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I feel like the thing about Ereri is that Eren doesn't look like he's that young and Levi doesn't look like he's that old (I showed a bunch of people a pic of Levi and I asked them what they thought Levi's age would be and none of them said anything over 25) and when people ship, they don't take in consideration the age or the age gap because it seems unimportant. Some of the people who ship Ereri ship it because it just makes sense in their heads and not because they think of the age gap

Yeah, I think that might be true. Especially in anime age gaps aren’t often as ‘visible’ as in other forms of media. But I think the part about people not taking the age gap into consideration is what makes people dislike the shippers, because it seems like they just don’t care and feel like it doesn’t matter, when it’s something you should definitely reflect on (like all other kinds of stuff in the media you consume, but you know what I mean). Personally I don’t share that sentiment, because as long as you don’t excuse or defend the age gap as being super healthy or even legal or whatever I assume you know what you’re doing there. What I also think is funny is that I heard it quite some times now, that ereri shippers harassed rivamika shippers for shipping an age gap ship haha

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I was thinking about something this morning and I wanted to ask you; If you wanted to be the demigod of any god, not just Greek gods like Percy Jackson, what god would it be?

Well, all I know about Gods are about greeks, so I am kinda limited to them anyways :D 

When it’s about what I WANT: Athena, Aphrodite and Persephone are my girls, but I don’t have any traits that could point to that. 

What would make most sense: Probably Apollo, because I am an artist and he is kinda the dude for art and stuff like that :) Also a part of my family is working in medical jobs, so that points to him too. 


ok re:dentist i called back, & it went to voicemail again, so i figure you’re right, maybe they’re just having a super busy day or something. so, i found another one with really good reviews (keywords: ‘didn’t make me feel ashamed for not seeing a dentist in a long time’, ‘made me feel very comfortable’) 

& the lady who answered was incredibly kind even with my voice being all wavery & when i went to start spelling my last name (very not common, eleven letters long) you know i usually pronounce it & then immediately start spelling it out by default, she stopped me after the first two & said ‘i know how to spell that name! are you from guilford?… i went to school with your brother jeff…& actually your nephew was in a couple months ago at a different location…

small fucking world. 

i’m going in tomorrow. 

in other news, oh FUCK i’m going tomorrow

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What if S and M bros S/O accidentally used there shampoo and the bros noticed? Sorry I don't have good english.

Your English is fine hun!


Shu - He actually uses the same shampoo as you because he’s too lazy to pick out something different for himself so it wouldn’t be different to him.

Reiji - He likes that you smell like him but he prefers you to have a different smell than him… plus his shampoo makes your hair dull and lifeless looking.

Ayato - I actually happy since you smell like him. “Now everyone will know who you belong to!”

Kanato - “Our prey smells nice today don’t they Teddy?” Kanato is very happy about the mistake and wants you to keep on using his shampoo. Plus floofier hair for you!

Laito - Okay he thinks it sexy when you wear his shirts but you using his shampoo is the best thing ever at that moment.

Subaru - “You smell different… Oh, by accident? N-no I think it’s c-cute that you smell like me.” Stop him from rambling please.


Ruki - “Livestock, you smell like your master why is that?” He’d actually take the mistake with stride and make sure to keep your bottle separate from his now on since you hair looks terrible when you use his.

Kou - “Hey Masokitty don’t you smell good! Hmm. the smell doesn’t suit you though.” He prefers you to smell different from him but he understands the mistake… he’s still gonna tease you though.

Yuma - He doesn’t really care and shrugs it off even though he thinks it’s hot that you smell like him. It’s almost like how you smell after you to do that thing with his [CENSORED]… Yuma you were the good one.

Azusa - You and Azusa share shampoo since he doesn’t really know what to look for, plus he’s fine with anything.

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Could you tell me a bit about when to cut out characters? Like some of my characters are there to create conflict or others just because they are part of the family. And when should you leave out a relationship? I’m thinking about two people having an affair that would cause some conflicts but don’t know if I should leave it out or not. Do you have any advice on these topics?

At the heart of every good story is a protagonist who wants something. The events of the story chronicle the protagonist’s attempts to get that thing. The antagonist/s throw obstacles in their path to make it harder for them. That said, every character in the story should play into this in some way. They should do at least one of the following:

- help the protagonist in their attempt to reach their goal, meaning that they provide them with: physical assistance/support, important knowledge or information, emotional guidance or moral support, or help keep them on the right path

- make it harder for the protagonist to reach their goal by throwing obstacles in their way. Most of the time this would be an antagonist, but sometimes well meaning characters create obstacles, too. For example, the protagonist’s parent might ground them in an attempt to protect them, but also creating an obstacle toward the character’s goal. 

