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hello i know you said you wouldnt make a tutorial on the hidden figures gifset bc it was too many things but i was wondering i you could make a tutorial specifically on the 5th gifset?

heres the orginal gifset anon is talking about 

hi! yes i would love to make a tutorial for you. here’s how i go from this:

to this:

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Hi! Do you know some good psds/templates/picspam etc for making mock blogs for extra part of character audition? Thanks

So I’ve never done a mock blog before, or ever made external things for an audition before, so I don’t have any go-to things that I already know of off the top of my head. So I instead just started thinking about what I’d do if I were to make extra things, and here is just basically a dump of templates/insp ideas that I’d probably take a look at/consider using. 


Inspiration from


  • Make a playlist (8tracks is great)
  • Make regular gif moodboards (ex1, ex2, ex3)
  • Make a page for headcanons
  • Make a character video

Those are just some of the stuff I’ve come across. If you’re in the need for more inspiration, I know most of the rps where people are actively making graphics and whatnot for their auditions usually have some sort of inspo tag that the rpers can put their creations in. So if the rp you’re interested in does have a tag like that, I’d check that tag out if I were in need for some inspo. 

And on a sidenote, I also have this tag on my multifandom that I put pretty/nice gifs and edits under to look back on whenever I want to make something or need some inspo, so if you’re like, desperate for inspo, you can also check out my tag there. Most of the examples for the inspo part are posts that I have in that tag. Anyways, I hope you found this helpful, lovely!

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Do you know if there are any psds that are made for the poc characters? I tried to make my own coloring but it just doesn't seem to be coming out right. Anything will help! Thank you!

I don’t really have a PSD in mind but I cn show you some tricks! It’s all about the reds baby (I’m assuming you have photoshop!) 

So this first picture is me just up-ing the brightness. 

this next one is me turngint he reds DOWN - this is a bad thing to do with the characters of colour. see how it makes them super pale and not like they are supposed to be? BAD!! 

This next is me using a PSD that was specifically made for a certain scene in Moana. See how it washes out the characters? Not good. 

So all I do is adjust the reds! Moana/Maui still looked pretty white washed but see how playing with the reds makes it a LOT better?

I tried fixing them up with the tone curves , which can help as well I only did it a little bit but it helps a lot ! ( i did it for the RBG and the Red curves) 

See how it changes a lot?!?!?! then i played with another layer of selective colours and focusing on the reds. 

A lot of it is trial and error, but these things are the things to focus on. You may have to alter the PSD to fit a specific scene so that they stay as true to characters as possible! if you have any more questions, feel free to message me!! :D hope this helped somewhat

hey, does anyone here have a Psychiatric Service Dog? if so, do you know how i could go about asking for/ getting one? dogs help immensely with my panic attacks and from what i’ve seen PSDs can also help me not self harm, check out rooms before i go into them (ptsd thing), remind me to take my meds, etc. idk if you could reply to this/send me a message (id prefer it not be an ask but if you have to that’s okay!) if you have any advice?

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hey! how would i go about training a dog to block the area behind me, or to kind of circle arround me as a method of crowd control? If you dont know thats fine, but im getting my psd pup soon and i wanna have a basic idea on how to train things

To train a block (or at least the way I did it), especially with a new PSDiT puppy, you would first want to train two things

1. Nose Target - This is incredibly helpful with all sorts of task training. First gently pat your dog on the nose, say something like “Nose” or “Target” and reward them. Repeat until your dog will touch your hand with their nose when you give the command. Then you can start working this further - say your command word, but move your hand away from your dog, so they have to follow it. Have a target in mind - so if your dog is sitting to the right of you, give the command and move your hand until your dog is now standing fully in front of you. Make sure to continuing rewarding. If your pup is stubborn, use food to get them to follow your hand for the first bit of training. 

2. Down - Kind of an obvious one. While you may want your dog to remain standing while doing a short block, during long periods of time, it will be easier for them to keep their focus on you and not their surroundings. 

