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How do you still watch/like supernatural???????????


well thought-out. a lot of question marks. this is serious.


i know a lot of people who love blue cheese.

i think it’s awful. i look at it and ask, “how? how can someone like that? by eating it, who are they trying to impress? they look like they’re genuinely enjoying it, but how? it’s so awful” without considering the other option

they have a different preference than me.

that’s a lot to take in, so i’ll give you a second.

ok, i think you’re good.

now, i would ask those people, “don’t you realize it’s…that…that’s mold? there’s mold there. i can’t get over the fact that there’s something inherently bad in it” and they shrug, recognize that yeah that is what it is, but there’s so much to it that they do like that just because someone else isn’t into it, doesn’t mean they’re giving it up. and hey, it’s not bad for them, so they have at it. it’s improved a lot of things for them, too. salad. hot wings. the works!

but then i might think, “they can’t POSSIBLY keep liking it. they’ve liked it for so long! get over your love for blue cheese!”

but that isn’t how having like, a favorite of something works. it’s available to them. it makes a lot of stuff better for them. they don’t always have to have it, but when they do, they enjoy it. maybe they went through a period where they had it on something they didn’t like, left a bad taste in their mouths, and they dropped it for a minute, but they couldn’t give up one of their favorite foods.

so, spn is my blue cheese.

yeah, i recognize why it’s, in many ways, wonky. but the cast, the crew, the fans? everyone has become a part of a family i never really got to have. i have sweet loving grandmas i never got, and mothers who look after me and check in on me. i have kind men who give me fatherly advice, and i have big brothers who tease me but stand up for me when they see i’m down. this show has given me opportunities, courage to pursue what i love, and friends who, i don’t think i’d still be here if i hadn’t made them. friends who help in tremendous ways for someone who’s across the planet.

as for the show, last season was a rough one for me. but i love when they tackle big religious topics, and how they do it to this day. for some people, it didn’t jive, and that’s cool. there’s a lot of good content out there. (seriously, i’m still a huge advocate of american gods! if you’ve dropped spn but miss that early-season aesthetic and LOVE gore, give it a shot. aw yiss)

i hope i covered all of the points and removed some of the question marks from this question!

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Supersons issue #9

ok ok its so cute?!?!?


Who made my son angry? (but he still so cute tho)


DAMIAN CALLING CLARK SUPERDAD <3 <3 <3 (bonus: jon stuffing his cheeks)

jon look so magical this add 10+ strength to me

Damian is a badass (no surprise there ;D)

and also damian introduces jon so small (thats rude dami!)


didnt know i needed this, but you know what im thinking?

and finally, jon & damian hiding behind clark’s back is SO GODDAMN CUTEEEE

LOOK AT DAMI POUTY FACE (such spoiled kid :P) (do the dishes damian)

Haikyuu!! Job Interviews
Haikyuu!! Job Interviews

Interviewer: Ok Mr Sugawara tell me about your biggest strength
Suga: I can lift Daichi on one shoulder and Asahi on the other at the same time
Interviewer: I don’t know who that is but I’m intimidated and a little turned on. You’re hired
Suga: Thank you

Interview: Kozume, what would you say is your biggest weakness?
Kenma: Lev
Interview: Excuse me?
Kenma: Haiba Lev
Interview: You’ll have to elaborate
Kenma: Nekoma is a team that fights in unison and Lev is not good enough to work in a team yet
Interview: This interview is about you, Kozume
Kenma: You asked me about my biggest weakness and it’s Lev

Interview: Nishinoya, give me an example of a time you worked well in a team
Noya: Well there was this one time that me and my second year buds were walking home from school and we saw this abandoned building because we took a detour. So we saw it was locked, so we worked together to boost me up on to the roof, break the glass, climb in bust open the door from the inside so we could explore.
Interview: Sir that’s illegal
Noya: But it worked

Interview: Hinata you wrote on your CV an extensive guide on how to get better at volleyball
Hinata: Yes sir
Interview: Do you know what a CV is, Hinata
Hinata: A curriculum! Daichi told me. Don’t you wanna teach your kids how to play volleyball?
Interview: First of all, no I don’t want to teach my children how to play volleyball from a man who lists ‘routinely fighting your boyfriend’ as a bonding exercise. Second of all, how did you get to this interview? Who invited you here
Hinata: I needed an invitation?
Interview: Excuse me

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Ok I know you're busy but please please please write whatever pairing you want for the post of the person who is advertising their services as being a terrible date to your family Thanksgiving dinner. No rush. Whenever you want. IF you want. Your life things absolutely come first

This has now been posted to AO3 here!

