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I am trying not to tell you
But I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding what I’m feeling
But I’m tired of holding this inside my head

I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about you
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you

I’ve been waiting all my life and now I found you
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m falling for you.
I’m falling for you.

anonymous asked:

🌈✨💖YOU ARE SO NICE TO EVERYBODY YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS OML💖✨🌈. your blog is one of the best things to ever happen to me tbh as i cant find many bts x male reader stuff here. also reading your trans reactions and moodboards its pretty comforting as i am trans. (sorry if my english is bad, its not my first language)


this message is so cute!!!!!!! 

i’m nice to everyone on here because i don’t know what each of you are going through, so kind and positive words could never hurt. PLUS EVERYONE HERE IS SO NICE TO ME OMG LIKE I GET MESSAGES EVERYDAY OF PEOPLE SAYING HOW MUCH THey enjoy my LGBT+ content and it makes me vvv happy - so i try and make all of u happy as well. (also your english is really good, don’t worry!!)💫💖💗💞💓✨💕⭐️

- angus

This is a small post to say, I appreciate all your positive words & criticisms too.
Feedback is an opportunity to learn.
In particular, I believe being open to criticism can make our journey through life a lot smoother. Whether it’s constructively intended or not, you have the option to use it, or ignore it. I want to let you all know, I am open to any concerns you have, with how I stream or jokes I make. The streamers & I all use this tag to interact with the community and to share positivity. We all try our best at being easily approachable, reading our emails & answering our asks as promptly as possible. Communication is important  to all of us & it’s something I value highly.

This year I have set my values around sharing as much positivity as possible. To say the least, it’s what we all need right now. Even as a Video Game Streamer, this is something we can all get behind- that sharing happiness is one of the only things that lasts in the world and in the end connects us all.

My stream is not a place for vitriol or spreading hatred. I don’t want you to think about negativity in my stream, well all have enough of it in our own lives- whoever you are. I owe this to you & anyone that looks toward my content for a laugh.

I try to grow each year as a person, as do we all, however I still make mistakes. I’m constantly learning about people and how to better myself. If there’s anything I can improve upon in my streams send me a mail or an ask.

John Lennon said “Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.”

I count my life by smiles- you have all brought me thousands. This year, I’m going to try my best to give it back and spread as much positivity and love as possible.

Thank you guys so much. In 2014, this stage was actually the first time that I was authentically, 100% honest with all of you. I think it’s safe to say that most of you know a lot of my life whether I like it or not, and I had to stop. ‘Cause I had everything, and I was absolutely broken inside, and I kept it all together enough where I would never let you down, but I kept it too much together to where I let myself down. I don’t wanna see your bodies on Instagram. I wanna see what’s in here. I’m not trying to get validation, nor do I need it anymore. All that I can say from the bottom of my heart is I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be able to share what I love every single day, with people that I love. And I have to say thank you so much to my fans because you guys are so damn loyal, and I don’t know what I did to deserve you. But if you are broken, you do not have to stay broken. And if that’s anything, whether you respect me or not, that’s one thing you should know about me, is I care about people. And thank you so much for this, this is for you.
—  Selena Gomez accepting the award for Favorite Female Artist - Pop/Rock
Mercury + Communication
  • Aries: Give it to me straight. Get to the point. Say it like you mean it. No nitty gritty bullshit, give me the meat of what you are saying.
  • Taurus: Ease me into what you’re trying to say. Keep the communication on a practical level. No abstract ideas, ground your words into the earth and I’ll understand.
  • Gemini: However you want to explain this to me is good. I am very interested in your words. I can receive this any way you want to explain it.
  • Cancer: Communicate it to me in a way that you know I can receive. Your words strike emotional chords in my body. Be gentle as I digest it.
  • Leo: Can you explain this to me in song? Or pictures? Or dance? No? Okay well just make me feel like what you are saying holds relevance to my life and I am open ears. Also.. MAke it exciTING !!
  • Virgo: Please lay out the details for me. You speak a word and I find a million questions for clarity. I want to hear and understand everything about what you are communicating to me. Don't be vague.
  • Libra: If you really want me to hear you.. Don't be to brash, or dramatic, or all over the place. Please be concise and balanced with your communication. I appreciate what you have to say, just keep it level headed.
  • Scorpio: I want to know the truth. Give me the fucking truth. I want to know the depth. What is behind your words? What is your motive with these words? Don't you dare lie to me. I will always find out your truth.
  • Sagittarius: Give me the big picture, the philosophical concept, the dream. Ignite me with your words. Expand my mind with your communication.. I am so open.. Just don't bore me. I need a sense of purpose to listen.
  • Capricorn: If you want me to take you seriously, know your shit. Communicate factually in a mature manner. If you want me to hear you without judgement, your words must impress me. I don't have time for the wishy washy wandery words. Get to the point.
  • Aquarius: Please communicate this to me in the most abstract conceptual way you are able. If you want me to receive your communication I need to be met with intellect that causes me to really think over your words.
  • Pisces: Explain it to me in a story. I can't understand all of your crazy ass details. I need you to paint me a picture with your words.

