you know when you feel like there's someone behind you

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Im Asian and I feel so out of touch with my culture. Cantonese was my first language and I used to be fluent in it, but when I was put into a school where everyone spoke English I just... Forgot it. And I'm always worried when I have kids of my own I won't be able to cook traditional food if I don't find someone Asian because they won't like it. There's wasn't any actual reason behind this, I just needed to rant to someone

I understand you so much. This is felt by so many Asian diaspora it’s unbelievable. I used to know 4 languages and then I moved to Australia I only managed to retain two – English and Bengali.

However, it’s never to late for you to reclaim your culture and relearn your language and get back to your roots if you want to. It’s awful feeling out of touch with your culture, and it’s a feeling we all as Asian diaspora can bond on!

-mod N