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Six months after graduating from Tulane University, Sadie Neal is on a one-way trip to Buffalo, New York to start her first real, big girl job with the local professional hockey team, the Buffalo Sabres. The problem? Sadie knows next to nothing about hockey. They use pucks, not balls. They wear skates, not cleats. And they play on ice, not grass. That’s it. How is she supposed to represent them on social media when she doesn’t even know what icing means outside of baking?

Louis Tomlinson (#91 / RW) is coming off a career high season (79 games, 20 goals, 30 assists, 50 total points) that he’s trying to recreate. The goal: Lord Stanley’s Cup. There’s a magic in the locker room that feels like it could be their year. He stays focused by keeping hockey and his personal life separate. Everyone knows that.

Everyone except Sadie.

Bright Eyes / chapter one

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you know what I love most about this community? just seeing all the fun things we’ve gotten! I love viewing other people’s hauls so much. Even if it’s only an item or two, you still got it. Dollar store haul? Yes u go. First time haul? U go u, u did it!! Good job.

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Hey why don't you tell me — since you're supposed to know everything — what fun is there to be fucking rude to your anons, the actors, Varchie shippers, Swanfire shippers or really anyone who doesn't think like you? Cause girl you seem to be having such a good time hating on everyone and putting hate abt Swanfire shippers in your bio (by calling them stupid names, like honestly, baggelswanners? wow) btw those cool relaxing/antistress colouring books exist, maybe you'd like to check em out? :) x

Sooooo clearly you’re VERY new here….given that

  • Nicknames are my thing. Have been for years before there even WAS a tumblr
  • That said, I’ve had a tumblr for 3-4 years, now, much of WHY I created it originally was to snark back on the original recipe ACS blog and defend our ship, then, against all the claims or “rape culture” as the antis sought to grab a moral victory in THAT avenue
  • My blog has always been snarky and untagged, I also make snarky anti Republican comments, does that upset you?
  • I’m hardly the only “anti” (which I’m not entirely) or snarky blog on tumblr or the internet (actually a LOT of my inspiration comes from political sources: Wonkette, Tbogg and Keith Olbermann—-oh and the late, great, Spy Magazine, where they originated the whole “short fingered vulgarian” thing, 3 decades+ ago)….
  • So I’m SURE you will ALSO be visiting to chastise every ACS, anti-OUaT, anti-Bughead, anti-Cole Sprouse (particularly Breetch and anything about him being an abuser, etc), anti-Lili, etc blogs, as well, riiiightt??? In fact, I’d suggest you get a move on, because that IS a rather large order for you.
  • And yes, we actually have an amazing time!!! I’m sure you noticed I receive a lot of distinct compliments from everybody
  • As for “rude to anons”—-are you referring to my being “impolite” to hate that barrages me with personal insults, assumptions on my character, drags my family into things, tells me (as you are passive/aggressively trying to do) how I am to speak and behave, etc?? Because why would I be nice to a jackhole who has already CHOSEN to be an utterly obnoxious dick to me??? And no, the onus is not upon me to “rise above” an unsolicited attack, it’s called “defending myself”,  so you need not bother with that bullshit.
  • Or do you mean when anons concern troll or ask me things they could find out on their own, at any time by using google or searching my blog? Or ask me the same (largely stupid) question 60 times per day?

Which brings me to lastly, here’s the question none of you jackholes have yet to actually answer:

Why are you here? (my blog is untagged and it you don’t like it, don’t read it, you chose to do this). Why did you choose to send anon hate (a form of bullying and revealing yourself as a very low life form)? Why do you feel entitled to seek to try and control someone else? And, of course, WTF do you even CARE???

Oh also….coloring isn’t my thing, I’m not Douchie….nor am I, again, clearly the veryyyy pissed off person sending anon hate because someone posted their differing opinion on their blog.


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know


When you’re under investigation and unable to act officially but you don’t give a f.. about UN’s orders.
Idk, I just wanted to draw theses two together.

