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I also really dislike the idea that science is apolitical in general. Literally nothing is apolitical. Even the concept of something being apolitical is political.

Yeah like, literally everything about science is political.

There’s the obvious: funding structures (our money literally comes from the government guys, like i am literally paid by the NSF, which is funded as a part of the federal government), academic hierarchies, the politics of what research areas are in vogue, the politics of who gets the necessary education to even get the chance to work in science, all the issues of certain groups (i.e. white men) being viewed as more intelligent and more competent and more objective/impartial than others. 

Did you know that there are things about the human body and it’s tolerances for extreme conditions that we know only because of Nazi experiments on living people in concentration camps? This data is often considered ethical to use because redoing the experiments is so deeply unethical. Tell me how that’s apolitical.

And there’s a lot of the obvious things like literally any study about gender differences in the human brain, or all the drug trials that used non consenting prisoners or black people or women in Puerto Rico because they were considered too risky to do on white people. Or Henrietta Lacks. 

And sure, you can say that of course those are issues, but we don’t do that anymore and it’s just biology and medicine, which are messy human fields and not the pure fields like physics and chemistry. But a lot of the development of modern particle physics was driven by the development of nuclear weapons. Modern chemistry runs on the cheap byproducts of the oil industry. 

But there’s also the less obviously political. We all carry around implicit, unconscious biases that we pick up from living in society. Most of the time it’s things we don’t even realize. These types of unconscious biases can and do influence how we view data. We may think we’re being objective but the vast majority of sciences carry the same set of biases (because academic science is a monoculture that abhors diversity), so we all end up viewing things in a similar way. And often times those biases have been baked into scientific thought for so long that we can’t even see them anymore, because they have influenced things that are now accepted as facts. 

Science isn’t divided between the beautiful elegant process that uncovers facts about the universe and the messy humans who reveal that truth the world. Science is created by the scientists. Without us it wouldn’t exist. And we are inherently political beings. 

Ladies are these red flags to y'all???

Ok so I’m talking to this new guy, verified and known throughout SoCal and my current state and is very wealthy like top 1 percent but I think he thinks idk WELL he keeps making jokes about me buying him shit and then had the nerve to offer me vans for my birthday….. fucking vans okay wait so back track earlier this week he asked if I had a bike and I said no this mf says well you should buy one and I’ll take you to places you can find one?????? Like what.

I don’t know if he thinks I don’t know what google is or he’s trying to get me to like him for him without money but no regular man I’m fucking with would ever say that like WHAT. & he keeps making these jokes like he wants me to take care of him oh and he’s never dated a black woman. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

So are these red flags or what ????

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Im so sorry for bugging you I know your super busy but you give the best advice so..I'm a senior in high school and my mother doesn't has a lot of money and there are just a lot of family problems happening right now so iv decided to not Pursue my dream of majoring in animation since I was in elementary school and I'm Going to go to trade school instead, It feels like a piece of me has been ripped out yanno? And I was wondering how do I not think about what "could have been" and move on?

First of all, I wanna say that that’s a very responsible choice for you to make! Living off any kind of creative work can be very difficult to achieve and I think it’s very mature of you to put your own dreams aside for the time being in order to pursue something more stable.

However, I would strongly advice against giving up on your dream completely. I don’t think you should move on - rather, I think you should consider this “pausing” your dream rather than giving up on it.

While going to school to learn animation may be a good way to learn and make connections, it isn’t at all the only way to become an animator. Tons of professionals in the industry are self-taught. And hell, even if you still regret never going to school for it in ten years, you might be able to use the money you’ve earned doing a different job to go back to school and major in animation as well.

Life is rarely a linear path from A to B. Sometimes you gotta take a detour, either out of your own choice or because life takes you other places than where you originally intended to go.

Two years ago, I was rejected by a school teaching sequential art/comics. I got to the audition part, but never made it in. Even though I’m confident I could probably get in today, I’m not going to retry - because during those two years, I’ve found new friends that I want to live close to and a new home that I can’t bring myself to abandon. Through a detour that was forced on me, I found something that means even more to me than the education I’d been dreaming of getting into for as long as I can remember.

And yet I’m still drawing! I’m still doing comics, I’m still having fun with the craft I love. And yes, I still dream of living off my art in the future. I’m completely certain that if I keep on practicing and getting better, I’ll be able to become a professional artist yet, school or no school.