- provide the reader with information about the protagonist or the setting that the protagonist can’t, for whatever reason, provide. This includes characters that bring out certain aspects of a character that are somehow important to the story.

- serve an important but minor role, like a server delivering drinks at an inopportune time, or a teacher lecturing at the front of the classroom when your protagonist walks in late.

-  aesthetically important role, like being the old grump who lives next door to the character’s grandmother, who is just there to give the setting some character and provide a little comic relief. These characters fill out your world, giving it dimension and making it more realistic.

If you can look at a character and say, “This character serves no useful purpose in my story,” don’t bother with them. Same goes for relationships. If the relationship doesn’t add something to the story–doesn’t have an impact on what happens in some way, there’s no reason to spend time on it. Unless it’s just a minor thing that gets mentioned because it adds depth to your story’s world. Then it’s fine, but don’t spend a lot of time on it. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

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Ive noticed that when you write about the signs you sometimes alternate between masculine and feminine descriptions, is there a reason behind that or do the signs sometimes speak to you as masculine or feminine voices? Thank you cherry <3

i know… its something ive sort of tried to stop really, i guess i experiment with ways of writing…but a lot of things just outpour, by he, she, you mean… but a lot of this is unconscious, on another level truly what i want is for people to understand they are both, only through recognising the polarity in our make up, the duality of masculine and feminine that swirls in luscious inner or outer creativity, these both exist in everyone, when the roman catholics turned religion into a strict patriarchy, part of the divine feminine was suppressed from nature and the imbalance began, the Goddess once worshiped never appeared, for it was all ‘Our Father’, and ‘He shall come’ etc;. this divine feminine is beginning to stir. It needs to be bought into awareness.  thank you for reading my blog <3 C

Blood status in Harry Potter

I’m just quite annoyed today and really want to get this from my chest. @itsmusicalphan24601 helped me to write this:)

So I want to rant about the importance of the blood status in the Harry Potter fandom.

Recently I stumbled across a lot of OC characters where the first thing that is mentioned to describe them is their blood status (pure blood, muggle born…). Most people chose to make their OC’s purebloods and seem to be quite proud about it too. People seem to care a lot about “their” blood status or of their OC’s. They make polls about it and even rate how big of a HP fan you are by your blood status or magical abilities (you know the thing with you are the biggest fan when you’re a pureblood:

which indicates that purebloods are “better” than half bloods or muggle borns)

Some polls even ask you what you are like it is something you could chose (how would I know what blood status I would have if I was in the Harry Potter universe? It’s different than being sorted into a house by your personality) and they even use the term “MUDBLOOD” for muggleborns! How ignorant can you be!?!?

It could be that I’m maybe a little bit oversensitive in this matter as I come from Germany and we learn a lot about the history of Germany and the Nazi regime, but it really worries me that people glorify and overhype the blood status in HP that much.

First of all rating someone by their blood status is OBVIOUSLY treated like something really negative in the books. So we have Hermione to prove that the blood status doesn’t matter at all and people who think blood status is really important are all portrayed as quite evil or at least as an antagonist (Lucius, Draco, …FREAKING VOLDEMORT). How can people who claim to be part of this fandom still glorify that or still treat it as it is something really important?!

Furthermore I think the similarities between Hitler and Voldemort are quite obvious ( and I really believe that was intentional by JK Rowling). I mean Voldemort wants to erase all people with a “lower” blood status and so rates people by blood status (reminds you of something?). Hitler did something quite similiar by rating “ariers” the superior “race” and Jews the “lowest race” (which is obviously complete rubbish, it’s sad that I even feel that I have to explain that). Do I have to go on with that? I think it’s clear what I want to say here…

I don’t know if it’s just due to naivety that people write something like that (but come on who in their right mind would actually use the term mudblood?? I mean REALLY?) Sometimes I get the feeling that people just claim to be in the HP fandom without even understanding the books at all ( and no knowing what the Dursleys ate for breakfast in some book doesn’t equal being a “good” HP fan!). Some so called fans don’t even understand main themes about the books. Don’t let me get started about understanding characters which seems to be equally difficult ( I mean that’s the main problem why so many people hate cursed child and think that everyone is Ooc). It’s actually sad that JK wrote such a beautiful story and characters but many people just don’t understand them:( But I think that’s a general problem in the fandom…

I know a lot of people don’t mean it in a bad way when they say their Oc is a pureblood, but in my opinion it’s just wrong to focus on that so much (I mean even the term pureblood itself indicates that they have a “purer” and so “better” blood). Ratings like that shouldn’t be promoted and honestly shouldn’t even exist anymore (I mean we must learn something from our past!). It just worries me how carelessly people use these terms…

Maybe I’m making this a bigger problem than it actually is, but I just had to say it!

