you know we dont have to tell each other everything

jay calling me last night really put things together

you see, he is one of those guys who doesnt like to show any emotion other than anger, refers to himself as an asshole, isnt affectionate, isnt ashamed of anything, is very blunt, acts like he doesnt care about anything, doesnt let anyone stop him, etc. so that along with his height (lmao) and his good looks makes him an intimidating person to most people

he was intimidating at first to me because he just seemed too cool but he reached out to me first and we started talking, became friends, and yeah.

but even though we were friends, he doesnt depend on his friends for things so it wasnt like we talked all of the time, it was just ‘we know we’re friends so we dont have to prove that we’re friends by telling each other everything’
and thats okay because im honestly the same way, I dont share everything with my friends, I dont think you NEED to talk to your friends every day to consider them friends, etc.

and now, almost a year later, he still doesnt tell me everything but he will let me know when he’s going through shit. sometimes he explains, sometimes not.
but I have noticed that lately he’s gotten softer and like I learned that he’ll go on and on about his ‘baby’ (his cat) if you let him, that he worries about me when I say I’m gonna go hang out with a guy because he doesnt want anyone to take advantage of me, and that any time i tell him something that my other friends do that kind of hurts me it makes him angry.
he’s started telling me his memories and about his family and stories of things he remembers from a kid.
while he was high the other week he let it slip that he’s been having dreams about me but cant remember what happened
a week after that he told me that he appreciates me and that I mean a lot to him
then theres just a bunch of other little things that made me wonder why he seems to be showing more emotion but none of our other friends ever saw it

then all that last night kind of explained why.
he’s interested in me and wants to know more personal things about me but he knows that I’m not a personal person, I dont share a lot of things with people unless they ask directly so he figured that sharing things about himself would make it easier for me to do that and thats cute

You're the Only One for Me

Summary: Punk Louis, you dont know if he really loves you, so he shows you. (Smut) 

I hope you like it, if you have any ideas, tell me and feedback wuld be great. Thanks for reading. 

I thought we were good for each other, but sometimes almost is not enough, he could’ve just told me. If he wanted out he could’ve talked to me but no, i just had to see him, see him with her like that touching each other, i feel sick.

I sighed, and walked out of the party, i couldn’t get them out of my head, his hands all over her. I loved him with everything i had and now i cant even look at him, without that sight, i just need to get out of there.

i walked in the front door and locked it, i leaned my head on the door, i wanted to cry, but i don’t think its worth it.

I understand who he is, and how he acts even when i say ‘i love you’ i knew that he felt the same way but never i thought that he would do this and that girl. His ex, honestly i don’t know what to think. i walked into my bedroom, everyone told me that ‘he will break your heart one day’ and that ‘he is bad for you, you’ll just get hurt’ i didn’t believe them.

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Sungkyu hyung, the person I can trust and who I can talk to for advice! You know that we’re already family right? We’re family because we can tell each other everything. I’m so happy that I can be with you forever!
—  Sungyeol → Sungkyu  [Idea Photobook - Sungyeol Q&A: To Members]
I miss him

i miss his voice
i miss his laugh
i miss the way his eyes sparkle when he looks at me
i miss cuddling
i miss the way he kisses me on the forehead
i miss waking up to him smiling down at me
i miss rolling over and knowing he is there in the middle of the night
i miss the way he is so happy in the morning even though im a grouch
i miss his jokes
i miss showers together
i miss just taking each other in, always not being able to get enough of eachother
i miss the way he tells me im beautiful even when im a hot mess in the morning
but most importantly, i miss every little thing about him when he’s not by my side. Nothings ever boring- everything falls perfectly in place. We dont have to be drunk or with people to have fun. it can just be us, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

thats when you know you’ve found your soulmate