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Being a Katie fan is so awesome because you never know what she’s going to say or do next. Normally you’d have to worry about that. But Katie is a decent human being who knows how to stay in her lane while simultaneously standing up for people. So it’s just exciting rather than nerve racking.

Yeah!!!! Love it love her

if you’re a lesbian, you’re awesome and loved
if you’re gay, you’re awesome and loved
if you’re bi, you’re awesome and loved
if you’re pan, you’re awesome and loved
if you’re trans, you’re awesome and loved
if you’re nonbinary, you’re awesome and loved
if you don’t know what you are you just know something’s up, you’re awesome and loved
❤️💛💚💙💜 happy pride month 💜💙💚💛❤️️


Oh my gosh!!! I finally hit 5000+ followers???? Really didn’t think this would happen but here we are!

So in celebration of all of you sticking around through my many mood swings and self indulgent posts I  decided to do one of those raffles I see everywhere.


1. Because this is for my followers, you have to be following me to participate. But also dont just follow me for the raffle cause that wouldn’t be cool.

2. Like stated above, one like and one reblog. I don’t want anyone getting spammed. Only one reblog will count!!

And thats it for the rules because I havent really thought this through too much.


3rd place will receive a single character full body piece, fully coloured!

2nd place will get a 2 to 3 character full body, fully coloured

1st place will get a short comic!! Meaning not a full story or anything like that. As in, a scene from a fanfic you really like (with writer’s permission) or a couple of nerds doing some nerd stuff.

What I will draw!!

° Undertale is my obvious specialty, but i’ll draw from any fandom as long as I have proper references.

° Ocs (I love ocs alright??)

° nsfw things. But they’ll be posted on my nsfw blog

What I CANT draw

°Mechas. Please be kind

Deadline is Halloween because I love Halloween

So that gives you a while to reblog ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Good luck and all that!!! And thank you all for being awesome and supportive!! It’s really meant a lot to me these past few months, and I love you guys (*¯ ³¯*)♡


→ Catherine de Medici + Francis II, for @cassanabaratheon, Happy Birthday sweet <3

Liz’s Party | Peter Parker

Summary: Spiderman shows up at Liz’s party to impress everyone, mostly the reader…

Warning: some spoilers

Pairing: Peter Parker (Spiderman) x reader

Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six


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I rewatched Winter Soldier last night (because literally what else am I supposed to do the night before I see Civil War)

And it was still great. Obviously. But you know what the best scene is?

None of the awesome action scenes. None of the Stucky fanfic fuel. None of the scenes with Falcon (somehow? Falcon’s so freaking awesome, I can’t believe I just said that he’s not the best part of a thing he’s in).


The best scene is this one:

Remember this? Basically, Cap just told everyone over the intercom about Hydra infiltrating Shield, and how, if you’re not Hydra, trust no one, and fight back if you can. 

In the speech, Cap acknowledges that “If I stand alone” (that is, if no one wants to step up, because, fun fact, guns are really scary), then so be it.

And then Hydra’s resident Mr. McMuscle Man Brock Rumlow up there walks up to this lowly Launch Technician (Cameron Klein is his name, played by Aaron Himelstein) and orders him to launch Project Insight (aka Hydra’s evil plans).

Five minutes ago, Cameron had one job, and it was to press a few keys and launch this thing. Sure, he’d heard about Cap becoming a fugitive, and that was weird (and sounded kinda sketchy), but hey, he works for the good guys, right?

But now the game has changed. Launching this thing is a bad idea. 

Cameron pauses as Rumlow demands him to start it up. And Cameron refuses.

Rumlow pulls out a gun and points it straight at Cameron’s head. And Cameron panics; heck, he’s practically holding back tears already. But he still says no. “Captain’s orders,” he explains.

You know why this is the best scene in the movie? Because Cameron reminds me of someone. Someone that people watching the movie are already pretty familiar with.

Cameron is the guy who may not have the muscle or the skills to be a soldier or a spy, but he wanted to help make the world a better place, so he did what he could. He got a job at Shield, he followed the orders of people he thought he could trust, and when he realized the truth, he stood his ground and did the right thing. He hasn’t gone through any training, he has no powers or skills or suits of armor. He didn’t even know Sharon Carter was armed and would be able to get him out of harm’s way. He thought he was about to die. But he wasn’t going to stand by and let evil triumph.

