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BTS Reaction to -

You pulling their hood over their face, kissing them, then running away


Please do bts reacting to you pulling their hood over their face giving them a kiss on the head and running away

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This boy would laugh as he pulled his hood off his head. He wouldn’t chase you or like try to get you, he’d just smile. Then when you weren’t expecting it later on, he’d give you a back hug and then kiss you.

“You do the cutest things jagi.”


He would turn into a mochi, in an instant. His lil’ mochi smile would appear and he’d get all soft. His cheeks would have a slight tint of pink too. Something like that would just make him all soft and happy.

*becomes mochi soft*


Jinnie would be a little extra and do his ‘yahhh’ thing y’know. He would probably chase you around a little and once he caught you he’d kiss you right then and there. However the entire time he was chasing you he’d be yelling some things like;

“You just kissed me! How dare you run and not accept mine!”


Right after you ran off he would start giggling while pulling his hood back. He’d quickly go to chase you, and this would turn into a competition on who can give the most kisses. Once he caught you he’d pick you up, and while spinning you around he’d give you like 1739282 kisses all over your face. 

“I believe I won yet again.”


Joon would be slightly confused at first, only because you caught him off guard. He’d would take the hood off his head and laugh. Later on he would causally bring it up, and kiss you on the cheek as “payback.”

*smooches you on your cheek* “We’re even now”


Instead of chasing you he’d grab you before you were able to run off. He’d pull you into a hug and start giggling like a cute dork. With the hood still over his head he’d start making kissy faces at you, asking begging for more kisses.

“Baby how can you only give me one kiss! You know that’s never enough!”


He would be slightly confused at first but he’d instantly start smiling. He’d watch you run off and shake his head at your cuteness. Later on he’d peck your cheek and ask if you were going to run off again. 

“You’re such a child sometimes jagi, you know that?”

-admins a & jc

ninaaberry  asked:

Hi, Bianca! So I was reading Harry Potter 5 and I found the part when Trelawney says that Harry will die old, be Ministry of Magic and have 12 kids. (Ch. 26) Instantly I picture your Hinny's art (you know, they laughing about it or Gin making a joke) and I thought it would be perfect! So, could you do something like that? 😍😍😍 pleaseeee? I love you ❤️

Hello! hahahaha that would be something they would laugh about. Idk, maybe in the day Lily Luna was born, Harry would be the one who makes the joke: 

“She’s so beautiful. 9 babies to go now, honey”. 

and Ginny looks at him, laughs, but suddenly she gets a little bit worried and whispers “are you serious-” 

“Wait, no. I was joking.”

“Well, the last time I thought you were joking, you actually named our son Albus Severus, so… I just really needed to check.”


Shy shownu is approaching fast. He`d find it super cute that you`d take her to their fan sign. While signing her album he would steal small glances in your direction wanting to say something, compliment you but It just wouldn`t come out so he would settle with one of his adorable smiles and a 

“Thank you for coming to our fan sign.”


The moment he saw you he`d act extra cute to catch you attention. When you finally arrive infront of him together with the little girl you are babysitting he`d ask her lots of questions giving round about compliments to you.

“Does your cute babysitter take good care of you?” 


So confused. He knows he needs to focus on the little exited girl infront of him, but then again there you are and its making it hard for him to think. In his head he`d have a monologue going something along the lines of:

“Oh no, she`s cute. What to do? Do I act sexy? But there`s a little girl, I can`t do that then.” 


He`d try to be cheeky asking if you came as well because you absolutely wanted to meet him or something in that lane. Would probably make you blush. 

“More people should bring pretty babysitters with them to these fan signs.”


Would try to act silly so the little girl but also you would smile. When it works he`d probably be shy as hell but proud as well as he managed to make you smile. He wouldn`t hide his interest in you though and would openly give small flirty looks. 


Jooheon in the beautiful M/V is gorgeous

Cue confident rapper jooheon. His flirty side would come out. Unfortunatly the little girl you`re babysitting would ask for some aeygo and how could he refuse. Right after however he`d try to act tough again, which would just end up making you smile. 


I think Hyungwon might be the most confident and mature in his approach. He`d sweetly sign the little girls album and poster, answering any questions she may have before telling you that he likes how you take care of her and smootly sliding in a few compliments on your looks as well, ending with a flirty:

“I`ll see you again, right?”

Note: Oh my alright, I don`t know but I wasn`t feeling this one a lot. I`m sorry if it`s bad or not what you had expected!

