you know who klaus was talking about when he said that lol

for everyone who wants to know what bex said about klance in afterbuzz:

  • basically they’re talking about ship discourse and bex suddenly goes
  • “Can we just….. for a quick second talk about klance?” (around 4:43)
  • she then says that she loves the chaos that occurs “when all the klance shippers blow up”
  • in relation to this, the hosts mention jeremy being in one of their previous episodes (and klance shippers’ reactions to it lol) and bex immediately says “OH MY GOD” and looks to the camera like she just knows
  • so my theory so far is that she knows we drag him and tbh i hope she drags him too god bless that boy
  • later on they talk about the emperor’s new groove moment in episode 5 and bex cheers (around 8:30??)
  • and eventually she’s crying-laughing and she legit curls up into a ball and wheezes “yOU BROKE ME” (pictured below)
External image
  • they also mention how keith keeps the towel on his head throughout that entire scene
  • bex says “He knows that his hair just sets Lance off. It just wasn’t the right time.”
  • she also jokes that it sticks to his hair because of all the hair product

and ok i think thats it basically bex is so sweet and great she makes lots of references to tumblr posts and has great insights about discourses like hunk not getting enough moments this season and the pidge bathroom debate AND HOGWARTS HOUSES so yes watch it

Unrequited // Kol Mikaelson // requested

Request : can u do a onesided kolxreader where she has a crush on kol but he is with readers sister? Whether kol n sister know of your feeling or not is up to u. Thanks. 

Sorry for the long wait!!! This has been in my ask for like a month lol.

Requests are closed. xx

Pairing : KolxReadersSister

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s/n - sisters name

I stood on the other side of the bar, watching as he danced with my sister. I could see why he chose her. She’s beautiful, smart, and everything I’m not. I’m just the stupid sister with a third grade crush. But that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. They look so happy.. I just wish I was the one who made him that happy.

Love is a terrible thing. It’s even worse when it’s unrequited. You know almost every detail of this person, you know how to talk to them and how to make them feel better. Yet… no matter how hard you try they only want that other person. When I couldn’t watch anymore I quickly turned on my heel and left the building.

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anonymous asked:

Caroline asks Klaus if he's DTF

This one by guest writer, @queencarolinemikaelson, made us LOL. Enjoy!

Downtown Friday

Klaus scowled at the unknown number flashing on his screen.

 Late. It was late.

 Or early, he supposed.

He didn’t sleep that much, really. Even now, he was painting instead. But it was the principle of the thing. Whichever way you looked at it, 4:15am was technically a socially unacceptable time for one person to be calling another.

“What?” he roared, hoping to strike as much fear into the veins of the caller as there was irritation running through his.

“Whoa, Klaus? What’s up your hybridy nostrils?”

 The voice on the other end of the phone was slurred and oh-so-familiar.


“Well, duh, dummy. Who else would it be?” 

“I can think of a myriad of people who would call me, sweetheart,” Klaus replied, his irritation beginning to seep away despite his better judgement.

“Nuh-uh, Niknak! Not at 4am. Everyone else would be too scared,” Caroline giggled. “But not me!”

“Please refrain from calling me that insipid name, love,” as he simultaneously winced and melted at her pet name.

“Never!” she cried.

 “To what do I owe the pleasure of this – extremely late – phone call, Caroline?”

“Oh! Right!”

Caroline giggled some more, and Klaus found himself begrudgingly smile at the tinkling sound.

“I was just sitting here drinking. And that got me thinking about that time we totally had hot hybrid sex in the woods. And I was remembering the way you did that thing where you slammed me against the tree and then like took me really fast with both my legs over your shoulders, so I wasn’t supported by anything but the tree…”

“Your point, Caroline?” Klaus said, trying to remain cool, as though he didn’t definitely remember that manoeuvre too late at night sometimes.

“Well, I just wanted to let you know I am totally DTF if you are. Bye!”

And just like that, she hung up the phone, and Klaus was left completely confused and strangely turned on.

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Better Late Than Never? Pt. 2 {TVD 8x14 Review}

Sorry this took so long guys! You know the drill, I write everything in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning it probably will be rectified by the end but I already know what happens this epi, so, lol. This will contain anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Bamon, anti-Steroline, anti-Bonenzo sentiments. There will most likely be mentions of other shows and of the misogynoir and anti-blackness and racism in this narrative. If you do not like it, do not read. OK, ready? Let’s go!

1. “If you want my forgiveness, you’re going to bring Elena Gilbert back to life” that line still makes me laugh because who the fuck cares about your hand-me-down forgiveness, Damon. Also Elena isn’t dead. So back to life my ass, it’s just waking her up.

2. I think it’s funny that Cade is talking about how Damon is in limbo, “the space between spaces” because my guy, that is JUST the Other Side.

3. No, see, the entire plot line with Cade and the Salvatores irritates me because it’s so conveniently linked to Damon and Stefan. He is the devil or the devil’s right hand man (since Katherine is the Queen of Hell for some reason, right?) I don’t understand why he can’t just find the weapon himself or get someone else to do it for him, there’s no reason that it has to be Damon and it’s the problem when a villain keeps making threats “Or I’ll drag you back to hell”, so then do it. At least with Supernatural when Zachariah wanted Dean to do something and Dean was like nah, Zachariah was like OK so what if I give Sam stage 4 stomach cancer? Or hey, how about if I take away his lungs? And we see him inflict these tortures on Sam while Dean watches. Or Dean starts off the season coming out of hell and we get flashbacks to what hell was like for him and we find out how much it fucked him up so when Uriel and Castiel threaten to throw him back into hell, it’s an actual real threat because we’ve seen the effects and why he would be scared. This whole thing with Damon is like … every time Cade says he’ll send Damon to hell I’m like motherfucker, no you’re not or you would’ve DONE did it by now, stop.

4. Kat and Paul look gorgeous together, like I just … seriously, they’re really beautiful people.

5. Bonnie being able to see Enzo is like Jeremy being able to see Bonnie and Elena hallucinating Damon. I’m bored.

6. Lol I’m sorry, that picture of Caroline and Stefan, their smiles are so tight.

7. I find it interesting that nearly every time Stefan is going to leave town or stays in town it’s because of Elena. He comes back to MF to meet Elena. In 1x09 he says he’s going to leave town to protect her but he stays because in 1x10 she says she loves him and because Logan Fell had just become a vampire. In 3x21 he tells Damon that if Elena chooses Damon he’ll leave town, he stays because Elena became a vampire and because she chose him. In 4x23 he’s going to leave town because Elena chose Damon. And now in 8x14 he’s going to leave town but Elena is in trouble so he stays. In 5x09 Katherine even made it a point to tell Stefan that he stays in MF for Elena.

8. Caroline, isn’t it a bit premature to tell your toddler children that you might not marry Stefan?

9. LOL I do find it a bit weird that Kai would be singing at karaoke but it’s made up for the fact that I could listen to Chris’ voice for hours and Paul’s facial expression as Stefan watches Kai sing is HILARIOUS. OMG.

10. I like seeing Paul and Chris interact, they work really well and really easily together although I don’t feel like I’m watching Stefan and Kai, I feel like I’m watching a visual representation of a Chris/Paul tweet conversation but it’s entertaining.

11. Hmm, the show is doing some pretty tight close ups on Kai and Stefan, they almost shoot them the way they shoot Klefan, I wonder if Klaus would be jealous.

12. I was literally like “why the fuck isn’t Damon coming to save his human brother from being stabbed” and then Stefan says, “What took you so long? and Damon says he went to put in a song. I get that’s supposed to be funny but seriously it just once again shows how fucking thoughtless Damon is, like you went to put in a song when your human brother was going to head to head with a psychopath heretic from hell? Fuck you, Damon.

13. Stefan didn’t actually say that he wants to figure out if he wants to be with Caroline, though, he legit said I need to figure out who I am and I need to do it alone. Like whatever, Caroline.

14. Also where are the twins if neither she nor Alaric are watching them in this scene? Like if they’re setting shit on fire because of temper tantrums and are literally prone to blowing each other up now, I would be around them all the time.

15. I do like how Kai is like hey, hey! Maybe you should stop talking about your love life and wonder wtf is happening with your kids? I mean I could help.

16. BE is basically DE.

17. I like how Stefan has, like, an actual plan to kill Cade but if you’re going to kill him, will you not slash his arm and punch him and make witty remarks, can you just stab him?

18. Because you see what happens, Alaric’s cell phone rings and he stops ringing the all important bell.

19. Really? Did they really make Stefan go, “DIE” as he’s trying to kill Cade? I wonder if Paul was like, do I really have to say this though? Can’t you give a line like that to Ian?

