you know what this photo shoot needs

OK but are we not going to talk about that part in the ET interview where Colton mentions how there was supposed to be a Roy/Felicity/Oliver love triangle??? But the producers scrapped that because apparently Colton and Emily don’t have any chemistry together???? 

Like WHAT?????

Trans* related surgeries - “You don’t need it!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the line “You don’t need it” in regards to a transition related surgery that I’ve wanted to undergo. To me, this is the most ignorant response you could possibly give someone when they bring up any surgeries they need. It’s as if they see themselves as your parent, and they are implying that they know what’s best for you. Every time someone says this to me I feel like the kid from “A Christmas Story” when everyone tells him “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!”.

To the people telling me this, how could you, an outsider that sees some doctored up photos of me on the internet, POSSIBLY have ANY IDEA what I NEED to feel comfortable in this world!? Did you ever think that I’m not doing this to please you or anyone else? Are you really so ignorant to think that I’m doing this to please you and other people? Did the thought that maybe JUST MAYBE I’m doing this for myself EVER cross your mind??

Many transgender individuals suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, and for obvious reasons. We will climb as many mountains as we have to in order to correct these problems to the best of our abilities. Many of us spend tens of thousands on some of the stuff listed below, just to feel more at peace with ourselves. 

  • All New Clothes
  • Hair Care
  • Makeup
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Therapy
  • Hormones
  • Doctors Appointments
  • Bloodwork
  • Legally changing our name and gender
  • Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)
  • Body Surgery (Adding / removing breasts, lipo, etc.)
  • Voice Surgery
  • Gender Reassignment Surgery
  • Hair Grafts
  • And much, much more…

I post cute pictures on Twitter and Tumblr, I get a bazillion reblogs / retweets. I post a plea for help asking for donations for my surgery, and not a single person cares, donates, or retweets / reblogs. Being a transgender individual does NOT come cheap and those of us in the US don’t get any financial assistance for ANY of the things listed above. The insurance companies explicitly state that transgender related needs are not covered in their contracts, there are some VERY rare exceptions for group insurance policies at certain companies that may cover SOME health care items. For most of us, it’s ALL out of pocket expenses. We work super hard for all these things only to have people laugh at us and say “You don’t need it!”, very insulting…


Before we started shooting we walked to 7-11 and there was this bright yellow and blue building down the street. Bright buildings intrigue me because they stand out so much. One day you’re driving down the street and everything looks the same, but all of the sudden there’s this bold yellow building standing out against everything else (I’m weird, I know).

I wanted to shoot in front of the yellow building. David put on a nice shirt and started skating down the street. Because who says you need to be drinking wine and eating weird cheeses when you’re in a button up?

I think we only shot in this area for 30 minutes before I had to leave. He looks very serious in all these photos but realistically we couldn’t stop laughing the whole time. The great thing about David is that he’s full of ideas. While we were shooting he would be like “hey what about this angle?” and I love that. He actually thought of the angle in the last image of this set. Models normally just give all the control to the photographer (and I’m a complete control freak, so I don’t mind) but it’s nice to hear ideas out of another persons mind sometimes too.

As soon as I got home I started editing these photos, and as soon as I started editing I realized how much better they look in black and white. People will never really know how beautiful this yellow and blue wall was but we can just pretend.

mystal v. larzaylea v. spencer&crystal

does anyone not find it weird that mike and crys constantly have to be seen together and taking professional pictures together?

if you’re dating then okay.. but shoots??

oh, yeah, crystal is SUCH a “camera shy girlfriend”

luke has been with arz for a year and since when have they done photo shoots and are constantly seen together just so we’d know they’re together???

oh..right…they never did…

because they don’t need to prove that they’re a legit couple.

funny how crystal and spencer never did photo shoots or take professional pictures to show they were legit dating.

and what’s even funnier is that no matter how open michael can be, he’s still a very private person, regardless of his whereabouts or who he’s with. michael is private. period.

now he’s going out and doing photo shoots for no apparent reason?

never have i ever seen a couple do a professional photo shoot just to prove that they’re together.

this is just too dumb for me to handle.

any thoughts on this? opinions?

