you know what i mean

When I say I want more fat acceptance I don’t mean I want to see more hourglass shaped, cellulite free white girls rocking 50s pinup style.

Give me fat people with different fat distribution. Give me fat people in bathing suits. Give me fat people with no sense of style. Give me fat people of color. Give me fat trans people and fat gender non-conforming people. Stop making one narrow body type of fat people the only ‘acceptable’ fat body. You’re all body acceptance or you’re not really body acceptance.

Is it only me that thinks that BigHit hasn’t necessarily planned everything since debut and instead, when thinking of a new concept, they look back on past projects and build a new story and create links based on what has been seen already. So, in other words, they think of ways to create a story along the way instead of having it all pre-planned.

For example, with the new short film STIGMA, there were scenes from Danger. But instead of having such a concept planned since then or even earlier, they’ve sat down and said ‘Alright, what links and connections shall we make to create and continue a story?’. And that kind of applies with the other short films, teasers, projects etc. They’re just constantly looking over what they’ve done, referencing it in new projects and adding additional details.


And now for something completely… well actually not that different at all.

Some fanart of @ceruleancynic‘s horrible (well it’s not actually horrible) high school Kylux AU Boys on the Radio  because all the reasons, starting with “have you read it“ and ending up somewhere around “I wanna!” and “I love AUs and no power in the ‘verse can stop me neener neener”.

I have crossed the trash event horizon and there is no escape. Trash spaghettification.

“When are you going to stop running you creating little freak? No matter how far you run, I will catch you!”

*wipes forehead* oooh boy. Well this litterally took all day. 

Anyways I wanted to draw Error catching Ink off guard sorta and Ink needing to make a quick escape. Sooo yeah xD Hope you guys like it.

Error!Sans - @loverofpiggies / @askerrorsans

Ink!Sans - @comyet


The truth is… I love you. Whew! You can’t imagine how good that feels to say out loud, but it scares me… and it is the truth. You deserve to hear it. I love you, Teresa. And it makes me happy to be able to say that to you. I love her. That woman in 12B, I love her. // Did you mean what you said? / Yes, I meant what I said. Every word of it. / Good. Because I feel the same way. / Well, that’s lucky.