you know who their staring at

1. Writing typically starts out like this:

2. Then, you get stuck:

3. So you turn on music to help your mind, and you get side tracked:

4. So then you turn the music off and sit there staring at your blank document for who knows how long:

5. Then it’s all gone to shit:

6. BUT THEN, you have an idea:

7. Repeat steps 2-6

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He’s Like the Mona Lisa

Marinette sighed, staring at the back of Adrien’s head as though it was a particularly difficult physics problem. Which she supposed it was.

‘Why…’ she pondered for the millionth time since she had discovered his secret.

'Why don’t Chat and Adrien look alike?’

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So I was showing my best friend my new icon, and his response was, “You know who he looks like?” and I was like, “NO, WHO??” and he was like, “I’ll give you a minute…” so I stared at the photo, having no clue who he meant, and I glance over at his phone to see that he’s pulled up pics of MARVIN MARTIAN I’m fucking DEAD



WHY IS THIS HAPPENING I can’t unsee it


Pairing: Stiles X Reader

Summary: (Y/N) is a strong independent female who is slightly on the plus size. She’s been in Beacon Hills for her entire life with no friends; but she prefers it that way. Stiles enjoys watching (Y/N) from afar, he’s picked up on her little habits that she doesn’t think anyone notices but he’s afraid to confront her but with prom just around the corner, Stiles doesn’t know whether to play it save with a friend or to try something new.

Word Count:

Prompt: requested by @artfuck ; I hope this is what you wanted :-)

A/N: If you’re going to get butt hurt about me writing (Y/N) as overweight/plus size then don’t read this. I used to be overweight so I don’t mean to insult anyone who is plus sized - sometimes people can’t help it.

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Stiles stared at you from across the classroom; your head was stuck in yet another book, but it was different from the one you were reading last week. He had his elbow rested on the table, and his chin on his hand. Scott was beside him, nudging him slightly; he gave his best friend a weird look.

“Stop staring,” Stiles shuffled awkwardly in his chair but didn’t miss you looking up from your book to glance at the two boys. You shut her book and placed it in your bag before leaving the near empty classroom. Stiles hurried from his seat before scurrying after the girl that barely knew he existed.

You were just near your locker when you heard footsteps running in your direction. You stood to the side to let the spastic lad go by you but you were shocked when he stopped in front of you. “(Y/N), hi.” He breathed, clearly out of breath. You gave him an odd look but decided to ignore him and continued to your locker.

“Hey, hey, can I talk to you for a minute?” He managed to get out, resting against some stranger’s locker. You turned to face him and looked around at the students looking at you two. “Are you okay?” You asked, not sure as to why Stiles Stilinski was talking to you.

He nodded, holding up a finger to tell you to wait a second, you chuckled; bringing your cardigan around your body more - you weren’t too fond of the attention that you were getting. “I just wanted to ask… if you’re going to prom next week?” Stiles nervously asked, changing his weight from one foot to another waiting for you to answer. “No, I’m not…” Before Stiles could get another word in you snapped at him, “And I’m not going at all. I don’t know why you’re talking to me, but please stop.” You mumbled, before storming down the corridor and out of sight.

It was the night of prom, a night you had no interest in and also a night that you were spending alone. Being alone wasn’t new to you, at a young age; you realized that you weren’t like the others in Beacon Hills, you were nearly twice their size which was strange, everyone was relatively thin and healthy looking. Everyone wanted to befriend Lydia Martin, the perfect, pretty, skinny girl and people ignored you. You were pretty in your own way; your eyes shined for days on end and you’ve got a smile to die for, but that’s not what people want.

You got used to spending birthdays and weekends alone in the company of your art and books. At least Edward Cullen understood you. You were just about to change the DVD in the player when a knock on your door broke your concentration, you looked at the time. It was only eight in the evening. Walking to your door, you sighed when you saw Stiles Stilinski grinning through the window, waving.

“Hi,” You greeted, slightly confused as to why he was here. “Before you tell me to go away, listen.” He demanded, you noted that he wasn’t dressed for the prom; yet for a casual night in, he also carried a plastic bag with him. “I don’t know why you blew me off last week or why I haven’t seen you in school since, but I want to get to know you. I want you to let me get to know you and that’s why, if you don’t have plans tonight,” He rummaged through the back, “I brought two of my all time favorite movies, ice cream and last but not least, chocolate covered peanuts.” You couldn’t help the smile that covered your face as you opened the door wider, “Come right on in.” You said, and he bounced right through the door and to the living room.

