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As someone who is/has been learning German for a while now, I was wondering: In regards to your post on Du vs. Sie and who should/should not call you by that. How exactly do you actually go about saying 'nah that's okay, du is fine' like what's the wording here? Cause it still hasn't been covered in my duolingo lessons and I can't seem to find a good answer. Is there specific lingo? Do you just come to a mutual agreement at some point? Any help clearing this up would be so very appreciated.

The good (or bad….depends) news is: Germans don’t know either. It’s awkward. When to ask, how to ask, can I, should I, is it appropriate at all? No clue. :D With your boss or professor or any other person of respect just don’t ask them. Let them ask you. When someone’s your age or you’re just friendly with them you could just use one of the following: “Wollen wir uns nicht duzen?” or “Wollen wir nicht “Du” sagen?”. Or what you said. If someone accidentally uses “du” to address you and you don’t actually mind you can say “du ist okay”. What then follows is both people telling each other their first name (and a handshake or something). 

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So when should we expect this huge storm to hit us..?

Not for a while orz

I absolutely have to finish out Zana and commissions first, which should take a few months, perhaps longer. 

But! The … good? bad? (depending how you look at it) news is that it’s not going to be a fic.

It’s gonna be a series of comics.

The way I’m going now - there’s a loooot of stuff I want to include, and the workload is such that it’d actually be quicker for me to draw these things than write them. Besides, I know what I’m doing more in drawings anyways. 

The hope is that when the time comes, I can open a patreon for my art so I can try my hand at pursuing this. The comics will be open to read, obviously. But I’ll have stuff like sketches, wips, comic page previews, process pieces, tutorials or livestreams, maybe even a stray nsfw piece, etc. I think I’ll reopen commissions to cover the distance, but I am trying to consider down the road with this bad boy.

That’s the downside here - in order for this to go the way I wish for it (lovingly illustrated in full color), it’s gotta be a full time job. I’m slightly optimistic that I can make that happen, but I know I gotta put forth the effort.

he’s beauty,  he’s grace.  he’s mr. outer space  !  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ  morning btw.

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Now that I know that Elounor will happen for at least a year I think it's time for me to just leave the fandom. I can't do this again. I wish Louis all the love in the world but it's time for me to find something else. I can't bear another year (at least) like this.

okay but we don’t know that. we know that blind gossip is trying to push that idea and it’s likely because they want to drive us out by making us fear another year of hell and stunting.

if you need to leave for your own emotional wellbeing then that’s absolutely something you should do because that matters more than this fandom ever will.

that being said, i don’t think that blind is a good indication of what’s actually going to happen i think it’s an indication of what they want us to think is going to happen.

they’ve wanted to get rid of us for years and now they’re upping their game. 

i refuse to bite.

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It's been around a year and a half since you introduced me to Fallen London, maybe a little less than that. And I finally did it. I finished Seeking Mr. Eaten's name. I don't know if you still play FL, but I thought I should thank you for allowing me to do this. I successfully sacrificed my character to a dead god. My account is literally unplayable now, by the way. I regret nothing. Thanks a bunch for having wonderful taste.



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Hello! I have a phobia of public speaking and other related things, like solos, and my teacher is making me play an unaccompanied solo. Do you have any tips on preparing or euh just not panicking in general? (It's not on horn, bassoon actually, but i should hope it's similar enough?)

One of the horn students in my studio just gave a lecture on anxiety today!!!

I think, as I’ve told quite a few people on here already,

that it’s all about the mindset.

“you are what you think”

so, think positive. I know it isn’t easy. BUT you have to spam yourself with positive, confident comments NO MATTER WHETHER YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THEM OR NOT.

So before your performance, and days leading up to your performance, imagine yourself succeeding. you have beautiful tone. you love bassoon. you can play that one part with the 16th notes really well and you’re proud of that.

As for the “unaccompanied solo” part, I just performed my first unaccompanied solo the other day!!! I found that I truely looove being unaccompanied rather than…accompanied. You have much more flexibility rhythm and phrasing wise, so in your performance take advantage of that. Take the ability of the extra time you have to take deep breathes, drink water, etc.

