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Black Cats and Croissants

Here is the commission I did for the wonderfully amazing  @squirrellygirlart !!!!

You have her to thank for this lovely piece!!! This was honestly so much fun to write I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have ^_^

WARNING: There is some SIN- but I will warn you beforehand and mark where it ends as well.

Chat’s week wasn’t going very well. The boy had been run ragged with photo shoots and akuma attacks. And with the new diet his father had him on he was absolutely starving! ‘It’s almost swimsuit season Adrien,’ His father had said. Hungry and exhausted Chat was not up for another akuma attack, let alone one against Marinette.

It had all started with Chloe (didn’t it always?) Marinette, sweet, kind Marinette who’s parents made the best pastries Adrien had ever tasted, had brought croissants to school for her friends. She looked about as tired as he felt but despite that she smiled as she went to give her friends the sweet buttery gift. Adrien was certain he could hear his own heart break when Chloe came barreling in, knocking Marinette and the delicate pastries to the ground. Chloe smirked down at Marinette as she made a point of walking across the breaded treats, squashing them beneath her feet. Marinette’s face flushed red with anger as she stood with her hands in shaking fists at her sides. Marinette opened her mouth and a loud long irritating noise covered her words from Adrien’s ears. The long drawn out noise was Nino making a constant high pitched hum as he covered Adrien’s ears with his hands. Marinette’s words weren’t for innocent ears, he had told Adrien later on. Whatever Marinette had said landed her in the headmaster’s office where she was sent home from school suspended from the rest of the day’s classes. From then on Adrien had been traipsing across the city as Chat Noir chasing after a very angry akumatized Marinette.

“Princess I know you’ve had a crumby day but you’re batter than this,” Chat chuckled to himself as he dodged another croissant heading towards his head.

“Enough with the puns!” Marinette shouted in irritation sending more croissants sailing his way.

“Aw Princess I know you don’t knead that,” Chat snickered before a buttery croissant landed smack dab in the middle of his mouth. Chat hummed in delight his stomach growling in response.

“And stop calling me Princess!” Marinette hissed. She was dressed in a black and purple apron wielding a large purple spoon in her hands, purple cake batter splattered across one of her cheeks. She was the least intimidating akuma Chat had ever seen.

“Well you didn’t like muffin or cupcake, I’m running out of nicknames here,” Chat complained taking the croissant reluctantly from his mouth.

“Stop with the nicknames,” Marinette shouted throwing another croissant his way. This time Chat snatched the breaded delicacy out of the air and began stuffing it in the slim pockets of his suit.

You’re pathetic, Plagg’s voice sighed in his head.

Hey, don’t judge me I’m starving here! Adrien snapped back.

“You need a name sweet stuff.” Chat smirked. A croissant bounced off his head. “Okay you don’t like that one, how about…” Chat snapped his fingers a cheshire grin spreading across his face. “Pastry Princess!” Chat purred.

Marinette gave him a deadpan look. Chat opened his mouth to say something else but before the words fell past his lips a cupcake the size of a car landed on top of him. Chat popped his head out the top. Sticky frosting slid down his face and clumped in his hair.

“I take it you like your new name,” Chat cooed. Marinette gave him an irritated look as she hopped over to the next rooftop leaving Chat in his cupcake prison. It was surprisingly difficult to move within the dense cake. Worried Marinette might get away, and with no Ladybug in sight to come to his aid, Chat summoned his cataclysm and let the cupcake disintegrate around his feet. It was a shame he lacked the time to eat through the sweet instead. His stomach grumbled in agreement.

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Genre: Smut, fluff, angst (it will contain smut in the next parts)

a/n: The story will have another part. So dont worry, im not cutting you off

Description:Jungkook is a  photography major in collaage. Every girl likes him yet he only has eyes for his camera, until he -even tho he hasnt realized it yet-  finds his muse.

Part1 Part 2  Part3

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Kidgetober Day 24

Give me a Kidge Au where Pidge is a photographer and Keith is a model….

-Keith is very confident during shoots, but once he’s out of the studio he is shy, keeping to himself till they need him again. He changes into jeans and a hoodie, and prefers to cover his face up. you know cuz he honestly doesn’t think he’s all that good looking and its the make up and the photoshopping that makes him look appealing. -that’s what they do don’t they?- and when he sees himself in magazines he is amazed by the photographers  on how they can make him look so different.

Then here comes Pidge, who ends up doing a photo shoot with Keith. And during a break she sees him sitting with his hoodie on waiting for instructions, the lighting is great and the mood is perfect, and Pidge not missing an opportunity takes a photo cuz damn that looks like an amazing shot! Pidge ends up taking lots of candid photos of Keith. She then asks him if he’s interested in a private shoot–you know for portfolio reasons, and she’ll pay him even though it might not be as much as he’s used to getting. They start to work together more often, and become friends.

“You found your muse, didn’t you?”

“Come on! You’ve seen my photographs!! they are amazing, especially with him in them!”

Keith loves Pidge’s photos. She takes the most beautiful photographs he’s seen, not just models, but nature shots, and some of her themed photo-shoots are fun. -Alien theme photo shoot? Underwater?- and as more time they spend together they slowly fall in love.

“Are you sure it’s just the fact that he’s a good model, or is there more?”

“His eyes are what captivates me! It’s not my fault he has the most beautiful eyes in the world!!…and most of these…photographers tend to gloss that over.”

What was it about me that caught your attention?”

“Your eyes.”

“My eyes?”

“They hold so much emotion….” Pidge pats Keith’s cheeks “and your cute.”

“You think I’m cute?” he smiles.

Love Yourself, Love

Requested Prompt: Can you do an imagine where tom has a gf who has really low self esteem and is really struggling with her confidence, and tom is there to help her realize that self-love is important? (@dropdeadrxses)

           Thanks so much for this request! This is something that I’ve struggled with for a long time and have only recently overcome emotionally, but am still battling physically. If anyone ever needs support in any aspect of life, please know you can talk to me.

Warnings: reader struggling with self-esteem, self-loathing, self-depreciation, fluff


The Hollywood Reporter had just leaked photos from the photo shoot Tom did with his Homecoming co-star, Zendaya, and (Y/N) was curled up on Tom’s couch, eyes lingering over how stunning Tom’s new friend looked and mind running with scenarios of things that could have happened ‘behind the scenes.’ (Y/N) hated how easy it was for her to completely discredit herself, but in reality, what did she have to offer Tom or anyone for that matter?

She couldn’t help but notice how Tom’s shirt seemed to have a different number of buttons opened in various photos. Instantly, her mind went to thoughts of him cheating on her. Her chest tightened as she thought about what could have happened between the two of them. She knew that Tom was raised to be a gentleman and certainly distinguished himself from other guys their age, but the thought wouldn’t leave her mind. She was a no body and always would be. her disdain had nothing to do with the fact that Tom was a celebrity and she was a regular Joe, and it had nothing to do with the fact that Zendaya was a celebrity, she just didn’t know how anyone could see anything worth their time in her.

The soft pattering of Tom’s feet sounded as he made his way down the stairs and toward his girlfriend. “Hey, love,” he called out to her, “I was thinking we could go out to dinner tonight with everyone and I can show you off.” (Y/N) rolled onto her back, feeling the tension in her shoulder subside immediately. She clicked the screen of her phone off and dropped it onto the coffee table as Tom lifted her legs to sit beneath them. 

“Why?” she asked without intending to.

“Why wouldn’t I?” he asked in return with a smile across his face as he rested his hands on her knee.