-Refers to this post  (text is there, but I changed to better match the situation/add in a joke or two)

A/N: This is set before the sort of reconciliation we get between Eliza and Alex (for reasons, even though other things have already happened that canonically take place post-reconciliation and really the timeline is all sorts of fucked but I’m beyond sleep-deprived), and since I’m writing from Alex’s POV, their relationship will sound pretty shitty, though it’s not the focus here. Also, this is pure crack–probably fairly terrible crack. In case anyone worried it would be serious….

Chapter Text

Knitting her eyebrows together in confusion, Alex reread at the vague subject line in her inbox: “Saw this, thought of you.” Knowing it was from Lucy already had her on high alert—the last time she’d unthinkingly opened a link from one of her emails at work, she’d ended up with the video for “Dick in a Box” playing at full volume to the surprise (and amusement) of her DEO recruits. But, since she was at home and more than a little curious, she clicked on the link, finding herself on a Craigslist ad that read:

“It’s Thanksgiving. Want to skip that long, insulting conversation about how youre still single? About how your parents really want more grand children? Well, look no further!

I am a 29 year old ex-con (long story, don’t worry, I’m plenty friendly!) with no family to worry about and a dirty pickup truck one year younger than me painted with some Scissor Sisters album cover artwork (there when I got it, but I like it too much to change it). I can play anywhere between the ages of 25 and 35 depending on hair and makeup. I’m a bartender and work late nights. If you’d like to have me as your strictly platonic date for Thanksgiving, but have me pretend to be in a very long or serious relationship with you, to torment your family, I’m game.

I can do these things, at your request:
• Openly hit on other female guests while you act like you don’t notice
• Start instigative discussions about politics and/or religion (I prefer to play the flaming liberal atheist, but can adapt depending on how promising the dessert selection will be and how much it would piss off your shitty family)
• Propose to you in front of everyone (I’ve got a cheap ring and all)
• Pretend to be really drunk as the evening goes on (sorry, I don’t really drink much anymore, but I used to. A lot. too much in fact… I know the drill)
• Start an actual, physical fight with a family member, either inside or on the front lawn for all the neighbors to see (I require advance warning if I’m not to harm them in any real way or leave marks)

I require no pay but the free meal I will receive as a guest!”

Scowling, Alex switched over to email and sent back: “What the hell, Lane?”

Mere seconds later a reply came back in: “Morning to you too, Alex! You said you didn’t want to deal with your mom and your sister’s shitty boyfriend alone again so… voila! A solution—and it’s free.”

“I’m not going to hire an escort service,” Alex shot back.

“She says ‘strictly platonic,’ so it’s really not an escort service. And you’re not paying her, just feeding her. C’mon, think of all the joy those stories could bring to me, your dear friend, your oldest friend.”

“You arrested me for treason.”

“Hey look! Something you two have in common. You could totally bond about being ex-cons together.”

“Fuck off.”

“Do it!”


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FO reference movie list

This is list of movies I somehow connect with the fallout franchise…

Six String Samurai .. Movie about postapo samurai Buddy Holly, who wants to be the next King in the city of Lost Vegas… its absolutely nuts but also hilarious 

A boy and his dog - Apparently one of main inspirations on the beginning… I really dont like the movie.. there might be some interesting ideas but there are also things that i just HATE about it.. maybe it is satire but that doesnt change anything for me

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb - Ok this is probably one of my most favorite movies and also my head canon on how the war started. 

Mad Max Quadrilogy… its the law to watch who havent in this fandom?

Waterworld … you know…like Mad Max except on water

The Postman… interesting idea..some interesting scenes..but ended up with lots of boring filling.. Kevin Costners character fakes to be a member of “renewed” courier(postal) services to get food n shelter…resurrects the services by accident because people believe him. 

Cherry 2000…. Dude breaks his sexbot and goes on a journey to the wasteland for spare parts. 

El Topo by Jodorowsky… highly spiritual and weird..if you know some other works by Jodorowsky you know what i mean. If you dont…well.. check the description on wiki or somewhere else because you might not like it.

