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can you maybe do a fic from 3x22 to love and die in la? with the scene in the hotel where kate and rick have that really nice and important talk and then kate says that she would go to sleep? but with the turn that kate does come back and castle did not go to his room and they get very close? you know what i am saying? :) sry my english sux haha

Here you go! I’m sorry it took me a while!

Lovers, Not Fighters

She should’ve stayed.

Whatever it was that was crackling between them on the couch, whatever it is that’s always simmering between them, it can’t be ignored much longer. The look on his face had said as much. The nervous churn of her guts had said as much.

She should’ve stayed. She should’ve given him the chance to speak, to say what he’d opened his mouth to say, even though a part of her is sure she already knows where he was going.

Josh had known. He’d known before an innocent tease over a soap opera cast photo had turned into a quiet – entirely passionless – fight. He’d known long before she’d curled a protective arm around herself and refused to acknowledge his words.

“You’re in love with him, Kate, so be with him.”

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Of course Zayn said that they’re “just kind of engaged”.  I can just imagine his body language when he gave that answer hahahahah!  He probably said to himself  “I didn’t even propose to her or even gave her the stupid ring.  So we ain’t engaged”.    Modest and Perrie are engaged to be honest.  Any day now Zayn is going to blurt out the truth and I’ll be waiting like

It’s funny because I think some Media outlets are beginning to catch wise or have their doubts.  In the same J-14 article, the reporter wrote this

If he could put together that amusement park birthday promo party , he could have easily arranged a wedding.  COME ON!  WE AREN’T IDIOTS!