“Because you can be with like three models at the same time right now and you’re with me,” she sighed all too quickly.

“Why would you say that?” he asked, his voice ignorant of the emotions running through her head.

“Because it’s true,” she scoffed lightly. “You’re an easy ten and I’m like what, maybe a five on a good day?”

“How could you think you’re a five, (Y/N)?” he asked with a laugh in his voice, still not picking up on the fact that she was growing even more upset.

“Just forget about it,” she sighed while slipping her legs out from under his and making her way toward Tom’s room, which she occasionally stayed in. She dropped onto the bed, pulled the sheets up to her neck, and curled into a ball while lying on her side. it didn’t take long for Tom to make his way back toward his room and close the door behind him.

“What’s the matter, (Y/N)?” he asked while sliding into the bed beside her.

“Can you please just leave me alone?” she muttered.

“Only if you tell me what’s making you so sad,” Tom stated while rubbing his thumb across her shoulder.

“Why are you with me?” she mumbled through the sheets as a small tear slid out of the side of her eye.

“Because I love you,” he said as he moved his fingers through her hair.

“But why do you love me?” she pestered as another tear slid across her nose from the other eye. “What do you see in me that makes you think I’m worth anything? There’s nothing special about me,” her voice started to shake slightly as she continued to admit to him everything that stood between them. “In fact, there are a lot of things about me that you didn’t know about when we first got together. I know my baggage is something that you didn’t sign up for when you met me. Why do you continue to deal with me? How can you be so nice to me when all I’ve been is a burden to you? Here you are, asking to go out and have a great time and all I can think of is why you haven’t dumped me or cheated on me yet.”

Tom’s chest tightened at her words and he flopped onto his left side. He slid his left arm underneath (Y/N)’s head, draped his right over her waist and laced their fingers together. His words were lodged in his throat but he couldn’t bring himself to say them without having his voice crack from sorrow. Tom cleared his throat and traced his thumb along her hand before speaking. “You may not see anything special in yourself, (Y/N), but you’re wrong,” he said softly as the wind created from the ceiling fan brushed her hair across his cheek. “I love that you can make me laugh when I’m having the worst day ever, I love that when you’re scared I feel compelled to make you feel safe in my arms, I love the way your nose crinkles when you laugh. When you walk into a room, I can’t help but ignore everything else and focus on you because there’s a pounding in my heart that makes concentrating on anything else so incredibly difficult.” Slowly, (Y/N) rolled over to face Tom. He pushed away the tears rolling along her face with his thumb and smiled at her. “I love the way you look when you wake up in the morning with a weird mix of bed head and sex hair,” he said while ruffling her hair lightly. “I love how smart you are and how you’re constantly pushing me to be a better person so that I can be a better boyfriend, because I want to be the man that you deserve.” She couldn’t help the tears that overcame her at his words. “And when I asked you to be my girlfriend, I asked that of every part of you, even the one’s I didn’t know about yet.”

The tears streaking (Y/N)’s face were a blend of joy and sadness as Tom pressed his forehead against hers. “You deserve more than I can offer you,” she said with an empty tone in her voice.

“Believe me when I say that you are more than I deserve, (Y/N),” he said as he took her hands in his. “All you need to do is love yourself, love,” he said while pressing his lips against her head. “I will help you through this,” he promised and then placed his lips gently and passionately against hers, “because you don’t deserve to go another day without seeing and apppreciating all of the things about you that make me love you.”

BTS reaction: their girlfriend being a really famous idol/model in Korea but came from another country.

Anon requested:

Hi:) Can I request a BTS reaction to their girlfriend began a really famous model/idol in Korea but she came from another country☺️


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Jin would absolutely love that about you! He would constantly be making comments about your beauty and talent and about what a great couple the two of you are.

“Jagi, we are the most beautiful AND most talented couple in Korea! Even though only one of us is Korean.”


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Yoongi would be extremely supportive of everything you do. He would always try to help with whatever he can - whether it’s producing a song, touring, or doing a photoshoot he would.

“Hey love, how’s work? Need any help with anything?”


Originally posted by bangtan

Hoseok would be the type of person who would want to know EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about what you do. He would be always curious about what you’re working on and what you will be working on.

“Hey baby, how did that photo shoot go? Tell me EVERYTHING! I want to know!”


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Namjoon would absolutely love your body, so he wouldn’t really like the fact that so many other people would get to see your it in ways that only he’s supposed to see it. He would be really jealous of your fans, always making sure the two of you are seen together in public so everyone knows you’re his.

“What the hell?! Someone on tumblr said that you have the nicest legs in Korea! First of all, you’re not even Korean! Second of all, you have the nicest legs in the entire world - not just Korea. But third of all, that dude has no right to talk about my girlfriend’s legs like that!”


Originally posted by kookiyoon

Jimin would find your job to be extremely sexy. He would be always asking you to collab with him on a dance or a song and would be extremely happy that the love of his life is also an idol.

“Jagi. Do you want to collab sometime? It’s going to be really fun!”


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Your biggest fan! He would watch all of your music videos, come to all of your concerts, and own a ton of merch of you.

“Y/N, love, do you mind signing my “Y/N” mug?”


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Jungkook would always brag bout you and how talented you are. He would always bring you with him to important events so he can show you off and would constantly remind himself how lucky he is to be dating someone like you.

“Yeah that’s my girlfriend, Y/N, she is a model, an idol and the most beautiful woman on Earth.”


I had a follower suggest something to me today and I thought I’d give it a go, but I need to hear from my followers, if I get 50 notes and a couple comments (nothing rude) saying that y'all want me to post it I will. Sooooooo lemme know if you’re down to see the only video I’ve ever taken of me shooting ice. (P.s. I’m only wearing one piece of clothing) private message me what you think I’m wearing and if you guess correctly I’ll send you a couple photos that won’t be posted anywhere ✌👑💯🔫💋

{PART 13} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson & Jinyoung)

Genre: Angst

Summary; Mia sheds light on her relationship with Jaebum to Jinyoung and Jackson, as both of the boys finally complete the puzzle of what really happened to you on the night of your accident.

Please note that this series contains mentions of road/car accidents, amnesia and cheating.

I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time)

{Part 1} // {Part 12} {Part 13} {Part 14}

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Attention Seeker (Bobby)

Warnings: I mean it’s smut. Bobby is a vocal needy whining mess… that’ all I’ll give away

“Y/N!” Bobby whines. He’d been begging for your attention since he’d made it to your place after practice. Too bad for him you were insanely busy today. Your boss had shifted the deadline of a project from next week to tomorrow, and like you’ve had to do countless other times since you started working at the company, you brought work home.

Usually Bobby was very understanding, and he’d sit patiently and wait for you to close your computer so that you could fully focus on him. However, today he’s been quite uncharacteristically touchy. A kiss here, a touch there, a groan that sounded just a bit too sexual, he was trying to drive you insane. Any other time it would’ve worked, but your job is on the line now and your have no time to care about Bobby’s whining.

“Babe!!” He whines again stomping his feet toward your desk before childishly plopping into you lap.

“You’re heavy!” You complain. and push at his legs.

“Pay attention to me.” He taunts, and laughs when an annoyed expression crosses your face. His hand cups you chin and he pulls your lips toward him. He kisses you a bit roughly, but it’s not out of the ordinary. Your lips smack against one another loudly filling the small room with the almost obnoxious sound. A minute passes and Bobby is pulling at our bottom lip with his teeth and sneaking his tongue into your mouth. Exactly where he wants you… Or so he thought. As soon as his tongue touches yours, you’re back to your senses and pulling your lips apart.