20. Oh so Damon killed himself to save Stefan and Elena. I mean I guess. He comes back to life anyway.

21. They’re making Kai really petty, like really, he’s this obsessed with killing two toddlers?

22. What does being psychic have to do with knowing Damon can hear him.

23. I can’t believe there’s a literal fight for Damon’s soul. OMG.

24. *SPOILERS FOR OUTLANDER* So there’s this show/book called Outlander about many things but at the centre of it, there’s a love story between Jamie and Claire and throughout the series, Jamie makes these declarations of love to Claire and says he’ll do anything for her, that he’ll be her shield, he’ll die for her etc. and there’s this villain called Jack Randall who is a sexual sadist and he has a particular interest in Jamie who he nearly flogged to death years earlier, basically Randall gets a hold of Claire and is going to kill her in front of Jamie so Jamie offers up his body to Randall in exchange for Claire’s safety and in that scene Randall nails Jamie’s hand to a table and kisses him while Claire has to watch and then Claire is forced to leave Randall and Jamie alone and in the next part we basically see the rape and torture that Randall inflicts on Jamie over and over. A lot of people had issues with that and asked the author why she felt the need to show the brutal rape of Jamie and her response was this:

“So, OK.  Throughout the book, we’ve seen that love has a real cost.  Jamie and Claire have built a relationship through honest struggle, a relationship that’s _worth_ what it’s cost them.  This is the final challenge, and Jamie’s willing to pay what will apparently be the ultimate cost.

   Why would I throw that away?  To have him escape rape and torture (he–and we–_know_ what’s coming) by the skin of his teeth would be to undercut his sacrifice, to make it of little moment.  (It would be like someone turning up in Gethsemane and telling Christ, “Hey, buddy, you don’t _really_ have to do this.  Come with me, I got a secret way outta here…”)”

And this is what TVD fails to do with DE. It’s one thing for Damon to be willing to go to hell for both Stefan and Elena but Bonnie shows up and actually saves him from having to undergo that threat and it undercuts his sacrifice because he didn’t actually have to sacrifice anything, he just had to be willing and it’s not impactful. So I’m not even a little moved by what Damon did because he didn’t do anything first of all, second of all after everything he’s done throughout 8 seasons why wouldn’t he choose himself, I mean, it’s the least he can do.

25. “Bonnie, wake up”, Stefan can you check her pulse?

26. “That little psychic blast must’ve blew me into my body” that literally makes no sense.

27. Damon and Stefan sitting on Damon’s car, drinking is basically just Sam and Dean. Stop it.

28. So Alaric wants to open a poor man’s Hogwarts/Charmed “Magic School” omg that is so lame and unoriginal. I also realize how lazy it was for Charmed to call that academy “Magic School”.

29. “Someone who can create a safe, supportive and loving space for kids … someone like you” is that Caroline, though? I’m sorry but she doesn’t seem like any of those  things to Josie and Lizzie, she’s shrill and just tells them to stop doing things, like I don’t know why she didn’t actually ask Josie and Lizzie how they felt when their magic was going haywire, like we don’t actually see her BE with them, she just scolds.

30. So I actually like the proposal scene with Steroline, I think what Stefan says to Caroline is sweet … I just don’t believe it. I just don’t believe that everything he wants is there with her, I just don’t believe that he loves her that deeply and Stefan doesn’t get here on his own and he never gets to the romantic speeches with Caroline on his own and it’s like … how do I explain this … when Stefan and Elena were going through their separations, even if they were both doing something else, I always got the impression that they were on each other’s minds, that there was a struggle to stay away from each other but they were doing so because they thought it was the right thing to do at the time. I never get that with Steroline when they’re apart, it just feels like their lives break off and there isn’t a residual connection there, it feels like they’re perfectly fine being separated and their lives are easily untethered so when Stefan comes back like MARRY ME, it doesn’t feel like he’s stopped fighting what he wants and it doesn’t feel like he’s wanted to do this all along and he’s finally just acting on it, it feels like Damon said, “life isn’t going to get any better than you marrying Caroline so marry her” and Stefan went “true.”

31. Also, every time Candice and Paul kiss it really feels like they’re trying to use as little lip as possible, like this was supposed to be a passionate, deep kiss, like it was supposed to be this:

also people underestimate how sweet Mattoline could be, like I frankly never see Caroline look at Stefan like this:

but anyway, their kisses always look like they want to do the least possible and not open their mouths:


32. The Bonkai reunion was meh but someone told me the Grahamwood chemistry is gone and like, where? When Kai said “This is kinda hot” I believe he meant it.

and the personal satisfaction Bonnie gets from this:

she looks cheeky not like she has this vicious vengeance, like nah, the Grahamwood energy stays on point.

33. Finally, what anons kept asking me about, Katherine Pierce being the Queen of hell. I am going to admit something, I think the show and the characters gas Katherine way too much, she isn’t the baddest bitch of all, I don’t think the characters are toast because she’s running hell, I don’t even think she deserves to run Hell, she’s petty, it’s not like she has master plans that completely destroy lives, she just makes things inconvenient for the core group like *ugh* I mean I guess I gotta go fix Elena because she has venom in her system, like what were the major consequences of what she did in 5x15 to Elena? Elena didn’t see Damon for an entire episode and couldn’t sleep with him immediately. Getting Jenna to stab herself was rude but the major consequence of that is Stefan and Elena breaking up. She outted the Klaroline sex and it just fractured an already fractured relationship with Tyler. The worst thing she did was cause Jeremy’s death and that wasn’t even intentional, it was just like oh well … yeah, my bad, bye. Like she’s a mean girl on steroids, that’s kind of it, she isn’t like this Badass Villain that no one can top and OMG SHE RUNS HELL. I mean Rebekah caused just as much damage as Katherine did because they’re both petty.

Overall this episode was … one of the least offensive episodes of the season, I guess. No real strong feelings about it. Sorry it took so long to review, I hope it was worth the wait :)

Yes!! How about one where Klaus introduces Caroline to Hope for the first time. Or a Hayley and Caroline bonding one and Klaus being creeped out about it lol! :)

This prompt was from when I asked for mini ones two weeks ago.It works for klarolineinfinity so I thought I’d finish it up! I *think* it was a reply and not an ask but it’s not in my notifications anymore and I’m sorry but I forgot to copy the prompter with the prompt! Warning: borrows HEAVILY from the various spoilers floating around so don’t read it you don’t know them!

Friends and Enemies

Caroline’s only half paying attention to the contract in front of her – she and this witch have been going back and forth over her employment terms for weeks but it looks like they’ve finally come to an agreement – her hearing carefully tuned to what’s going on around her. The twins are sprawled on a rug with Hope, deep in an intense game of Candyland (the Disney Princess edition). Josie tends to ascribe to a win at all costs mentality and has been known to be a little underhanded. Caroline might be able to relate (anyone who’s ever played a board game with her knows she’s a pro at trash talk) but she’s trying to encourage a little sportsmanship.

If only because tiny tempers sometimes boiled over and became big magical accidents. Hope was a sweet kid but new to the whole socialization thing. Plus, none of her relatives were what could even charitably be called even tempered (save perhaps Freya – Klaus had explained the sister popping up from the dead but Caroline had only met her once in passing) or well-adjusted so the fact that Hope even tried to rein herself in was something of a miracle.

Nevertheless, the three of them had all sorts of power at their disposal and Caroline would rather not have her office bear the brunt of the damage they’d cause if a squabble escalated. Not when it had taken months to get everything renovated and just how she liked it.

The furnishings for the office wing had all come with the property and considering the property was Klaus’ Caroline was sure the rug cost a pretty penny. The hardwood floors of her office were also original, and gorgeous once they’d been painstakingly restored, singeing them would be a crime.

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You Heard? - Elijah Mikaelson


Summary: reader and her best friend go to New Orleans to visit Kol and Elijah but the older Mikaelson seems to have moved on with Hayley?

A/N: currently am writing a Tristan smut lol! I do apologize for my lack of uploads I just can’t write sometimes haha

Word Count: 1122

Warnings: angst and fluff

Jealousy? Anger? Pain? You couldn’t describe what you felt walking into that party. Seeing Hayley in Elijah’s arms broke your heart and you felt embarrassed you had even come to see him—stupid even. Kol was dating your best friend, they’d met in Mystic Falls and so when he invited her to visit she brought you too seeing that you and Elijah had a ‘fling’. To you is wasn’t a fling, it was the one thing you thought of when you were down. Just the thought of being with Elijah made your mood brighten so when he told you he was moving you broke and now here you were, heartbroken that he seemed to be getting on just fine.

“(Y/N)?” Kol asked confused seeing your broken expression. “Are you okay?”

You simply nodded, the tears threatening to spill but you wouldn’t allow it. You worked too hard on your makeup for tonight and (Y/F/N) was happy so you wouldn’t ruin that. She followed your gaze however and instantly grew angry, knowing how much that man meant to you just to throw your feelings away.

“Kol, who is that girl with Elijah?” Your friend asked.

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yrvaeder  asked:

Omg you're amazing! Can you write klaroline+23? Pretty please!

23: “We bet and you lost, so you have to do it.” 

