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I like all the yonko commanders so far. Marco is a pineapple, Jack is a wholly beast, and dogtooth is actually pretty and this weird feminine/masculine clash. They're all insanely powerful and it makes me want big mom pirates to survive just so we can see a yonko vs a yonko? Like kaido beast pirates v big mom pirates idk i'd pay to see that

yesss i love them all!!  they’re all so….big and badass and different from one another, it’s great.  and omfg i never thought about that before but it’d be super rad.  i really doubt the big mom pirates will be taken out this arc, but i also doubt we’ll ever get to see them face up to kaido’s crew either….you never know, though, and i would be so excited if we did.  

especially since idk, i get the feeling that with the pace this arc is going we won’t get to see big 1v1 fights with smoothie and katakuri showing their full strength, and it’d be hype af to see them actually go up against other yonko commanders of their level.  as it is for now i’m just hoping we WILL get to see smoothie and katakuri go full strength at some point, vs kaido commanders or not.  though on the other hand maybe not bc i don’t want any of the protags to get freakin murdered

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I was thinking today that we should really just be happy with what Sam and Cait are willing to show us about them. I know people want selfies and pictures of what they are up to all the time but you know what, I'm glad that they do things together or go on trips that we know no part of. Not everything needs to be documented for SM. Sometimes when I'm at a party or on vacation or even a night out with a group I don't feel the need to run to SM. Sometimes it's just nice to live in the moment.

It’s natural for fans to want more, but you are correct that Sam and Cait aren’t under any obligation to share any of the personal stuff with us. But what is really telling here is that they do choose to share personal stuff- and what it is they choose to share when they do. Together stuff. Stuff that directly contradicts the narrative that is apparently being woven for the two of them when they are in any proximity to LA, or to any studio sponsored outings such as awards appearances etc.
It’s such a lovely sight to see when they post this sort of stuff that it is only natural to want to see more, and I am certain that there is indeed much more that they are not sharing. And that’s ok. What they are sharing all points to one conclusion. And the unshared rest of it is allowing them the privacy that any healthy relationship needs.
It seems to me that what they share is just like the small above water part of a very large iceberg. And just like with the iceberg I can be confident that that publicly shared tip is just the part that I am being allowed to see of a much larger whole. With that iceberg there is a lot of ice floating below the water’s surface that I can’t see- and I am confident that there is also a lot of relationship hidden below the surface of what they are sharing with us here as well.

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Could you write the RFA + minor trio reacting to MC having bad period cramps??

Oh god this was me a few days ago ahhhh. sorry though but I don’t really do vanderwood since I don’t know them that well so I only do RFA and v and saeran ~~ mod stranger

Zen: he’ll let you chill and rest as much as you want + some really good massages too

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Yoosung: CUDDLES TIME. he honestly feels so bad for what you have to go through so he’ll listen to whatever it is you want to say too

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Jaehee: she knows what you’re going through and this is the only time she’ll actually spoil you with food so you don’t think about your cramps

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Jumin: he has no idea what’s going on he hires a thousand doctors to check on you but once he passes that initial phase of not knowing he’ll pamper you to the max

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Seven: he’ll let you eat as many honey Buddha chips as you want but at one point he’ll get worried about how much you’re eating

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Saeran: he NEVER shares his ice cream with anyone but he’ll actually share some with you

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V: he has no idea what to do except feed you (’That’s what you do to feel better right?’) so when you start to feel calmer while eating he knows what to do next time

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Tfln: maybe after they get back together and H has to go out of town for meetings or something and the missus starts sexting him and he's getting all hot and bothered?

Harry. Missus.

Why did the last 2 and a bit weeks go so quickly?

We had too much fun, didn’t we? You know what they say, love. Time goes by when you’re having fun.

We should have just stayed in bed and slept and done nothing all day. Gone to a library or something and had boring sex.

Sex with you is never boring.

You always find something new to bring to the sheets. Like when you suggested doing the 69 position. Never eaten a girl out whilst she sucked on my cock before.