Planet of the Apes(1968) … Its a classic 

The treasure of Sierra Madre.. Western movie which kinda inspired Dead Money

Lemonade Joe.. Czech musical western parody.. About lone cowboy called Lemonade Joe who tries to convince citizens of  Stetson city that non-alcoholic soft drink Kolaloka is much better than alcohol. shenanigans ensues 

Casablanca.. somehow it fits also its a classic

Bonnie and Clyde (1967)… 

Monty Python’s Life of Brian.. or basically anything by monty python

City of the lost children..  Kinda surreal french movie. Ron Perlman is in it and its apparently one of the aesthetic inspirations for fo1 and 2.  

Dune… by David Lynch..It has sand, it has sand worms, it has Kyle Maclachlan what more do you need

From Dusk Till Dawn

The dollars trilogy… classical spaghetti western might also go check Dirty Harry if you are at it

Goodfellas.. for the mafia aesthetics of the Strip…also  The Godfather

Threads… Interesting document-like movie depicting what would happen in case of nuclear holocaust in england. And its long term effects upon people. interesting but kinda depressive 

Zardoz… ????  

Blade Runner.. the older one but now also 2049 

Escape from New York. Dude called Snake is supposed to save the president in dystopian New York.


Terminator Salvation


Westworld..both the tv show and the old movie

Logan’s Run.. no midlife crisis  if you dont live long enough

Tank Girl

I think I will add more… and also a music, other games,  literature, series.. and comics list. 

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Jake x MC 🙈🙉🙊


Who said “I love you” first

JAKE. It’s canon ok.

Plus we all know how he doesn’t care about anyone hearing or seeing him be affectionate with MC and he just does it when he feels like it. About to go on a dangerous mission to kill a sea monster? Kiss MC like there’s no tomorrow. About to go to MASADA? Tell MC “I LOVE YOU.”

P.S. “Oh, to hell with, MC, I love you.” implies that he’s loved MC for a while already and just couldn’t find the right time or the nerve to say it.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Both. Especially if they ever get out of La Huerta. They’ve gone through  a hell of a trip where they could die at any moment. Having each other on their phones to look at whenever things get hard is a necessity.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

MC. Little “I love you’s” or a flirty “Lookin’ good, Joker.” Never fails to make Jake smile. 

Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Omg I see Jake doing this at least once and he’s so awkward about it. Like, he’ll do it he doesn’t care what other people think, but he gets a little nervous if MC will like and appreciate it. Of course they do, and he doesn’t let on, but it makes his heart flutter and he can’t help but crack a small smile.

Who initiated the first kiss

MC. Jake’s the kind of guy who initiates when he’s sure there’s something there. In the beginning he was just flirting with MC, but got so flustered when they made a move like hold his hand. MC knew this, so they kissed him first. They didn’t want to end up dying on La Huerta never having made their move yknow?

Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Both definitely. When Jake wakes up before MC, he can’t help but stare at them sometimes. He’ll just prop himself on one arm stroke their hair while staring at them and thinking about how lucky he is that he found MC and that they ended up together. Then he can’t help but start kissing MC all over their face and it wakes them. MC just grins because what’s a better way to wake up??

MC gets silly about it. When they need to wake Jake up cause it’s time to move or go to work or something, they don’t just nudge him and tell him to get up. They straddle him and pepper kisses all over his face and his neck and his chest. The noisy kind of silly kisses where you’re smacking your lips together. Jake is also ticklish around his collarbone which MC gets a KICK out of.

Who starts tickle fights

MC. Usually as payback for some snarky comment. Jake twists and wriggles uncontrollably and MC has a blast. 

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Both. If you haven’t noticed Jake x MC is a pretty flirty and snarky ship. When the mood strikes and they see the other naked and wet in the shower they can’t help themselves.

“Hey, Princess/Boy Scout, need a hand?” *eyebrow raise and smirk

“I’m probably gonna need more than that, Joker” *eyebrow wiggling intensifies

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

MC. I have this domestic hc where Jake becomes a mechanic. I bet he loved working on his plane Delilah back in the day, and he’d feel right at home doing something similar. Anyway, MC will cook something delicious that Raj taught them, and they’ll drop by Jake’s work.

“Need a little pick-me-up, Joker? Got some comfort food right here.”

“Oh definitely. I guess the food’s good, too.”

Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Both were a little nervous, but mostly Jake. I picture them trying a “real first date” after La Huerta. Yknow, going to dinner, dressing up a bit. Jake gets nervous because they’ve never done anything like that. How do you do normal??? And he fusses with his hair and his clothes. MC tells him to relax, that it’s still them like back on the island. Then they hand him a beer/whiskey and he calms right down.

Who kills/takes out the spiders

Both. After sabertooth tigers and giant crabs, spiders are nothing.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

MC. Usually while dancing. The gang shakes their head and they’re all embarrased for them. Jake finds it cute though.

Jake does it a bit, too, but he’s quieter about it. Like he’ll sit next to MC and drape his arm around them then just slur it in whispers in their ear.

Send me a ship <3

Dating the pack members would involve...

Request: Hi!! I was wondering if you do the “dating ___ would involve” type of stuff? If you do pls do one for leah (╥_╥) i never find anything with her it’s sad (ಥ_ಥ) if you don’t do them it’s ok but do you know any blog that writes her? I’m just a sad gay girl who loves leah T_T

(I will never exclude Leah from these so don’t worry, I love her too)

Leah is naturally protective of you, but she ensures never to cross a line and become over-bearing. She respects your independence and understands how frustrating it is when people get too controlling. Everyone assumes she would be dominant, the ‘strong one’ or the ‘rock’ in your relationship. However, only you see the real side of her, which was vulnerable. You are able to comfort her when she needs to spill her feelings, and as you are the only person she feels comfortable being completely open with (aside from Seth, but she doesn’t want him to worry for her as he already had enough to deal with). Although she is a werewolf, you are the most protective, for example if anyone were to be rude to you both at a bar or in the street it would Leah having to calm you down; as you have seen how much people have upset her before, you never want it to happen again. But Leah finds your temper cute, and sometimes she struggles to hide her smug smile as she sees how fiercely you love her. Your relationship is built on a lot of trust. After Sam she has always been hesitant to let her guard down again, but with you she knows she will never have to worry about being hurt. Also the pack had never seen Leah giggle so much since she has been with you, as much as she tried to suppress her laughter in front of the guys, she just couldn’t help it when you were clumsy tripping over or because of your numerous inside jokes.

Paul is obviously big spoon for a start. You know he has problems with his temper, who doesn’t know tbh, but he always makes conscious effort to keep calm around you. Not just so he doesn’t risk phasing and hurting you, but because he doesn’t want you to see him stressed or make you uncomfortable. He is the most supportive boyfriend, especially when you’re on your period. He will cuddle you and be your hot water bottle, make popcorn, and proudly strut around shops to buy you: tampons,sanitary pads, chocolate and snacks so he can tell almost everyone he sees in the store that he is doing his duty as a boyfriend. He loves bragging about you, he will post pictures on his instagram of you all the time and he wouldn’t care about the pack winding him up for being all mushy. He is romantic in his own way, not the typical flowers and chocolate way, but by giving you the last cookie in the pack or when you can’t decide on a take away he will order your favourite meals from a few different places to save you having to decide. One of your selfies is his lock-screen. He walks round the house naked all the time too, not that you mind at all.

Jacob is super romantic, even after you’ve been in a relationship for a long time he still takes you on dates and loves to make an effort. His favourite date usually is a nice drive along the coast where you two find a spot to have a picnic or if its raining you two would sit in the car cuddled up next to each other chatting until you usually end up falling asleep against solid but warm chest. After you and Jake watched Grease together he wanted to take you to one of those drive in movies for a date so he spent the next few days driving around Washington trying to find one to take you to. Eventually he found one in Seattle and you now have a tradition to go on a date there every month. Also he definitely posts pictures of you with soppy captions on your anniversaries. 

Seth is an actual sweetheart, and the pack give him a ribbing about it all the time but he doesn’t mind or get embarrassed. There is a field near Seth’s house filled with flowers and he always picks a bunch for you whenever he goes to meet you. Everyone knows how happy Seth, and when he is with you he smiles non-stop. However, when he’s upset he doesn’t want you to worry so he keeps his thoughts to himself until you persuade him to tell you what he’s honestly feeling;which is usually when you two are lying in bed at night. Pillow talk sometimes lasts for hours with you two, you talk about anything from plain nonsense to having deep conversations where you both spill all your emotions. On the year anniversary of your first date he made you a scrap book and the front cover was the first picture you took together.

