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Be Mine?

@buckysendoftheline requested: Ok so I got a request if your taking any! A peter x Reader where the reader is best friends with Peter and Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Reader is sad because they don’t have a Valentine and Pete knows it (he has a crush on reader) then on the day of Valentine’s Day he buys her like teddy bears and roses or whatever and asks reader to be their boy/girlfriend. He could say like “can I keep you” something so cute lol. Ok I’m done…BYE

author’s note: hey! I know Valentine’s day was a few days ago, and I meant to post this on the day but this week has been crazy busy – so, because of all the heart-wrenching angst I’ve been pouring out into this blog, I figured it was time to give you guys a little (it’s kinda short, sorry!) fluff. Even if it’s a few days late. <3 enjoy!

Peter Parker x Reader

   “Ugh.” You groan, watching yet another couple kiss. “This is a public space, do they have to do that?” You ask, rhetorically, and your best friend chuckles slightly from his locker next to yours. “It’s Valentine’s day, I think they’re entitled to it.” Peter says, amusedly, watching as you crinkle your nose and turn back to grab your textbooks. "It’s gross…” You state, because you’d never admit to Peter that you actually want to receive flowers and chocolates, and be the couple kissing in the hallway. You know he doesn’t feel the same way about you, so why ruin your friendship by telling him you like him? 

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?????? New phone, who this.

So we didn’t get anything too big this last maintenance, just the Superhero Event retired and a couple of gatchas retired …

Anyway, the video is aviable on the Official Twitter if you guys are interested.
I compared the shoes with official art and those girls don’t seem to be Chibimi or Iyayo, h m p h, wonder who will they be …
(Those tall boots remine me to Nyaa-chan, tho’).

Letting Her Go

Originally posted by toasttostyles

request: Would you do a letting him go type of one but harry is writing it about letting y/n go?

ooh this was such a good idea, thanks for requesting it! here it is, i hope you enjoy x
(if you haven’t read “letting him go” you can check that out here)

My heart is heavy as I try to put my thoughts into words. I never thought a day would come where I would be able to say that (y/n) was no longer mine. She was my everything. Hell, she still is. She’ll always be everything I’ve ever dreamed of and hoped for. I will always love and care for her, even if she doesn’t feel the same way. Even if she forgets about me and what we shared, I could never even dream of forgetting a single thing.

It has been about two months since she left, though it still burns in my memory as if it was just yesterday. Watching her leave broke my heart into a million pieces, and I know that they will never heal back together the same way. As I walk around the home we shared for three years, I can’t help but be reminded of all the memories we’ve created. How we would stay in bed all day, enjoying each other’s company. The times we sat in the living room watched her favorite movies over and over, because she loved them, and because I loved her, I grew to love them too. The times we would dance around the house to our favorite songs as we cleaned. The times I’d come home and play new songs for her right after I had written them in the studio, making sure she was always the first to hear them, as she was not only my biggest fan but my biggest critic. The times I’d cook for her and she’d insist on helping me, teasing and picking on me until I obliged. Though, truthfully I only let her pester me because of the big smile she’d get on her face while doing so.

That’s one of the many, many things about (y/n). Her bright smile, her laugh, how stubborn she is, how things have to go her way or she isn’t having it. How stunning she looked in the morning as the sun came through the windows and lit up her face perfectly as she slept. How gorgeous she is no matter what she looked like or what she wore or how she did her hair. How beautiful her soul is, and how kind her heart is. But most importantly, how she made me felt. Ever since she left me I’ve felt like I was missing half of myself. I always knew she was the piece I had always been missing, and now that she is gone I am not whole anymore. And I know for a fact I’ll never feel whole again.

It was mainly my fault that she decided to go, she felt like I wasn’t being myself anymore. She was right, but it was only because the realization that I would never deserve her was finally hitting me. I wasn’t good enough for (y/n). I never will be good enough for her. She deserved someone much greater than I will ever be, and though I hate the mere thought of her being with anyone else, I honestly hope she finds the man who deserves her one day. I’m sure he’ll feel unworthy, much like I did, but the difference between him and I is that he will be worthy. He’ll appreciate her with ever fiber of his being, he’ll love her with everything he’s got. He’ll do everything I didn’t do enough, even if I did feel like I did the best I could.