Nobody asked for Kol, but that’s when he usually shows up lol The part with him is mostly dialogue and then the second part has almost no dialogue, enjoy my weird way of writing xD I apologize for taking so long to get to this <3 Hope u like it!! On ff.

Also, if you want one!

Getting Lost In Your Lips

Kol was looking smug; putting his cards down he smiled victoriously, “Straight flush. I win darling.”

“That’s- no, no no, that’s impossible. You totally cheated didn’t you?” she accused, knowing him too well by now, to understand he’d do anything to win.

“It doesn’t matter either way, you have no proof for that insubstantial and ridiculous claim. Basically what I mean to say is, we bet and you lost, so you have to do it.”

“Ugh, fine. What do I have to do?”

“Simple enough, when my brother comes in, you have to kiss him. No explanation, just a big, wet, sloppy kiss.”

“I am not kissing Elijah, I think Katherine would murder me, and weirdly enough, I’m not in the mood to die.”

“I’m not talking about that prissy, boring suit. The other one Caroline, you know who.”

“I think it’d be a crime, seeing as Henrik is still a minor. In a few years maybe, but not right now.”

“I’m talking about Nik, I want you to kiss Nik.”

“Sorry, I don’t know any Nik’s.” she smiled sweetly, poison dripping from her every word.

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Dreaming in Silver and Gold

CHAPTER 21, Klaus/Liz, Rated: E

Prologue \ Ch. 1 \ Ch. 2 \ Ch. 3 \ Ch. 4 \ Ch. 5 \ Ch. 6 \ Ch. 7 \ Ch. 8 \ Ch. 9 \ Ch. 10 \ Ch. 11 \ Ch. 12 \ Ch. 13 \ Ch. 14 \ Ch. 15 \ Ch. 16 \ Ch. 17 \ Ch. 18 \ Ch. 19 \ Ch. 20 \ Ch. 21  \ Ch. 22

Demon au requested by @his-beloved-mrs-mikaelson thanks for getting my butt back in gear and giving me awesome prompts. <3

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I Could've Been Watching Goblin {TVD 8x11 Review}

OK! Hi all. For those who read my reviews you know I write this in real time which means any mistakes I make at the beginning might be cleared up in the end. There will be anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Steroline, anti-Bamon sentiments. I will probably reference other shows and Julie’s blatant misogyny. If you don’t like it don’t read. This was done on my phone so beat with me. Let’s go.

1. So I don’t remember if this is from 8x09 or 8x10 when Sybil explains that opening the door from Cade’s world into this world will destroy everyone in this world but that is literally Buffy season 5.  Glory is a hell goddess who wants the key back into her dimension but if the key (who is Buffy’s sister) opens her world then the dimensions will bleed together and reality will cease to exist. LIKE??? Does Julie even know what an original thought is?

2. Is it supposed to be super evil that Cade killed Sybil and Seline?

3. So Bonnie doesn’t know what Cade looks like?

4. Cade is a petty villain. Him breaking up a couple’s marriage is like Katherine “breaking up” Tyler and Caroline because she slept with Klaus.

5. Damon is entirely annoying and I get that he’s supposed to be annoying Stefan by being all “my humanity is back!” but they’re BOTH boring me because HOW MANY TIMES HAVE WE SEEN THIS? One of them chained or vevained or bleeding out or WHATEVER while the other is being the annoying brother being like “get your humanity back on!” like I’m OVER IT.

6. I could be watching Goblin now.  A show TVD could’ve used as a road map for interpersonal relationships.

7. “Contrary to your popular belief, it’s not all about you” that’s rich coming from Damon and from the show dedicated to centring everything around Damon.

8. So did Matt just get his job back? Like just like that?

9. “Left behind by the first settlers” so we’re just going to ignore that they would be colonizers then. I guess.

10. Lol Caroline’s other obligations is a time capsule?


12. So is Caroline just not going to be there to help get Stefan’s humanity back or…? I watched the “Inside ‘You Made A Choice To Be Good’” and Julie Plec said something along the lines of Caroline is living her life and just waiting out Stefan’s non-humanity because she’s over it and you know what if Stefan had chosen to turn off his humanity just for the fuck of it then I would be like Caroline, girl, do you but considering he did this for her daughters, I would like to see more commitment and not just “I’m staying positive.”

13. So Matt can say that it’s still Stefan who tried to get him to destroy the entire town but he can say that Damon turning and effectively killing Vicki is a long time ago, him murdering Tyler wasn’t him. OK true. Not transparent at all TVD.

14. It’s hard to keep giving him a pass. But Damon gets all the passes in the world? WHY?


16. Goblin is a Kdrama btw. Since my followers have been asking.

17. Ugh I every time I see BE I actually just groan.

18. Why is Damon giving him pancakes and not blood? Is Stefan not a vampire? Is he drying Stefan out? What’s the point of this?

19. I’m actually still really irritated that Matt said that he couldn’t keep giving Stefan a pass. Damon has killed so many people in this town. LIKE OMG. But Matt has a knack of blaming Stefan for shit that ISN’T HIS FAULT.

20. Also Matt calling intern dude and intern dude being like “I am a person not just your Wikipedia” is giving me Bamon vibes.

21. Oh my God, I am literally only 10 minutes in.

22. Oh his name is Dorian.

23. My anons keep telling me how Ian has these huge ass arms. I’m not seeing it.

24. The race track is giving me OTH vibes.

25. The twirl is cute, I will admit that. If there’s one thing BE can do, it’s Enzo twirling Bonnie.

26. But they just don’t have chemistry that it can sustain my interest.

27. Ugh Matt’s annoying me.

28. Cade is not intimidating.

29. There is SO MUCH TALKING.

30. Can they just get to when Stefan kills Enzo already?

31. Does Caroline work at The Grill?


33. Things are taking too long to happen.

34. I want to find Bonenzo cute but like … ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

35. People are talking a lot.

36. Wow, I found Damon mildly amusing in this scene. “I thought you promised you wouldn’t do anything stupid?” “When did I ever promise THAT?”

37. But Damon always does something stupid and people give him a pass but Stefan sacrifices and it’s hard to forgive him. Mmkay.

38. 21 minutes and 41 seconds.

39. The music is telling me that the stakes are super high but I don’t feel anything but boredom because people are JUST. TALKING.

40. No but seriously, does Caroline own The Grill or what?

41. “For generations we thought we were cursed” just like how the Whitmores thought they were cursed? Original, Julie. Also remember when the Whitmores weren’t cursed it just so happened that Damon was murdering all of them? But oh yeah that’s easy to forgive. My bad.

42. Talking talking talking talking

43. This is the final season though?

44. Stefan agreeing to kill Elena is too ridiculous for me to even be mad at it.

45. It actually just looks painful when Bonnie hugs Enzo like her arms are stiff.

46. “Your selflessness is part of what makes you you.” “Your humanity is the one thing who makes you who you are.” “Because that’s what makes you you.” How many times are we going to repeat the same sort of line?

47. BE kissing is just awkward.

48. Maybe run Bonnie? Like why are you walking? Like fam you’re taking for fucking ever. Enzo is no longer able to come into a house that you thought you owned. SHOULDN’T THAT BE A LITTLE I DUNNO SUSPICIOUS?

49. Don’t vampires have super speed? Like superhuman speed? I always thought a vampire would be faster than a car. So if Damon is so pressed about Stefan killing Elena like I would think he should just vamp speed to where he is.

50. Bonnie’s reaction to Stefan killing Enzo was anticlimactic. Stefan killing Enzo was anticlimactic. Bonnie turning Stefan human was anticlimactic because there wasn’t even a struggle. He just stands there!

51. Although I do find something poetic in the fact that Elena’s blood is in Stefan’s system.

52. I don’t care for Bonenzo but seriously Julie taking away Bonnie’s happiness at every turn is a blatant hatred of her character, I don’t give a shit if she says she gets an unexpected happy ending, the unexpected happy ending will probably be her and Enzo reunited in death or something.

53. Also Bonnie let out a psychic blast with her cry of pain like Cade did, if Bonnie becomes a next devil I will lose it. Or maybe her psychic world will be all angelic and shit and Enzo’s soul will be there and that will be her happy ending.

I was extremely bored this episode.  

Let Me Take Care Of You.