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well.

I am looking to meet and work with people here in Montreal who would be interested in assisting me with my photography/photos! I’ve been lucky enough to have family and friends who’ve helped me shoot a lot of images in the past 4 years ( thank you so much to all of them, you know who you are), but I’m looking to up my frequency of shooting and will definitely require some extra outside help. This will not be a consistent full/part time position, this is more to build a team of people who are interested in what I do and are willing to assist me from time to time when I have shoots where I will need help.

While the ideal people to work with would have some experience in a creative field (photography, set design/props, video work, etc), you do not necessarily need to have any experience. I’ll be looking to also do brainstorming sessions with assistants to plan images out so if you’d be interested in helping with that but maybe don’t have the time to help with an afternoon of shooting, that works as well! Assistants will also be compensated for their time, be it for brainstorming/planning or shooting.

For those interested in working with me, message me here or email me at, and tell me about yourself, why you’d like to work with me, etc. Thank you so much, and hope to hear from you soon! :)

Alright, so I figured I would do a process post. I’m not going to be sharing settings or anything, but I thought I could give some tips and show how I get from Point Photo to Point Post (also, tumblr has eaten this post once already, so pray for me that it posts without crashing the browser this time!? OTL).


I’m going to preface this with, if you want to take nice photos, you need to buckle down and buy a good camera. Your phone isn’t gonna cut it. A point and shoot might cut it a liiiittle more, but what you really need to have is a DSLR with a manual mode and lenses you can change out. You want your camera to do your work for you, not fight it to make a photo look acceptable. It can be an older model, but these are some bare minimums so you can be in control of what saves to the card.

If you don’t know anything about cameras, and fstop/aperture/DoF/etc are just a foreign language? Take classes. Look at tutorials. Photography is an art form, like anything else, and it’s worth it to figure out these things.

…Also? Don’t buy a camera at target. I was buying Deadpool. Go to Precision Camera, where the store might be intimidating but they’ll definitely help you buy a good starting kit for what you want to do.

So you have your camera, and your snake, and you’ve found or made a good well-lit space. This is the time where you try to pay attention to the overall shapes your snake is making, what angles look best for the animal, and try to make sure your background doesn’t clash or have super awkward shapes that distract.

Don’t make it an in-hand post because I’m doing that, I’m just a sucker for outside lighting and can’t trust a ratsnake to sit in one place. Inside shots work just fine too, you’ll probably just need to edit your white balance later.
(also, this was a phone photo. I think the difference in camera quality becomes immediately obvious when you compare it to the overall quality of the above)

Once you have a lot of photos (more than these), time to edit yourself. Choose one photo per ‘scene’ you’ve done. It’s hard, but the more photos of same-thing-with-minor-differences you put in your post, the more you lose impact. At worst, people get bored and start zooming past the rest of your post. Don’t let them do that.
This is also the time to use your file browser to your advantage. Which shots look more recognizable? Which look way too busy? I find it a lot easier to judge my favorites when I can ‘step back‘ and be harsh to thumbnails instead of finding details I like in all of them.

Choose your photo. When you first start out, it’s great to give yourself a little buffer and crop later. Remember, you can take away waaay easier than you can add.

But now, at cropping stage, it’s time to be ruthless. Cut that sucker down, and try to minimize any empty space you really don’t need.

The more photos you take, the more you’ll figure out what makes a good framed shot. When you’re starting, try to keep the rule of thirds or golden ratio in mind.

Finally, your shot is beginning to clean up. Take this time to fix levels, shadows/highlights, white balance, etc.  I was already pretty happy with everything here, so there’s not too much change on that front.

It didn’t happen with this shot, but once you size down your photo to posting-size, this is also the time to clean up small fiddly issues. Need to healbrush off a speck of dirt from your photo? Have a little grain in that bokeh you wanna soften out? Do it now. If you took a shot you LOVE but the snake’s eyes aren’t quiiiite in the sharpest focus, also clean that up now.