But I also hope that he realizes how big and important his task is. That he knows what his responsibilities are. If he were to somehow stumble upon this, there is some advice I’d like to give. First of all, I know what you’re thinking. “Why should I take advice from the guy who lost her in the first place?” Yeah, yeah, but hear me out. Yes, I lost her. And I’ll never forgive myself for that. But if you happen to be the one for her, then lucky you. Because you’ll never have to endure the pain and heartbreak that I continue to experience. But that doesn’t mean you can just half-ass everything. You have quite big shoes to fill, mate. 

Now, if you’re still reading, here’s the advice. Always be there for her. It’s easier said that done, believe it or not. There will be good days and bad days, days where she’ll never want to leave you side and days where she doesn’t want to be near you. But you have to know how to handle the bad, and cherish the good. When she’s having a rough day, get her some flowers or her favorite candy, because she loves romantic gestures. It’ll make it as if she wasn’t in a fowl mood at all that day. And when she’s in a great mood. relish in that. Make her feel wanted and loved. Don’t ever leave stuff lie or leave a mess. She’ll feel like you either don’t care enough, or think it’s her job to clean up after you. Trust me, you only make that mistake once and learn from it immediately after. Speaking of which, don’t get on her bad side, because she can hold a grudge. Try not having her talk to you for three days. Yeah, I’ve been there, and it’s not fun. When she’s cuddling with you, rub her back or play with her hair. I always told her she was like a kitten or something in another life, because she absolutely loves when you do that. Make sure you remind her how beautiful she is, because there are plenty of days where she feels anything but. And if you take anything from this, then let this be it; never take a single day with her for granted. Cherish every moment you get with her, and realize how damn lucky you are to have her.

Though I hate to say it, there will come a day where she falls in love with someone else. And when that day comes, I’ll feel extremely torn. Not only will it feel as if my world is falling apart, my world will also be the happiest it’s ever been. Because (y/n) is my world. And she always will be.

-Harry x

if you have any imagine ideas feel free to request them, requests are always open x


Happily Ever After | Chat Noir x Reader

“Where’s that Owl?” Chat Noir yelled running through the streets of Paris. He and Ladybug had already found another akumatized villain and was seeking your help.

“Owl?” Ladybug asked running beside Chat Noir avoiding the traps, bubbles, and beams coming from the akumatized child. “Isn’t her name Owlette?” Chat only rolled his eyes dodging another beam coming from the sky.

Just before he could say anything you suddenly jump in and narrowly save Ladybug from a laser. “Is that really important right now? We have bigger things to to deal with.” You say before jumping somewhere else.

“And where were you? You’re late!” Chat says while deflecting beams with his staff. “Minding my own business, you should try it sometime.” you teasingly say with a smirk.

You look at the villain at hand. It was a little girl, 7 at the most. She had a dress similar to Cinderella except hers was magenta and purple. To top it off she had a purple wand and a multicolored glowing crown.

“So what’s her deal?” you ask out loud. “We don’t know, but she calls herself Disniac. I’m guessing it has something to do with Disney.” Ladybug answers.

“Ha! So I guess you can do something with that tiny brain of yours Ladybug. Just hand over the miraculous now so we can end this quickly.” Disniac says before making a villain appear with her wand.

“It’s Mor'du!” you yell before jumping back as the large bear tries to make a swipe at you. “That’s not fair! He died at the end of the movie!” you call out.

“Wait Owlette. Who’s Mor'du?” Chat asks before attacking him with his staff. It was proved ineffective when Chat got slammed against a wall.

You pull out your bow and arrow to shoot at the bear and start to explain. “He’s from the movie Brave. The legend says that he was a human before going to a witch to gain the strength of 10 men. His plan backfired on him and he turned into a bear.”

“10 men?!” Ladybug exclaims while wrapping the bear up in her yo-yo. “How are we going to stop him? Owlette how did they defeat him in the movie?”

“They crushed him with a giant rock and-.” Before you could continue Mor'du disappeared, confusing you and the other two heroes.

“What just happened?” Chat asked clearly confused. “Did we win?” You look back at Disniac only to see her smirk at you. “I doubt it.”

She made another villain but not before you see her crown glow. “The crown!” You turn and look at Ladybug. “The akuma has got to be inside her crown.”