Life (2017) Review

Life is a sci-fi horror in which the crew of a Space Station get attacked by an alien life form. If you think this premise sounds familiar, it’s because it does. We’ve seen this movie before back when it was called Alien and directed by Ridley Scott. Having said all this, is Life a good movie? Well it’s not bad, but that’s it.

This movie was written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernic, the duo who brought us Deadpool and Zombieland. They make a good pair of writers and I’m glad to see they dipped their toes in another genre besides comedy. It’s proof you actually got talent when you go out of your comfort zone to create something. The script is really decent, with some good character development and some nice thrills.

Speaking of the characters, the movie is led by the Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds and Rebecca Ferguson trio. Each one of them brings out what they know best. Ryan Reynolds is for the most part the comedic relief (also good collaborator with the writers), Rebecca Ferguson does her best after stealing the show in the last Mission Impossible and Gyllenhaal is the perfect lead for this, playing the loner who would take space everyday over Earth.

Being a horror/thriller set inside a closed environment, of course you need an antagonist. And the life form who attacks the crew has a nice design to it, but it’s completely CGI and sometimes the effects don’t look all that good. I miss the days when they dressed a person in a suit and he would run around the set terrorizing the actors. It’s not that scary when you know the actors are staring at nothing the whole time.

Overall, the movie falls in a genre we’re already way too familiar with, and, even though it’s not bad, we did not really need this. It brings nothing new to the table, but if you want to see a nice homage to a classic like Alien, you should try this one. Just lower your expectations a bit. I give Life a 7 out of 10.

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TFW you finally get to talk with your mom about the abuse she put you through under the mantle of "making you behave normal" and she flat out says "You can't blame me for hitting you/isolating you/unreasonably punishing you for something I didn't know you had" and she then continues to pretend she would have been supportive of your behaviour if she had known though you remember her throwing a fit when someone implied you might be autistic while you were young - ♧☆

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RFA, V and Saeran with aromantic MC? Im just really in the mood for some platonic fluff.

Nah man, I feel. 


  • Honestly he probably feels like he did something wrong when they’re a bit more distant from him and not in the “you’re just saying that because you don’t like me” way but more in the “i don’t know what I did, but if I hurt your feelings in any way or upset you at all please let me know because I want to make things better” kind of way 
  • He really is perfectly fine with it in fact, it really helps to know that he didn’t do something wrong
  • He asks a lot of questions, but they come from a place of genuinely wanting to understand and known more as opposed to trying to be rude about it 
  • I mean, this is Yoosung we’re talking about, I can’t see him ever being intentionally rude


  • She’s fine with it honestly
  • It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s somewhere on the aro scale herself with how her good route ended, but even if she’s not, she’s perfectly fine with it. 
  • She just likes spending time with them honestly, whatever makes them most comfortable is obviously great 
  • She’s a really sweet, kind of understanding person, where if someone’s being rude to MC, she’s probably just make them their favorite drink and make sure they’re comfy and taken care of before going to have a calm conversation with whoever’d messed with them


  • This man in unaware that this is actually a thing. 
  • It’s not like he has any sort of problem with it. He’s just, genuinely unaware that it’s even a thing
  • He’d be interested in learning about it honestly and does a lot of research (okay honestly one of the main ways to tell that he really cares about something is when he researches it on his own as opposed to making Jaehee or someone else do it for him
  • He gets so excited when he finds out something new and would definitely tell MC even if they already knew, he’s kind of like an excited kid when it comes to showing them what he’s learned


  • He’s always so flirtatious, but I swear, the moment he figures out they’re aro (and figures out what that means) he drops that entirely until he’s sure MC’s okay with it
  • He just wants them to be comfortable
  • If they are okay with him flirting he’ll definitely continue to do, but in a much more subdued way
  • Insists that they tell him if anything makes them uncomfortable 
  • If anyone dares try and mess with them he’s ready to fight


  • He actually is familiar with most terms in the LGBT+ community, so he’s like, the main guy here who doesn’t have to go to Wikipedia for an explanation 
  • again, kind of the same as Zen, he’ll stop flirting with them until he’s sure they’re okay with it
  • Always adds on to the end when he flirts with them
  • “I wanna marry you at the space station…As a friend.” 
  • “No romo” 
  • “I love you…but like, platonically”  
  • But honestly, he’s super sweet about it 


  • He obviously still cares about Rika despite everything that happened, so I can’t see him looking to MC right away in a romantic way at least
  • He’s really fine with anything, 
  • He doesn’t care about who they are or are not attracted to in any way (like not in a rude way, at all, he just doesn’t really think it’s any of his business)
  • That doesn’t have anything to do with who they are as a person and it’s obvious what a great person 
  • He cares so much about everyone in the RFA and they’re definitely included. 


