you know what i don't hate the braids

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"Hmm, I’m not sure if you meant non dread and non braid. If you ARE asking for braids, then I can do this.If you're​ asking for straight hair, that won’t be happening. I’ll spare you the reason for that, but I’m sure you can guess lol 💛" Just letting you know this is kinda racist. Like no one can help what texture their hair is unless they chemically change it. Which is often painful and expensive. Everyone wants a sim to match them. Don't hate white people who haven't done anything wrong.

Lmaoooooo, hold on… My refusal to change the texture of a hair I’ve created is racist?

Yet you won’t look into the real issue of me being asked to change this texture to suit whatever idea of beauty you (and this other anon) subscribe to.

MY simblr and MY creations are not for you if you feel the need to ask me to change it.

My answer was as nice as I could put it, but don’t test me 💛

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I live in a small town and two women have been attacked in just two weeks, and now I'm scared fucking shitless when I walk home from school. I don't know what to do. I hate being a girl

Natasha: Oh, hell no. First of all, do all the things I’m sure you’ve heard before— hold your keys between you fingers, don’t wear your hair in a ponytail or a braid, check your car before you get in, all that stuff you’ve heard forever. Secondly, find somewhere maybe locally or maybe online to learn how to defend yourself. Just a few basic things can help you make a getaway. Aim for the most vulnerable areas. The solar plexus, instep, nose, and groin ought to do the trick. And maybe get one of those apps on your phone where if you feel unsafe you can send discreet messages or hold your finger on a button until you’re in the clear. Stay safe, alright?

Clint: Carry pepper spray?

Natasha: Or… that, I guess. 

Clint: Well I mean, your answer was really good, I just wanted to help a little.