you know this is awesome

Big Deal

Going over it

Not knowing what it

Meant, how I should feel

Maybe it was a joke

Maybe it wasn’t a big deal

But my heart seems caving

Like I might just go raving

Mad, a raging maniac

And my mind is braving

Through it on loop and back


Itself for another attack

And a tap on my shoulder

Makes me reel

I hear your voice

Cutting at my nerves of steel

I look up hurting

You don’t even give me time to heal

“What happened? Are you okay?”

“It’s not a big deal.”

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @jakei95!! (✿◡‿◡ฺ).:*☆

The first pic is kinda desspressing.. But we know you have been fighting all this time to make us smile and happy.. must be hard– YA NEED TO BE REMINDED HOW LOVED YA ARE HWHWHW

Seriously I HOPE YOU HAV A LOVIN DAY :’333


“Well he wrote the songs for Moana as well - Lin-Manuel Miranda, who played Hamilton and wrote the musical, wrote the songs, is now in the Mary Poppins movie…”

In which David Tennant is all of us.


Oh my gosh!!! I finally hit 5000+ followers???? Really didn’t think this would happen but here we are!

So in celebration of all of you sticking around through my many mood swings and self indulgent posts I  decided to do one of those raffles I see everywhere.


1. Because this is for my followers, you have to be following me to participate. But also dont just follow me for the raffle cause that wouldn’t be cool.

2. Like stated above, one like and one reblog. I don’t want anyone getting spammed. Only one reblog will count!!

And thats it for the rules because I havent really thought this through too much.


3rd place will receive a single character full body piece, fully coloured!

2nd place will get a 2 to 3 character full body, fully coloured

1st place will get a short comic!! Meaning not a full story or anything like that. As in, a scene from a fanfic you really like (with writer’s permission) or a couple of nerds doing some nerd stuff.

What I will draw!!

° Undertale is my obvious specialty, but i’ll draw from any fandom as long as I have proper references.

° Ocs (I love ocs alright??)

° nsfw things. But they’ll be posted on my nsfw blog

What I CANT draw

°Mechas. Please be kind

Deadline is Halloween because I love Halloween

So that gives you a while to reblog ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Good luck and all that!!! And thank you all for being awesome and supportive!! It’s really meant a lot to me these past few months, and I love you guys (*¯ ³¯*)♡


A little birthday something for Kaz who wanted S4 Sam - SN: 04x12

I drew the other two girls, might as well pay tribute to this lovely gal! Also, I wanted to draw something for @zacharandom because he sent me a bunch of sweet texts this morning and it just melted my heart, I have such great friends. So here’s to you, my dude. Galaxy haired Hazel!


For toastyhat, who wanted Rosa and Signless doing some actiony thing, so I drew them risking to face off zombies in the harsh daylight to get ahead of their highblood pursuers.

Take care buddy  ^u^


→ Catherine de Medici + Francis II, for @cassanabaratheon, Happy Birthday sweet <3

Please for God’s sake draw more chubby girls. Draw chubby girls being epic. Draw chubby girls being queens. Draw romantic chubby girls. Draw chubby girls having fun. Draw chubby girls exercising and looking damn good. Romanticize chubby girls. Cast chubby girls more often. Give chubby girls romantic lead roles. Let chubby girls look strong af. Let chubby girls look soft af. Draw chubby girls. Sing about chubby girls. Dance with chubby girls. Give us more powerful and strong lead females that are also chubby. Draw chubby girls being super hot. Draw chubby girls being super nice. Draw chubby girls being seen as the most beautiful people to any protagonist. Draw different body types of chubby girls. Make them look as beautiful as possible. And one more thing

Stop. Giving. Chubby girls. Thigh gaps. In art. In stories. In anything.

Some chubby girls do. Most don’t.

Just give me so much more beautiful chubby girl art. Because as a chubby girl, I wish I could feel like all the things written above more often.


I want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.” - Miyuki Kazuya