you know the point of waking up from hibernation is to not go back to sleep the next day

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You should totally do a blurb about Harry having to wake up really early for all of his radio interviews on Friday morning and having to say goodbye while (y/n) is still half asleep! It would be so cute and fluffy:)

This request was right up my alley. A bit of fluff before we all.. you know, die. x


He’s trying to move as quietly as possible, careful not to leave the bathroom door open more than a crack so the light doesn’t shine on your face as he tiptoes back and forth between it and the room. It’s early outside, the sky skill a dark, brooding shade of blue and the sun is still hibernating until it absolutely needs to be up.

He’s currently standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, trying to tame his wildly growing hair in a decent way. Although he won’t actually be on a television show today, he knows there’s bound to be paparazzi around the studios he’s going to. The tips Lou had given him have managed to fly out of his head. He sighs quietly, tapping his fingers along the counter and glancing at his reflection in the mirror. He takes a deep breath, puffing his cheeks out as he exhales. He’s nervous, exuberantly so. But even more so, he’s buzzing from his toes to the top of his head, the familiar feeling of anticipation and excitement bubbling in him. It’s been a year since he’s felt it, a year since he’s done what he loves to do, and this time around, he’s doing it exactly how he wants.

With one final glance towards the mirror, and a squirt of Tom Ford, he flips the switch gently and walks out into your room. His boots are clacking against the wood floors and he hisses, glancing up at you quickly as he comes to a stop. You’re unperturbed, though, still sound asleep with your head tilting a bit too far off your pillow. The skin around his eyes crinkle and the corners of his mouth lift up in his first smile of the day. The scene before him is one he’s seen many times, granted, usually he’s next to you with a much closer view. Your hair is sticking to your cheek and you’ve got the fluffy blankets you insist on having every night pulled up around you, he assumes to make up for the lack of his warmth. One of them is slipping off the bed and laying halfway on the floor.

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An American Werewolf In Japan - Werewolf!McCree x Hanzo / Chapter 3: Strange Feelings

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Jesse stirred a bit as his eyelids fluttered a bit before they slowly opened up. He flinched away when he saw the bright white lights of the hospital room. He groaned and clutched his head, it sounded more like a growl as he rubbed his eyes.

That noise. What was that forsaken noise driving him insane? Jesse felt angry at that noise for reason. He opened his eyes and his head shot in the direction of that noise in pure rage only to see that it was the heart monitor. He shook his head and groaned again, rubbing his temples as he tried to focus.

Everything was blurry yet sharp. He was very dizzy and he felt nauseous. He looked down at his hands to see his left metal arm was off, only leaving his stump from his elbow and up. He looked to the side to see the blurry outline of his arm and sighed in content. His other arm held a few cords, needles and tubes giving him life and making sure his body is well taken care of.

Memories of that night were flashing past his eyes. The date, the flowers, the kis- Hanzo! That thing!

Jesse looked down at his shoulder to see it was bandaged up, the same went for the wraps around his waist. He looked around for any sight of Hanzo, but all he got was his vision fading back to normal. His heart monitor sped up as he got worried.

Is he dead? Is he in the ICU? Where is he?

Those thoughts ran through his head as he started panicking. The door opened as Angela ran in with a clipboard and a few needles in hand, only to calm down when she saw Jesse was sitting straight up.

“Jesse lay back down,” she said calmly while she put the needles down.

“Where is he, Angie?” Jesse asked, ignoring her request.

“Hanzo? Oh, I forgot to move the curtain,” she said as she walked up to the sheet.

With one swift motion, she moved the sky blue and purple polka dot curtain to the end to reveal Hanzo. His eyes were closed and his heart monitor was on silent mode.

“What happened to him?” Jesse asked.

“Well he had large gashes on his chest and stomach so he had to get stitched up,” she said softly. “But you took the brunt of the attack. That wolf almost mauled you.” She looked at Jesse to see how he was taking this and retrieved his metal arm. “Hanzo woke up a few hours before you did, but his medications made him fall back asleep. He’s alright, but he’s just tired. You, however, you’re fully awake.” She looked at the bag to see it was empty. “I’ll get you another bag.

“As she left, Jesse looked at Hanzo’s eyelids flutter as if he was dreaming.