My two cents would be - don’t give up on your dream. Definitely do the responsible thing and get a more stable career first - but don’t stop drawing. If you can find the time, keep teaching yourself more about animation and keep using the resources available to you online.

Maybe someday, you’ll have the money to go to animation school. Maybe someday, you won’t need it at all and you’ve become a brilliant animator all on your own! Or maybe you’ll find something that means more to you than art and it will stay a hobby while you pursue your new dream.

It’s all about making your own way in the world. You gotta do what you gotta do, but you never have to give up on your dreams. The future is unpredictable for both good and for bad. Things might turn out in your favor after all, and there’s no point in spending the time until that day feeling hopeless and defeated, y’know?

I hope things turn out okay for you. The sacrifice you’re making is a hard one, but it doesn’t have to be final. Either way, I hope you’ll be happy. <3

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You know what I think? I think Videl and Gohan never have to buy Pan clothes. Uncle Piccolo has a clothes beam. CLOTHES FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE

For all we know, this is probably canon. LOL Like, all of Piccolo’s friends save money when it comes to materialistic stuff. He just makes all of it. Clothes, House, Car…It would be pretty awesome.

Quick PSA

I am not selling my art anywhere except society6 (currently) && I have not given anyone permission to sell/reproduce/distribute my art.

So basically aside from the few (like, 6 pcs lol – and that’s just because people wanted me to put them up for sale) prints up on my society6, I make no money off of my art as I only make them purely for my (and the fandom’s) enjoyment.

If you see anyone selling my art, please do not buy from them as they most likely stole it from me and are unfairly making money off of it. Also I would appreciate it if you report them to the proper personnel (if it is at a con or something) or tell me (if you saw it online).

IDK what to feel about this because I’ve been getting a lot of reports about this happening lately so aaaah ;;; I don’t want to upload smaller res art because I want people to be able to look at them properly so I think I should just make the watermarks more visible? I don’t knowww hahaha omg this is all new to me

We need to talk about this.

Camila’s statement is a clear demonstration on how the music industry works and how they treat most of their artists like shit. Then we have that leaked audio of Lauren literally saying, “They make decisions on regular basis, to fuck us over, to make us literal slaves, like, literally slaves, Ally. We’re doing labor every day and we see nothing.”

This is not okay. It’s not okay to treat a band of 19-23 year olds like robots made to make them money. It’s not okay to make them sign a contract and keep them as slaves of the industry. If you ask me, I say this is why Camila left the band; it was not because she didn’t get along with the other girls – we know this is not the case, it was not because of the amount of hate she was getting – she dealt with it since I Know What You Did Last Summer came out. She decided to quit as soon as her contract inspired because their label and management team only sees them as their money maker. They don’t care about the band, let alone about the fans and they don’t care about their health, even though we all know Camila and Lauren suffer from terrible anxiety. But as long as they get their money, everything else is simply irrelevant.

Camila didn’t even know they were going to publish that note today. She was indeed planning on leaving but she said herself this was not how she had planned. Can you imagine how she’s feeling after their management made the whole world think she let the girls know she was leaving through her “representatives”, as if she didn’t care about the band, as if she didn’t spend the whole tour talking to the other four about it? She would never make that decision alone – she would never let her bandmates know she was leaving like this.

I think it’s understatement to say that Maverick fucked up. They literally dropped a bomb on us and on Camila. She didn’t know last night’s Jingle Ball was her last concert as a official member, that’s why she had that big beautiful unbothered smile on her face. She didn’t know that was her last time performing with the girls, and you can imagine how heartbreaking that was to her. She changed her twitter layout to black and white pictures after releasing her statement, for fucks sake.

This situation is not okay. I need my girls to stay away from that toxic management team.

Camila deserves better;
Ally deserves better;
Dinah deserves better;
Lauren deserves better;
Normani deserves better;

Fifth Harmony deserve better.

What you can do

File a complaint with the BBC.

I don’t know how much use it will be but they need to know that they’re giving money to people who at this point purposefully shit on a certain portion of their audience in the cruelest fashion imaginable. So I feel like it’s reasonable to let them know that what Mofftiss just did on Sherlock is not ok.

You’ll have to answer a couple of questions before you can write your complaint and unfortunately that has a word limit so make it precise and to the point but I guess it’s better than nothing?

