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I really, truly hate when people conflate the terms GNC and ‘Nonbinary’ (or just don’t know what GNC means at all), so here you go:

GNC (Gender Non-Conforming): Not identifying with/actively practicing the societal gender roles assigned to your sex
Ex. Males who wear makeup and skirts (still men), females who don’t shave and cut their hair short (still women).

‘Nonbinary’: Identifying out of the “gender binary”
I.E. Trying to claim that they are neither men or women.

They. Do. Not. Mean. The. Same. Thing.

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I got into a car accident a few hours after I read chapter 13, and I hope you know that in that moment of sheer terror I didn't think about my family, no, nor my fiance. ALL I COULD FUCKING THINK ABOUT WAS 'OH FUCK IM GOING TO FUCKING DIE BEFORE I GET TO READ CHAPTER 14' I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT IF I DIED YOUR FANFIC WOULD HAVE BEEN THE LAST THING ON MY MIND. (Don't worry, I just had to get a few stitches and the other diver who caused it was unscathed so everything ended up fine.)

omg I’m so glad you’re ok! I mean, that is a hilarious story and I actually snorted when I read it but I’m also very concerned for you!

INTJ Girlhood

- oh God why are they crying what did I do now?
- what do you mean they just “say it without thinking”. Who does that?!
- will it really get better with other people once I’m in school/boarding school/college/university/job?
- why you always lyyyyyyyin?
- ok, team sport! Lets see if we try out some strategy to win this time, or just run after the ball like screaming monkeys again … … … well, monkeys it is!
- that question the teacher doesn’t know how to answer
- “did you really do that on your own?”
- being bullied by classmates, adult telling you that you shouldn’t bother.
INTJ: “it’s ok I really don’t care about them”
Adult: “but you have too these are your classmates!”
- needing the expression “energy draining” so bad
- being completely confused about the concepts of racism, sexism, fat shaming etc. because who cares about stuff like that?! People are just WEIRD!
- finding out adults know about THAT HORRIBLE THING the teacher talked about in class, and that they just let it happen because they are lazy/stupid (they kill all the elephants to make stuff out of their teeth?! Come on really?)
- feeling the class eye you to see if you know the answer to a difficult question
- seeing them just plainly give up on it if you don’t
- “be more girly!” I need clearer instructions damnit
- everyone’s surprise about how well you do with animals
- being disappointed in rl friendships compared to book friendships
- predict the ending of a book / movie right for the first time
- adults describing you mostly as “the bright one”
- trying to catch adult conversation, being disappointed when it’s small talk
- being told you are too young for a book/movie/piece of news etc., getting it anyway, being alone with your thoughts about it
- adults letting you take part in their conversation
- adults listening to you and trying out what you suggested
- finding your thing
- and that other thing
- and another thing
- understanding that there are unlimited things to explore and feeling like staring into space
- discovering space

Feel free do add! I did “girlhood only” because I was asked and its’s personal experiences, no limits here :)

get to know me

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Name: sam

Nickname: sammy? i guess?

Gender: female

Star Sign: scorpio

Height: 5′4″

Sexual Orientation: pansexual

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw

Favorite Color: baby blue

Favorite Animal: all of them

Average Hours of Sleep: depends on the day? about 5/6ish

Cat or Dog Person: dog

Favorite Fictional Characters: theres too many but aelin galathynius & nico di angelo

Number of Blankets I sleep with: two

Favorite Singer/Band: twenty one pilots

Dream Trip: santorini, greece 

Dream Job: psychologist or writer

When Was Your Blog Created: aaaaaa january of this year i think?

Current Number of Followers: 72 

What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: i missed having a tumblr 

  • me: *takes a deep breath*
  • me: i lo-
  • anyone who has spent 5 seconds around me ever: yes, you love caryl, we know, you love caryl so much, caryl is the light of your life, you love caryl so much, you just love caryl, we KNOW, you love caryl you fucking love caryl ok we know we get it, YOU LOVE CARYL. WE GET IT.
Resources for the consulting detective