“But what about her wand? That’s the thing that’s making the villains appear.” she says. “That’s just a decoy.” you say before pointing at Disniac’s crown. “Did you notice how it got brighter before she made Dr. Facilier?” you ask.

“Speaking of Dr. Facilier, would you ladies care to help me out over here?!” Chat shouts at you two. Oh yeah, forgot about that part. you think before springing into action.

While Chat takes care of the doctor you fly ahead and start shooting arrows at the shadows. Obviously this wouldn’t normally work but, since it’s magic, the shadows were rooted into place.

“Lucky charm!” Ladybug says while doing her special move. After it was done a glass heel with her signature color scheme dropped into her hands. “What am I supposed to do with this?” she asks herself.

“This isn’t the time for a fashion show LB!” Chat exclaims before continuing the fight. Ignoring his comment she activates her special vision and looking around seeing Chat’s body, your foot and Disniac’s body light up. “I got it. Chat Noir, catch!”

Chat catches it and looks at Ladybug who was signaling to Owlette. Piercing together what she wants him to do he calls out to you. “Hey Birdie! Would you do me the honor of trying in this shoe?” he says loudly, grabbing the attention of Disniac while Ladybug sneaks around back.

“It would be my pleasure.” you say making a big deal out of it, not missing how it infuriated the akumatized child. Chat kneels infront of you and slips the shoe onto your foot.

“A perfect fit!” you gasp. “You know what that means? We get to live happily ever after!” Before you could do anything else Disniac lets out a terrifying screech.

“I’M the one who’s supposed to live happily ever after! Not YOU!” she shrieks before zapping away Dr. Facilier and making another villain. “Destroy her and bring me thier miraculous!”

“Gantu!” you scream before trying to run away completely forgetting about the heel on your foot resulting in you falling down and hurting your ankle.

“Owlette!” Chat said when he realized you weren’t behind him. He looks back only to see Gantu raise his foot over you preparing to stomp down. Having no time to fly away, you look up in fear before curling up and shielding your head to minimize damage.

Gantu’s foot came crashing down but before Chat could react, Gantu disappeared. You both look at Ladybug with relief seeing her break the crown in half then capture and purify the akuma.

Chat runs up to you checking for injuries. “Are you okay? You had me worried for a second.” You take off the heel and look at your foot, after seeing it swolled you sigh. At least it’s not broken. you thought. “I’m fine, it’s just a little swollen.

Ladybug then came up to you. "Sorry Owlette. I should’ve been quicker.” she apologizes. Yeah, you should have. you say inside your head. “Well you did stop him from crushing me so it’s fine I guess.” you say while standing up and handing her the shoe.

“Ladybug reverts everything back to normal and leaves before she changes back to her normal self, leaving you with Chat Noir. "So….” you say awkwardly trying to start a conversation. “Good fight.”

Before you could react Chat engulfs you into a hug. “I really thought you were a goner, Owlette.” he says before pulling away just as quickly as it came after realizing he’s intruding your personal space.

You smile and ruffle his hair. “It’s okay Chat, I’m fine. You’re not gonna get rid of me that easily.” You wink and say, “I mean, we are supposed to live happily ever after together.”

Imagine By: @animerocks00
Requested By: anonymous
Image by: @piikoarts
Oneshot By: @just-chats
Proofread and Refurbished By: @just-chats

The Girl Across the Hall // 2

Request: Girl Across the Hall Part 2 (requested multiple times)
Pairing: Peter Parker + Reader
Notes: :-) thanks for enjoying this enough to request a second part!! I honestly didn’t expect it to go over as well as it did!!

Part One

Peter had been routinely going over to your apartment twice a week for a month and half to tutor you in Science. He had grown quite curious as to why you had requested him as a tutor in the first place. So far you had understood everything you had gone over and your quizzes in the class came back almost perfect. He hadn’t questioned it because you enjoyed the small time he had with you. Granted, he never used any of that time to get to know you. He found he was much more confident when he was just talking about science. If you had tried to steer the conversation toward anything else, he’d fumble over his words and his calm persona was gone.

Truthfully, his favorite part was when neither of you spoke a word. He was able to absorb every detail of you through the various personal belongings adorning your bedroom. He took in favor the CD’s sprawled across the small bookshelf above your bed, he admired your DVD collection, seeing a few of his favorites as well, and he caught a glimpse of the doodles in your notebook whenever you were doing homework that he had already finished prior to coming over. He was beginning to fall in love with you all over again.

