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How hard is it for you to write a scene when you know it's not gonna be a happy one? Do you subconsciously start feeling sad? There have been moments in both books where I couldn't even comprehend how you wrote that and what the hell will happen next! (Also I'm sad today too)

Yes, writing hard scenes really gets to me. I’ll get grumpy and won’t know why and then realize that it’s bc I wrote a rough scene in the book and am sad about it. But I think what gets to me isn’t writing the scenes. It’s knowing that the stuff that happens in those scenes (children being pitted against each other as child soldiers, genocide, xenophobia, murder, etc.) all happen in our world and that there isn’t much I can do to stop it.   

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As an artist I know it can be hard to sell commissions,so you keep the prices low. Your art is gorgeous it makes me a bit sad to see how generous you're being in the prices you're asking for. I hope one day you get paid for what they're worth:) That was difficult to say properly, I hope you understood what I meant and didn't take it the wrong way, I mean it in 100% I love you kinda way😁❤️

Oww that’s really sweet of you ♥ Thank you for the boost of motivation and ray of light. Hope I can keep impressing you with my drawings

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just wanted to thank you, that you are so outspoken about the mess that is s4. people have different opinions - sure! but you are the only big ben blog, that i follow, that is not all “la-la-la, everything's fine! such a great season!“. you're great

Thank you so much, Nonny, I really do appreciate your message.

This has been a difficult week in a lot of ways. I know emotions have been running high, but it’s been sad to see that some people simply won’t agree to disagree. The identities of some of the bloggers who’ve unfollowed me since Sunday night have disappointed and saddened me. The good news is that I’ve had other people tell me that although they disagree with me, they’re staying with me no matter what, and I do want to give a public shoutout to those people. That has helped keep my spirits up.

Yes, I did not like this season of Sherlock. Not even The Lying Detective, and I know I’m really in the minority there. (Part of it is because Sherlock in the depth of his drug binge was so manic that it unexpectedly triggered my anxiety, which is a strictly personal issue.) What I wish people would understand, or at least accept, is that I’ve expressed my disappointment out of my love for the show. I’m not doing this to piss people off or try to be all edgy and melodramatic or because I get some kind of perverse pleasure out of it. I adore this show with all my heart, and it broke my heart this season. Not in a good way. It made me so sad because I know this show can do so much better.

In the posts I’ve made or reblogged regarding the flaws in this season, I’ve been really careful to attempt to stay reasonable and avoid being inflammatory. There are a lot of posts that I’ve liked but have not reblogged simply because, while I agreed with what they were saying, I didn’t like the way they were saying it. I do not ship Johnlock so that is a non-issue for me. I have sent no hate to anyone involved on the show, and I do not condone anyone doing that. (I will admit to unfollowing Mark Gatiss on Twitter, and it was because of his comment about people who didn’t like or understand the show should go read a children’s book, I honestly found that to be offensive.) I do not believe there is a secret lost fourth episode coming that’s going to fix everything. I don’t believe in any of the meta theories that are being blogged about, although I do admire the tenacity and creativity of those who are blogging about them.

I also do not hold Benedict, Martin, or any of the actors on the show at fault or responsible. My love, admiration, and respect for Benedict are completely intact and unchanged.

I am simply disappointed with the quality of the storytelling this season. Watching any television show always requires a certain suspension of disbelief. It’s been completely true of the previous 3 seasons of Sherlock and TAB. The problem with this season is that they stretched that suspension of disbelief to the breaking point. There are so many plot holes and continuity errors that it almost feels disrespectful to the audience. I can’t help but agree with the comments that Mofftiss have simply become too enamored with their own cleverness, and logic and good storytelling be damned. Plus we were promised something that was groundbreaking and had never been done before, and I still don’t see anything groundbreaking or innovative about it. Not only was it derivative of a whole truckload of horror movies, it was also derivative of itself. Only this season did I realize how much they reuse certain plot devices and plot points over and over. Some people call them parallels, but when overused, it just becomes glaringly obvious and repetitive.

