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the goblet of fire

the four champions as seen by James and Lily

James: Who do you think will come out of the up? My money is on that Krum kid from Durmstrang.

Lily: Well that’s a rather safe bet, isn’t it?

James: Well, I’m not used to betting, I’m used to getting bet on.

Lily: Fair enough. That girl with the silvery hair is going to come out of the cup, too. She looks like she’s part Veela, 

James: *proudly* I hope the Hogwarts champion is a Gryffindor. We are the bravest after all.

Lily: You know what? A Slytherin would actually do much better since this thing is not only about bravery.

James: You did not just say that.

Lily: Gryffindor is not the only house in Hogwarts.

James: *offended* Where is your house pride?

Lily: Oh, it’s starting. At least this year we know Harry’s safe.

James: With Moody and Dumbledore in the same place, he couldn’t be further away from danger.

The champion for Durmstrang, will be Viktor Krum.

James: Told you.

Lily: And I told you it was a safe bet.

The champion for Beauxbatons, is Fleur Delacour!

Lily: Called it!

James: That was a safe bet too, if she’s part Veela.

Lily: We don’t know that.

The Hogwarts champion, is Cedric Diggory!

James: What?

Lily: *excited* Oh, it’s a Hufflepuff!

James: How?

Lily: You have never had to go up against a Hufflepuff before, have you?

James: I mean only on Quidditch and we flattened them all the time.

Lily: No one heard the war cry of a Hufflepuff and lived to tell the story, Jamie.

James: But still, a Hufflepuff?

Lily: The cup chose him, I’m pretty sure the cup knows better than you. So stop being an arrogant pr–

James: Another name is coming out of the cup.

Lily: It’s impossible.

Harry Potter.

James: *yelling* What the actual fuck?

Lily: No. No. No, this is not happening.

James: He didn’t even put his name in the bloody cup.

Lily: No.

James: How could this happen?

Lily: This is just– no.

James: He’s not even seventeen yet.

Lily: *blank staring*

James: This year will be the worst, I can already tell.

Lily: *absent-mindedly* No one will believe him.

James: Huh?

Lily: No one will believe him when he says he didn’t put his name in the cup.

James: Dumbledore will. I know he will.

Lily: People die in this tournament, I don’t think this was a coincidence Jamie.

James: Neither do I, Lils but he will pull through, he always does.


I don’t know about you guys, but I emailed Adobe, suggesting they revamp their Pencil and Brush tools in Animate (formerly Flash) to be like those of Paint Tool SAI.

It’s just so…UGGgggGGggghhh….

I can’t…I feel my motivation to animate DIMINISHING because of the absolute terrible quality of Adobe’s drawing tools. It takes me so much longer to sketch-SKETCH- a decent frame in Animate, where in SAI it would take 3 minutes and STILL look 10x better. 

Sketched in Adobe Animate (15 minutes)

Sketched in Paint Tool SAI (4 minutes)

Please, if you’re an animator who uses Animate, PLEASE, do the same thing and suggest. It would make all of our work so much easier and of such better quality. Not just for sketching, but for inking as well. 

*****EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT AN ANIMATOR!! Please suggest this so that we, aspiring animators, can bring you better-quality content and faster!

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song study: Papaoutai by Stromae

I’m going to start making posts like these, which will basically be cool french songs translated into english. you can listen to the song and read the lyrics :) feel free to request any songs! I hope you find this useful x

Verse 1
Dites-moi d’où il vient
Tell me where he comes from
Enfin je saurais où je vais
At last I’ll know where to go
Maman dit que lorsqu’on cherche bien
Mommy says when you look hard enough
On finit toujours par trouver
You’ll always end up finding it
Elle dit qu’il n’est jamais très loin
She says he’s never very far away
Qu’il part très souvent travailler
He often leaves to go work
Maman dit « travailler c’est bien »
Mommy says “working is good”
Bien mieux qu’être mal accompagné, pas vrai ?
Better than being in bad company, right?

Où est ton papa ?
Where is your dad?
Dis-moi où est ton papa
Tell me where is your dad?
Sans même devoir lui parler
Without even having to talk to him
Il sait ce qui ne va pas
He knows what’s wrong
Ah sacré papa
Oh damn dad
Dis-moi où es-tu caché ?
Tell me where are you hiding?
Ca doit faire au moins mille fois que j’ai compté mes doigts
I must’ve counted my fingers at least a thousand times

Où t’es papa où t’es ?
Where are you dad, where are you?
Où t’es papa où t’es ?
Where are you dad, where are you?
Où t’es papa où t’es ?
Where are you dad, where are you?
Où t’es où t’es où papa, où t’es ?
Where are you, where are you, where are you dad, where are you?