It was Thursday night – pizza night – and he was on his way to his apartment when he realized that he would be eating pizza alone that night. May had an extra shift tonight that Peter had forgotten about. You took notice when he came to a complete stop at your door. You almost didn’t say anything, already assuming you’d only get silence in return like you always did. But, when you saw the way his shoulders slumped you decided to speak up.

“Something the matter, Peter?”

He turned around to look at you, the questioning face you’d given him made him smile, just the slightest. “Yeah, it’s just- I mean, it’s nothing.”

“Peter,” he turned around to look at you once more, a pleading look taking place now.

“I forgot that my aunt wasn’t going to be home, and it’s usually our pizza night.” He shrugged but you could tell that he was pretty bummed about it. Without a second thought you responded.

“You could have dinner with me tonight. My parents are on a business call so I’m dining alone, too.”

“I wouldn’t want to impose,” Peter tried to ignore the heat rising to his face as he thought of the idea of a casual dinner date between the two of you.

“Oh, please,” you offered him a wide smile. “You’d be saving me! Come on.” Peter ignored the heat rising through his whole body when your hand came into contact with his. He ignored the blush on both of your faces as your fingers intertwined with each others. He ignored the eruption in his stomach as you led him into your living room and sat with him on your couch, leaving nothing but less than an inch between you two. “You can pick out a movie if you want, I’ll order the pizza!”

When you left the room to fetch the phone, Peter repeated a manta in his head. It’s just pizza, stay cool. It’s just pizza, stay cool. He opted out for the first movie he saw, it was a movie called (500) Days of Summer.

“Oh! This one is one of my favorites, have you ever seen it?” He jumped slightly, not hearing you come back. He shook his head to say he hadn’t and that only caused the smile on your face to grow. “You’ll love it.” And you were right. In Peter’s mind, as soon as you had said it was one of your favorites he had already grown to love it. He’d love anything that put a smile as big as the one you were wearing now on your face.

Truthfully, you never needed a tutor. When you asked Peter to be your tutor, you were hesitant. You were worried you wouldn’t sound as convincing enough. You were afraid he wouldn’t want to do it, I mean, the boy hardly ever wanted to talk to you. Which is why when you had started asking him about it in the elevator you stopped short. But, when you found yourself accidentally pinned against the wall with him in front of you, you took it as a sign that he wanted to talk to you but hadn’t gotten around to it.

Peter Parker had always fascinated you. Three years ago when you moved in, you had noticed him sporting a Back to the Future shirt and a red flannel. Just looking at him brought color to your face. When you found out he was in most of your classes that following Monday, you became nervous. He kept to himself, but spoke passionately about every subjected he invested himself in. You found yourself getting lost in the way he spoke during class. Everything in you wished that you could listen to him lecture you about world war II and about the infinite galaxies that painted the sky.

But, you couldn’t even if you had found the courage to do so. Peter always avoided you, even with the fact of you two being neighbors. Your excuse for tutoring was your last resort. But, in your attempt to impress him with your knowledge, you failed to notice that he was catching on on the fact that you didn’t need his help.


You looked down at Peter as you sat down, having just gotten he pizza from the door. “Yes?”

“You don’t really need me as a tutor, do you?”

You froze in place, never in a million years did you ever think Peter would be bold enough o call you out, yet here you both were. Your cheeks burned a little as you tried to give him a small, embarrassed smile. You shook your head slightly, “No, not actually.”

“Then why did you ask me to tutor you? You’re really smart.” At this you both blushed.

“I just wanted a reason to talk to you.” You decided there was no use in lying anymore. You turned to face him on the couch. He hesitated but then turned to mirror you.


“What do you mean?”

Peter sighed, becoming frustrated. His mind went back to the memory of you laughing at him at your doorstep the day he came to give you your mail. “Why do you want to talk to me? Why would you want to?”

Your eyes were a little wide at his small, but sudden, outburst. “Because… well, because we’re neighbors. We go to the same school-.”

“So?” Peter couldn’t grasp the concept of why you had gone out of your way to talk to him. Sure, he had a reason, and this benefitted him. But, what was in it for you?

“So, god, I don’t know Peter. Why is it such a big deal?” You stood up and paced in front of the couch a little bit. “Do you not want me to talk to you? Do you not like me or something?”

