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Pre-Pose Request from the wonderful @everythingyouthinkyouknowisalie - thank you for giving me an opportunity to finally draw Bucky. He’s such a visually stunning character. I’ll admit I don’t know jack about him beyond what I’ve picked up in my “travels” around Tumblr, but that has sparked my interest all over again. 👌 Image © Brennan “Bonez” Strong 2017 | @lovelybonezproductions

1. What do you do with a body that doesn’t know it is a murder?

2. I am lonely in a horrible way, with lungs that softly drown in quicksand tasting of death.

3. 11:45 p.m. is for writers and dreamers only.

4. I think a ghost lives between my bones and I find myself unable to remember when I started to call it home.

5. Why does the idea of healing become untouchable?

- Thoughts while writing Part II. | r.m

Hey guys! Here’s the cover art for my new project, Pigeon of Destiny. You meet a pigeon on the street- what do you do? This comic will have multiple storylines that you can choose from.

Right now all the pages are drawn, and I’m adding text in Manga Studio. It’s a tedious process but I know that I’ll be one step closer to finishing the story! The comic will be free to read on Tumblr but I’m getting a book printed in preparation for Flame Con this August.

You always said your favorite flower was a red rose,
and I never knew why but then and after
I always said my favorite flower was
a red rose.
I never told you even though I was shit at keeping secrets,
but I always planned on bringing one of the beautiful
red roses from my garden
when I met you at the airport.
Well, I never got to,
and I know you’ll never know this
but whenever anyone asks what my favorite flower is,
I still tell them
a red rose.
—  Miriam K, roses for you
you said minutes like this are like water on the moon. and i don’t know how, because i don’t know what that tastes like. maybe like frantic bubbles in seductive secretiveness. or a liquid manifestation of pure moondust. resting in hope, waiting for something. show me what you mean. what’s this magical romanisation you’re talking about? we’re painting an imagery with thunderstorms, in the midst of a raging july. you said your favourite time was late august and early autumn. in the dim ink of the twilight. and i’m doing my all, to write my way back to that clear time. if i could pinpoint this poison of nostalgia, you’d be at top of the list. writing wordless whitewater like tears of a starlike past. forever lost in these minutes; show me what they taste like.
—  tina jaxén // 

So…we need to talk…

I don’t really know how to start this because it’s been awhile for me, but please bear with me.

I guess I should start by saying, I’m back.

For those of you that didn’t know, I took a very long break due to personal reasons (I’ll explain further down if anyone is interested) and haven’t actually been on Tumblr for the past few weeks.

Everything that was being posted from my account was part of my queue.

I’m sorry to anyone who messaged me or reached out to me in my time of absence (I’ve been gone almost 3 weeks I think) but, rest assured, I’m back now and will be replying to every single message I received while I was gone.

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I might quit tumblr.

Since, i am only 10. And the guidelines say tumblr is only allowed for 13 year oldsand above. and you can see by my age it is waayy different. So other people can report me, block me and other bad things. This already happend to me, I was blocked by someone ., I won’t tell the users name since i respect his decision and i respect his privacy, All i want to do is to make people feel happy and spread joy to everyone. But I know the worlds not always happy and rainbows. but thats only what i want. So this might be goodbye for me. Or i can just go on hiatus…For..3 years. But das okai!! So this might be the end for me, But always remember to stay happy and wierd for me ((Pun intended))

A note on Rocket Raccoon

I think he’s great. I love him. He’s an awesome addition to the guardians. He has a whole bunch of cousins that live in the dumpster behind my apartment so if he ever comes to visit, I’m happy to let him stop by for a cup of coffee or something.

That being said, I do not love him romantically. Despite the fact that he talks and walks around and whatnot, he’s a raccoon.

Please stop sending me romance-centric headcanons. Please stop requesting Rocket things. What you do on your own blog is your business and I make a point to stay off that part of tumblr because it makes me uncomfortable. I do plan on updating my FAQ with this, since I think this is the first time I’ve made an official post about it and it’s very likely that people didn’t know.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Like We Used To (Chapter One)

Title: Like We Used To (Chapter One)
Exes, Break Up, Friends to Lovers, Friends With Benefits, Cheating, Pining, Angst, Fluff, basically a whole range of stuff
Words: 1786
They split in 2012.
Not because they stop loving each other, but because it just got too hard.
It’s supposed to make things easier. But when Phil meets someone new, it turns out, it’s harder than it’s ever been.

Author’s Notes: So I wrote this when I first joined the phandom last year and I’m thinking of continuing it (up to chapter 4 is over on AO3) but I thought I’d see what you lovely people on Tumblr thought, as I know some of you only read over here rather than on AO3, and find out whether you think I should finish it.

My lovely friend @AdorkablePhil thinks I should finish it but the reason I stopped it was because I started Unspoken Rules and suddenly that took off and I wasn’t sure if people even liked this fic. It’s full of a lot of tropes and stuff but… we’ll see.