I really do love this show, but I’m considering this season to be apocryphal. It’s the first season I’m not buying a copy of. For me, Sherlock is seasons 1-3 and TAB. And if they decide to do a 5th season, I’ll be back, although my expectations will definitely be altered to an extent.

I’m also not going to let people unfollowing me stop me from verbalizing my opinions on this season. As Lesley Gore once sang, it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Saying Goodbye: The Letter

Genre: angst, smut and fluff and way more sadness in later parts.

Length: 766

Warnings: death and death mentions, ugh sadness, a lot of sadness

A/N: I don’t know where all this came from, but it must have been a very sad part of me. This is a prologue/letter that sets up the story.

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Is it seriously Friday?

Crazy to think it’s Friday already, a week ago life just went poof.

Anyways, today has been a really good day!
I’m in my own room all by my self, so I should sleep great tonight.

No more nausea, so the stronger and more frequent is perfect. My blood numbers are coming down, and while yes it’s scary, that’s what has to happen. It means the chemotherapy is doing its job.

Sad to say my taste buds are slowly dying, nothing tastes like I know it should, which really sucks, but I got to enjoy an amazing Veggie burger from my lovely KFC family before my taste buds are completely gone.

It’s just a short blog tonight, but sometimes just something little is all I need for you to know I made it through the day.

- Stay tuned for more, I’m not going anywhere.

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Well, it depends. If it is a even season, I'll be looking forward to all the evak highs and lows and discovering more about even's story. But if it is a sana season, we would get to know sana's soft side more profoundly and see her point of view on things( which is awesome, because sana is a badass character).

I totally agree with you anon. I will forever be fighting and hoping for an Even season, but omg I would really love to see Sana in a vulnerable position…Like i’m not saying I want her sad or miserable or anything, I just mean that in every season she is so wise and confident and seems to have all the answers? Like I would really like to see what would happen if the girl that is never wrong and is always the one with the advice…actually begins to question and doubt herself and something else? I would just love to see how that would shake things up…Sana having to face something that messes up everything she originally thought she had sorted. Would be super interesting and powerful to watch.

What you didn’t know about Demian

After reading some theories, I saw that a lot of you didn’t really understand the real point about Demian which is really sad because this book is really really good. I won’t make a theory about the live teaser but I hope that this lil explanation will help someone!

In a lot of theories, people linked Demian with the Wings album in a wrong way. Demian isn’t about “EVIIIIIIIIIIL, I CHOSE THE EVIL PATH BECAUSE THATS WHERE I BELONG, CAN U SEE HOW DARK I AM”

No, it’s not that. And I totally understand why you can think this is the meaning of this book! If you only read some pages you won’t understand!

To understand Demian you need to understand Nietzsche and the theory of the overman. 

Why Nietzsche? Well first of all it’s him who wrote the “ You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star” quote that you can see in the MV but also in the album pics. But theres a second reason: Herman Hesse (the author of Demian) loves Nietzsche, he actually took inspiration of the overman theory for Demian!!! (plus the characters of this book talks a lot about N. just saying)

So what’s the overman theory?

“to reach our own inner freedom beyond the good and evil, beyond the rules  they imposed to us” That’s the overman theory, and that’s the real meaning of Demian and of course (i strongly believe) the Wings album.

In the beginning of the book, Sinclair feels that he is strongly attracted by the evil world. (Boy meets evil). But then he found out that in reality the good and evil worlds need each other and are linked, you can’t have one without the other (abraxas the god of both evil and good). Demian teaches Sinclair that you need to recognize and preach the existance of the  good and evil, and not only the evil part. (the overman theory). That’s why this book is amazing. 

If they chose Wings as the interlude and the song in the live teaser it’s not for nothing, look at the lyrics of Wings:

I go places they tell me not to,
Do things they tell me not to do,

Want things I shouldn’t,
Get wounded again and again
You can call me stupid
Then I’ll just crack a smile
I don’t want to succeed
With work I don’t like
I push myself

I trust myself, Since the reason why my back hurts
Is so that wings can sprout
I believe me, you, though the beginning may be humble,
The future will be prosperous
Fly fly up in the sky
Fly fly get ‘em up high
This is the path you’ve chosen kid, don’t chicken out
This is only the first flight after all 

They are choosing their own path, beyong the good and evil. And I’m sure that this will be the theme of the next album, a liberation.

