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I have a lil hope that those scenes will be use somewhere else. But idk, still I'm mad -.-

Unfortunately I highly doubt the deleted footage will be used in another film. That’s not something usually done with movies. 

Unless they do a new home release (which they have no reason to) I sadly don’t think we’re ever gunna see any more footage :( 

MAYBE if we’re incredibly lucky, WB might do another TV special and include some more footage. I doubt it, but I feel like that’s the last possible option. 

things I learned actors don’t know: the tech world is very competitive. think about it, the cast can be five or fifty people but there’s only one lighting designer or one stage manager. and we can’t walk in and audition for the part, we have to network. even, like, rigging, the same small group of people can rig all the theatres in the area for every show. 
lesson for technicians: get to know the cast, let them know what you do and how well you do it. because they have good memories and can get you jobs in the future. 

a few makeup tips!

maybe you’re trans, maybe you’re just new to makeup for other reasons, maybe you just wanna know some good makeup sources. well, no matter what the reason, i’m here to help with a few entry-level makeup tips!

  • drug store makeup is not inherently bad. yes, a lot of the cheap stuff is comparatively low-quality, but some of it is quite good! i especially recommend wet n wild for matte lipstick–they have some really excellent matte lippies for like, three bucks a tube, tops. the only bummer is that the casing is kinda shoddy, though, so losing lids is a very real risk. still, they’re worth checking out. they also make some pretty nice eyeshadow palettes! 
  • gel eyeliner is my personal favorite liner style–it’s way easier to apply than liquid liner, and way more precise than stick liner. it can run comparatively pricey (in comparison to liquid and stick, that is), but it’s one of those cases where i’d say the extra few bucks is worth it, especially since a little bit of it goes a long way. (if you lose your brush, i’ve found that thin cheapo paintbrushes–unused otherwise, of course–work pretty well!)
  • while ulta sells a lot of high-end fancy expensive makeup, they also have a lot of more affordable stuff, much of it quite good! i have a few eyeshadow palettes by makeup revolution that i got there–lots of very nice eyeshadow (plus a mirror!), and those palettes generally run under 20 bucks. so if you want a wide variety of eyeshadows, that’s a good one to look at. they also sell stuff by nyx, which is fairly affordable and pretty high-quality as a rule!
  • sales are your friend. it’s not unheard of to be able to find high-end makeup for a lot cheaper during sales–i got an urban decay lipstick for 10 bucks (they’re normally 20) during a macy’s sale!
  • the absolute best time to get large quantities of affordable makeup is around christmas–generally any time between november and january. it’s very easy to find gift sets, both at drug stores and dedicated makeup stores, that will save you a lot of money and often last you a long time!
  • makeup tutorials are pretty easy to find, both on youtube (if you’re able to follow video tutorials–i’m not, personally, but i know a lot of people can) and tumblr, as well as other websites! 
  • take care not to use certain makeups past the expiration date (generally the packaging will tell you how long you can keep the makeup before needing to toss it). this is especially vital with mascara–i’ve heard horror stories there.

if anyone else has stuff they wanna add, please feel free!

I hope no one minds if I have a lil rant

you know what really sucks? when you find a genuinely good writer who’s getting bigger and bigger and gaining the recognition they deserve, but then their personality does a total 180 and they start getting cocky. their writing starts suffering because all they really care about is the fame and getting hits/notes/etcetc, so they start producing stuff that is, quite frankly, terrible fan service. and you’re scared to confront them, because not only do they have the potential to rip you to shreds (and probably will), but they have a scarily loyal fanbase who will follow them to the death.

I guess if they have fans they must be doing something right. it just really sucks to see. or maybe I’m the one who’s changed, and their writing has always been this way.

I just really hope I never get like that and become a cocky piece of trash rather than a squealing, annoying piece of trash, and if I do then you all have permission to slap the shit out of me. I never want to lose the fuzzy feeling (or, in other words, the absolute brain malfunction) I get when someone says they like my stuff.

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What are some placement that would make someone easily bored with their everyday life??? (I'm not sure if I explained that good sorry but I hope you know what I mean!💖)

  • Gemini in the 6th House - short attention span, need for variety
  • Aquarius in the 6th House - lots of change, routine bores them
  • Scorpio in the 6th House - everyday work can seem shallow to these people
  • Uranus in the 6th House - lots of unpredictable change in work
  • Mercury in the 6th House - lots of speed and quickness in work, can lead to variety in work and massive productivity
  • Pluto in the 6th House - lots of extremes in work

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Alya and Adrien bonding over their mutual love of ladybug

“Alright I will trade you 3 binders and a thermos for your extra limited edition collectible poster.” 

