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I've come to the conclusion that the MOGAI hell/anti-MOGAI and anti-queer rhetoric is basically a power play. By establishing lgbt without any other initials as the sole authority of all non-straight and non-cis issues their ideology is also the only one seen or heard. Both MOGAI and queer community are inherently inclussive and the latter is famous for wanting to dismantle the current social system that enables the oppression and discrimination we face instead of becoming part of the system.

Pretty solid conclusion.

I’ve had similar thoughts. I don’t remember if I’ve made a post about it or not, but hey, might as well expand on it now!

A lot of exclusionism is built on respectability politics - it’s seen as being more important to gain societal access to power structures than it is to dismantle the power structures altogether. And it becomes important to frame the group that you belong to in as simple of terms as possible to then be able to say to those in who belong to the power structure that there is only one teeny-tiny thing different between them and your group so that you may be able to obtain conditional access to the power structure.

Within the LGBTQ+ community we can see this. Just in the ace discourse alone we see a lot of re-framing of what the LGBTQ+ community is - claiming that the acronym is only LGBT(pn) and stating that the community is only for those who are sga or trans is a perfect example. By including no + (and also by directly stating it) they make the community only consist of those who are lesbian, gay, bi, and trans (and pan/ply people and nonbinary people if they’re willing to either a. call themselves bi/trans or b. remember to include their performative “pn”). Further, if people’s sexuality doesn’t fit nicely into that “sga” box, they claim that those people “aren’t really x sexuality”.

They also create phrases directly to other those who don’t fit into their narrow re-framing of the community, like “MOGAI-hell” and “radikweer” to make it clear to those on the outside who belong to the pericishetero-patriarchy power system that these people with less acceptable and more confusing, wild, unwieldy, and “““strange””” identities are not with them.

You see this outside of the discourse as well, a lot of the time as a exclusion of trans and nonbinary people. You get people saying things like “You should support LGBT+ rights because they’re just like you, only they love a different gender.”

Basically, I feel like a lot of the pushes to rid the group of certain members is to make sure that the community fits that above sentiment. Essentially, that’s the way to make the community the most palatable to the pericishetero-patriarchy and be able to benefit from that system. It leaves those of us who don’t fit that neat little acceptable box on the outs, which is why, generally speaking, you’ll find that multispec, aspec, trans, nonbinary, intersex, and queer people are more invested in dismantling the system altogether, and as such tend to be inclusionary in their community politics to build a stronger community to be able to better handle that challenge.


This is a Muslim home. Why does Anubis hold out his hand for me?

It is my thanks. You were once a girl with your own tita who taught you the ways of Egypt old. Of when the Nile was full and flooded. She told you stories of the wolf and the jackal, the red wind and of the child of Bast.

I remember.

You do. And for that I bring you to the scales.


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jack ———– H E L P !!!

You know what, I’m afraid. Afraid to lose you right here and now, afraid to never fall in love again, afraid to never forget you, afraid to always compare your lips to those who I kiss, afraid to give anything, or maybe even everything, just so I could be with you.
—  P.G.G

okay but what about tater hanging around bitty and they become good friends and taters over at jacks often for dinner or just hanging out. he was close to jack before he came out, he gets closer after.

maybe bitty looks down at his phone fondly, staring at the group chat with jack and tater and he finds himself thinking these boys

maybe jack comes home from a run and he has a serious face on and when he kisses bitty he’s distracted and it’s not until after his shower that he asks bitty if he could make a Russian pastry and bitty is delighted at the idea of maybe making his friend feel less alone

maybe taters invited to family skate at samwell and you’d have to be blind to miss the way the three of them gravitate around each other

maybe taters parents come to a game and tater excitedly introduces them to jack and bitty.

maybe bitty makes dinner and taters over and jacks sitting at the counter and taters helping bitty get drinks and when tater turns around, bitty presses close to his front and leans up, tippy-toeing it to kiss tater softly on the corner of his mouth and when tater looks up, wide eyed and startled, jacks just watching the two of them with heart eyes and a faint blush on his cheeks and bittys already moving away to the table