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Hi! First off I love your blog ! Second "Well, I mean we do have a DD/lg relationship, but it’s seperate in a way. This just isn’t a DD/lg blog because this is a SFW blog. " You said this in a previous ask. Do you ever talk about your DD/lg relationship anywhere ? I know this is a sfw blog but do you have another blog for nsfw DD/lg or the kink side? Or even any other blogs you look to for advice for DD/lg ? I look up to you guys which is why I'm asking you


No I actually don’t have a dd/lg nsfw blog. I’ve thought about it. I dont know. What do you guys think? should I make one?

Undertale Fic Theft PSA

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s a certain matter here that requires attention.

This is Tony Frisk, an author on Amazon.

While the initial page reveals fairly little there’s one major issue regarding our dear author here.

Every work posted on their page is stolen from various Undertale fanfic authors.

Undertale: Who are You is actually Memories of a Soul

Undertale: Overworld is actually sans, by tsukithewolf

Undertale: Another War is actually Blue Magic

Undertale: Home is actually Why Children Climb Mountains

Special mention goes to the Undertale: Underschool series  for being particularly slimy as every part belongs to the same story, Underschool: Fallen Child and all those volumes are merely a couple chapters slammed together.


Hammer Amazon’s report functions, especially infringement and double-especially if you’re the author.

I unfortunately am not aware of better avenues to take these down, but it should work as a kickoff point, not to mention the more people know it about it, the better.

This is super random and not related to anything but; why do the heroes in movies stay on the phone while the villain threatens them??

It seems really obvious that the moment the villain goes into threatening mode, you should just like… hang up… Now ya don’t know what the villain was trying to get you to do, so any threat is inconsequential. The villain has to find a new way to get the information to you. You got more time to figure out how to defeat them. Win-win.

You know what ? I’m not just happy Yuuri and Viktor kissed.

I’m happy it happened in nice conditions. Like I knew they kissed before watching the episode. But I was afraid it would happen just as a “cheering measure” from Viktor. And it wouldn’t be the same. Like when he was like “should I kiss you ?” I was hoping it wouldn’t be here.

But no. They actually talked. Sure, the way Viktor is like “I don’t know what to do when someone cry / should I kiss you or something ?” may look a bit cold. But to me it’s really because he doesn’t know how to comfort him, especially that he felt he already did a lot. He’s a bit overwhelmed himself by the situation, awkward, and hitting his limit as an unexperimented coach. 

But he didn’t forcefully kissed Yuuri. He suggested it more as a “what should I do ?” and he actually voiced it in front of Yuuri. Consequence ? Yuuri told him. Yuuri voiced his insecurities, the reason of his anxiety, and what he expected from Viktor. He called him on the bad stuff he was starting to do, telling him when he was wrong to do so. It’s communication and it’s so important.

I thought it was so important that the kiss happened after Yuuri’s program because :

  1. It was a true moment of happiness, an impulsive act, but not in the “it was just an impulse it won’t happen again” but a “I’m so so happy for you you’re awesome I just can’t hold it anymore”. It was so genuine and happy, it was healthy. Healthier than just a “cheering measure”.
  2. Yuuri finally put himself at Viktor’s level. He stopped idealizing him, realizing he also had his limits. He realized Viktor had his limits, that he wasn’t all perfect, especially on the coach side. And he put himself at his level by performing his signature jump. He reached to Viktor as he fully realized this “god” he saw before really was just human, a human he adores and love, and that he is able to equal and surpass too. Not just in a “I’m better than you” but a “I’m worthy of you and you are worthy of me”. They’re on the same level, and to me, that the kiss happened after that was important. Because at that moment their relationship is really balanced.
  3. Also the head poking. It was important it was before too. It showed how if Viktor can tease Yuuri, Yuuri doesn’t feel bad for teasing Viktor too. Like the first time he was all panicked apologizing ?? Here he does it willingly just as a bit “you tried to mess with me ? See, I’ll mess with you” but in the most innocent way ? It’s complicity here and I LOVE it.

I should be working and not writing meta on yuri on ice.

Rhys looks haunted.

“Who’s going to tell them?”

He gets nothing but avoided eye contact and silent sips of coffee in return.