“No go Cesaire, you know what I want,” Adrien grinned, “you want the goods you gotta deliver.” 

“Come on, it will take me weeks to find another one of these jackets in an adult size!” 

“And I’ll be 20 before my father lets me buy clothes off the rack, so do we have a deal or not?” 

“Alright you win, now lets talk about those collectible action figures.”

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i wanna start watching mbmbam and taz but i don't know where to start, there's so much stuff!!! do you know what would be a good starting point??

if you aren’t already in to the mcelroy stuff, maybe start with monster factory? thats the most popular thing that justin and griffin do i think. this is the first mcelroy thing i ever experienced:

then maybe the mbmbam show! you can watch all season 1 for just 4 dollars on seeso. its 6 episodes and god its worth it its so fucking funny. that will get you warmed up to travis and clint too, when i first started listening to taz i had trouble differentiating travis’ and justin’s voices so maybe if you see the voice with the face its better? idk

then you’re ready for taz. or you can just jump right in with episode one. theres like 57 episodes of taz now but just pace yourself and listen in order and its good

PERSONALLY im like, theres no way im gonna ever listen to ALL of the mbmbam podcast, theres just too much, but theres not really any continuity there so i just listen to the new episodes and occasionally look thru the archives when i need something to listen to

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I need help. I'm constantly in my head and overthink things that cause me to become sad. I'm 20. Don't know who I wanna be and what I wanna do in this life. I feel so stuck and I'm scared im gonna let everyone down. I'm trying to trust in God but I have to make decisions soon and I'm so overwhelmed. I have no friends because they all went off to college while I stayed at the community college. I need help.

Trust in the Lord. He knows what is best for you and as long as you are obedient then Gods will for your life will work out. Seek God for those decisions you have to make, He knows whats best for you and remember that everything works out for the good. (Romans 8:28) Remember that you have the best friend anyone could ever have. His name is Jesus. Jesus is there with you no matter the situation. He will never leave you nor forsake you. (Deuteronomy 31:6) Seek after the Lord. Read His Word and Pray to Him. When we are obedient everything works well. Please feel free to message me if you would like to talk more. I would really love to help anyway I can.

  • The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Deuteronomy 31:6
  • Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8 
  • The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. Psalm 34:17
  •  I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the LORD and put their trust in him.  Psalm 40:1-3
  • Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. Psalm 55:22
  • Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, so that in due time He may exalt you. Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

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Might be a very stupid question but, do you happen to know what the constelations on the 별넷 OFFICIAL GOODS mean? >.<

They’re the Gemini and Libra constellations. We believe it’s because VIXX’s anniversary is on 0524 (Gemini) and the first Official Starlight inauguration was on 1005 (Libra).

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Hi, I'm really sorry for my bad english, but I need your help. Well, I was in the cemetery and one of the tombs caught my attention. It made me feel strangely sad. I don't know how to explain everything, but that spirity was stuck there for so long and I feel I need to banish him, but I don't have too much experience and I just don't know what to do. Can you please help me?

Your english is very good! 

If I understand you correctly, at the cemetery felt like a spirit who had been stuck there a long time? And you want to help him cross over, basically? If that’s the case I wouldn’t suggest banishing him, but maybe more like some kind of spell or charm to ease his passage!Banishing seems like too aggressive of a working for a spirit that might just be stuck. I would first try to communicate with the spirit. Maybe go to the cemetery with a pendulum, or even oracle cards or runes, and figure out what is going on with this spirit, who he his, why he’s still there, etc. After that, figure out a course of action. It would be unfortunate to try to help this spirit cross over if instead he’s hanging around for the sole purpose of being harmful. 

After that, I would make some kind of sachet/charm bag to leave at the tomb, something safe for the environment, so no toxic herbs, try to avoid anything non-biodegradable, and of course, try to keep it small and make it so it’s not going to draw a lot of attention. 