And… that’s it! Time to post your photo, add any notes down, and then stare at the post reloading for the rest of the night hoping everyone likes it.

SHINee reaction to you being in a photo shoot with them (And they have a crush on you)

Hope you like it~

Onew: *Tilts his hat at you* Hello, I’m Onew. And you are?” But he already knows about you.

Jonghyun:  Watches you first as you start off the photo shoot, thinking of ways to ask you out.

Key: He was too busy staring at you to notice you also staring at him. “What” She asked, he shakes his head, “Nothing…”

Minho: Trying to look attracting to you

no need to

Taemin: He knows your nervous, So he makes faces at you to make you laugh

Request Box Open!

What made you realise you were asexual?

Hey guys! I’ve had an idea for a cool new vlog project, but I need YOUR help to make it reality!

The series, name TBC will be about sharing the experiences of the wider ace community. Because, y'know, my channel is very much about my experiences as an ace person, and I’d like to hear yours.

So, what should you do to take part? Simple. Shoot me an email at telling me what made you realise you were asexual/asexual spectrum in approximately 200 words or less. I want to know!

If possible, include a photo or drawing of you, or something that represents you. (No pressure to show your face on my videos though, don’t worry!) I’m not sure if I’ll include them all, but it’d be great if you could.

Also, give me a name or username I can use to identify you in the video - or I’ll just call you “anonymous” :)

“This is a ridiculous idea.”

“Oliver, just smile.”

“I don’t want to smile. I hate smiling in photos.”

“I have a lot of photos of you smiling.”

“None that are being printed in magazines.”

“The city needs to know their new mayor.”

“The city knows me just fine. I don’t need a photo shoot.”

“You need to fix your tie.”


“Your tie. It’s wonky.”

“See, terrible idea.”

“Three photos, then we can go.”

Look Only At Me

( Sehun / Reader )

( Angst ? / Smut / Fluff ?) I’m never sure about this

Sorry …it’s kind of long …but You know…it’s Oh Sehun…♥

I hope You will like it ~♥  Luhan is still with EXO here… i just needed him here ~♥

You met this honor and for a few years you was working for a well-known Korean band EXO. You was in charge of details on photo shoots and needed to ride with EXO virtually anywhere. Your task is to fix their hair when it is necessary, fix their clothes or makeup. When You first came to work you didn’t know what to expect, but after some time you make friends with each member of the team. But there was someone who made your heart beat faster, and your thoughts were only around him. One his gaze was enough. From that moment your eyes were directed at him. Your work has become easier next to him, because there was no need to correct anything in him, but because your heart beat faster every time he just looked at you, your frustration grew from day to day.

It was day of the photo shoot, and you were looking on just one person. “____- ah! Hey Hey … wake up … I need you here … ” Baekhyun screamed, You shuddered and turned in his direction. “Yes, Yes, I’m coming .. ~” You ran in his direction and started to improve his outfit. Sehun, the object of your sighs, seemed to know about what you feel to him. However, You never had the courage to talk about it with him. He is one of those guys who like to talk about girls, and because Sehun even talked about them when you was around, it was even more painful for you. “____- ah ~ soon will be the musical event … you know whit who you are going? ” Baekhyun asked and next to him was standing Chanyeol and Jongdae and now they all was looking at you with curiosity and eagerly anticipating your answer. “Hmm … I … don’t know … I didn’t think about it ..” ..

You said but in your head at once Sehun’s penetrating eyes appeared, so sexy and confident. You even heard his voice in your head. * “You can’t lie to me … we both know the true ..” * You shaked head slightly. “No … I don’t know ..” You added. “Haha … oh come on …. just ask him … haha”. Baekhyun said, and giggled with excitement. He nodded in the direction of Sehun and on his lips appeared goofy grin. * OMG ….is it so obvious? * You thought and looked down. “Yah … shut up … you are embarrassing her …” Suddenly you heard  Luhan’s voice. “ are no fun Luhan-ah …” Baekhyun said and walked away with the boys.