Then, to train “Block”: Start with your dog in a heel position (or just sitting next to you) and say “Target” (or whatever command you’ve chosen) and move your hand behind your body until your dog is pressed up against the back of your legs, blocking the area behind you. Once they are in a good position, say “Good Block!” and give them a reward while they are still in the desired position. And repeat repeat repeat, slowly phasing out the targeting command until they connect the command “Block” with the action of going behind you. 

Nose Targeting is good for this because while training, you can help them adjust into the correct position. 

Here is a good video on Blocking (and Cover, which is the same concept, but in front of you), with some tips and tricks. 

Now, circling for crowd control is just this concept extended. Instead of stopping the nose target when your dog has stopped behind you, you’ll want to continue it around your body until your dog learns that one circuit around your body equals whatever command word you choose - “Circle” would be a good one.

Now, one final thing I want to say here - Blocking and Crowd Control are fairly advanced. If you are getting a puppy, the first several months are going to be devoted to basic, then increased level obedience, socialization, exposure to all sorts of new things. So while you can easily train a pup to Nose Target and Down, combining everything into a reliable “Block” is going to take a long time, especially to be able to do it in a high traffic area. 

Hopefully everything was clear!

- Riley

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do you think you could make some borders like the one that pinygseu uses? bc i love their borders so much omfg. i asked them about it but i guess they're not online for the holidays to answer me. if you cant that's fine :)

their borders are hella cute!! i tried to make some similar to them though there’s only like two that have that sparkle thing or whatever, most are random gif pixels. i also made two of each?? one with a thinner broder and one with a thicker. they are all in gif format not psd. if you’d like to know how to place them on your icon or if you wanted them with a texture, lemme know!!

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What do you know about service dogs for people with depression? I've had chronic major depression all my life (I'm 20 now) and it's gotten so bad that I've decided to take a leave of absence from college and won't be returning to my studies this fall. My depression severely limits what I can do both physically, socially, and mentally so this is why I've been thinking about getting a PSD.

I obviously cannot tell you is a PSD if right for you, so I encourage you to do your own research beyond just Tumblr blogs, but PSD can definitely assist with depression. 

Here is a list of PSD tasks:

But here are some that could be specifically helpful to you

  • Medication Reminder at Certain Time of Day
    • This is obviously dependent on whether you take medication, but I know with depression, remembering to do things can be really difficult
  • Wake Up and Bother Handler at Alarm Sound
    • Getting up each morning and actually getting out of bed can be hard - having a large, unflappable dog that will literally just bug the heck out of you until you are out of your bed and moving can help you kickstart the day and stave off the depressive sleep state
  • Provide Tactile Stimulation to Disrupt the Overload
    • If you are like me, my depression comes with random crying jags that I can’t really predict. My SD is trained to recognize the signs of one of these and come over and do things like ensure that my hands are not tugging at my hair or are clenched so hard that my nails are digging into my skin. She will also do Deep Pressure Therapy across my lap to help pull me back to a steadier reality
  • Break the Spell and/or Combat Sedative Side Effects
    • This could include turning on lights, bringing a TV remote or beverage, or insisting on the handler engage in a game of fetch with them (Note: the last one does not technically count as a task)
  • Providing an Excuse to Leave Upsetting Situation
    • If you reach your breaking point with socializing, your dog can be trained to bother you as if it needs to go outside or is hungry via a cue word or hand signal.

That is a good start on tasks. I would do some more research on tasks specific to your situation, breeds you’d prefer, costs associated with getting/training a PSD. But a PSD can definitely be a huge help with Major Depressive Disorder.

Also, and I’m not sure if this is relevant to you but it might be, if your depression causes you to skip meals or not sleep and as a result you are weak and unsteady at times, a SD can also be trained to provide bracing, counterbalance, and momentum pulling if it is large enough to do so with no unhealthy affects on its body. 

Hope this helps!

- Riley

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I'm thinking of making my own webcomic, do you have any tips?

