you know what scenes are shippy...

Okay so i have a really funny story that I just remembered now,,,,

I was showing my boyfriend who isnt very into voltron some voltron crack. And almost every single one of the scenes was the ICONIC “we had a bonding moment, i cradled you in my arms”

And my boyfriend knows i really ship klance and so after a few videos (NOTE HES NOT INTO SHIPPING OR LIKE VOLTRON AT ALL)

he says ,,, “wow that would be so funny if the whole bonding moment scene was real and not just a voice overed thing to make it more shippy and funny”


AND HE JUST SAYS “Really?? I thought it was something this person made to make it more gay???? What”


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prompt: buster has a ring on his finger and the cast is trying to find out what the ring is for

“Good morning, everyone!” Buster greeted, walking out in front of everybody.

Everyone could only groan in response, it was 5 in the morning after all. Earlier than Buster had ever called them to the theater before.

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What's your favorite deleted scene so far ?

You know, I am REALLY torn. I love the scene where FP’s gift to Jughead is revealed to be a stuffed Hot Dog - that whole scene with Betty just warms my shippy heart … 

… but I also crazy love the angst, and the scene with FP and Jug in the jail is just HAUNTING. 

I can’t decide! Help.

What’s your favorite deleted scene?

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helooo, could you hint me to good Sam/Jack fic? i finished reading "the dreams we left behind" which i saw you shared a couple of days ago on here and i kinda figured you're the right person to ask for more? thxxxx

I bet you thought you were asking me a simple question with a simple answer, right Anon? Ha! I am generally incapable of brief answers. If a normal person would write three paragraphs, I will probably write three pages. That’s why this ask took me so long to answer. I’ve been working on this post on and off for weeks!

So…I might be able to point you in the direction of a few good Sam/Jack fics. ;-) Check my Stargate fic rec tag, for starters…

And now, FINALLY, here is a superlong list of my favorite Sam/Jack authors and stories, in no particular order. Note that for every one of these authors, I recommend pretty much anything they’ve written; the stories I mention here are my favorites.

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Guys, I need your opinions

I really don’t want to be a blinded shipper who forgets canon and/or distorts it to fit my own narrative. But we all know how great that Pop’s scene was when Archie and Veronica first met. it made a lot of us ship them, and it was all great. And the cinematography and the framing of that scene definitely added to the whole ‘shippy’ vibe. 

However, considering dialogue alone, do you think Archie was flirting with Veronica that night? Just because I’m sick and tired of people saying he was being a shitty person and a bad friend for flirting w/ her that night, in front of Betty (despite the fact that he and betty are just friends, but that’s besides the point). 

I think the production and editing and everything together conspired to make it all ~sparks flying~ and suggestive, but if we remove all of the glitz and glamour from production and place ourselves in that scene, based on dialogue alone, Archie wasn’t really flirting with her. She asked about the onion rings and he said they were good. She said she was filled with dread and he asked why’s that. The editing told us that he likes her and he did like her immediately that night, but he really didn’t flirt w/ her that night. I don’t understand how him being friendly is immediately him flirting. Ya know…? Am I being crazy? 

Why the Steo WALL-SLAMMING Scene Is Not A Rehash of the Sterek WALL-SLAMMING Scene:

Dudes, there are soooooo many little differences between the two, where do I even?

That Stiles and the given wall-slammer of the episode exchanges sex-me eyes with him is basically the only similarity.

I don’t believe the scene was ever intended to mock or mimic Sterek.

If anything, I believe it was meant to emphasize the contrast between Season 1 Stiles and Season 5 Stiles. Go back and watch those two scenes. Watch ‘em reaaaal close. The character growth shown in just that little Steo rooftop scene? Is fucking beautiful.

Season 1 Stiles is all false bravado and shaky, startled attraction. He stares at Derek like he doesn’t know what to do with him, even while he pretends his hardest not to be one deeper growl and harder shove away from trembling in Derek’s arms. He won’t admit it, but he’s scared. He stumbles away afterward like his knees have turned to jelly. He’s a kid and it’s obvious.

