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Honestly, my notp in bts wouldn’t be my notp if the shippers weren’t so rude to my otp. I have no other problems with any other ships in bts. It’s just that one particular ship gets under my skin the way my notp does and it’s not even that the people don’t go together. It’s honest to God because of the shippers and I think that a problem.

I just want to say that I might not be active as much as I currently am ooc wise (messages, commissions, IMs). I know I’m already seemingly “”“ignoring”“” a great deal of people. There is currently a rather difficult time going on that includes a family member and I want to be there for most of my family as much as I can. Please bear with me all the while I may not answer a message as fast as usually or won’t answer for a commission request that fast etc.

It’s so sad that people still use the, “they’re not gay” and “they’re just members/close friends” argument as actual fact? I mean, ok, you ship a male and a female that stand beside each other for more than three seconds, but all of a sudden my ship is invalid because it involves two people of the same gender? o k a y


when ur friend decides to throw a party at ur house and u start drinking and forget about the plans u kinda sorta made with ur crush and ur 6 yr old bff…

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Afraid of King’s Cage

So, I reread Jon’s prophecy about the Colonel because I thought I might use it in my fanfiction like having Firebird deal with the problem which I thought was frozen rivers. But I remembered wrong:

I see lakes flooding their shores, swallowing men whole. (Glass Sword page 301)

You know which place can be flooded? The Scarlet Guard base in Irabelle (see Steel Scars in Cruel Crown, page 65)

One order from the Colonel and the whole place goes under, drowned like the old world before it.

And now I get paranoid and in too deep and think that the rebels and civillians will move to Irabelle and Maven’s soldiers or whoever (I think it’s in the Lakelands) will sabotage the base to be flooded while everyone is still inside!

Or: In my fanfiction, I have voiced the idea that Maven will attack Tuck of which his mindreaders learned from Mare. But I have the Scarlet Guard be aware of this and pre-empting him, evacuating everyone and setting a trap.

But what if they don’t? What if Maven has Tuck attacked and everyone is still there?

And the other prophecy on page 301:

Shadow twisting on a bed of flames.

Okay, this could be anything, but it’s definitely angsty. But why shadow, not “a shadow” or “shadows”? Is that a literal bed?

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  • Zen: So... Are you a man or a woman?
  • Vanderwood: I'm a secret agent.
  • Zen: Oh, but what's between your legs?
  • Vanderwood: Seven, apparently.
  • 707: Hello~

In the new clace trailer, there’s a really short scene where they show someone (possibly clary?) walking into some weird room in the institute. Since everyone is wearing white, it’s definetely looks like it’s a funeral BUT:
atm my two theories are 1) people THINK Jace is dead so they host a funeral 2) god forbid a Certain Someone dies

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”

I have so many feelings about Harold Finch and friendship. 

Because here’s the thing – Harold is goddamn cruel and vicious and knows where and when to really hurt and has no compunction about doing it if he has to. 

But he also does literally everything for his friends/to help his friends/because of his friends. He will protect the people he loves so fiercely, and he doesn’t give a shit about either himself or the rest of the people surrounding them when he does so. 

We see it in the flashbacks with Nathan  – “I’m not trying to help them, Nathan, I’m trying to help you” (God Mode, 2x22). Harold’s entire focus here was on getting Nathan out of this mess safely, the rest of the numbers be damned. He also takes up the irrelevant list solely as a tribute to Nathan.  

We see it in present time – “The truth is, I couldn’t stand by and watch my friends risking everything doing work that I myself began” (Nautilus, 4x02). He didn’t give a shit about the numbers in Nautilus, he came back purely because of John and Shaw. 

We see it in the multiple times when it would make logical sense for Harold to abandon his friends, and yet we see him climbing up 40 flights of stairs to defuse a bomb, and speeding halfway across the city to get to a bleeding John. 

And we see it in the extended trailer for s5 as well. Harold is talking to TM and can ask it literally anything in the world, but the one thing he chooses to ask it is if his friends make it out alive. 

Harold doesn’t care much about people at an individual level and it takes him a long time to let people in, but once he does, he just wants those select few to be alright so badly.