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….so do I have enough followers to be my own religion now or what?? jk but no seriously i’m ready 

Uhhh yeah so there’s more than twelve of you guys now? I don’t know what I did to deserve all of you, but thank you from the bottom of my trash heart for following my trash blog and helping me level up enough to trademark my Trash™ self :’)

I actually hit this milestone a bit ago, but what better day to appreciate you all than on my birthday? <33

And since I didn’t do this 1k ago (lol why am I the worst person ever), and because somehow quite a few of y’all have weaseled your way into the depths of my black heart, I gotta give a shout out to some of my favorite humans on here that I’ve had the pleasure of befriending (in approximate order of meeting): 

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I need to stop going through your blog before I go to bed 😭 I’ve been having recurring dreams that I one way or another have to play Christine and something goes wrong. Usually the costume. That does inspire a question though. Are there common costume mishaps? Specifically for Christine but really for anyone

Hahaha, nooooo keep reading before bed! :D 

I know a very common mishap - and one all Christines dread - is that the Elissa skirt somehow misbehaves. It can be as plain as it not fastening properly (or at all) in the back, which means the actress has to spend the whole scene holding the skirt in place instead of playing with the scarf. 

The probably worst case I’ve heard of is Viktoria Krantz in Copenhagen. When they didn’t manage to attach the big skirt suring the plackout, the Wardrobe Mistress panicked and took the skirt offstage. Meanwhile Meg had taken off the bodice’s rope skirt. You know what that leaves Christine with? A very VERY strange looking “bathing suit” and ballet shoes. Imagine TOM like this: 

Or in the case of Jennifer Hope Wills - the Elissa skirt was too big in the waist for her, so when she did an elaborate spin during TOM, the skirt rotated so she got the train in front, and it was pretty much impossible to walk. Haha. 

Another common mishap I’ve heard Christines refer to is the dressing gown train getting caught in stuff - especially the first lair set, where there’s multiple trap doors open and things to get caught in. Sometimes the Christine has to just tug the train free from whatever it’s caught in, which results in rips and damages. I have in my care a train ruffle from the US Tour, and it is repaired beyond belief. Lemme present: 

This train ruffle was eventually replaced, but it goes to show that most productions will try and repair stuff as much as possible. Also, this exact part will seldom be featured in photos and seldom seen by the audience anyway. Pieces that are more exposed are more likely to be repaced sooner. 

As for common costume mishaps for others, I know many a Carlotta (and dresser!) dread the quick change from 1st Managers to Il Muto. Carlotta goes from the b/w dress to the countess costume, and the quick change is done behind the Il Muto bed, on a very limited time slot. Sometimes the music has to be extended a bit, and Christine/Maid has to improvise looking several places for the countess, because the quick change is delayed. And the costume and tall powdered wig might be a bit askew too. 

The West End production has tried making this change smoother by decorating Carlotta’s costume in front, so the countess robe is just fitted over the corset. This has made the quick change smoother and less stressful, apparently. 

Yeah, that’s the random tidbits that came to mind :) 

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Hey what are some bad things of being a vampire? Like do you guys get thirsty too easily, etc??

Reiji: Living so long is the worst trait of being a vampire.

Laito: True~ It’s boring living for so long and seeing the same things everyday!

Laito: That’s why I always try to have fun and find out about new stuff… if you know what I mean, nfu~.

Subaru: It’s even worse when you have to live with stupid people around you.

Kou: So mean~, Subaru-kun!

Yuuma: And yeah, sometimes we really get so thirsty, especially after being without food for a long time or because we weakened by getting seriously hurt…

Ayato: … so we have to feed on the first source of blood we can find…

Laito: … and it’s not always a beautiful girl.


