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Don’t Tell Him - Steve Rogers x Reader

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A/N: your favorite absolute fucking mess is back and sicker than ever. (okay but seriously im really sick i think im gonna pass out just typing this)

Request: Could I request a Steve x reader with the prompts 69. “Why the hell are you bleeding!?” and 89. “I’m not leaving you” where the reader gets injured on a mission and tries to hide it from Steve? ( by @casuallysuperbcat )

Warnings: getting hurt, almost dying, angst, lil kissy kissy, probably some cursing, this also has a decent amount of other characters (and by other characters, i mean nat and tony)

Words 2102

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rain || peter parker x reader

here’s a little somnth somnth for y'all while i get some other writing done and have been so busy. its really nothing, and kinda pointless, but i really like the rain and my fan calls be weird for it. idk thats kinda where the idea sparked. enjoy!!

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words : 1194



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It was times like these you enjoyed the most. You enjoyed the incessant tapping of the droplets on pavement. You loved the way the clouds turned grey and the atmosphere felt dark; almost lonely to most, except you. You found comfort in the wet weather; you felt at home, not alone.

Your family called you weird for your love of the weather. For them it’s always been sunshine and light breeze like most others. ‘They just don’t get me.’ You’d always think, ‘But I like being the weird one.’

Along with the rain, you felt comfort in knowing you were original, you liked it. No matter how lonely it could be when the tapping on the roof stopped. You found solace in it.

Most kids in school found you the weird girl for your personality. You’d always been a girl of few words, only spoke when needed; but a dreamer, that you were. You were always in your own little world, oblivious to the others who stared at you as if you were an alien.

There were times when the streets were empty because of how hard and fast the drops of water would fall from the sky and you’d simply bask in it as if it were the last time you’d see the beauty in the world. ‘And that’s what makes me weird I guess,’ when you’d stand in the rain, ‘I see hope as much as despair when I stand here.’

That’s what you believed was beauty. Standing in one of the imperfections that the world gave us. Rain gave hope to flowers, and grass, and anything wanting to grow into something more; but it sent others into a depression, it’s around to remind you of the worse that’s happened before as water tapped onto everything below it.

An hour before the Science and Technology school you attended ended, rain had begun pour down like no tomorrow. All the water distracted the kids in classes; they groaned and moaned at the thought of having to walk home in that. You, however, sat in class quietly as you smiled to yourself.

The moment school had ended, students jumped out of their seats. When they’d made it out of the school, they all darted in each and every direction, trying to find the closest possible way to get home. Like them, you jumped out of your seat and out of school; but stopped outside. You stood in the pouring rain, looking up and letting the cool drops fall down your face. You searched the sky for nothing, examining the dark clouds before being interrupted by a voice behind you,

“Hey,” you turned to face the source of the voice, “Do…, Are you okay?”

It was boy about your age, presumably who went to the school. It took you a few moments to remember that he was in your Math class. He was incredibly smart, and nervous.

‘Peter Parker.’

You smiled at him as he looked at you in concern, “I’m fine.”

He nodded, giving an estranged look as you turned your back to him again, “Are you sure? ‘Cause I could walk you home if you want, I mean if you don’t exactly know where you’re going. The rain can be a lot sometimes.”

Your head tilted back upwards, smiling lightly as your eyes squinted to prevent the droplets from blinding you, “I like it when the rain’s a lot.”

You could barely hear his footsteps coming in your direction over the rain until he stopped right beside you. Your shoulders had been grazing his ever so lightly. Peter tilted his head up as you did, squinted at the sky in confusion, “What’re you looking at?”

You hummed something that sounded like, ‘I don’t know’, before moving your head down and to the side to face the boy.

You watched as he realized you had been looking at him. He moved his face to the side too, only inches away from yours. You tilted your head to the side a bit, examining the boy’s features. Reaching up, you put one of your hands on his face, cupping his cheek lightly. His eyes widened slightly as you did so, not sure of what to do then.

“Most would just run out of this,” you spoke up, still looking at the boy, “Do you think I’m weird?”

Peter didn’t know why, but he’d felt a pang of pain in his chest after hearing the last couple of words come out of your mouth sounding so desperate and curious. The thought of you getting called names for, presumably, standing out in the rain the way you were made him feel a great deal of sympathy and defensiveness for you.


Your face broke into a broad smile, dropping your hand from his face and turning back to the sky, “Thanks.”

Peter turned back as well, moving his hands up to push down the hood of his sweater, exposing his damp hair to the showers of weather. His eyes moved to the side, only glimpsing at you as his head stayed in the same position. He watched as your eyes closed, humming lightly and all expression leaving your face.

“Why do people call you weird?”

You stayed the same as you answered Peter, “Because I do this. Because I like it.”

Peter shrugged, “Why do you like it?”

You let out a sigh like laugh at the curious boy before turning serious, voice small as your face stayed the same towards the sky, “I don’t feel alone here.”

He’d felt his heart drop slightly. He couldn’t understand why anyone would call you weird; the reason you stood out here was one of the most innocent and pure things he’d ever heard.

“You wouldn’t mind if I stood here with you for a bit longer, right?”

Your face broke out into a grin, as did his, turning your head to him, laughing and shaking your head, “No, I don’t mind.”

You stood in silence with the boy for a few moments, staring at each other with curious expressions, searching one another when you’d before you spoke up again, “I want to move to London after school, you know. It rains a lot there.”

Peter, who’d begun leaning in slightly, responded dazed, “Yeah,” his eyes shot down to your lips and back up to your eyes, “London doesn’t sound that bad when now that I think about it.”

You giggled slightly when he nudged his nose playfully into yours once he’d gotten close enough. You saw water drip down his face, some falling into his mouth that was slightly agape. You leant forward and brushed your lips over his, waiting for him. He pressed his lips onto to yours, so lightly, as if you’d break if he pressed any harder. Your lips melded into each other perfectly, sending chills down your spin.

After breaking apart, you both turned back to the sky, smiling. Peter, still shoulder to shoulder with you, put your smaller hand into his; fitting perfectly into each other.

“Well,” you spoke softly, “I guess you’re weird now too.”

Peter smiled, “Maybe I like being the weird one.”

“Next time.” A Nolan Holloway Imagine. (Slight smut.)

It had been a long day, a frustrating one. Not because it had been a bad one, no, it was just your hormones going crazy, but how should you be able to control it, when Nolan would be walking around looking like a freaking Greek god all the time? Your dreams lately hadn’t been helping you in any way either.. You would have the steamiest dreams and then wake up, right before anything good would happen. So it wasn’t surprising to you that you had a hard time focusing during your last period when Nolan was sitting right in front of you, his leather jacket covering his torso. You were thinking about your dream when all of sudden the teacher called your name. 

“Y/N and Nolan, you two will be working together on this, I expect you to use time outside of school on this too, it will be taken into consideration for your final grade of this semester, so work hard. That goes for all of you! Okay, you’ll get the last fifteen minutes to discuss your choice of topic. Get started.” You sighed as you rubbed your face trying to shake your frustrations off of you. Nolan smiled when he turned around to face you, those blue eyes doing nothing to help you stop your thoughts. 