Season 5 Stiles? Unf. He isn’t faking anything when he shoves Theo into that fence. Don’t matter that dude’s still covered in the gore of the guy he just ripped open not minutes earlier. STILES IS READY TO FUCK SHIT UP. His eyes on Theo are steady. He doesn’t flinch as he walks away. He won’t give Theo a clear promise to have his back, even long enough to get himself safely off that rooftop.

Season 1 Stiles had his dad downstairs while he was confronted by a potential threat he’d actually helped and therefore had some reason to believe wouldn’t immediately kill him AND HE WAS TERRIFIED.

Season 5 Stiles was all alone on that roof with a guy he’d done nothing but accuse, having just witnessed him kill someone, knowing that Theo is the kind of guy who probably considers 'dead men tell no tales’ a personal motto. AND HE’LL TAKE HIS SWEET TIME DECIDING WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.

Yeah, it’s a really shippy scene. But it’s also so much more than that. IT’S PRICELESS AS SOMETHING MORE THAN THAT. And if all you can take away from it is the shippy element of it, then you are missing out.

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ooh so you also ship Arslan/Daryun! I'm glad because I haven't seen much around hehe (I'm the anon who asked about shipping ;q;) thank you for answering my question!

Yeah, I usually get my DaryunArslan fill at Pixiv. There’s tons there.

And speaking of which, there’s this cute comic where Daryun and Vahriz become Arslan’s caretakers and it’s super cute! Daryun calls him ‘Aru’ and Arslan calls him ‘Aniue’ (I think that’s like a formal way of saying Aniki?). I don’t know jack shit what they’re saying cuz Japanese but it’s hella cute just to look at.

You can find it here: アルスラーン戦記まとめ③ | ただの

And another one (my fav one cuz baby Arslan) :  アルスラーン戦記まとめ⑤ | ただの

The artist does lots of it as you can tell from the numbers, not sure if it’s within the same storyline, and they’re worth checking but be aware that the 4th part has a rape scene.

The dynamic between Beverly and Will is so interesting right now–and it always has been, really, but especially so given recent developments.

It’s Beverly’s job to know when the pieces don’t fit, when some parts of the puzzle have been superimposed and belong to a different solution. Beverly’s a woman who’s extremely good at her job–she’s excelling in a male-dominated field because of a mix of very hard work and natural instinct. She’s trained to see little irregularities–a piece of hair among the stitches of a suit, a little bit of shrapnel where it doesn’t belong, some foreign fibers in a corpse’s wounds–and that carries over to her way of thinking. So she can sense when something is wrong, as it is with the whole Will-is-the-Chesapeake-Ripper situation. And, of course, being Beverly, she does her job here too–interpret and further explore the evidence, not just gather it.

That development has yet to occur, but there’s no doubt it will–and not just based on the previews. Because when Beverly sees Will, she doesn’t treat him like a murderer, regardless of the fact that she found the evidence for this. She’s apologetic in her phrasing when she mentions the topic, even: “I’m not sure how I feel about seeing you, now that you know what I do.” What she does, being, of course, finding the evidence that incriminates Will. So we know, of course, it’s not that she’s just ignoring the problem, because Beverly has seen the “facts”. She discovered them and brought them to the FBI’s notice. Which means, consequently, that she is acknowledging them, but that she finds something to doubt about the conclusion they point to, as she goes to see Will anyway and chooses to treat him with none of the hostility one might expect from someone in her position–ostensibly betrayed by a close friend with all the proof that he is guilty held in her palm.

Because Beverly views the world objectively, but science is not limited to laboratory work. It’s a practice of objective observation, and Beverly is constantly looking at her surroundings through such a lens. So when she looks at the facts, Beverly’s looking at the incriminating evidence, but she’s also looking at her own experiences with Will:

When Beverly looks at Will, she still remembers his air of nervousness when he called her to the Georgia Madchen crime scene in the middle of the night. She knows that Will–at least, the part of Will that she has seen–is incapable of committing these murders. There’s no logical reason for Will to call her and tell her that he’s lost time and needs her help to ground him and help him if he’s not being fully truthful with her. She knows he’s scared of losing time, and while she’s not entirely sure she can trust who he is during those intervals, she trusts him when he’s Will Graham as she knows him, when he’s slightly unstable but still Will.