Sam is like your big cuddly teddy bear wolf, he’s always got his arms wrapped round your shoulders or waist. He loves making you breakfast in bed, or if he has to leave early for patrol he will make breakfast and leave it warm in the oven or when you wake-up. He loves listening to you talking about your day, what tv show your watching, the latest gossip about your friends; he could literally listen to you speak about anything for hours the sound of your voice is so soothing to him. You were surprised to find out then when you two were in bed you dominated him easily, you knew it was your smile that made the giant of a man putty in your hands- which you constantly used to your advantage when you wanted a snack or didn’t want to get up to reach the tv remote. You think the only reason Sam is so happy to do anything for you, apart from the fact he his absolutely smitten by you, is because he knows the pack wouldn’t dare taunt him about it.

Jared Being with Jared is fun, he never gets boring and neither does your relationship. You guys don’t really go on dates but rather spontaneous plans and adventures, you woke up one weekend to a bag packed with your clothes, Jared grinning and two plane tickets to California for a last minute holiday. Jared’s flirting is more immature as it usually takes the form as pranks, which he plays on you a lot- but you get him back of course. He is also big on PDA: always holding your hand, pulling you to sit on his lap, peppering your neck and face with kisses; especially when he notices other men looking at you for a few seconds too many.

Quil You had never met someone that loved cuddling so much before you started dating Quil. You two spend most your time cuddled up on the couch or in bed binge watching endless TV shows. One night Quil convinced you to watch a horror film with him, his plan was too scare you so that he can hold you whilst you hid in his arms (not that he needed an excuse to hold you) but it backfired when you both ended up under-estimating how scary the film was resulting in you two shitting yourselves and having to sleep with the lights on for the next few days. Quil isn’t that physical in public, only the occasional kiss on the cheek and holding hands, but once you two are alone you can barely keep his hands off you.

Embry When you first started dating the majority of your dates were double-dates with Quil and someone he was seeing. You knew that Embry and Quil had a close friendship, but you knew it was because Embry got nervous about messing up on dates and ruining his chance with you. Embry likes to think he comes across as confident and charming, especially in front of the pack, but with you he becomes such a flustered wreck, blushing cheeks and all. His favourite dates with you are the classic long walks on the beach holding hands and then taking you out for dinner; every time he refuses to let you pay the bill.


I decided the ask my four-year-old to describe her favorite characters and the results were amusing, so here they are! Also, bonus interview, because it’s kinda fun to see how a kid sees all this.

Q: “Who do you think K.O.s dad is?”
A: “I don’t know. Maybe Laser Blast? No that’s not his dad. His dad might be…maybe Foxtail. Yeah Foxtail.”
Me: “I think it’s Laser Blast.”
Her: “No.”

Q: “Who do you think Shadowy Figure is?”
A: “Venmus! He’s purple, and he’s purple….WHAT IF HIS DAD IS CREEPY. I GOT NOTHING I NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE.”
Me: “I-”
Her: “Maybe they say in the next episode. When is Friday?”

Q: “Who would Raymond be in love with?”
A: “Nobody. He wouldn’t be in love. He doesn’t want to be in love. He’s EVIL.”

Q: “Why do you think Gar is shy around Carol?”
A: “Maybe he broke something that is hers? Maybe he’s sorry he dropped that sandwich.”

I couldn’t ask anymore questions because now she’s going into fan theories about KOs, I have created a monster

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damien's favorite song was fly me to the moon by frank sinatra. wilford finds the song and enjoys it immensely because he recognized it so he brings it to the next ego meeting. dark instantly recognizes it and starts tapping his feet along and humming it quietly. wilford is the only one who picks up on this and so at the end of the meeting he plays it just for him and leaves. as soon as he starts walking down the hall he can hear dark singing and dancing around the conference room.


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RFA + Minor Trio as things I have said.

Not actually my idea, I can’t remember which blog it was whose idea this was but I decided to do this based on things that I’ve said. If any of you know or think you know who, please tell me >.< So, without further information! Things that Leo has said or thought! ~Admin Leo (for the record I changed my name on here. Hehe ^^)


*Test is put out in front of him*

OK. I can do this!

*Writes name on test*

See, that wasn’t so bad. I got this!

