you know what i'm calling this 'idk' bullshit

so my neighbour who lives across the hall has got himself locked out twice in the past three days. both times he’s knocked on my door and both times he’s seen me in my fleecy Cap PJs so he’s one of a privileged few. 

today he knocks on my door and is like um so I got locked out and my phone has no battery, can I pls plug it in here while I call my roommate. and I’m like sure man idgaf go ahead don’t get stuck in the stairwell (apparently his roommate works until 8pm or later and it was like 3:30 at the time). last time I tried to put my skinny hand in the external letterbox for him and it didn’t work so I already know this dude is a car crash (takes one to know one).

in the small talk beforehand I learn he works at Lush down the street, which is nice because idk this guy and now he’s a #confirmed queer. anyway your man calls his roommate and is like cool I’m gonna go meet him thanks I’ll hook you up with some Lush stuff. thinking it’s bullshit I’m like dude don’t even worry it’s nbd, you already gave me money for the electricity. 

then like a half hour later when he gets back:


so what I’m saying is…….. imagine your OTP.