“So why aren’t you at prom?” You asked, getting comfortable in your chair as he pressed play on the first movie. He blushed and sat next to you, “I only wanted to go with you.” He said brutally honest and you felt your heart flicker with each word. “I’m sorry I blew you off,” You started, coughing nervously, “But I thought it was some sick joke. I mean, I’m not the prettiest or the skinniest person in Beacon Hills.” You sighed, looking down at the bowl of ice cream on your leg.

Stiles shuffled closer to you, his hand grasping yours, “(Y/N), you are way more gorgeous than any of those girls that walk the corridors. You’re pure and down to earth and that’s what I like about you.” He looked at you, “I’ve liked you for a while, to be completely honest; I just thought you wanted to be left alone, but I couldn’t handle it anymore. Every time you fix your hair or laugh at something you read, I get this weird sensation but I want to feel it all the time with you.” You looked away, blushing.

“You’re so sweet.” You mumbled, facing the television, he sighed and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. You hesitated for a moment before cuddling into his side. You couldn’t remember the last time you felt this comfortable and safe with someone.

Please remember this was requested by someone; I didn’t want to focus too much on the reader being plus size as it is only a minor detail. I tried to focus on her just being self-conscious even though I am aware that there are loads of plus sized women who are confident and proud and I applaud you all.

Greenwalls in downtown Chicago is a trip

So we had a weird system like shut down on Wednesday and all of our registers were going really slow and mine just shut down completely. Since I’m in cosmetics and can’t ring, I decided to go play greeter and stand near the entrance to apologize to angry customers leaving.

Now, I get it. I’d leave too if I was just getting off work and there’s this crap of a cherry on top of my day, ya know? I have sympathy for that and you and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

I do not, however, have sympathy for the guy who came up to me and asked if I was open in cos? Like???? Did I call you over?? Do you think I’m an idiot??? If my register was working, do you think I’d just stand here at the door staring at the annoyed customers???

Since he got out of line, he just dumped his stuff some random spot and left. Idiot.

I want to give everything to you so badly,
I want to stroke every bit of you,
Fingers against your skin, brushing of hands against your chin…
My iris focusing on that soft face as my thrusts take you out of this space…
Let the biting of your lips represent the weight of my feelings, what I feel here right now with you softly smudged under me
I want you to feel…
To know I’ll always be your safe place,
I - the one who’ll protect you from your past self,
The darkness,
So hey? Listen…
Listen to every beat my chest makes,
Every sigh my breath lets
as I look right down at you and all I can do is moan and just stare
God! You’re beautiful!
Fuck what aunt Veronica said.
A bunch of laminated papers and school seals are not enough to validate how much of a genius you are…
You are Jade, my Jade…
And like the turquoise flowers you are impossible to ignore,
Forever fascinated by the stars, barefooted and in love with Earth,
Buttercup you are never too much to handle…between our thighs,
I want you to feel….
Bury those nails deep into my skin,
Scratch and claw,
Drag and pull
This affair goes deeper than the surface so excavate…
Don’t worry about hurting me,
And maybe if I didn’t bury my feelings so deep
You’ll feel what I feel.




Being married to Harald Finehair would include :

(Woooo more Vikings prompts! Aawwww Harald :3 GODDAMN HE’S HOT XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Him always holding you to him tightly and kissing you all over in the morning because he just loves you so much

-Him telling you that he loves you whenever you are working around the camp or house just to see your smile

-Him loving it when you would offer to comb his hair and just enjoying the feeling of your hands all over his scalp as well as the scent of your wrists

-Him still easily getting jealous despite knowing for sure that you wouldn’t ever betray him

-Him having fought and even killed men who had ever dared touching you or stare at you for a little too long

-Him always pulling you to his lap during celebratory feasts or the ones after a battle because he needs you close to him

-Him being passionate with you during sex, only to surprise you by getting rough and making you scream his name

-Him still being surprised by the little sweet gestures you do for him, such as a simple kiss on his cheek or hold his hand, making him fall for you even more with each

-Him learning to open himself up to you even more and soon enough having no problem with it

-Him always being sweet when he’s alone with you and showing his excitement at the idea of having children with you

‘I? What am I?’ roared the President, and he rose slowly to an incredible height, like some enormous wave about to arch above them and break. 'You want to know what I am, do you? Bull, you are a man of science. Grub in the roots of those trees and find out the truth about them. Syme, you are a poet. Stare at those morning clouds. But I tell you this, that you will have found out the truth of the last tree and the topmost cloud before the truth about me. You will understand the sea, and I shall be still a riddle; you shall know what the stars are, and not know what I am. Since the beginning of the world all men have hunted me like a wolf - kings and sages, and poets and lawgivers, all the churches, and all the philosophers. But I have never been caught yet, and the skies will fall in the time I turn to bay. I have given them a good run for their money, and I will now.’
—  The Man Who Was Thursday, GK Chesterton
12x13 Coda

Sam doesn’t eat burgers. 

