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The 100 Positivity

You know what would be great? A blog made entirely for people to submit positive things about The 100 and the cast. 

Like on of the confessions pages, or the one for the bellarke positivity one, but used only to support the show and the actors. People can just submit how great someone’s acting was in an episode. Or talk about how important a characters representation is to them. Or praise the writers for a particular story. Or even just gush about your favorite character. 

With all the negativity and hate going around the fandom and surrounding the cast right now, I just think it’d be super cool to just have a place for people to talk positively about the things they love about the show without hate. And it would also help to show that there is still a big fan base of people who care about The 100.

Does this actually sound interesting to anyone? 

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