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The popular guy (Jungkook)

Thank you for the request I hope you like it <3

Warning: Contains smut

“Come on!” You heard your best friend Jimin call for you. You were running a little late for your math class and at this point, you felt there was no need to go since you were so late but there was no way you were getting out of it as long as Jimin was around. You started to pick up the pace and your walk turned into a jog. Before long you were finally in your math class and you took your seat at the back between Jimin and Suga. “Someone’s a little late” you heard Jin say in a sarcastic tone. “We would have been here sooner if SOMEONE didn’t have to pee last minute and made me wait for her,” Jimin replied as he turned his stare to you, you shot him a quick glare before getting your attention settled on your teacher.

An hour goes by and you’re slowly starting to lose interest in what’s going on and you turn to flicking your pen for entertainment, your eyes were torn away from your pen when an unfamiliar guy had walked into your class and sat at the front. Not saying a word and running his fingers through his hair before getting all his books out and sitting back comfortably. You couldn’t take your eyes off him, just the way he walked into the room so casually like he owned the place was enough to send a little shiver down your spine. “Well, I can see Jungkook has caught y/n’s eye.” Namjoon chuckled as he carried on working out the sums on the board. “Who?” You ask with your eyes still glued to him. “You don’t know who Jungkook is? Come on y/n I know you’re not that popular but everyone has heard of Jungkook one way or another.” You slowly shook your head. “Jungkook is the most popular guy in the school how could you not have heard of him?” Hobi piped up. You didn’t answer and continued to stare trying your hardest to look away. The mystery of him got too much for you so you decided to whip out your phone and try to find him on Facebook, with a little bit of searching you finally found him and plucked up the courage to hit the “Add Friend” button.

*Later that night* 

You were sat at your desk finishing up some last minute homework you had been putting off for the past week and you were almost done until you heard the ping of your phone going off. You let out a small sigh and leaned over to your bed to check who it was “Jungkook: Hey do I know you? What’s with the add?” Your heart jumped in your chest as you read over the message multiple times and each time still not believing it was real. “Jungkook: Hey! I know you’ve seen this please tell me who you are.” You fumbled your phone in your hands as you tried to type a random combination of letters hoping to make a response that made sense. “Hi, I’m y/n you came into my math class earlier and my friends said a little about you so I kinda added you.” As soon as you pressed the send button you were beating yourself up for it. “Idiot! He’s the most popular guy in school and you send hi, a message like that what’s wrong with you!” You kept repeating to yourself. You were stopped in your tracks when your phone pinged again. “Jungkook: I thought I recognized you” Your eyes widened as your read over the message. Jungkook remembered your face, YOUR FACE. You didn’t know how to respond you were both nervous and excited at the same time. Your phone pinged once again in your hand as you received another message. “Jungkook: If you want we could hang out sometime.” At this point you got so nervous you were starting to shake, the most popular guy in school was asking to hang out with you, the girl who only has 6 friends to her name and the girl no one knows exists. “That would be fun” You replied trying to keep the conversation as calm as possible. “Jungkook: How’s next Thursday?” You grinned as you remembered Thursdays were the days you have the longest break. “That’s fine for me” You replied and left the conversation at that.

*Next Thursday*

You were sat outside the theatre with your friends and you were all joking around like usual until the topic of Jungkook came up. “So y/n when’s your date with Jungkook?” Taehyung joked as Jimin and Hobi laughed along with him. “It’s not a date we’re just meeting up as a sort of getting to know each other.” you replied as rolled your eyes at the bad joke. “You’re going for coffee with a guy, just the two of you sounds like a date to me.” Jin said as he took a bite out of his burger. “So what you’re saying is I can’t go for coffee with a guy on my own and it not be a date?” As you said that all the guys nodded their heads in response. They stopped all their jokes when they saw Jungkook make his way up the steps to meet you.  You both head off to the nearest coffee shop and sat there for a while just having a nice and casual conversation getting to know each other and before you knew it you were familiar with his taste in movies and music, his everyday life and even little bits about his family. You guys talked for what felt like forever but sadly for you, time was against you and you had only now realized that you had 5 minutes to get back for your next class. “Shit I gotta head back I’m running late.” You said as you rushed to gather all of your things together. “I’ll walk you back Jungkook said as he got to his feet and followed you out the door. You continued to talk on your way back and even though you were 10 minutes late you didn’t care you had fun and that’s all that mattered to you. “We really should do this again.” Jungkook spoke up as you both arrived outside your classroom. “I’d like that.” You replied with a big smile. “Just message me anytime you want to hang out.” You gave him a small nod before turning and walking into your class.

*A couple months later*

You and Jungkook had built up an amazing friendship and you were both starting to get really close to one another, you were now talking for hours every night about anything and everything and you felt so comfortable around him. As much as you loved your best friends you felt since they were all so crazy and funny that you had to be the same and you forced yourself to be funny and entertaining, but for some reason being around Jungkook you felt you didn’t need to be all that and you could just be yourself with him and even if you both sat together in silence you were both comfortable and happy with each others company. Because of this you felt yourself slowly falling for him, you kept telling yourself not to feel that way and to not fall for his unintentional tricks but you couldn’t help it and before you knew it you were falling down a spiraling hole of random feelings and now you were trapped. 

You were sitting in your photography class planning what your next photo shoot for your project was going to be but you were interrupted by your friend Nayeon calling you. “Hey y/n can you do me a favour?” She asked overly sweetly as she fanned her lashes at you, you rolled your eyes and nodded knowing you had no choice. “Great, well I’m doing a Beauty and the Beast style photo shoot and I kinda need you and …… Jungkook to do it.” Your eyes widened at the mention of his name. “W…What do you need us to do exactly.” She gave a devious smile before answering. “Oh not much just pretend to be a couple and maybe a little kiss somewhere.” You didn’t know how to respond, of course, you were up for it, being a couple with Jungkook for an hour and with a possibility of kissing him you’d be an idiot not to say yes, but you didn’t know if he was up for it. “I’m fine with this I guess, you’ll just have to ask Jungkook.” You said going back to your work. “Oh I have he was the first one I asked and he also said he was okay with the kissing so it’s all set then” You started to have a fit of nervous shakes, you were going to kiss Jungkook and there was no backing out of it.

*Day of the Photo shoot* 

You were all dressed up in your oversized yellow sweater and had your hair all styled to fit the theme and next to you stood Jungkook in blue and getting his scar make up done ready for the shoot, you were walking around trying to hide the fact that you were a nervous wreck. “Y/n are you okay?” asked your friend Wendy, “Do I look okay, I’m about to be closer to Jungkook than I ever have been in my life and not to mention I’m gonna kiss a guy who I have the biggest crush on.” You hissed quietly. “Girl, look it’s all fine he’s okay with it and he’s probably as nervous as you are, just remember it’s just an hour and then it’s done forever.” She shot you a big grin before pushing you onto the set and sending you flying into Jungkook who managed to catch you just before you fell, you both heard the quick click of the camera and turned to face Nayeon. “Well, it seems we’re off to a good start.” She grinned before giving the both of you, your directions for where she wanted you. “Right now Jungkook if you don’t mind you you lean down like you’re going to kiss y/n.” Jungkook obeyed his order and brought his face dangerously close to yours, you didn’t know if you were meant to look him in the eye or not. “Okay lovely, now close the gap.” Your heart skipped a beat as you registered what she had just said. “You ready?” Jungkook asked in a low voice that only you could hear. You gave a nervous nod as Jungkook smiled and closed the gap. The kiss wasn’t much since it was a little awkward knowing everyone was watching you but Jungkook tried to make it better by trying to move his lips against yours but you both ended up pulling away after a few seconds. “That was okay but I think we’re gonna have to get a couple more to get a better one,” Nayeon said as she analyzed her photos with the others. You looked at Jungkook who was all for it, you both went back in for a kiss and this time it felt different, it was like you were in the room on your own, just you and Jungkook no one else, you both melted into the kiss and you felt him pull you closer to deepen it. You were finally drawn back to reality when you heard Nayeon cough in an attempt to get your attention back to stop the two of you kissing. “Okay, guys I know I wanted passionate but calm down.” 