So when Beverly goes to see him, it’s because she trusts that he is still, at least in part, the Will Graham that she knows. That Will, furthermore, is someone who wants to help people–it’s the reason he stayed at the FBI past his breaking point. The case files she brings are there in part because it’s practical to get Will’s help, and Beverly is a woman of science and practicality, but also because Beverly knows it’ll help Will. Helping on the case, talking with her about something other than his dubious innocence gives Will a sense of a return to normality, and that’s, at least in part, what he needs. Will needs to be grounded, and she grounds him, because Beverly has an air of practicality about her that is much different from all of Will’s other contacts at the FBI. Beverly isn’t a psychologist, and she doesn’t talk in flowery metaphors. She’s not trying to psychoanalyze Will or figure out what’s going on inside his head, because that’s not what Beverly does.

Beverly is helping Will the way she knows how–grounding him in reality and normality–and that’s exactly what Will needs. Beverly knows it, too, because Will’s basically told her all this before–at the Georgia Madchen crime scene. Because when Will needs to be grounded, Will calls Beverly. So when he can’t call her, Beverly comes anyway.

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If you could change season 3 to make it just as or greater than season 2 what changes would you make?

I’ve been avoiding answering this question because it’s such a monumental task that could go so many ways lol but here’s my rabbling, completely off the top of my head, ill-structured attempt (featuring lots of paragraph breaks for easier reading)


I mean I think it’s safe to say that season 3 is already better than season 2 in production value and aesthetic at least. I think people have begun to view season 2 as the superior season because of the amount of change and character development it had. We learned more about every character, even Lucas, and got to watch them grow both emotionally and literally (especially Farkle, of course).

I think season 3’s main flaw is that it tried to cover way to many things at once. They needed to have something big to challenge Maya and Riley’s friendship, they needed to settle the ship wars, they needed to get Shawn and Katy engaged and married, they needed Maya to have some kind of identity revelation that helps her finally heal and accept her new family, etc, etc. The result was some really fantastic episodes in their own right but also an over-all messy plot.

Some of our favorite characters were straight up ignored for half the season, and it left some things so open to interpretation that no one really knew what was going on.

There are some episodes in season 3 that represent the best the show has ever made and some of the best scenes in the entire show but it just wasn’t a cohesive narrative the way season 2 was, and lacked some of the intensity the episodes like Rileytown, I am Farkle, and Forgiveness had.

To remedy this, I would probably cut a few unnecessary episodes, (probably hollyworld and jexica), have a full 30 episode season like season 2 instead of the 21 or however many episodes we got for season 3, and rework and reorganize the remaining episodes to have a bit more focus.

Maybe I would have put Maya’s identity crisis (if she MUST have one) AFTER the triangle storyline instead of shoved right in the middle of it. Like make ski loge happen a bit earlier and have Lucas actually choose Maya at first. But then Shawn and Katy getting married makes her question herself and why or if she even likes Lucas.

THEN the paint fight happens but with more to fight over because Riley’s still salty about Lucas, and it’s through that that they realize how stupid they have been fighting over a boy, that Maya’s feelings (and maybe even Riley’s?) aren’t even real, and that their friendship is the most important thing they have, (instead of them just kinda knowing it all along, let’s watch them be at odds for a bit and then LEARN IT along with the audience.)

Then Maya drops Lucas and of course he automatically turns to Riley. But she isn’t going to be anybody’s second choice and gets and EPIC girl-empowering scene where she flat out rejects him lol and then the three actually talk honestly about what all of their feelings actually mean, if they are real, and where they come from and finally decide that no body should date anybody cause they’re dumb 15 year olds and don’t know what they’re doing anyway (aka the conclusion they SHOULD have come to in Legacy *cough*)

Also I would have given Farkle, Smackle, and Zay SOMETHING to do while this was all going on. Maybe have them learning more about eachother, uniting over the fact that they’re pretty much the left overs in this story line.