*Turns page to first question*

I… Don’t got this…


*Points to himself*

This is the definition of perfection

*Points to Jumin*

That… Is not


I can’t wait to go home and relax!

*comes home and spends hours doing homework and chores*


*Sees a kitten*

It’s just… It’s so adorable…

707/ Luciel / Saeyoung:

So much to do! So little time!

*Spends the next two hours looking at depression memes*


Annoying brother: You shouldn’t eat ice cream in winter

Me:… Don’t tell me what to do! *Shoves a spoonful of ice cream in mouth*

Jihyun Kim / V :

*Accidentally knocks something over*

God… Sorry! Sorry!

*Knocks something else over trying to pick up item*

Oh God… I am really sorry! Super sorry!

*Knocks something else over*

Sorry! Sorry! So sorry!


I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing but hey! This seems fun!


Look at my icon and look at my username. Ok that’s all I just need you to know who I am. Love you queen

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How would the count and marquess do with an SO thats a hemophiliac? (a person who bleeds like a ton)

Count would need to be on constant alert. His control isn’t the best but he can do it. If you have lots of other scents around the house or in public, he’ll be ok. 

Marquess is constantly full up on blood since knowing your condition, and unlike Count he has alot of self-control when it comes to his instincts

part of the pack

A/N: hello! this is my first imagine on this account, ive wrote quite a lot on my other blogs but this is my first time writing a teen wolf one. Ok so in this the reader is a werewolf who was bitten by scott, he thought he killed her but she slinked out of hospital and went in search of Scott to find out what is happening to her. (flashbacks are in italics)

scared, confused and alone you crept around the town of beacon hills, you didn’t really know what to do, whether you should go back home and go back to school or if you should stay in the shadows until you knew what was happening to you. You walked around in the woods, still in your hospital gown, trying to think of what to do you were so confused because the scratches from the bushes you ran through and the bite on your leg had all healed away like they were never there. You felt more powerfull and strange, every single little rustle of the trees seemed ten times louder and the wet damp smell of the leaves filled your nose.

you didnt know why you were feeling like this all you could remember from last night…

The night was cold, the rain was dying down, you decided to take your dog out for a walk in the woods because your house was just on the edge and you always took your dog out for a short walk in the woods before bed.

you were about ten minutes into the walk and in the middle of the woods. You had let your dog, Wolff off his lead, picked up a damp twig and through it into the distance. You pulled up your phone torch to keep an eye on your dog as it ran in the direction of twig. Wolff had gone out of sight, you couldnt hear him or see him. “Wolff! come back boy!” you called into the night. You saw two glowing eyes in the distance. “Wolff?” you shouted unsure of who the eyes belonged to. The eyes slowly stood up< this wasnt your dog. Then the creature began to come at you. Fast. You panicked, you didnt know whether to stay still and hope it was going after something else or whether to run because your life depended on it. You went with the second option. You ran as fast as your legs could and didnt look back. You heard the creature let out a load roar and then you heard another one that mustve came from something else, you didnt look back. You were beginning to get out of breathe, you weren’t the most athletic person, you might look ok on the outside but that was only because you had a fast metabolism and things didnt stay in you long enough to add any serious weight, apart from that you were seriously un fit.

It sounded as if there were three of them it sounded as if they were fighting each other, unsure you turned around. What you saw shocked you completley. They were three men, one of them was massive and had a scar going straight down the middle, the other two were smaller and could possibly be teenagers, they seemed familar. One of them looked at you. “watch out!” he shouted, but it was too late, you turned around to see a small well. Before you could stop yourself you tripped over the wall and fell. Then you felt agonising pain shooting up from you leg. Whatever had just stabbed into you pulled you up. 

You looked at the person who had helped you and instanly recognised him, it was Scott McCall. “scott?” you said through whimpers of pain. He smiled and helped you to your feet. The massive man had gone and only the other boy remained. “Isaac?” you said recognising the other boy. You noticed sharp teeth sprouted from each of their mouths and they were both covered in deep scratches and blood. “what happened- where’s my dog?” you stuttered.                                      “right so we literally have fangs, glowing eyes and hair growing from our cheeks and you ask where your dog is?” Isaac replied chuckling. you hadnt brought that up because you didnt think they would tell you, “oh right yeah, why do you two look like that?”          “we were bitten, we are, we are werewolves ok. And because i bit you you are now one of us.” Scott said coming closer. “or your going to die.” Isaac looked up at you. “what? im either going to become a, werewolf, or die!?” you said not sure of what they just said or what exactly was happening to you. You suddenly rembered the bite on your ankle and the pain exploded and spread over your body. “i-i think i need to go to hospital -” after that everything went blurry, you must have passed out.

