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13 reasons why rant

If 13 rw was truly a “groundbreaking show that talks about avoided topics” then it would have actually talked about mental health an depression, show coping mechanisms and helpful shit that wouldn’t trigger people and have written down which parts to skip during their shitty trigger warnings. If you thought the show was “groundbreaking” you must not know shit about mental health.


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Thank you for speaking against the Sam (or Cait) trash-talking. I think this weekend showed us the genuine Cait & Sam & I'm thrilled you got to experience them first-hand. His comment about being given a "list of answers to hard questions" & their reluctance to say the wrong thing showed that something's going on bts & it's taking a larger toll on Sam than Cait (which is probably what he intended). We can't begin to know what is going on bts, but I do believe he's as kind & decent as Cait is.

I keep going back to literally everyone who has worked with Sam or met him or talks to him for any length of time commenting how gracious and genuine and lovely he is. And, of course, all the good things Cait has said about him. I feel like at this point some story about him being a jerk would have come out if he was truly a jerk. I mean I met him for literally 10 seconds and he was fucking exhausted at that point and still took the time to smile and joke around with me and thank me for coming. I can’t expect much more! And yes I agree 100%! I think the fact that he said anything shows that it’s starting to get to them a bit. They don’t usually talk about the stuff they’re told BTS, probably for good reason, and I’m sure there’s way waaaay more than we’ll ever know about. I’d be frustrated too!


And all I ever needed was the one. Like freedom fields where wild horses run. When stars collide like you and I, no shadows block the sun. You’re all I’ve ever needed, baby, you’re the one.

Happy Valentine’s Day, @those70scomics / @thestupidhelmet! Part ½ ~

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I like how in the last join live show Dan and Phil were so surprised that somebody talked about them on some kind of lecture cause like bitches, I'm writing my branding & marketing 70 pages long 6th semester essay on you, I know more about why you're successful that anybody else in the world including yourself (also I'm turning it in next week and if I don't get a 12 which is the highest grade here I'm gonna sue my university, I've spend half a year on that shit)

omg that sounds so interesting!!!! not even gonna lie i rly want to read this hahaha. i’m so with you on feeling mad inclined to study dnp through an academic lens–i’ve always thought that if i could do another ethnographic study of some sort i’d want to write one on web fandom (phandom) specifically bc it’s just fucking interesting. dnp’s approach to marketing is complex and difficult to actually discern from the standpoint of a viewer so i’m mostly just impressed you’ve produced so much writing about it. i’m sure you’re going to get a great score :)))) congrats on being almost done!!!!!

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Skip did you know that they paint the mst3k robots mat black when film the movie theatre bits? It just seems really unsettling

YES! I heard Jonah talking about it on MBMBAM actually (which was an elating conversation) and how much it freaked him out when he first got on board with the show. It is a little bit creepy but hey, that’s showbiz baby.

(Also you should totally read this FAQ on the puppets.)

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Is the skytalkers another reylo podcast? It's hard to tell from their description. It'd be nice to have another all female SW podcast to listen to, there are so few, but I'm not interested in reylo (which is why I sadly had to stop listening to the scavengers hoard, I tired I really did but I'm a ReySky and well our views don't exactly mesh well, which is a shame as your podcast is very well structured and when you weren't talking about reylo I really enjoyed listening)

No, I wouldn’t describe Skytalkers as a Reylo podcast. They’re not opposed to the idea but it’s not a focus for them (though they are firm believers in a redemption arc for Kylo). Any views on shipping aside, they’re just a great podcast and I’d really recommend them - they know their stuff and put on a really fun show that I would recommend. 

Thanks for the nice words about our podcast, and apologies that you couldn’t keep up with it due to our views. I’d recommend podcasts like Rebel Grrrl, Knights of RantSkytalkers and Fangirls Going Rogue, which are all good female-led Star Wars podcasts without a shipping bend. 