Elijah x HumanF! Reader So the reader is on her period,and she doesn’t say that to Elijah but tells him to stay away for the week,which makes him think she’s not being faithful. When in truth she doesn’t know how vampires react to ‘elmo’ blood. A/N: I call my period elmo (dont judge me lol) but Yeah i came up with this idea because no one really takes about how a vampire would react smelling blood from a woman on her period. Sorry if you find it gross. But hope you enjoy it anyways. Warning: none, maybe a cuss word or two and talks about a normal body function of a human female. Story: Y/N felt awful, it was her time of the month, the time when your uterus punishes you for not getting pregnant. Y/N was laying in her bed in a ball holding a heating pad against her, her. It was doing very little for her pain right now. It was always the first and second day that were the worse. Today was the first. Her phone rang, groaning she picked it up seeing it was Elijah, her…I guess boyfriend, they were seeing eachother but they didn’t make it official she wanted to though its been a month. She picked up the phone and tried to put on a happy voice,which failed as her cramps started up again. She groaned into the phone make Elijah on the other side raise his eyebrow. “What was that? Are you alright?” He asked. She sighed “ I hurt my foot really bad, I kicked the foot of my bed.” She lied, truth is she didn’t know how to tell a vampire she was on her period, her thoughts are crazy soo she thought saying that would make him want to come over more, like some icky vampire kink. “ Do you want me to come over?” He asked “NO STAY THERE!” She didn’t mean to yell but she really didn’t want him to find out. “I mean, I’m just really busy so I will be most likely free…next week?” She squeaked into the phone trying to not panic him or make him suspicious. Which she was failing. “Next week?” He repeated, he knew something was off, he knew his Y/N, she wanted him over every day and sometimes gave him a hard time about leaving…why is she being so distant? And lying to him ontop of that? “What’s going on Y/N?” He asked worried. She quickly said “Nothing, gotta go, love you bye!” And hung up. She groaned and curled back up in her fluffy blanket and hated the world for a moment. ~♡~ Elijah stared at his phone. Did she really just rush him off the phone? “Trouble in paradise brother?” Niklaus smirked not looking up from his book. “There must be an explanation to her behavior” Elijah said defensively. Klaus smiled shaking his head “Maybe she has a new lover? You know, someone her age?” He dramatically sighed. Elijah stormed out of his seat his eyes changing from his normal to vampire “She wouldn’t! ” he roared. Klaus’ grin grew wide, he was loving his older brother’s reaction to the thought of his beloved human being unfaithful. “ I mean the signs are there,avoiding seeing you, strange nosies from her side of the call, lying, rushing you off the phone, she’s basically telling you she’s fooling around.” He finished. Elijah just stood there in a sort of trance. What if his brother was right? Was she betraying him? His heart sank thinking about it. He had to find out or else he would go mad. Without saying anything to the amused hybrid, Elijah walked out. ~♡~ Y/N was sitting on her couch watching a movie with icecream,popcorn,and nutella next to her.She cleaned herself and her cramps still present but not hurting as badly as before. She felt so guilty for lying to Elijah, but she just wasnt sure, maybe she was overthinking it. She placed her snacks infront of her on the coffee table and covered herself in her blanket. She was more comfortable she could fall asleep, she groaned loudly as the pain returned to her. Just then she heard keys and her front door opening, the door was by the kitchen so you have to walk through the kitchen to get to the living room. “Y/N!” Elijah yelled,causing her to squeak pulling the blanket over her head, lame right, the covers won’t protect her,she felt stupid but she didn’t uncover herself. She heard footsteps coming toward her and her blanket was taken away, she let out a whimper of protest. She was met with a very angry pair of sexy eyes (her opinion). “Where is he!?” He demanded “ Who?” She asked confused. “Do not play any games with me Y/N! ” “ I’m not!” Y/N started to tear up, why was he yelling at her? Could he not see she was in pain? He didn’t seem to care for her tears he wanted answers. “ Are you being unfaithful to me?” He asked not yelling but still angry. She looked at him with wide eyes as tears fell. “ What are you talking about?” She asked seriously confused she sat up putting her feet on the area rug. That’s when he smelt it. Y/N didn’t realize some blood leaked through pass the pad she was wearing and now there was a stain on her pajama shorts none of her couch which she was thankful for. She looked down at herself and blushed embarrassed . Elijah felt like an idiot. He got on his knees infront of her, removing her hair away from her beautiful face. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked cupping her cheek. Embarrassed she turned away from him. He putting his arm around her legs to turn her back to him. “Talk to me…” he encouraged rubbing comforting circles on her thigh. “ I didn’t know how to tell you….I dont know how vampires react to…you know…” she quietly said not looking at him. He chuckled,his chuckle turned into a laugh, he wasn’t laughing at her, but himself for letting Niklaus get into his head. She looked at him not amused. He kissed her forehead. “ I’m laughing at myself, I have been going mad all day thinking you were cheating …” she let out a soft laugh. He smiled “ And to answer your question, no vampires don’t want menstrual blood, we tend to stay away from women who are going through it.” He explained. Her eyes finally looked at his “So its not an invitation or vamp kink” he chuckled she was adorable to him. And shook his head “No. It isn’t, but I would not be surprised if there was a…kink?” He stated. Y/N made an ooo sound then raised her eyebrow, “ Why would you ever think I was cheating? Also we aren’t technically an official couple…” she eyes him, he looked at her confused. “ Y/N we became ‘official’ that night w-” “Oh! I forget you’re not used to today’s dating ways” Elijah looked confused, and he felt old…She saw his face and kissed him then groaned, he looked at her wide eyed “Cramps…” she groaned curling into herself. “Im going to start a bath for you, then you’re going to rest on your bed while I cook for us. ” Elijah said laying you back on the couch. “Please don’t have to do all that…” she began “Nonsense, let me take care of you.” He smiled kissing her forehead heading to the bathroom to get the bath ready. ~♡Fin♡~ A/N: I thought this one was actually cute. More to come. I hoped you liked it! Xoxo I know this was alot shorter than my other stuff. Also the GIF does not belong to me.

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You know...

After I post this, I’m not going to bother talking about this any more but this really bothered me so I’m getting this out and say my peace/rant.

I just got finished watching the last episode to The Originals…and it was a good episode. I loved it in fact and the episodes we’re getting so far. But when I tell you…I never….IN MY LIFE…wanted to snatch someone’s face off the tv screen than I did while listening to Elijah’s cornball punk ass speech.


I was highly annoyed.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Elijah. He’s one of my favorite characters…but this season and the last few episodes of last season… Nope. I’m not feeling it. I’m not feeling this juice he’s pouring. Nope. I don’t want it. Take it back. There’s floaties swimming in there.

Like what are you doing?! How are you even saying the half of the bull crap you’re saying and you and your come-out-of-nowhere-sister Freya (don’t get me started on her cause listen…gjcyjvfsejkkbgszdknohtf) started this feud. You basically killed his DAUGHTER. He did EVERYTHING for these people. Did everything they told him to do for the sake of family. He asked you for one thing. ONE THING. And he gets??? Then Klaus saying Elijah and Freya had no choice. Let’s be honest, if it was Cami or Hayley in Davina position, they would have MADE a way. No questions asked and no one can’t tell me differently.

Drinking the blood Muscle Milk thing Marcel wanted to see if he was really family by testing Klaus and Elijah. Because let’s be honest, if Marcel was family, they wouldn’t have killed him. If Kol went on a rage for them killing Davina, Elijah wouldn’t have ripped his heart out. And I don’t want to hear or see, “Well Kol is his blood and his brother. He wouldn’t kill Kol. He’s family.” Marcel was their family. Klaus’s son. Klaus said it himself. You don’t need to be blood to be family. Marcel was family. So Elijah pulling out his heart just proved what Marcel said was true and THEN you activated this crap storm by killing him.

So now Marcel is the enemy and needs to die. Klaus needs to put Marcel in his place. Yes, Kol. That’s right. Marcel was never family. Seriously? If the roles were reversed, the same people wishing Marcel to die and want him gone, yall would be on the Mikaelson side. Like I’m tired of seeing Marcel getting chewed out for standing up for himself. They just want Marcel to obey and do what they say. Talking down to him. Like who are you?

Then the whole time Marcel trying to bury the purified beads in the abandoned house to stop the crazy visions. Telling Klaus this is not real and keep the peace. They fighting but Marcel still not trying to give in to the hollow and telling Klaus to do the same. Then here come Elijah all too hype tackling Marcel like he’s the one that needed to be restrained. TF?!


And the crazy thing is that Marcel don’t even want to kill them. He just want them to leave. He doesn’t want nothing to do with them. Now they got the hollow business, they have to work together. Save the children and Hope (so cute that Vincent was like she’s your sister. I said hell yeah Vincent!). Cool, you don’t step on my toes and let me be, I’ll let you be. But here’s Freya making a dagger to kill Marcel. Like, come on.

And then the “Somewhat of a son” part….Mutha fu-

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Marcel’s Girlfriend

Prompt: Yo wus up bitch… I’m just kidding, it was a JOKE lol. Anyway, I really love ur writing and I was wondering if you could do a imagine based off “The Originals” where the reader is Marcel’s girlfriend but the reader be going behind his back and having an intimate relationship with Klaus. Marcel finds out and shit goes down and stuff. BTW I love u, we are show sluts together, cause I’m a show slut. k bye :—–)

Pairing: Klaus x Reader, Marcel, Elijah

Warning: Cheating,

Word Count: 884

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Justice for Chris Wood in Supergirl

So I heard what happened at some certain event involving season finale screening of Supergirl. Insanity and stupidity. Just ridiculous. But in a way, I’m glad it happened…

Hold on, not that way…

I never thought I would watch a show like Supergirl. I tried a couple episodes in Season 1, and I was like, “What’s good here? Lame storyline, cheesy dialogue.. This Melissa Benoist girl is cute and Calista is the only one with good lines.. But that’s just it. Totally isn’t worth my time..”