that was when you remembered what Scott said, you were alive, you were a werewolf. You needed to find Scott or Isaac, but first you needed to find your dog. you wandered around the woods for hours but there was no sign of him, you gave up. you walked to the edge of the woods, your house was visable. You needed to change into some real clothes so you sneaked in around the back door and noticed your parents had gone to work fr the day. You used the key uderneath the flowerpot and went inside. You walked up the stairs and into your room. Your bedroom door was already open. You walked in, “holy shit! what are you two doing in my room?” you yelled as you saw Isaac and Scott snooping around your room. “i found her!” Isaac said pointing at you. “w-we also found your dog, he’s at the animal clinic right now.” it became pretty awkward, “well we are ging to leave you alone for a second to allow you to get dressed and whatever, we will be downstairs come on Isaac” Scott said taking Isaac out of your room and closing the door behind them. You hopped in the shower and got changed into some fresh clothes and went downstairs.

the boys were stood in your kitchen Scott slid a glass of orange juice over the counter. You ran forward to catch it just before it crashed on the floor and took a sip. “so you escaped from hospital early this morning so what have you been doing for the last three hours?” Scott asked leaning on the counter top. “in the woods, looking for my dog.” you replied placing the glass down. “you really do love your dog huh” Isaac said chuckling. you laughed as well. “So are you guys going to tell me what happens now, now that im one of you.?” you said taking another sip.  “oh right yeah about that, the full moons coming up.” Scott said moving around the counter to get closer to you

“What happens on a full moon?” You said “That’s when you become most powerful, you won’t be able to control yourself and you could kill or seriously hurt someone.” Isaac said moving closer to you. “But don’t worry y/n we will help you, teach you how to control it.” Scott said placing his hand on your shoulder. “We will have to keep an eye on you from now on, we can’t let you give away our secret to anybody.”

could anyone give me some feedback or tell me if i should do a part2?? thank you for reading!


HEAVEN SENT || a deckerstar mix [listen]

Look, if you think that I wouldn’t forgive you for your mistakes or your flaws, if you think that I don’t know who you really are by now, you’re wrong.

My Little Tips about Sims 4 Package Management~

Maybe some of you know well about it. Here is just my reminder for others who do not know 。^‿^。 This tip is to delete duplicate packages / speed up starting game / avoid repeat downloading same packages

What you need:

  1. Ant Renamer
  2. Duplicate Cleaner Free
  3. Everything

Ant Renamer  ─  To eliminate all SPECIAL CHARACTER, e.g. - @ # & [] in order to speed up game running
Duplicate Cleaner Free  ─  To find out DUPLICATE package files by scanning SAME FILE NAME
Everything  ─  To SEARCH package files within all your disks easily & quickly (when you’re not sure sth exist already or not)

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I’m literally crying rn

So, my friend came to visit me and we were just chatting when he saw my tumblr so we started talking about it. The MAP and NOMAP thing came up and he said “I think you’re one of those”. I got so nervous I couldn’t look him in the eye then he was like “but nobody chooses who they are attracted to you know. pedophiles don’t choose to be pedophiles, they choose their actions towards that attraction” and OMGGGG I feel so much better. Also, we talked about how trying to prohibit people to ship fictional characters isn’t going to do any help because that’s the ONLY way these people have to fulfull their desires without doing harm to children. Otherwise we’ll just have a bunch of frustrated people. Imagine knowing you’ll have to live your life without ever fulfilling that desire because you’d never want to traumatize someone. Actual child abusers aren’t on tumblr looking at rickmorty fanart, they are preying on actual children. We are just trying to cope and feel good not hurting others.

Antis telling us to die or hide in a cave isn’t helping. MAPs will always exist so let’s try and help maybe(?)

So uhm yeah, I’m really happy I have friends who support me and know I’m not a monster irl :)

me: *takes a deep breath*

me: i lo-

anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Add, we know, you love Edward Grenore so much, Edward Grenore is the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Edward Grenore, we KNOW, you love Edward Grenore you fucking love Edward Grenore ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE ADD. WE GET IT.