*The next week* 

You couldn’t help but feel you and Jungkook had gotten closer since the shoot and you were hanging out more and talking more and he even invited you over to his place after school that night. You were a little nervous and especially after what all the girls had been saying about him being the biggest fuck boy going and that you should be careful with him but you let it all slide and either way you were going to his place and that was final. 

You walked through the front door of his place and scanned the room. “Nice place, where is everyone?” You asked curiously. “Oh they’re out for the day so I have the place to myself” You felt your heart beating faster as all the words the girls had said came flooding back. You followed him up to his room where you were both going to hang out for the time you were there. He threw on some music and you both were sat on his bed talking for a while. 

“It must suck being so short.” He laughed as he ruffled your hair. “Well, at least I’m not at risk of hitting my head on the top of the door.” You laughed as you lightly flicked his head as pay back for the short joke he had made. “Oh no, you didn’t just flick me.” He said as he sat up and going to flick you back, you squealed and grabbed his wrists in an attempt to keep him back. You fought back for a short while before you felt his strength weaken and his eyes pierce yours with what you didn’t know was lust or annoyance. You slowly let go of his wrists and looked into his eyes trying to distinguish what he was thinking, then suddenly out of nowhere he crashed his lips onto yours. You both moved your lips in sync with each other and you took to the sudden kiss better than you thought. “Seems like you really wanted to kiss me too.” Jungkook smugly said with a low giggle. “Shut up.” You said as you brought him back to kissing you. He slowly pushed you down on the bed and was lying on top of you deepening the kiss and with every break, he looked at you with his lust filled eyes. His grip tightened on your waist so hard you could have sworn he was bruising you. 

He ran his hand up your shirt testing what you were okay with and seeing how far he could go with out you stopping him. His hand ran further up your shirt and brushed over your breast making you give out a light moan, he smirked and continued to do what he was doing and enjoying hearing the small moans you were letting out. In one swift movement, he brought your shirt over your head and onto his bedroom floor. He sat up and looked over your shirtless body taking in every inch of your torso with the biggest smile on his face. You sat up and gave him a quick peck before ridding him of his own shirt. “I kept telling myself not to try anything with you when you were here but I guess I couldn’t help myself” he confessed as he leaned in to kiss you again. He brought his hand up to your hair in which to took a hand full of your hair and tugged it back lightly causing an unexpected moan to leave your lips. “Didn’t know you were this type of girl.” He smiled. “Neither did I.” You winked as you dug your nails into his side and went back to kissing him. 

He roughly pushed you back on to the bed and teased your jeans down your legs making you groan as you quickly lost your patience. “Some one seems more into this than she originally let off,” Jungkook said teasingly as he gave out a low giggle. You rolled your eyes at his comment and decided to get rid of your jeans yourself to speed things up and pulled him down with you. Jungkook slowly went from roughly kissing your lips to your cheek and finally down to your neck, he stopped after one or two kisses to see if you made a negative reaction but after finding out he was in the clear there was no holding him back now. He held your waist down with one hand and the other was tangled in your hair lightly pulling at it while he sucked and bit at your neck making you cry out in moans uncontrollably. He wasn’t happy with just leaving one mark on you so he continued and wasn’t satisfied until both sides of your neck were covered in bruises. 

You could feel his fingers dig into your sides as he continued to kiss your neck and lightly grind against you. You started to fumble with the buckle of his belt as you impatiently tried to get rid of his jeans, seeing your impatience he decided to help you out and throw his jeans across the room before slamming his lips back onto yours. Just knowing there were only two thin pieces of fabric between you made you crazy and you started to want him more and more. As he kept grinding you could feel how hard he was getting. It wasn’t long until he forcefully pulled your panties down your legs and threw them, landing on his chair, as he spread your legs wide, his fingers digging into your thighs as he licked the inside of your thighs, inching closer and closer to your heat each time. Your breathing rate increased and you started to get really wound up, leading to a small whine, that caught his attention. “What’s wrong, kitten?” there was the sound of teasing in his voice as he bit his lip hard, you just whined as you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him to just get on with it, to touch where you craved to be touch, but he got the idea, as he smirked at your frustration, and ghosted a finger over your heat. He repeated this multiple times before sending a long lick up your heat, making you shiver under his touch and a slight moan escaped your mouth before more were brought out of you as he continued, and your hand ran through your hair as you pulled on it, the satisfaction was real. Fingers were slowly inserted, curling upwards to hit the correct stop, he does know how to use his hands properly. The way this was going, you were already close to your climate, and he instantly knew how close you were.

Suddenly, you were flipped onto your stomach, with your ass raised up in the air as he pulled you closer to the edge of the bed, boxers were already off as he lined his tip with your heat. The frustration started to build up again as you whined again, “Please, Jungkook, please.” With that indication, he continued and entered you slowly, letting you adjust to his size first before picking up the pace and started thrusting into you quickly, making your legs numb and your back arch from how good it felt. The faster and deeper he went, the louder and more moans he captured from you as he replied with grunts and low growls, slapping your rear. “Fuck!” You screamed as he slammed into you forcefully, and leaving handprints on your ass, “Didn’t know you were this type of girl.” He brought up again, and you moaned back, “Shut the fuck up, and fuck me harder.” His smirk grew larger as he did as you said.

After a while, your climate was inching so close again, this time though, he rode you through your high, as your legs shake and the burning pit in your stomach of this amazing feeling slowly left your body. He pulled out of you, turned you back over and without any words being said, you get on your knees and wrapped your hand around his member, taking it into your mouth and wrapping your lips around it. Within seconds, you had him moaning loudly, and got a few growls from him as you teased, slowing down then sucking quickly. “I’m gon-” He tried to speak but his high took over him as he empties his load into your mouth, and instant reaction was to swallow his warm juices up, like a good girl you were and cleaned him up before letting go. “And swallowing too? Well then.” He sounded so surprised but a grin was plastered on his face as he grabbed your panties and one of his tops, handed them to you as he checked on his boxers and some shorts. Although, he was stopped in his own tracks as he turned towards you and cupped your face lightly, now it was time for him to confess that the “fuck boy” has actually found the one. “Y/n, honestly, I really do like you. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. You’ve probably heard that I’m the biggest fuck boy going, but no word of a lie and I would to unexpected lengths just to prove to you, since that day I first saw you, I felt something straight away.” You looked into his eyes, and no lies could be seen behind those gorgeous eyes of his, that’s when you decided to cough up your confession too, and his smile was the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen as he lightly kissed you on the lips before pulling out his phone, “Going to order food, what do you want?” 


Chapter 27 - Restraint

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Baekhyun stared back at you, his eyes raking over you in disbelief. He ran his hands through his hair a few times and tried to settle himself. But as soon as he looked at you he would mutter under his breath then avert his gaze.