“I am completely serious. Someone has to say something and it really shouldn’t be me.”

He had thought that all nine of them of them taking a weekend together in the cabin would be fun–and it had been, until he’d been kept up very late by the half-muffled sounds coming from Elain and Lucien’s room. Not of sex, per say; the cabin provides what soundproofing it can, and it should be enough for all the couples to enjoy themselves without bothering each other, but Elain and Lucien had been doing something… loud. Repeatedly.

Cassian is grinning like a maniac, amused beyond all reason. “Okay, I know Rhys is uncomfortable because he’s never done anything that actually qualifies as kinky, but does anyone else think this is hilarious?”

“I object to that profiling of my sex life, Cassian.”

“You’ve never done anything weirder with Feyre than a blindfold,” Cassian says, eyebrows raised, “I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just saying.”

“A blindfold is very kinky,” Rhys asserts, affronted. Mor snorts and he ignores it, focused on Cassian. “What have you two done that’s so much more exciting?”

Nesta, sitting straight as a queen, speaks before Cassian can. “If you answer that question in front of all our friends, Cas, you will never get to do any of those things ever again.”

“We’re off topic,” Feyre announces, setting down her mug of tea decisively. “The question at hand here is who is going to tell Elain and Lucien that spanking is off-limits during their time here.” Silence. She shrugs. “I think it should be Nesta.”

“I’ll do it if you want, but it won’t go well,” Nesta replies flatly. “I have a hard time not slapping the smirk off Lucien’s face on a good day.”

Cassian brandishes a spoonful of oatmeal. “Well, apparently he’s into that, so–”

“Why not Cassian?” Rhys says pointedly, “Since, as he tells us, he’s so knowledgeable about the whole area.”

“That would mortify Elain,” Feyre says, keeping them firmly on track. “It should probably be one of the girls.” Amren, in the corner, lowers her mug of blood to look less than enthused. “It should be Mor or I,” Feyre amends.

Mor gives an casual little shrug. “The noise didn’t bother me, to be honest.”

Rhys frowns in disbelief. “Surely you heard it.”

“We did.”

She does not elaborate, and Rhys suddenly finds it suspicious how quiet Azriel’s been, and how he’s not making eye contact. Cassian seems to have the same thought as he glances between the two of them.

“Mother’s tits,” Cassian says, gaping. “You guys got off on it, didn’t you?”

They don’t respond, but Mor reddens incriminatingly. Cassian’s eyes go wide and he throws his head back in a howl of laugher, over Nesta’s protestations.

Amren is surveying all of them with disdain. “I have been present for some truly insipid conversations between the lot of you but I must say, this one is exceptionally awful.”

“Now THAT’S what I mean by kinky, Rhys” Cassian proclaims, wiping tears from his eyes. “Fucking to the sounds of another couple’s pain play. Cauldron. I’m so proud.”

Rhys looks long-suffering as he turns to Feyre, takes her hand, and kisses it sweetly. “I’m so sorry, darling,” he intones dramatically. “I’ve exposed you to a nest of perverts.”

“Who’s a pervert?” Elain asks with a giggle, choosing this moment to sweep into the kitchen, bright-eyed and with a sated-looking Lucien in her wake. “Are we talking about Cassian again?”

But the whole room has gone silent. Elain falters, looking from one awkward face to the next. “What’s wrong?”

When no one answers, it’s Amren who gets up and says baldly to the two of them, “Everyone from here to Velaris could hear whatever it was you were doing last night. It made these fools uncomfortable, largely. Do with that information what you will.” In the shocked silence following, she puts her empty mug in the sink, unhurried, and heads for the door. “I’m going for a walk far away from this nonsense. If anyone needs me, you are encouraged to reconsider.”

The door slams shut behind her.

“Oh,” Elain says faintly.