“Thanks, doc,” Jesse whispered.

His heart shattered at the sight of Hanzo in that bed. It yearned for Jesse to do something. He just had this feeling that he needed to just hug Hanzo, to push all of his pieces back together. But both of the men were basically bed bound until Mercy deems them able to leave the medical bay.

Hanzo’s eyes flutter a little faster as his breathing changed, get a little faster. Jesse watched sadly, thinking Hanzo was having a nightmare but smiled when he saw Hanzo’s eyes crack open. The archer’s eyes opened up a bit more and he placed a hand on his head which was probably throbbing. He shook his head, getting rid of the clouds haunting his brain and looked over at Jesse only for his eyes to widen.

“Hey,” Jesse said with a wink. “How ya holdin’ up?”

“I am fine..” he said softly as he looked down to his lap covered by white sheets. “You are looking better than before.”

“What do ya mean?”

“Your skin looked.. gray. It looked like you were dead.”

“Well I ain’t dead yet,” Jesse chuckled.

It was silent for a bit before the machines next to the two men started beeping, thus signaling another dose of medication for their bodies to be lulled to sleep. Hanzo was out like a light with his head pointed in Jesse’s direction but Jesse’s mind was fighting. He felt sick and heavy all of a sudden as his vision started getting blurry once more. The bright white walls and lights were giving him a migraine as his breathing picked up. His limbs and body started shutting down as his eyes finally shut tight.

While he was out, all he could see were the images of what could only be nightmares. They were of that beast that haunted and almost slaughtered the two of them. But, it didn’t have the same features. It had thicker and slightly longer dark brown fur, its eyes were a neon and hollow yellow, its fangs and claws were longer, it was taller and thicker with more muscle. It had no left hand or even forearm, only having a stump that stops after his elbow. Its right hand was covered in blood as its eyes were trained down at the being in front of it.

And there was Hanzo pressed up against the wall, looking up at the beast with wide eyes. Blood was trickling down his nose and the right corner of his mouth along with the huge gash in the middle of his stomach, bleeding through his clothes and his fingers. He was breathing fast as he tried his best to scrunched back farther into the wall, anything to get away from that monster. Where was his bow? It was cracked in a few pieces and kicked away somewhere in the opposite corner along with his quiver full of broken arrows.

It looked like Hanzo tried to say something or call out something, and by just looking at his lips, it looked as if Hanzo was calling out for Jesse. But there was no sound. Nothing. It was deathly silent. Except for when the monster lunged at Hanzo and he yelled out in pain as everything snapped to black.

Jesse felt as if he was being shook awake and he shot up, his eyes quickly opening to see Mercy with worry etched on her face. His heart monitor was going crazy and Hanzo was on the other side of him while holding his hand with the same facial expression as Mercy’s.

“What’s goin’ on?” Jesse asked as he started to calm down.

“You were having a bad dream and we had to wake you up,” Mercy sighed. “You were in that.. condition again. You were gray but this time… you were growling and snarling and.. it sounded like you were howling with pain.” Jesse just put his head in his hands and sighed. His mind was racing and his eyes were burning by the nauseating white walls. “We’ll be keeping you in here for the next three days. Hanzo is okay to leave, but you need to stay here. Now I’ll be back with some fresh sheets,” she said as she walked out.

“I am not going to leave your side until you are out of here,” Hanzo said softly.

“You don have to do that darlin’,” Jesse stated as he stood up.

“Jesse sit down. You are on bed rest for the next three days.”

A sudden rush of anger came over Jesse and boiled in his blood.

“I don’t need it. It was just a nightmare. Everyone gets em,” Jesse snapped. He calmed down a bit and looked at Hanzo only to feel guilty at Hanzo’s solemn appearance. “I’m sorry… I didn’ mean that.”

“I understand,” Hanzo said as he tried to guide Jesse to sit on his bed, “but you need rest. Three more days. Then you are free. And I will be here, right next to you through every day. Will that please you?”

Jesse nodded and cracked a small smile.

“Okay darlin’,” he whispered.

~Five Days Days Later~

The sunlight shined through the window and hit Jesse straight in the eyes causing him to groan and sit up. He looked over at the window and shut the curtains before going back to his bed and basically hibernate once more. That was until Soldier barged through his door locked and loaded.