How to be a queen 👸🏻

-appreciate yourself ! confidence is the most powerful look you can wear, and if you want to feel royal, accept your natural beauty
-wear LONG dresses/ robes, if you can get a long silk robe… do it!!!!
-make yourself or find yourself a crown that fits you
-spruce yourself up! dress up for yourself, do your make up, make people want to be you
-be kind, but assertive, always know when to say no
-stick to finer perfumes that last long, they give you a more grown up/ royal feel
-stand up for what you believe in
-wear your hair down or in a fancy updo (you wouldn’t want pigtails, ponytails, or something with a headband)
-take care of your skin!!!
-invest in some beautiful sheets to take artistic selfies of you glowing in them
-speak properly and with appropriate projection
-write fancy letters in beautiful ink
-primp, take a lovely bath with lavender oil

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Idk personally I beleive taking our voices for us and saying a piece of literature is harmful (which bar using a character which could be anti semetic but I don't beleive was as he's not Jewish) is pretty harmful to our community and voices as a whole. You're a big blog with a lot of readers and claiming something is damaging to a group you're not part of is sort of taking a piece of art away from our group and making us feel crap. I think perhaps you've gone to far on this one, sorry.

y’know what whilst i disagree with some of the stuff in this ask i actually think you’re absolutely right, and this is a really valuable piece of criticism.

proposed solution:

from now on, when we get involved in heavy discourse that involves identities we can’t represent (such as jewish people) we’re going to specifically ask our followers/friends who are of that identity for advice to talk about this, and maybe give them a spot to make a post for us.

do you think that would be a better solution to the problem here? send in your thoughts!! i think this could really help discussion as a whole on this blog

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do you have any thoughts on wy and waves not actually discussing 'wayhaught'? The only thing theyve said just the two of them is after willa shot nicole when she said 'she shot my gf' and the times when wynonna is talking about banging the hot readhead/doing all ~that~. I don't want a coming out sad scene or w/e, but wytalking so much about their sex life makes me think that theres something more she isnt saying. (i didnt sent any gooverly asks, but I sent a couple others, sorry if its too much)

You know I was actually thinking about that while making the last gif I posted. I don’t think they’ve spoken about Wayhaught since 1x13 at all beyond mentioning the fact that they’re together.  

I feel like maybe Wynonna is worried that Waverly is falling into the same kind of relationship she had with Champ. Where Waverly enjoyed their sex life, but not much beyond that. Could also be that Wynonna is just feeling extra protective of Waverly considering she’s the only family she’s got left. 

Like in that scene after she finds Wayhaught and Waverly says she’s going to sit and wait for Nicole to be done with work…

you can see that she’s concerned that Waverly’s okay with just sitting around while Nicole does her job.

Most of her reactions to Wayhaught have been because she sees Waverly choosing to hang out with Nicole instead of participating in Black Badge cases like she used to. The scene out of the school really shows that. When Wynonna tells Waverly they need to go to Skip’s house, this is what happens

I think it comes down to this. One part worry that Waverly is becoming complacent, one part upset that her sister isn’t there for her (at the moment) the way she used to be. 

this is so annoying, just because someone just translates a part of he says, it doesn’t mean he actually said those exact words only. there was so much missing so don’t rely on translations to assume something. translations aren’t always correct, nothing comes out perfect when you translation one language to another. i’m not covering it up for him but like i learned korean and japanese to know enough what he says and what he means when he speaks in those languages and translating his contexts into english sounds really off and it comes out in a different meaning. so before you assume something, make sure you know the whole story. nothing is worse than people spreading false info and spreading it 🤦🏻‍

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Hi! Could do write something with Hamburr with "11. Things you said when you were drunk?"

“I’m in love with you.”

Aaron peers over at Alexander, having to stare a little harder than usual to make out his expression in the darkness of the back seat of the cab. But after a few seconds he can see Alexander staring at him with glassy eyes, a dopey smile on his face.

Aaron tries not to laugh.

“I know you do,” he murmurs, reaching out to pat Alexander on the knee. “But thank you for telling me.”

Alexander grabs at Aaron’s hand as he tries to retract it. “No. You don’t get it. Like, I’m in love with you.” He furrows his brows. “Wrong emphasis. I’m in love with you.” Another smile.

“How nice of you,” Aaron says through a laugh, unable to refrain any longer. He twines their fingers together. “But again, I know.”

“I love you so much I want to marry you. I want to wed you, Aaron.”

“Good thing you are then.”