Dean does. Anyone they’ve ever come across knows how much Dean likes to down a double cheeseburger with extra onions but Sam prefers wraps or salads. He likes beer but prefers to drink lite brands and Dean’s the only one who drinks IPA, yet the three letter packaging is staring back at him on the table. 

Dean’s opened up the fast food bag and with the wrappers pulled out he can see the order receipts on the food. Three burgers with no lettuce, extra onion, extra bacon, and extra cheese just how Mom and Dean like them. 

John Winchester had his flaws but he knew better than anyone that Sam and Dean had different tastes. He’s pretty sure Mary think they’re the same person half the time. 

Except that isn’t right either because if they were the same person then wouldn’t Mary text both of them? Want to share jokes and grin and blast her music for both of them to hear? Play Scrabble and share stories about the Impala with both of them? 

She doesn’t. Because Sam’s not the same person, he’s an addition to the person Mary already had. 

And of course it makes sense why would she want to spend time with him? She doesn’t know him like she knows Dean. He doesn’t know anything about cars so how can he join them when they sit for hours in the garage talking about the Impala? He likes Dean’s music but because it’s an extension of Dean and their childhood, not enough to talk about the band members and the year of the album releases like the two of them do in the car while he sits quietly in the back. He doesn’t like beef jerky or blasted music or even pie that much. 

Sam wouldn’t want to hang out with himself either. 

But the best part of the entire situation is Dean’s still so untrusting of her, so tentative in allowing her in after she left that it’s suddenly up to him to bridge the gap between them. Of course he does it too because Dean had been peace maker for Sam and John so how can he deny his brother this? How could he not jump at the chance of making what was left of their family whole? 

He thinks he might have screwed up somewhere along the way. He must have. Because Dean and Mary are made from the same cloth and they’re happy enough to be together despite Dean’s digs but Sam can’t even find the breath to ask his mother how she’s doing anymore after the Demon Prince.

Since when is life about getting what you want? 

He knows that well. Kinda like wanting to meet your dead mother only to have her show up and not give a shit about you. 

So he stares at the beer and doesn’t touch the burgers as Mary explains that she’s been teaming up with the British Men of Letters and it’s been awhile since he’s felt this empty. He knew he wasn’t exactly high on her list of priorities but she’s not even looking at him as she says it. 

She’s looking at Dean. 

“We have a history with them-” He tries to get out but she’s quick to shut him down, the cutting way she say’s his name making his breath catch in his throat. 

He’s told it was a hard decision. He gets the feeling it really wasn’t. 

He feels five years old again, scrambling for their Dad’s attention while he taught Dean how to shoot a gun, eyes never leaving Dean’s hands despite how many groans of boredom Sam made. So he tells her, reminds her that he was cruelly burned and broken despite how disgusting the words taste on his tongue. He want’s to forget and heal, not have to use the experience to beg his mother to reconsider teaming up with his torturers. 

Since when is life about getting what you want?

She’s preaching about family and while that might work with Dean it doesn’t with Sam and he abruptly stands. “My family,” He says evenly, holding eye contact with Mary despite how she keeps flickering to look at Dean. “is made up of one person I can trust.” 

It’s clear what he’s saying and Mary flounders, obviously looking for an angle to argue as Sam watches on, the empty feeling taking some satisfaction from how surprised she looks. She didn’t think he’d take a stand and she was wrong. 

“Sam,” She says again, leaving the malice out of her tone this time. “I want us to be a family, they can help us make a bigger difference. We can all be working together if you’d just listen for five minutes.” She smiles, eyes soft and face open as she looks at him. It’s a decent poker face but he still see’s the cracks of defensiveness and irritation that she even has to explain herself. 

He nods in understanding, knowing she thinks he’s the empathetic one and lets her have a moment to believe that he’s going to be settled by her weak bargaining. “But Mom,” He starts. “Since when is life about getting what you want?” 

He leaves her there to think on it as he walks out of the room, dumping the bag of burgers in the trash by the door. 


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“Thomas what are you doing?” You asked the boy as he stormed into your room and pulled you out of bed. Everyone else who had been in the room with you originally had been taken away so it was just you in there.

“We have to go” he said continuing to drag you out of the room.