“McCree! Wake up!” he ordered.

“Five more minutes pa,” Jesse groaned as he cuddled ‘his’ pillow.

It was stolen from Hanzo’s room.

“Now,” Soldier boomed and Jesse was up. “There’s a problem at Dorado and everyone is needed there now. Even you. Now get ready. The ship leaves in twenty minutes and if you aren’t on that plane so help me I will ring your ass.”

Soldier hurried away to warn everyone else and Jesse quickly got ready, already knowing that Jack Morrison does not joke around, but not as much as Gabriel Reyes. When Jesse went to open his closet door to retrieve his serape and chest plate, his hand burned up. He yanked it back and shook it in the air.

He shrugged thinking the metal knob shocked him but… When he placed his hand on the knob again it burned. It felt like his hand was in a fire. He yanked it away yet again and used his metal hand to open the door. He quickly grabbed the items and ran off to the ship.

Then he noticed something. He was faster and more agile, not to mention he had a lot of energy. It felt like he was a pent up racing dog. That and he felt stronger for some reason. His senses have sharpened, being able to see farther (he’s happy with that so he doesn’t need to wear glasses), his hearing had somehow gotten better, and his reflexes have sharpened. Not only that, but he feels fuzzy inside like his insides are covered with.. fur? He’s warmer than usual and he has these cravings for rare and even raw meat.

When Jesse got on the ship, he sat down to try and clear his head. He was rubbing his temples and pinching the bridge of his nose so he can focus better.  That was until a firm hand was placed on Jesse’s shoulder. Looking up, he saw Hanzo looking down at him with a smile. Jesse instantly started to calm down as Hanzo and Jesse started conversing.

“After this mission,” Hanzo started, “do you want to travel to Hanamura with me? It will not be until next weekend, so you can think about it.”

“I’d love to darlin’,” Jesse said as he placed his lips on Hanzo’s.

“Get a room!” Lena laughed as zipped around, obviously excited for the mission.

Fire And Caffeine ( Lafayette X Reader )

YO! Been a while since I last posted a request, I know, but I’m here now. @modernmajorgeneral aka thE LOVE OF MY LIFE says: “Hey hey! Can I please request a Lafayette x reader with number 4 from your request ideas list? I seriously love your writing! xx” And um this has been sitting on my queue for two months I’m sorry for that for real Steph ya know I don’t do it on purpose. I’m also not particularly fond of this fic, but I did my best. I mean, I hate the ending but I can’t work on this any longer or I’ll flip oh God what the hell.

Anyways. I have an idea for um stuff so I’ll be making a post + the November Burr-thday project soon. Tonight, if I can. Much love <3

Word Count: 1.615

Warnings: swearing like a good bit of it and um I think that’s all?

Setting: Modern Day AU

Originally posted by confidhent

You’re suicidal”, Lafayette chuckled through the phone, and you could practically picture him rubbing his eyes. 

“Maybe I am”, you mocked, eyebrows up and tone serious. “So? Will you help me, Laf?”

He seemed to consider it. “Let me get it straight, oui?”

“Be my guest”, it was your turn to chuckle. 

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Failed Picnic with Mukami Yuma

[ Edition: Yuma’s Birthday ]

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  • © 2016 Please, please, please do not repost it anywhere! Thank you!
  • Word Count: 3993
  • Themes: SFW