Until (fast forward a year later), one day when I was on YouTube, there was a clip of Supergirl’s episode (Season 2) from a TV Show review channel that I subbed. And I noticed a new character..

“Oh hello there. Who’s this hottie?”

So for silly reason, I decided to watch the silly show. Hahahah. 

Later I realized ‘I love this guy’. Maybe because he was so damn hot (he still is of course), I’ve set my bar quite low on his acting skill. But surprise! He’s good. His arc was kinda silly, but the way he delivered his lines was.. I don’t know.. mixture of charm and skill? It was very natural and sincere. And then the first kiss on Medusa happened. And that was it. It was something else. You gotta love a guy who doesn’t really care about himself being dying, his vision is blurry, sees double, yet still sees you as a beautiful being and just kisses you like that. Then after that he just says, “Yeah. Absolutely beautiful.”

OMG! It’s not the line but the way he said it. So then I went to Google, YouTube, and stuff, found footages of him in TVD…

“Good God, he really is good. Why haven’t I heard about this guy before. Look at him (Kai)! Who wouldn’t love him?”

I realized I found a gem. Even before YouTube suggested to watch a video of him in a TVD karaoke night… He should’ve been illegal.

I didn’t really watch TVD, I used to love Ian (knew him from Smallville), and him as Damon was crazy good but a fang show just couldn’t keep me staying for long… I stopped watching it completely at the end of Season 4. It’s all about taste, I think :D Although I fricken loved The Originals Season 1, now I don’t really watch it anymore, don’t know why. Still checking some clips on YouTube tho.. lol. And Klaus is still my favorite hybrid out there.

Anyway, back to that hottie on Supergirl. So, yes, I watch the show for Chris Wood. My friends are actually making fun of me for watching the show, lol. Cos every week I would rant on Path about how silly the storyline is, how unfair they’ve been treating Chris.. although there were some episodes that I thought were overall good: Medusa, Homecoming, the musical crossover w/ Flash (as cheesy as it was, but turned out I enjoyed it), Distant Sun, Ace Reporter.. and good here means right above the bar I’ve set for this show, and that bar is quite low. That’s the only way I can put up with the storyline, by setting my bar quite low. My priority is to watch Chris, and good Karamel moments.

One of my friends laughed and said, “How come a girl who praised Legion (FX) as the awesomest show ever and literally said ‘it makes other shows look like crap’ is also hooked on a show like Supergirl? It just doesn’t make sense! You rant about it every week yet still watching it.”

Yeah. I know, right? Crazy. Chris Wood effect. Guilty blush. (Now Melissa can relate).

But here’s my problem with the way they’ve been writing Supergirl, especially Mon-El:

  • I wish I could rant in a full page about the name Mon-El itself. Like, they went with Mon-El, instead of Lar Gand, and Lar Gand became the dad.. but it’s an old rant and I’m over it.
  • But about they had to dumb down his powers just because they had to make him much weaker than Kara? Still not over it. It’s ridiculous, and honestly the laziest reason to make the female character looks greater. It just proved how the writers were lack in creativity. Look at how in The Flash, Wally’s beginner phase was actually better than Barry’s, but it didn’t make Flash look worse, because what Wally didn’t have was experience.
  • Then all the talk about being a hero. For God’s sake, it was all cringey. Just no! What was a real heroic moment that he has ever done? None. Small things yes, but that doesn’t count. Because the writers wouldn’t let him really win. Never has he ever really beaten an enemy and done something that mattered to the society. Honestly, he never has won a fight on screen. Painful and annoying. So how come they gave him lines talking about being a hero (Star-Crossed, Alex) in front of characters who actually have done a lot? Were these writers secretly hating on him? When I heard those lines coming out from his mouth I loathed it. If I didn’t love Chris at the first place, I would’ve been disgusted too! Even if this was because Supergirl being a ‘feminist show’ and all, so the badass characters had to be females, I still don’t see that as a win. It’s the easiest kind of win. A 5 years old win. An ultimate winning is when you’re surrounded by intelligent men and men with superpowers, yet you’re the one end up leading them (I’m talking about Sara in Legends of Tomorrow).
  • They didn’t give him any specific ability that could be useful for the team. It was quite promising at early episodes when he gave Kara tips how to beat a certain alien enemy, he even said he won some fights in Warworld, but they stopped there… Why? Honestly the most ridiculous thing is how come a character who had won some fights in Warworld then at the following episodes got lost in small fights on earth? At Supergirl Lives, it was pretty clear that he knew about space and stuff, it was cool. Why haven’t they explored those things more? They got the entire damn season! Instead they got stuck at the romance too much and completely threw away all the possibilities of him being the ‘cool’ character. For the result he’s been coming off as mostly the dumb one. Thank God, Chris has this uncanny ability to turn a simple one-liner into something really delightful and funny, otherwise he’d be a really bland character.
  • No, I’m not against Karamel/Melwood, you kidding? They’re my favorite couple on and off screen now. But Chris is not just an eye candy, everyone who knows him knows that. It’s such a waste for his talent for being propped as a total puppy on the show. Mon mostly seems out of place and useless. Imagine if it wasn’t him playing Mon-El, there wouldn’t be these many people rooting for him.

A lot of people hating on Mon-El for the same things I’ve mentioned, a lot for ridiculous reasons too, like ‘owned slaves’, ‘abusive’, etc… I mean, really? I would ignore the second group, they’re just demented to the core, but the first one, I kinda agree with them. They do make sense.

But it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t point out the good stuff the writers have done especially for the Karamel’s arc. Here’s what I love the most:

  • I actually like the concept of Karamel from the beginning. There has never been anyone other than Clark who can see Kara as Kara Zor-El, not Kara Danvers or Supergirl. All the people around her see her as either Kara Danvers or Supergirl or Kara Danvers who’s occasionally also Supergirl. Why is it important for Kara having someone seeing her as Kara Zor-El? Because all the heroic, reporting, and sister stuff aside, she’s still not human. She’s different. Unlike Kal, she was once raised in Krypton, the memories of home were still vivid on her brain. Like she said, the feeling of being alone was still there, even though she got earth family. And Mon is the only one besides Clark who can see her as who she really is: Kara Zor-El, just a girl from Krypton. That’s why the fact that she’s stronger and all doesn’t make him wanna compete with that. Just pure admiration.
  • It was clear that Mon felt insecure towards Kara when she showed her friendly side and stepped inside the cell. He kinda pulled back a little bit. Surprised and worried of him being Daxamite and her being Kryptonian. They came from two different worlds, yet (as Kara said) they found connection to one another. It’s beautiful.
  • When Kara rejected Mon at first, he didn’t blame her or anything, just trying to move on. He’s a realist, I love that. That’s why he was my real hero in Supergirl Lives. I mean of course we would question how Kara would beat a bunch of alien gangsters who kidnap people, without her powers, right? Cos honestly it was kinda stupid. And he did question that!
  • Mon is actually the one who has been asking ‘how’ the most in this entire season. He doubts everything. Logical. A quality that makes him a good survivor in most situations. I believe this quality is already established in his origin. The only times he’s been reckless are when it comes to the possibilities of losing Kara (We Can Be Heroes, Mr. Mzyptlk) and that says a lot about his feelings for her.

But although the writers did give him few good qualities, not many people bother to acknowledge it. Even most of people who are rooting for him only care for his Karamel scenes. Because the writers have been playing on it a bit too much, they forgot to explore his own character.

I’m not hip on the whole Kara-Lena thing, I personally think it’s just reaching. But of course as the male romantic interest being ‘not cool enough’ for about half of the fandom, then this (I won’t say the ship name here) quickly became a thing. Plus the writers kind of thought they could ‘play’ with it a little bit for the sake of ratings. The group then grew bigger, represented by the minorities in the society and all. Maybe that’s why they tend to be louder, more intense.

And then Katie McGrath, who I’m sure wasn’t quite aware of how nasty a group of passionate people could be, decided to just sign all the stuff these people brought to her and thought it was fun and all seeing people came up with such idea from watching a show. And they were coming to see her, it’s always a nice thing to be loved, right? So, of course they were all fueled up that day…

But as awful as I believe it was, like I said, in a way I’m kinda glad it happened, in front of Andrew Kreisberg. So now he knows, something is definitely wrong.

I don’t think I need to explain that Chris will be back next season, because duh! So, even if I doubt that Kreisberg will change the whole writing style of the show, I’m pretty sure at least there’ll be extended evaluation for the season. Hopefully they’ll come up with at least a fair solution. Especially for Mon-El.