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i know there are some people saying that yousana is not endgame, but when you think about it there has only been one successful relationship on this show which is evak, and by successful i mean they don't break up etc. (even though it wasn't planned for noorhelm to break up though, but that's not the point) the point is, is that idk I feel like it wouldn't look that great if they had 1 successful relationship and three (noorhelm, eva x jonas etc) on the show who broke up (1/2)

Halla love!

okay so I do kinda disagree with you on the ‘one successful relationship wouldn’t look great thing’ I actually think the opposite. These kids are all in high school and it is very rare for high school relationships to end in happily ever after, and I feel like Julie’s heart has always been set on portraying realistic and relatable teenage stories.

in saying that, my best friend is still with and living together with her high school boyfriend and I can’t see them never not being together tbh. But I feel like they are the evak from my high school. Every other couple from then kinda ended because I mean…it’s high school. You’re so young and still growing and changing and finding who you are.

So I think it would be really unlike skam to have all the couples ending in happily ever after.

But that doesn’t mean I think Yousana won’t happen for that reason. I can still see them being endgame despite there already being a happy couple

no, the reason I think they won’t be endgame is because I don’t think Sana’s story is about her falling for a boy. I think it is so much more than that.

It’s about her finding a way to be a part of both her worlds, her faith and her Norwegian culture mixing into one without her losing a single part of who she is.

I feel like I am not qualified enough to discuss the muslim equation in this so if I make any mistakes here please someone correct me <3

but from what I have read and discussed with my muslim friends, everyone practices their faith differently and have different personal interpretations and beliefs when it comes to Islam. Some choose to date, others don’t. It is all based on the individual. everyone is different. And so then again, I am sure it is upon the individual if they believe in only marrying another muslim or not. But I think it needs to be understood that Yousef not being Muslim is a major deal for Sana and many muslims (not all) but whether your partner is a muslim or not may not seem like a big deal to those of us who aren’t Muslim and don’t understand the significance, but for those who are, it is an incredibly important factor.

I’m sorry I am probably explaining this terribly but the point is, I don’t think it is about how strict Sana’s parents are (her mum keeps telling her she trusts Sana and that’s why her going to parties is not an issue) but more about Sana and her own faith and beliefs. I doubt the issue here will be about her parents forbidding it but more about Sana struggling with her own beliefs.

Finally, I wouldn’t say skam is a ‘happy’ show but a hopeful one. The characters all go through some painful struggles, but they come out of them learning so much more about themselves and accepting who they are. And I strongly believe Sana can have a happy ending without a love interest.

but then after all that there is always going to be a part of me that is hoping i’m wrong because Yousana is adorable.

but yeah I don’t know…I can’t see it ending well :( but we will see my love <3

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I was really excited but now I can only think they're doing the live show to tell us they're moving out separately which is just ridiculous bc 1 they would never announce it on a live show they would probably just tell us in a tweet or mention it without making a big deal out of it 2 it's obviously okay if they are moving out and I shouldn't get anxious about it 3 basically someone needs to make my brain stop I'm so sorry I'm just rambling anxiety got the best of me

ok before i actually answer this i just want to give you a digital hug and let you know that everything is fine and when i talk about this i’m not trying to invalidate how you feel. i understand the nerves especially after making such an emotional investment in these two guys and the life they’ve built together. but with that being said, i think the prospect of dan and phil moving apart is incredibly implausible, to the point of being absurd. leaving aside the fact that dan has spent nearly the entirety of his adult life cohabitating w phil and the fact that neither of them honestly would know how to function alone bc they’ve lived together for half a decade, and in that time clearly fallen into deeply ingrained habits involving each other, and also leaving aside the fact that i just altogether don’t see why they would have any desire to move apart whatsoever, i think on a purely practical level it makes no sense. like, at bare minimum their careers are inextricably tied together and they spent all of this year hammering home the idea of them as a partnered duo (what better confirmation of that does one need than phil sharing an individual award w dan at the boncas). so they’re going to, AT MINIMUM, continue creating together. in which case, how would it make sense for them to go to separate places when they need each other to make their videos?