Verse 2:
Quoi ? Qu’on y croie ou pas
What? Whether your believe or not
Y aura bien un jour où on y croira plus
There will be a day when we no longer believe
Une jour ou l’autre on sera tous papa
On day or another we’ll all be fathers
Et d’un jour à l’autre on aura disparu
And one day or another we’ll all disappear
Serons-nous détestables ?
Will we be hated?
Serons-nous admirables ?
Will we be loved?
Des géniteurs ou des génies
Biological fathers or geniuses
Dites-nous qui donne naissance aux irresponsables
Tell us who gives birth to these irresponsible people
Hein ? Dites-nous qui, tiens
Hey? Tell us who huh?
Tout le monde sait comment on fait des bébés
Everybody knows how to make babies
Mais personne sait comment on fait des papas
But nobody knows how to make dads
Monsieur « j’sais tout » en aurait hérité, c’est ça ?
Mister “know-it-all” would’ve inherited it, is that it?
Faut l’sucer de son pouce, ou quoi
Does it come from sucking our thumbs, or what
Dites-nous où c’est caché, ça doit, faire au moins mille fois qu’on a bouffé nos doigts
Tell us where it’s hidden, we must’ve bit our nails a thousand times

A few Starters - Ice Breakers
  • “Are you following me?”
  • “Hey, watch where you’re going.”
  • “You look vaguely familiar…” 
  • “I don’t know who you are but you don’t strike me as the trustworthy type.”
  • “I don’t know what you want but you’d better fuck off before I make you.”
  • “Sorry but I’m new around here, would you mind giving me pointers?”
  • “Strange to see a fresh face around here.”
  • “Hey you. It’s dangerous to be walking around here, you should leave.”
  • “Do you need help with that?”
  • “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?”
  • “Do I know you? Cause you look a lot like my next girlfriend/boyfriend.”
  • “See my friends over there? They wanna to know if you think I’m cute.
  • “Hey handsome/beautiful.”
  • “You might be new, but you’re looking at the top dog around here.”
  • “Sorry but I’m not interested in your offer.”
  • “Are you as cold as you seem or do you always walk around like you own the place?”
  • “What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”
  • “The answer is no by the way, to whatever you’re about to say.”
  • “Don’t bother, I’m busy.”
  • “No no no, this can’t be right. You shouldn’t be here.”
  • “It’s you, isn’t it?”
  • “Happy to see me again?”
  • “It’s been so long since we’ve last parted, hm? We have some catching up to do.”
  • “You looking to start a fight or something?”
  • “Did you think I wouldn’t notice you watching me?”
  • “Us meeting wasn’t an accident.”
  • “Hey hey, no need for that I’d just like to talk.”
  • “Why the hostility? Do you treat every stranger this way?”
  • “I see no one has ever bothered to teach you manners.”
  • “Come with me, no time to explain!”
  • “Look, you’re in danger. You need to do as I say.”
  • “Are these guys bothering you?”
  • “Hey, leave him/her alone!”
  • “You look tired. Need a ride?”
  • “Shit shit, are you okay?!”
  • “Give me your belongings and you won’t get hurt. Sound fair?”
  • “Well look what the cat dragged in.”
  • “Never thought I’d see your face again.”
  • “Are you drunk? Hey, you can’t be walking around like that, be careful!”
  • “You look like bad news….”
  • “I hope I’m not being too straightforward, but are you single?”
  • “Nice to meet you.”
Character Design

Some tips to make your designs better!

One of the most important things about making fiction is having characters. Your audience needs something to relate to so you must give them a cast that they can love or hate. For those not working with live action, creating appealing character designs is necessary. Character designs can be the line where someone decides not to look at your content.

Which movie would you rather see if you didn’t know anything about the two? personality, color, and shapes are important for you and your audience when looking at fiction.

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Stalker Sentence Starters

Adjust pronouns as necessary.