* Luhan saved me…. ah .. * You went to the dressing room to prepare new clothes, and when you came back all boys was watching something on one of their laptop. “Oh..she want her oppa ~ …

… she is so sexy ~ ” Your heart immediately beat faster at the sound of those words. Half of the guys looked at you, and half was still busy admiring girls on the Internet. Sehun never cared about your presence, but this time you felt extreme pain. You’ve never been the type of sexy girls it is not surprising that Sehun, who usually paid attention to such girls didn’t pay attention to you. You looked at Sehuna with regret and sadness and walked out again heading to the dressing room. * Eh, and how should i ask him? … *

“____- ah? Apparently you wanted to talk? ” You turned up with tension and in door was Sehun. You was looking in his eyes petrified. “Yaah …____- ah what is it?” He said, and a small smile appeared on his face. * Damn … so handsome … just ask … I’ll do it … * .. “So … Oppa … will you go with me on this music event, please? !!” In the beginning quietly, and then you screamed in his direction and immediately you left eyes. Sehun chuckled and walked closer to you. “____- ah! Are you kidding me right now? haha ” You looked at him and you felt like your face turns red. “Haha … You are serious? Haha … Really? You and Me? ” He said and started laughing hysterically, and you couldn’t utter a word. Your heart began to beat faster, and your mouth instantly went dry. You left eyes and started to play with your shirt nerves. “Ah ~ Please don’t joke like this anymore ..” Sehun said, and left you alone in the room.

A few days later, you were not able to look at him. You always were looking at him, searching his eyes and constantly thinking about him and dream about his eyes, mouth, hands, tounge …. All the boys was looking at you rather strangely and you knew that everyone already knows. Sehun rejected you, ridiculed and humiliated. * Why ..he could do it gently … is it so funny for him? … * You felt not anger but rather sadness. The event was for three days already … After tomorrow’s photo session you had to go for a dress. * Unfortunately, I have to go … I don’t want .. but I have to, this is my job … * You thought and reminded Sehun’s face laughing at your proposal. To the eyes began to flow tears. You didn’t want anyone to see you crying so you went to the door quickly and wiping first tears. “_____- ah !!” You heared someone voice but this don’t stopped you even for a moment. You went out into the corridor and went into the dressing room. Luhan came in behind you and shut the door, grabbed you by the wrist and turned away. “____- ah Are you crying?” He said with warm and caring voice. You turned away. “We all know already … Sehun told us what you asked him …” He said and my face began to redden. “Very funny right … me and him … You can laugh now …” You said and snatched up. “No …” Luhan said. “I know you like him …. but …____- ah? Will you go with me then? ” Luhan asked embarrassed. You opened your eyes and you looked at him in surprise. “ I can understand if you don’t want but i don’t want you to feel weird .. You know .. we are all kind of idols and you are not, but still.. I want you to feel normal and have some fun too ~ So let’s go as friends and have fun. ” He said and smiled gently. You answered him with pleasant smile. “Yes …. heh thank You Oppa ~”. “Yes ~ !! And let’s not cry anymore ____- ah. ”

The next day, at the session Luhan asked you to help him quite often and showed you a lot of attention. * He is a good friend .. * You thought, because you knew there can’t be anything between to of you, but you felt great gratitude. Luhan sat prepared for the session, and you were looking at him and you gave him the same smile that usually received from you Sehun. “So ..  ____-ah said :Yes, and we will go together …” Luhan said. You couldn’t hear what they was saying and you only were doing your work.

You went into the back room to prepare new clothes for boys. * Oh … this is cool … it could work good on Se … * You were still thinking about him. You shaked head of rejecting unpleasant thoughts from your head. “____- ah …” You heard a quiet voice that frightened you. You turned up and seen Sehun leaning against already closed door. “Yeah? ” You asked. “Is it the clothes for me?” He asked pointing to the shirt that you held in your hands. “Ah ..Yes .. i think it’s good for you …” You said, and turned away, leaving shirt on the table. “Please try it, and i will be bac -…” You turned up and to your eyes appeared shirtless Sehun looking at you in the sexiest way you could imagine. “Wha ..” You could not end when Sehun began to approach you. “You know, what we could do now?” He asked, caught you at the waist and pulled you toward him.