“So what do you wanna do?” he asked, his smile sending a tingling to where you wanted him. You, oh god do I wanna do you, you thought but smiled instead. 

“Um, how about we do something about the comparison between then and now? Show how we evolved from primal survivors to more complex people who no longer just do things because it’s a basic need?” you said, hoping you weren’t rambling as much as you thought. 

“Like sex.” Nolan chuckled, when he saw your face, he turned red. “I..I- just meant that we no longer do that because it’s a basic need. You know? Look, I’m sorry, it was just the first thing that popped into my head. I think it’s a great idea.” He coughed out. You smiled at his nervousness. 

“Okay, yeah. Um, how about we meet up later and start outlining, is that fine with you?” You questioned, Nolan already nodding before you had finished. 

“Of course. We can do it at my place, after practice?” he offered. You nodded as you gathered your things, ready to go home. 

“Sure, text me the address and time, and I’ll be there.” You said, pushing a piece of paper towards him with your number on it. Nolan nodded and watched you leave. 

You hurried home after school, so sexually frustrated that you knew you had to take care of it before heading to Nolan’s place. Luckily, your family wasn’t home, so you threw your stuff at the end of your bed, and stripped from your clothes and picked up your toy. It had been a while since you had used it, but oh boy was it a great feeling to finally have some pressure relived. With all of the built up tension it wouldn’t have taken you long to finish. Just as you were about to come, a text from Nolan occupied your screen. 

Hi! Practice got cancelled, I can pick you up in ten if you are ready, so we can get this thing started.”  You sighed even more frustrated than before. Typing a quick okay back, you rose from your bed, and got dressed in a pair of sweats and a tight white top before throwing your hair into a ponytail, grabbing your toy to wash it quickly. It wasn’t long before you heard a car pull up outside, so you grabbed your bag and hurried outside to meet Nolan. 

The first few hours went by fast, you made your outline, got started on the presentation and ate plenty of ice cream. You couldn’t help but laugh as you looked at Nolan, ice cream covering the very tip of his nose. He looked at you strangely. 

“What?” He chuckled, you rose from your position and walked towards him, wiping the ice cream of his nose. His cheeks got a slight pink tint afterwards, but it was nothing compared to his reaction when you licked it off you finger, not thinking anything of it. He stared at you from his seated position and when you looked down, you couldn’t help but get a rushing feeling to your core. Nolan reached out for you, his fingers brushing against yours in a soft attempt to pull you closer, without crossing your boundaries. You didn’t mind his contact, and walked closer. It was when he pulled you into his lap that your own cheeks matched his pink tint from earlier. You were straddling him, looking into those blue eyes when he leaned in, looking for any discomfort. You reassured him by closing the gap between the two of you. The kiss was soft at first, but it wasn’t long before your frustrations from earlier came into play, your hips grinding into his, trying to remove some pressure. To your surprise, Nolan pulled back looking at you, his eyes a shade darker and a smirk playing in the corner of his lips. 

“So that’s why you were squirming in your seat earlier huh?” He teased, his hands traveling to the exposed skin on you back and sides. You rolled your eyes trying to hide the fact that he was right. Nolan chuckled as he leaned forward a little bit. 

“So I take it that you’re not super horny right now?” You shook your head , not wanting him to know how you felt about him. The devilish smile that erupted on his face sent chills down your spine. 

“Soo, if I, let’s say, start kissing your neck right now, I won’t get a moan out of you? You won’t enjoy it in any way?” You shook your head again, but decided to play along. Letting your hand travel from his chest to his hair, you shrugged. 

“No, you won’t, but I’ll bet I’ll get one out of you.” You smirked as you saw the dark shade become darker. 

“You sure ‘bout that?” You nodded. Nolan took your nod as approval and seconds later, his lips were attached to your neck, sending the most thrilling feeling through your body. You reacted immediately, tilting your head to the side to give him the access he needed but biting your lip holding back the sound he so desperately wanted to hear coming from you. You grabbed his head, forcing it back so you could kiss him. He responded immediately, his hands grabbing your hips harshly making you smile in triumph and your feeling of victory only grew, when something beneath you did as well. 

Pulling apart, you smirked at him, “getting excited?” Nolan rolled his eyes, “screw you.” He growled making you laugh. “Gladly.” You responded. When he realized what you said, he didn’t waste any time. He got up, you still in his lap and walked towards the bed, throwing you onto it. However, just as he hovered over you, lips on your neck once again and hands ready to rip your pants off, the sound of a door slamming rang through his house. Nolan’s eyes went wide with panic and then he sighed loudly. 

“Of course today was the day she had the short shift at work.” He grumbled, head falling onto your chest. A few moments later you could hear footsteps and you both jumped apart. 

“Nolan, I thought I told you to not slee-” his mom stopped death in her tracks when she opened the door and saw you lying on the bed, book in front of you and Nolan in his chair, reading a paragraph. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were sleeping again, you know how I feel about sleeping during the afternoon.” Nolan smiled at his mom. 

“Not sleeping. We’re just doing homework.” You tried really hard not to laugh, since you could still see the lump in his pants, but he did a great job at hiding it from his mom. 

“Oh that’s great. I’m just gonna leave you to it then. It was nice to meet you young lady.” 

“My pleasure Mrs. Holloway.” You said sweetly. As soon as she had left, Nolan sighed loudly and walked towards you looking like a hurt puppy. Plopping down next to you, he apologized. 

“It’s okay. You’ll make it up to me next time.” You said, winking.  

Hi guys! I guess I’m back! So, I know this imagine is not the smut I wanted it to be, but it was getting sooooo long! So if enough people like it, I will write a part 2 to it. Have a great night! 

Just Relax

Characters: Frank Castle x Reader

A/N: here it is! the highly anticipated blowjob! honestly, it’s just a bad crack fic so…don’t get too excited. 

anyways! this, like all good and wonderful things, was inspired by @bigbadfrank you’re wonderful and i hope you like it…..

Summary: Frank is v stressed, so you give him a nice, rough blowjob to help relive some stress.

Warnings: NSFW, language, (rough) oral sex (m receiving), face fucking, umm i think that’s it?

Words: 2232

Tags: @feelmyroarrrr @sistasarah-sallysaidso @daybreak96 @doct0rstrange @anotherotter @samwinjarpad @hecates-garden @vintagevalentinexx @jonedwardbernthal @ravengirl94 @blessedbebucky @brandnewberettaa

(just so you know, this was all inspired by these fucking pics right here)

It was supposed to be a quiet night.  A nice, relaxing, quiet night in, just you and your book, maybe a cup of hot chocolate later, but for now just peace, quiet, and this incredibly steamy romance novel.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you looked at it) it was hotter than you were anticipating.  Much, much hotter.  Usually these harlequin paperbacks were all the same; annoying damsels in distress, cliché sexual set up, and an annoying amount of synonyms for the word “penis.” I mean, it was truly obscene the way these authors referred to a dick.