Click on Make a Complaint.

the funniest thing about all of the gifts veronica bought for betty is that the lodges are going through financial turmoil and veronica’s mother probably told her not to spend money unless it was an emergency. and the second veronica upsets betty she’s buying bouquets of roses and flying in cupcakes from new york and planning hers and hers spa days. like can you imagine the conversation between hermione and veronica. ‘veronica we talked about not spending money right now’ 'mom I know but betty cooper was mad at me for like a day and if that’s not an emergency than I don’t know what is’

Nothing Like a Lawful Neutral

Context: My fighter is the only Lawful Neutral character on a team consisting of a True Neutral halfling monk, a Chaotic Neutral tiefling warlock, and a Neutral Good half-elf ranger with a bad impression of laws in general. They’re all endearingly nuts in their own way, and, well. He fits in like soy sauce on mashed potatoes.


Warlock: *after surviving the shipwreck that nearly killed all of us* So you worked for the people transporting us?

Fighter: Money doesn’t grow on trees. Of course I was.

Ranger: You know it was a slave ship right?

Fighter: You were getting transported to prison! The only thing enslaving you are the consequences of your crimes.


Monk: You not gonna like, wrangle us into line?

Fighter: Why.

Monk: I mean, you were a guard, right? You arrest people.

Fighter: We are in the middle of a jungle. What laws could you possibly be breaking?

Ranger: *OOC* I roll to see what impossible feats of physics-defying tricks I can do to piss this guy off.


Warlock: So are we going back to jail if we get to a place where there’s a jail?

Fighter: I mean, they feed you in most prisons. Terrible food, but it’s free.

Warlock: …Damn he right.


Ranger: Do you arrest people even when they’re doing the right thing?

Fighter: Everyone should be held accountable for their actions regardless of intentions.

Ranger: Easy for you to say.

Fighter: Listen, I got banished from my country and disowned from my family because I was fucking my country’s Crown Prince. I deserve the rights to say this like it was easy.

Ranger: …Okay but that’s– Okay, you couldn’t have had good intentions about that.

Fighter: I think there were some good ones, but then he took off his shirt and I forgot what they were.

Monk: And I thought my getting kicked out of my temple for fapping during prayer was dramatic.

DM: …Oh. :-)


Ranger: You don’t have many friends, do you?

Fighter: I had some but the murder hobos fucking killed them all. :)


Warlock: Well at least you aren’t lecturing us on honor or anything.

Fighter: Honor is reliability. That’d like chanting Celestial to a demon.



Warlock: …Not all tieflings.


Soy sauce on mashed potatoes: weird taste, but acceptable.

I don’t know if you guys are aware of what’s been happening on Book Twitter the last few hours or so but someone on LitReactor wrote an article about why “Posting About Politics Kills Your [Writing] Career.” To the best of my knowledge, the article has since been pulled, and I wouldn’t have linked to it anyway because I don’t want to give the article clicks or the author money, but I’m going to be really honest with you guys for a second, cos I feel like I don’t actually post that much about myself or my personal life/background here.

Being vocal about politics has actually killed my mother’s dream career. She works in technology now, but when she was only a little older than me and pursuing her MA, she attended Beijing Normal University, which is one of the best colleges for teachers in China. She was bright and she was idealistic, and she’s good at talking and she loves teaching. She wanted to be a teacher. But then she participated in the Tiananmen Square Protests in 1989, and she was banned from holding government office, which teaching counts as, and so she’s never formally been a teacher.

And I’ve grown up with her stories about it. I’ve grown up being terrified of the social and economic consequences of my opinions. I’m not very loud on platforms that are attached to my real name (which is part of why I use a pseudonym; the other half is habit, because I was one of those Good Kids who listened to our computer teachers when they told us not to reveal personal info online when I was like 12, so), and I’m terrified of public and political backlash. I’m not ashamed of my opinions, but I’m terrified that they might produce material consequences against me, because they have produced material consequences against my mother.

But here’s the thing: I’ve never heard my mom express regret about it. She’s been sad, she’s been disillusioned with the protestors of 1989 (I am too, but that’s a different post and a longer story), but she’s still very loud about what her opinions are and what she believes to be right. Of course there are consequences to your speech. There will always be. But articles like these try to intimidate people, to hold them in fear, to stop them from speaking their minds.

And there’s something so fucking privileged about being so sheltered from politics that it doesn’t matter to you one way or another whether or not you participate them. There are so many people who are held a prisoner to politics against their will because governments have politicised their bodies, their very right to live and their right to access, and to, in essence, tell writers––especially marginalised writers––to shut up about being treated like a human is some type of bullshit.