“No!” At this Peter stood up, too. “Of course I like you! It’s hard not to. I just – I just don’t understand, I guess.”

“What do you mean, ‘of course I like you’?”

Peter looked down at his shoes, slowly sitting back on the couch. “I mean,” he sighed, shoving his face into his hands, embarrassed. “I like you. I like a lot of things about you. Everything, actually.” He hadn’t even noticed the slight dip in the couch as you sat next to him. “I’ve liked you for three years. God, I’m in love with you. But, that’s crazy right? I mean we hardly know each other.”

He stood up, this time he began to pace, he began thinking out loud, forgetting you were there to begin with. “I mean, but I do know you. Your favorite color is Maroon. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are your most stressful days – I could tell because your smile isn’t as bright and it isn’t as often. I know that you like to come straight home on Wednesday’s because you don’t like missing the Voice – I could hear you singing with the other contestant’s through the wall. You don’t like the freckle on your nose, but god, I love it. I love the way your head falls back when you laugh too hard and I love how smart you are.”

You had stood up to stand in font of him by now. Your hands on his wrist halted his rambling and his pacing. “Peter,” your voice was a whisper.

Peter, having finally realized he had said all of this out loud, retreated his hand from yours. He let his eyes drift to the front door and began walking toward it. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). That was crazy, I’m crazy. God, I’m so-.”

“Peter, shut up and come back.”

“What?” He turned around from where he stood at the door and faced you.

“You can’t tell me you love me and then not kiss me.”

“I – You – What?” You laughed lightly before walking up to him. He looked down at you. His eyes never leaving your face.

“Kiss me.” He leaned down but instead of kissing you on the lips, he hesitated and gave you one on your cheek. You laughed a little as he pulled away, shaking your head. “You missed.”

“I missed?” You nodded, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, you missed.” Your hands came up to hold his face, and you brought him down to you. You breathed out deeply as soon as you felt his lips on yours. You tightened your arms around his neck, bringing him closer to you. His arms finally wrapped themselves around your waist, walking you backwards until your back hit the closed door.

Kissing you was nothing like Peter imagined – it was so much better. He hummed in appreciation as his hands pulled at the ends of his curled hair lightly. He didn’t want to stop, so he waited until you pulled away to regain he breath, not failing to notice the slight dizziness he felt.

“I love you.” You pecked him once more before pulling away completely, your hands coming down to hold his. “I am so in love with you, Peter Parker. If you’re crazy then hell, I am, too.”

Peter smiled down at you before going in for another kiss, picking you up slightly. He couldn’t have been happier knowing that the girl across the hall had loved him, too.

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things i’ve learned from my first year at college
  • DONT. TAKE. 8. AMS. (unless you are comfortable with being fully alert at 8am, in which case, kudos to you)
  • you can make yourself physical ill from being stressed (don’t do this)
  • do most of the reading (it’s okay to miss a couple)
  • professors are subjective (although the grading scale might not be different, every professor/TA grades a different way)
  • having desserts in the dinning is cool, but make sure to eat veggies as well
  • free food, which almost always means pizza, is definitely a plus (but again, remember to eat some veggies!)
  • comfy shoes are a key (especially when you go to a big school)
  • try new things! you’re going to find things you love and things you hate, but you will never know unless you go out of your way to try them 
  • you might not get along with some people, but college is all about finding the people you do get along with
  • if your first year doesn’t go well or you still don’t know what you want to do with your life or you’re not sure about staying at your college or really anything, don’t let it get to you. somethings aren’t going to work out, you might not get the grade you want, you might not find your “thing,” but the first year of college is only the beginning. you have time and you can do anything you put your mind to!
The Scandal, Chapter 2

G-Dragon | Smut | Ongoing | Re-Upload

Warnings: Mild Angst

Chapters: 1 | x | 3 | 4

“Hey, sleepy head… Wake up,” you heard GD’s raspy voice murmur. You opened your eyes and made out some peach colored skin and bright, orange hair.

“Mm,” you whimpered, rolling over.

“Come on, baby girl,” he whispered, shaking your shoulder gently. Nothing. Slightly annoyed with the fact that you refused to get up, GD decided to have a bit of fun. His strong hand began to make its way down to your pajama pants, and he began to tug at your panty line. You, groggily, put your hand on his wrist to stop him from creeping any further. In turn, he smirked and pressed a warm kiss to the back of your exposed neck. That woke you right up.

