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7yo: “I think my face will look weird in this picture.”
Me: “No way! Your face never looks weird.”
**reviews photo**
Me: “You know what? I’m sorry for doubting you.”

(Still a couple of days left to submit a picture of your child with their Lego build by the totally arbitrary contest cut off of 11:59:59pm EST on 2/27/17. Send them to for your chance to win 4x tickets to Legoland Florida!)

Different Types of Ravenclaws
  • The Know it All: most common phrase is "actually" followed by them correcting you on some matter.
  • The Overachiever: involved in every club ever, picks up a new hobby every week after mastering it in that time
  • The Book Worm: constantly hidden behind a book. Always the person to go to for Recs or if you need to borrow a book for class and it's already been checked out, they have their own copy to lend you.
  • The Aesthetic: Style totally unique to them, has everyone figured out, doesn't give a shit what people think
  • The "Philospher": stoned most of the time, but also has a new theory about the world every other day
  • The Wall Flower: always watching and observing other people, the most intuitive. Hates attention.
  • The Coffee Addict: always in the library working on homework with 6+ empty coffee cups around them, always looks stressed. Must remind them to hydrate.
  • The Bro: super street smart, knows all the new lingo, super social, can have a conversation with anyone about anything

anyway the best thing about the new rhato team is that jason, despite being over 6 feet, is the smol one

You know what I realized? The other day I was in precalc and this girl was saying how the difference quotient was all hieroglyphics and Greek to her and I caught myself being like …but it’s so easy?

But at one point it wasn’t - at one point I didn’t understand it at all. And yet I got to this place where I couldn’t believe someone who didn’t find it easy and understandable.

So all that stuff you’re learning now that’s stressing you out… one day it WILL come easily to you, because that’s how you learn and that’s what you’ve been doing from day one. So hang in there because there will always be something new and difficult, but eventually and inevitably, it will become a piece of pie.

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as long there's fighting going on, imagine Sherlock going up to John's room a couple days after the wedding and sees the ashtray he stole from Buckingham palace sitting there on the end table, a beautiful memory of the laughter they shared and how close they'd been and John had just left it behind when he moved out (because it was too painful to look at, but Sherlock doesn't know that), so he sits on the floor and stubs out cigarette after cigarette in it, trying to make it disappear #fightme

Are you sure he didn’t break it into pieces? Only to realize what he has done moments later. Then tries to pick up the broken glass and cuts his hand. Blood dropping in the glass. Broken glass inside, outside. Heartbreak..



i am so sorry that i bothered you now i know why you have to hide i didn’t know what you were going through all i could see was my own side

i will stay away i will let you be i won’t say a word until you come to me until you come to me until you come to me they just told me what you’re in there for how could i know? you did not say. but now i know what i am living for tomorrow won’t be just another day

i will close my eyes and lie here quietly i will wait in the shadows until you come to me until you come to me until you come to me, oh

ah, sweet youth will all too quickly end and we will never be this free so all i ask is that we look again before we grow too old to see

i won’t holler out i’ll whisper tenderly still i will be crying until you come to me until you come to me until you come to me, ah

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I know I'm just adding to the inbox situation and I'm sorry but I?? Love Abby?? Ur so nice and supportive and I appreciate ur entire existence okay thank u for being a part of this blog

This is exactly what I needed after a terrible day. Thank you. <3 I know I can be abrasive with how I speak but I always want to make sure everyone is okay. That is why I am just so aggressive in my wording. Don’t fuck with my friends or good people in general or you have me to answer to. I can’t help it. -Abby

Rest of Our Lives (TEASER)

In little over 12 hours I got a new Misha x Reader one shot for ya. It is written for @splendidcas‘ bday challenge and it will be out 9pm CET/3pm EST.

Misha grabbed your hand, dragging you towards the door as you looked over your shoulder to see Jensen and Jared waving and smiling at you.

“So you are kidnapping people now. Is that is?” you half-heartedly protested as Misha opened his car door for you, making him laugh and wink at you.

“Y/N/N, I don’t kidnap, I just temporarily borrow a person” Misha teased, making you giggle and shake your head at him. You were still a little worried for you coffee shop as Misha drove you down the street towards, God know what destination, but you would be lying if you said you weren’t more than a little excited to be spending the day alone with your boyfriend. You hadn’t realized just how much, you missed him until you were sitting in his car, eyes resting on him as he drove, occasionally sending you a smile that made your heart skip a beat.

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Can you add saeran, v, and vanderwood into the massage HC?

Of course! 