(IDEALLY maybe I’d show the cracks in Farkle and Smackle’s relationship earlier than S16, like when Smackle realizes that Lucas isn’t going to be with either of the girls she gets all excited and then that just makes Farkle feel like shit. Then finally confronts her about it after talking it out with Zay, as they have now grown closer and can tell each other stuff and give each other advice like they do with Lucas)

Leaving some of the really good, dynamic affirming and ensemble strengthening episodes like permanent record, bear, GLONY, she don’t like me, the other side, a Christmas Maya, and so forth, this leads us to a very exciting and climactic 2 part finale that includes Maya encountering Josh again long after the triangle debacle(?), Smackle and Farkle making a decision about their relationship, and Zay and Lucas attempting to reaffirm their relationship after Lucas has been so distracted and Zay has grown closer to Farkle and Smackle.

All the while Riley is watching it all just trying to make sure all of her friends are safe and happy, not being the center of attention for once, until BAM. Game changer.

Suddenly all of her friends drop their own problems to comfort, support, and appreciate the girl that brought them all together in the first place. Riley, Maya, and Lucas reconfirm their reconciliation, everyone gives her the thank you she deserves for changing their lives, and everyone realizes once again the importance of their friendship group (mirroring GMHS1+2)

Smarckle realize that the best way for them to be together is to be best friends that support each other the way the group always has. (Farkle says something like, “I don’t want to be mad and jealous if you like someone else, I want to root for you, and support you! I just want to be there for you, I want to be your best friend.”)

They thank Riley for putting them together in the first place, and acknowledge how much they have helped each other grow and will continue to do so, and how this isn’t a sad thing, but the best thing for every one.

Maya and Josh acknowledge their feelings for each other and make the long game deal but in a less concrete way, Maybe having Maya’s last line to him be something like “just know that I can’t wait for you forever” foreshadowing a different boy coming into her life in season 4 (maybe Zay??) and motivating him to grow up an make a decision when that time comes.

(Spoilers for the actual game changer below lol sorry)

Then the game changer turns out to be not as game changing as we thought. There’s a (Not!)going away party at Topanga’s and everybody is super happy and huggy, and Smackle is straight up… Smug? Farkle asks her what’s up she just says that she knew this story wasn’t over yet (meta nod lol) and everyone looks confused for a second but then figure she means the story of their friendships and goes back to celebrating.

But Zay and Smackle hang back and observe for a second. We see the core four in all their glory from Zay in and Smackle’s perspective while he leans over and asks her what she really meant.

She sighs and replies: I knew she wasn’t going to leave. One way or another, she had to stay.
Zay: And how’d you know that?
Smackle: He would have stopped her. He would have flown to London if he had to, he can’t live without her. He would have made sure stayed right here next to him.
Zay: Who, Lucas? (He’s confused because he knows all that mess is over)
Smackle: *smiles* Nope.
Zay: *looks back at the core four bantering and hugging still and sees Farkle look at Riley and Riley look back at Farkle*
Zay: ohhhh

And thennn it cuts to all the BMW guest stars looking on as well, as Smackle and Zay rejoin the circle. They have their whole official passing-the-baton “it’s their story now!” moment and that’s the last scene before an EPIC SEASON FOUR WHERE RIARKLE SHALL RISE.

Wow that got real shippy real fast but what are you gonna do lol

Anyway that was longer than expected and like I said, it could go a hundred different ways but this is just how my brain decided to arrange it today lol. I’m curious about how everyone else would arrange it too, so if you guys have suggestions for this or your own completely different ideas then message me or add it this post cause I’m intrigued!

