high horse and if you ever gave me full-cream milk (and I know), I will ensure I stand next to you while the cramping and agony you have caused me passes via a gas that would rival a smoke bomb. I have no shame admitting that.

  1. We nerds will rule the land, because you cannot kill what already has no life.
  2. Only in IB can you bullshit a 10 page commentary on a poem less than 10 words. 
  3. IB- The day I ditched school for homework. 
  4. IB - the best condom in the world.
  5. IB- When you decide to laminate your review sheet to study in the shower.
  6. You know you are in IB when you actually laugh at these quotes.
  7. You know you’re in IB when you procrastinate by doing “less important” homework.
  8. Writing a TOK essay is like being constipated. It hurts like hell and you produce crap very slowly.
  9. IB pickup line:
    Baby, I’ll treat you like my homework. I’ll slam you on the table and do you all night long. 
  10. Rebel: Sneaks out/in of their house when they’re supposed to be sleeping.
    IB Rebel: Sneaks around own house to print homework when they’re supposed to be sleeping.
  11. How do you even have time to read this ?
  12. Student: So I was wondering… Why aren’t we allowed to take five HL classes?
    IB Coordinator: Because it looks bad for the IB program when students commit suicide.
  13. In IB we don’t believe in miracles… We rely on them!
  14. We you’re in IB the phrase “I got five hours of action last night” means something completely different.
  15. You know you’re IB when you spend more time editing a paper than writing it because you’re over the word count.
  16. If you think you’re doing the IB, you’re wrong. The IB’s doing you.
  17. If you are on this site since 5 minutes, you took your break for the week!
  18. IB puts the “pro” in procrastination.
  19. You know your in the IB if your school has this traffic sign posted in the parking lot.
    Caution: Kids might throw themselves in front of your car.
  20. Only IB gives you true protection from the sun’s UV rays…Welcome to summer assignments.

This is just a few things i’ve learned throughout doing the IB program in high school! While I hope others may find this post helpful, it is specifically geared towards those who have OCD, major depression, and generalized anxiety.

  • set your goals and define your limits. if you really want to excel, there will be times where you have to sacrifice elements of your wellbeing. know how far you are willing to push yourself to accomplish your goals- this is different for everyone, and that is okay. 
  • set aside time for a creative outlet, when possible. this is soothing, especially if it is a repetitive task such as coloring in a coloring book. i find bullet journaling very relaxing, and sometimes also productive since i am planning my time. 
  • plan all you want. i have two planners, both of which i carry with me everywhere. planning gives you a sense of control and, at least for me, relives some of the anxiety i may feel over things i have to do. 
  • contacting student services and asking for help is okay. you can email them and ask them to get you in touch with a therapist or psychiatrist, and you can email them and explain your individual needs to them. if they can’t help, they will likely direct you to someone who can.
  • letting yourself indulge in your interests is super energizing in my experience. this could be reading an article on it, or going through the tumblr tag, etc. just be sure to limit your time with it!
  • do any amount you can. by this i mean if you can write an outline for an essay while watching a movie in class and save yourself some time later, do it. this is kinda paying it forward, just in case you can’t even get out of bed the next day, let alone write an essay. 
  • similarly, set early deadlines. in your planner, write down an assignment as due a day or two before it actually is and get it done early. 

this is by no means exhaustive so feel free to add your own tips!!!