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Don't play with magic

Characters: sister!reader, Sam, Dean

Warnings: none, just fluff

Word count: 1792

Summary: you find a spell book in the bunker library one day when you’re bored. You practise one of the spells to see what happens and realise that maybe you shouldn’t play around with magic

You sat in the library in the bunker while you waited from Sam to come home. Dean was in the shower, Sam was out on a supply run, and you were left alone in the library with nothing to do.

You searched through all the books only to realise that you had read every single one of them at least twice. The Mortal Instruments and Harry Potter books were standing out to you, but after you had read both the series at least 10 times they started to lose affect.

You searched and searched and couldn’t find anything remotely interesting, that was until you came across an old spell book. “Hmm,” you said to yourself as you took it out of the bookcase, “I’ve never seen this one before.”

It was called, exponentia nequam. The writing was in Latin, it translated in English to, an evil spell. Of course, a title like that would make any normal person want to put it down, but you’re not just any normal person.

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i mean don’t get me wrong, i’m here™️ for the small bookstore au, but let’s not limit ourselves!! think big!! jazz brunch regulars au, amy reminding jake to floss, maybe a fic about terry’s past girlfriends, definitely some dianetti angst (you just know rosa missed her so much), “jake owns a shoe store and has taken it upon himself to get that one woman who stops in at least once a week to buy a pair of cool shoes and they end up falling in love” fic, what gina did when she was waiting to be cleared for work, etc

let’s get our heads in the game, people

10 Fun Spanish Phrases

1. ¡A lo hecho, pecho!

English translation: In the face of deeds done, present a full chest.

Meaning: What’s done is done, and you’re going to face the consequences whether you like it or not.

2. En boca cerrada no entran moscas.

English translation: Flies don’t enter a closed mouth. (True that.)

Meaning: Sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut.

3. A mal tiempo, buena cara

English translation: In bad times, put on a good face.

Meaning: To face obstacles with your head held high.

4. Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres.

English translation: Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are.

Meaning: Your friends say a lot about who you are.

5. Más vale ser cabeza de ratón que cola de león.

English translation: Better to be a mouse’s head than a lion’s tail.

Meaning: It’s better to be the king/queen of a more modest crew than to hang by a thread with the big dogs.

6. Moro viejo nunca será un buen cristiano.

English translation: The old Moor will never be a good Christian.

Meaning: You can’t change someone.

7. A falta de pan, buenas son tortas.

English translation: If there’s no bread, cakes will do.

Meaning: Make do with what you have. Beggars can’t be choosers.

8. Zapatero a tus zapatos.

English translation: Shoemaker, to your shoes.

Meaning: Stick to talking about things you know.

9. Gato con guantes no caza ratones.

English translation: A cat with gloves can’t catch mice.

Meaning: Be prepared to get your hands dirty to do the job right.

10. Ojo que no ve, corazón que no siente.

English translation: Eye that doesn’t see, heart that doesn’t feel.

Meaning: What you don’t know can’t hurt you.

*Request: Imagine Juice doing a romantic dinner for your birthday.

“What you and your old lady doing for her birthday?” Tig asked Juice. “I want to do something special for her but I don’t know how to do any of that romantic shit.” Juice exclaimed. just as Juice and Tig were walking into the clubhouse talking about your birthday he spots Tara and Ima walking out. “Hey Tara! Hold up, I got a question.” Tara stopped dead in her tracks and said, “What’s up?” .. “Well Y\N birthday is in 3 days and I don’t know exactly what to do for her or get for her. You now she was very spoiled by her dad and shit growing up so I have some very big shoes to fill especially since I was in jail for her last 2 birthdays.” Juice said. “Maybe you should plan something different. take her out of what you two are used to doing on a regular.” Ima stated. “Yeah, take her on a trip or get her something only you know means close to her. women long for a man to pay close attention to details, so just think about something she told you from a long time ago and go from there.” Tara said. 

