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I never noticed this before but while I casually came across these pages just minutes ago 

I was sudenly reminded of another scene from the FB arc

the reason I was reminded of this was actually pretty stupid, seeing Ru/kia jumping the wall reminded me of In/oue jumping out of the window, so I went and cheked if I remembered correctly and I actually noticed that there are more similar things in both scene. 

Chad is missing and probably in some kind of danger and the guys are worried for him. Of course the differences are what drew my attention, while in the Ich/igo and Ru/kia scene, Ichi/go has no problem of being open, showng his worry and actually talks with Ru/kia and comes up with a plan, in the Ich/igo and Ino/ue scene, there is nothing of that, Ichi/go closes up, doesn’t really interact with Ino/ue and doesn’t come up with a plan to search for Chad but actually refuses to go with Ino/ue to search for him together. In both scenes we also see a panel of Ichi/go’s back but while in the Ino/ue’s case she sees his back because he turns her down and shuts her out, in the Ru/kia scene we see his back because he is leading the way for her to follow. 

Just felt like sharing this with you guys, I think I never saw someone point that out, I know there are many scene in the FB arc that parallel the early chapters but I never noticed this one. Aaaaaand that’s exactly why I still didn’t reread the manga or rewatch the anime, because I know I am going to see all over again how good and well developed ichiruki were/is and I just askdhksfshkto


Here we!

Here we!

Here we fucking go!

Check out the new YouTube video folks, I’m speaking about Nicola’s announcement on the 27th. It would be awesome if you could let me know what you think!💪

Oh my god you guys. I just…I didn’t think this many people cared about me. I’m really bad at interacting with my followers but thank you. Holy shit just…especially after all this, thank you for being there for me.

That’s it. Like I said, I would drop it. Besides, you all deserve better than this anyway. You all deserve better than drama.

You deserve awesome ZoSan.

So you know what? FUCK IT. I’m going to do what I do best and get my ass back into gear and finish so many things I have pending so you can get your well-deserved ZoSan.

if you’re a lesbian, you’re awesome and loved
if you’re gay, you’re awesome and loved
if you’re bi, you’re awesome and loved
if you’re pan, you’re awesome and loved
if you’re trans, you’re awesome and loved
if you’re nonbinary, you’re awesome and loved
if you don’t know what you are you just know something’s up, you’re awesome and loved
❤️💛💚💙💜 happy pride month 💜💙💚💛❤️️


→ Catherine de Medici + Francis II, for @cassanabaratheon, Happy Birthday sweet <3

“You know what’s awesome? LGBT+ people.” 

Some dingleberry: “Well this is super heterophobic. So much for equality! So much for the tolerant left! This is why people become homophobic. If you really wanted homophobia to end, you wouldn’t say shit like this.”

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Oooh! Oooh! Top ten reactions from other skaters regarding victuuri confirmation 😂

Top Ten Reactions From Other Skaters Regarding the Viktuuri Confirmation

10) Cao Bin - “I’m away for ONE SEASON and look what happens”

9) Mickey - “I guess Katsuki didn’t actually want to date my sister that one time he asked about her in the restaurant and also that would explain a lot about how Katsuki and Nikiforov were acting during that meal”

8) Seung Gil - “ I don’t care”


6) Mila - *eating popcorn while watching the drama unfold and wolf-whistling*

5) Otabek - *thumbs up*


3) Yurio - “I worked so hard to get you two together so I didn’t have to listen to Viktor’s whining anymore but if you don’t stop making out on the podium while I’m on it too I will kick you off with my ice skates on I SWEAR TO GOD”

2) Chris - “YES, GET IT VIKTOR”

1) Phichit - “YES, GET IT YUURI”

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You know what was so awesome about Bellamy in this episode?

He was a perfect blend of head and heart. 

His heart told him what was the right thing - it drove his actions. But his head? It told him HOW to do it. He wasn’t being reckless in his actions, they were planned, calculated. He hurt himself not because of his emotions or out of desperation - per se - but because he knew it would bring Abby to him, and he could convince Abby to help him open that door.

This is Bellamy’s character arc coming to fruition, and I loved every moment of it.

Stripped - Part 1

Summary: Being a high powered publicist, the reader is hired to work with the destructive rock star Jensen Ackles. Her task is to revamp his difficult image from the ground up. Will the reader succeed? Or will she get sucked into his crazy life?

Pairing: rockstar!Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,175

“Well, shit. I was expecting room service but fuck that noise. Wanna be my breakfast, sweet girl?” Jensen sucks in his bottom lip, practically radiating sin while his eyes drink you in. Who the hell answers the door like that? Jensen motherfucking Ackles.

“No thanks.” You smirk in amusement, taking in the rock star’s disheveled but still delicious appearance. This man will make or break your fucking world, you’re still torn which way you want it to go.

“Then how will I know if you’re a good girl or a bad girl?” 

“I have to say…you’re even more entertaining than I thought you’d be.” The giggle that slips past your lips erases Jensen’s arrogant smile, a pissed off scowl is now staring back at you.

“I’m too hung over for fucking games. Who the hell are you?” He abruptly snarls, chugging down the vodka hiding in his glass of orange juice.

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Check out this video I made from pictures of your ghost Laurens video ( I honestly love that video that I put it in my bio on Instagram so I can tell my friends to watch it as well 💜💜 ) love from me and all my followers on Instagram 💜💜💜💜💜

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