So I know I’m about two days late on this, but I just need to discuss what is clearly the worst decision that the writers of FTWD have ever made:

Troy’s Death:

There was absolutely no reason for this to be done, he was part of the show for a single, god damn season, he was one of the few characters of the show that was able to effectively CARRY IT, he was one of the primary reasons for why I kept coming back, he was one of the FEW characters that I genuinely gave a shit about. He was charismatic, he was actually interesting, he had a strong personality that differentiated him from everyone else, he had an incredible amount of potential that is utterly wasted, and what was already established of his character was entertaining and well-written. And he forms a brotherly-like bond with Nick, that works well, as well as what we thought was a solid friendship with Madison. And then he gets killed off in a terribly written fashion, by a character I don’t give a shit about.


And the foreshadowing behind it is just depressing to watch, Troy asks if “they’re good” with each other, to which Madison confirms, and then 5 minutes later, she bashes his brains in. Troy is opening up more-so to Madison, revealing that he is starting to view her and Nick as family. He TRUSTS them, he knows they have his back, both have previously reassured him of this. Which is why when he first gets struck down by Madison, you can see the disbelief in his eyes, he genuinely was not expecting what he thought was his FRIEND, or, excuse me, what he thought was FAMILY, to just brutally assault and KILL him, when he posed absolutely no threat to her, and was entirely unarmed. Nick is shocked as well, the one guy he truly saw as a friend, a brother, the guy he was always trying to protect, is murdered by his own moth er, who said she was grateful that someone besides her was looking after her son. I honestly think, and hope, that Nick never looks at Madison the same way again, not after this. She just reacts so quickly, and without any hesitation at all, completely disregarding the consequences of her actions.

And sure, you could say that Troy caused the deaths of several people back at the Ranch, but the thing is, he gave Nick a fair warning long before the Herd arrived, so instead of the Ranchers and those of the Black Hat Reservation (Walker’s Group) attempting to hold down an unsaveable fort, they could have evacuated, y'know, fled the scene, and THAT would’ve saved a ton of lives, and sure, maybe it would’ve been tough to find another place they could call “home”, but lots of people wouldn’t have died. And since Troy was so easily able to direct a horde to the Ranch, that heavily implies that the horde was already close, and may have swarmed the Ranch at some point in the future, regardless of Troy intervening. And lastly, it’s not like any characters of the Black Hat Reservation served any purpose at all, except for Walker, Lee, and Ofelia. As for the Ranchers, the only characters of prominence were the Otto family, and the only one remaining was Troy, so it’s not like we lost any interesting characters or material at all. However, two deaths that I did find sad, and impactful were Blake’s (the last man Alicia had to initially put down) and Christine’s (the woman who was reminiscing with Alicia) And Alicia hoping she survived the entire ordeal, and being forced to prevent her reanimation was just sad to watch, it was a short, but meaningful bond she was able to form with someone she hardly knew.

And Madison’s bullshit line:

“You took everything from me.”

Made no sense at all, the Ranch was doomed to fail anyway, in some way, and your kids survived the entire ordeal, she actually didn’t lose anyone important to her. And why would you kill a man that you know has your back, and your son’s back. Sure he’s a bit of a loose cannon, and maybe a little unstable, but enough of him was there, where you could trust him. My sister brought up the argument that Madison also blames Troy for Alicia’s departure, but that was a decision Alicia made herself, Troy made have indirectly caused her to make this decision, but nobody forced her against her will to do this.

The problem with them killing off such an important and entertaining character is the fact that the cast is so small, and that these are so far and few between. The main series gets away with this because of it’s large, diverse cast, if and when one of my favorite characters die, there’s always several more remaining characters that I absolutely adore, and it’s always been that way.