Thinking about the conversation he had with Tara and Ima, Juice thought about every detail he could to give you a bomb ass gift. You never asked him for much, when he offered you money. you would decline and that bothered him because he felt as if that was his duty to take care of you, his old lady. You were very independent and spoiled yourself often, so whenever he attempted to spoil you he would be at a dead end because you got everything you wanted by yourself. “Babe” You said walking into the apartment with groceries in hand. “Need help?” Juice asked you greeting you with a kiss. You smiled and said, “Yes please, what would I do without my big strong man to help me with the heavy stuff?” You both laughed. “I’m making enchiladas tonight baby.” “Sounds great babe, but uh I wanted to know what you wanted for your birthday?” Juice asked you. “Nothing baby. you’re all I need.” You smiled and kissed him going into the room to change clothes. “I was afraid you were going to say something like that.” He said under his breathe.


“She’s so hard to fucking figure out.” Juice said taking a sip from his beer. “Did you take the advice from the girls?” Opie asked. “I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what it is that she would like but she shuts down literally everything i bring to the table. It’s like she hates for me to do anything special for her.” Juice deeply hatred the fact that you never let him do anything or buy anything special for you. it made him feel like less of a man, at first he liked that you were independent but now it annoys the fuck out of him. “Why dont you propose to her?” A drunk Bobby said. “You know that’s not a bad idea.” Juice said. “Don’t listen to Bobby, what the hell.” Jax said. “No, she loves me and was there for me while I was in jail. She’s the perfect woman and I love her ALOT. We’ve talked about it and all but I’m just thinking of this now.” Juice said.

“If you’re going to marry her, think about it when you’re sober and make sure she wants it too.” Clay said. “What?! You’re finally gonna pop the question to Little Miss Prissy?” Gemma said. “Calm down babe.” Clay said. “I’m just playing baby, but it’s about time that woman may be a little stuck up but she’s a very good woman to you and loves you through all your bullshit. Get her the ring!.” Gemma said. Soon as the word ring was said again it finally popped into Juice’s head on what to get you. He had one more day left until your birthday was there. He went home that night happy as hell knowing you would love the gift he had in mind for you.


“Hey man, I need to get this ring fixed, cleaned, or whatever the fuck you guys do to dirty old rings.” Juice said to the guy at the counter in the pawn shop. The short Asian man said, “Come back in two hours and it will be ready.” “Alright how much?” Juice asked before exiting the store. “$100″ The clerk said and Juice nodded his head and made his way to Happy’s house. “Hey man, you ready? I got two hours to go get the ring.” Juice asked. “Yeah, I’m already set up in here.” Juice sat in the chair, took off his shirt ,and let Happy tatt him up… After 30 minutes Happy said, “All done. That”’s a nice ass tatt.” “Thanks, man.” Juice said. No problem brother.”.. While walking to the pawn shop Juice noticed a jacket in the window of a thrift store that stood out, he looked at it and just walked off. 

“Babe, Oh my God!” You said walking into the kitchen. There were two plates on the table with your favorite drink and foods. There was fried dish and shrimp and boiled crawfish and snow crab. then there was your favorite drink which was strawberry crush along with a small chocolate cake. You looked at Juice and said,” Baby thank you, this means so much to me. You got all my favorites.”  “That’s not all” He said showing you a face portrait of you on his upper back with your name on side of it. “Holy shit babe! That looks painful but so beautiful.” You said laughing, while you had your head turned he gave you a ring you knew from a long time ago. It was your grandfathers ring that he had given you from when you were a child and Juice also brought out a jacket that looked just like a jacket your grandpa had given you but you had lost. you were extremely close with him so you instantly started to cry. “You have no idea how much this mean to me Juan.” You said in a serious tone. “I thought I would never be able to wear this ring again.” You said to him. “Baby I do anything for you.” He said.

Oikawa’s arched eyebrows, sharp grins, were all soft, like someone had pressed a warm blanket to his face and pushed curves into his skin. It made Iwaizumi want to burn something.

“We should go.” Iwaizumi says pointlessly because he knows they won’t be leaving anytime soon. It’s the warmth on the court and weighing nets. Oikawa’s patched up knees and long hair and Iwaizumi’s hands itching, edging closer. 

“In a bit.” Oikawa lays back. Iwaizumi wants to join him but he fears he might suffocate if he gets to close to this boy, this boy and his fucking lips parting like someone’s putting grapes in his mouth or something. 

Iwaizumi stares at the net, stares at his shoes, stares at anything but Oikawa. 

“Do you ever feel like this is all there is?” Oikawa suddenly ask.