Hi Hellandye!!! Sorry I took so long to answer this! I knew I needed a lot of time to spend on it… anyway, I’m excited you’re starting a webcomic! :D Everyone works on comics differently but I’ll tell you what helps me and maybe it’ll help you u vu)b if you’re struggling with something, let me know and I bet I could come up with another way to work on it!

1) Draw for print

  • When starting a comic, I’d always recommend drawing it at a size that can be printed bc you never know if you’ll want to print it later! Choose a size that’s good for you. 8.5″x11″, 7″x10.5″, etc. TINF is 5.25″x7.75″. (It’s recommended to draw your comic even larger than you want the final size to be, just make sure the ratio is the same! Things always look better sized down…)
  • Even if you draw your comic traditionally, make sure to scan it in and do any digital edits at a resolution no lower than 300dpi. If your resolution is lower than that, the quality won’t be as good when printed!
  • For each page I have the full size 300dpi PSD + a sized down for-web jpg (for ex, 600px wide, 72dpi).


  • When you’re printing, you need a lot of space for margins and bleed areas that could get cut off during the print process! I’m really, truly awful about knowing this stuff tho, so I recommend googling it and checking out what printers suggest for margins and sizes for safe drawing areas. I think generally, all together, you leave 0.75″ of space around your page or something? I don’t remember the specifics but I think I usually just leave like an inch border all around LOL.

2) Planning

Think about…

  • The plot! If there’s no plot, what’s the goal? Maybe the goal is “everyone becomes friends and life is beautiful.” If that’s the case, then most of the things that happen in the comic are pointing the characters towards that goal. (Don’t get me wrong: not every single chapter has to be plot- or goal-driven. Character development arcs are great too! But what’s an anime with 900 filler episodes? No thanks…)
  • The important points of the comic! I made a bullet point list of all the important things I wanted readers to become aware of in some way in TINF (for ex, I wrote: “unknowingly meet Sydney Morgan’s publicist; meet actor Vincent Fawkes; Selby’s handwriting matches Sydney Morgan’s; Isaiah becomes suspicious of Landon and regrets ‘hiring’ him,” etc)


  • I’m like the biggest fan of summaries EVER!!! Do a summary of your entire story. How do you want to introduce it? What’s the climax? How does it end? Really plan the beginning/end: the beginning is the backbone of the comic since it introduces the story (I regret TINF’s beginning everyday of my life, save me) + the end will be the driving force for it. The end of TINF is planned as, well… you guessed it, a summary, but I know what’s gonna go down.
  • Similarly, I do summaries of all my chapters: the beginning scene is concrete and planned out, the middle is kind of a general thought (in which you decide what you want to happen but the why can be messed around with), and the end scene is always concrete and planned out.
  • I leave the middle a general thought because comics are wild n free so it’s a lot easier to be loose and not get attached to a single idea. If you have single ideas for scenes that you’re super attached to, it becomes a real struggle because thoughts don’t always remain awesome when visualized… :’(

I’ve got my story, now how far ahead should I plan ahead?

  • Erm… I’m bad at this. This kind of thing changes the more you do comics. When I first started TINF, I had a Google doc of bullet points and ideas for about 15 chapters and I’d thumbnail at least half the chapter before I started on it. Thumbnailing a chapter is really great if you’re unsure about pacing: it helps make sure you don’t have a 50 pg intro scene, 11 pgs spent in the bathroom, and 30 pages of staring each other down DBZ style. It keeps you succinct so when someone checks back on your comic 5 months later you’re not still drawing the characters in the same room, having the same conversation about whether they should go to the mall or not. Once you get the hang of your pacing style, you can kind of procrastinate more… but… y-YOU SHOULDN’T… (don’t look at me)

3) Thumbnails

(Thumbnails are tiny versions of your pages. They’re generally sketchy and loose and are used to plan your comic visually.)