One final thing I’d like to fully address is what’s actually happening as Madison is killing Troy. Now I know getting struck in the head with a hammer will likely disorient the fuck out of you. But just look at Troy after he receives the first blow, his expression may seem blank at first sight, but he is actually staring at Madison, straight in the eyes, and doesn’t even attempt to fight back, and to be perfectly honest, he probably is entirely unable to, because he wasn’t expecting to be brutally assaulted by someone he was beginning to see as family, he’s clearly emotionally hurt, that someone that he has come to grow attached to, beats him down, and murders him as if he meant nothing to her at all. Which would explain why he dies in just two strikes from the hammer. Another fucked up thing, is that he is entirely unarmed in this situation, and not for a single second does he actually turn aggressive towards her, the dude is literally just having a fucking conversation with her. And when you think about it like this, the entire scene becomes a thousand times more awful to watch, and think about. This moment made me utterly despise Madison as both a character and a human being in the show, and I originally didn’t give a shit about her, I didn’t hate her or love her, but she wasn’t unbearable, but now, she’s turned into this psychotic bitch that is willing to kill others on a moment’s notice, even those who don’t pose a threat to her in any way, and without thinking of the consequences that may befall her. And I can’t believe that this piece of shit is our protagonist the “Rick Grimes” of the series, the character we’re supposed to be rooting for, all the time.

Troy’s untimely demise was simply shitty writing, and was incredibly rushed for no reason at all, he wasn’t given enough time in the show, and the way he was killed was both sad, and pathetically written.

No form of The Walking Dead has ever made me this angry, and that’s definitely saying something.

Now, a disclaimer, if you think Troy deserved his death, it was well-written, or just didn’t like his character. That’s perfectly fine, you’re entitled to your own opinions and interpretations, so please, respect mine, as I would respect yours.


Part Two.


My mother,she told me,”Don’t be a quitter”

My father,he told me he knew I was

My brothers,they told me “Do what you do”

My sister,she told me to do something good


A couple of months have passed by and everything seemed to be better now. Except for the sudden disappearances; kids have ended up missing left and right and no one knew what was happening. On top of that, although it’s not as scary or concerning really, you’ve been having a lot of nightmares that all seemed to revolve around circuses and clowns; your worst fear. Why your subconscious was suddenly coming up with such creepy shit, you didn’t know but it was enough to keep you on edge.


“Let me see your hands, let’s see them!” Your father screamed as he forcefully grabbed you by the wrists and yanked you towards him. “Stop! You’re hurting me!” You cried out and tried to pull away. Everyone else ran into the living room and gasped at the scene.

“What are you doing? Let go!”

“Dad, enough! What’s your problem?”

He let you go and crossed his arms, his face redder than you’ve seen before, “Not only are kids missing but a lot of you mutants have been running around like animals committing all kinds of crime! Who knows, maybe they’re the ones kidnapping them! And I’m not about to have police in my house looking for a criminal!”

You balled your fists up in anger, “I’m not doing anything! I’ve had these on since I got back and I only take them off to shower or to wash them, you fucking idiot! I’m tired of you treating me like some kind of freak just because I was born this way!”

“You are a freak! A no good mutant freak and I am ashamed to call you my child.”

Everyone got quiet and looked over at you, worried that your anger towards your father was finally going to spill out in rage. You frowned and slowly took off one of the gloves, straightening up as you locked eyes with the man in front of you, “I am not a freak. You better take that back. Now.”

You sister took a step towards you, shaking as she reached out to you, “Don’t..if you do this, you’re going to get in trouble and then you’ll really regret it.” Your mom stepped over to you carefully and gently took your face in her hands, coaxing you to look at her, “Sweetheart, listen to her. You’ve been doing so well with your control. Don’t give up, don’t let him ruin this for you.”

“Oh please. All mutants are the same, can’t you see now? Animals with no control. This one is exactly the same as the others. They’ll surrender to those instincts too in no time. Just wait and see.” He scoffs as he walks away.