Draco: Mother, father, thank you for meeting me here today. It means a lot to me that you took the time to clear your schedule for this conversation. 

Narcissa: *gives a look*

Lucius: What is it that you wanted to talk about, Draco?

Draco: Recently it has come to my attention that there are certain expectations you have for me

Draco: *deep breath* Expectations concerning family and the continuance of the Malfoy line that I am unable to fulfill due to previously unexamined outliers

Narcissa: *knowing look*

Lucius: Has there been an accident?!

Narcissa: *pats husbands hand*

Draco: No…. no accident, more like a happy revelation. 

Lucius: I don’t understand.

Draco:  I’m gay.

Narcissa: … and this is a new revelation?

Draco: Mum!

Lucius: This is completely unacceptable! It is your job, as the heir to the Malfoy name, to continue our legacy and–

Narcissa: What your father is trying to say is that If you are happy, then we are happy for you.

Lucius: I said no such–

Narcissa: Your father would also like you to know that he trusts your judgment is better than his has been and he is happy for you

Lucius: *pouting*

Narcissa: So, what is his name?

Draco: Well….

We would rather have an unqualified man who grabs, rapes, violates, bullies, and dehumanizes women as our leader than a uniquely qualified woman. What that says about a woman’s worth, about your worth, makes me so sad and frustrated that I want to angry-dance in a barn somewhere. And while I know it can’t mean much coming from me because I am biased, pretend that I am completely objective and looking at your life for the first time. You deserve so much better than this. You actively try to make the world a better place every single day, wrestling big, tangled issues like climate justice, city planning, and environmental policy. You speak up each day for people who can’t. Your default setting is to help, and you’ve carved a career out of doing it. But most importantly, you’ve done it all while negotiating a minefield of people who treat you as though a young, beautiful woman can’t be good at her job, who made you want to dye and cut your hair so that you’d be taken more seriously, who force you to ask yourself with each item of clothing you buy whether it will send a thousand unintended messages at work. I’ve never heard you complain about any of it – this all comes to me peripherally in your stories as small moments tangential to the real plot of your day. This is just the way things are.

Saying I’m proud of you is like saying I’m proud of volcanoes for making the earth I get to stand on. There isn’t a word for how I feel about you today, that’s why I’m trying to say it in 800 instead, and it still feels short. No, Hillary Clinton is not our president, and America voted for Trump in spite of (and in some cases because of) his treatment of women, but I’m writing this in some desperate attempt to make sure that you know it doesn’t define your worth. That it doesn’t define the worth of any woman or little girl who watched the states domino into the evening. I’m pretty sure you don’t believe it does, because you are smarter and more resilient than that, but I also heard you crying in the kitchen last night.

A Letter to My Wife The Day After The Election

You wanna know what frustrates me? Young humans are looking up to Supergirl and think that toxic relationships are ok. They think “no is actually if I keep bothering them it will eventually be yes.” They think it is ok to not listen to their partner. They think it’s NORMAL to never be listened to. You know what? I’ve lived this and I never in a million years want this to be “romanticized or glorified” in any sort of media. It is dangerous. It is hurtful. It is abusive. While I love the show, I am starting to wonder what message are they trying to convey. They say it is about empowerment. No, it is only empowering negative behaviors and thoughts that can become self destructive and abusive when taken into the context of real life. This is more than “who gets the girl,” because if this is some contest, strike 2. The show needs to recalibrate and reevaluate what they are portraying to young minds, the most vulnerable minds. Love is bigger than the romance. So, I miss my girl Kara Danvers, the sunshine puppy who is able to love so many. I miss Cat, Lucy, Mgann, Eliza, Livewire, Alex, Maggie, and especially Lena Luthor. Because they have, in their womanly wonder, made this show bigger than the privileged conquest of white male heteronormativity it has sadly warped into. I have faith that Supergirl will rise again, until then we must be strong and fight like the heroes we are and have within us.