“I just want to make sure you’re okay at all times.”
“You can look at me as your unpaid bodyguard.”
“If I was better looking, you’d just call me a ‘secret admirer’.”
“Saying I’m following you would imply I don’t already know where you’re going.”
“I know I’m not your boy/girlfriend…but you’re still mine.”
“We’ve been on plenty of romantic walks together. I just didn’t tell you.”
“You’ve tempted me for so long. Don’t deny it.”
“I’ve always been in love with you. You just didn’t know I existed.”
“The number you gave me at the bar was wrong, so I followed you home.”
“If you aren’t all mine, I can’t stand it…”
“Who was that you were talking to?”
“If I see you with somebody else again, I’ll…”
“I found you.”
“Don’t touch him/her.”
“It’s not stalking if you don’t follow them home, right?”
“I have lots of pretty pictures of you.”
“You’re my inspiration, my muse…how could I leave you alone?”
“Journalists do the same for celebrities, you know. What if I just think you’re a star?”
“I just want you all to myself. Is that so bad?”
“You’re so beautiful. S/he doesn’t deserve you. I do.”
“You wore my favorite color today. That means you wanted me to say hello, didn’t you?”
“I love the unspoken words between us.”
“I wouldn’t have to follow you around if you just stayed with me forever.”


Requested by anonymous

You heard the door open, signaling Doctor Strange finally returning home. You were getting a little frustrated with him and how little time was spent at home and with you. So, it was a little petty, but you were going to let him know how you felt.

“Hey, honey,” Strange greeted as he walked into the study where you were reading one of his books. He walked over to give you a kiss on the lips, but you turned your head. He paused a moment, frowning, before kissing your cheek. “How was your day?”

You ignored him and continued to read your book.

“Did I do something wrong?” Strange asked, frowning again.

You gave him a pointed look, before returning to your book.

Strange knelt down by the chair, resting his elbows on one of the arms. “Would you feel better if I made you your favorite dish?”

You looked at him again, raising your eyebrow. Did he really think he could bribe his way out of your anger?

“I take it that’s a no. I’ll still make your favorite anyways. I can’t fix whatever you’re mad at if you don’t tell me,” Strange told you.

“Remember two days ago?” you asked, not wanting to repeat the conversation.

“Yes, what about-” Strange started, before realization hit. “Oh, today was supposed to be date day, I’m sorry. There was an emergency.”

“I understand you’re the best master of the mystic arts,” you said, putting your hand on Strange’s cheek. “But you’re not the only one capable of dealing with magic foes. Let Brother Voodoo handle it, or Wanda Maximoff, or Pete Wisdom. They can handle it every once in a while so we can have time for dates.”

Strange nodded. “We can have a nice dinner tonight, followed by a movie here, then tomorrow I’m all yours. How does that sound?” he asked.

You nodded. “Okay, that’s acceptable,” you said, leaning over to kiss Strange’s head.


(That last gif demanded this. But on the note, have to wonder if Hakuba’s ever been to one of Kaito’s ‘heists’ where he really doesn’t do anything. Green Dream is especially coming to mind as Kid accomplishing something, just not exactly what everyone expected. Or, you know. Ryoma or that baseball incident. I’d love to know Hakuba’s thoughts on ones like those, even if he gets that Kaito isn’t a bad thief.)

Fantastic Beasts observation

Let’s take a look at this quote: 

“I know you have rather backwards laws about relations with non-magic people. That you’re not meant to befriend them, that you can’t marry them, which seems mildly absurd to me.”

Newt is essentially a wildlife biologist, albeit one who studies magical creatures.

We learn that he is particularly concerned with the breeding and conservation of endangered species–and that would make him keenly aware of the problems with a shrunken gene pool. 

Newt probably has a better understanding of the drawbacks of inbreeding that your average wizard. “Wizards can only marry wizards” would ultimately backfire on the wizards on a whole. 

I thought this was a rather nice, subtle detail. 

anonymous asked:

I would love it if you did a gif set where Edward is getting slapped (by Lee and by Isabella - or even just by Isabella)

I’ll do it when I download better quality version of the last episode cause I’m not happy with the coloring. While we on the subject of girls hitting Ed. I know that punch hurts more than slap but with Lee you can see that Morena did no punch him for real. 

But Chelsea really slapped Cory in the face, and 

And he looked really into it  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Home is Where the Heart is

Prompt: Riley moves to London and Lucas gives her something to remember him by. []

Word Count: 2088

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

“Have you made your decision?” Auggie asks.

“Yes, please don’t try and talk me out of it..” Topanga has a look of emotional pain written all over her face.

“We won’t,” Riley says even though her heart is breaking.

“We know better,” Cory adds with a smile. He truly would follow her anywhere. “You’ve always done what’s best for us, so we do this one for you.”

“I want to take the job in London,” Topanga can barely get the words out. Riley feels like her world is falling apart but she tries to keep it together for her mothers sake, she knew this wouldn’t have been an easy decision to make.