“Why?” You asked refusing to move any other inch before he explained. In reality you didn’t really know this guy at all. You caught him staring at you and you two had only exchanged names yesterday.

“It’s them [Y/N] they’re the people who put us in the maze. They’re the bad guys!” Thomas yelled “we have to leave”.

You looked him straight in the eye and at that moment you knew you could trust him.
“You came back… for me?”.

“Yeah come on let’s go”.


FTGO! Ch. 48 teaser

Someone asked me earlier about advice for a new writer, and I mentioned outlining. Well, I found a part of the next chapter I don’t mind spoiling, so call it half a lesson, and half a spoiler. 

This is honestly part of my outline. Try not to laugh at how odd it looks. 


“Promise you won’t tell her I told you?”
Lucy likes you. Natsu stares at her.
“Did she tell you that?”
Levy nods.
“You should ask her out. I know it’ll make her happy.”
Natsu blushes, who said I like her?
Levy raises a brow. “You don’t like Lucy as more than a friend?”
Natsu averts his eyes. I didn’t say that either…
“If she asked you out, would you say yes?”
… yes.
He wanted so badly to be Lucy’s boyfriend for real. He wanted people to know they were together.


With the door closed and only one other person in the room, Levy asked, “Promise you won’t tell Lucy if I tell you something?”

Natsu frowned. He didn’t want to lie or keep anything from Lucy. “What is it?”

Levy shook her head, determined to get his word first. “You have to promise.”

He relaxed his fists, bringing his hands to his lap. “… I promise…”

“Lucy likes you.”

Natsu’s head snapped in her direction, a little stunned. “What?”

“Lucy likes you,” Levy repeated. “She has for a while now.”

He couldn’t help but gape. “D-did she tell you that?” He already knew Lucy liked him, but to know she told someone else… It made his heart flip and his palms sweat. He didn’t understand how she could have so much influence on his body when she wasn’t even near him.

Levy nodded. “She told me a few times, actually.” With a simple smile, Levy added, “You should ask her out. I know it’ll make her happy. Any maybe it’ll make you happy too.”

Natsu looked away, a scarlet hue surfacing on his cheeks. He muttered, “Who said I liked her?”

Levy raised a brow, her smile turning coy. “Oh? You don’t like Lucy as more than a friend?” She could hear the teasing in her voice, so she toned it back. “That’s surprising.”

Natsu sighed. “I didn’t say that either…”

Seeing as she wasn’t getting anywhere, Levy decided on a different approach. “If Lucy asked you out, would you say yes?”

“Well…” Natsu felt his ears burn. “…yeah.”

He didn’t realize it, but he really wanted that. Not necessarily Lucy asking him out -although that would be great too, but being Lucy’s boyfriend for real. No hiding, no ‘unofficial’, just them, publicly together. He wanted people to know they were together, that they liked each other mutually.

I was able to turn 91 words into 307 words. Not saying it works out like that all the time, but it certainly helps. It also helps you stay on track and not veer off too much while writing. (I’m definitely guilty of that)

I hope that helped! Also I hope you like the next chapter! Natsu x Levy brotp time! :P

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Since you've been talking about Lana's haircut... Is it just me who found that white coat jarring (still fabulous though)? Like, it's so not Regina, especially the color? I keep staring at the fotos to make sense of it, but it just feels wrong? Counter example would be every time Emma wears a red jacket/ coat, I usually squeal 'savior' and celebrate. And Belle is suddenly wearing pants! She never does (except for two EF outfits, I know)! Is this some kind of parallel universe?

So the coat is interesting, I kinda like it, but I agree it’s a bit at odds with Regina. Frankly that shorter, flippy hair paired with that silhouette– the coat tailored at the top, but flared at the waist– was giving me 1950s housewife vibes. June Cleaver, Regina ain’t.


And don’t get me started on Belle. What in the frack was that outfit and hairdo???

So out of character.

Something is not right in Storybrooke, gals.

if u ever worry about your future as a wlw please know that my mother who just turned 40 and her girlfriend who started transitioning at 39 (who are both divorced and had children w/other ppl) are currently singing duets in our kitchen while my stepmum plays acoustic guiter and they’re beautiful and happy and there is always hope for you



I was so weirded out when Yuri and Victor both broke down crying and basically healed whatever hard feelings they had since that fight.


Victor said in the last episode that when Yuri gets gold, they’ll get married. 