  • He drops by the apartment unexpectedly
  • He seems quieter than usual
  • Not that he talks much usually
  • You can tell he’s having a bad day, but you don’t want to bring it up
  • So, you rub his back gently asking if he’s okay
  • He says he is
  • But you can feel the tension in his shoulders
  • So, you start massaging any area that seems too tense
  • You felt him shudder under your fingers
  • “Uh…what are you doing?”
  • “Giving a massage, Saeran.”
  • “But why?”
  • You continue on and he doesn’t seem to protest
  • You ask if he’s feeling better when you finish
  • Unexpectedly, he turns around and gives you a hug
  • “I don’t know why…but you always know how to make me feel better.”
  • He mumbles a thanks in your hair


  • V was organizing a bunch of his old photos
  • He spent nearly the entire day either crouched over his desk or lifting boxes
  • You decide to check on him and bring him a drink
  • He’s still working as he sips it
  • You come behind him and hug him from behind while you see what he’s working on
  • You can tell he’s not paying attention to you much when you start giving small kisses on his jawline and neck
  • When he doesn’t give a response, you place your hands on his shoulders
  • “You seem a bit tense,” You say
  • He gives an affirmative grunt
  • You start massaging his shoulders and back
  • She stops when she thinks he’s ignoring her
  • Just as she moves away, he grabs her wrist
  • “Don’t stop.”
  • It’s only then did she realize he had stopped working and was just relaxing
  • You smile and grab some essential oils off the shelf


  • He’s venting about his new job
  • He says he’s getting really stiff and tense from it
  • You smirk, “I could give you a massage.”
  • You two exchange glances
  • You both start laughing
  • Touching around his neck makes him so uncomfortable 

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“Terrible thing will happen today,” Yuuko happily announces after I delete half my blog. HOW DID YOU KNOW?

Butut that aside, guys, I love Yuuko Ichihara so so much. Her absolute cheer as she announces that it’s going to be an awful day is just. Too good. 

There’s even a heart.

You can bet your ass I’m saving that panel for future use. 

Also @Watanuki what alternate dimension do you live in where Himawari has ever been a sign of good things to come WHICH ONE


I’m wondering if bighit told Jikook to step up the fan service or Jungkook just trying protect his relationship, let everyone that gets close to Jimin these days know what’s good.

But also I have a feeling something happened, can’t tell if good or bad or both.

Like we get Jungkook is this extra, have always hyped him up. But the moment at Gaon is the most canon yet and it just been too much of it this whole week.

Nonstop, consistent, get you a ship like this.

Waking Up In Vegas

Write-A-Thon Day One: AU day
(waking up in vegas au)
John Laurens x Alexander Hamilton
Words: 1540

i’m so excited for this week guys and i hope you are too!

originally, my disneyland fic that i posted the other day was going to be my au day fic, but i changed my mind last minute so here we have the waking up in vegas au! 

i’m kind of tempted to make this into a series, but i’m not sure yet so let me know what you think. 

the write a thon is going to be awesome. you can join in if you want! i just reblogged the prompt lists. 

requests are open and i hope you’re all doing great xx

see you tomorrow for femaslash! day


The pounding hit him like a tonne of bricks.

With every tiny movement, he felt the pain intensify. He let out soft whimpers until he decided that the floor was where he would stay.

His freckly cheeks rested against the cool, damp tiles. John figured he must’ve passed out in the bathroom while trying to go to the toilet. And it seemed reasonable, because he’d woken up in weirder places after crazy nights out.

He opened his eyes slowly and let the light appear in his morning. He ignored his better judgements and sat up slowly, resting his head against the wall. He tried his best to ignore the pounding in his head as he took in his surroundings.

It seemed John had been right about the bathroom, but this wasn’t his bathroom. He couldn’t remember anything from the previous night… he wasn’t even sure if he was in South Carolina anymore, or who he was with.

He flipped through fragmented memories of the previous night. For moments, he saw his friend Hercules, and he had reason to believe that he had stayed the night at his house. But Hercules’ bathroom was warm and his house was comforting… this whole situation felt like some kind of unholy nightmare.

The weight on his finger was the thing that woke John up fully. The only jewellery he would keep on him was his mother’s necklace…

His hands flew to his neck and he let out a sigh of relief when he felt the secured clasp of the familiar metal. He relaxed, licking his dry lips.

He was still under his mother’s watch… that meant he was safe… but so many questions remained unanswered. Where was he? What was he doing here? What was the strange ring around his finger?

The door next to John swung open, revealing a shirtless man that looked a mess. Dark circles under his eyes hollowed out his face, making it look incredibly pale. He stumbled towards the sink, turning tap on and splashing his face with the warm water.