But this one. Shit. Your body was slowly heating up, and you could feel your underwear starting to get a little damp.  And with Frank out until at least early morning, you were definitely beginning to regret picking this book up in the first place. Every lovemaking scene had you remembering something you and Frank had just done, or something new for you to try out, and it was making you so incredibly frustrated and on edge, but you were also wholly consumed by this book.  You were hanging on every word, every movement, every syllable uttered.

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Snakeoil Week: Monday

Ladies and Gentleman! Boys, girls, and all friends between! Step right up, come on down! Welcome to Snakeoil Week!

Now, let’s start with a common problem that we all face in the day to day, life! Does this ever happen to you? You’re out with the pals, having a grand old time, when suddenly you get the old one-two from your old friend existential crisis! Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Golly gee! That’s happened to me more times than I care to admit to a crowd of people gathered around a travelin’ wagon!” Well, you don’t gotta say it, cause we see it all over your face!” And that’s why I’m here, to tell you GONE are the days of anguish and lost hair! No more tears, no more sleepless nights, and no more shaky phone calls! People, what if I told you I had a solution to it all! Childhood! That’s right, the bygone days of yesteryear when stress was just half a name of a not so bouncy ball, and the only thing you had to fear, was the unavoidable reach of time!

Now I know what else you’re thinking, “But, going back in time?! That’s the devil’s work!” Well, I ain’t the devil, and these ain’t horns you’re hopefully ignoring! I’m talking 100% on the level with you today folks!

So, let’s cut through the confetti and get to the cake! What can I offer you today to regain the bygone days, the sweet peace of ignorance?!

Why, one whole tetherball.

anonymous asked:

I just checked ur face tag, and I just want to let u know that I think ur like???? Super pretty ? Like w o w I'm gay

hey thanks,i really appreciate this, but in the state of mind that i’m in right now i’ve just got to say that i really dont believe you

neonplusfire  asked:

Knowing that you updated Bound to please makes me glad not only for the fic issue but because it might mean that you are feeling better and that's a huge relief. Your writting well , makes my day a little funnier so I'm grateful for it. Just writting to let you know that you are not alone and there are lots of people who admire you. Also you give me lots of inspiration for my drawing :)

I’m glad it can help make your day better :)  I really enjoy writing this fic with all the ideas my co-authors and I came up with.  It’s hard to channel when I’m not in the right mindset though.  Things are getting better but I’m faced with the reminder of my PTSD now.  Hopefully it will get better and I can churn out BtP like it deserves :)

I’m so glad you’re getting inspiration for your drawing!  I’d love to see your work.  I thank you and everyone else for the support.  Believe me when I say it’s unreal and I’m not used to it.  I literally have the best readers/followers/but more importantly friends :)


  • Himmler: *overhears a heated argument coming from Hitler and Heydrich's room*
  • Himmler: *slams open the door* WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HE-
  • Heydrich: *arms folded* Adolf is trying to tell me that I'M the most beautiful man alive.
  • Hitler: that's because you ARE.I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN YOURSELF?
  • Heydrich: YES! I HAVE! That's why I can say with certainty you are THE MOST gorgeous person to EVER walk the face of the planet.
  • Hitler: Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich. ARE YOU SERIOUS, are you forgetting who's made the cover of GQ on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS?
  • Heydrich: oH that was just publicity for the ISU and you know it! Look at yourself. Right now. You're just RADIATING and don't even get me STARTED ON YOUR EROS!
  • Hitler: I was just mimicking YOU OH MY GOD. HEINRICH. TELL HIM HE'S MORE BEAUTIFUL!
  • Heydrich: NO. Heinrich tell HIM that HE'S more beautiful!

Dear whoever is reading this,
I know things are hard right now and you’re going through so much and I know you might think that there’s no way around this but things are going to get better, you’ve probably heard this about a thousand times and you’re sick of it but life can’t be like this forever. One day, all your problems are going to fade away, all these things that you worry about now aren’t going to mean anything as time passes. You will get better and I’m not saying that you won’t have to face more problems later on, because you probably will, but there will always be a solution. Please don’t hurt yourself and please don’t kill yourself, someone loves you more than you think, even if you don’t know it. Focus on the people who listen to you, not on those who hurt you, surround yourself by positivity and don’t give up, keep standing tall and just know that sometimes it’s ok to fall apart, it’s okay to cry and let everything out, you’re only human and breaking down doesn’t make you weak and sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of that. I hope that a few years later, you’ll wake up with a smile on your face and you’ve forgotten about everything that has been holding you back, that you’ll be able to smile a real smile again and know that everything is okay again and I hope that’ll you’ll feel happy again. Please don’t give up, please don’t lose hope.

me being (very) brutally honest with the signs

Aries- You’re such a goddamn hothead all the goddamn time. Not everyone likes to be constantly doing something every second of every day. You get angry with people for the smallest and most trivial reasons but god forbid someone take a dig at you. You’re such a hypocrite and it’s annoying as fuck. You act like an edgy teenager that’s constantly throwing a tantrum. You also boss people around and expect everyone to just follow your lead and if they don’t, you get pissed at them for having a mind of their own. You seriously need to take a look at your life and stop seeing everything as a fucking challenge that’s rigged against you. My god, I get tired just being in your presence. 

Taurus- You’re a lazy fuck and way too materialistic and possessive. You literally have no desire to do anything because you love to sit on your ass. You take “treat yourself” to a whole new level and not in a healthy way whatsoever. It seems like every chance you get you cause arguments and then you contradict whatever the other person is saying just because you can’t look at anything from a different point of view. Even if you get to the point where you realize you’re in the wrong and the other person is right, you’ll just continue to argue for the sake of arguing and god forbid your ego take even the slightest blow. It’s irritating as shit like you really think you know best when in reality you’re just a stubborn bitch. What a bore.

Gemini- Look, I know you guys get a lot of flak. But take this into consideration…… it’s because most if not all of it is FUCKING TRUE. You have so many different personalities I don’t know which one is even real. You gossip 24/7 and flip-flop between who you talk to and who you talk about. You’re completely unreliable and unpredictable and also clingy as fuck. Seriously, I feel like I can’t get away from you. I just want to go to the bathroom, I don’t need to hear the story right now about how Sarah said that Dylan said that Kimberly found a sock in the dryer that wasn’t hers. Literally no one cares. Another thing that you do is once you get tired of someone, you just throw them away like garbage. (Also Trump is a gemini, and I know you guys can’t control that but like come on. Of course he’s a gemini.)

Cancer- You really need to stop being so whiny or I’m actually going to lose it. Everyone has problems so stop acting like such a victim all the goddamn time. You’re so moody all the time and you act like a small child that needs to have their diaper changed. You also cling onto people as soon as you meet them and cry if someone doesn’t answer your text within 5 fucking minutes. Don’t you have your own life to live? Oh wait, I forgot you spend every second in a dark room and refuse to come outside unless it’s to answer the door because you ordered shitty takeout. You consider changing your clothes adventurous and honestly it’s so boring. Introverted doesn’t even describe you, you’re more like a complete hermit (CRAB. HA!)