“Hey .. Stop it right now …” You said trying to get out of his grip. You felt his smooth skin on your hands. “But we both know that you want it … come on ..” Said an arrogant tone. “N..No !!” You told him and pushed him away with all your strength. You looked down and not looking at him or a moment you added. “No .. i don’t want look at you anymore, just change …!” You went out quickly. Even if you wanted his touch so much, the way how he treated you earlier was still in your memory. No matter how handsome, exciting and captivating Sehun is, you couldn’t do anything with him after what he did.

“Sehun-ah … no this isn’t right .. just maybe …ah… okay let’s stop ..” Photographer said with a slight exasperation. For the rest of the session Sehun seemed absent and glanced at you while posing as was his habit of doing, but you don’t  been paying attention to him and not for a moment you looked at him. Irritability was also evident on Sehun’s face, who usually was one of the most photogenic boys.

You talked and laughed with the other guys as always, trying not to think about what happened between you and Sehun. The day passed fairly quickly and you could go to choose a dress for the event. You were so excited. None of the boys had never seen you in a evening dress before. It was a good time to be able to surprise them. You went to a few stores, when suddenly found this one. * Ah .. this one is so sexy … too sexy? no …haha let’s have fun at least … * You picked one of those classic tight black dresses with unpolished material. She lay on you wonderfully, emphasizing shapes meant that you felt confident and sexy.

The whole another day spent on getting ready. You did nails and makeup. You decide to dissolve the hair, and one of your friends hairdressers working with EXO came to you and twirled your hair into long, thick, sexy curls. It was a big change, because usually you wore trousers, blouses and  tied hair. You were ready for the evening. You went with the group to the place where already was EXO. When they saw you, they began to squeal and scream with excitement  … well, at least Baekhyun and Chanyeol .. Luhan walked over and stuck his shoulder,you caught on it, and he brought you to your table. Nowhere you could see Sehun, but it didn’t matter to you. You played and laughed with Luhan, singing some of these songs you know.

The performances were amazing. The play of light and sounds at once inspired you to a new concept for EXO. After all you quickly got home, because the next day was another EXO’s session. * Ah … that was great … I’m so glad Luhan asked me to go with him, I had so much fun ~ * You thought and fell asleep.

To work you decided to dress nicer than usual. You slept well and got up early to have time to refine everything. Makeup and outfit was much braver than usual, but after what you wore this tight dress, everything seemed to be fine. The session has already started when you come into place. You went to the changing room and knocked. There was no answer so you walked inside.

“Oppa ..?” You said and came closer. Sehun was sitting on the ground and leaning back against the wall. “It’s okay … give me a moment ..” I’ve never seen him like that. Something must have happened … For a moment, you just was looking at him but in the end kneeled next to him. You raised hand, but then take back. “Oppa … What’s wrong? Do you need something? What can I do for You? ” You said and Sehun looked at you from between his fingers. “Look at me ..” He whispered so softly that you couldn’t hear it and moved face in his direction. “What did you - …” “Look at me ____- ah ..” He said and put his face on your shoulder. He snuggled up in your hair. You petrified not knowing what should you do. Your heart seemed to jump out of your chest. Your breath quickened slightly. “… I can’t … .can’t work without it … .without You …” He said in a low voice to what your body reacted and light currents hit your intimate places time after time. “I’m …always was … and always will look only at you … Oppa.” You said, and Sehun’s hand went on your arm until your hair brushing them back. 