A couple of days later, you’re in the school library, looking up divorce lawyers as your mom, siblings and yourself have had it with your father. Before you guys made your way to school this morning, your mom stopped you all in the kitchen and practically begged you for help; so here you are, alone in the corner of the library searching the internet for affordable legal help. Thinking you found a good one, you click the link provided in hopes for more information when a bunch of pop up videos fill the screen. “Fuck,fuck,fuck!” You gasp and try to exit out all of them, praying you didn’t download a virus. The gloves unfortunately didn’t give you a good enough grip so you quickly take one off and continue clicking. A few of the videos begin to play and you jump back in shock when you see the same clown in your dreams on the screen; he’s in front of some orange,fiery looking back drop staring at you dead in the eyes. The clown seems to frown deeper as he begins to dance; creepy circus music fills your area as you stare in horror.

He continues his dance until he stops and reaches for you, somehow passing through the screen and now he’s only a few inches from your neck. Instinctively from what you learned at the academy, you jump off the chair and get into your defensive position; you slowly turn your palms upwards and begin to curl your fingers in. A move you’d soon learn was a mistake as you hear a few people at the tables nearby cry out in pain. “Oh shit..” you looked down at your hands and remembered you had taken off one of the gloves.


You sat in the front office, frowning as you slouched in the chair and waited for your parents to show up and speak to the principal. You dreaded seeing the look on your fathers face so you decided to distract yourself by looking out the window and into the hallway, feigning interest in the posters plastered across the wall. Of course everything was boring so you shifted in your seat and looked out the other window, staring at a red balloon floating across the glass. “What the hell..”

“Watch your language.” Your father growled as he walked in with your mother. You sighed and stood up, grabbing your backpack.

“I knew you’d give in. A mutant will be a mutant, whether they’re trained or not.”

Back at the house, you rolled your eyes as your father finished one of his lectures before walking off. The twins walked in and scoffed, having eavesdropped on the whole conversation. “Whatever. He thinks being you is so easy. Just keep doing you and ignore him.”

Thoughts regarding *you know what*

Now I’m a little better in my mourning, I can address some things.

I have mixed feelings about the duchess . She’s a widow so I’m glad she told him cause she understands what it’s like to lose the one you love most. However, you’d be hard-pressed to convince me that she wasn’t homophobic.

I honestly think one of the worst moments in that episode was when Peel and Alfred were carrying the coffin. The two people who mattered most to him were the ones who had to do the hardest job, and weren’t the ones who got the most recognition. They represented the two things that were most important to him: his love life and his career.

Honestly, I’ve gotten sick of not having good representation of gay characters in media. In manga, you can only find it in yuri or yaoi manga (which may not be your thing). Gay characters are disposable and/or are reduced to their sexuality. The only good representation is when that’s the entire point of the TV show/film/etc. Alternatively, the creators are accused of being too PC!!


Robin: “I’m back. Remember a few years ago when I was here?”

Ruby: “I-”

Robin: “don‘t speak, it’s me.  Lets see… You haven’t spoken to mum, you’re still a petty asshole- you missed my yale graduation and oh i’m fucking pregnant. I thought i’d just pop in to make sure you know that you’re the worst aunt. Okay? Okay. Oh- and how are my cousins and uncle? Remember.. we’re related.”

Ruby: “This is so unfair! What happened between me and your mother is none of your business.”

Robin: “Well I guess it’s my business now, okay? Oh- and i’m on my way to being an art critic. ANOTHER THING YOU’VE MISSED. What the hell is wrong with you?”

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I don't know if you do requests but I would really like more from the Can You Be a Good Boy, Max story maybe something were Pikeman feels kind of bad about what he did to Max? Like he could try to apologize in his own wood scout way?

It was freezing.

Teeth clattering, toe numbing kind of freezing. And Max was only getting the worst of it.

He was stationed in a poor excuse of a sleeping bag in the middle of Pikeman, and his lackeys, tent after they had experienced several intense Nightmare Nights in a row. It was Snake who suggested that Max be put in their tent so they could act immediately if Max tried to harm himself as he often did after a nightmare.