So I’ll probably post all the chapters so far here over the next few days/weeks and see what you think. Please let me know! (It won’t prevent Ships getting written if thats what you’re worried about!)

[AO3 Link]

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I keep seeing all these sexuality posts about how folks can know at a pretty young age what their sexual preferences are.

My concern is that I never see posts come across my dash that say it’s OK to not slap a label on yourself and just feel alright saying “I’m a bit confused, I don’t really know right now.” 

There’s lots of actual kids on this site and I worry sometimes about how much Tumblr influences them. It’s totally fine to take some time and discover that part about yourself.

In the overly religious place I grew up I had no idea it could even be a thing to like girls if you’re female, or even what asexuality was until later in life. I think all these terms floating around might be overwhelming for a young person and they don’t need to pigeonhole themselves into calling themselves something to just please people.

…Does that make sense at all? I’m so tired, but I’ve been thinking about this. 

Concerning Rockets

I really can’t allow myself to blog at the moment but from the looks of things - Tumblr and Bulbagarden - things begun to look so freaking dark. Some people really need to take a deep breath (until we know more about this series). It’s been 35 episodes but things you’re saying make it feel like it’s been hundreds.

Now, don’t take me wrong - I know it could be difficult and you don’t need to bother with someone like me who isn’t really codependent on TR’s screen time. You can think of me what you want and that’s alright. But I want you to know that I really want you to get better and get your rocket shit together. Our fan-world *doesn’t end* and I believe it has just begun. You want to be here when Rockets are back in action and bigger things start happening. Sun and Moon is taking a while to “get started”, yes, but it established its characters pretty well. Satoshi may be the only character to be prominently featured in every single episode (so hate him if you like) but he is no longer this exclusive special snowflake that he used to be - in Sun and Moon everyone has their own journey (or episode) to tell, including Rockets. Rotomdex, Lillie, Kukui, Mao, Suiren, Kaki, Mamane, Lychee, Gladion, Skull trio, Pokemon centrics, secondary characters and… do I need to count? There will be EVEN MORE to come. Alola’s story hasn’t even begun yet. At certain occasions it was pretty similar in XY - hence limited TR’s screen time - but Alola is clearly going to be much different and much more consistent in that regard. I believe characters and events will matter in the long run and won’t be just “dropped” and completely forgotten about after a while. Which will include Team Rocket (I hope).

But speaking about Rockets and their screen time, the one cruel thing I wish XY hadn’t done is to (falsely) promote them as “back to true form” and make you guys even more codependent (by putting TR in far too many episodes - only like for 1-2 minutes of weekly fix, characterized by stock footage and shitty writing). Whatever good things it had and whatever fun it provided, in the end, what XY series did here was delay the inevitable and enforce your future weekly longing RIGHT NOW even more. Ever since BW it felt like the show is evolving, one way or another. I don’t mean what was done with Rockets but the way major storylines were playing out (or how long and inter-connected they were). XY took on “the appearances” of “the old formula” but these novel mechanisms were revelaed nevertheless and the final arc was nothing like ever before, directed by Tomioka and possibly influenced by BW1 Team Plasma leftovers. Now the show has many new writers and different head writer but it’s not like this trend was altered. I think it remains the same and all the characters get their time to shine, along with their stories. It’s time to face it: you just can’t force Rockets onto every episode, every circumstance and every pokemon encounter. Instead, they’re getting their own place, storyline and time to show up, just like everyone else. SM may not appear like it has some big plotline or serious goals for the protags but it doesn’t mean that it’s “just like the old days.” The structure is clearly different, just as it was in XY whenever this aspect resurfaced, and it’s not going back to how it was, apparently. As of now, I find no reason to believe Rockets will be forgotten or limited to one particular aspect in this one. If they appear, I think it will be really great. But they won’t be in every single episode and they won’t be in every mini-arc. Some of it might be caused by popularity and merch, so yes, let’s support Rockets and show you’re a fan. This is a must, I don’t say no. But please, don’t expect them to be in most episodes. This is simply like impossible at this point. It started to feel really artificial back in XY but now? It would be just really artificial artificial if they tried to implement their presence at all times.

You people weren’t really satisfied in BW because they were serious and they were being phased out as main characters. It was kind of extreme to do but there were some new and suprising things done with them, therefore - after all these years of typical scenario - it didn’t really bother me that much. Plus the premise of the series was honest so I wasn’t really hyped for more than that (TRio’s role within their organization). I never really believed they could be gone for good though - whether the staff truly wanted it or not - and this belief made it easier to me, no doubt. Maybe I was just naive or maybe I just don’t believe Shudo’s legacy can be left out so easly, even if it’s a part of this “original intention” and nobody resists it. Today I’m not even sure what the truth behind all of this was. All we can do is make a good guess but we won’t really know, probably. It’s in the past now.