 11 Must haves for any aspiring consulting detective:

  • Notebook, preferably a pocket notebook. Used for writing down observations and theories. At the time, you’ll think “I don’t need to write this down, I’ll remember it”. You won’t.
  • Pen. Goes with your notebook. Pencils are ok, but it’s generally faster to write with pens.
  • Flashlight, preferably one with an assault crown. You never know who or what you’ll encounter whilst investigating a crime scene at night, but more importantly, you could potentially miss a lot of clues without the correct lighting.
  • Pocket knife, preferably one with multiple blade sizes, and a screwdriver. Used for cutting open sealed things, disassembling things (laptops, clocks, etc) that may contain clues, stabbing people, and freeing the zip cuffed prisoners of the kidnapper who you just rendered unconscious with your assault crowned flashlight.
  • A friend, preferably a helpful and willing one. They are good for bouncing theories, double checking chains of thought, picking up observations you missed, and bringing a second opinion
  • A phone. Preferably more than one, in the event of your capture, there is a chance your enemy may not think to look for more than one phone. Have your most important contacts on speed dial.
  • Combat boots, for rough terrain.
  • Gloves, combat and latex. Used for collecting evidence, as well as rough terrain.
  • Ziploc (or other airtight bags). Used for storing evidence.
  • Depending on the situation, food is never a bad idea. Make sure it is appropriate for the journey, avoid foods that can spoil, as well as sugary foods that will cause a sugar crash later.
  • A backpack or satchel, used for storing all of the above items.

notes on the starfan13 livechat:

-shes jealous of oscar (presumably bc hes stars “crush” adksd;oafijkladkl)

-hints that we’ll get a tom and star backstory

-hints that we’ll see the “my thoughts on marco” journal page

-shes a “fan at first sight” of star



-she plays jazz sometimes (this was in response to the question “you like jazz?” aklsa;flkjad

-she really appreciates all of the projects the fandom does!!!!


-echo creek is in southern california

-she thinks janna and ponyhead are “ok”

-her favorite animal is cats and she volunteers at the shelter on weekends!! what a baby

-shes really good with tech stuff

-according to her, the meaning of life is finding your happiness and chasing it

-next time theres going to be a show of fanart so prep it up

-before she was starfan13, she was either named bethany or a fan of someone named bethany i forget

-these things are weekly so tune in mondays!!

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giving you a warning that there's a post about you being transphobic or whatever, or just sexualizing trans people in general.

Wait what the fuck? These people act like it’s a sin to sexualize transpeople, even tho some of the times, they aren’t trans! I know enough trans people on here who are TOTAL ok with it yet there’s always gonna be that one fucker who thinks they speck for ALLLLL trans people smh

Ok so I’m going to be answering asks tonight but I will have to answer some en mass and some on private to avoid spamming people’s dashboards because as you can see I have…rather a lot. So thank you thank you to everyone who has sent me an ask because I treasure them all and hopefully I’ll be able to answer you satisfactorily! And if I miss any I apologize because I know tumblr has been eating some of my asks recently and the likelihood is tumblr is to blame!

please dont take it personally anyone i’m just … rly not likely to follow someone i i don’t see an ooc name on their blog and/or if i don’t see a rules page 

Ok I am annoyed.

Recently, @hausofax drew a super cute pic of me that I loved and shared everywhere and earlier today she apologised on twitter for white washing me. I was confused and basically turns out some people on here are giving her grief…


The thought is probably coming from a good place but hausofax is my friend who has actually seen me in person and knows what I look like. I never want to be the reason she gets any hate, ever! She doesn’t deserve it.

Secondly, I am actually white. If I have confused you in any way, I didn’t meant to. When I moved to the UK, I was a lot more tanned and I got used to drawing me darker when everyone around me is the colour of a wedding dress. Not as tanned now but old habits… (The nose is my greek showing)

Also, I have never had any problem standing up for myself and wouldn’t reblog anything that offended me.

But what matters the most is that accusing people without having all the facts is wrong. And by crying wolf, you undermine all the actual cases of deliberate white washing. So, please, consider carefully and do some research before putting any blame on people you don’t know.

Thank you.

Hi there everyone! I’m Nat and this is my studyblr!
I’m kinda very new to this, but I’d thought it’d be nice if I gave you a little heads up on my interests and who I am in general.
Some of my main interests are:

  • nature in general, but more specifically the animal kingdom
  • music (especially punk rock)
  • mythology
  • guitars (I know this is probably included in the “music” section, but I just love them so much)

And here’s a little general info about me:

  • I’m currently studying science
  • I’m an aspiring naturalist
  • I play the guitar
  • I would probably kill for a Jaffa Cake
  • I love practicing archery when I get the chance to

ok, so this has been a little PSA, hopefully I’ll be able to quickly become a part of this wonderful, supportive community!
In the meantime, here are a few of the blogs that have inspired me thus far:

@studykouffee, @milkteastudies, @studyblr, @curiostudy, @bestudy, @peachi-study, @littlestudyblrblog

I’m terrible at writing, please forgive me for sounding so apathetic, it’s not meant that way ^-^”

OK but Albus x Grindel!Graves

I really do love the idea of Gellert approaching Albus again in the stolen face of Percival Graves, because that is all sorts fucked up and delicious

Cause can you imagine the emotional shitstorm afterwards

Albus, who has been trying so hard to distance himself from his emotions for Gellert, thinking that he could finally move past it all when Graves comes on some diplomatic meeting or other, showing interest in the professor, honest to god being not subtle about his intentions, and Albus is wary, cautious, but flattered.