After a while, you felt his soft lips on your neck. From your mouth quiet groan escaped. His tongue touched your skin and moved slowly up and down. Your breath quickened, and his touch began to warm up your whole body. “I’m sorry … .i can’t resist …” Sehun said between his gentle kisses. You raised hand and touched his hair, letting him know that you don’t want him to stop. Sehun took off your jacket and put you on a pile of clothes lying on the ground. He got up quickly, closed the door and returned to you. He opened your legs and found himself between them. He looked up at you with eyes brimming with lust, but it was obvious he regrets. His beautiful eyes made you shy and you turned away. Sehun came closer to your face and grabbed your jaw with one hand, forcing you to look at him. “____- Ah …”

His other hand began to roll your skirt up. His fingers gently stroked your leg until they finally came to your pants. He began to massage you by your underwear, hitting on your clitoris. You started to moan softly and closed eyes with delight. Sehun kissed softly and suddenly he put his wet tongue in your mouth looking for yours. The kiss was wet and a bit of saliva flowed out of your mouth. Amazing touch of his hand and tongue made you started moan deep in his mouth. Sehun gave you finally take a breath and looking in your eyes, put his hand under your panties. His breathing quickened. Without taking his eyes from you relished your every reaction. You was looking straight in his eyes when suddenly you felt his finger coming you. You moaned loud and caught him by the neck. Sehun grab your wrist and removed from his neck. He unbuttoned his pants and lowered gently with boxers. His penis was already hard and ready to go in your inside. Sehun threw your panties to one side and pulled his dick to your input.

“____- ah ..” He said, growling voice. He went on you after a while and completely filled you. He groaned with you with pleasure. He moved to your face and looking you straight into eyes. You didn’t turn sight even for a moment. Sehun hips began to move slowly in a passionate way. You was breathing in each other mouth deeper and deeper, looking at each other constantly. Your gaze excited you even more. Sehun accelerated and began entering more and more deeply with each movement.

“Ah … Sehun …”. You moaned between deep breaths. “Yes .. Look at me in this way … ah … i love your eyes ____- ah ..” He moaned and grabbed you by the hips. He began to move faster and faster, until finally pushed you with abandon. “Ahh … God ….” You were screaming what worked on Sehun even more stimulating. He picked up your hips higher, and you wrapped legs around his waist. In this way, he could penetrate you even deeper. Your whole body moved with his thrusts. “Oppa. !!! Ahh .. Sehun …i can’t … ”.. You screamed. “Ah … Me too ..____- ah …. look at me and come for me baby …”. He moaned and pushed even harder, until finally you came, and after next few thrusts he came as well, filling your inside. He fell next to you and breathing heavily, pulled your hair out of your face. He kissed you tenderly and pulled away again to be able to look into your eyes. “I don’t want you looking at anyone else … I want Your eyes to be only for me … and I’m really so- ..” “I know Oppa … they are all your and i’m yours ”…“ I’m glad … ”

* Several days later *

Chanyeol : “ So ____-ah … there will be some event soon …will You…-”

Sehun : “ ____-ah …is going with me”

Chanyeol : “Oh~ Aren’t You gusy dating now ~”

Sehun : “….”

You : “ …. “ 

Chanyeol : “ ….. ~♥ “

Sehun : “ …ye….shut up…. ”

I hope You enjoyed it ~♥ It took me so long to write because of my university…please be patient ~♥


Jack keeps calling Bitty during his rookie year to ask questions like “how does this fancy washing machine work?” and “how hot does the oven need to be to cook chicken all the way through?” and “what kind of wine do you bring to a dinner party when you don’t know what’s on the menu?” 

and then eventually it turns into “am I supposed to shave any body hair for this Sports Illustrated photo shoot?” and “what do I say when they won’t stop asking me about my love life?”

and Bitty’s like, “Jack, I know how to get stains out of every material under the sun, but I can’t tell you how to be a famous person. this is not my area of expertise.“

Jack says, “I know, I’m sorry, I just… don’t know anyone better at life than you.”

Bitty laughs it off because he doesn’t know what to do with that–he’s always felt like he’s barely treading water, like he’s constantly fucking up everything he tries to do

but then he starts paying attention, and he realizes over the course of a few days that he really is the one with his shit together around here. everyone asks him for advice, everyone relies on him to keep the place running, everyone treats him like he knows what he’s doing. he didn’t notice because he’s never really thought to expect that.

he calls Jack and he says, “ask your contact at the magazine what you need to do to prep for the shoot,” and he says, “decide what you want the media to know and then make it clear to them that they aren’t getting more than that,” and he says, “trust yourself, Jack. you are not incompetent.”

