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Summary: Reader has been in an abusive relationship with Daryl in the past and they have been separated until they meet again in Alexandria


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You felt your throat tighten and your heart speed up when you heard the front door open. It was 5 in the morning and the slamming of the door woke you up. Daryl was home and you knew he was drunk by the way you heard things clattering downstairs as he bumped into the furniture. You shut your eyes, pretending to be asleep so he wouldn’t bother you. Everything went quiet for a second and you thought he might have passed out on the floor until you heard the stairs creaking. The bedroom door opened and he walked in.

“(Y/n)” he mumbled, his voice deep and tired from the drink. You didn’t reply which made him get closer to you on the bed.

“Wake up baby” his hands roamed under your shirt and you slowly opened your eyes, trying your best to make it look like you had just awoken.

“Hey” you smiled, caressing his cheek.

“You miss me?” he asked, roughly starting to take your shirt off, his forwardness scaring you.

“Daryl, not tonight” you said as he started to take his jacket and shirt off.

“You say that every night (y/n). I haven’t felt you in so long” he growled, unbuckling his belt. There was a reason you didn’t like having sex with him anymore. It wasn’t passionate or romantic, it was just purely him fucking you until he was pleasured. He never made you feel special in bed, it was like all the love was gone.

His jeans were off and the only thing stopping him from thrusting into you was his boxers. Daryl brought his lips down to your neck and harshly bit down making you whimper in pain, but Daryl mistook it for a pleasurable moan.

“You like that huh? You dirty slut” he moaned into your neck and he pulled his boxers down. He gave you no warning as he shoved his full length into you, you wanted to shout out but you knew he wouldn’t like that. You bit your tongue as Daryl fucked you at a fast pace. No words were exchanged between you, only Daryl’s grunts as he pounded into you, his face in the crook of your neck. You felt no pleasure at all at this time. You were feeling mixed emotions. Your mind was happy to know that Daryl was safe and home, and tonight he was in a good mood, but you were scared that after this he would get violent. He usually did. As Daryl continued to thrust, you kept your eyes on the wall, there was nowhere else to look unless you closed your eyes.

Daryl had finally finished off inside you and he pulled out, collapsing on the bed next to you. You continued to look up at the wall and you saw him look at you out of the corner of your eyes. He let out a breath and brought himself up on his elbows.

“You pissed off again?” he asked.

“No” you said, trying to keep your voice steady as you sat up and wiped a tear away. You swung your legs off the bed but Daryl grabbed your arm, his fingers unintentionally digging into your soft skin.

“Where’re you going?”

“I was just gonna get a drink”

He let go of your arm but continued to speak. “bring me up a beer” he said, laying back down in bed and lighting up a cigarette.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” you said, now standing near the door.

“I don’t care what you think”

You nodded and opened the door. “Oh and (y/n)?”

You looked back at him and he was staring at you. “Be a good girl and make me a sandwich”

You said nothing as you turned and went downstairs to get what he wanted. Once you were done you hurriedly returned to the room, not wanting to keep him waiting too long. You shut the door behind you and turned to give Daryl the beer and sandwich but he was already fast asleep, the sound of heavy breathing filling up the room. You stared at him for a moment, tears ready to fall down your face. You wondered how the relationship ended up like this. You two were so in love in the beginning, always going out to clubs and spending time together. And most importantly the sex was fun and often. You don’t know what happened, maybe the alcohol and drugs had finally taken their toll on him. You placed the plate and bottle down on his bedside table and you climbed into bed, trying to keep your body as far away from his as possible, too scared that you would accidentally wake him in the night. You let your head hit the pillow and you soon drifted back to sleep, part of your praying that you wouldn’t wake up in the morning.

Word around Alexandria was that Aaron had brought a new group in. You didn’t know who they were, you only knew because Spencer told you and Heath over the walkie.

“Get back now, Deanna wants everyone here”

You and Heath looked at each other before stuffing your bags with the rest of the cans and medicines that sat on the shelves. You had gone out on a run for a couple of days and you were going to head back tomorrow. It would take maybe a day or two to get back, you had travelled out far to ensure you got as many supplies as possible.

You and Heath took turns at driving. You drove during the day and he drove at night. It was a smooth journey, you hadn’t encountered any trouble except for a few innocent walkers roaming around.