Leo- Hey leo, wow, are you actually reading this? I’m kind of shocked because I never thought you’d ever stop looking at yourself in the mirror. Seriously, you’re probably the most vain sign out of all of us. So much so that if someone criticizes you in even the smallest way, you get so offended and act like you’ve been shot in the chest. You think so highly of yourself, and while it’s great to have confidence, you take it to the next level, which is extreme arrogance. You love to have the conversation focused around you. You’re the type of friend that if someone is telling you about their problem or just their day in general, you’ll interrupt them and start talking about yourself and it’s DAMN ANNOYING. How do you still have friends?

Virgo- I’m gonna tell you right now, you’re not as perfect as you think you are. You’re so quick to critique other people that you write them off as not good enough before even getting to know them. You’re the type of person that would tell their friend that they were breathing too loudly. For fucks sake, you’re such an over analyzing pedant it makes me want to slap you in the face with my fucking asymmetrical hand. Your pessimism is damn near blinding, I probably wouldn’t want to hang around you for more than 10 minutes or you’d make me feel self conscious about how I fucking walk or some shit. You can’t take or make a joke. You’re skeptical about everything and you’re completely inflexible. You like to think of yourself as an intellectual but really you’re stuck up, narrow minded and someone I constantly find myself rolling my eyes at.

Libra- You are manipulative as shit. You’ll tell someone they look good without even looking up from your phone. You lie all the time and don’t really give a fuck if you hurt other people’s feelings because you really only look out for yourself. You’re also a huge fucking coward. When your friends need you to have their back and actually be there for them, you run and hide and say, “Oh sorry I just didn’t want to get involved!”. What a lame fucking excuse for ditching your friend in their time of need. You’re also extremely indecisive to the point where it’ll take you 3 hours just to choose where you want to go eat. It’s tiring as fuck. Just MAKE A CHOICE FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. Have your own fucking opinion. You’re like a goddamn sheep.

Scorpio- Why the FUCK are you so aggressive for no fucking reason? You manipulate people just for the fun of it. You get jealous so easily and usually you don’t even have a reason to be jealous. You just are. It’s pathetic. You like to think that you’re so cool and mysterious but in reality people just see you as a moody and brooding asshole that no one really wants to bother getting to know. I mean, why would they? What’s the point? Every time someone even tries to get close to you, you completely brush them off and act like you don’t care about them because keeping your “mystifying” aura is soo important to you. And if you do let someone in, you treat them like they’re your possession and it’s creepy as hell. You obsess over them and you want to control them. God forbid they hang out with someone that isn’t you and then you resent them for no goddamn reason other than having a life of their own. Do me a favor scorpio and don’t talk to me.

Sagittarius- Honestly if a sag is reading this, you’re just straight up getting a taste of your own medicine. You’re tactless as shit and it makes me not want to be around you, ever. You’re inconsiderate of others and impatient with everyone. If someone isn’t moving up to your standards you will become agitated and aggressive and then you take it out on the person. You constantly need to be doing something else because your attention span lasts about 2 fucking seconds. You act like an 8 year old. You’re also really superficial. You don’t bother getting to know the deeper layers of a person because, like I said, you’re impatient and also just plain lazy. You take people for granted and are careless when handling the feelings of people closest to you. You’re also a really self-obsessed know-it-all. Go climb a fucking tree, sag.

Capricorn- Four words. Lighten. The fuck. Up. You are by far the most power-hungry of all the signs. You take everything so completely seriously that I don’t even know if you understand what “fun” even is. You always have to have two feet on the ground at all times and you can never ever be spontaneous and it’s so fucking dull. You’re conservative and disdainful nature can be so overbearing at times that even your friends need to get away from you. That is, if you have friends. You’re a complete pessimist so who knows if anyone can actually tolerate that. You constantly have to be the most successful person in a room, and you make sure you reach this level of success through abusive and controlling behavior towards the people around you. Your selfishness grosses me out.

Aquarius- I asked you what time it was. I didn’t ask you if I was afraid of time passing or the fact that it’s a manmade construct. For fucks sake, just shut the fuck up about this deep shit for once. I don’t want to contemplate how large the universe really is at fuckin 8:30 am on a Monday. You’re rebellious even when it doesn’t matter and honestly all it does is piss people off. You’re constantly trying to deviate from the norm that you make the same fucking mistakes that other people already made, but you don’t fucking learn from other people’s mistakes because you always have to go your own way. Maybe listen to other people for once? You’re the most detached sign out of all of them and you hurt people by acting aloof all the fucking time but you don’t care because you chalk it up to “this is who I am!!! I need my freedom!!!!”. You need to actually think about how your actions affect people you care about because if you don’t, you’re REALLY gonna end up alone and you won’t be able to do a damn thing about it. 

Pisces- You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself all the time and get it through your head that you’re not always the damn victim. You don’t take responsibility for your actions and you always find a way to blame it on someone else because you’re NEVER in the wrong, are you? Poor little pisces. You’re not as innocent as you want everyone to believe. You’re constantly daydreaming and it becomes really annoying when I’m trying to talk to you and you just completely zone out because you love living in your little imaginary world. You’re the WORST at solving your own problems and conflicts because instead of dealing with them you just avoid it all together and end up leaving the mess for someone else to clean up. You’re really nosy- you love to get in other people’s business. But you don’t go to the person directly, you have to be sneaky about it and gather rumors from other people. You’re also very over-sensitive. Out of all the signs, you’re by far the most likely to respond to this post saying how this isn’t true and that I’m just a “big fat meany!!!” and then add a bunch of angry/crying emojis.

(disclaimer: Don’t worry, I don’t really hate your sign (unless you’re a  * * * * * * … lmao). This was just for fun and I know it’s harsh. Don’t take it too personally. You’re an individual and ultimately you determine who you really are. Except for you, * * * * * * . Fuck you.) 

  • Yurio: *overhears a heated argument coming from Victor and Yuuri's room*
  • Yurio: *slams open the door* WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HE-
  • Victor: *arms folded* Yuuri is trying to tell me that I'M the most beautiful man alive
  • Yuuri: that's because you ARE. I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN YOURSELF?
  • Victor: YES! I HAVE! That's why I can say with certainty you are THE MOST gorgeous person to EVER walk the face of the planet
  • Yuuri: Victor Katsuki-Nikiforov. ARE YOU SERIOUSare you forgetting who's made the cover of GQ on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS
  • Victor: oH that was just publicity for the ISU and you know it! Look at yourself. Right now. You're just RADIATING and don't even get me STARTED ON YOUR EROS
  • Yuuri: I was just mimicking YOU OH MY GOD. YURIO. TELL HIM HE'S MORE BEAUTIFUL
  • Victor: NO. Yurio tellHIM that HE'S more beautiful
It Ain’t Me: Part 6

Jungkook x reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

*This series did not have a name until this part so don’t get confused!*

Genre: Angst 

Words: 1.4K 

Part 5 | Part 7

The beer café was almost full when you entered. Looking around, you could see the usual customers already on their tables, chatting away about good memories. A few nights ago, you and Jungkook would have been a part of this as well, just sitting somewhere in the corner, giggling about stupid shit with fills and refills after chugging Budweiser.  You swallowed and took a deep breath before going straight past your usual spot in café to the bar stools.