Alexander’s eyes grow wider, and he sits up straighter in his seat, looking at Aaron in amazement. “We’re getting married?” He laughs. “Shit. That’s awesome.”

Aaron rolls his eyes, still finding it strangely endearing how Alexander gets so spacey when he drinks too much. He thought it might grow to be annoying over the years, but it has stayed frustratingly cute, even when it happens because he very stupidly tried to challenge Theodosia to a shot competition. 

“You should have had more to eat,” Aaron says a few minutes later, when Alexander continues to just stare at him. “Or water. You’re going to drink some before going to bed, okay?”

“Uh huh.”

“Stop staring at me.”

“But you’re pretty,” Alexander coos, laughing as he presses a kiss to Aaron’s cheek. “Are you sure we’re getting married? Like you and me? To each other?”

“Well, that’s what you made it sound like when you proposed a few months ago.”

Alexander’s jaw drops. “I proposed? Oh my god. Wow. And you said yes! Wow.” He shakes his head. “I can’t wait till I’m sober so I’ll remember that. I thought it was a dream.”

“It was real,” Aaron tells him, squeezing his hand. “I was a very nice proposal, you should be proud. You can do it again when we get home if you want.”

“Will you still say yes?”

“What’s the fun if I tell you?”

Alexander frowns. “Mean.” He perks up suddenly, leaning in close to Aaron. “Why don’t you propose?” He asks. “Right now. To me. I’ll even say yes, I promise.”

Aaron sighs. “Alexander I-”


“Tomorrow,” Aaron tells him firmly. “In the morning. That way you’ll remember it.”

Alexander narrows his eyes. “You’re just saying that in the hopes that I’ll forget that I asked you after I pass out tonight.” He chuckles when Aaron scowls. “You can’t fool me.”

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t,” Alexander murmurs, lips turning down, but he smiles when Aaron raises their hands to press a kiss to the back of Alexander’s. “Tomorrow, then. You’ll propose tomorrow.”

“I’ll propose every day if you want.”

“Every day forever?”

Aaron laughs. “Sure.”

Alexander hums, moving to rest his head on Aaron’s shoulder. “Every day forever. That sounds nice.”

The rest of the cab ride is silent, Alexander drifting in and out of sleep while Aaron looks out the window, forcing himself to stay awake despite the tiredness starting to seep into his limbs.

They get home a few minutes later, and Aaron manages to get Alexander inside and put to bed a half an hour after they step inside, which is a new record. Usually it takes over an hour, with lots of encouragement or begging.

Aaron doesn’t even remember falling asleep, but suddenly there’s a sharp nudge into his side, and he’s blinking his eyes open to see light spilling into the room. But then Alexander’s face is blocking his view.

“What’re you doing?” Aaron mumbles, trying to push Alexander away, but he doesn’t budge. “Alexander, move.”

“You made me a promise,” Alexander says, smiling down at him, and Aaron groans. “Ha! You did think I’d forget! Well, I didn’t. So go ahead and propose, Mr. Burr. I’m waiting.”

Aaron groans again, rubbing at his eyes. “Alexander,” he sighs. “Will you marry me?” He moves his hands to look up at Alexander’s disappointed face with a smirk. “There.”

“That was the worst proposal ever.”

Aaron chuckles, pushing himself up to capture Alexander’s mouth in a quick kiss. Then he flops back down on the mattress, smiling up at Alexander and reaching out to push some of his hair off of his forehead. 

“Well, then it’s a good thing I’ve got every day forever to practice.”

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Alllright! Can you do a HC for kuroo and tanaka and their s/o who is passionate in art or an artists ?


  • Glad that they’re passionate about something and he’ll support them in any ways he can.
  • He goes shopping with you a lot when you buy new art supplies, so when he wants to get you some new art items, he knows pretty well what you like and doesn’t like.
  • Likes to watch you when you’re in the process of making some new art because he loves how focused you are, plus the art is always just gorgeous.
  • Always offers hugs when you’re mad because your art doesn’t go the way you had hoped it to go. He knows how much work you put into what you do so he always tries to relax you before you get back to it.
  • Whenever you need ideas/help he is willing to give you some input or tell you what you could try to do in the future. He surprisingly has good ideas.
  • He knows you will never leave the room when you’re really in the mood and when you’re working so he’ll bring you food and a drink and even sometimes he’ll feed you because you barely take breaks.
  • Has to remind you to go to sleep and if you accidentally fall asleep while making art, he’ll clean up for you and clean your hands before bringing you to bed.