The silence was starting to make you self conscious. You’d kind of hoped for the reveal to render him speechless in a good way, not in the tortured way he appeared to be right now. If he wasn’t blocking my only exit I could try and… fuck. No. The managers. Fine, let’s try a different approach. “Baek?” you enquired. “Is there something wrong? Did they pick out a lame outfit?”

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“Portraits: Chapter Four, VERACITY”

Blog #218  8/15/17

Colin Firth responded like this when I asked him to not communicate anything for the camera.

Any facial expression results from the contraction or relaxation of the many muscles (43 to be exact) under the skin in the face. This flexing and relaxing of the facial muscles, and the resulting “face” that is made, allows feelings to be expressed. The intricate facial musculature has the potential to project thousand’s of feelings, emotional messages. The changes that can occur in one’s face can be infinitely subtle yet at the same time inexpressibly powerful.

That active contraction or relaxation of any combination of facial musculature results in any one person’s desire, conscious or subconscious, to communicate something, an attitude, a feeling, a defense, a message. In the making of a serious portrait, any such effort on the part of the subject to influence the result creates a barrier to truth; a lie is made.

When we make facial expressions, we’re essentially transmitting a packet of information that can be received, read and interpreted by others. We can produce a myriad of variable messages that provide cues to our overall emotional state, our short-term feelings, about our immediate environment, our mental well-being, our personality and mood, our physical health, our credibility and whether or not we view others as being credible.

Often a photographer, with camera and lights at the ready, directs the subject to do something. “Say cheese,” or any one of a thousand possible directions. The subject responds but this response is shaped by the subject’s interpretation of what the photographer meant or by the subject’s determination to project what he wants regardless of the photographer’s direction.

In our contemporary world this response is usually a smile or something similar. The photographer wishes to heighten the energy, brighten up the subject and create something entertaining or fun. The result is a fairy tale, a falsehood; it is anything but the truth.

For the purpose of most “snaps,” that’s OK.  People want to “look good” or happy or something that may well be far from what they are actually feeling at the time. The photograph becomes the proverbial “spoonful of sugar” or frosting on a cake, or a perfect tuxedo or beautiful gown. But it does not convey anything significant beyond that.

It is my opinion that if a portrait is to communicate something real, human, truthful, powerful, compelling, if it is to become an image that draws one in to study, wonder and virtually interact, it needs veracity as well as many other things (e,g, pose, lighting, composition, perspective, etc) that work together in a kind of magical harmony.

This entire note regards the making of any portrait for the photographer, for the artist who has something to say, to share with the world. The making of such an image is not for the subject, or anyone else. There is no one else to please with vanity, "looking good,” “fits the message” or for any other purpose. I made the images in this Blog for me.

How to achieve veracity? How to relieve the subject of any responsibility to look or appear a certain way? How to help the subject let go of his normal defensive manner of interest with the world, to let go of his guard? How to do THAT!?!?

One way is to live with the subject for a sufficient amount of time so that he or she is so completely comfortable and trusting that you, the portraitist can become invisible, can be ignored. A number of photographer’s have done just that. Sally Mann with her own family, Diane Arbus with her family of unusuals, Annie Liebovitz, early in her career hanging out and traveling with her musician subjects.

Short of that, what can a photographer do in the limited time allotted for making a portrait? I will discuss a few things that seem to have worked for me: none works every time but one or another does at least most of the time.

A relaxed conversation prior to a photo-shoot helps a lot especially if it is a gentle (not aggressively probing) interview about the subject. The subject might get the idea that I am not about to make them look awful, that I am interested sincerely in learning about them and that I am gentle and easy, not nervous, in a hurry, domineering or unkind.

I tell most subjects that I plan to make a lot of photographs and, like a treasure hunt, am looking  for something wonderful. I inform them that there are no mistakes…anything goes, it just may work or not and won’t matter for the single image selected. I explain that no image matters, that except for one all will be thrown out. They are all “rough drafts.”

I avoid using the word “no,” as in “no, don’t do that, or turn to the right not the left, or no, not your hand there,” etc. I try to guide gently in a positive way or say something like, “excellent. Let’s try this….” I want the subject to be free, not frozen.

I sometimes suggest a scenario where the subject is not the center of attention, where they are just one of many in a room and where someone one else is speaking and the subject, just one of many, is just listening.

I might explain that what the person is talking about holds their interest, but the subject matter is neither happy or sad, nor difficult to understand, i.e. no facial response is called for. I will ask the subject to either look at the camera as if that is where the person talking is located or look away. There are many scenarios like this that help the subject imagine himself elsewhere, and away from the world of people for whom they need to be “on guard.”

I fully realize that with busy and very important people there may be hardly any time to do these things. A president or multimillion dollar athlete might “sit” for a minute and then get up and walk out. It is self-defeating of course not to give the portraitist time to do something wonderful and I find it remarkable that occasionally, some actually have made ample time.

When I can manage to guide the subject to let go of every attempt to control and communicate, veracity will permeate the space. Many other things need to work perfectly together, but at least there is a chance of making an original meaningful piece of art.

The following are some successes as well as failures.

The Late Morley Safer: A famous journalist, he understood about “listening.”

Nancy Pelosi (a photo taken 20 years ago) trusted me to make an image that was not about vanity.

John Stamos; eyes off the camera–in his own place–allows the viewer to wonder about him. It is always worth asking the subject to look away from the camera–you never know what might happen.

John Slattery, as himself, out of his “Mad Men” character.

Amy Poehler; She came to the studio for a Vanity Fair “IN CHARACTER" photo shoot. She was delightful, a dream to work with. When it was time to make her portrait I could not get her to stop “performing.” She understood fully about veracity but refused to let me really see……This image was my default. It happens, sometimes. I know it is sweet, pretty and delightful. But I was after truth.

With this prisoner, I couldn’t find a way to get him to shed his attitude which almost certainly comes from his need to survive the life he’s living. I have no idea what is under this facial projection, who he really is. He let me know with certainty that he was not someone to be taken lightly.  Subjects will often use a gesture, but a gesture is a singular communication. Sometimes there is a minuscule of truth, often not. Gesture (the subject of an upcoming Blog) is NOT veracity.

Another prisoner, determined to pose. Is this the “truth"?  Sometimes it’s tough to know, especially when the photo session is short and the circumstances are hard to control.

Whereas for this young prisoner, far less guarded, this portrait seems to bring so many questions and ideas to mind–which is one of the “goals” of attempting to make an image that has veracity.

Homeless, vulnerable—there has been so much living and life that have made this person who he is, clearly shown for the camera.

This homeless couple makes one look, wonder and think, “What have they lived? How do they survive?” I happen to know from the interview that he offered her to strangers in exchange for drug money.

The actor Sean Hayes, shedding his comic persona.

Ricky Gervais, not as we are accustomed to see him.

Mario Cantone, again, out of character; himself.

Michael Cerveris, a transformation brought by asking the subject to look away from the camera and imagine an “out of studio” scenario where he is not the center of attention.

Michael Emerson

Ian McShane: I think each image has veracity, i.e. is “truthful.” The difference
among them is simply the lighting. There is much to “read” in his wonderful face.

James Remar; not acting – a lifetime of experience becomes manifest in his face.

Michael Imperioli, leaving his Sopranos persona behind.

Michael McKean, also dropping his usual comedic characters.

Ruben. I will discuss children in another Blog but suffice it to say—
they have not lived much of a life, yet, so, there is only a little to “read” on their faces.