He didn’t mean too, and the older scouts also understood he had know intention of harming himself on purpose. Max would just wake up in hysterics and they all would have to restrain him, and wait until it was over. Neither parties truly enjoyed those nights.

But tonight there would be no nightmares, or dreams for that matter. It was too damn cold to sleep, and even with the worn sleeping bag Max was still shaking.

He needed a blanket, or at least his old hoodie that had been stored away with his bear, but either way Max knew no sleep would come if he didn’t get warm.

He sat up, trying to decide on whether or not he should even bother with the hunt for a blanket. Snake would surely tell him to buzz off, and then tattle later on to Pikeman about how Max disturbed his precious sleep. Snake was usually more kinder than Pikeman, and would be more forgiving with Max, but if his sleep was disturbed he could become worse than hell itself.

He could try Petrol, and ask the boy if he would lend a spare blanket, but Max wasn’t sure how he’d react. He’d seen the sullen boy weep over a wounded rabbit once after they found the poor thing on a hike. But he had also seen him body slam two rough housing scouts through a table, so asking him for a blanket was definitely off the table. Or through the table considering it’s Petrol.

His eyes fell on Pikemans sleeping form. If anyone would give him a blanket it’d be him. From the few nights Max had been staying in their tent, he found that Pikeman was a fitful sleeper much like himself, so he couldn’t be too angry about Max waking him.

And if Max ever needed anything, Pikeman was the one to ask. If Max had been good, and by good that usually meant he had gone through the day with only a few verbal warnings, than Max could usually ask Pikeman for anything and he’d receive it. If he wanted snacks, Pikeman would accompany him to the mess hall so they could split a bland granola bar. If he needed bandages, Pikeman began carrying them in his pocket just for the smaller scout. It was almost friendly if Pikeman wasn’t the one starving and harming Max in the first place.

A breeze found its way under the tent door and Max sighed. His tormentor was his only shot at getting a wink of sleep.

Max crawled out from under the sleeping bag, and padded over to the bed where his leader lay sleeping.

Max thought it unfair that Pikeman, Petrol, and Snake all got actual beds while Max slept on the ground in a bag. But sleeping on the ground was better than most other sleeping conditions some scouts were forced to endure so he couldn’t really complain.

Max stood at the side of the bed debating, he could try to get warm in the sleeping bag, but all the rips and tears the bag sported would make it impossible.

But if he waked Pikeman, who was to say the older boy wouldn’t punish him for even thinking of receiving a blanket? There were too many risks it would be better if he went back to the sleeping ba-


Max jumped and turned his attention to the older scout who was sitting up, the blanket Max desperately wanted pooling at his waist. Max considered taking it and running, but he knew he wouldn’t get far.

“It’s freezing, what are you even doing up? No, wait, how long have you been watching me sleep?” Pikeman rubbed at his arms and raised and eyebrow.

Max glanced at the sleeping bag, but decided it was already too late to turn back.

“Um, it’s cold… I need a blanket.” Max whispered, ignoring the other question and getting straight to the point.

Petrol stirred for a moment, and both boys kept their eyes on him until they were sure he was sleeping.

Pikeman glanced down at the smaller, shaking scout who was still watching Petrol, then he glanced at Snake who couldn’t be woken by a cannon firing. (And they had tried that method once)

He was no fool when it came to the freezing summer nights that seemed to plague their camp. He could briefly remember he and his friends huddled together in the cots when they realized blankets wouldn’t be enough to shield away from the cold. He sighed when he realized that Max would also need more than a blanket much like they learned all those years ago.

He would have loved to give the boy a blanket and send him on his way, to let him deal with chilled ai. But if Max kept coming back to complain about the chilly air, he would get no sleep.

Pikeman lifted the covers, wincing at the cold air that easily bit through the Wood Scouts issued pajamas. He stepped out of the bed, his body protesting every movement in the chill that had settled in the room. He lifted the corner of the blanket in a silent invitation, and wiped at his tired eyes with his other hand.