  • Sirius: So Muggles actually believe that little green men come down from the stars and pull them into their flying plates and stick shit up their arses for fun?
  • Remus: .... Pretty much, yeah.
  • Sirius: Where the bloody hell did they come up with that?
  • Remus: There's actually a lot of people who have come out and said they've experienced this kind of encounter.
  • Sirius: IT'S TRUE!!?!
  • James: Wait -- do I go on a date before or after I let them probe me?
  • James: Should I call them after or should they call me? This is important. I don't want to seem needy, Remus.
  • James: What if they think I look fat in these jeans?
  • James: I want to come across as suave but like, not too arrogant...
  • Remus: ...............
At the altar

Yuuri is crying from pure and utter joy to be starting the rest of his life with his actual soulmate
Victor with a sly smirk goes “I’m not good with people crying in front of me. I don’t know what I should do. Should I just kiss you or something?”
Yuuri bursts into laughter but also starts crying even harder then he pulls Victor into a very wet and salty kiss

You know what else I don’t get about ADHD? We have to go through hell and back and bounce between doctors and psychologists for months to get diagnosed but once you do your doctor just writes you a prescription without any advice and without bothering to tell you that

  • you’re not supposed to eat grapefruit when taking ADHD medication
  •  you can’t eat or drink citrus fruit, soda, Gatorade, and anything carbonated an hour before and after taking your medication 
  • you should monitor your heart rate if you take the decongestant psuedophedrine when you have adderall in your system because it also has the side effect of increased heart rate 
  • you should really avoid caffeine when on adderall (haha I know we’re all hooked on caffeine) but lots of people with add feel like they need to be drinking a “study beverage” like coffee/energy drinks constantly while working. Give your adderall the 1-3 hours it needs to kick in before you do this, drink a placebo beverage like decaf tea instead

I’m not a pharmacist, none of this is medical advice, but as the girl who used to start her day with a whole grapefruit and glass of orange juice… I wish I’d known this. I got more instructions for my strep throat medication then I ever got for adderall.


You should just keep it simple and never be torn up by anything that’s out of your hands. Because what you realize being in this business, so much of it is. And I’m actually glad I was sort of ignorant to that. Starting I had a different fire, different passion about it. I was going in to get every job. And whereas now I know the odds are insane. So it’s really about because you love doing this. Whatever it is you wanna do. Stay passionate about it, stay fearless. And don’t care what people think.

Wow….I actually guessed something right for once.
Nathan Chen really did win.

Wow. Wow. Wow. 

I’m so proud. 

And to be honest Yuzu did great as well, it’s his SB.

Shoma was on fire and man….

You guys should have seen my reactions. 

Here are some snippets: 

During Shoma’s FS

Yuzu’s FS

Then Nathan’s

Come on people, Nathan’s been chasing Yuzu’s ass from NHK till now being second to him, and finally he gets to surpass his competitor for once.

And trust me, Yuzu does feel frustrated, but he knows what he has to do to beat Nathan. It’s okay guys. He lost one battle, but hasn’t lost the war (this is a terrible analogy.)

In any case, I guess the joke is that Yuzu just can’t seem to win 4CC.
You can’t have everything and now 4CC will always be remembered as the gold medal that keeps eluding Yuzu.

Anyways look at our Yuzu and Nathan during the ceremony:

They’re just precious (ft. a wild shoma in action.)

And I took a screen shot of this because the fade ins and outs were so cool.

I’m proud of all three of them. They all did really well!

I just hope that people could see that as well because my friend’s drunk on the other side of the USA (i’m east coast and she’s west), and this was her response to Nathan’s win:

This is not a good example of supporting athletes. 

Overall, I was just happy because this is the first time I am this watching/streaming this live.

Let’s all celebrate and look forward to WORLDS~~~~~~~~~~

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His free skate program had me on the edge of seat. He friggin landed his first quad combination perfect. He skated beautifully and if anyone dares shit on him, I will cut you. 

Loving with a Little Twist by hrrytomlinson


“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know Niall! I just promised my mother I’m bringing my boyfriend - a boyfriend I don’t have - to Thanksgiving dinner. What should I do? I can’t call back and be like, ‘Oh yeah mom, that boyfriend I said that I have, I don’t actually have. Sorry to disappoint you.’ My life is ruined.” Harry returns to suffocating himself with the pillow.

Niall laughs and Harry growls at his best friend’s unwarranted happiness in this life-ending situation. Harry is fucked. Fuck. He needs a boyfriend. Fuck.

Harry/Louis Thanksgiving themed fake/pretend relationship // word count: 29k