Because if they don’t, they will totally screw up a potential actor just for the sake of turning their show into social commentary soapbox. They’ve also been defining feminism more about ‘overpowering’ than ‘equality’, which to me is just wrong. And that could be why is the fandom so toxic.

Last but not least, isn’t it ironic that this show was intentionally set up as a social and political critic then ends up being source of toxic and dividing its own fandom in a worst kind of way? I hope they realize this. So then maybe… maybe the show will get better and I can actually like it as a whole.

TVD 1x14 Review

You guys know the drill. I am too fucking tired from Boot Camp to explain ;)

1. Even when they’re in danger, Elena is treated much better than Bonnie. Elena is on the bed while Bonnie is passed out in the bathroom, THERE ARE TWO BEDS.

2. It really bothers me that no one on tv checks the pulse of the other person who is knocked out.

3. I love the way Matt smiles when Caroline comes near hm, his entire face lights up.

4. Sheila Bennett. Not. Taking. ANY. Of. Damon’s. SHIT.


6. Every time Elena meets a female adversary they bond over dead parents. Anna with Pearl and Rebekah with Esther and Katherine with Klaus slaughtering her family. How on the nose can you get. *Cordelia voice* “Find a new theme.”

7. What I find really funny is that Anna and Jeremy’s storyline should’ve been Damon and Elena’s in the sense that Anna shows up trying to get close to Jeremy to open the tomb for Pearl but her con allows her to get to know Jeremy and she actually begins to fall for him, it’s not an original idea but the content makes it unique to Jeremy and Anna. They debate about vampires and get to know each other in that sense, their debating techniques, points of view, they play games, and he thinks she’s weird but endearing and she’s taken aback by how much she actually likes him and it’s organic, it makes SENSE. It isn’t forced at all. And the parts that are forced are supposed to be forced because Anna is being creepy lurker chick trying to get the journal.

8. And Damon caring about Elena is like … OK, we talk a lot about how it doesn’t make remote sense for Elena to feel anything toward Damon at all ever but it also makes no sense for Damon to be preoccupied with Elena either. THEY DON’T DO ANYTHING.  Elena hasn’t done anything in these 14 episodes to make Damon have a low-key affection for her. I mean, I find literati i.e. Jess & Rory very problematic but I at least think it makes sense on both parts. Jess is drawn to Rory because she is nothing like he expected, he goes to Lorelai’s, expects her to be like every teen he’s met so far when he wants to ditch the grownups and Rory is like oh no Sookie cooks amazing food and my mom is pretty cool and Jess is like … what? Plus they have the same interests to which they can debate, like the build-up is actually there and the bonding is actually there. That cannot be said for DE.

9. Stefan rolling up like a G.

10. Elena and Stefan holding hands :)

11. “We need to let him have Katherine.” “No! He doesn’t deserve to get what he wants.” “What other choice do we have?” You can kill him.

12. Also people like to talk about how Elena emotionally manipulated Stefan when what Elena did with Stefan is appeal to his emotions but Damon she actually emotionally manipulates, she tells Stefan, Bonnie and Grams, she knows what to do to get Damon on their side and she uses their ridiculous “connection” to get what she wants. It’s self-serving.

13. “I didn’t compel you in Atlanta because we were having fun.”You two were barely together.

14. Wow, any chance Damon has to manhandle Elena, he’ll take it.

15. Lol Tyler is such a dick. “Do you even HAVE any friends?” Tyler, all of your friends kind of hate you. Relax.

16. Aww, Elena holds onto Stefan as she watches the Bennetts do their witchy thing.

17. Omg vamp speed, Stefan.

18. This is what happens when yo mess with Stefan, Ben. Like you‘re on fire, bruh.

19. Elena being in the tomb surrounded by the desiccated vampires was shot nicely.

20. Aww Bonnie runs after Stefan as Stefan runs after Elena because she screamed!

21. Yeah Yeah Damon going crazy because Katherine isn’t the tomb. Sucks. Whatever.

22. Still love that SE hug right when the tomb door closes.

23. OK again, this scene is supposed to show how Elena has a large capacity for compassion which is why she hugs Damon, moving past the fact that it is super gross that she does this, Jeremy has been KNOCKED OUT, he could have a fucking concussion, and she just leaves him on the ground because Stefan says he’s OK???? This is what I mean about shitty writing because by trying to show how empathetic she is, she actually just looks like a shitty sister and that’s completely unintentional.

24. Anna’s panic over Damon killing Pearl is so real and well-done.

25. Damon’s sad face about Katherine is whatever, you have caused so much fucking damage in this town for shits and giggles, bye.

26. Grams’s death is still fucking heartbreaking.

27. They built the tomb vampires up so much and it was just OK.

Thanks for reading!

arrenemris  asked:

8, Kol and Caroline pretty please?

8:  “There’s only one bed.”

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS SUCKS?! HA HA HA…I’m sorry??? It’s Koroline, and I should’ve focused more on them and I don’t know lol I hope it’s not too bad??? On ff.

Also, if you want one!

Just Friends, Sleeping Together


Caroline had basically been kidnapped by Kol; an excuse here, an excuse there, and somehow she had ended up on a car trip with him, going to god knows where, to do something? No idea, and he was being same old Kol, whistling, singing, being a secretive asshole - the usual. Still, better than his destructive moods, which would happen sooner or later; Caroline was not looking forward to dealing with that.

“Kol, I am tired, and I look like crap. You’re gonna stop this car, and get us a proper place to sleep.” she demanded, knowing that if he truly didn’t want it, it would be very hard to persuade him.

“Hmm, you do kinda smell a bit, darling.”

“Kol! I do not smell.” she said, gingerly taking a whiff - ok, maybe she didn’t smell as fresh anymore.

“It’s fine, we can’t all be bloody amazing all the time, like me.” he grinned, always enjoying her feistiness. At the roll of her eyes he gave up, “Very well then, I’ll stop. We’ll sleep, or do other rather enjoyable activities, whatever you please.”

“Yes, sleep sounds great. I’m sick and tired of your face, and the sound of your voice is giving me a migraine.”

“That’s just rude Caroline. My voice is alike an angel’s, and my face - well it’s just gorgeous, much better than Nik’s.”

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Me, You Dick

Summary: Reader is a necromancer and the Salvatore brothers needed help. (This is so long, sorry.)

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: A whole lotta swearing, killing, dying, a bit of angst, smut at the very end.

Word Count: 4016. I told you, it’s long. 

This kinda got out of hand because I was so into my own story line. Lol

(gif and photo not mine. Credits to owners.)

A necromancer is a witch who focuses on life and death and with both your parents both powerful and a ruler of the dark dimensions, you were able to live an immortal life, well you can die but you’ll just be brought back to life anyway. Makes you think that maybe your parents doesn’t want you to linger in the dark dimensions and spend time with them, but that wasn’t the reason. You were easing down on the ‘taking another one’s life’ as you were staying in a city full of hunters and other creatures.

You’ve been avoiding contact with any supernatural creature as they’ve been taking advantage of your powers and just for being who you are, the princess of the dark dimensions, technically. But now your hiding has been ended. The notorious and infamous Salvatore brothers has found you and asked for your help. If it wasn’t for the elder brother’s convincing, you would’ve just killed them but you weren’t that heartless. A tiny bit only.

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Perhaps one day we'll meet again |Klaroline drabble

A/N: This drabble takes place just after canon when Caroline went to NOLA. Yes, I’m still salty that writers ignored this storyline, so maybe I just wanted to create my own “canon”. This is the first Klaroline drabble I’ve ever done so I hope you like it. I also want to thank @makemeamilkshake for reading this and encouraged me to post it, thank you!

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.

Dallas, Texas, USA

“Hello?” Caroline answered her phone without checking the ID caller while she was taking care of the twins.

“Caroline, thanks God. Where are you?” Alaric’s voice came through the phone with a hint of worry and anxiety.

“I’m with the twins at home. What’s wrong?” she asked already worried, glancing at the twins that finally fell asleep peacefully.

“Listen carefully, Caroline. Take the twins with you. Protect them at all cost, you know they are my only family and I trust you. Go somewhere you think no one will be able to find you. Don’t tell me where you will go. Just please be safe. Tell the twins I love them.” and with that he hung up the phone, leaving Caroline preoccupied, worried, scared and alone.

After a few seconds of shock, she started moving. While the twins were still asleep, she prepared a suitcase with enough clothes for the twins and for herself. She went to the drawer where they kept the emergency money at home, and took it. Then she went and woke up the twins and settled them in the car.

Caroline didn’t know where she was going, she has no place to hide. Mystic Falls was out of the plan, it was still full of evil vampires, and she knew it wasn’t safe neither for the twins or her. So, she decided to rely this time on her instincts. With time she had started to learned to trust them ever since she became a vampire. Caroline was driving without any specific place to go.

“Mommy, where are we going?” the little curious voice of one of the twins, interrupted Caroline’s mind ramblings. That’s when she noticed where she was actually driving to.