You had been on the road for about two days when you finally saw the familiar gates surrounding Alexandria. You pulled up to the gates and nudged Heath awake with your elbow. “We’re here” you said as he squinted his eyes from the sun.

He groggily jumped out of the car and walked towards the gates. You rolled down your window and hung your arm out of it.

“Hey Spencer, open up man” Heath said.

The first part of the gate opened an inch, just enough to see an unfamiliar face. “I’m sorry but I cannot do that”

“Who the hell are you?” Heath replied

“I am Eugene and I can’t let you in as I do not know you and you may be here to kill us”

“If you make me wait any longer I might just have to do that” You heard Heath say and you let out a laugh.

You saw the man called Eugene hesitate before opening up the gate. Heath walked in and you drove by the two of them and into the community. You parked up and jumped out of the car.

“Hey I’m (y/n)” you said, nodding your head at Eugene.

“Hello (y/n), I’m Eu-”

“Yeah, you’re Eugene, I heard you before”

“So, are you part of that new group that Aaron brought in?” Heath asked.

Eugene was about to reply when Deanna walked over. “(Y/n)! Heath! You’re back”

You smiled at her as she greeted you. “I see you’ve met Eugene! How was the trip?”

“We got a lot of shit” you said, pointing to the bags in the car.

“Excellent! Why don’t you bring it over to the supply room?”


You grabbed the bags from the car and started walking off but Deanna spoke again. “Oh (y/n), I’m throwing a party tonight. You should come and get to know the new group!”

You nodded your head and smiled before walking off to the supply room. You shut the door behind you with your foot, setting the bags down before taking everything out of it. You started stacking everything in the right place, keeping to the order that Deanna liked it. You were on your last bag when you heard the supply room open and close. You took out the last can before looking to the door.

You could have sworn your heart stopped beating for at least a couple of seconds. The can that was in your hand dropped to the floor and you stood still. You couldn’t believe it, Daryl was standing right in front of you, you thought you had gotten away from him for good, but life had a different plan for you.

“(Y/n)” Daryl reached his hand out, a sign that he didn’t want to hurt you but you took a step back, feeling your back touch the cold wall.

“Don’t come near me” you said, holding your hand out as well. You started to shake your head and pick up the can you had dropped and place it on the shelf. You grabbed the now empty bags and threw them into a drawer.

You took in a breath and faced him, he was still looking at you in shock and also guilt. “So, you’re with the new group?”

“Yeah.” you replied. You crossed your arms over your chest and looked at the floor.

“How long have you been here?”

“About two months, maybe.” You replied bluntly, looking back up to him. “I need to go, Heath wanted to see me” you lied, standing up straight and walking past him, leaving him alone with his own thoughts.

Daryl stood by the door, shocked to see you there in front of him, it was almost like his mind was playing tricks on him. When the outbreak started, he had no intention of finding you. You had left him on your own accord and he wasn’t going to stop you, but when he met Carol and Ed, he had realised how badly he had treated you. He watched as Carol would cower to Ed and do whatever he asked of her, it reminded him so much of how he took advantage of you and mistreated you. From that moment on he changed his whole view on women, he thought of you every night, he hoped that you were safe and not dead, you didn’t deserve it. His thoughts were heard and here you were, safe and very much alive.

Its Always Been You

Summary:  Connor struggles as Jude finds a boyfriend, still unable to confess his real feelings for Jude. Jude finds love, but as things turn out, it may not be as great as it seems. Will they realize they’ve always been meant for each other? Or is Connor still too scared to tell Jude?

A/N: So this fic was largely inspired by jacintabrown3‘s fic Dynamics, and it’s definitely a similar idea, but it starts from a very different place and has very different series of events.  It’s also the longest one-shot I’ve ever written, clocking in at 4,670 words.  I hope you enjoy it!  (Also I’ll have another long one-shot coming out later tonight also also props to blueforjudeandconnor for giving me the title <3)

Warning:  Mention of emotional abuse throughout the story as it relates to Jude and his other boyfriend (not Connor, obviously)

Funny how if you ignore your feelings for someone long enough, you pay the price of watching them be happy with someone else, Connor thought bitterly.  A price, Connor was finding, that was far too steep.  A price that included his stomach turning over every time he saw them together.  A price that included his heart sinking every time he laid his head on his boyfriend Jackson’s shoulder.  A price that included realizing he was in love with Jude.  A price that included Jude being in love with someone else.

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