It’s not like you hadn’t wondered why everything was happening. In fact, wonder was a massive understatement. You had sat in your room for hours trying to reach Jungkook, trying to convince him to meet you so you could try to unravel what happened, so that you could make him believe that whatever he had seen was false. Untrue. When all had failed you even decided to barge in his workplace, but you cracked. You couldn’t do it anymore. You had nothing on this. You were running around, crying, beating yourself up and for what? Why should you?

Talking to Seulgi had been the last straw. They were dating. Even after everything that had happened in the past week, you weren’t expecting this. He had forgotten all about you, or at the very least this entire situation was clearly not as difficult for him as it was for you. After talking to her, you made a conscious decision that it was over and it would remain that way.


You glanced up at the bartender, who was looking at you expectantly. Clearly, he was waiting for your order. You asked him to come back to you after five minutes and dialed Yoongi.

He didn’t pick up. Instead you felt a light tap on your shoulder and you turned around to find Yoongi standing behind you in his cap and mask. You gave him a small smile and gestured for him take the seat beside yours. Just in time the bartender came back to take your order and you ordered two pints of Budweiser, glancing at Yoongi for approval. He nodded yes. You took a big swig as soon as the beer landed in front of you.

“So,” You began, turning around in your seat to take a good look at Yoongi, who had now taken off his mask and his cap and was facing you as well. “What did you want to talk about?”

He shrugged, running his right hand through his messy hair to calm it down. “Just, you know, everything?”

You raised a brow in a silent question. When he didn’t answer, you said, “You want to elaborate on that?”

Yoongi sighed and ran his tongue over his lips. “I’m your friend too, aren’t I?”

You nodded. “Of course you are.”

“Then please ____, you should not be the one shifting out of the city.”

You took a much humbler sip this time. “So that’s what this is about, huh?”

Yoongi didn’t answer. He just looked at you with a slightly conflicted look in his eyes.

You smiled, sensing his discomfort. Instead of easing him out, you stayed silent. You eyes once again started wandering across the place, gauging people’s expressions as they sat with their partners and friends, some laughing at jokes of reunion, others relaxing and having low-key conversations.  You wondered how many of these faces were true. Were they really enjoying or was it just a front like yours?

“You know Yoongi,” You turned back towards Yoongi, who shifted his attention from his lap to you, and started. “Jungkook and I often visited this place.”

If he was surprised by the sudden change in the topic, he didn’t show it. Instead, he raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Really now?”

You gave him a recalling nod and continued. “We never sat at the bar though. We would always take one of the corners and chug beer after beer.” You mused.

“Always the corners?” Yoongi asked you looking around the place. “This seems like a pretty busy place. You couldn’t have gotten corners each time.”

“We did.” You smirked. “In fact, we made it a point to come in early and just grab any of the corner tables. We were so into it that even if both us had to use the toilet, one would hold it in and guard the table.” You smiled at the memory and continued. “Jungkook would stay back to guard the table and if I took too long to finish my business, which I did because it was always fun teasing him, he would bombard my cell with calls and texts begging me to come out fast but wouldn’t leave the table.” You laughed, and Yoongi laughed along with you.

“You really love him, don’t you?” He asked you as your laughter died down, giving you a sad smile. You returned it with one of your own.

“I do.” You humorlessly laughed and soon enough, it turned into a heartbreaking cry. Yoongi reacted immediately, getting off his stool and silently putting your head on his chest in a consoling hug. You grabbed his shirt from the front, trying to stop the tears from escaping your eyes but you couldn’t. The entire week, you had been alone, beating yourself up and crying your eyes out, wondering where you went wrong.  It was coming back to you. The few seconds after you’d realized that Jungkook wasn’t even going to speak to you and his decision was final, the helplessness you felt. It was all coming back to you.

“___, I’m so sorry.” Yoongi repeated over and over again, rubbing his hands up and down your back.

“No, you don’t understand!” You cried as you removed your head from his chest to look up at him, your hands still gripping his t-shirt. You knew it. You knew that your eyes would definitely be exhibiting your helplessness at that point but how could you stop? Someone was finally ready to listen to you.

“I was helpless.” You said between sobs. “I just sat there in my room Yoongi, trying to figure out what I could possibly do. Who I could possibly talk to but there was no one! I was completely and utterly alone! Hours, for hours, I just sat in my room trying to do something! Anything!” You broke down harder. “But there was nothing I could do!” Your grip loosened on his T-shirt as your cried harder, feeling every suppressed emotion being released in your tears.

Yoongi’s hands caught yours as they fell from his t-shirt and slowly he brought it back on his chest again, fisting your hands into his own. Your cries softened as you looked up at him but the tears were still falling down.

“You listen to me right now, ___. It’s not your fault. None of it, you get that?” He looked at you directly in the eye. “I’m sorry you are going through this but moving out of the city will not help you.”

You shook your head softly. “I have no other way-“

“No.” Yoongi cut you off. “You do. You deal with it. You get your life back together and you move on.”

You lightly scoffed as you look away from him. “It’s easier said than done, Yoongi.”

Yoongi nodded and tightened his grip around your hands making you look back at him. “I know. But I will help you.”

You looked at him as you contemplated his words, judging the sincerity in them. His eyes were unwavering and his grip on you hand was not fierce but reassuring. Even though you realized that much, you couldn’t help yourself when you asked him: “Why? Why would you help me over taking his side? You’re his friend.”

His gaze softened for a second thinking about his younger friend, who was like a brother to him, but his decision did not change. He sighed as he let go of your right hand and placed his hand on your head and ran it down to your neck. “He was wrong. And I told you already,” He said and you waited for him to complete his sentence. 

“You are my friend too.”

You looked at him and for a second, his determination was beginning to convince you. Maybe…just maybe, you were not alone in this. Maybe you could come out of this and get your life back together.

However, your calming heartbeat rose once again as your eyes fixed on two figures standing behind Yoongi, one of them looking at you with the same shock written on your face. Yoongi saw the look in your eyes and let of you to turn around and follow your line of sight. His gaze hardened as he looked at exactly what you were seeing right now.

They were here. He was here.

Jungkook was here.  And his hands were intertwined with his partner who was undoubtedly your ex-best friend.


To Be Continued…

Much love, 



*tries to be cute but ends up looking like this*

BTS Reaction to Having Feelings For Their Friend With Benefits

Requested by Anonymous, “How would the boys react when they realize their so called “Friends With Benefits” relationship is no longer purely physical? Basically them crossing the boundary and stating to have romantic feelings toward their partner. Thank you for your hard works! Your reactions are my favorite. Everything is so detailed and beautifully craft to each members!“

Note: Thank you! I hope I got this right english is really bad LOL but I hope you like this! ♡

Jin ➳ "You know (y/n), right?”