“To New Orleans…to visit a mommy’s friend.” Caroline had never thought about going there, but her instincts drove her there, and at the mere thought of New Orleans, she instantly thought about the one Original Hybrid that lives there with his Originals siblings.

Klaus Mikaelson. She hasn’t heard of him since that accidental phonecall almost 3yrs ago, and now she was going straight to his door. That reminded her of his words. “Perhaps one day, in a year or even in a century, you’ll turn up on my door and let me show you what the world has to offer.” She never knew this will ever really happen, but here she was in her way to meet him, just not on that romantic way, she was going to him for protection not to see the world, sadly. 

New Orleans.

It really was a great city full of art and culture, Klaus was right about that. After wandering around the city with two kids, she went to a bar that appeared to be closed but the name was kind of familiar, or so told her instincts. Once in the bar, she learned that Klaus wasn’t in New Orleans; apparently no one had heard of him in almost 3yrs. She was sure her disappointment was completely reflected on her face. Going out of the bar she went to wander around the streets once again in hopes of finding someone willing to help her look for Klaus.

Caroline was sure she looked out of place in the city, the other people’s looks were obvious, but she only smiled at them her signature smile and they would look away. Then she noticed a black skin man walking directly towards her and looking at her intently. She got a little bit scared when their eyes met, he smiled at her showing his perfect white teeth, making her to grasp the twins tighter just in case, it was more like a protective motherly instinct.

“Hey there, you’re new in town?” still smiling he addressed her looking quickly at the twins. Caroline remained quiet pondering if he was a friend or an enemy because he clearly was a vampire. Sensing her hesitation the man continued, “I’m sorry, let me present myself. I’m Marcel Gerard, this is my town, so I like to personally greet the new people here. Anything I can help you with?”

“I was just passing through. I wanted to visit a friend, but I’m losing my time here, I already was told my friend is not in town. No one has heard of him in 3yrs.” At this realization Caroline looked briefly at the floor trying to hide her worried expression.

“Who is your friend?” he asked, a hint of suspicion in his eyes.

“Klaus Mikaelson. Do you know him?” Caroline told him with a little hope sparkling in her eyes.

“Come with me. I’ll tell you all about it in a more private place.” he motioned her to follow him, meanwhile he scanned their surroundings. She got suspicious about him but she followed anyway, the woman in the bar was rude to her, and at least he seemed more polite and willing to help her find Klaus.

They went to a compound, which Caroline guessed to be the Mikaelson house. It was big enough and looked rustic. She thought back to the Mystic Falls Original’s House which was a lot more nicer and pretty than this one. And thinking about the house reminded her of the ball where Klaus danced with her and he kind of confessed his feelings towards her.

“I fancy you. Is that so hard to belief?” Klaus said looking straight at her.

“Yes.” She had backfired to him.

“Why? You’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re full of light… I enjoy you.”…

Maybe if she wasn’t in love with Tyler back then, their story would have been different, but that was not the case. A few years had passed since then and the circumstances are different now.

By this time, the twins were in a corner from the living room playing with their dolls, while Marcel and Caroline where talking. Even if she was looking at Marcel, she had a watchful eye over her daughters.

“Please, can I get you a drink?” Marcel’s question brought back Caroline from the memory, he was extending her a glass and she accepted it.

“Thanks” she took it and sipped the drink. Bourbon, not exactly her favorite with a hint of blood. He knew she was a vampire. “So, where is Klaus? Do you know something? Where he is, perhaps?” Caroline asked going straight to the point. Marcel smiled flashing his perfect white teeth at her again.

“Look, Klaus is on the run, so I don’t know where exactly he is–” Marcel started to explain but was cut off by Caroline.

“On the run? From who? That’s not Klaus style, last I remember.” She asked incredulous on the verge of laughing from what she was hearing. Klaus on the run, how pathetic that even sounded. Klaus, the almighty Original Hybrid on the run, ridiculous! Marcel chuckled at her expression lowering his head, what made her frown a little.

“From me.” He just said meeting her eyes.

A/N: Thanks for reading, like this post if you liked it (obviously, lol) and want me to write some more. This is the first drabble I’ve ever wrote for Klaroline or any fandom. Sorry for the hint of Calaric and the twins to those who hate that plotline, I just wanted to be as close as I could to canon. I just hope is ok with you! Thank you! Oh, one last question: Good boy Marcel or Bad Guy Marcel? (for next drabble if you want me to write more) ;)

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i know this might be ridiculous, but i find it so funny when SE fans talk about how SE is always endgame to them because "elena chose stefan when she died, everything there w/damon is because she was a vampire/sire bond, SE is endgame because of that, nothing DE or SC counts", like what?? she clearly said it was only then, no longer always, like she still loved damon, she just chose stefan, and stefan later fell out of love w/her and would never take her back?? what are you on lol

I shipped SE in S3 and I wanted Elena to chose Stefan and I HATED 3x22 because it was so obvious they did it as a “for right now” choice and even had the damn retcon of Damon meeting her first because of her line “maybe if I met you first.” I don’t man I would not be satisfied with that as my endgame, if anything 4x01 could be the SE endgame for those who don’t want to move on but I don’t know why you’d value Elena’s choice in 3x22. She shouldn’t have chose either of them IMO I think she was too conflicted and probably deep down she wanted Damon more but didn’t want to admit it.

I actually have no idea how anyone can say Stefan doesn’t love Caroline more than he loved Elena. He said in 6x22 he needed Damon more than Elena but in S8 we’ve seen Stefan needs and wants Caroline more than he needs/wants Damon. Saving Damon wasn’t a strong enough desire for him to make a deal with Cade saving Carolines twins was. He’s been in love with Caroline for 5 years despite being away from her for 3 of them and he moved on from Elena a year after they ended things. Stefan sacrificed his relationship with Elena to save Damon and serve Klaus but with Caroline he made a deal to get back to her faster. Even before he spoke to Cade about the deal he said “remind her that I tried everything I could to get back to her” there was never a doubt in his mind he’d do anything he could. He became the Ripper he swore he’d never be again for her. She’s also the only woman he ever wanted to marry and considers his family after 160+ years of living, he pledged his eternal life to Caroline. When did SE ever?

TVD 7x12 Review {SPOILERS}

So I completely forgot that today is Thursday until people were in my inboxes talking about TVD shit I had no idea about and I was like OH RIGHT IT’S THURSDAY, which also means that Scandal and HTGAWM is back on so HAHA but those links aren’t up yet so let me do this TVD review. To those who don’t like to read my complaints or my rants or my unapologetic anti-Damon/Delena opinions … you do not have to read this, it’s honestly THAT simple. Again, I write this in real-time so if I say something that isn’t correct I may have rectified my mistake further down the post. All right let’s go.

1. Watching the recap like, but really, Klaus — er, I mean Julian — just turned MF into the Fast and the Furious! Also considering that Stefan and Damon have been alive for over a hundred years, how have they not heard of the Huntress? And as one of my followers asked, is the Huntress really just Buffy?

2.  A car is driving down an empty road, I bet Damon is going to be lying in the middle of it.

3. Oh look. Damon is lying in the middle of it.

4. OK but WOW has Ian aged. And the problem with how they’re doing Damon’s freakout over the fact that he thinks he killed Elena (because let’s be honest, JP and CD would never make Damon torch Elena; Tyler was going to shoot Damon because he thought Damon would discover that Elena wasn’t in the coffin) but the problem with this freakout is that I get that they’re trying to make Damon in shock, like so in shock to the point that he can’t be turning over tables and drinking and destroying shit because he simply can’t believe he did that so he’s actually “calm” but when you do something like that, there’s a removal, like Damon’s eyes should be dead, he should be speaking monotonously, like he should be SO far removed that it’s like he’s experiencing a psychological break. What’s happening is that Damon just sounds like he doesn’t give a shit.

5. And herein lies the problem with Defan and Delena. Damon says that he can’t imagine caring about anyone ever again and to make sure that that point hits home he says “not a single solitary soul” he doesn’t even say besides my brother and that’s why Defan is not a true ship to me because Stefan would, will and has sacrificed everything for Damon and all Damon can see is Elena so how exactly did Elena make him a better person when he just gets more selfish when he’s with her? The beauty of Stelena was that loving Elena led Stefan back to loving Damon and loving Stefan led Elena back to being a supportive friend and good sister, they grew with each other and made each other better people. Delena is actually the WORST for both Damon AND Elena.

6.  Wow, Damon killed the driver and we couldn’t even see any blood splatter on the windows, guys? Jeez, are you just allergic to stakes?