“What?” Iwaizumi croaks. 

“I mean,” Oikawa’s arms splay behind his head, “Do you ever think that after we graduate it’s just… nothing? We finish university, get jobs, and that’s it. Volleyball is something to tell the kids. Ushijima plays for the national team and all we do is watch.” 

“I hope not.” Iwaizumi says softly. He doesn’t want this to be it. Volleyball isn’t his career of course, he knows he isn’t a star player meant for the big leagues. But he doesn’t want this to be it for Oikawa. Oikawa and his dark circles, Oikawa and his bad knee, Oikawa and his desperate eyes and shaking hands that won’t stop fighting. If anyone deserves fame and glory and victories, it’s him. “You, of all people, you won’t be stopping here.” 

“And you?” Oikawa looks at him and it’s suddenly all very sad, this conversation, his eyes. “You won’t be there?” 

“Don’t be stupid. I’ll always be there. I’m always here.” Iwaizumi thinks he’s choking up, his eyes are burning, and he’s ready to just get up and leave, to go out into the cold and forgot everything. 

“I’m glad.” Oikawa’s pinky slips over Iwaizumi’s. “I don’t want to lose my number one fan.” 

Iwaizumi laughs, finally looks at Oikawa who is very close, close enough to count the freckles. Oikawa is smiling, eyes warm, and Iwaizumi wants to say something, like how they should leave, or how Oikawa is so pretty it hurts, maybe how Oikawa was going to beat Ushijima because that’s who he was meant to beat. 

Instead Oikawa leans in and presses close and Iwaizumi thinks it’s enough. His face says it enough, and if he lets his mouth curve upward and his other hand touch Oikawa’s soft hair then he’ll understand.

The Good Fight

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Requested by @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor, where the reader is “caught between Thorin and Dwalin, who are competing for her affection.” Thank you for your trust, my friend. Thanks also to @heilith for brainstorming ideas with me and for @fromthedeskoftheraven for getting me talking about my husband’s latest home improvement project, which served as an inspiration. 

Incorporating imagines from @imaginexhobbit and @imaginethorin. Posting them here will reveal spoilers, so the corresponding links are in the story.

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are you named after someone? nope
when was the last time you cried? a day or two ago, when my anxiety was really screwing me over 
do you like your handwriting? it’s okay I guess 
what is your favourite lunch meat? not a big lunch meat fan, but I guess honey turkey is probably my favorite 
do you have kids? hehe……nope
if you were another person, would you be friends with you? idk.. I’d probably find it hard to get to know me 
do you use sarcasm? ……..never
do you still have your tonsils? yeppity yep yep
would you bungee jump? probably not. 
favourite cereal? life or cap’n crunch
do you untie your shoes when you take them off? you mean….put in extra effort??
do you think you’re a strong person? in some ways. in others I am a weak doormat
what is your favourite ice cream? chocolate or raspberry 
what is the first thing you notice about people? their height and their voice 
what is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself? I am pudgy
what colour pants and shoes are you wearing now? I am actually wearing neither atm 
what are you listening to right now? nothing, I left my earbuds in my car rip me 
if you were a crayon, what colour would you be? navy blue or yellow
favourite smell? coffee, fresh linen, sea breezes
who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? my mom
favourite sport to watch? soccer 
hair colour: dirty/strawberry blonde
eye colour: dark blue
do you wear contacts? nope
favourite food to eat? pizza……..probs why I am pudgy
scary movies or comedy? comedy. I love smiling. 
last movie you watched? I can’t…..even remember…….pete’s dragon maybe? 
what colour shirt are you wearing? pastel blue 
summer or winter? neither?? bitch give me spring and fall 
hugs or kisses? both, but if I had to choose: hugs. all the hugs. 
what book are you currently reading? Jepp, who defied the stars 
what do you miss right now? my sanity, getting enough sleep, when my gc talked constantly 
what is on your mouse pad? I am mousepad-less 
what is the last tv program you watched? band of brothers (carentan yeet)
what is the best sound? the ocean + seagulls
rolling stones or the beatles? neither. I’m a frank sinatra kinda gal 
what is the furthest you have ever travelled? Alaska or the UK it’s 50/50
do you have a special talent? I can sing and play piano. I can also make a U with my tongue, which I think is my greatest achievement 
where were you born? Indiana 

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