  • He has absolutely no clue what you’re talking about and honestly it doesn’t bother him one bit when he finds out
  • It doesn’t affect who they are so everything’s fine
  • He doesn’t really say much when they first bring it up to him, because honestly it’s not like he has anything against it. 
  • He’s probably not going to be comfortable with a relationship for quite some time after everything he’s been through. Not having to think about the whole romantic relationship vs. friendship thing with them when he spends time with them would honestly be really helpful as he got closer to them 
  • A few days later he’d just quietly come over to them and be like, “I don’t know how this whole aromatic thing works, and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything, but we can still have our weekly ice cream dates, right?”
  • Do I even have to point out how protective he is? They’re probably like, the first person he’s really ever cared about and had care about him in return. 
  • He’d protect them to the death. 

so, i’m!! curious about something!! i’d like to know how many of my mutuals have read the book. there’s no judgment whatsoever if you haven’t read it, of course — i’m asking this solely for my own curiosity, not to make anyone feel bad!! it also helps when approaching people for plotting, since i never want to end up overexplaining to someone who’s read the book themselves or underexplaining to someone who hasn’t. so — if you HAVE NOT read the book, give this post a like, and if you HAVE read the book, reply to the post saying so!! like i said, i’m merely curious, and you certainly don’t have to take part in this if you’d prefer not to, of course. i just think it’d be fun to see!!

Last night I had to stop myself from slipping into Solas’ voice while writing Jaal, since I’ve been writing Solas almost every day for the past two years and my brain has hard-wired to emotional distance and repression. I actually had to chastise myself at one point for trying to make the cinnamon roll dodgy and pedantic. Stop ruining everything you asshole. 

I’m trying to take a break but it’s so telling to me how many exclusionists do not give a shit about our boundaries and when you call them out on an -ism they will go “WELL BUT ACE TUMBLR—”

Like listen I know you all’d like to be immune from criticism until the ace and aro communities become absolutely perfect, but talk about ppl not taking responsibility for shit and being unwilling to address problems in their communities. The absolute irony

Like honestly the shittiest reaction to being called out is to shrug it off and/or to make it about someone/something else to distract from the fact that you just seriously messed up

The anti-ace/aro crowd is the most toxic mess and they try to hide all their problems and -isms under the problems and -isms of other ppl

Having an abled bodied person say “you should have pushed through!” when your illness keeps you from going to something important is just astounding.

I “push through” every single day of my life, even days where I only get up to get water. It makes me SO upset when I have to stay home from events because of my body. Making me feel guilty about it is a special level of assholery.

You don’t know what it takes for me to cancel plans. Your life experiences are not mine. Stop policing my illness.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I thought I queued this post last week but it hasn’t even posted🤦🏻‍♀️ anyway, I’m taking a break from here, I don’t know when I’ll be back but I hope soon In Shā Allāh.

Anons, I know I still haven’t answered some of you who asked for advice, forgive me, I’ll get back to you all when I can In Shā Allāh. Just know that there are so many beautiful souls here you can speak to and I’m sure they’ll do their best to help you.

Take care of yourselves, take care of your īmān, take care of your hearts and make the most of your time while this ‘time’ is something you still have.

My precious sisters, if you need me for anything, you can contact either @akhirattalab
or @diaryofaniqaabi and they’ll let me know♥️

I ask Allāh ‘azza wa jal, The One in Whose Hand is our souls and The One in Whose Control is our every affair, to bless you and protect you and to make each of your days and nights full of barakah and goodness, and I ask that He, ‘azza wa jal is pleased with you, Allāhumma Āmīn.

I leave you in the care of Allāh, wa assalāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi wa barakātuh.

— Your Sister Umm Turāb al-Banghāliyyah.

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I bet when you started the fic and thought of all the angst decisions​ you were gonna make and how they might be received you never thought the nice dog fluff relief was gonna be so controversial. XD

Of all the things I’ve cut/tweaked before publishing, I never thought letting the dog die of old age was something I assumed I should have revisited. Like…the story spans over twenty years. Y'all want the dogs to be alive the entire time? I know it happens in the future but I don’t think evolution has gotten there by the 2030s.