Half of your body draped over the vampire’s stomach whilst the other half continued to lay on his side, your head shuffled itself towards his chest a little more as your fingers started to curl. The two of you had simply laid there the whole day after he had finished tending his garden and just cuddled up as though you were two bears ready for hibernation; although if you hadn’t been half on top of him, he would probably have squashed your form into nothingness with how your height had differed to his own. Occasional circles drew onto his shirt slightly as you took another breath, perching your chin upon his chest as you look at him slightly. Eyes closed, brown hair messed and heavy breathes had breathed outwards, you untangled one of your hands from his shirt and brought to plop at his nose, waking him up if he had been asleep. Although with his ragged breathing and the ceased evident in his eyebrows, you were certain that he hadn’t been awake.
        “Yuma-kun,” the soft whispers of his name slipped passed your lips as another plop of your finger tip had touched his nose. “Wake up…” Your finger moved towards his two redden cheeks and then towards his forehead; although before your had managed to tap his nose once more, his fingers wrapped around yours as his eyes lazily glanced over to you. “It’s not nice to sleep on someone, you know,” the words whisper out softly as you pouted. “Hm… but I was wondering… Will you really not be celebrating your birthday tomorrow?”
        The lazy look written on his face didn’t faze you. You had asked him this question about multiple times, and the answer still remained the same. No. From how you had known them, birthdays were the day that you were suppose to be with family and friends where you share gifts and thanks for being there for them. It was a celebration where cake and lots of food were made in honour of that person -something you had a feeling that the big bear besides you would enjoy dearly- yet he continued to say no. From what you knew, the other Mukami brothers had done the same. Kou and Ruki did have a small gathering between the family, but you wouldn’t call it really a party as they shared food as though they were still eating dinner normally. Less bicker between brothers had been made, but it still had been the same; the experience had still been the same.
        Eyes closed, he released your wrist as his fingers pushed back his hair with a sigh. “How many fuckin’ times do I need to tell ya, Sow?” His eyes opened to glance back at you, his other arm adjusted around your waist to pull your body even closer than it already had been. “I’m not gonna celebrate my birthday. It isn’t even my real fuckin’ birthday… I don’t remember my actual birthday… None of us except for Ruki does… So there is no point in celebratin’ if it isn’t my real birthday, Sow,” Yuma explained once more with a sigh. The hand placed on your back slowly moved its way up underneath your shirt, his fingers slightly pinched along your skin as he had went. “Don’t ask about it-”

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Expanding the agency

Some Steggy pregnancy headcanon for Day 4 of Steggy Positivity Week (Domesticity):

As somebody who has always relied on knowing her body’s capabilities, pregnancy is hard on Peggy, because she never knows what to expect next.

First there’s the constant nausea, which is more than a little inconvenient when trying to get an international spy agency off the ground. For a while, she can’t even sneeze without subsequently losing her breakfast, and the smell of coffee at a morning meeting does her in more than a few times. Steve takes to eating breakfast at the Automat on the way to work, where Peggy suspects he and Angie compare notes on this new, overly-sensitive version of herself.

At least, Peggy jokes, she’s finally developed an honest-to-goodness superpower – the power to smell food from an astonishing distance. But she has never been a good patient, she’s always pushed every convalescence she’s ever had, and waiting and waiting for the indeterminate day when the nausea will pass drives her absolutely batty.

The situation is not helped by the fact that she has developed a strong aversion to tea (Edwin Jarvis is the only one who shows the proper sympathy for this dismaying development).

Then there is the constant, all-encompassing sleepiness. She finds herself threatening to nod off even in the middle of the most important meetings, and often lies down for a short nap after work only to find herself waking up well after midnight. Steve tries waking her for dinner a few times, but they eventually agree that it’s best if he just leaves her a sandwich in the refrigerator, and saltines and ginger ale on the counter. He feels a little helpless in the face of all of the vomiting and hibernating, both of which are very unlike Peggy, but this at least is something concrete he can do for her.

She mercifully starts feeling better midway through the pregnancy. There is a brief golden period where, although her usual clothes are past the point of stretching to accommodate her growing midsection, she feels energized and invulnerable. She rather enjoys sitting in meetings and feeling the tiny secret flutters of the baby moving about inside her. She has another superpower, she realizes. She is growing a human being inside her own body. Top that one, Rogers.

But then, she enters the third trimester. She looks unmistakably pregnant now, and seems to grow larger by the day. She has always been very sure of her balance, but her centre of gravity is shifting so quickly that she feels clumsy and lumbering. Bending down is a chore, and buckling her shoes, while still possible if she stretches her knees to the side one at a time, is much more of a workout than she could have thought possible.

Although her doctor has instructed her to avoid exercise, she wants to reassure herself that she can still defend herself if necessary. Steve holds the heavy bag for her, reasoning that since she’s going to do it anyway, it’s better if he’s there. They discover that, while her balance is off and she can only kick at ankle height from the front, her kicks from the side are still as deadly as ever, and her punches are fantastic, not that she’s planning to get into any fights. “And if you do, you can kick them viciously in the ankles,” Steve advises, and ducks away from the right cross she immediately throws in his direction, although he is pretty sure she meant to miss.