This is why Yuri stares at Victor, who has this loving gaze in his eyes.



okay so the refusal to kiss the silver medal scene is really cool because is a throwback to how they each “met” each other. 

first is viktor all up in yuuri’s space. he really wants to kiss yuuri, because they clearly have a physical relationship, but yuuri is not into it at the moment (i wanted them to kiss too, but like, they’re surrounded by people who are staring at them). so viktor gets no kiss.

anyway, it is a direct throwback to this: 

where viktor is in yuuri’s space because he is under the impression that there’s mutual interest, clearly about to kiss him, and then yuuri scuttles backwards into the wall. it takes months of trust building after that for yuuri to let viktor touch him without nearly dying. 

but at the grand prix final something kind of surprising happens, and oh man, it made me so happy. yuuri turns the tables, pushes viktor back, puts his arms around his neck, and makes a request of him.

you know, like this:

the best part are the reactions though. the first time yuuri asks something of viktor, we get this, blushy, breathy sign that viktor is kinda smitten:

the second time? holy fuck. only tiger sweatshirts have elicited this sort of passion in this show. viktor’s never been this excited about anything.

the time limits for this episode were drastic, and i think a confirmed second season also kind of twisted things around a bit plotwise. but even though i kind of wanted them to retire, the juxtaposition in this scene was perfect.

i love it, and i want viktor to make that face every day (and also never again because it’s terrifying)

edit: okay so the ending did not mean the second season was confirmed (who knew) and apparently the ending was planned all along (side eyes episode ten) but i stand by the rest of this post.

It’s such a rare and incredible thing, to be alive.
     To laugh so hard your body forgets how to breath and scream because you can and change in every way without ever trying. To kiss and cry and eat dessert and stare at the ceiling and wonder if you’re happy enough.
     Think yes (flowers that grow without being planted and old dogs and children who reach out to touch the sky because they don’t know the limits of the world just yet)
     Think no (big storms that erase small costal villages and the boy with sad eyes who broke you so bad you don’t recognize your own reflection and stolen wallets in misfit hands)
     Close your eyes and think what you think and don’t ever stop.
     Because here’s the truth as I know it: to be alive is to be everything all at once. The yes and the no. This, but also that. Something so far beyond what we can see and touch and understand.
      How rare. How incredible.
For his eyes only

Because our sin-namon roll Yuri Katsuki cannot see without his glasses, I just want to point this out.

You guys know that in Yuri’s intro, we ‘assumed’ that Yuri’s seducing stare was directed at Victor, because REALLY, who else is he trying to seduce?

But as episode 6 showed, Yuri can’t see shit without his glasses, even if what he’s looking at is in front of him. So, unless he leans close, he can’t see something properly and he’s looking at something blurry.

And I’m basing this off of Skate America 2016, but at the side where the skaters wait to hear and see their results, they have a small screen in front of them that displays it. So it is not impossible, that where Yuri and Victor are seated, there is a screen, most likely under the flowers.

So coming back to the intro thing, Victor, who is standing outside of the rink, is hard to see, even if Yuri’s in the middle of the rink.

Therefore, when he is doing these actions:

Episode 5: “On my love” Yuri’s FS theme finale

Episode 5. Please know that Victor didn’t call him during the scene below, so when he looked back, he was fully expecting Victor to be there.

Episode 6: “In regards to love: Eros” Intro


BECAUSE THAT IS ALL HE NEEDS: VICTOR’S ATTENTION. And if that is not couple goals, what is? These two are the ultimate power couple that just brings out the best in each other.

Who needs bluff rolls with players like these?

GM: In addition to the other open seats in the arena, you notice covered seating along the edge. It’s clear this is where the more official persons sit.

Vigilante: Ooo, okay, i’m gonna head over there.

GM: Uh, alright, a young guard stands in the entrance to that area, and he glances at you as you walk over.

Guard: “Uh, i’m sorry miss, but i don’t”

Vigilante: (A male sylph) I cover my breasts “are you staring at my boobs?!”

Guard: “What? n-no, i didn’t mean-”

Vigilante: “Do you know who i am?- no, no god you look so green you must not know where the station is”

Guard: “N-no, i know, i-it’s over th-”

Vigilante: “Good, then you know where to go because you’re fired! Get out of here this instant”

Guard: “but, you can’t do that o-only my superior can-”

Vigilante: “look at me”

Guard: “Wha-”

Vigilante: “Look at my eyes. Does it look like i give a fuck?”

Guard: “N… No?”

Vigilante: “Good. Station, sword, badge, out, goodbye”

Guard: haha, he proceeds to leave, hanging his head.

Vigilante: And y'know what, just for that, i’m using my sleeves of many garments to put on a fancy dress. (still a dude).

Party and GM: Dying

And that’s how our vigilante snuck in and wound up sitting next to the lord of the city.