but obviously i think all of this cuts far deeper, and dan and phil are partners in every sense not just professional. they share everything. tv viewing habits, breakfast lunch and dinner, a massive dvd and games collection, a plushie collection, a mug collection, all of their filming equipment and cameras, their art and their rave tree and their Tetris light and their golden pig and their muse poster and also nearly all of their friends. they’ve got each other’s fingerprints saved to their phones. they skype after only one day apart. they’re literally just as grossly co-dependent and obsessed with each other as they seem and the idea of them suddenly throwing all of that away makes no sense to me in any capacity. i’m sorry if this seems overly emphatic or critical, and i don’t mean any of it to be rude or patronizing, i just really disagree w this idea that i’ve seen become more and more widely discussed for no apparent reason. i think a lot of it has to do w phil’s age and it frustrates me that people in this community think that life has to end when someone turns 30 lol, that’s honestly not that old and it doesn’t mean he suddenly has to dive into some heteronormative understanding of “family” and settle down w a wife and kids. for all intents and purposes dan and phil already are settled down. they begin and end every day together. they have for the last 5 years and probably also the two years before that even when they were long distance bc skype existed. it makes no sense to ignore all of that and presume that due to some combination of phil’s age and idk …stable contentment, a lack of drama, etc. that something dramatic needs to happen now to shake things up. to me, it’s a lot simpler to just accept how happy they are together and not question it. i hope this is reassuring to you and that you feel a bit better about all of it xx

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I stopped watching the show and I don't know of you have or not but I'm a little confused about something I saw... Clarke becoming commander is "white savior" (which I agree) yet Octavia being commander is ok?? Maybe I missed something in the past 2 years but Octavia doesn't really seem like Commander material.

i don’t watch since 3x07. but who said it is okay? because it isn’t. it is as fucked up as clarke or any skaikru becoming the commander. they came to earth, they killed almost everybody they faced, they fucked with the government and now they took the leadership - as someone said on twitter, “colonialism completed”. 

it’s the epitome of the ally that wants to talk over the group and be recognized as great and think they are better to protect the group than people from the group just because they care about them. this show is a mess, and the type the story they choose to tell makes it clear how they approach certain things and could never make really good representation 

“but she was the best”, “but the grounders are dumb”, it is like this because the writers decided to do it instead of making a good grounder character, they’re not good or smart as the skaikru simply because the writers refused to write a story recognizing their humanity and potential. this is just like every tale of colonialism that portrays the native people as inferior in some way to justify the colonization

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oh my god you must be talking about literally my all-time favorite Captain America Pep Talk™ from the entire series:

honestly, this entire exchange is a religious experience, it’s borderline embarrassing

now of course the sensible part of me wants to tell you that Steve doesn’t say “playboy” because i’m pretty sure the show is rated TV-Y7…but at the same time……


My one post about shipping Mara/Luke but not Callista/Luke keeps getting likes, but they aren’t blogs I recognize or that follow me, and I don’t think I posted it to show up in the tags?

Which means they’re probably all liking the version of the post that someone reblogged with “I hate Callista” attached, and honest to god, there’s no reason for that. I don’t ship Callista x Luke and yes Anderson wrote her pretty horribly, but she’s still a really complex, interesting character with a ton of potential.

Honestly, it’s so unnecessary. You don’t have to hate or vilify one female character in order to justify liking or shipping another.

the problem with 13 reasons why isn’t the fact that it deals with suicide.

it’s not even really that it /shows/ a suicide.

it’s the overall manner in which it’s handled. people upset with it aren’t upset because it acknowledges harsh realities, we’re upset because it sensationalizes and romanticizes them.

i shouldn’t finish watching that show feeling jealous of hannah. that’s how you know your message failed.