The workout session leads to a workout of a different sort. Peggy has found herself rather insatiable lately, and Steve is not complaining.

Steve’s favorite new game, though, is to place items on Peggy’s belly and watch the baby kick them off. Peggy does not find this quite so amusing, although she agrees that the baby has superb aim and power, and will probably make an excellent SHIELD agent one day.

Approaching the due date, the baby takes to digging its toes into Peggy’s ribs, and attempting to punch its way out in all directions. With no room for her lungs to expand, Peggy finds herself out of breath just walking up a flight of stairs, and she has a maddening need to empty her bladder every ten minutes. 

She suddenly finds, though, that she is in no hurry to be done with all of this. She doesn’t fear the birth itself, but she has come to the frightening realization that she is about to be a mother. She finds she does not share Steve’s supreme confidence that the two of them will magically know what they’re doing.

When their daughter does finally decide to emerge into the world, it is clear that she takes after both of her parents in terms of impulsive behavior, and has inherited a good dose of drama from her father. Margaret Sarah Carter Rogers makes her debut, rather more quickly than expected, in the back of one of Howard Stark’s favorite cars, delivered by an extremely unprepared Edwin Jarvis.

There are frantic radio calls, and a lot of yelling by all involved, but by the time Steve arrives the baby is cradled on Peggy’s chest and Jarvis is half fussing over them and half fretting over whether it will be possible to clean the upholstery, or whether it’s better to give up entirely and just advise Howard to buy a new car.

In the week following the birth, Peggy cries more than she has since Steve went down in the Valkyrie, develops ridiculously large breasts that she and Steve both threaten to punch Howard for ogling, rediscovers her taste for tea, and one afternoon suddenly falls so deeply in love with their daughter that she can’t imagine what on earth she had ever done without her.

However, neither Peggy nor Steve get a good night’s sleep for a very long time after that.

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Yoonseok~~ "I'm sitting with my friends you walk into the cafe and I stare because how can someone have such a radiant smile. Turns out my friends invited you and I'm not prepared as you start walking over. I just want you to stop smiling for a sec so I can breath."

wc: 2kish

a/n: ppfpfofofts 

in retrospect, yoongi supposes that spilling coffee on the cute boy your friends had invited over for the afternoon is a wrong way to make a first impression. probably the worst, because, one: coffee is hot, and two: now, yoongi looks like a complete and utter idiot. which he isn’t, just for the record. he’s rather capable, much more composed, and not as clumsy, honestly

but - but before that, it had been quiet, and much, much earlier, before all of that, it had been - 

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Merry not Christmas - [4/5]

Killian Jones has spent the last five years avoiding anything and everything to do with Christmas; a veritable Grinch. Though perhaps Ebenezer Scrooge is more fitting; he’s not out to ruin Christmas, he simply prefers to pretend that it doesn’t exist. So what happens when he takes a tumble on the mountainside and winds up spending the holiday cooped up in a small cabin with his saviour, Emma Swan? My spin on the “snowed in” trope. Rated M.

| Chapter.1 | Chapter.2 | Chapter.3 |

Also available at FF.NET.

He wakes in the dark, colder than he should be under three thick blankets, to the sound of banging around in the mudroom. Emma is no longer asleep on the couch, the fire is long burnt out, and the crate that usually holds firewood, sits empty beside the bed.

He’s about to get up and investigate when there’s another loud bang and Emma drops a fresh crate of firewood on the floor so she can use both hands and the weight of her body to close the door against the howling wind outside.

Eira grabs the crate between her teeth and begins hauling it toward the fireplace while Emma works to get out of her snow gear. “Want to get that fire started again?” she calls out, her teeth chattering, and he quickly slips from the bed, grabbing his crutch so he can be of some sort of use.

Outside of the bed and the cocooned warmth of the blankets, the cabin is freezing and he wonders just how long they’ve been without heat. He was sure he’d thrown enough wood on the fire to last through at least part of the night, but the temperature outside seems to have plummeted and there’s a nasty backdraft blowing in from up the chimney.

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