If you think about it, this links  HYYH and Wings together: experiment, find your path, then your own liberty and finally you can fly.

So if you’re reading this, I hope you will fly one day.

Hillary and Beyoncé: or, Let's Talk About Ageism

I was trying to write an even longer post (which is going nowhere) about that thing going around where someone asks Hillary for her favorite track off Lemonade and she supposedly guessed “All Single Ladies.” Hahahaha, right? There’s Hillary knowing nothing about pop culture, she’s so sad.

But what if she really really liked Beyoncé? Or some other popular singer? What if she got into rap in the 90s, or even earlier, and still liked it and talked about it enthusiastically. Well, we saw what happened when she talked about her life long love of hot sauce and peppers. Hahahaha, right? Look at Hillary pandering to Black and/or young people, she’s so fake.

Or maybe the response would be: Hahahaha, right? She’s almost sixty-nine and she likes what? Isn’t it sad seeing a woman refusing to grow up? She’s trying to act like a teenager and that’s gross, because old.

Hillary is every woman of a certain age who comes here to tumblr wanting to talk about fandom only to be told that she’s not welcome because of her age. Nevermind all groundbreaking stuff she’s done, she’s old and it’s embarrassing. If she does talk about things younger people like, well, that’s embarrassing too, because she’s old. If she talks about stuff she did back in the day and the older, more obscure fandoms younger people aren’t into, well, who cares because that stuff’s–say it with me now–old.

Dealing with sexism is bad enough. Try adding ageism into the mix and you have what Hillary’s pushing through.

[also huge shoutouts to all of my mutuals, who have never made me feel weird about being a 53 year old fan, even when I act my age.

I’ve noticed that Dan is a very outspoken person
He’s loud in everything he does and not just talking wise
When he laughs he really truly laughs and when he’s scared he screams, loud.
If he doesn’t like what you’re doing you’ll know because he’ll tell you
and He doesn’t stand for bullshit from others, he doesn’t hold back with what he feels.
If he smiles he will give it all he has because if you’ve given him a reason to smile he will smile.

But Phil, Phil isn’t like Dan.
Phil is quiet and patient and shy.
If he’s scared or upset or sad he won’t show it.
He’s patient and softspoken and he’s gentle in everything he does.
He’s clumsy but he has a hand that wouldn’t hurt a soul.
If Phil says something he means it and he doesn’t say things without intention
And Phil’s smiles have fondness and love and protection and a sense of reassuring in them as if everything will be okay.

They’re different but so is everything that is beautiful.
Crystal blue water can only contrast against the white sand
and the twinkling stars can only be seen in the black of night.

after hearing about what happened to “Very Important House”, a really cute show created by Jhonen Vasquez and JR Goldberg, I couldn’t help but feel immense sadness.

If you don’t know what happened, you can read about it here. I can’t help but imagine what could’ve been if Disney didn’t can this idea, so i made an appreciation drawing for what could’ve been an amazing show.   it seems not a lot of people know about this.  Please give @jhonenv VIH back. this is what it looked like btw (Arin Hanson voices the dimension character!!):

What the signs are best at hiding

Aries: Doubting themselves. They always act like they know what to do with their life, even is they sometimes don’t

Taurus: Sadness. They’re the Kings and Queens of hiding being sad with a smile.

Gemini: Heartbreak. They will go out and live their life like nothing happened.

Cancer: Vulnerability. They can actually hide that really well, acting as if their were rough and nothing gets to them.

Leo: Insecurity. They act so confidant and you would guess how unsure they are sometimes.

Virgo: Having feelings for someone. They often hide the fact that they’re crushing on someone in fear of rejection.

Libra: Being hurt. If you did something to hurt them, they won’t tell you because they want you think it didn’t bother them.

Scorpio: Jealousy. They can be so jealous, but they won’t show it. They’ll sit back and watch acting like it’s nothing to them.

Sagittarius: Anger. They snap if it’s really necessary.