Jack doesn’t respond to that, he’s just quiet for a minute and then starts talking about power play formations, but after they hang up Bitty gets a text that says “I don’t deserve you.”

Bitty answers “Yes, you do.” and never gets a reply

three days later Jack calls and says, “I tried to roast some potatoes without asking you for advice.”

“yeah?” says Bitty. “how were they?”

“completely inedible,” Jack says. “I’m gonna try again tonight.”

Go Your Own Way.

I had another successful day shooting, recently.  
I got out to another area of Brooklyn with my buddy James Creel, who had invited a friend along - Cesarin Mateo.  Upon meeting him, I knew that he was a great guy and that we were going to have a lot of fun shooting.  What I didn’t know was how talented he was.  With James and Cesar in the picture, I was with giants and I knew that we were going to come up with some awesome shots.
One of the most important things to get a great photo is the understanding that you need to find the shot - it won’t find you.  In fact, that shot is hiding under shadow, dirt, broken glass or even on top of a building with rusted, missing metal staircases that you have to shimmy up.  But, when you find it, it’s glorious.  My heart is racing right now, thinking of how intense this shoot was.
I had my chances to take plenty of photos, but this post is for the two gents that taught me so much.  I hope that you might take a minute to visit their photo accounts, linked on their names.  And I hope that you find your friends that match your need for adventure and get your shot. 
(James) (Cesar


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-he went to get water :D
-he’s watching ‘True Detective’ atm
-Kanye at Glastonbury
-he might see Kanye in like 2 weeks
-there will be more merch soon
-again…he’s hungry
-“stay happy”

-he wasn’t wearing any pants during this whole liveshow btw…

THAT WAS IT :D thanks for reading

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@jedidiahjenkinsEvery dude needs a lady in his life that loves everyone, but can call bullsh*t when she sees it, is willing to have a drink at 11:30am, always knows that you do what it takes to get the photo, and is never afraid to match your hat game. Remember when we pulled over and ran out to this bench for a photo shoot? Oh wait, we did that every five minutes.#oregontopatagonia #torresdelpaine

Soph, I’m comin for ya in March. I want to freeze in the snow and pretend I’m a cop.


I live near Munich and those are the facts so far:
- there was a shooting in the shopping mall “Olimpiapark Einkaufszentrum” around 6pm (German time)
- 8 people were officially declared dead
- There are many injured
- They think there are three male shooters
- At least one is wearing black and has a red backpack
- They probably have rifles/pistols/machine guns
- Nobody knows what the motives are
- The police asks you to NOT SHARE VIDEOS/PHOTOS
- the central station is closed
- there is no possible way to travel by train, bus etc.
- IF YOU NEED A PLACE TO STAY USE THE HASHTAG #offenetür on facebook/twitter
- Be safe!!

- They don’t want you to share the videos, because it might give the shooters clues where the police is
! - With the hashtag #offenetür (#opendoor) people in Munich can offer shelter for the night, for those who can not travel home
! - BUT DON’T SHARE YOUR ADRESS, only the area where you live and use DMs to communicate. The shooters are not caught yet, so it’s very dangerous to share personal details
- There is only one place (the shopping mall) where it happened
- The police reacted fast and there are policeman coming from everywhere of Germany to help
- The borders to the Czech Republic and Austria are being controlled, so they can’t escape
- They don’t know if they are islamic/nationalist terrorists, there are no clues yet (both are very likely)
- The police uses the term “terrorism attack”, so they can react better and get more help (there is a different/better tactic as far as I understand)
- The shooting started at 05:52 pm (GERMAN TIME)
- There are officially 8 victims now
- at least 9 people died , but they don’t know if one is a shooter or not (unofficial) - The special unit (GSG 9) also arrived to help
- everybody in the shopping mall is evacuated now