  • I put this in its own section outside of planning because thumbnails are 9000% the most important thing in my life :’D Some people work with scripts and, while I’ve planned through dialogue countless times, 1) you can’t put that much text into a page, 2) written dialogue moves a lot slower than visual dialogue in a comic–a “short” typed conversation can be pages and pages–so sometimes it’s better to plan the comic at the same time as the dialogue so the pacing is more natural. Or, if you do a script, maybe it’s not like a 100% must-be-their-dialogue type of thing.
  • Plan everything in your thumbnails: the perspective, how to draw that weird hand, where the speech bubbles are going to go (nothing worse than drawing a bg then covering it w/a bubble)… be precise! Do not stop thumbnailing if you can’t figure something out. Solve all your problems in the thumbnail stage!!!
  • I promise if you plan everything in the thumbnails (even greys/colors), inking your page will be SO FAST!!! It’ll be awesome. My record so far is 11 comic pgs in a day… (never again, please)
  • I do my thumbnails the same size ratio as a normal pg bc it makes life easier… :’)
  • Here’s an ex of my thumbnails:

(link for fullsize–I lit draw them at this size)

4) Editing

  • Always show a friend your comics or tell them your ideas and get feedback!! It’s really easy to get lost in our own little world where everything makes sense but, honestly, a lot of things in our heads are trainwrecks. I always tell my chapter ideas or show my thumbnails or pages to a friend before releasing them into the world… (the crowd cheers and someone falls to their knees, shouting praises into the air, for not having to experience my unfiltered mind)

5) Little Nicole Things

(Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s you too! Be wild, be free, you can make comics in an infinite amount of ways, but here are some things that I think about a lot.)

The amount of text in…

  • The introduction! I’m a visual person. I generally don’t like to read. My #1 advice if you want to hook someone into your comic during the introduction is NOT to start off with a wall of text explaining everything. A straight-to-the-point, attention-grabbing introduction won’t put readers to sleep in the first 5 pgs of the comic while struggling to hit the ‘next’ button.
  • Speech bubbles! Don’t overload speech bubbles with text. If you have like 5 sentences in 1 speech bubble that’s probably too much. I know this is some style of comics so, definitely, if it’s your desire, go for it! But when things get wordy, my attention span wavers…


  • Pacing is super tough especially when you want 900 things to happen in your comic. If you’re drawing a graphic novel or releasing your comic a chapter or more at a time, def go wild and free with pacing! I ENCOURAGE IT… it’s great.
  • BUT if you’re doing a once- or twice-a-week updated webcomic, the pacing is a lot more important. Something that helps me is: try to make at least 1 interesting thing happen in your page. If you have 1 exciting moment in your page, the tiny update for that week, hopefully, won’t feel unsatisfying.

Page size

  • Please remember to resize the page for web! Nothing is less exciting than having a 5000px wide image where I can’t even see one panel on the screen at a time.

Handwriting vs Font

  • Laughs darkly into the night over my handwriting… hi, hello there. Generally, it’s a lot easier and neater to use a font! When doing handwriting, I’d recommend using all caps because having all the letters at the same size is very smooth to read.
  • When doing handwriting, only use the hat/tail on an uppercase “I” if the “I” is the beginning of the sentence or if it’s the pronoun. For the rest, simply write it as a straight line.


  • I’m going to tell you all a secret: all I do is blow up my thumbnails and ink over them. I don’t sketch. ~ur welcome~

6) Random tipz

  • Don’t get too attached to anything! Nothing destroys your entire being more than not being able to portray the scene you’ve been dreaming about for 900 years in your head perfectly.
  • Don’t force an idea! If you’re not feeling something, don’t do it. If you make your comic Everything You Love then, well, you’ll love it! If you’re bored with something, the readers will probably get bored too.
  • Progress will be fast so don’t let it get you down! It’s easy to want to give up or start over but you won’t get anywhere unless you keep pushing forward. Yes, I regret drawing like infinite # of TINF pgs, but usually you like it better later. Or, if you hate it… well… oh well… :’) verily, that is the way of the world… let’s do better next time!
  • Do 900 TINF cameos
  • Don’t be me :’)

7) HAVE FUN!!!