Capricorn: Negative emotion. They absolutely hate being vulnerable and letting their guard down.

Aquarius: Hate. Even if they don’t like you, they’ll talk to you just like they talk everyone else.

Pisces: Grief. They try their best to push it away so they don’t have to deal with it, no matter if it’s a death, break up whatever.

*Check Moon too*

Anyone who has seen New Hope should remember the line about the fact that many people died to get those Death Star plans so that eventually Luke could to blow it up. So I expected to lose at least part of the Rogue One crew. But the movie did such a good job of giving each one of them their own time (obviously some had more than others… Jyn was the lead and integral to it all and Cassian was next) within the movie to shine and for you to love them. And because of that, it really hit me hard when each one of them eventually fell. They didn’t all just get their own moments to shine. Each one got their own death scene and got to face it head on knowing it was their choice and that what they were doing was worth it. It was sad, but it was powerful and moving too. I really did expect at least Jyn to make it out. But they went out heroes. Without them, the Rebellion would have died. They gave it the New Hope. May the Force be with them.


what if Cecil does all this weird Night Vale-ish stuff to propose (you know, hiding origami mice under Carlos’ pillow or something like that) but Carlos just becomes mildly annoyed at it without knowing it was Cecil doing it. And Cecil feels really bad because he thinks Carlos is rejecting him. And Carlos can’t quite muster up the courage to propose, but then he sees that Cecil is sad so he finally does it in, like, a normal way, with a ring and a “will you marry me?” And Cecil is really confused, and once Carlos explains what he’s doing, Cecil is really happy but he’s like “But I already did that! Didn’t you notice the lettuce I put in your hat?” and Carlos just bursts out crying because he’s gonna marry this beautiful awkward piece of perfection

so i might be stepping out of line making this post but i feel it needs to be made so yolo i guess.

i know a lot of millenials have a sort of knee-jerk negative reaction towards abrahamic religions (really mostly christianity and judaism) and i understand. really, i get it. my dad is a pastor, and he used his religon to abuse, demean, and control me at every opportunity. he regularly tells my sisters that he’s “so sad im going to hell” and other sundry passive aggressive nonsense, so trust me i get it. i understand how a certain religion can be triggering to someone.

but there is a very important point here, and i really hope you understand this.

you cannot let it make you prejudiced, and, let me be clear here, im talking specifically about antisemitism.

i know exactly whats going on in your head, because for a long time it was what was going on in my head. you hear the word “judaism” and you have flashbacks to sunday school and the old testament and all the times you sat in a church and felt personally attacked, and you associate that with judaism and jewish people because most of the things that upset you were in the old testament. 

you can have your triggers, but you can’t let those triggers become an excuse to further marginalize a minority thats already attacked from literally every position of power there is. every major religion has leaders who are antisemitic, every country has a history of marginalizing jewish people, every person on the planet grows up in an inherently antisemitic world and has to unlearn that sort of toxic mindset.

and maybe this post should have been made by a jewish person, or somebody with more education on the subject than me but i think its really important that people don’t let their personal experiences with organized religion turn them into the kind of prejudiced person that hurt them in the first place. 

as a romni i have a shared tragedy with jewish people, so i feel like it was easier for me to step back and be like “woah, your thought process here is super toxic and you need to stop” but i feel like a lot of white christian-raised people don’t really have that touchstone and need somebody to be like “wake up, what you are doing is wrong”

I miss my girl Lucy Lane so much. I wanna see her at the new DEO sparring with Alex and Kara, and bonding with Winn, and getting to know Mon-El and giving him that little “Hey, I know you’re into my friend Kara but if you make her sad I’ll seriously mess you up” talk. I want her to be that one person who’s smart enough to figure out that James is Guardian on her own - just some intuition she has from knowing him so well - and be like “Hey, I know we’re not together anymore and everything we had is behind us, but if you get hurt I don’t know what I’d do. Be careful, please”.

She’s such a badass, powerful character and, like Cat Grant, I really miss her presence.

you know what i fucking hate?