And that’s despite the fact that Cap had EXPLICITLY given him permission to do so. That’s what he meant by “If I stand alone.” Cap was saying that if there’s a gun pointed to your head, it’s not cowardly to give up. That’s okay. It doesn’t make you a bad person. If a grenade gets tossed your way, you’re allowed to run away.

But Cameron chose to jump on top of the grenade instead.

I’ve heard people say “Steve Rogers is a hero with or without the serum,” and other people say that’s kind of a cheesy thing to say, but if you want proof of that statement, Cameron is it. In a 90-second or so scene, this movie perfectly emulated what it means to be a hero even if you have a desk job. Even if you don’t look like you take steroids. Even if nothing eventful has ever happened to you until one moment when everything in your life changes, YOU CAN STILL BE A HERO.

I don’t care if that sounds cheesy or hokey. This scene is incredible. Cameron Klein is incredible - so incredible, in fact, that he got a cameo in Age of Ultron on Fury’s Helicarrier.

Yeah, someone (I’m guessing Sharon) was so freaking impressed at his bravery that they recommended him to serve on Fury’s staff (and, after Winter Soldier, the amount of people Fury trusted could probably be counted on one hand). And he’s in charge of the evacuation - which was LITERALLY THE REASON Fury shows up at all. Not military backup, not surveillance. Evacuation of civilians. And Fury gave Cameron that responsibility.

Because that  guy up there may be the face of a nerd, or a gofer, or a desk clerk.

But it’s also the face of a person who won’t back down. Even when his world is being turned upside down, even when his life is on the line, this is the face of a man who will always do the right thing.

This is the face of a hero.

Now, Marvel’s Damage Control is an upcoming TV show about the normal folks. The ones without powers who always seem to be in the background but may have a lot more depth than they let on.

And I’m gonna try not to be too upset if I don’t see this guy’s name in the cast list, but man I’m hoping I do, because Cameron Klein is a hero.


August 24, 1988 ~ Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint 

Happy Birthday Rupert! ❤

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Oooh! Oooh! Top ten reactions from other skaters regarding victuuri confirmation 😂

Top Ten Reactions From Other Skaters Regarding the Viktuuri Confirmation

10) Cao Bin - “I’m away for ONE SEASON and look what happens”

9) Mickey - “I guess Katsuki didn’t actually want to date my sister that one time he asked about her in the restaurant and also that would explain a lot about how Katsuki and Nikiforov were acting during that meal”

8) Seung Gil - “ I don’t care”


6) Mila - *eating popcorn while watching the drama unfold and wolf-whistling*

5) Otabek - *thumbs up*


3) Yurio - “I worked so hard to get you two together so I didn’t have to listen to Viktor’s whining anymore but if you don’t stop making out on the podium while I’m on it too I will kick you off with my ice skates on I SWEAR TO GOD”

2) Chris - “YES, GET IT VIKTOR”

1) Phichit - “YES, GET IT YUURI”

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Random prompt i thought of while scrolling tumblr, "Is that supposed to surprise me?" I thought you'd be perfect to tackle it! Definitely MSR if you can? I just love your writing

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They used to go to bars, Scully thinks. At least to one bar: Joe’s. When they were first partnered, they sometimes went there to discuss cases and to see each other outside of work, but on neutral grounds. It didn’t last long. Soon they were spending most of their time together; in their office after hours, their apartments and on the road. No longer at Joe’s, though. As they grew closer together, they grew further apart from everyone else.

Today, though, Mulder wants to meet at Joe’s. For a drink, he texts her, with one of these smiley faces. Scully, who has spent most of her days in a quiet, dark morgue, would rather go home, shower and go to bed. It’s been a long week. Though Mulder’s sudden burst of extroversion is most likely her own doing. Last weekend, two days spent mostly in bed, or on the couch, she mentioned that maybe they could, like a normal couple, go out every once in a while. Who knew Mulder could take a hint.  