John stayed silent. Strangers had never been his friends… so coming face to face to this one in a strange place was not the way he wanted to spend his Saturday. Or at least, what he thought was Saturday. He wasn’t sure of anything right now.

He took a deep breath before deciding breaking the silence was the best thing to do in the situation. “Who are you?”

The man at the sink jumped, grabbing the closest thing to him (which happened to be a bar of soap), and pointing it at John. The soap slid out of his hands, landing at John’s feet. He felt around behind him, grabbing a toothbrush and holding it out in front of him.

“W-Who are you?” He replied, a red blush spreading over his cheeks.

John stood up slowly. “I asked first, so you should answer me first. I’ll ask again, who are you?” He asked, leaning heavily against the wall.

“My name is Alexander. Alexander Hamilton. I don’t know why I’m here. Your turn,” The man, Alexander, replied.

“Do you mind if I call you Alex?”

His question was returned with a glare, which John simply shrugged off.

“Well, my name’s John Laurens. And I remember leaving the house with my friend… but that’s the end of it. I don’t even know where we are now,” John stated, walking to the sink and checking his face in the mirror. He too carried a sleepless appearance, prominent bags staring back at him through the mirror’s reflection.

“Vegas. We’re in Vegas,” Alex stated, turning from the mirror and heading back out to the bedroom area. John raised his eyebrow, following.

“You mean like, casinos, strippers and creepy people in character costumes Vegas?” John replied, sitting on the edge of the bed where Alex had laid down on.

“No, I mean the Vegas where everything is rainbows and we’re all friends. Peace on earth, kumbaya!” he snapped, continuing to glare at John. “Could you just shut up for a few seconds? I’ve got a terrible headache.”

“So do I. We can complain about it together,” John stated, lying on the opposite side of the bed and staring at Alex. “What are your theories on last night’s happenings? I feel like my friend Hercules thought it would be funny if he set this whole thing up for me… I am surprised he didn’t find a girl though. Man, I would shit myself if I woke up next to a female.”

“I’m assuming you’re gay then,” Alex stated, picking up the room service menu on the bedside table and squinting at it as he flicked through it.

“Well, yes. I mean, I have experimented a little throughout my life, but I’m as gay as they come,” John stated, smiling proudly.

“Congratulations. I’m bisexual, but I have a girlfriend so don’t get any ideas,” Alex replied, putting the menu down and looking at John. “Personally, I think this is some kind of weird, reality TV social experiment. Or it’s a very strange dream. I hope it’s the second one. I’d like to wake up in bed next to Eliza… instead of being in this strange one.”

John scoffed. “At least you had a bed. I slept on the bathroom floor… or passed out there. I’m not completely sure honestly. All I know is that my neck hurts like a bi-“

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up before?” Alex asked, starting to go through the drawers in the bedside table.

“Well, you did continue the conversation so I had assumed-“

“You said your name was John Laurens, right? John “Jack” Laurens?” Alexander interrupted, looking at a piece of paper he had found in horror.

“That’s me,” John replied, sitting up and turning on the TV. “Why do you ask?”

Alexander gulped. Maybe if he didn’t tell anyone, it wouldn’t be real. “N-No reason. We should focus on finding a way out of here, don’t you think? Do you have any money?”

John patted down his pants, shaking his head. “While I’m as gay as they come, I’m also as broke as they come. I haven’t made a solid income in a very long time.”

“Productive. And I don’t have my wallet either, which means we’re pretty much screwed. You said you had a friend, right? Do you have a phone? Can we call them? Maybe they can-“

“Look, Hercules isn’t the best at dealing with hangovers. He mostly just sleeps them off. So, if he drank as much as I did, we’d find he’s pretty much useless to us now. Didn’t you say something about a girlfriend?”

Alex’s eyes widened. “Of course! Eliza will help! But I am without a phone currently so unless you have yours…”

John sighed, taking his phone out of his pocket and passing it to him. “Here. Be as brief as possible. I don’t want an expensive phone bill,” He stated. Alexander nodded, dialling Eliza’s number.

It took three rings before she picked up. Alexander could hear her yawn, and he imagined he had woken her up.

“Hello?” She mumbled, yawning after she finished her sentence.

“Eliza! Thank the heavens. Listen, I’ve just woken up in Las Vegas with this other guy and I have no idea how I got here. My wallet and phone have disappeared, so all I have is you. All my hope is rested on you. Could you please come and pick me up? Or buy flight tickets or something. I promise to pay you back as soon as my card is returned,” Alex rambled, tapping his fingers against the bedside table anxiously.