99% of the time if a man starts crying or talking about their valid feelings, people will deny it and tell them to suck it up, and it’s “no big deal”. i hate that men’s feelings will be denied and overlooked in most situations. feelings and physical pain, people somehow think that women are the only ones allowed to be depressed, the only ones to be sad. even families of males everywhere dismiss their feelings because of the stereotype of the “macho man”.

right now, imagine something you didn’t like happened. someone no one really likes. imagine if your significant other hit you in public, and someone/multiple people saw it. they’d most likely confront them, yeah? well, switch that around, and imagine you’re a male for the day. your female significant other abuses you in public, hits you, throws their drink in your face, yells at you, calls you names, things that wouldn’t necessarily be acceptable if it was reversed.

the likely situation is that people watching will not give two shits about it, and they might even pull out their phone and record it. imagine that happening, you being humiliated, hit, and degraded by some girl who thinks that’s just fine, that you just automatically don’t feel pain, because you’re a boy. people laughing and cheering her on, recording it, taking no concern whatsoever because they automatically think that you did something wrong, and that’s why she’s “standing up” to you. pretty fucking sucky, huh?

imagine you’re at the doctor, and you’re about 16. you’re getting your blood drawn, you don’t want to look at it, you look away, and you start crying because it feels weird. your mom/dad starts consoling you and comforting you, because you’re in pain and you feel uncomfy, right? the nurse/doctor starts comforting you as well, because they see you’re not happy and they want to be nice.

switch that around, you’re a boy, you’re the same age. you start crying. your parents say “stop crying, don’t be a baby” and the doctors just start laughing. your sibling pulls out their phone and starts recording you, because you’re being “so dramatic” and you’re acting like such a pussy, right? you finish, the needle is out, and your family makes fun of you the whole way back home, and your sibling posts the video they just took on facebook.

boys, you’re allowed to be sad. you’re allowed to have feelings. you should be able to stand up for yourself, you can make a good argument.

your feelings matter.

Newt Comforting You Would Include

Anon: Please do a ‘newt comforting you would include’ I’d die of happiness.

A/N: well shit fucking diggety dog im not going to finish an entire fic today shit fuck me ahhahahA im making this to quench your thirst

Warnings: None

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  • at first you’re acting really aloof and he can’t figure out why and none of the animals are cheering you up and he’s rly concerned
  • then he eavesdrops on you ranting to the niffler and he’s relieved that he knows what’s bothering you but he’s still sad that you’re sad
  • he tries to cheer you up by doing little things like making your favorite breakfast or leaving flowers on your bed
  • once he realizes it’s not enough he decides to confront you about it
  • he decides to bring you in a beautiful setting inside his case and tries to make everything perfect but eventually gives up after realizing he’s only confronting you
  • you notice something’s off as soon as he brings you in the case
  • he eventually coaxes you into telling him because come on, no one can resist cinnamon rolls
  • after you tell him you can tell he’s devastated because he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to you
  • he just takes you on a really sentimental, silent walk through the case and holds your hand because he loves you
  • even days after you tell him, his still trying to find things to cheer you up because he’s worried that it’s still bothering you even after you’ve assured him you’re fine
  • him just being the sweetest thing
  • he doesn’t really know how to tell you that he’s there for you but that’s ok because you already know
  • like honestly he’s treated you with only unconditional support and respect since he’s met you and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside just knowing how much of a cinnamon roll he is
  • so one day you sit him down, make him a cup of hot cocoa and tell him everything because you know you can trust him
  • and he finally works up the courage to let you know that he loves and supports you no matter what and that you mean the world to him
  • and you just smile and snuggle up to him
  • and um duh of course he’s blushing
  • you feel much better after this and make sure to always come to Newt when you have a problem because he honestly gave you the courage and determination you needed to fix your problems
  • this brings you much closer together and gives him the courage to ask you out ;)
  • Me to myself: stop, stop, stop! Just keep breathing. It's okay, it's gonna be fine. It's worth it, remember? You're okay.
  • *mum is yelling*
  • *dad is not listening*
  • *brother is... brother*
  • *friends don't care*
  • Also me: Fuck my life. *breaking down*
  • Dad: You look sad.
  • Me: uhhmm *inside of my head* I really don't know what to tell you anymore...