  • fanfic writer: *writing* Oh wow, they are going to love this. This is by far my best work!
  • fic: *witty lines* *perfect love making* *fluffy enough to kill us all* *a dash of angst, a smidgen of hurt/comfort*
  • fanfic writer: Oh man. This is it. This will be my legacy! *sweats into fic* *bleeds into fic* *cries into fic* *spends days perfecting the grammar and verbage and sex scenes* *has 15 betas look over it*
  • fanfic writer: Okay. It is finally time to release my baby on the world. Here you go fandom. You're welcome.
  • fandom: Ha, cute. *like* *kudos*
  • fanfic writer: :/
  • * * *
  • same fanfic writer: *writing* Whatever. This is shit, I don't even care right now. A singing squirrel? Sure, let's do it. Haha, cheesy lines that make no sense, sure. Grammatical errors out the wazoo? Why not. No one's going to read this piece of crap anyway, I literally wrote it on a scrap of 1 ply toilet paper with a broken yellow crayon.
  • fanfic writer: LOL *post*
  • fanfic writer: *sigh*

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If you're looking for prompts, some Stan and Dipper bonding is always great! Like maybe playing cards or Stan showing Dipper to box?

Stan taught Dipper how to play Poker, and turns out, he’s really good at it 


Since we have our leaked/not really leaked Steven Bomb from the CN app, there’s obviously a lot to analyze. For this post I’m going to focus on the gem everyone’s been screaming about:

Aquamarine. And to be fair, the little blue gnat is pretty interesting.

We all knew her introduction as an innocent wasn’t going to last. Between the leaks and CN releasing all of the eps at once on the app, the effects this might have had was kind of lost. But it is worth noting that when things are going her way or someone has something she needs and she thinks she’s going to get it without a fight, she does revert back to her child like demeanor. Meaning that although she is far from innocent, her introduction truly was not an act on her part. That said, just like Navy, she is entirely aware of the effect her demeanor has on other people. So she uses it. 

Oh no! You found us.

Unlike Navy, Aquamarine’s behavior surpasses conniving and borders on straight up evil. As far as I can remember, she’s been the only villain in the series to date that has to threatened to kill humans in any context- let alone use them as hostages.

Can you remind me… I mean my memory is perfect. But, our orders were to bring back six humans. I’m just not sure. Did they specify… alive? You know, I don’t think they did.

The people she’s threatening have done nothing to her. They place her in no actual danger. She straight up does not care one way or the other about the crystal gems. (actually no one from homeworld seems to care about the crystal gems aside from Rose Quartz, but that’s for another post) What she does care about is the fact that they’re standing in the way of an easy completion to her mission. 

Which begs the question: if an agate terrifies, what the heck is an aquamarine supposed to do? 

Her design and demeanor scream perfectly stuck up prefect on a power bender, but what is her role in gem society? Is she an investigator/ police officer or is she some kind of intergalactic dog catcher? Her powers are good for offence and defense. But as death threat happy as she is, her magic wand’s ability to capture and throw at great distances does not actually harm those she uses it against. It just serves its purpose: it either captures something she’s after, or gets rid of something that stands in her way. 

That said, she has no problem ordering Topaz to inflict deadly force. 

And then there’s this:

I know what you’re thinking Topaz. It seems a little suspicious that “my dad” is also a Steven. But you know… if it means getting out of here, I’ll believe it. 

So here’s Aquamarine. She’s use to being both the most intelligent AND the most powerful person in any given situation. And what has it done? It’s made her lazy.

She knows as well as everyone there that Steven is definitely not “my dad”. And to be frank… she gives no fucks whatsoever. She thinks this is below her, and is willing to do as little work as possible to fulfill the minimum requirement of a task she was given. 

Not to mention that once again, she’s placed the dirty work of this on Topaz. If she gets called out for this, she’s set it up so that Topaz will take the fall. 

I would say that she’s intelligent enough to be aware of all these things, but she also doesn’t care about any of it.

And that will be her undoing. 

Fun Fact of The Day: This dolphin here is actually using the puffer fish as a drug to induce a trance-like state. The skin of the puffer fish, in small amounts, is known to produce a narcotic effect. The behavior was captured by an award winning wildlife documentary producer, John Downer, and a zoologist, Rob Pilley, who states “Young dolphins are purposely experimenting with something we know to be intoxicating. After chewing it gently and passing it around, they began acting most peculiarly, hanging around with their noses at the surface as if fascinated by their own reflection.”


You know what sounds fun?

Okay, since school is out for me, I was thinking about maybe doing one of those drawing things. The next couple of weeks are going to be a bit busy for me, so the results of this might be slowed.

But, I want something to do in my spare time! So….

Everyone who reblogs this before June 10th 2017 3:00pm Daylight Mountain Time will get a simple dragon doodle sketch based off of their blog!

This gives you 24 hours- er, 23 hours (close enough)! So get going if you want a dragon doodle.

Note: Please don’t reblog this if you’re blog is NSFW. I don’t want to see that.