  • If you’re not working on anything important, he asks if he could work beside you and create some art as well. 
  • He’s a good listener and loves it when you talk about art or even teach him about your favorite tools. 
  • Sometimes he asks if you could make him something and when you do, he keeps it safe forever and time to time he’ll show Noya all the art you’ve given him.
  • Saeko also loves it when you make her stuff too.
  • Tanaka would often take you out on walks so you don’t stay cooped up in the same location for hours without moving or getting fresh air.
  • When he’s very inspired by something you’ve worked on, he decided to surprise you by making something for you as well. It’s quite cute on how determined he is and how much work he put into it.
  • Very good at giving you verbal support and he’s like your own little cheerleader. 
  • When you don’t like something you made he gets confused because he thought it was still pretty cool.

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The Fool The Hierophant The Lovers The Hanged Man The Star *mario noise after he gets a star in super mario 64*

The Fool: Something you’ve always wanted to try

I’ve always wanted to go swimming in the rain haha. Even if it’s just a kiddy pool, I wanna sit submerged as rain falls all around me 😌 The cold the next day is gonna be beast lol

The Hierophant: Something you believe in

You!  And aliens. Both very cool!

The Lovers: A person who makes you very happy

My boyfriend, Leo 💖

The Hanged Man: A time when you wished someone would listen to you

I don’t know, I never really confide in anyone unless they’re very close. And I don’t give advice often or spill my guts or anything haha

The Star: Someone you consider perfect

Him ‘,:3

i love the quiet ways people say i love you. the waiting to watch something so you can see it together. the photos of things they saw during the day that reminded them of you. the way they’ll stay up late because they know you can’t sleep. sending gifts to make you smile. remembering your favorite anything and taking you to see it to say they care. making time in their schedule to see you, to message you. asking if you got home safe. texting you when you’re feeling anxious and ostracized so you’re a little less alone. helping you study. reminding you its okay to stay home when you’re ill. 

i love people and i love they way they speak to me in volumes without ever making a single sound. there’s so much beauty in the way that someone hugs you just a little tighter before they say goodbye. in the way that a caring and open heart can drown out every word.

i’ll never not cherish that.

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what's your opinion on self diagnosis?

i try very hard to avoid doing it to myself personally because i think when you’re feeling like shit or disconnected or anything like that you try to find reasons why. you try to make sense out of it and so you look at any possible reasons you can and try to tell yourself its just a condition that you need medical help for instead of something thats only there because of your life at the moment. my approach is generally that if i feel strongly enough about a possible condition that i’m almost certain that i have it, i still dont know for sure enough to say i have it until i talk to a professional about it. i know i experience a lot of social anxiety and anxiety in general but i dont feel comfortable with saying i have an anxiety disorder until i get it confirmed by someone with the qualifications to do so, for example. 
that being said, this is only for me. if someone tells me they have depression, or anxiety, or anything else in the same wheelhouse, i wouldnt doubt it for a second because i dont and cant know more about what goes on in their head than they do. plus, its very possible that they cant get a professional opinion just because of their personal situation so it’d be incredibly unfair to say that they dont have the thing they have because they havent seen a professional about it. this answer is about my own approach to it, nothing more.

Growing up I had very tough Ramadans and eids to the point where every year I never look forward to either of them. It gives me anxiety, sadness and grief. My heart never really healed from those past events, it’s a hard pill to swallow and look forward to it. I grief so much over the past, accepting Allah’s decree is the hardest thing for me, looking over what others have and just drowning in sadness. Every year this time I sit in sadness and grief over something, I just want the time to pass quickly. I never enjoy Eid, I never have. And Ramadan just feels like a chore; I have barely experienced a Ramadan where I was excited about it. It’s always been so much to bear with; every year getting ready & pretending to be happy when you’re just really sad. It makes you wonder will I ever be happy? I’ve never had a Eid where I was actually happy. I don’t know when was the last time I was genuinely happy.

god okay so i have to replay yume nikki again (oh no… the horror……. me? having to replay one of my favorite games????????) and??? it’s making me remember all the places that you can just tell… were supposed to be Something for the next update… at this point i have to face that we’ll never see another update and that thinking too hard abt it is just gonna drive me wild but like… the blob in the sewers??? that one guy in the teleport maze??? the face lying underneath all the dudes in that room in the numbers world???????? DENSE WOODS????????? kikiyama i’m begging u i gotta know what you were thinking when you made all that

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I'm confused about this initiation process? What exactly is it? How did you get into it? What is it for? If you don't want to answer, I understand, but I would love to know (not because I want to do it as it sounds painful and unpleasant, but just to know I guess, I don't know how to explain it...)