Publishing has always been politics. It’s been political since the moment it began. The reason America exports so many books and imports so little has to do with American imperialism and global geopolitics. The choices that editors make––I will acquire this author and not that one––are politics. The amount of publicity we give to certain authors but not others––those are all political. Franz Fanon is political. Jane Austen is political. YA is political, SFF is political, the devaluation of romance as a genre is political. The privileging of literary fiction is political. Gatekeeping is political.

When everything in your life is impacted by politics, you will be political, and the books that you write, the posts that you share, will be political, and it takes some kind of nerve to be telling people to shut up because you aren’t impacted, you don’t care, and you’re holding people’s careers over their heads about it. It’s so fucking shitty, especially in times when we need to be political and push back against a state that seems now set on culling our rights.

America: This Animal Crossing game is way more awesome than I thought it would be!!

Japan: Do you like all the cute neighbors I-

America: It’s like pure capitalism!

Japan:.. capitalism?

America: You can sell a mosquito, dude. A mosquito. And make money. That’s- That’s beautiful.   

When a man asks you about an ideal arrangement:

Well, good question. My ideal arrangement is where we are both comfortable with each other. You get a bit of what you want  and I get a bit of what I want. You get to be with a sexy, romantic, vibrant, mature, and (sexual girl) who’s also charismatic, and intelligent, etc and I get to be with a man who is willing to provide financial need in my life. I want to feel like a queen and a man who can invest in me is a keeper in my book. I am open to intimacy eventually. I am happy with per meet or monthly allowances. I do like cash though. I am happy per meet when we are platonic, and then when intimacy is involve and you see my sexual side, I am happy for a monthly allowance (of course money raised). I have been doing this for a good amount of time to know what I want. Per meet, I am totally comfortable of minimum _____. I would like to know if you are willing to let me see other men because if so, then monthly will just be doubled but if not monthly will be around ____. (Remember the more you invest in me, the more luxurious I can be for you and the more “prettier” I can be ;).

you know what really fucking grinds my gears? the fact that amazing organizations like You Can Play can spend so much time, money, and effort doing their best to make hockey inclusive - they can get players to use rainbow tape, they can have players and coaches release statements, they can encourage players to speak up against homophobia - but all of that means jack shit when a kid can still be watching his favorite team play and see some douchebag like andrew shaw using the f-slur. i know it was a while ago, and i know he apologized, but that doesn’t undo the fact that, no matter how hard YCP works, kids will still see shit like that and think “yeah, it still happens on the ice” or “yeah it probably happens in the locker room.” it’s fucking bullshit that so many people can work so hard just so that people aren’t scared to play hockey and be open about their sexuality, and some dumbass can fuck it all up in .2 seconds bc he didn’t agree with a fucking tripping call.


endless list of people I love (in no particular order) - [6/∞]
↳ Anthony Mackie

“When I first got this role I just cried like a baby because I was like, “Wow, next Halloween, I’m gonna open the door and there’s gonna be a little kid dressed as the Falcon.” That’s the thing that always gets me. I feel like everybody deserves that. I feel like there should be a Latino superhero. Scarlett does great representation for all the other girls, but there should be a Wonder Woman movie. I don’t care if they make 20 bucks, if there’s a movie you’re gonna lose money on, make it Wonder Woman. You know what I mean, ’cause little girls deserve that.”

Luxury Demesne (m) // Part 1

To be the best means you have to know the best, but what if you are the best?


Pairing: Taehyung x Reader x Jimin // Wealthy!AU, ArrangedMarriage!AU, ChildhoodFriend!AU + a love triangle :’)

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Drama

Word Count: 8788

SERIES: Part 1

A/N: more like obnoxiousRichBastards!AU with dashes of satire. kiss kiss fall in money everybody

Everyone knows that money comes first over everything; well, in your world that is.

The world of flashing lights and shuttering cameras turning your way since you are the cynosure of attention, average citizens freezing up cold to the bone from a mere glance at your deluxe self or anyone you associate with. Your upscale family name circulates the world like wildfire, equivalent to the most polished of extravagant celebrity statuses.

It is given that your family is sitting close to the top of the notable social hierarchy, close proximity behind the Kims and the Jungs - the wealthiest of families who have the title of worldwide money bags; oh, and “crazy rich bastards.” With mellifluous voices and a luxuriant way with words, strikingly good looks as a cherry topper, they associate with their own kind: the sumptuous of it all. Of course, in your world, tying with the middle-class is a complete sin. The wealthy leisurely tosses thousands of dollars out daily for the sole purpose of making headlines and believe it is a heinous crime to wear the same outfit twice. People that fall under the category of “crazy rich” is also said to have an endless thread of luck.