More old sketches

Back when I drew him as more….conflicted.

8,100 - 9,000 Follower Prompt Batch Special
  • “You must not trust the masked one.”
  • “I will not allow you to mess this one up for me.”
  • “Falling in love with your roommates? Hilarious." 
  • "Do you have any idea how embarrassing what you just did was?”
  • “I always make sure to film your bad ideas.”
  • “How was I supposed to know that the cat was actually a dragon?”
  • “It makes you wonder how gullible I really am.”
  • “I let you in my life. Try not to mess anything up.”
  • “I’ve always held you accountable for my mistakes.”
  • “I’ve been an awful person to you and I want to change that.”
  • “It was easy to ignore what I was doing, because it didn’t affect me. I’m sorry. Truly.”
  • “You can’t just pretend I don’t have feelings.”
  • “Magic can’t be real. I’m just a con. How could this be?”
  • “I secretly fact check everything you say to make sure you’re wrong.”
  • “It’d be so easy to just end your life here and now, with no one around.”
  • “Sometimes I can picture you plotting my death. I can see it in your eyes.”
  • “Something went totally right in the programming.”
  • “I hate when you get smug.”
  • “I can’t argue with that logic.”
  • “Does it get tiring, being right all the time?”
  • “Stop feeding their ego with your lies.”
  • “I’m a professional, so please address me like one.”
  • “I told you that the chances of me messing up were reall low, right?”
  • “Stop focusing on my negatives.”
  • “I’m not giving anyone false hope." 
  • "Control your demon. They keep chewing on my blankets.”
  • “Stop using science as an excuse. I’m not your test subject.”
  • “It was one video, sure, but now everyone can see what I did.”
  • “I know I said I was going to drop the subject, but I can’t help my curiosity." 
  • "Ready to make me look bad?”
  • “The only thing I wanted to do was help you.”
  • “You imply I’ve never made mistakes as bad as this. Your implication is wrong.”
  • “I’ve written six pages nonstop since this morning. I can’t feel my fingers.”
  • “I don’t like inviting people into my house.”
  • “We’re on an endless road." 
  • "Do you ever wonder what’s out there?”
  • “This is where I belong.”
  • “I’m hoping we can find what was missing.”
  • “All bad ideas begin with you and end with me.”
  • “Fantastic. Let’s just go through the front door and alert everyone. No way could that ever go wrong.”
  • “Loving you was the only thing I knew how to do.”
  • “It’s too hard. All I do is not enough.”
  • “Help me understand.”
  • “I am made up of misunderstandings, you know?”
  • “I wish I could lie about something like this, but I can’t.”
  • “Look at me. I wasn’t kidding.”
  • “We need to leave before they get here." 
  • "Loving you leaves me hurt.”
  • “I hate this. Just talk to me! Stop walking away when I accidentally hurt you. I can change if you just tell me what’s wrong.”
  • “Don’t make it easy on me. I like a good challenge.”
  • “Whisper sweet nothings to me.”
  • “You’re the only person I know who will baby talk at a plant.”
  • “I remember all the times we ran through the streets in the rain and screamed our hearts out.”
  • “I didn’t want it to happen, but the busier I got, the less we talked.”
  • “Do you think they can tell I’m nervous?”
  • “Your crush was obvious to everyone- especially them.”
  • “Why didn’t you do anything?”
  • “You’re all dead to me. Go away and let me suffer here in peace.”
  • “Do I want to know why you’re laying on the floor like that?”
  • “I’m still thinking about you.”
  • “You don’t have to say a word if it’s too personal.”
  • “I beg you- tell me how to fix this." 
  • "If I bribe you with an odd amount of cash, can you pretend to be my date next week?”
  • “I hate parties and yet here I am. The things I do for you.”
  • “If you feel the same, what’s the problem?”
  • “You can drag my reputation through the dirt as many times as you want, but jealousy has never been a pretty look on you.”
  • “You’ve taken all my friends from me and I’m supposed to forgive you?”
  • “It hurts all the time.”
  • “Stop giving me those looks.”
  • “Disappointment is my nickname." 
  • "It’s like my progress is going backwards. One step forward, three steps back.”
  • “You can’t stay in a bubble for the rest of your life.”
  • “Say your last farewell.”
  • “You’ve saved my life more times than I can count on my hands. I want to return the favor.”
  • “I always figured you’d understand. How could I be so wrong?”
  • “I thought I knew you pretty well.”
  • “So many choices. I’m stuck.”
  • “Look at me and tell me that you’re happy.”
  • “I know they’re lying about something, but I don’t know what it could be.”
  • “I was never good with mysteries. It’s part of the reason  I don’t like them.”
  • “I let you in and it was the worst thing I’ve done in my life.”
  • “You think I do these things because I want to?”
  • “I’m just a petty thief in the eyes of the public. That won’t ever change.”
  • “I’m just here to do my job. Move.”
  • “I gave you plenty of time to think about what you did.”
  • “We are two of the same kind.”
  • “No one will ever understand what you meant to me.”
  • “Videos that can make me cry are not just limited to people being surprised with animals." 
  • "If you do my English paper, I’ll do your science homework." 
  • "I thought it’d be funny to leave a trail of gummies leading to the couch for movie night, but I didn’t expect you to actually eat them." 
  • "I’m nervous one hundred percent of the time.”
  • “I want to change on my own terms, not yours.”
  • “My goals and dreams are still so far away.”
  • “Do you ever feel stuck?”
  • “I see you haven’t retired from crime.”
  • “I can’t believe they stole my chair." 
  • "Of all people I didn’t expect to be here, you were on top of that list.”
  • “I get an odd satisfaction from seeing you fail.”
  • “Cheer up. Your next attempt will be better, I’m sure.”
  • “I’ve always had faith in you.”