I’m making a big post, but I’ll try to give some basic points. 
Spirit initiation is the process when the spirits of a tradition fully bring someone to walk their path. 
It is in essence a destruction of the old to pave the way for what will be. 
I’m specifically talking about witch initiation, so we’ll go from that. 
This is not something found in modern witchcraft. It is a folkloric concept found in traditional witchcraft. 
Spirits clear out the bits of you that keep you from walking the Crooked Way. Some say that these are the most ‘human’ or civilized bits. 
They chew you up and spit you out a witch. 
The initiation is often led by the Devil, though he is not the only one who can initiate. Dead witches, ancestors, spirits of the Land, and a handful of deities can do it as well. 
It is after this process, in folklore anyway, that someone is a properly a witch. They gain their familiar and their power, or in the case of those with the witch-blood, their powers are awakened from slumber. 
The witch is also bound to the path and the spirits that initiated them. No, it’s not selling one’s soul (though I’m sure the spirits wouldn’t refuse it if you offered), but they become a part of you and vice versa. 

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Hey, do you know why are they visiting their old schools? Are they filming something?

There’s been a lot of rumors about them filming something but nothing confirmed. They said in an interview recently that basically they’re always being filmed for a documentary to come out one day but who knows when!! This entire tour either Marcus Haney or Mat Whitecross can be seen following the band and filming their every move so ya!! Make of that what you will

- syd

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Enough fans have cropped Tobias or other people out of pics and videos for gifs, or manipulated photos so that Sam is standing next to Caitriona cause they are interested in them and what they think they see between them. These fans are now complaining that you made gifs of Sam without her in it when you have a Sam blog? Sounds hypocritical to me. Don't let this get to you and carry on as great as you've done till now. Your blog is one of my favorites.

I don’t know who is talking badly about me, as I said several times I don’t read other blogs. Sometimes I get warned about something, but it’s all.

If a blog is dedicated to Sam and Caitriona it’s normal to cut Tobias, as it’s normal for me to make gifs just about Sam, since my blog is dedicated to him.

However, I’m not here to argue with Outlander’s fandom if they want to talk badly about me, they’re welcome, I don’t care.
I have clean conscience, I’m in good faith.
I’m here for Sam, I public articles about him, his tweets, or tweets about him or his character, photos, fan pics or selfies. I’m not here to discredit the other blogs, I’ve never made names. 

If Sam writes that he is in Scotland and then I read that it’s not true, if I can, I’ll intervene. It is a duty to my followers to whom I have always guaranteed clarity. I always publicize the stamps and the source links. These are not my opinions (if I want to give my opinion I add “probably”). The misinformation is not speculation, is to give information that is not true, and that’s not good.

This is the only thing that interests me, then if someone wants to believe in unicorns and Santa Claus is not my business.

ps. thanks for following my blog  :***

look honestly the first time i kissed a girl was like, fun and hot and a little nerve-wracking but also it was legitimately a healing experience for me

so like if you’re some kind of girl and you haven’t kissed a girl but you want to  just… don’t worry. nothing’s gonna smite you. it’s not wrong, and there’s no punishment. you’ll kiss a girl, and the worst thing that can happen is that you won’t know where to put your hands or what to do with your tongue – and figuring that stuff out is awkward but also fun 

when you spend your whole life hating yourself for wanting to do something and then you do it and nothing bad happens, maybe that’s the first time you really believe that it isn’t wrong. it just makes you happy and maybe turns you on. nothing bad’s gonna happen because you don’t deserve anything bad to happen because you’re not doing something wrong

Darth Maul Imagine : Son with ADD

( I tried on this one but if I got anything wrong please let me know so I can fix it! )

* Your and Maul’s son had attention deficit disorder. You two made sure to help him the best you could.

* Maul tried to make things as interesting as he could so as not to lose your your son’s focus. Sometime when your son would get distracted Maul might lose his patience but he’d take a few breaths and calm down. They were both learning.

* Anytime you saw something your son had misplaced for school you’d give it back and tell to make sure he remembered you take it the next day.

* One time your son wandered off while you three were out and Maul freaked out until you found him. That night you had to comfort Maul that he wasn’t a bad dad.

* Lots of hugs!

* You both helping him with his homework.

* You like to sneak pictures of the two of them being cute together.

* If Maul ever tries to train with his son he does multiple rounds of different activities and hopes he’ll like that better.

* You three love each other very much and you love your little family.