Though, like everyone else, you can only press your luck too much.

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Things to do Long-Term
  • Donate. Donate to Planned Parenthood. Donate to the Trevor Project. Donate to the ACLU. Set up monthly donations, if you can. Waves of donations are good, but if you forget about them except for every four years, they’re still not going to have enough money.
  • Support newspapers. Subscribe to a reliable newspaper like the New York Times or the Washington Post, if you can. They need the money. Read BBC. Seriously, get some of your American news from BBC. Check the Guardian and Al Jazeera.
  • Check your facts. Make sure you’re not reading fake news stories. Especially if you want to argue with people, make sure you know what you’re talking about. I know there’s this whole thing about, oh, you shouldn’t need to cite things, but few things will lose you arguments faster than citing false information you read on the internet somewhere. And beyond that, you’re better off knowing the truth.
  • Watch Fox News. Don’t watch it to get your news. Watch it to see what the rhetoric is of the other side.
  • Try to understand the other side. This isn’t saying to empathize them. This isn’t saying to rationalize or forgive what they’re saying. But if you want to be able to fight, you need to understand what you’re fighting against.
  • Don’t dismiss different people as irrational. Most of these debates—other than, to some degree, economics—are moral. Morality isn’t about rationality. Racism isn’t irrational. It’s terrible, but there is a logic to it. It’s a logic we disagree with, but if you dismiss all of as irrational then you doom yourself to failure from the beginning.
  • Check the Southern Poverty Law Center hate map. Know where the hate groups are. Know what the hate groups are. Be aware.
  • Vote every year. Vote in midterm elections. Vote in down-ballot races. Don’t wait for presidential elections to vote.
  • Follow which reporters Trump bans. Follow what restrictions he puts on the press. Don’t let him silently chip away at the First Amendment.
  • Follow what his family is doing. Protest conflicts of interest.
  • Follow politics in Europe. Watch for the rise in right-wing nationalism. Keep track of who he’s friendly with. Keep track of the rhetoric over there. Be aware.
  • Don’t make Trump supporters into martyrs. Don’t start violence against individuals. This isn’t saying don’t fight fire with fire, but if you make them into martyrs then you validate them.
Getting to Know You

I am teacher. So, when I hear something, or see a meme about something, I do research to determine the actual truth. I read a variety of sources. I try to get the full scope of the situation.

When the President-elect of the United States nominates a new secretary of education, I get out there and learn all I can.

Betsy DeVos, it’s been fascinating getting to know you.

And what I have learned, consistently, is that Betsy DeVos likes SCHOOL CHOICE.

According to Breitbart News (the incoming administration’s in-house source), DeVos only pivoted to Trump when his rhetoric became more school-choice friendly.

According to Snopes, “DeVos has long been an advocate for ‘school choice,’ which does involve, to some extent, funneling money away from public schools and toward private educational options, including for-profit and Christian-based schools.”

Now, I am not going to get into my personal issues with this, or whether it violates the essential American principle of separation of church and state. I am currently more interested in debunking the notion that diverting money away from public schools will ever insure greater choice for the majority of underprivileged American youth.

See, privileged youth already have choices. It is the scores of others, less fortunate in the circumstances of their birth, whom our system of public schooling is intended to educate.

So, why isn’t school choice the answer?

Let’s assume that the voucher system so vaunted by DeVos and her ilk were instituted. Let’s assume a school voucher would be granted to each child in the amount of per-pupil spending in that individual student’s district. That pupil could then trot that voucher over to the private school of her choice and present it in exchange for a preferable (read better) education. Right?

I did some more research. The highest ranked private school in New York City is Horace Mann, with a 2016-2017 tuition price of $46,800. According to the 2013 Census data, New York State has the highest per-pupil expenditure in the nation, $19,818. Even if we assume the state spends more now than it did three years ago, we are still looking at a discrepancy of about $25k. That is enough to make certain not everyone really has the best private education as a  choice at all.

The same is true on the West Coast. The best school in the heart of Silicon Valley? Harker, with a price tag of $43,693 for a high school student. That is a nearly $30k leap from the projected $14,550 the great state of California spends on each student (data from

What this means is that a low-income student, armed with a voucher, is actually going nowhere fast.