And he saw the way your eyes widened, begging for the man to say otherwise and it was at that moment he wished on anything that he didn’t agree to your ordeal, slowly realizing that whatever was flowing within his heart held deep and destructible notes written only for you. He sees you bite your lip nervously, and he can faintly remember you engraving into his mind that he only ever knew you between the sheets, that you were nothing but a ghost to him outside of the bedroom. From the crackling of the bonfire playing your many sleepless nights where hands roamed and lips touched, he closes his eyes as his heart held a blank picture of your relationship that meant absolutely nothing to you.

“No,” he whispered, “I don’t.”

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Suga ➳ It was during midnight when he began to look for you through the bustling nightclub, music blasting loudly and vibrating against the walls while others forgot the meaning of a personal bubble as they tried to meld their bodies with many — he hated it. Growing impatient, he sees your from the corner of his eyes as you tried to rip yourself away from a grimy, intoxicated man. He knew you made him promise never to interfere with such interactions and to just walk away, but before he can remember, he is ripping the hand away and shoving the guy as Yoongi pushes you behind him protectively. “Who are you?” The man roars, getting ready to take you back until Yoongi’s cold voice pierces the stuffy air.

“I’m her boyfriend,” he sneers, “now get lost.”

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J-Hope ➳ He had felt it before, but it was even stronger tonight as every touch was like magma destroying skin, the lava running through his veins as it slowly melted his heart. He was crazy for you, and he knew it, and he also knew about the guidelines you two had as being just friends who only need physical affection, but he just couldn’t take it anymore. “What’s wrong?” You whispered, breathing hard as you laid on the bed beyond exhausted from using all your pent up energy. It doesn’t take long before he calls your name which you hum in response, his arm pulling you tightly into his chest as he sighs in content. You could feel his erratic heart from beneath the wall of his chest, and soon, it silences as he lets out a shaky breath.

“I’m in love with you.”

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RapMonster ➳ “You’re smiling again.”

You only smile further from his proclamation, a blush forming onto your cheeks as you began to pick at your cake and mutter an incoherent insult towards the man. Namjoon knew the reason for your giddiness, knowing full well that despite your conjoined nights at memorizing each and every crevice of each other’s bodies that the smile you blessed him of witnessing with wasn’t because of him — but because of your ex. He was jealous, but he didn’t have a right to be since he knew what he was getting himself into the moment his fingers ran through your hair for the first time, yet, he still let his emotions get the better of him. “You should stop,” he mumbles, and you could only question on what he meant to which he stays silent.

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Jimin ➳ It may have been between the nights you laid on his chest naked as you giggled to your heart’s content while his muscular arms snaked around your torso or maybe it was when he saw you slowly fall in love with one of his best friends that he had realized his not so platonic feelings morphed into indestructible gold that refused to disappear. Every time he was with you, he ignored whatever feelings you had for someone who wasn’t him, he couldn’t help but smile as his eyes shined with pure adoration at having been able to meet you, and as you lay on his chest before anything can happen — he holds you tighter, digging his head into the crook of your neck. “Jimin,” you breathe, and his arms fully encase you as his warm breath tickles your skin.

“Lets stay like this..forever.”

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V ➳ Intoxicated breaths and clumsy stumbles slowly fades to the past as Taehyung invited you to small dates and strolls to the park which you hesitatingly agreed to attend with him. He didn’t know when the word ‘Friends with Benefits’ drowned into the past’s shadows, but he was definitely glad it did since he got the chance of seeing you outside the four suffocating walls of the teeny bedroom. Walking down the path where the stream rolled along and the birds harmonized, he didn’t hesitate in stealing innocent kisses from you as he held your hand, and once you say, “Oh, I think you might be in love with me,” the man snorted as he smiles childishly.

“I think I might be, too.”

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Jungkook ➳ “What are you doing?” You whispered harshly as you tried to step away from the man whom only grabbed your wrist and pulled you into a hug. He knew more than anything that no one should know about your 'benefits’ relationship, but at the same time, he wanted everyone to know that you were taken — well not yet, but hopefully very soon.

Like right now.

He shoves the stuffed bear he had won from one of the pier-stands into your arms, happy smile dancing along his lips as his heart is bursting with various of emotions he realized he had once he saw you hours prior, and now, he wanted to face them head on. “Why are you acting like I’m your girlfriend?”, and his grin is nearly ripping his cheeks apart.

“Because you could be.”

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what the fuck rp starters
  • “Oh look, carnage.”
  • “I found you beat half to death in a dumpster. When I said I would call 9-1-1 you punched me in the face and said no before passing out.”
  • “Holy shit you look terrible.”
  • “Can’t go to my place, I’m making poison in my kitchen.”
  • “This is the tenth half-eaten corpse I’ve seen. It’s still kinda horrifying but less horrifying than the first time I saw one.”
  • “Yeah, that’s right, go wander off and commit murder somewhere else.”
  • Everything about your life makes so much sense now.”
  • “I don’t know, that sounds like a ‘fuck off’ kind of growl.”
  • “There’s a girl snorting cocaine off the counter in the bathroom. Just thought you’d wanna know.”
  • “I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news: some of this blood is mine. The bad news: most of it is mine. And I’m going to pass out.”
  • “After the fight some dude catcalled me on the way home so I turned around and spat a bunch of blood at his feet. Never seen someone regret doing something so fast.”
  • “Is that a fucking dragon?”
  • “That is genuinely disturbing.”
  • “Don’t smile. You have the smile of a serial killer.”
  • “This is surprisingly not the worst thing we’ve done. This is like, maybe halfway up the list.”
FaceTime Call

Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: You Facetime Tom after finding out from fans he cut his hair. Your phone was off while you were landing home from a flight.


Word Count: 1,700+

A/N: 400 more till 3k!! I love you all so much :)

I turn 21 in 2 months c: Which means I can buy alcohol, meaning I CAN WRITE FREQUENT SMUT IF YOU GUYS WOULD LIKE CAUSE I LOVE SMUT

[Reader’s POV]

“So how was your trip?” Your mom asks happily through the phone. Reaching for your bag out of the carrier you tell her to hold on. Sometimes she calls you at the worst times. She onetime called you while Tom and you were having sex and wouldn’t stop calling till you picked up. Your mother was relentless sometimes.

“It went well mom, I’m just back to be in London” admitting the truth with a smile on your face. You loved it here because you got to live with the love of your life.

“How’s Tom doing? Anything new since Spider-Man Homecoming?” she absolutely adored Tom, she claims he’s the best you’ve had out of the guys you’ve dated.

“Yes he’’s actually working on another film, he’s been gone for two weeks while I was away as well so we’re both out and about” you explain as you walk down the plane aisle. You could hear her talking to your dad about Tom. Mentally wondering why she just doesn’t put you on speaker so he can hear too.