Max looked at him like a deer in headlights. His brain was torn between accepting the kind offer and demanding whether or not this was some trick that would land Max in a world of trouble.
His mouth opened and closed like a fish as he looked between Pikeman and the inviting bed, his internal debate still raging on in his brain.

“Get in!” Pikeman hissed, shoving Max forward. The boy whimpered, but scrambled to get onto the bed. Once settled, Max instantly felt the warmth of the wool blanket and the surprisingly soft mattress and he couldn’t help but burrow into it. Pikeman sighed contently once he got back under the covers, and warned the boy to keep his mouth shut about the whole ordeal. The threat fell on deaf ears considering Max was already asleep before Pikeman had even made a move to get back into bed.

By the time the morning trumpets blared, Snake and Petrol found their leader spread eagle, with the smaller scout’s back tucked into his side and Max using Pikeman’s arm as a pillow.

Snake took a picture for leverage in future arguments.

So this story does contain Pikeman doing nice things for Max but not exactly because he hurt him so I’m sorry this isn’t like what the request said! Maybe I can go back and make a better one but I was stuck on this idea!

Thank you for the request and I’m always taking them (even if I respond to them years late) and thank you so much for requesting one it means the world to me! Tell me what you think! ❤️❤️❤️

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Headcanons on how Merlin helps you with your severe Anxiety

  • He would always be there for you, whenever you needed him
  • When you was having an anxiety attack, he would know exactly what to do, and make sure everyone else leaves you and him alone
  • Constantly reassuring you wouldn’t bother him, because he knows it puts your mind at ease
  • When he knew you was in situations that made you anxious, he would be right by your side
  • Lots and lots of forehead kisses
  • He would make sure he knew when your anxiety was at its worst so he could be there through every step of the way
  • And always make sure you knew he was there

pidge: keith i have a gay problem and need the help of a gay who is more experienced

keith: ok. what is it?

pidge: i like this girl but there’s no way she likes me back and i dunno what to do about it

keith: nothing. absolutely nothing. you do nothing, and then you do your best to ignore it but it’s just eating at you and it’s so hard to pretend it’s not there so then you watch ten thousand heteronormative hallmark movies but eventually you start getting daydreams about how great your life would be if you actually were dating and how much fun you’d have doing the cheesiest coupley stuff and you aren’t even paying attention to the hallmark movies anymore they’re just lights and sounds in the background of your daydreams but we’re in space so you don’t even have the hallmark movies so you just go straight to the daydreams and you get this idea in your head that if you two date you’ll finally be a happy functional person and you won’t have any more problems ever and you know that’s not true but you still wanna believe it anyway and now the crush is getting bigger and bigger and you’re even more of a mess and you talk to your friend about it since he says he’s always there if you need someone to listen so you think that’ll help a little bit but it turns out it doesn’t because your friend is an asshole and says “well why don’t you just tell him?” but if i could tell him then this wouldn’t. be a problem, shiro!

keith: (breathing heavily)



pidge: actually i think i’m gonna go to lance

keith: …good plan.


jack ———– H E L P !!!

This ship needs more content

“me too”
two little words became a rallying cry
a scream of solidarity
they’re louder than any “you’re not alone” could ever begin to shout
i look to my left, to my right
and see both hands being held by someone uttering those two words

“me too”
hurts to hear
more than their hands, their mouth, their body ever could
i wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone else
not even my worst enemies
i wouldn’t ever want to hear another person say

“me too”
is said far too often
by far too many
and it’s goddamn time we stop teaching how to dress
or how to stay safe
and start teaching that “no” means “no”
that nothing justifies violating another
that it should sicken and anger you to know how many people will say

“me too”
are you listening to us?
do you hear what we’re saying?
are you saying it too?
and if you’re not
thank god for that
but i hope that means instead you’re saying

“enough is enough”

(cc, 2017)