If you have any questions, than feel free to message me!
- it seems like the 9th victim is indeed a shooter, since the man wore exactly the same clothes as in the video (black clothes, red backpack). He was found near the shopping mall (unofficial)
- there are safety checks on Facebook, so you can check the safety of friends and family in Munich
- if you still need a place to sleep, every mosque in Munich is opened tonight and they offer help
- there are many reports about other shootings/ attacks in Munich. The police investigates, but all of them were false reports until now
- There was a person arrested at the airport in Munich, but this seems to be unconnected to the shooters ‼️‼️‼️‼️ EVERYBODY WHO WANTS TO KNOW IF THEIR FAMILY/FRIENDS ARE SAFE, CALL THIS NUMBER:

NEW UPDATES (07/23/2016, 13:38 pm German time):
- there was only one shooter, he was 18 years old
- he was suffering from a mental illness
- he was German-Iranian
- there are no signs, that he had islamistic or nationalistic motives

Decoys, dogs, deliciousness

Dear Maya What a photo shoot! So, so gorgeous. Just….. yummy!


R: hey my beautiful pink cupcake

K: So I was a blue snow cone and now I’m a pink cupcake?

R: you looked like a pink cupcake & you know how much I love to eat cupcake

K: one…….track!

R: sorry!! They need to stop dressing you like something to eat!! If I had stayed to watch I would have just grabbed you and gobbled you up

K: Dog walking was a good move. You know they missed us & she loves running on the beach. Not that I don’t love when you ……..

R: One track!!! we’re home for a few days

K: Sorry you drew the short straw dude! I’ll be decoy next time!

R: honey you couldn’t have been the decoy anyway

K: And why not?

R: Because you can’t arrive from somewhere if you never left. Unless of course you are flying London to London. Then I suppose it’s possible

K: Always looking out for us! You’re good at this protective thing

R: I take this particular role very seriously

K: I think it’s your best role

R: I can assure you it’s my favorite role. EVER! The best story line I could have imagined

K: The best?

R: only because you’re my leading lady

K: I like being part of this story. Of course there’s always the plot twist to consider

R: Thinking of adding more characters to the story?

K: Intriguing idea

R: I like it

K: Could mean more luggage

R: I think I can handle it

K: hey it was really sweet of you to take a pic with that little girl. You made her day! But sorry about the stalker fuckarazzi

R: Making up words again honey? That’s a bloody good word though

K: At least you know your way out of the airport!

R: Honey when I land in L.A. I know where to go because I’m HOME! :)

K: I know… & I love you more

R: ?? honey you can’t say “I love you more” without an “I love you” first

K: But it goes without saying right? I know you love me. You show me every single day. So I said “I love you more”

R: I do love showing you! but I like telling you too.

K: OK. Tell me


K: I love you more.

See? Right back where we started

R: You are such a smartass

K: I take that as a compliment. I love you dude

R: Oh thank God you said that. Now I can say I love you more

K: Is this a competition?

R: If it is I’d say we’re both winning

K: I love that

R: Oh yeah? I love that more

So sweet Maya Three more days until his beautiful leading lady appears at the César awards! My heart is going to thump out of my chest I am so excited! But you know what I say – It’s going to be OK.

  • You know those photo shoots Rami does where he has to look super serous or be in weird positions or balance a cowboy hat over his junk? I cannot imagine him taking them seriously.
  • Photographer: “Ok, Rami-”
  • Rami: “It’s R-ah-mi.”
  • Photographer: “Yeah. Um... So what we need you to do is lean in this doorway and look really serious.”
  • Rami: “With this douche-bag hat on?"
  • Photographer: "Your fans will eat it right up."
  • Rami: "Yeah but why?"
  • Photographer: “Just do-”
  • Rami: “Can I just jump in some more water or something?”
  • Photographer: “No.... Just cross your feet and take the photo."
  • Rami: *under his breath in a mock voice.* "Oh look at me I've been in three movies and I'm such a lady killer."