Then came XY and many of you - unlike me - were mostly satisfied with whatever it offered, apparently. But to think that you were fully and truly satisfied? I never really bought it for one minute and we all know why. TR “was there” and it was supposed to be “the old fomula” but it really felt like they stayed somewhere far away (to put it rather simply). This never really changed, except for some rare moments.

And now, when SM Rockets seem to be back to form for real and nearly all their scenes have proper merit to them… you aren’t satisfied either. Or should I say… already? Sure, it sucks they weren’t here as of late. It sucks that most people don’t really care exclusively about Rockets but only Pokemon in general. I wish it could be different and better, but naturally, it really cannot. And as I said, it’s not only TR’s popularity. Because direction in which the show keeps evolving matters. I can see why they devoted the Akala arc to other characters’ development and why they left Rockets back at their base. I bet they weren’t even supposed to be in that fishing episode (which would be more consistent) but someone apparently felt like “they would better give TR fans some Rockets to prove they’re still here!” They also made this balloon event and we are yet to see if more things follow. Also, I don’t need to say what great Rocket episodes we got already? So I’m sure there will be a proper place and time for more. Drama and “do Rockets even exist anymore?!” (quoting Dogasu) are completely out of place here. Yet.

Seriously, take a deep deep deep breath and give it some more time. Let’s wait and see what happens after Akala arc is done (we’ll get another opening, I suspect, and Rockets will be in it?). But don’t take me for “positive attitude” bullshit please. Because if nothing decent or major happens with TR for next 10 episodes straight (or their cues get shitty), then we can talk about how the writers don’t care and waste perfectly good opportunities. It’s just… too soon for that, okay?

Behind Every Studyblr There's a Person

erHello! With a lot of people getting ready to head back to classes, I figured we all needed to take a moment and remind ourselves why we’re here. So just copy and paste these questions, answer them honestly, and tag 5 other studyblrs that you want to get to know a bit better. Share your stories, your inspirations, and let’s get to know our community a bit.

I was tagged by the lovely @sydneystudying ! Thank you so much for tagging me in this. Really got me thinking about why I started my blog in the first place.

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asksketchpad  asked:

You're actually doing an amazing job. Trust me I've been watching your blog for a while and it's always amazing to see how much you improve with each update and your lines are getting more solid in my opinion. Do what you got to do though. If you feel you need to take some time from Tumblr to work on your style then do it, I know I'll be looking forward to your art again when you start posting.

Thing is, i will still post art and whatnot but i want to branch out and post more than just ponies, im starting to burn out and wanna stretch my horizons again. If i get enough yes’s i might just make this an art blog where i let people ask all my ocs and what not and post bits and peices if heathers story here and there. Even draw future events. I tightened my own leash and kept making it tighter….its time to let myself stop stressing over this and let myself roam and branch to more than one fandom.

anonymous asked:

im a punk with a fondness for embroidery. id like to do some custom embroidery patches or something on the back of my vest, but i dont know what they should say since im not that creative. yall got ideas? i want my vest to be unique

I can’t tell ya exactly what to put exactly because i don’t really know you and patcges and vests are usually personal, put some your political beliefs, interests, bands, sigils if you are a witch. Search through tumblrs patch tag to get ideas

~ mod Petar

Would it be a sin? (Chpt 5)

Tumblr is being an asshole and won’t let the post with the full chapter on the tag. I don’t know what I did to upset them *sigh* 

Anyway, I’m back with this fic. I’m sorry I made you all wait a lot of time. Truth is I lost touch with this story, everything was awful and nothing worked. 

I’m back, I have an outline and a plan! 

Enjoy this new chapter :)

 AO3 link

Tumblr link

badfaith00  asked:

When's the last time you ignored someone ? What instrument have you always wanted to play? Have you ever modeled ? Have you ever given a speech ? Most dates you've gone in in a week? Longest you've ever driven ? Farthest you've ever ran? Last time someone hit you? Staycation or exotic vacation ? Introvert or extrovert? One thing you want all your tumblr followers to know about you?

I did ignore someone today- this someone was me, Well i ignore me all my life.
I’ve always wanted to play violin.
No, i’ve never modeled, i just don’t really love the way i look and i feel uncomfortable when someone is taking photos of me.
I did give a speech to my friend, but nothing in front of people.
Ive never ever been on a date.
Idk, probably to London.
I don’t run If i don’t have to, i’m lazy as Fuck.
A long time ago, maybe a year ago.
Exotic vacation.
I’m introverted person.
I want you all to know that i have ups and downs and that i try to make you understand that being honest with yourself and people around you is the key to happy life.

anonymous asked:

thank you for your help with the ARMY 2. i submitted and im crossing my fingers that i can move up. you are really the best help here on tumblr for BTS related stuff I don't know what I would do without you honestly.

aww thank you~ well if anything, I’ve been here for almost 3 years now hehe ^_^ the least I can do is help and goodluck!!! ^_^ I’m still here contemplating about what to write on the to bts board. you’d think it’ll be easy but I don’t wanna break rules /cries