Sure, there is financial aid. And of course, not all private schools cost as much as those I investigated, but the point is the same. Even with a voucher system, not everyone can afford the same education. This says nothing of students whose parents do not have the time or energy to navigate a voucher system. This says nothing of the students who, due to learning disabilities or other disqualifications, are not allowed into the “finer” institutions. This says nothing of students whose parents lack the educational capital or language skills to advocate for them in the fashion to which they might otherwise aspire.

The bottom line is, vouchers would end up going, disproportionately, to those who already possess resources: the students whose parents can make up the tuition difference, whose parents can help with school applications, whose parents can understand bureaucracy and paperwork, whose parents can transport their children to schools far from their homes.

And who is left behind, in the increasingly underfunded schools? Who is left behind when those who can flee have fled?

The same students currently under served by our existing system. If we want to close the achievement gap, and I desperately do, school choice is not the answer. Because not all students have the same choices. Not all students come to school with the same backing or with the same opportunities.

I wish they did.

Which is one place, Ms. DeVos and I do agree: “I believe every child, no matter their zip code or their parents’ jobs, deserves access to a quality education.”

pregnancy sentence starters.

“ i’m pregnant. ”
“ i’m pregnant and it’s yours. ”
“ why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant. ”
“ are you pregnant? ”
“ i need to tell you something. ”
“ i have money for abortion. ”
“ how much is an abortion? ”
“ maybe we can put it up for adoption? ”
“ i didn’t ask for this to happen. ”
“ what are we going to do? ”
“ i think i’m pregnant. ”
“ didn’t you use a condom? ”
“ i’m not on birth control. ”
“ it’s definitely yours, i’m not like that. ”
“ i don’t know who’s it is! ”
“ are you really pregnant? ”
“ congratulations on your pregnancy! ”
“ how far long are you? ”
“ it’s too late for abortion, i’m sorry. ”
“ so who is the babydaddy? ”
“ how does it feel to you know be pregnant and all? ”
“ are you going to keep it? ”
“ do you want to keep it? ”
“ did you tell anyone else about it? ”
“ we can raise it. ”
“ we can keep it. ”
“ i am not going through with this. ”
“ what are the options? ”
“ what did the pregnancy test come back as? ”
“ i need a pregnancy test. ”
“ i took a test. a pregnancy test. ”
“ did you get the test yet? ”
“ get more than one test, too. ”
“ it is yours! just as much as it is mine! ”
“ i’m pregnant and your going to help me. ”
“ i don’t want to tell anyone until i’m twelve weeks. past the risk for miscarriage. ”
“ i’m so sorry this happened. ”
“ this pregnancy is going to kill me. ”
“ i’m ready to give birth already. ”
“ how much does a pregnancy test cost? ”
“ can you still get pregnant on the pill? ”

My favorite things from the Leverage Gag Reel:

-”Hi, I’m Beth Riesgraf.”
-”Charles you’re on the wrong show.”
-*Intern finds Beth and Aldis secretly hiding behind some shit* Aldis: Get out of here, what the shit? Privacy.
-*Intern finds Beth, Aldis, and Christian all hiding in various states of undress.* Aldis: GET OUT OF HERE, WHAT THE SHIT! PRIVACY
-Literally like, they all know about the Ot3 and they love it.
-Beth: *in the middle of a crowded mall* SHIT. Oh SHIT. I’m sorry to all the parents and children. *Hiding her face in shame.*
-”What are we going to do, Nate?” “We’re going to convince him that you’re a lying greedy bitch.”
-Gina hitting Tim a lot.
-Gina cleaning a table with money she’s holding in between her toes.
-Gina sneezing.
-”It’s a dick in a box.”
-”Why yes my- my- my- my-”
-”Oh fucky ducky.”
You’ve spent a disproportional amount of your life in air ducts.” “I’m sorry.”
-”Mr.  Travers I am Agent…………….”
-Client: Isn’t…What you guys do help people when no one else will?
Tim: No.
-”You callin me a liar? Cause I’ll get on this fuckin plane and leave right now.”
-”There’s a subdivision of other buildins up above. You’re gonna- I’m gonna- You’re lookin at  another take from me cause I just fucked up.”
-(Blooper from the WWII episode.) Beth: Oh, Charlie.
Aldis: Sup boo how you livin?
-The entire cast fixing their hair in the camera at some point.
-Chair spinning.
-Aldis: We looked everywhere, but the f-farm- p- p- fuck.”
-The team skipping out of a cloud of smoke while holding hands