“Hey I’m going to go so I can focus okay? Plus Nikki is picking me up from the airport with Tessa”  Saying your goodbyes you hang up your phone. Slipping your phone into your purse you make your way out of the gate. The sound of your suitcase clicking against the bumps in the carpet.

   Walking past people to head towards the baggage claim. Looking at the time on your Apple Watch you walk a little faster. Nikki said she would be here at a certain time and you didn’t like making people wait. Turning the corner you go down the escalator descending to the baggage claim.

    Hearing a bark makes you search the crowd of people. A little grey blob pushes people out of the way. Nikki’s red hair standing out as she took off after Tessa. Opening your arms you get tackled by your favorite dog in the world. Her tongue laps at your face making you giggle.

“Tessa my love, I missed you so much” her body wiggling in your arms as you tried calming her down. People were looking at the interaction the two of you were having. Grabbing her leash you stand back up.

   Nikki opens her arms to you which you gladly take her hug. She gives the best hugs in the damn world. Letting you go she kisses both of your cheeks , she’s like a second mom. Tugging your free hand she pulls you along. She took your extra suitcase even though you tried to take it but she insisted. Leaving thankfully no one was outside, if Tom was with you it would have been a lot worse. He draws big crowds full of his loving fans.

“c’mon Tessa lets get in the car”  opening the door for her she jumps inside. Taking your backpack and purse off you set them on the floor of the car. You hear clicking sounds and turn around to see people with cameras.

    Getting in the car you close the door annoyed with the cameras. You don’t know how Tom does it all the time, it’s got to be truly exhausting having your every move watched. Even his family has to deal with it. Nikki tells you to ignore them and starts the car pulling out of the parking spot. Tessa jumps back onto the seat and lays down next to you.

   Smiling down at her you place your hand on her head. Your thumb stroking her head slowly to her ears and repeating it. Watching as her eyes closed from your touch. God you love her so much, probably more than Tom.

   Taking your phone out you see notifications pop up. Clicking on them you see Tom’s tweet and your heart stops. Going to his Instagram you see he hasn’t posted anything. Clicking on his tagged photos you see his fans posts. Scrolling through they’re all freaking about his Bye Bye Hair tweet.

   Exiting the Instagram app you open your messages and clicking on Tom’s name. Looking at the messages waiting for some sort of explanation. Typing and retyping the message you want to send. Normally he keeps you updated but he hasn’t said a damn thing. When he does that you start to feel like a fan yourself and freak out.


So what’s with the tweet, care to spill the secret like you do with every Marvel secret?

    Locking your phone you know it’d be a while to get a message back if he was on set. The ride home was filled with conversation about your trip. The two of you talked as Tessa slept peacefully. Nikki told you stories about the boys and how mischievous they’ve been. She says Paddy has been getting into the sweets more and has grown a sweet tooth recently.

   Checking your phone you see there’s still no text back. You ask Nikki and she explains she has no clue. Apparently Tom hasn’t even told her which she thought was odd. You knew it was very odd because he’s such a momma’s boy.

   Nikki drops you off at Toms and helps you with your stuff. After you and Tessa are all settled she tells you to come over for dinner. Apparently Harry has been working on something and wants the family to see. He knew you were coming back into town so he told Nikki to tell you since you’re practically family.

   Hugging Nikki goodbye you shut the door behind her as she leaves. Picking your phone off the table you see notifications again. Some were from Harrison and your friends messaging you. The messages consisted of screenshots asking why Tom was cutting his hair.  Your thoughts get interrupted by your ringtone you made for Tom. It was him saying quackson.

Meme King:

C’mon angel don’t be like that, let me give you a call xx

   Rolling your eyes you connect your phone to the charger. Your phone starts ringing flashing ‘Meme King wants to FaceTime.’ Clicking the answer you see Tom relaxing with a hood on his head. Normally his curls peep out which make you narrow your eyes trying to see his curls. His smile distracting as he cheers happily to see your face.

“Ah there’s my beautiful girl, I’ve missed you darling” his voice making your heart ache, you miss him so much.

“Hey baby, I’ve missed you more..” you pout looking at him snuggle deeper into the couch. You could hear Harrison in the background talking. Tessa’s tags jingle as she jumps onto the L shaped couch.

“There’s my little one! I love you Tessa soooo much” Tom cooed into the screen making a kiss face.

“Tom so are you going to tell me what that tweet was about?” You ask turning the screen back to you. The seriousness in your face made his smile fall.

“I uh.. well I can’t keep it a secret from you anymore” He pulls the hood revealing his hair of cur.. there are no curls. Just short hair that he fixed with his hand. Your jaw dropping at the sight because last night you talked to him and all the curls were there.

“Christ, you don’t like it do you” Tom sits up fixing the angle he had the screen at. You were in shock because you haven’t seen Tom with short hair, the only pictures you’ve seen are from when he was little. Nikki likes to show you pictures from her archive whenever you see her.

“N-No baby, I’m just thrown off is all.. you look very handsome I’m just going to miss the curls” you give him a smile as you see his features relax. Did he really care that much about what you thought of his hair?

“I know how you like gripping onto them when I go down on you” he sighs tilting his head back. Your cheeks tinting pink from what he just said.

“Oi! I’m right here and you’re going to talk to her in front of me like that man? you two are like rabbits” Harrison’s voice fills your ears making you face palm yourself. God dammit Thomas.

“It’s the truth so now she has to wait for them to grow back” Tom defends himself laughing at his best friend. Harrison pops up behind Tom flipping you and him off.

“Awww Hazeroonie don’t be mad you don’t have a sex life” you tease sticking your tongue out. Harrison lets out a small scream taking off out of the frame.

“Okay yeah I’m definitely going to miss your curls now” you sigh thinking of the last time you two were alone together. Your thighs clamping together tightly at the thought.

“I’ll be home when I can love, I’ll FaceTime you every night till were together.. then when I’m home you can give me some personal FaceTime” his smirk making your heart rate pick up again.

“PLEASE GET A ROOM THOMAS” Tom’s head is then hit with a pillow causing him to drop his phone. In the background you hear the two getting into a little fist fight. Knowing them they’re going to sound like children any second with their banter.

“cut it out you twat I’m talking to my girl right now” Tom huffs after a slap sounds echoes through the air. The phone is kicked around making the room look like it’s spinning.

“Ow don’t pull my hair!” Harrison whines followed by a thud. Laughter filling the air making you sigh. These two were actual children.

   Tom picks up his phone that fell from before. Harrison says he’s going to the store leaving the two of you alone. The two of you talk about how long it will be till you see each other again. It was hard while he’s away but you really enjoyed these FaceTime calls. It was the only time you’d see him when he wasn’t busy and it made the wait worth it.

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— lit me up | (m)

pairing: kim namjoon x reader, author! namjoon
genre/warnings: smut, slight angst, romance
words: 9,222
summary: you find yourself becoming captivated by a mysterious, handsome author, but you may have bitten off more than you can chew…
note. extracts taken from the bts highlight reels, found here and the serendipity lyrics, found here. Inspired by the song found here.