And then the horrible news from America after whatever they had been having, about Gellert having impersonated Graves for months , months, and Albus is so furious and numb, clawing through every moment and feeling so stupid and played because of course, of fucking course he should have seen it, the way Graves seemed always so impossible to read but charming, disarming in his seeming sincerity, smiling like he didn’t know the stir of heat low in Albus’s belly until Albus was kissing him, familiar and alien and Merlin he should have known

He almost fights to be included in the delegation that is to be sent by the Ministry to deal with retrieving Gellert from MACUSA, but Theseus Scamander comes to visit him, to talk about Gellert and Newt, who had the misfortune of stumbling into the middle of the mess and unveiling the scheme to all, and Theseus telling him, hair windblown, eyes sharp and knowing, that the Ministry will like his help when the time came to scramble Gellert’s brain to pieces to find out just how far reaching his operations are. Albus won’t, declines outright with a blank face and an even voice. Theseus doesn’t fight him on it, he knew, already, that the professor would decline.

But then he asks Albus if he has an idea of where Grindelwald could be keeping Percival Graves prisoner.

Albus feels—he hadn’t actually thought about the real Graves until that point. He’d been so full of contained rage at having been violated that he didn’t even think to care about the man that Gellert had stolen that handsome face from. ‘Dead’, is Albus’s gut response, but he says, simply, that he doesn’t know.

Theseus accepts that answer too, except perhaps more agitated, more resigned than the first. Percival Graves was—is—a dear friend. Albus wonders just how dear, with the way Theseus goes tired and lonely-looking.

Albus, of course, hears about Grindelwald’s escape. He also hears about the Director of Magical Security being found, but he doesn’t think to do anything about it. No, no, he’ll do something about it, just, not now.

Except things don’t go Albus’s way, it never has when it concerned Gellert, so Percival Graves, the real one this time, comes to see him.

He still cuts an impressive figure, clothes sharp and neat, but there is something ragged about him. He’s grown a bit of beard, although Albus can see the gauntness of his face, the hollows of his cheeks and his worn, sleepless eyes. The wand he has is new, not the sleek simplicity of what Gellert had had, but wholly organic, pale and rough enough to get splinters from. He slips it into the sleeve of his coat as Albus approaches.

“Is Newton Scamander here?” Graves asks, simple, clipped, entirely different from Gellert’s version of the man’s voice that had been curling, beckoning.

Albus bites the inside of his lip for that thought, tries to stamp out the sudden ugliness that wells up in his lungs–he wants, very much, for this man to go away, even though what had happened wasn’t anybody’s fault but Gellert’s.

(and Albus’s. Merlin, how his gaze flicks from the real Grave’s mouth to the line of his throat, down to his hands which are pale and scarred. A terrible moment of déjà vu, of kissing that mouth, nibbling down that throat, sucking on those finger, he barely resists the urge to wonder if the real Graves groans and keens as Gellert did wearing the man’s face–)

“No,” Albus says, carefully, because Newt had come by just a week or two ago, a young man with dark, dark eyes trailing after him. Newt explained in his elusive way, stumbling but quick, I got an assistant, Professor, and I need, I need just a bit of your help if you—I know this is asking a lot, even more than before, but I, I need to keep him safe Professor–

Graves looks at him, sharp and assessing, and Albus does not shiver, does not straighten in rigid attention, he is a stone beneath this man’s gaze because a fool he maybe but never again to this face, this face that he thought he could love more than his first, terrible feelings for Gellert, and it’s not Graves’s fault it isn’t but Albus feels caged and vicious all the same, as if his own misery somehow equaled the violation Graves no doubt feels from Gellert stealing his face, his identity, doing whatever he wanted for months and months

But suddenly Graves looks tired, just for a moment, before his expression turns into one of spite, grinding out the words with barely checked fury, “Did he fuck you with my face?”