Thanks for the ask! 💜

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one of the (I think) 3! :^) 

Anon:hey sunny, how did you get your art to be in the flash

I was contacted by the hussman

Anon:Okay, but is the UPD8 art stuff you made because WOW EVERYONE IS DEAD or did Andrew actually confront you and ask you to draw all that

haha YES

Anon:Instantly fell in love with the update song, what is the title of it?

it’s “Do you remem8er me” c: it originally was meant for the dream bubble scene where John doesn’t remember Vriska

Anon:Your art for the update was amazing!! I loved it a lot, and I was like “Thas my baby up there” like a teary eyed papa. My one real question is: Were any of those pics meant to be shippy?

thank you! and none of them are meant to be shipping as far as I know uvu

Anon:hey ,sunny, what the brush you used in the drawings for the upd8? (sorry,my english is bad з: )

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Hi, What are things that make you see canon dc more positive than others? For me it's 9x22 because there is nothing that can convice we they didn't know how destiel camecross. The "he's in love" was blatanly different pronounced than "with humanity" and the pause was audible. "I cant" scene carbon copy of of the romantic couple of carvers previous show, the orinigal script even including the naked Deans in Cas' heaven. I dont think Carver would allow this if he wouldnt somehow support Destiel

They know exactly what they’re doing. Anyone who thinks all the Destiel content and structure is just coincidence is either plain not paying attention or purposely overlooking it with almost admirable determination (and clenched teeth).

How savvy are TPTB? Misha talked about queerbaiting, giving me the impression he didn’t quite understand what we meant by it, but he really felt the show as a whole was innocent of it. I do make the assumption his attitude goes for the writers room pretty much – or did, back then, because that was over a year ago. Robbie Thompson clearly enjoys lurking on tumblr and flaunting his hipness with all the fandom lingo (we gotta understand that half of the lines in Fan Fiction were gobbledygook to viewers outside fandom). Robert Berens (hired just before season 9) is gay, and judging from his Twitter intensely intellectual and well-read – I can’t imagine he would be unaware of the issue of queerbaiting. The drastically different treatment of female characters in s10 shows that TPTB really have listened and heard our complaints and are changing the way they write rather than engaging in debates on social media forums, which is so much better than anything I dared hope for. All this is making me think that even if they were unaware of the problem with queerbaiting before, they do understand it now.

So, supposing they became educated on queerbaiting some time in the past year, did that make them change what they’re doing? People are very divided on that question. Unlike s8, Cas and Dean have had very little screentime together in s9 and s10a, so that could be an attempt at backing off. On the other hand, their storylines and their relationship only get more romantic all the time. If I was TPTB and I wanted to deflect shipping, there’s a glaringly obvious, easy way to do that in my opinion. Let’s say I’m writing Meta Fiction, and I’m writing a scene where Cas is forced to choose between his angel army and Dean. You know what would be a non-shippy, but just as effective otherwise, way to write that? Make Cas choose between his angel army and the Winchesters. Both of them. Sam and Dean. Not “you did it all for one human… ultimately it was all about saving Dean Winchester.” Why on EARTH would I write dialogue like that, if I in any way whatsoever wanted to steer people away from shipping it? Or even if I just wanted to let people keep shipping it if they so chose, but not actively spur it on??

So, the writers are clearly inserting Destiel on purpose, and in Carver era they have deepened it from throwaway lines and gay jokes to an integral part of the structure and the only remaining relationship on the show that is equal to Sam and Dean’s in importance. Of this I’m completely certain. Just as the brotherhood keeps getting tested and strained but comes back every time, the same thing keeps happening to the profound bond, and just like the brother bond, it’s not going to break.

Cas also has a separate relationship with Sam. It’s a strong bond of trust and friendship. It’s not on the same level as the brother bond or the profound bond – I’d place it around the level of the three-way bond between Sam, Dean and Charlie. The fact that the two bonds – Cas-Dean and Cas-Sam – are so clearly separated and depicted as different, also serves to accentuate the paramount importance of his bond with Dean.