I know this probably goes without saying but Alec and Magnus as individuals are so fascinating and complex. Each with such well-rounded, real struggles and stories. They are both so strong in different ways and vulnerable in others. It would take me far too long to name all of their unique qualities that make them the amazing, fleshed out characters that they are, mostly in part thanks to the insightful performances of Matt and Harry. But the depth that they have seriously blows me away. Alone, they are some of the most interesting, flawed, intriguing characters I’ve ever seen. And the fact that they are in love with each other and compliment each other and help fill in each other’s missing pieces in this sweet, chaotic, inexplicable RIGHT-ness is so incredible and we are so lucky to have these characters in our lives.


Our beloved Hoseok has been getting hate, lately.. He even said “I want to be loved and respected by ARMYs in 2017” It’s so sad to see our ray of sunshine like this :( A friend of mine came up with an idea to try and cheer Hobi up. She has asked her followers on IG to send her things that they would like to say to Hoseok, and she is going to write them out and send them to him. I am posting here to try and get more people. Please participate, even if he isn’t your bias, he needs to know he is loved and appreciated. If you want to say something to him, please send me what you’d like to say, along with your name, if you’re comfortable with that (just your first name.) We need to band together and show him just how much he is loved! This project BEGAN on DECEMBER 18, 2016 and will END JANUARY 20, 2017 Also, if you want to post about this yourself, please use #letterstohobi! That is the name of this project.

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An spiritual journey

After many sessions trying to get this one asshole villain that had killed the fighter’s family in his backstory, we finally captured him and decided to give the fighter his shot at revenge.

Bad Guy: “Do it, finish what you started.”

Fighter: “You know, over the course of the past few days, I went on an spiritual journey during this chase. I learned a lot about myself and even though you killed my family 10 years ago, I think I am ready to forgive you and show mercy.”

BG: “Really?”

F: “No.” And then proceeds to dismember the asshole.


Hey Guys Soph Here!! It’s December and Christamas are almost here !!yay!! Hope everyone is fine!! Recently I hit my TOP tumblr goal xD, a goal that i never expected to hit in 1 year after i made this blog(actually I never thought I would hit it ) and all thanks to you!! Thank you so damn much for following me!! It means a lot to me,seriously, you have no idea how happy I am to see people supporting me in this blog!! I don’t know what to say… I… Thank you so much!! Do I deserve this?? Of course not! I don’t deserve this!! thank you so much again!!! This is a follow forever dedicated not only to the mention blogs but to everyone because all of you deserve to be a part of this FF…I wish I could type down all of your names but I have no time and I will lose my mind if I try to do it xD Anyway,i am not going to say anything more just a big thank you!! seriousy you have no idea how much this means to me!Sorry If i forgot anyone*whispers*it’s so difficult to type many names in a post…

~Also I want to say a special thank you to the girls in my group chat on skype [ded squad]..Girls.. I wish I could hug all of you!! Thank you so much for letting me be your friend!!Thank you so much for supporting me these days and for being there for me ,every single day!!I will never forget you!! I will be there for you as long as I can! I promise *hugs you*~

Bold: Amazing people and very very talented people a.k.a my inspiration(you should defenatly check them ;)

*:my family || thank you for letting me be your friend, it means a lot!