  • Comics can be as experimental as you want and there’s no “right” way to make them. If you decide you hated everything I said, that’s ok! Be you, have fun, express yourself, and you’ll love to make comics. And really, as long as you love it, that’s what matters the most! :D

Again, these aren’t “rules” so def do what you like, but maybe these will help! Best wishes Hellandye, lemme know if you start your comic, I wanna see!!! ILU TTvTT)))bbb

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Where did the idea for the Fraymotif circles come from? The one canon example of one I know of doesn't have them, so I was curious.

well, I was talking to Rah about Fraymotif attacks and she was like “hey, Hussie has referenced (I think it was Final Fantasy?) before, and they had these cool magic circle things, maybe you could incorporate those!”

and thus a variety of Fraymotif animations like this were born:

BUT I also left the the PSD files with just the circles themselves in my Google Drive folder, and at some point Andrew decided to use them the way he did in the final animation, and that is how that happened.

A PSA to White Fandom

Honestly, I need you guys to be more critical of the stuff you post/reblog and the stuff you watch/read.

  •  If you see posts that exclude poc and especially woc call them out and/or don’t reblog them. I’m talking about stuff like gifsets that celebrate ladies and exclude important woc but include tertiary and minor white ladies.
    Or posts about the cast of a certain show/movie but don’t include the poc and especially the woc (Like this post, Joker/Jared Leto tw). Or this gem
  • If you see edits or gifsets that whitewash POC call them out and/or don’t reblog them, everyone knows you don’t have to use those ugly grey pastel PSDs anymore
  • STOP with the continuous praising and recommendations of shows/movies/books because you deem them “Progressive”.
    I’m tired of seeing posts that celebrate racist shitstains like The 100 just because it has characters of colour. If you don’t know shit about how racism manifestates itself in stories then shut up about representation. 
  • Educate yourself on racism in media. I’d suggest following writingwithcolor to learn more about it. The only thing you’re doing by making posts  like the aforementioned is spreading misinformation while patting yourself on the back because “you care”. (fyi, you probably don’t)

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I don’t want y’all to ever be sad or lose hope. I know life can be hard and kick you in the bootay sometimes. I know it can be discouraging and at times you feel like “is it ever gonna happen for me” or “am I ever going to be in love?” Well my dear the answer is yes. I truly believe you are. “But what about” NOOOOOOO. No buts. Do I know when it will happen? No. But it’s going to. You may think what you want about yourself, but let me tell you something. You are amazing, and I need you to believe this. Your smile, your laugh, your body, your hair, your ears, your nose, your quirks…everything….is pretty darn wonderful. You are perfectly imperfect and it’s time for you to EMBRACE and show love to who that is.

“The great thing about Guns N’ Roses was that they always said ‘fuck you’ to everyone. They became the biggest band in the world by doing exactly what they wanted.”  M. Shadows para Metal Rock News

“We’re not the next anybody. We’re Avenged Sevenfold. But we know where we wanna be. And we have confidence in the way we’re gonna get there.” Shadows disse ao ser questionado se o Avenged Sevenfold tinha pretensão de ser o “novo Guns n Roses”

  Hey guys! So, in the honour of Chinese new year, @torihelps and I are hosting this Chinese New Year event for the roleplay community!

  For the CNY weekend, Jan 27 - 29, different helpers and creators will be sharing their resources with all of you! This event’s main purpose is to bring focus onto the lack of Chinese face claims used, and of course, to celebrate Chinese new year!

This is how it works:

  ANYONE can join the event as a creator, as a receiver, or both! There is no signing up required or anything like that.

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Dressing like a Queen
-> Felicity’s Outfits 4x01 Green Arrow

“ Playing the-reason-that-you-know-so-much-about-Ghosts-is-because-you’ve-been-helping-the-team-behind-my-back game.” =.=


Suddenly olicity. This is the good thing about having a whole week. More time. Haha

One of my favourite scenes in the episode and it seemed do empty without Oliver in it. :P
Don’t expect this very often though because I lost the PSD file for Oliver’s face ;3;

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(( if anyone wishes to be tagged or untagged in any of my Arrow fanart please let me know 0w0))

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