So could they resolve it by killing off Cas? You know, if I was just watching the show and didn’t know anything about the mechanics or people behind it, I’d be worried about that. Everyone dies on Supernatural. Being close to the brothers is no guarantee of survival – John Winchester died, Bobby Singer died. It’s not an ensemble show and never will be. I know a lot of people want it to be, but it’s not going to happen because a) it was never conceived  as such, and b) they don’t have the budget for it. Carver has set up Cas to be a beacon for the brothers, the one to lead them forward on their emotional journey – so it would make sense to make him a martyr, wouldn’t it? Give Cas a beautiful final episode where he sacrifices himself for Dean and Sam (but mostly Dean). Give the shippers some really strong, half-canon gesture in Cas’s dying moments, and then swiftly move on. Shipping problem solved. Narratively satisfying. BUT – behind the scenes, it would be monumentally stupid to axe Misha from the show. They tried killing off Cas once, the ratings immediately took a nosedive, and the only thing keeping the show on the air was a hasty resurrection. It seems clear to me that Misha genuinely wants to continue on Spn as long as possible – he’s talked about directing in season 11 – and as long as they can afford him, they’ll hold on to him if they have any sense. Misha’s popularity has outgrown the entire show’s! I would be extremely surprised if Misha didn’t stay on till the end.

So. Destiel is there, and it’s there to stay. Only one question remains: will it remain subtext or go canon?

I do think a very good case can be made for eventual canon. Personally I can’t see it happening, but I hope I’m wrong. I frequently am, so don’t let my beliefs get you down. And it’s hard for me to outline the reasons why I’m skeptical – it’s a gut feeling based on my view of American culture and TV, which is iffy in itself from my vantage point in Sweden. I don’t get the difference between various networks and broadcasting types and airing times and whatever that Americans do – when your TV shows reach us here in Sweden, it’s all a jumble. All I can say, when I watch queer relationships effortlessly and openly portrayed on shows like Glee and As the World Turns (before it was cancelled) and Happy Endings and whatever, is that those shows seem to represent the 21st century while Supernatural is in so many ways a child of the 20th. Queer subtext wouldn’t work at all on a modern show, because the characters just wouldn’t stand for it. They’d call it out explicitly within five minutes. But Supernatural is from the era of the 1990s and earlier, when queer subtext was a rich, earthy layer to add to your show. Yes, the show started in 2005, but it wasn’t a child of its time even then – and by now, it’s a relic. It’s symptomatic that Dean, the heart of the show, only likes cars from the 60s and music from the 70s and 80s.

Although. He has evolved in Carver era, hasn’t he? He might not be keen to admit it, but his music taste has branched out. Carver has gently made him a more well-rounded character with broader tastes, and nudged him towards our century – I mean, Dean even buys apps now. Maybe that is, in a convoluted way (and don’t even ask me how I arrived at this), a good sign for canon Destiel.

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I feel like I've read that interview in a fanfic though. The whole "tell me why you're special" "I'm not" bit was literally straight out of a fic. I SWEAR I've read it before. Do you know what the fic is??

IT WAS THIS. I absolutely lost it when that scene happened because I loved the fic. @kara-lesbihonest​ wrote this months ago.  She deserves a giant fruit basket for calling it and unintentionally making that scene 3000% more shippy for us. 

👏 🙏 👌 🙌 


Oliver & Felicity | a shippy look at s3 Olicity

“You know how I feel about her….”
Not gonna lie, folks, season 3 has been rough for Olicity fans.  But I’m here to share the GOOD NEWS.  What is that good news, you’re asking?  Well, it’s that s3 hasn’t been ALL BAD.  That’s right!  There have been plenty of shippy, adorable, fluffy, sweet and feels-provoking scenes between our faves so far this season.  Watch this video and you’ll see I’m right!

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Hello Shippy! Could you possibly shed some light on what was happening immediately before "Tooth and Claw" ? In the first scene we see Rose changing her clothes in the console room WITH the Doctor right there. This seems quite suggestive and I think we all know what was going on but neither one of them said ANYTHING about it. Could you, with your superior knowledge, fill in the blanks for us mere confused humans?

I hate to burst your bubble (no I don’t I love it) but nothing was happening in the console room. Rose was merely putting something back in her bag.

Had she actually been changing in the console room in front of the Doctor he would not have been calmly screwing with one of his gadgets.

He would have been screwing Rose instead.

Ya’ know… With the release of 700 I think that SP’s animation may take a whole new turn in terms of shippy filler and all around presentation of our favorite scenes.

What do you guys think? Do you think SP will do the right thing…? Or that they’ll try to go completely backwards of the manga and crap on our ships rather than making them more intense?