Models do not make their livings by showing a lot of information about their inner lives, so finding any particular truth about them can be rather difficult.

And finally, Melissa Leo, one of the great actresses of our time, allowing me to really see.

Picture This

Anonymous Requested: After getting a phone call to bring Remus’ forgotten camera to the photography studio, James meets model Lily and the pair hit it off. READ ON FF

“You owe me.”

James Potter placed a hot mug of coffee and a DSLR on the messy table in front of Remus Lupin. Remus looked at the camera piece like it was made of gold and immediately took a swing of the coffee James had brought as spare. James looked around at his surroundings while Remus literally moaned into the cup of coffee. It was seven in the morning and Remus was already stressing, James could tell.

They were inside of a magazine studio office in London. Remus had his first major shoot of his life and was only slightly panicking—slightly being that he elft the hours two ours early and yet still forget his camera. There were a bunch of make up artists running around shouting for primer and dresses fashioned on hooks were passing quickly before James’ eyes. James was overwhelmed by the rushing and bustling of the photo studio and couldn’t blame Remus for looking so uncomfortable. Remus definitely preferred realistic photography and not corporate trash. Too bad for Remus, the corporate trash paid well.

A few models walked past, all their eyes trained to look James up and down like wolves, ready to devour him. James pushed his glasses up his nose as a blonde winked confidently at him. Remus didn’t notice the girls passing and instead, was practically hugging the camera parts James had brought him.

“Thank you,” Remus attached the pieces James didn’t understand to his fancy camera, “I couldn’t believe I forgot these this morning.”

“You were a little stressed last night getting ready.” James reasoned, not looking away from a sofa on the other end of the studio filled with girls in underwear, “What is this shoot for anyways?”

“Some famous underwear seller in America.” Remus wiped the lens to his camera before practicing a shot steadied in James’ direction, “They call their models, Angels.”

James knew exactly what company Remus was talking about. These girls were regular celebrities. He couldn’t believe that they were all crowded in one building for a photo shoot in their underwear. James’ dream come true, really. 

“Are you shooting them?”

“I’m shooting only one of their new Angels for a cover lineup.” Remus was short and James sensed the panic in his voice.

“You’ll be fine Remus.” James assured his mate.

“This is my first big gig.” Remus said anxiously, “What if I fuck it up?”

James slung an arm around Remus, “You’ve got this mate.” He said encouragingly, “You’ve always been exceptional at having an eye for this sort of thing.”

“Yeah,” Remus snorted, “When my models were you and Sirius—not professional models trained since they were five.”

“I was six actually.” A playful voice interrupted behind them.

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anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Mettaton EX with a human s/o who's only about up to his stomach in height? (idk mettaton's sprite seems freakishly tall. like many others in the game, though.)


- You’re his personal armrest. No matter what you’re doing, or where you are, when he wants to rest his arms, you’d best be there for him to lean on. This also counts for photo-shoot poses, he is not against dragging you into frame just to use you as a prop.

- He likes picking you up off the ground when you hug. Every time. He mostly does it because he knows it ticks you off. What a great botfriend.

- Sometimes he actually has you stand-in as props on stage. You’re so short, darling, no one would notice it’s actually you at all. Trust him–plus he needs an extra bush on in three, you don’t really have a choice.



“ Hey y/n wait up” Justin foley says as he runs up to y/n. “Hey Justin what’s up”. Y/n says while giving him a peck on the lips. “ do you want to hand out”. He asked with his smile that makes your knees weak.
“ yes my house 25 min . Meet you there ”. Y/n pulls him in to a loving kiss and walks off. While Justin watches her walk.
15 min’s later.
“ wow you came faster then I though” y/n says as she pulls him into the house she is wearing her crop top nirvana shot with booty shorts. “ well couldn’t leave my girl hanging now could I ”. “ no. Not at all”. You guys walk to your room and as soon as he steps in you back is on the wall and his lips are on you neck. “ ummmm I missed you”. Justin mutters against you neck. “ you saw me at school.” You try so hard to hold in a moan. “ I know. But you ass in the shorts makes me miss you more. ” you laugh cause it made no sense. “ okay so what do you want to do. Except make out”. You say as you jump on your bed. “ hmmm let me think” he rubs his chin like he is gonna solve the world biggest problem. “ how about you do a photo shoot for me baby. You and your perfect body”. He pulls you closer to him. “ what ever you want baby”. He takes out his phone and you start posing.


“ your girl is so hot you are just lucky Justin ” Zach tell him.
You walk down the hall way and see Justin surrounded by his friends. “Well well well. It’s miss model ”. Bryce says as you walk up to Justin for a kiss. “ well Bryce. I model for Justin so he know I be there whenever he needs and wants to see me”. You kiss Justin and he grabs your waist. When you pull away you say “ besides you just wish it was you”. Walking away making sure to sway your hips you hear “ see you guys later got to take more photos with my girl”.

ruby rose & y/n {dirty imagine}

“ruby meet y/n.” the lady from the front desk says tapping away at her tablet making appointments from what i can see. “y/n?” ruby aka my new boss smiles looking at me through the mirror while people cluster around her to do her short black hair and makeup. “umm hi nice to meet you.” i say nervously walking around to face her. she eyes me holding out her hand. “nice you meet you.” she finally says keeping a steady eye on me. “well if you need anything just let me know.” i tell her, she nods not saying a word. i find a seat near the back ruby is to my left, to my right is the photographer setting up for the next hour and a half photo shoot. this is the first time iam an assistant to anyone let alone the newest star on a hit tv show. “i need your input.” a guy with a measuring tape around his neck frantically says holding up two pieces of clothing. “what do you think?” ruby asks looking towards me. it takes me a few seconds to realize shes talking to me. “umm.” i begin looking between the hideous brown dress that looks like a potato sack than an actual dress and a simple leather black jacket with a undershirt. “well kid.” the guy snaps sounding irritated. “hush let her pick.” she defends. “the jacket.” i blurt out pointing. a small smile grows on her lips as she gets rushed into the back to change. minutes later she emerges with just the black jacket and tight black shorts. i have a hard time focusing on anything else but her. she looks so good, so gorgeous hell even without the makeup. she walks towards the front of the camera as i begin to try and not stare at my new boss. 

two almost three hours later i head down to the lobby to wait for ruby to see if she needs anything else before i leave for the day. “oh there you are ! i thought you left.” she smiles in her thick australian accent. “really? oh…. i mean no just wanted to see if you needed anything else for today.” 