Me: “In the original version Jake got a headshot and it basically went boom and all his brain gunk got on Lexa.”
Y'all: “Why wouldn’t you give us that?! Don’t censor yourself???? I’m an angst slut. Gimme dark! Give me pain!!!”

Me: “Yeah the dogs die of old age after living long happy lives with the family.”


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okay let's say the chocobros have a s/o with a little loud or "explosive" laughter (well, you understand, not a cute giggle), one day someone tells her that she has a terrible and ugly laugh. She is very upset because of this and generally finds herself ugly when she laughs and tries to restrain herself

I feel this post so much ~ Lykos


  • He’s gonna notice that you’re not laughing as much.
  • But he won’t know until he hears it himself when he was coming to visit you at work.
  • He’s gonna glare at them as he takes you to another room to praise your laugh and tell you just how perfect you really are.


  • He’s gonna hear it when he’s coming to bring you something you forgot at home and he won’t like it one bit.
  • He’s gonna but in on the conversation and just hound them before taking you away.
  • He’s gonna make you laugh until your side hurts, you hear me. He wants to hear that perfect laugh of yours.


  • He’s gonna notice the change in how you laugh and how much you do it as well as covering up your lips when you’re doing so.
  • He’s gonna know instantly and go off to find the person who put you down and give them hell before returning to you.
  • He’ll hold you close and explain to you that you’re perfect in every way, and even learning a small side of Gladio that’s a little insecure about his laugh.


  • He notices how you’re covering your mouth when laughing or just not laughing at all like Gladio.
  • He’ll ask you about it over dinner or something and his heart will break when you tell him.
  • He’ll start to list off why he finds your laugh perfect and beautiful while trailing kisses up your arms and neck.

I feel more confident in my laugh now \(>u\\)/ ~Lykos

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As a female duo trying to create something different ourselves, we'd like to ask all of you if there's any advice you could give to all the young artists out there, or if there's something you wished you had known when you were still far from where you are now. Thank you c:

In today’s world, I think it’s very important for any creative person to take their online presence very seriously.  I’m not sure if that’s something they teach in schools these days, but I know when I started out there weren’t any self-branding classes or marketing classes for artists.  So, first thing is I’d make sure you have a website with a very strong with a diverse portfolio, a tumblr page you update regularly, and perhaps even a DeviantArt page.  I’d also make sure you showcase a mix of mainstream sequential work, as well as the artwork that is unique to you, or that you might call “different”.  By showcasing sequential work in various genres and styles, you are showing people how diverse you can be, and that you are a potential candidate for various different job opportunities.  Obviously, the more diverse your portfolio, the more opportunities you open yourself up to.  Developing your personal style as artists is what will ultimately differentiate you from the crowd, so always take risks with your art and showcase those things too.  There is a famous saying amongst writers that is “one for me, and one for you.”  What it basically means is alternate between creating things that are considered mainstream and things that are more personal to you.  This way you are staying open to new job opportunities while still working towards defining your personal brand and finding your unique voice.  Hope that helps!

1 - One thing that stopped me from progressing as quickly as I think I could have, was the weight of self-doubt. I had allowed circumstance and nay-Sayers to discourage me from being the best me possible. That is just their fear being projected on to you. This is your path. Be the author of it. [ but you’ll doubt along the way. artist are sensitive ]
2 - Do not compare yourselves to those who you feel are better than you, other than to motivate you to be as skilled in your craft as they are in theirs. You get better as you go along. So the 1st time won’t be perfect but you will be better by the end of it.
3 - Understand how the business works. We spend so much time focusing on how to be the best creator possible, that the ways to financially nourish and expand our endeavors get overlooked.
4- We as creators all have our big MAGNUM OPUS with a million characters that we want to create. It is best to start small and accomplish many small goals, then expand each time to something greater.
5 - Media presence is vital. Think of your work like a brand. Pick a few colors as your scheme and consider the graphic design surrounding your projects, Website, business cards, fliers, stickers, platforms and banners, a unified design. Simple is best. Leave the complicated stuff for your art.
6- We assume there are impossible obstacles stopping us from making the things we want. They are just moments to remind us of our ability to overcome. If there is no way, then make your own way. don’t worry or complain about it. That’s energy that could be spent creating a new avenue. You’re filling a need! That is the heroes journey after all.
7 - Be good to other creators. You will be working with your friends and associates. Many won’t like you. Many will love you. Some will say terrible things about you. Don’t worry about it. Those who truly know who you will support you!
8 - Have FUN! Make your creation process a ritual. Put on good music. Go for a walk. Move your body before you sit down to create. It will put you in a great state of mind to give to your art.




I stick by my theory that Akko and Diana will be Chariot and Croix 2.0