“So we move to London,” Cory says in the same soft tone he had spoken in before.

“Together,” Riley nods as she gives her younger brothers hand a squeeze.

Maya was present for Topanga’s announcement and had slept over at Riley’s to cry all night. The brunette tries to compose herself, she had to be strong for Maya, for her mother, for Auggie and for herself.

Riley couldn’t bear four individual conversations having to relive the sad truth over and over; she was leaving. So, the following day at school she plans to tell the rest of her friends in one go. Rip the bandaid off. But this bandaid felt like it was apart of her skin and removing it felt impossible.

Riley asks them all to meet her in the hole at school. They knew Riley’s mother was considering the job offer but none of them truly believed Topanga would take it and especially with the informal place Riley asked to meet they all assumed she was staying. They were wrong.

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oh-look-a-trash-can  asked:

Would you recommend going to an art school if you have the chance? I'm at the stage in my life where I have to start choosing, but a lot of people say it's too "unsafe" and that I should focus on studying something else instead...

i feel like you would get better advice from someone who’s been to art school. i dont know shit about it my dude



Cassian comforting you after a bad day.
••• Requested by Anon •••

It was always devastating whenever a mission didn’t go as planned, but to loose an entire squadron to the Empire wasn’t something to be taken lightly. Not only did the Rebellion loose months worth of collected data, but they also lost good people.

Sure, you didn’t loose anyone you knew personally, but you still grieved. You saw the looks on their loved ones faces. The way that their hearts broke when the names of the dead were read aloud by the Heads of the Rebellion.

“Would a hug make you feel any better?” Asked Cassian, wondering over to where you leaned against the side of the hanger.

Smearing the tears that rolled down your cheek with an impatient hand, you tried your best to make it seem like you weren’t just crying. “I-I’m fine,” You told him, “I have no right to be upset. I didn’t know anyone on the squadron. It’s not my place to grieve.”

“You have every right to grieve, mi amada.” Cassian insisted, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you close, gently rubbing your back. Despite the heaviness in your stomach, it fluttered at the comforting feeling of having your body against his. “They sacrificed their lives for this rebellion. It’s perfectly understandable to grieve for those who lost their lives trying to make a better future.”

Sinking into the warmth of his body, you let the tears you were holding back stream down your face. The pain and desperation to curl up into a tiny ball melted away as Cassian held you. You clutched his jacket with a tight grip, never wanting to let go. In his arms, the world stopped on its axis. There was no time, no wind and no war.


After securing the matching bracelet around your wrist, you stand back and look at the mirror appraisingly. Noticing your quiet stillness, Jongin looks up from his seat where he has been lacing up his shoes. “You look amazing, jagi. So good I almost want to skip the event completely so I can keep you here.” He stands up and slowly walks over, letting his hands slide down your sides before curling around you and pulling you back against his chest so he can kiss along the side of your throat. “That outfit would look even better on the floor, you know.” Could your perfect Nini really consider skipping a work function to stay at home, pressing you against walls, the floor, maybe the kitchen table, fancy clothes all mussed and out of place? Just considering the possibilities has you feeling uncomfortable under the clothes you’d picked out - when did they get too tight, so scratchy, just… not what you should be wearing right now? They’re far too difficult to get underneath. His, too. Why does he have so many layers when you should be able to feel all of his skin under your hands right now?

- Admin J


Eggsy x Reader

Eggsy smiled as you made a quiet noise in your sleep. It was the first night he’d slept at home for weeks and he’d fallen asleep on the sofa with you on his chest. He was all too aware that in a matter of hours Roxy would be calling and Merlin would jet them both off to where ever they were needed.


“Eggsy?” You hummed as your eyes opened sleepily and you smiled brightly.


“You are very beautiful.” He sighed and moved you higher up his chest so he could kiss you.


“And you are very handsome.” You giggled as he grinned and covered you with kisses.

“I know I am, I look better in a suit.” He winked and carried you into the kitchen where he set you down and started rummaging through the cupboards.


“Well you are a tailor so I don’t think it counts.” You said as he yanked open the fridge.


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EXO- When you sing Luhan’s Lu



He would think it’s just a normal song from an American artist. But somehow he thinks he heard this song before.

Blow it like a Flute.??’

Originally posted by yooneroos


He would look at you like you’re crazy ‘Why is she singing THAT song.?…Is it that good.?…what does Blow it like a Flute even-…OOHHH’

Originally posted by oh-prankster


He wouldn’t unterstand what you are singing about but he know’s it sounds familiar…but he doesn’t seem to remember where he heard it before.