“well i have things to go over with you if you dont mind.” she says. “sure.” i reply as her shirt slowly slides down. “c’mon ill drive.” she smiles eyeing me like she did earlier. i follow her to her car since my mode of transportation at the moment is the filthy city bus. the 30 minute car ride consists of sexual stares and glances, with sexual tension you can feel a mile away. once we enter her house i look around her medium size modern day loft. “like it?” she asks turning the corner towards the kitchen area. “yeah its amazing.” i smile looking up to the second floor that holds her bedroom. “stay right here iam going to change out of these clothes.” she tells me heading for the stairs. 

her bedroom is pretty much a balcony that holds her bed, night stands, and a walk in closet that i can see from here. i glance up to her as she changes out of her baggy shirt and jeans. my eyes ride over her nearly naked body through the railings of the staircase. its takes everything in me to rip my eyes away from her. i look around the place more, anything to keep me from totally going up there and having a full make out session with her. i end up back in the kitchen as she comes back down in her white tank top and sweat pants that hug her ass amazingly. “are you hungry?” she asks opening her fridge, pulling out a container of strawberries. “no thanks.” i reply watching her pull the fruit to her lips. does she have to be so damn sexual. “so what were the things you needed to go over?” i ask sitting on the bar stool across from her. “oh!” she nearly shouts walking over to me sitting next to me with her bowl of strawberries. “iam new to this assistant thing …” she starts, glancing at me while she puts another strawberry in her mouth. “that makes two of us.” i smile. she returns her smile. we sit in a weird silence what fills the room faster then the sexual tension did. 

she looks straight ahead as she licks the juice from the fruit for her lips, i glance down to i watch her hands as they slide onto my lap “so i noticed you couldnt stop staring when we were at the photo shoot.” she smiles sliding her hands up towards my waist. “sorryyy…” i mutter not sure what to say at this point and time. “no need to be sorry love because i couldnt stop looking either.” she smiles leaning my way. i lay one of my hands on her waist, my other hand is in her hair as she pushes her soft lips on mine. her hands slide up my shirt reaching for my breasts. i gasp when i feel her cold fingertips run over my nipples. she smiles, kissing down my neck. “wanna have a little fun?” she asks. i nod slightly, closing my eyes as her hand goes between my thighs. “come here.” she mumbles leading back around the counter. she opens the fridge and grabs a whip cream can. i raise my eyebrows at her. “what?” she laughs. she places the can besides us then tugs at my tights. i push the fabric to the ground then lift my shirt as ruby does the same. “jump up.” she states grabbing my ass for a quick second. i smirk lifting myself up onto the counter top. “what are you going to do?” i ask. “your going to love it i promise.” she smiles taking the can in her hand and popping off the blue top. “this might be a little cold.” she tells me squirting the whip cream onto my bare stomach. i lay my head back feeling her squirt small amounts on my skin from my breasts to my hip bone. 

the next thing i feel is her tongue sliding against my harden nipple covered in whip cream. she sucks down, i rub my legs together to feel something between my legs. she sucks on my other nipple, then goes down my stomach to the line of cream. i run my fingers through her hair once she reaches my hips. “do you want more?” she asks. i nod spreading my legs. she steps between my legs rubbing me. i roll my hips against her hand. “fuck.” she mutters looking down to the wetness that has leaked onto my undies. “please fuck me.” i beg, she pushes more against my core. “you really want it?” she teases. “yes.” i breath out rubbing my own clit. she smiles pulling my undies down my legs. with my legs wide open ruby squirts a small amount at the top of my pussy right over my clit. she smiles up to before wrapping her lips around the small mountain of cream and my clit and sucking. my back arches grabbing onto her hair.  “ruby.” i whimper, her tongue slides into my pussy. “fuck yes.” i moan pushing her face forward. i look down to her with her eyes closed, grabbing my ass in her hands, her head moves in circles between my legs. she keeps doing this and in a matter of seconds of me moaning and grinding onto her tongue i crash through my climax screaming out her name. i stay laying down with my chest rising and falling as i take in huff of air. ruby stands besides me with a wide smile. i reach down rubbing my clit nice and slow. her eyes follow watching my three fingers run over and circle my pink sensitive clit. “like what you see?” i tease grabbing my breast with my free hand. she smiles, “you need to stop before i plant my tongue back between those sexy legs of yours.”  i laugh sitting up. “what about you?” i ask pulling her back between my legs. she glances down to my pussy then looks up to me. “what about me?” she smiles. “i want to satisfy you.” i say softly wrapping my legs around her waist. “oh believe me you did.” she smirks looking down again. i press my lips to hers, sliding my hand into her sweatpants. “you dont need to.” she mutters against my lips. “i want to.” i mutter back slipping two fingers into her. she gasps laying her hands on both sides of me. “your wet too.” i smile kissing down her neck. “this feels…” she starts but stops once i push a third finger in. “fuck y/n.” she moans pushing back a bit. i jump down pinning her to the wall right next to the fridge. i kneel down in front of her, pulling her sweats down. she has her eyes closed leaning her head against the wall. her mouth is open in a “O” shape with one hand up her shirt. i ramp my fingers upward connecting my lips to her clit. “oh fuck!!” she shouts biting down on her lip. i keep going ramming my fingers at a slow then fast pace. “dont stop.” she gasps. i suck down on her clit. her cum covers over my fingers, “shit yesssss.” she shouts pushing my face forward. i lick her clit then i slide down to her pussy licking her. she rocks her hips looking down to me. i stand up keeping our eye contact pressing our lips together. “this is going to by very fun.” she smiles leaning down kissing my breasts then my collarbone, my neck then my lips. “such a good decision to get an assistant.” i smile. she nods smiling sliding her tongue into my mouth while her fingers travel back into me. 

thanks for reading! hope you liked it! let me know what you think xx 

Dear Aesthetic/Moodboard Bloggers

To those of you who find your images off of google or through people’s blogs:

Instead of having to fish around for images, either ask around all the time or use pictures without permission, having to make a mile-long credit list or not letting anyone know who went out to take these pictures – maybe consider supporting my patreon?

I’ve been taking photos of weird shit around me for five years with my Nikon camera and I’ve got a wide variety of pictures a bunch of different things, and I’m going to be putting an assortment of them up on my patreon to download for anyone supporting me with three dollars a month or more.

This is good for you because you’d get access to more pictures, good for strangers because their pictures won’t be used without them knowing or being credited, and good for me because I will have a bigger chance of, you know. Staying alive. To take more pictures! Good times all around.

I can’t guarantee I have pictures of EVERYTHING, but I do have pictures of a LOT of things. And if there’s anything specific you need, shoot me a message and I will see what I can do.

Things you’ll be allowed to do:

  • Use the photos for: Aesthetics, moodboards, icons, backgrounds, headers for your personal blog, all that kinda stuff. Print them out and tape them to your forehead if that’s what you like.
  • Use the photos as reference for drawing and paintings, AND SELL THAT! If you make your own stuff BASED on the photo, you’re free to sell that left and right! Woo!
  • Edit the photos. Filters, balance, twists and turns, that kinda stuff. Have fun, go wild
  • Print them out and tape then to your walls. Use them for collage. Which, by the way, I would consider being doing “your own thing” with the pictures, so if you DO make a collage with other stuff included as well, I’d be chill with you making a profit off of that.

Things you are not allowed to do:

  • Sell stuff that uses the actual photo. You can’t take the picture and put it on Redbubble or something. That’s not allowed.
  • Sell the pictures to others. You can’t share them for two dollars a month via your patreon, okay, that’s my job. I need to buy food so I can stay alive and take more pictures.
  • Print them out, roll them up, and throw them at strangers. That’s harassment.


The Contest- Part 5

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest. They are doing open casting calls all over the country. Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

Characters: Reader, Best friend Nikki (OC), Nursing Supervisor Anne, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, other Supernatural cast and crew

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing about Jared and Jensen and the show.  Please be gentle as I am a delicate flower LOL.  For the purposes of this story, Jared and Misha are both divorced.  No hate please! I’m sure Gen and Vicki are lovely!

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

It took a minute or two for Jared’s words to sink into my alcohol-soaked brain.  When they finally did my eyes shot to his in surprise.  Did he just say what I think he said?

“Okay then…” I muttered as I grabbed him by the front of his shirt and yanked him to me, slamming my lips to his in a blistering kiss.

We finally broke apart when the door slammed open and Nikki stumbled out supported by Misha.  She did not look well.  Jensen, Briana, and Jason were behind them. 