Didn’t it feel good though?

So fucking good.

I’m laying in bed right now, really REALLY craving you, you know?

Well, if it helps, I’m really REALLY craving you, too.

Should have just joined you on tour.

That would have been so fun. But, you’ve got work to do for the magazine. How is everything going there?

It’s really good. They gave me my own office now. It’s pretty damn gorgeous, too. The view is so lovely! It faces the Thames and you can see all the buses go by and everyone’s bustling past. It’s so lovely.

That sounds so gorgeous! You’ll have to take me one lunchtime.

The window would be great to fuck against.


Seriously. Pushed right up against the glass. Imagine that. We’ve had garden sex in your little pool house; now imagine the thrill of it being in an office. With people outside. 

How high up are you?

7 floors. 

And, I’ve looked from below, too. When I leave for work. It’s hard to get a look in and get photos through the window. You’d have to sneak in with that hideous disguise you have through the front, but, if you get unseen below, people won’t crowd outside to catch a glimpse of you.

Imagine it.

God, love.

I am.

Is it turning you on as much as it is me?


You want me to fuck you against the window in the bright of day, yeah? Stick my cock deep in you and fuck you up against the glass? You’re so dirty.

Your dirty girl.



What about giving you a nice, sloppy, quick blowie against the window? Smush your pretty arse against the window and give everyone a nice view?


That’ll be on my agenda when you get back. I’ll schedule it into my planner. “Give Harry a blowjob against the window of my office.” 

Schedule in “Get a spank from Harry for turning him on when he’s meant to be getting ready for the day.”

Love youuuuu.

Can’t wait to get spanked.

Bent over that desk.


Getting wet at the thought.

Might have to bolt towards the bathroom and get rid of this feeling…

You have an up to date dick pic for me?

Unfortunately not. But, you have loads already.

I do, but, I need some new material.

Give me a couple of hours and I’ll get one to you. I promise you. xxx

Monsta X is only promoting the beautiful album for 4 weeks you know what this means? THERES LESS TIME FOR THEM TO GET A WIN MEANING MONBEBES HAVE TO PUT IN EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING IN GETTING THEM A WIN.


Hey hey,

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You know what we haven't talked about in quite some time? What do you think will happen next summer in Camp Cambell! Even if there isn't a second season, what do you think would happen? Like a year of life away! Would Max become more of a jerk? Would David not have left the camp? Would Nikki run into the forest and away from home? And would Gwen get the sci-fi she needs! All important things to know!

There will be a second season they confirmed it recently again.

And I actually would love it if it just goes on from that camp fire day, as if the night went over and everything is still the same. They have a good cast and every one of them has room to grow, explore them even more, make them go through stuff and really starting to build friendships. The only thing I really hope for is a Space-kid and Nerris centered episodes, squirrel uprising and that the wood scouts make an appearance again.

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i don't know what time the concert is over there, but have a safe trip and remember to bring everything you need!!!! have fun and be careful mama b!!!!! i hope you and gio have the time of your lives and aren't too tired afterwards!!!! I LOOOOVE YOOOOUUUUU!!!!!!!!! ENJOY THE CONCERT BIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

the concert was wonderful my love, i love you so much, thank you for everything, you deserve the world <3

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16: 28 or the exact time Even saw Isak that first day of school…. And he got it framed. So he would offer it to Isak, for his birthday.

“You know time used to mean so much. And yet whenever we were together, i would get lost in the moment. Get lost in you. I don’t know what time it is, and i couldn’t care less, because now the future is with you. The next minute, the next month, the next year…." 

This is when it all started, and now they have all the minutes in the world. Future is we, you and me.

and the unintentional (but not unwelcome!) reaction—

the shower thought of ‘hey wouldn’t it be cute if sun/moon got to be friends with gladion’s big dog over the years’ turned into something too elaborate to be called a doodle LAUGHS o(–<

when u gotta text someone but also gotta keep the hacker aesthetic