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Bts | Reaction | Unintentional

[ of course! Thank you for requesting - hope you enjoy it! :)) ] 

Rated (SM) for slightly mature.


After getting what you wanted by begging on your knees, literally, you didn’t even realize exactly what you did to this poor boy. Sure, you batting your eyelashes while speaking in a baby voice was nothing new - but doing that while on your knees was a different story. Jin was so conflicted, Taehyung had to shield his eyes to snap him out of his trance that you unintentionally put him under. 

“The things she does to me…” 

“Oh, no you don’t. You can screw her later, we gotta go.” 


All you wanted was his attention, you didn’t intend on it going any further than just cuddling - you would’ve been fine with cuddling. You haven’t seen Yoongi all day, so when he was finally sitting still - why not take that opportunity to just snuggle and chill? The only problem was that, at the moment, he wasn’t in a snuggly mood. So you thought - why not get him into one? 

Plopping yourself in the empty spot right next to him on the couch, you made sure that he noticed you by snuggling up against his side, nuzzling your head in the crook of his neck. Opening one eye in annoyance, Yoongi made an attempt to push you off - not really wanting to be bothered at the moment - but failed miserably. It wasn’t until you started to softly kiss his neck did you practically stop his breathing altogether. 

“Oppa, I’ve missed you so much, don’t push me away~” You would coo softly while still buried in his neck, your warm breath sending a wave of chill bumps up and down his body. His lack of response - only because of your sudden closeness - seemed to be all the answer you needed. Huffing, you decide to just get up and go to bed - thinking the your attempt was a misfire. 

Only for him to yank you right back down, in his lap this time, eyes now open and piercing into yours. As he stared up at you, the new position he had you in allowed you to feel…everything.

“You must be out of your mind if you think I’m letting you walk away after giving me this, jagi.”

“B-But, that’s not what I meant to-”

“Bullshit. Bedroom. Now.” 


You tried aegyo, after receiving advice from a friend that it would definitely get your man do whatever you pleased. Sure, they were right in the end…it just wasn’t the kind of reaction you expected him to give. 

“Namjoon, I didn’t mean it like this, I-I was trying to be cute!” You avoided eye contact as your boyfriend lowered his head to one of his favorite spots on your body, peppering the area with kitten licks as you fought to hold in your sounds. 

“Doesn’t matter what you were trying to do, baby. It turned me on, and now you gotta pay the price for it.” He would reply, tugging your closer by your thighs, squeezing the flesh as warning to look him in the eye. Once you did, a small smirk would creep up his face until a single dimple was visible. You were in for a long night.

After that, you either thanked your friend or strangled them.¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It wasn’t your fault, you were merely trying to make him feel better. In a way, you did, but not in the way he expected at the moment. He was feeling kind of down, beating himself up on the mistakes that he made during their performance. You, being the awesome girlfriend you were, told him that there was barely any that was made - that his stage presence was fantastic. But, no matter what you said, his smile still didn’t have its usual brightness. 

Thinking it over for a second and reviewing over how he would cheer you up, an idea spontaneously popped into your head as you made you way back over to where he sat under the dark rain cloud that hovered above his head. 

“Jagi, I know you mean well, but I just really wanna be left alo-oh!” He would exclaim mid-sentence as you wrapped your arms around his head and pulled him into your chest. Whenever he would hug you like that, it would always make you laugh at how awkward and uncomfortable the position was, immediately bringing you out of your funky mood. 

The only flaw in your plan was…Hoseok didn’t have boobs. But, you did. And right now you’re practically shoving them in his face. When you eventually pulled away to see if it made him feel any better, you were somewhat disappointed to see his face now scrunched up in displeasure. 

“Great. Now I’m sad and horny. Thanks a lot.” 


You were modeling a new dress for him that you had just bought. It was nothing fancy, nothing too out there, just a cute little sun dress in his favorite color. You bought it to wear for when you meet his family, wanting the first impression to be good - so you asked for his opinion. Jimin sat on the bed, waiting patiently as you changed in the bathroom, coaching you through the door. 

“Baby, whatever it is, you’ll look amazing in it! They won’t care, I love you - so they’ll love you, too!” 

“I just want to look like wife-material, that’s all!” You replied on the other side. Shaking his head slowly, he lets out a small chuckle before speaking under his breath. 

“You already do, everyday.” Almost blushing at his own greasy comment, the small sound of the bathroom door opening was enough to draw his attention. His jaw nearly hit the floor as you shyly strut into view - already fidgeting with the hem of the dress. 

“I-Is it too short? I feel like it is, just a little - do you like the color? Is the color okay, does it clash with my skin? It is a good color on me?” Question after question would spew from your mouth as you kept trying to find anything and everything that could be wrong with the dress. Jimin on the other hand was in his own little world as he stared at the woman before him in awe. Wow, you were really all his. All his, no one else’s. Now that you’ve put ‘wife-material’ in his head, it was all he could think about.

Park Y/n. Mrs. Park Y/n. The more he thought about it, the more it strangely aroused him. The thought of you in a wedding dress, taking his last name, baring his children - your honeymoon. The way you twirled in your sun dress was icing on the cake, you were gorgeous without even trying. Realizing that you were still rambling about the outfit, Jimin let out a soft ‘Yah,’ successfully getting you to stop talking and look at him with curiosity. 

“Regardless if you hate the dress or not, it’s gonna end up on the floor after the dinner, anyway.” 


Wouldn’t know what to do honestly. You had put on cat ears for the hell of it, and wore them around the house. Sneaking up behind Taehyung, you caught him off guard by purring in his ear, your arms wrapped around his shoulders from behind as you practically started to grind your lower half against his. Standing still in bewilderment, not having a clue on what you were doing, he decided to just wait it out and see how this ends. 

Pulling away from him with a small lick to his cheek, you scurry away while making tiny meow sounds, leaving poor Tae to stand in the kitchen in confusion. 

“What tf just happened and why am I turned on??”  



Attached (Part 11)

Summary: Modern AU. Your first day at the New York Bulletin takes a catastrophic turn when you accidentally overlook a fellow employee’s private chat session. Inspired by the novel Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

Word Count: 1,440

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10

A/N: I suppose it’s safe to that we are nearing the end of this story, my loves! As I hope all of you know, my gratitude and fondness for every single one of you who read and commented on this series are limitless. 

Originally posted by lowkeysebastianstan

Sitting back on your chair, you took a couple of deep breaths to calm down and recollect yourself, trying to find some tranquility within your internal chaos. 

After reading Barnes’ message, you screamed and startled everyone in your department, their eyes filled with worry when they saw you jump off your seat. When you noticed all of their eyes on you, you panicked and started babbling about seeing a spider on your desk, thus making you scream.

Thankfully, they accepted your reasoning as they all went back to work, but you…you were anything but fine after what you’ve just learned. You were in total shock.

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