Two options:
1) show queerbaits and you sit there frustrated and watch ur faves make heart eyes at each other while the entire fandom and writers tell you nothing is there and that you’re crazy

2) show gets you to watch by making the most beautiful queer relationship it could, talking about it, treating it like a het ship, getting you to trust them, then promptly killing one of them off and telling you to get over it

there is no inbetween

This is wrong
  • Mom: Heeeey sweetie!
  • Me: Heeey.....?
  • Mom: We don't talk much lately
  • Me: Yeah...It's o-
  • Mom: About that anime you like...
  • Me: Which one?
  • Mom: Oh you know...That titan one....
  • Me: Attack o Titan?
  • Mom: YES!
  • Me: Yeah, what?
  • Mom: I asked one of my students what's it about but I'm not really sure if he told me the truth...
  • Me: Oh my god, WHAT DID HE SAY?
  • Mom: He said "It's about stylish models/soldiers fighting giant skinless freaks"...
  • Me: .....
  • Mom: .....
  • Me: .....
  • Mom: Soooooooo?
  • Me: This is exactly what is happening in this show oH MY GOD! MUM YOU SHOULD TALK MORE WITH YOUR STUDENTS

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Keep pretending to be mentally ill. Forget how fucking disrespectful it is to actual victims of abuse/trauma. What are you genuinely going through? I'd like to know, unless i'm right and you're pretending to have bpd to seem quirky.

lmao you know nothing about me and I have a good idea of who this is so keep sending me anons which obviously shows you’re a pussy and too scared to talk to me properly😘

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I really love your interpretation on Felix rather than the one in the PV. Your version seems like a sweet guy, just very distanced and solitary whereas the one in the PV kinda came off as an anti-social douche who does a 180 turn around when he transforms.

oh my god why do so few people seem to know how to read complex characters 

felix is pretending! he’s not doing a 180 flip because he’s badly written, he’s doing it because he thinks being bright and cheerful and gushingly romantic is the way he needs to behave in order to get ladybug’s attention (which, if you noticed, he copied almost to the letter from the way marinette approaches him)! it’s clear that in time that will come to be an outlet for him to be free from his usual uptightness - revealing a gentler, wilder layer of himself beneath it which helps him genuinely connect with ladybug and discover there’s more to life than he thought - but it’s not as quick and inexplicable a switch as you’re making it out to be.

i know you guys have the best of intentions when you send asks like this, i really do, but i don’t appreciate them! there seems to be this mindset that you’re complimenting me by telling me my version of felix is better than the original - and it’s fine if you form that opinion in terms of complexity and character explorations, since it’s true we never got to learn much about him, but not if it’s from completely misreading felix’s actual characterisation and totally missing the point of what i’m trying to show!

it seems that when i spell out blatantly that felix is a complex character, people take it as a brand new AU interpretation and keep on refusing to apply it to felix’s canon characterisation. i’m not making up new stuff (aside from blatant headcanons, of course, which should be clear), i’m just showing you what i saw in him to explore! 

i mean, goodness me. i really do love that you guys can enjoy the things i make and the concepts i explore (and you’re more than welcome to have your own opinions of felix and interpret my stuff in a way that’s personal to you), but please understand that letting me know about it in ways like this is not a compliment to me.

which shows astro members wants to go on? 

rocky  -  law of the jungle
sanha - running man (sanha thinks he’d be a good spy)
mj - infinite challenge (it’s kind of a dream for him if you don’t know it’s one of the most popular shows on korea)
bin -  law of the jungle and  infinite challenge
jinjin- please take care of my refrigerator (he likes mokbang kind of programs)
eunwoo - knowledge competition kinda shows + he wants  infinite challenge as well

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Even if they aren't together (which tbh I'm not convinced but who knows I'd love to be wrong) they have such a strong stable supportive relationship and you can just tell they can talk about anything to each other (confirmed by Phil in his taking quizzes about myself vid) and discuss their interests and opinions and have someone to watch tv shows with and they obviously adore each other and :/ can't relate