7.  VERY cute that Stefan got Caroline fries for her cravings. I’ve wanted to see something like that all season. I like that they pecked each other on the lips. All the makings of a cute couple-y scene are here  but … but … but … you know, I just don’t buy them as a couple. This still felt very friendly to me. Maybe because when the baby is kicking so hard and Caroline  is in visible pain, I mean, Stefan looks concerned but I mean, rush over to her, hold her, put your hand on her stomach, say she should go to the hospital, like it still seems very half-assed and muted, which is a problem with the entire show in general but I just know that Boyfriend Stefan would’ve said more or done more or acted more if it were Elena and if the writers were DIFFERENT.

8. Matt and Penny do not have chemistry. Stop it.

9. Of course Julian doesn’t miss when he shoots an apple off a human’s head. You know what would’ve shown what a “villain” he is? If he didn’t miss and then shot the human anyway for shits and giggles. But nah, why have danger and twisted things happen, I mean, it is only a vampire show.

10. Wait, Bonnie and Enzo are supposed to end up together, right? I mean, I’m not complaining that he hasn’t been in episodes lately because who the fuck cares about Enzo but I do find it typical that the writers are less than half-assing Bonnie’s love story.

11. You need to protect them? WHY BONNIE? WHEN HAVE THEY EVER PROTECTED YOU? JFC. I need someone to get Julie Plec and Caroline Dries in a room and make them explain in detail with powerpoint and cue cards why the fuck Bonnie NEEDS to protect her ungrateful ass friends.

12. Damon’s “descent” is so terrible.

13. Can’t Stefan kiss Caroline on the forehead or something?


15. It doesn’t even look like Julian is choking Damon, it legit looks like Julian is just holding his neck. Damon isn’t even struggling to speak.

16. I’m more than upset that Bonnie is clearly a pawn to make Mary-Louise jealous.

17. And since WHEN was Bonnie so petty? Oh that’s right, she wasn’t.

18. LOL pregnant Caroline is like pregnant Bella. Julie, please NEW IDEAS.

19. So Julian and Damon are basically a poor man’s Klaus and Stefan. Got iT.

20. Here is the thing about Mystic Falls going to shit. It really doesn’t feel like it’s going to shit, I don’t see paranoia or fear or sheer terror (and I’m also kind of confused because I thought the residents were compelled to LEAVE the town) what they should have is like season 1 The Walking Dead or season 1 True Blood where there’s mass panic and Julian and his cronies are feeding off of that and terrorizing everyone. Everything is too neat. Too isolated. It doesn’t feel like the town is overrun.

21. Caroline and Valerie have more chemistry than Stefan and Caroline, which is hilarious to me.

22. See when Valerie tells Stefan that Damon decapitated one of Julian’s friends and that it seems like Damon had a death wish, we really should’ve seen Stefan be over it, like he would still go but a resigned “of course” or a sigh, like that was what they were going for but it didn’t work out, like Stefan should be visibly irritated or nihilistic or tired. In Sons of Anarchy, hey do it well with Jax and Gemma. Jax is having a fine time and his friends are like “hey, so Gemma did xyz” and Jax hangs his head and is like “Jesus CHRIST” and walks out the room

23. This fight to the death thing is actually really boring. They’re VAMPIRES. When they’re punching each other like blood splatter, broken teeth, and healing, defanging, SOMETHING.

24. And honestly, Bonnie confronting Nora that she’s using Bonnie to make Mary-Louise jealous isn’t a confrontation because Bonnie is like “go help her look for her” it’s resigned and her “I’m tired of being in the middle of it” should actually be “I know you only brought me here to make her jealous but this isn’t a game to me, the huntress is coming after my friends and I want to find her so I’m tired of being in the middle of whatever it is between you two so just go, kiss and make up so we can get back to work” *stalks off* like it’s NOT hard to give Bonnie Bennett some fucking agency.

25. I mean NONE of their shirts are even bloody but this is supposed to be a harsh brutal fight to the death?

26. This reminds me, Stefan did this WAY better when he got into bar fights and let strangers beat him up to feel pain and he would laugh and egg them on. Lol sorry Paul just surpasses Ian’s acting when he tries. Ijs. It really BOTHERS me that their shirts are hardly bloody.

27. Lol when Damon says he’s “in” and goes back to the ring I’d be like pfft fine, I’m done.

28. I bet Stefan punches Damon to knock him out so he won’t go back into the ring and that the promos lied to SErs to get their hopes up that he punched Damon over Elena.

29. Oh look Enzo magically shows up and saves Bonnie because THAT’S NOT CONVENIENT.

30. LOL JULIAN IS ACTUALLY A POOR MAN’S KLAUS. I CAN’T BE THE ONLY WHO SEES IT. “I never had a brother” and he has his friends who are like his hybrids. LMFAO.

31. So why can’t Valerie kill Julian with magic tho?

32. THEY MADE HIM DO IT. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. First of all, Stefan trying not to cry when he finds out Elena is “dead” is the MOST emotive I’ve seen Paul since he had his “Jacob” dream and I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you can see how much he cares and loves Elena in that facial expression and him punching Damon?? OMG MY STELENA FEELS.

33. They better not ruin it by making Stefan be like ‘I’m mad because you screwed yourself, Damon’ like if they make Stefan’s anger over Elena about his sadness that Damon lost Elena I will be PISSED.


35. Go the fuck AWAY Valerie.

36. I mean they sort of make Stefan’s sadness about Elena about Damon by making him say that Julian destroyed Damon but like I’m just saying, it was Elena’s death that got Stefan to say he doesn’t want be to the smart one anymore. OH MY GOD.

37. Matt and whatsherface DO NOT HAVE CHEMISTRY. But I do like that he has someone tell him that he’s brave and cute because Matt doesn’t get that a lot. But I’m also mad that Matt gets a whole new character who hasn’t wanted anyone else on the show and Bonnie gets Enzo The Irrelevant who was insanely in love with Lily or she’s a pawn for Nora and Mary-Louise. And the only person who was interested in her and intrigued by her and wanted her from the get-go was Kai so obviously he had to die.

38. Nora’s “and what if I did [like Bonnie]? She’s beautiful and smart and loyal” but she still chooses Mary-Louise sums up the entire problem with TVD and the writing of Bonnie’s character because she IS all of those things and she’s never chosen first. Ever. And if she is chosen it’s always a struggle. And the show actually insults her again by making Nora characterize these things about Bonnie but have that look of incredulity on her face like “How could I like Bonnie despite her being all these things”? Every chance the writers get to stick it to Bonnie and put her in her “place” they do it.


40. So the Huntress is actually like a Phoenix then. Ehh.

41. Lol Matt vervaining Stefan. Remember when he would drink vervain every day to build up his tolerance? OK.

42. The “three years from now” reveal isn’t a reveal so I don’t get what’s up with this music because we already saw who the Huntress was in the scene before and it’s not like she was anyone we knew from the past so I don’t care enough to have a connection to her and Damon is tied up and Stefan is apparently vervained and that isn’t an exciting revelation.

This episode was actually pretty stagnant like all of the episodes this season, I have no idea what the show is trying to accomplish, what exactly we’re leading up, what the central theme is, but at least it gave me my Stelena feels.

emmaawatson  asked:

Hi! First off I love all your drabbles especially Bucket List! It kind of reminded me of this One Three Hill episode I saw. Anyways I have a prompt! Klaus and Caroline are assigned partners in a class to take care of the (fake) baby together for the whole year. Caroline wasn't so trilled about that at first haha but of course that changes. Bonaus points if you include them acting like a real family lol.

Thank you so much for the love, @queenvampirebarbie ! I am so, so sorry this prompt took me so long, but I really hope you like it!

Home Economics || Klaroline

“The whole point of home economics is to learn the real life skills that go into managing and maintaining your adulthood. Whether you are married with kids in your own home, or you are single, childless and renting, or any other living situation, you will need to know how to pay your bills, gauge your needs versus your wants, and how to prepare for the rest of your life.”

“Yawn,” Bonnie muttered, leaning down toward the counter. “I already know how to write a grocery list and pay an electric bill.”

“Same,” Caroline said with a nod. As kids of single parents, the girls were used to helping out with the errands. “But shh, I don’t want my GPA ruined because I can’t hear the home ec lecture over you.”

Bonnie stuck out her tongue, chuckling at Caroline’s perfectly outlined notes.

Their teacher kept speaking. “To help achieve this, you will be assigned your very own living situation to manage your home economics as a year-long project,” Ms. James explained. “Yesterday, I had everyone predict their future course of life. Using that information, I have grouped you into pairs to best simulate your future.

“Many of you imagined you would be married with children,” Ms. James said, gesturing to the lifelike dolls sitting in carriers at the front of the classroom.

“Some expected to be single, but you’ll still be paired as roommates to have a partner in this assignment,” she explained. “That said, I’ll go ahead and read off the pairs and your living situation.”

Caroline’s eyes went wide, horrified.

“What’s wrong, Care,” Bonnie asked.

“I wanted twins,” she whispered. “And I told Ms. James I’m up for any opportunity for extra credit.”

Bonnie choked down a giggle at Caroline’s panicked expression. “You’re screwed,” she told her friend as Ms. James started reading the assignments.

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