She showers at Quantico knowing that if she were to go home and change, she might not leave her apartment again. Ever. She’d rather be in casual clothes, shed her professional Scully persona, but this will have to do. She quickly texts Mulder that she’ll run late - reports can’t wait - but that she’ll be there. His ‘can’t wait to see you’ sends a flutter to her heart and curls her lips upwards. No matter where they meet, she can’t wait to see him either.

As Scully steps into the dimly lit bar now, she wonders if they still fit here at all. Young people in business suites, nursing drinks, staring into phones; is that who they are? Her Mulder radar leads her past tables and past the bar. She knows that he picked a table in the back, partly hidden from view, safe in the shadows. She can’t not smile when she sees him there hunched over what she presumes is a file. Mulder, even after hours, is always working. She walks closer, her heels for once not announcing her, and touches his shoulder. He looks up at her, his eyes full of love, his smile happy. 

“Hey there, stranger.” Mulder is up on his feet in an instant and she’s in his arms a moment later. Scully has hugged Mulder plenty of times. As a partner, as a friend and out of desperation. Lately, this time, too, it’s a lover’s hug; tight, passionate and clingy. 

“I missed you.” He croons into her ear.

“Mulder, we saw each other four hours ago.”

“It felt much longer.” His lips, talking or not, are on the move. Scully lets him even though she knows better. There are no fears, doubts or consequences on her mind when he’s kissing her. Her mind is in fact blissfully empty. His hands roam her body, touch her intimately, and then there’s this nagging voice quietly reminding her that they’re in a public place and very publically displaying what they’re trying so hard to keep private.

“Ehm, good evening agents.” A deep, dark voice interrupts their moment and they jump apart. Lips swollen, eyes sparkling, there’s no denying what they’ve been doing. Skinner, however, is completely unfazed. As if seeing them make out, is the same as them handing over a report. He stand there with a beer in his hand, dressed casually, looking nothing like their boss.

“Uhm, hello,” Mulder clears his throat to sound less like an awkward teenager and more like a mature adult, “we uhm…yeah. I guess we’re not just… partners anymore.”

“Is that supposed to surprise me?” Skinner takes a sip from his beer, eyes Mulder, then Scully. “What you do outside of the office is none of my concern. As long as you keep it out of the office.” His eyes grow huge as he glances at Mulder. Who nods dutifully. 

“Have fun, you two.” He struts off, doesn’t look back once.

“Please tell me this did not just happen.” Scully buries her face in Mulder’s chest. The cat is out of the back anyway. There’s no reason to hide anymore. The thought should make her happy, but right now all she feels is hot embarrassment. 

“He took it pretty well. Don’t you think?”

“I’m not sure what to think, Mulder.”

“You want to keep me your dirty little secret, don’t you?” He leans down to kiss her cheek and Scully’s eyes drift close again. 

“Hm, no. I just don’t want everyone to talk about us.”

“They already talk about us, Scully.”

“That’s true. Mulder?”

“Hm?” It’s a wonder he hears her when his mouth is taking over again.

“I think I was wrong.” That gets his attention. He stops kissing her and looks at her, blinking a few times.

“Dear diary, today Dana Scully made my day when she-”

“Mulder, shut up. I just want to go home. I know I said we should get out every now and then and maybe we should but… not tonight. Definitely not when Skinner is around here somewhere. So, take me home?”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

“Is that supposed to surprise me?” Scully tries to imitate Skinner’s voice, fails and giggles.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t make fun of me, agent Scully.” Scully turns around, the color of her face almost matching that of her hair, and gives her boss a sheepish smile. She’s learnt that move from the best. Mulder, his hand on her back, nods at their boss and leads her away. 

“I really can’t take you anywhere, Scully.” He chuckles into her ear. He kisses her there and then they make their way out of the bar; the door slams shut behind them, but Scully swears she can hear Skinner laugh.

  • Margaery Tyrell: *dies*
  • Catelyn Stark: (in heaven) Ooooooh my God!!!! Omg, omg, omg, omg, omg okay... OKAY. Catelyn play it cool. Breathe. Don't mess this up. You got this. You fucking got this.
  • Margaery Tyrell: Hello? Am I dead? Lady Stark... is that you--
  • Margaery Tyrell: I... beg your pardon?
  • Catelyn Stark: I mean... welcome to heaven? Haha ha. Hahaha. (Internally: ...fuck...FUCK!!!!)

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