Albus falters, goes rigid trying not to suck in a sharp breath because he hadn’t expected Graves to, to ask, and he wonders for a terrified moment that the man had found the letters he had sent to Gellert-as-Graves, the easy, flirtatious correspondence that no doubt revealed Albus’s careful affections.

He doesn’t know what to say because he’s torn between his own guilt and the contained wrath sliding off the real Graves. There’s the right things to say, which is yes, yes he did, but there is shame thickening along Albus’s tongue and he finds he cannot do anything but pretend offense and curiosity, “Mr. Graves, I assure you I—has he been going around doing that?”

Graves eyes darken, mouth twisting into a snarl to reveal sharp teeth, so unlike the prim and properness of what Gellert had presented that Albus is stunned, just a bit jolted from his memories, the struggle he’s been having trying to separate them–they are truly nothing alike at all.

Graves watches him for another moment before he seems to decide that he won’t get anything from Albus, and that he’d rather not go through the trouble of forcing it out. He doesn’t say anything as he simply inclines his head and apparates away in a blur of white and black.

Albus stands there for a moment before he goes back inside, feeling somehow jilted, and decides that the memories are better in a pensieve.


Ross: You know i really enjoy listening how you play…

Brant: I thought you won’t come back until tomorrow

Ross: Well you did say that you want to see my wolf form

Brant: Yeah i really did…..

Brant: Look Ross i’m …

Ross: No don’t say it, i’m the one who needs to apologize i never should yell at you like that ..

Brant: It’s ok….

Ok so I usually ignore all the fandom drama but I just have to say something regarding all this dumb drama going on over Finn not wishing Millie a happy birthday publicly. First off, they should be respected. their privacy as much as their opinions on certain things. Now I know that you may ship them, hey look I get it they’re adorable together and I love them as much as you do but I’m not one to go bug them about it or constantly ask them about fillie or mileven. They’re young kids who are friends. No one knows whether they like each other more than friends or not and if they do or don’t that’s none of our business and it shouldn’t concern us what they do. I just honestly feel so fucking bad for these poor kids they’ve become so uncomfortable around each other for example in an interview I saw from the SAG awards when Millie got there to the interview Finn was just super uncomfortable and that made me upset cause it seemed liked they don’t even talk or hang out as much as they use to for the same reason that every little thing they do is blown out proportion. He probably didn’t publicly wish her a happy bday for that same reason because he knows that if he did everyone would be all up in the comments saying “omg fillie is real"or some shit like that. It’s just so fucking sad seeing that two young kids can’t even be friends cause all these people want to take it too far. I’m a fillie shipper btw but I’m not the one to go torture them or overwhelm them with fillie/mileven questions or sexualize them(which btw is so not fucking cool like wtf)or just plain bug them about it knowing they don’t like it. So plz, yes you’re allowed to ship whomever you want just as long as you keep age appropriate and to yourselves, just don’t put pressure on these kids cause they’re honestly one of the most nicest kids in this business and we wouldn’t want to fuck that shit up. That’s all.

I'm from X, you're from Y, here we are, come together

kill me please i have no idea what is that even, and i haven’t read it second time but i am almost sure it’s at least decent

how had i managed to write lutteo ficweek month before wtf i was too ambitious then

i kinda changed a little the prompt but i know i can so have fun

DAY 1: “Ok sleep well” “And how am I supposed to do that after what you’ve just told me?” 

I’m from X, you’re from Y, here we are, come together

“I hate you, you know?” She can hear snicker in her phone, and she rolls her eyes. Her friend is being hopeless again. Ambar is sitting on her bed with her laptop opened and scrolling through facebook newsfeed. It’s pretty late, but oh who cares, she can sleep later tomorrow since her classes are cancelled. This university seemed being such a good choice, yet she’s not sure now how will she manage until the end of term.

Of course I know, you tell me this for the third time during this phone call,” Matteo sighs slightly, “but I just want you to embrace this feeling, Ambar.”

“What if I don’t want to?” Of course she doesn’t. She is Ambar Smith, she never had crush, or been interested into someone more than just attracted to them.

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27th April

Prompted to me by Matty (@bluewinsevertime) I hope you like it lovely!

“Do I have to?” Liv whined as she shuffled out the Woolpack doors reluctantly. The sun hung low in the sky, casting a golden glow over the fields surrounding the village, the houses, and Roberts car, which she was slowly making her way towards. It was almost pretty, except for the fact that she’s up at six in the morning and it wasn’t even a school day.

She heard him sigh from where he was stood by the car, before he turned to look at her.