I’m thinking, maybe your sachet can be a coffee filter! Fill it with herbs for peace, like lavender, chamomile, coriander, a dash of olive oil, and any other personal associations you might have for peaceful herbs. Charge it with your intent that this helps your specific spirit find his way home. Since I don’t explicitly work with spirits, I would advise trying to talk to someone who does, like @magickalmenagerie @spiritscraft @ofwoodandbone All of whom have great blogs and work with spirits in some form or another! Thank you so much for sending your question in, I hope I gave you a good place to start!


“I’ll stop if you tell me what I wanna know.”
“You’re in a good mood today.”
“You said you’d die for me. Now prove it.”
“Personally, I’m glad they’re dead.”
“I don’t want your money. I just want your pain.”
“Run on me again, and I’ll break the other one.”
“That pill was stronger than I thought.”
“Go on, then. Pull the trigger.”
“No one’s coming for you.”
“I’m calling the police.”
“Time to move on.”
“Admit it.”
“Should I pray?”
“Time never stands still.”
“How long have you been listening?”
“I don’t have anywhere else to go.”
“Got anything to eat?”
“No kids.”
“I’ll take care of this—you can go back.”
“Don’t pull any funny business with me.”
“Shit happens.”
“Pretending to be senile won’t help you here.”
“I want to see you beg.”

My Few Weak Points...

(Ka-Chan and I ended up sharing a room, somehow. He just jumped right in for a shower without saying anything…what do I do? He’s been like that ever since we say the revived despairs.)

*Comes out of the bathroom* ………………

K….Ka-chan! Can we talk about what happened-

Can I get my jacket back now?

Huh…? O-oh, right. I’ll hand it out to y-

I’d like it back now.

Ka-chan….are you sure you’re okay? This isn’t about what Ludenberg-san said, is it…? You shouldn’t-

C….can we not talk about that….?

So it is because of her….Ka-chan, why the hell would you listen to her? You know she was just trying to get under your skin.

Well, you know what? She did a good fucking job!

O-okay?! Sh…she got to me….b-because, she’s right, you know….? No matter what I do, it always has to go back to that….I’m not right. I sh-shouldn’t be like this, right? All I am to people is some dirty fucking fa-

Don’t say that word, please. I don’t want to hear you talking about yourself like that, ever.

B-but it…it’s true though, isn’t it?! It’s all people every think about! Dammit, Yokozawa, you don’t get it! It…it fucking sucks! A-and even some girl I’ve never talked to is using it against me.


No, don’t…please don’t say something like you get how I feel, because I know it isn’t true. You never had to move cities because you were harassed so much for something you had no control over…and for people like her to come along and use it against me…it…I can’t deal with that!

…..Orochi…look at me. I get you’re upset, but look around you. I’m not judging you, right?

Of course not! You don’t judge anyone! But don’t you see?! I…I want to be able to remain strong for everyone, but…when people attack my weak points, I just break…I shouldn’t be like this, that’s why everyone always attacked me for it.

But I’m not. Neither is Karma. Or Kirishima-san. Nobody at Future Foundation is gonna judge you for who you are (probably). And besides, you never even talked to Ludenberg-san before…why should you listen to her when she was trying to get a reaction out of you…?

But…every time someone slanders me for it…I c-can’t help feeling bad about myself for it…

Ka-chan….*Takes his hand* Look. You shouldn’t care about what random people think about you. You know which views should matter to you? The people close to you and the ones you actually value.


And besides, look at you. I’m sure plenty of guys would want to be with you.



U-um….I’ve actually wanted to ask about it, now that we’re here…who is it? Who you like, I mean. Is it Karma-chan or me…?


*Mumbling* Y….you…..

It was me?! A-are you being serious?!

D-don’t react like that, you’re the one that’s been attached to my leg this whole time!

I….I just….I never actually thought….

W-well I do! S-so there…but…you need to cheer up and listen. You shouldn’t care about what people like Ludenberg-san thinks of you. You can only really define yourself by being yourself, you know? So…start acting like Ka-chan again, dumbass!


P-pfft! What kind of speech was that…? You’re adorable, Yo-chan…really, you are.

Well…whatever. If you’re gonna go back to normal, then I’m going for a shower…

*Dries his eyes* Well then….shall I join-

No. *Starts walking to the bathroom*

But….I guess you can say we’re ‘together’, if we both feel the same way….*Closes the bathroom door* (I’m just glad he’s back to normal)


I’m…really together with him…? I think I might start crying again…