“If I do any of those things, will you be quiet for just a second? This is a lot to take in first thing in the morning,” Eliza mumbled sleepily, rubbing her eyes. “Who’s this other guy? Do you know him? Does he know you? Did you have some weird kinky sex?”

“What? Of course not. All I know is I’ve gotten myself into the worst situation possible. I’ll explain what I can when I return home. I love you more than words can say,” Alexander said, biting his lip. Had he had sex with this strange man he seemed to have accidentally married?

“I love you too Alexander. Stay strong, my love.”

The line went dead, and Alexander was left alone with the silence between him and John who was now standing by the window.

“The sky looks nice today. The clouds are round… and they look like cotton candy. It’s pure, don’t you think?”

An eyebrow was raised. Alexander went to John, standing next to him and staring out the window. Indeed, the clouds did look nice. Alexander’s eyes moved to John’s ring finger, staring at the golden ring that wrapped around his finger tightly.

They moved back to Alexander’s own hand and he gulped, seeing a similar ring on his own finger. He knew he had screwed up, but surely this man who daydreams about clouds wouldn’t notice. Surely, he would keep daydreaming.

Alexander decided it was best to dream the terrible situation away. Perhaps once he was home, this would all fade away and be nothing but a bad memory.

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so on valentines day i sent out chocolates and cards to every girl in my class as we planned. except, being the creative genius that i am, my cards were in the shape of a middle finger. i wrote semi-hate-lovely things like "you're okay okay i guess" on them. my teacher saw and it was apparently a huge deal. i got into trouble and my Christian Living Ed teacher heard about it and from then on despises me. i've never gotten into trouble before. what do i do?

Have the girls say they all planned that at know u weren’t trying to offend anyone and I’m sure you won’t get in any more trouble

wip submission deadline has passed

big thank you to everyone who turned your wips in on time or communicated with me abt an extension! you guys are rock stars!

if you have been granted an extension, they will be due by 23:59cst on the day on which we agreed, so make sure you email those to by your due date!

heres the wip submission post which tells you how to do that.

there were also a rather large number of no-shows. if youre one of them, pls expect a message from me via your preferred contact method. all i want to know is if youre still participating or not! just keep in mind even if you drop out you can still participate as a pinch-hitter ;)

important note on whats next:

on february 27 (monday) the claims page will go live following an announcement post with the link. this will give artists time to check over their submission and ensure everythings correct, and it will give writers some time to peruse their options and get an idea of who theyre interested in.

on march 1 (wednesday) writer sign-ups and claims will begin following an announcement post with the link to the sign-up form and the claiming form. writers should sign up first and then claim (top three choices in order of preference). this is a first-come, first-served process so the earlier you sign-up and claim the more likely it is to get the artist you want to work with. the process will be explained in full in the post, but you can check out the faq page and faq tag as well in the meantime.

To the boy who snapchatted me all day, everyday for one hundred and thirty-one days but never once asked for my phone number; who took me to a movie and held my hand but never hung out with me again; who told me we were friends, then dropped me without an explanation on the last day of 2016:

I know we were never in a relationship or anything close to that, but you still broke my heart. I don’t know how you can talk to someone for over four months and then stop talking to them like it’s nothing. It’s been almost two months since you stopped talking to me and my heart still hurts. Were you just leading me on until you found someone better? I’m still sad about it and I’m trying my hardest to pretend I’m not.

I don’t know what exactly I did wrong, but I’m sorry for whatever it was.



Hello, everyone. It’s me the MUN again. So as some of you know and some of you don’t I have a busy life I work 60+ hours a week and run about 8 or so blogs (one doesn’t really count because I do so little with it but still) But I would like to make it clear on my plans for replying to everyone when I can.

First I’ll try to get to all the threads I currently have in my drafts every Saturday. and Sunday do what’s in my ASK. Monday and Tuesday which are my less busy days (most weeks) I will try and get to anything I might have missed the weekend before. From Wed and Friday I will be off simple as that those are my busy days and I work 12-14 hours a day those days so when I get home I normally go stright to bed.

This is how things are right now if you don’t like it sorry. But please don’t think i’m ignoring you I recive IMS all the time but can’t answer back due to how busy i get i read them but forget about them when i get on and have time to answer.

If you see any of my muses replying but not getting yours back please tell me in ask or something like that and I’ll message you about it when I see it it’s not because I don’t like the thread anymore I just missed it or didn’t see it to put into my drafts so don’t be afraid to point it out to me.

I will add the schedule to my rules on each of the muses soon.