“This one can’t hold her liquor.” Jensen said to me, only slightly slurring his words. “She’s flagged.”

 “I’m only 4 foot 11!  How much liquor do you expect me to hold?” Nikki demanded drunkenly before she threw up all over Jared’s and my shoes. Perfect!

 Jared jumped back and away from me.  So much for us having a moment.

“Things are definitely going to be interesting with you around, Y/N.” Briana said with a laugh.

“Sorry Jared. I wish I could say this is the first time Nikki has thrown up on me but sadly….”

Jensen and Jason though this was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing.

“Dammit, Nik! These are my favorite boots!” I said with a sigh.

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Camera Shy (part 6)

Summary:  AU. Jughead is an aspiring photographer. His final project requires him to shoot nude photos of someone who inspires him. With no one else to ask Jughead asks Betty. Insecure of her body Betty is quick to shoot the idea down, until Jughead reminds her that she owes him.

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A/N: Well I posted earlier than I thought I would. Thank you all for the support you have given me with this fic. This chapter is NSFW but I hope you enjoy it just the same. Let me know what you think! My ask box is always open (and usually empty lol)

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Hi! Could I please get some headcanons on the RFA + V + Saeran finding out MC does martial arts? (On a side note: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!)

A/N: fun fact i was looking for this request to answer it and scrolled past it multiple times i wAS LOOKING FOR 10 MINUTES (ALSO HAPPY LATE HOLIDAYS IM SORRY ILY) (ALSO I DON’T PARTICIPATE IN MARTIAL ARTS SOOOO) ~Admin 404


           -He had no idea you did martial arts

           -Until one day you told him you were heading to the gym and!!!

           -Hello!!! MC!!! Not letting you go alone, I’m coming too

           - too many pervs at the gym, i’ll protect you

           -And! This is his chance to finally get out and exercise instead of playing LOLOL all the time

           -That being said, it was so hard to keep up with you???

           -You set up a practice dummy and started to throw a few strikes at it and he was amazed at how quick you were??

           -You practiced (and landed) a front elbow strike on the practice dummy, and it flew to the ground

           -It made him jump!!!! He had watched a martial arts club at his school practice once but decided not to join because he wouldn’t be able to do it himself (hitting people isn’t on his agenda)



           -The both of you work out together

           -But it’s usually the standard things, like running, weight lifting, things of that sort

           -But you needed to practice some moves!

           -So you suggest working out separately this time!


           -MC!!! I’ll do whatever workout you want to do, it’s okay, I can take it!

           -He kept bragging about how strong he is, and whatever you had in mind, he’ll be fine

           -He did not think that the moment you lifted him over your shoulders for a take down

           - holY SHIT, MC???? WHAT THE FUCK

           -He just laid on the floor for a good 10 minutes, wondering how he never noticed you knew martial arts. And wondering how the hell you could take him down that easily. mC TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, STAT


           -Yo, both of you participate in martial arts, how dope

           -She does Judo!!!! So she’d recognize any moves you throw out in front of her

           -But, you don’t even have to do a big reveal! She mention she does judo, you mention you also participate in martial arts

           -It’s all good!!

           -She would LOVE to watch a match or two of yours

           -Never, EVER spar against you though

           -She could never hurt her MC like that!!! Even if it was agreed on!!

           -She did attend a match though, and watched as you and your opponent went head to head

           -Starts calling out moves for you to use!!! Kick!! Strike!!! JOINT LOCK!!!

           - has to fight security to stay inside because she got too excited watching you


           -He kind of stumbled upon it on accident

           -He couldn’t figure out where some of his body guards kept getting black eyes and bruises from?

           -When asked, they refused to explain what happened

           -But one day, he came home early and heard fighting in his penthouse?

           -What in the world???

           -Wait…. isn’t MC home? Where are the body guards? Are yoU OKAY? MC I’M COMING

           -But when he busted the door open, though, he found all his body guards?


           -One flew to the floor, then another, then another. He stood in silence because he couldn’t think of what else to do? He watched until he could see you in the middle of it all, striking and throwing them around

           -That’s when it clicked that you were advanced in martial arts!!! Once the final body guard was groaning on the ground, his applause made you jump. While he was in awe of your skills, he had to remind you of the gym down stairs, and promise to hire people more qualified to spar with you because you can’t keep beating up his body guards like this MC, please


           -He knows a few moves as well because he was an agent

           -But never even considered you might know a few moves?

           -The two of you were wrestling around on the floor in the living room

           -It had gone a little too far though, and he tossed you across the room

           -“MC oh my god I’m so sorry are you okay?!”

           -You immediately got up and charged him

           -Out of instinct, he almost tossed you over his shoulder again

           -But this time, you were prepared and held on, getting him in a choke hold, dropping the both of you to the floor

           -W h a t t h e f u c k MC WHAT IN THE WORLD

           -You let go and apologize immediately but!!! He’s so excited??? wink wonk He wants you to teach him some of those moves!!!! He needs to know!!!


           -You’re usually really sweet and quiet, so he never suspected you’d be into something like martial arts

           -He called and asked you if you wanted to go on a photo shoot with him, because it was so nice outside!

           -Sadly, you had to decline because you were wrapped up in something

           -“Oh? Do you need help with anything, MC?” no cutie but thank you

           -You decided to invite him to your practice! But refused to tell him what it was for

           -He thought it was going to be something sweet and graceful, just like you!


           -Except when he walked in, he heard a thud and looked over to see someone falling to the ground

           -Is…is this martial arts? MC, are you just volunteering here???? MC…? MC?!

           -Watched as your turn came up and you threw out a few strikes here and there. It wasn’t what he expected but? You still looked incredibly graceful. He got THE BEST action shot of you roundhouse kicking your opponent, it was right as your foot connected and hE LOVES IT SO MUCH MC HE’S COMING WITH YOU EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU CAN’T STOP HIM


           -He likes to take you out on dates and things of that sort at night

           -There’s less people, pretty lights, and it’s quiet

           -He loves it so much, but one thing he does not like are the annoying, creepy people that come out at night

           -He can protect you though, MC, it’s no problem!

           -He just hopes he isn’t going to have to

           -Only left for a moment to get the two a drink! When he came back, some guy was way too close to you?

           -Death Glare: Activated. 500% ready to throw the drinks down and kick some ass, but??

           -All of a sudden, the guy gets kneed in the gut, then kicked in the face?? By YOU???

           -He watched as the guy fell to the ground, almost as if it was slow motion. Snapped out of it quickly though, and went to make sure you were okay!!! Immediately takes you very far away from that guy. Then he completely checks you over, the moment he knows you’re okay he couldn’t hold back the laugh he had. You??? Knew martial arts??? You completely DROPPED that guy, MC!!! That’s amazing!! He’s so proud of you!

           - that’s right, don’t fuck with my MC

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OMG so much yes to smockingbatch! why is it so fricking sexy none of this is fair. dear lord this man.

I know, I know!  Even vice looks good on him; those long elegant fingers, hovering near his luscious lips…

…that look of mischief, like he knows a delicious secret and we just need to lean in a little closer and he’ll tell us show us what is is.

Or perhaps it’s that hint of the Bad Boy Man about him, doing what he knows he damn well shouldn’t, thus tempting us to give in and join him–in this and other sins we dare not speak aloud.

In photo shoots or in character, he devastates any power of will we have to resist…

Originally posted by aynat-shelem

…until we wish, with all our hearts, for a taste of what he’s having, sampled in a smoky kiss.