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu


Are you serious .? Xiumin would just ignore you XD.But he get’s irritated because you keep singing ‘Blow it like a flute’. So he would tease you ‘So you want to blow it .?’

Originally posted by secrethideoutme


Tao would tell you to sing better songs ( his songs) ‘But I can’t your songs are in chinese…’-’Well try.!’

Originally posted by ky-ngsoo


Luhan would be so proud. He would watch you or sing the song with you.
‘I have such a good girlfriend’

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Over, Pt. 2

Requested by Anonymous: Can you write a part 2 to Over where the reader finds out she’s pregnant?

Over, Pt. 2

“Hi, Y/N.” Spencer said as you walked into the storage garage.

“Spencer.” You nod, then give him no further acknowledgement. You were in there looking for a can of green beans for dinner, not to socialize. And besides, ever since you’d gotten back with Daryl, you were resolved to never become too friendly with Spencer. It would cause too much stress for everyone, so it would be better if you kept your distance from him.

“How’s Daryl?” Spencer asks, but you know that he’s asking about how the relationship is.

“Great.” You mumble, holding up a can of corn and a can of green beans for Olivia to mark down and tried to leave the stores once again.

“Wait.” Spencer reached out to grab your arm. “Can we talk for just a second?”

“About what?” You ask, eyeing the door to your house up the street and wondering how fast you could get there without drawing attention to yourself.

“You know what about.”

“Well then we’re not talking.” You start to turn away again.

“Wait, please!” Spencer grabs your arm tighter. “Didn’t I mean anything to you?”

“I told you before we got into anything that, no, it wasn’t going to mean anything. I’m with Daryl, and you need to leave us alone.” And with that, you quickly skittered back towards your house.

When you got home, Daryl was just returning from his shift on guard duty. “Hey.” He said as he walked into the kitchen, rummaging in the fridge for a snack. “What’d you do today?” He asks, taking a large bite out of an apple.

“I did a shift at the infirmary, and then went to the storage garage to look for dinner supplies.” You say, setting the cans down on the counter as Daryl nods and starts to leave the kitchen. “Spencer was there.” You say, stopping Daryl from leaving.

“Did he give you any trouble?”

“Only the same amount as normal.”

“Maybe I need to go talk to him.” Daryl turns the apple around his hand. “Tell him to knock it off.”

“I don’t think that would do anything.” You say. “He’s persistent. If he was scared of you, he wouldn’t be doing it in the first place.”

“Maybe he’s just not scared yet.” Daryl points out.

You sigh. “I need to tell you something.”

Daryl tensed, worried as to what this conversation transition would bring. “What?”

“I’m pregnant.” You say.

Daryl pauses for a second, then visibly relaxes. “That’s great, isn’t it? We’re going to be a family.”

“Daryl, you and I both know that this math doesn’t add up to you being the dad.” You say, a sad look in your eyes.

“Yes it does. We’re together, we’re getting married, that makes me the dad.” He was trying not to get angry. “I don’t care who the real father is, I care that that’s my kid.”

“I’m worried about Spencer. That’s the point of all this. I’m worried he’s going to try and make a claim for the kid.”

Daryl was working his jaw. “He can’t. It’s our kid. That’s final. He gives you trouble, you come to me. I’ll deal with it.”

Before you could say anything, though, Daryl was leaving the kitchen and shutting the front door to the house behind him.


Spencer was trying to read a book when there was a loud, banging knock on his front door. He marked his page, got up, and opened the door.

“What?” Spencer asked, not mustering up a smile for Daryl.

“We need to have a talk.” Daryl says, crossing his arms and frowning, trying to make himself intimidating.

“I don’t think so.” Spencer says, trying to close the door again.

Daryl sticks his shoe in the doorway and says, “You need to leave Y/N alone.”

“Y/N can associate with whoever she wants to.”

“You’re right. She just doesn’t want to associate with you.”

“How do you know?” Spencer was now trying to match Daryl on being intimidating.

“She told me. So you need to back off.”

“Why? Afraid she’ll chose me over you?”

Now Daryl was fuming. He grabbed the front of Spencer’s shirt and pulled him close. “Look, you little fuck, Y/N’s made her choice. She’s with me and we’re starting a family, so you need to back off and leave us alone.” He gave Spencer a little shove as he let go of his shirt. “Don’t let me catch you near her again.”

He turned and stomped off of the porch, leaving Spencer to do the math on his own about your pregnancy.


[Part One]

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