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Yom Kippur False Alarm

So, a few years ago, Yom Kippur was coming up and I really needed to ask forgiveness of a Gentile friend who I had failed a couple times that year, and even though the friend hadn’t mentioned it, it had been eating at me.  This friend didn’t really know anything about Judaism.

So I contacted him, by email, (we were in different countries at this time) and I said “I know that I failed you with [thing], and I just want to say how sorry I am.  I will try to fix it in the future. If I have done anything else that may have harmed you at any time in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I am truly sorry.  I ask that you will forgive me.  I hope that you will accept my apology. Please let me know before 3 days from now.”

My friend promptly responded with the following: “Are you dying????”

The Moral of the Story: explain what Yom Kippur is to your gentile friends.


“Thank you guys so much. In 2014, this stage was actually the first time that I was authentically, 100 percent honest with all of you. I think it’s safe to say that most of you know a lot of my life whether I liked it or not. And I had to stop because I had everything, and I was absolutely broken inside. And I kept it all together enough to where I would never let you down, but I kept it too much together to where I let myself down. I don’t want to see your bodies on Instagram. I wanna see what’s in [your heart]. I’m not trying to get validation, nor do I need it anymore. All I can say from the bottom of my heart is that I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be able to share what I love every single day with people that I love. And I have to say thank you so much to my fans because you guys are so damn loyal. And I don’t know what I did to deserve you. If you are broken, you do not have to stay broken. And if that’s anything, whether you respect me or not, one thing you should know about me is I care about people. And thank you so much for this. This is for you. Thank you.”

anonymous asked:

Excuse me but, could you please tell me why you think is Mark and/or Moffat writing those fics? English is not my main language and it's difficult to me to compare their writting with the fics or pick on those subtle things you all seem to be picking :/ There's deffinitely something fucky, that I know.

OK this is… hard to explain but i will try… also I am not kidding when I say that I absolutely cannot read this and I have read the first few sections of Within the Narrative and nothing more

  • first off my impression from the very first sentence was This Sounds Like Mark from what i’ve read of his other work. his voice, the way he uses narrative language, carries through and is distinctive. i’m not about to like go thru lucifer box rn and compare paragraphs but it has a FEEL
  • it also tenderly mocks some very specific and hilarious Bad Fanfic Tropes such as the overuse of epithets, with like some of the epithets themselves being “high functioning sociopath” (like sherlock’s anti-characterization played for straight) and apparently also some sexual ones like sherlock getting hard when john licks his lips or they climb 17 steps or something but i have not read that far because i don’t want to willingly subject myself to a deeply evil supernatural curse
  • although like obviously i totally have already
  • anyway we came upon these thru some suspicious twitters that are intentionally parodying two v. prominent sherlock fans and there’s some shit with “Dale Pike” being somebody in canon i don’t really get it but we’re not supposed to break the fourth wall so langdale pike is real or whatever
  • the first section of Within the Narrative is very direct and unconventional and ominous and show-related it’s like “what’s up you trigglypuff bitches time to strap the FUCK in because i was never warned either but HERE there be dragons set the stage the curtain rises enjoy my fanfic lol” (i mean sure any random fuck could write that but Why? mark would have a reason. could have written it. nerd
  • tea symbolism and elephant motif abound
  • weird foreshadowing but as i said i have barely read it relax it’s been 10 minutes
  • the parts that are real feel very real and the parts that are fake feel very intentional and pointed and funny, i’m sorry that there’s not like an easier way to explain this to a non-english speaker asdlfkj4;rgv also i’m stoned so that’s why this answer is Like This
  • i’ll probably post more about it as i inevitably burn this cursed talisman deeper into my chest so like stay tuned

I see a lot of posts encouraging babies to be these super sexy seductresses.

You don’t have to.

Just be yourself (or whatever persona you’ve created). Personally, I can’t do super sexy and seductive. It feels weird and the men can tell. In my vanilla life I am loud and my voice is high pitched. I talk too much and I’m a little awkward. This is how I am with my POT (toned down a little, obviously. I go for a soft, quieter voice, but still ramble. I’m still awkward but I make a joke out of it and say things like, “sorry. I get a little awkward when I’m nervous around such a handsome man!). And you know what? They eat that shit up. They love that I’m this bumbling, bubbly, innocent young woman. That works for me.

Being sexy and seductive works for some women. Everyone is different and everyone has different preferences. My biggest tip is do not try to be someone you absolutely are not. It will be super obvious and you won’t have a good time.