“Stop being difficult and come on” he said as he slid into the car and started the engine, waiting for her to climb in. Liv huffed and tucked a stray hair behind her ear, grumbling as she stomped to the car, slamming the door as she dropped into the seat.

She could feel Rob staring at her.

“What?” she snapped, turning to glare at him. But all he did was raise an eyebrow slightly and direct that smug smirk at her before turning away to drive them to the scrap yard. It was quiet in the car as Robert focused on driving and Liv stared out the window.

The silence lasted all of five minutes before Liv started complaining.

“I don’t see why I have to come.” Robert sighed again.

“Because, Olivia-”

I mean, it’s only fun with Aaron because he lets me help pull apart cars-”

“You can still do that” Robert said as he pulled into the scrap yard.

“Seriously? You’re going to help me pull apart cars?” Liv sounded disbelieving, even to her own ears. Amusement ran through her at the thought of Robert ditching the suit and getting dirty. Like he’d ever do that she thought, a grin tugging at her lips when she heard him scoff.

“Of course not. I’ll supervise.” Rob could see her eyes twinkling in the early morning light and smiled.

“Well come on then, are we just going to sit here all day or are we going to get some work done?” He tried to sound stern, but from the grin on Liv’s face he knows he failed miserably.


They spent the day in the sun, Liv pulling apart cars while Rob shouted suggestions at her and teasing each other mercilessly. Robert got very little actual work done, but in the end he figured he could catch up later. It was worth it to see Liv happy and smiling, something she hasn’t done enough of since Aaron got sent down. 

Roberts mood both lightened and darkened at the thought of his husband, his worries and love coming to the forefront of his mind.

The clanging sound of metal meeting concrete brought him out of his thoughts and all of his attention was once again on Liv. He raised his eyebrow when he saw the state of her, covered in grease and oil, and laughed at the disgusted face she was pulling. She grinned when she heard him laughing, before her smile turned soft and she ducked her head so he wouldn’t see.

Yeah, he thought, today’s been a good day.


When they got home later that evening, Liv was exhausted. She took a nice, long, hot shower, leaving just enough hot water for Robert. She smirked at the thought of him jumping out of his skin when the water suddenly goes cold. She went to her room to get into her pj’s, before making her way down stairs to make a brew. She bumped into Robert in the kitchen and he held up her cup to her, silently asking - cuppa? 

She nodded and slipped over to the sofa and sat down in front of it, waiting for Rob to bring over her tea. It has become routine, since Aaron left, to have a shower, dress for bed then come downstairs and sit in front of the sofa while Rob made their brews. 

She thanked him when he came over and handed her hers and took a sip, humming in pleasure at the taste. Rob set his aside to cool a little and he picked up the hairbrush he always brought down with him, before he started to comb and braid her hair. They did this in silence, and when he was finished she got up off the floor and curled up next to him.

“You know” she mumbled as she started to drift to sleep.

“You’re a good weird gay brother-dad.”

Just as sleep finally claimed her, she thought she felt him kiss the top of her head.”

“I love you too, Liv.”

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Hey Greg. I really appreciate your writings and answers. They've given me great comfort in the past. But there's sth I'd like to ask you. I've been through a breakup last year (it was my decision), now I find myself in kind of a new relationship with someone I deeply care about. But it's hard for me to open up again, to say (to him): that's how I feel and I'm embracing it.I'm in fear of the past repeating itself, and of being emotionally dependent on someone. How can I build up trust again? xx

That past will haunt you and you’ll fear the past repeating itself until you can feel and know that you’re ok, you’re truly fine, no matter what happens, no matter who leaves you.

Breathe and feel the past in you, feel the fear and the fear will lead you to the very fact that you’re ok, that your nature is truly to be ok, no matter what. That fear and those feelings of being left again can be your guru and can lead you to many things about yourself. You simply have to listen to and embrace them. Spend time with your fear and get to know it. It is ok to fear. It is ok to feel like your world will collapse again. This is ok, turn towards those and don’t run from it. If you run, like a lion, it will chase you and you’ll always have that nagging feeling of, “this is all gonna end and that scares me”.

The way out is through. You are truly stronger than that fear. Feel how it mixes with past fear and of people from your past that left and you had no control of. Be with that younger you and feel what remains unsettled in your heart. Simply breathe and feel. You won’t be given anything that you cannot handle. And those feelings you feel will lead you to strength, fullness and the very fact that you’ve always been ok, no matter what. Feel that and then open as much as you feel comfortable doing. You don’t have to let someone in fully, but it may become easier to do that after this fear has been honored and pushed through.

Much Love and take care,