you know the dog that are your home work

how to get a girlfriend (easy)

what you’ll need:

  • one (1) box of captain crunch
  • a copy of fallout: new vegas (pc or console, both work)
  • lactos-free milk or soy milk (never regular milk)
  • one (1) can of sprite
  • confidence!!!!!


  • find a girl you like
  • make sure she’s into girls by giving her the can of sprite (by then i hope i’ve made it well-known in the gay community that sprite is for gay ppl only)
  • mention you play fallout: new vegas. of she gets excited, you’ve already got yourself a date. if she doesn’t know what that is, invite her over to your house to play
  • yeah then do that. eat captain crunch while playing. kiss her on the mouth. ask her to be your gf.
  • you get married and have three kids, a dog, and a cat. you live in a nineteenth-century home in the middle of kansas. you work the farm while your wife has her canning business. 
  • sometimes you see a figure in your field of wheat and turnips: humanoid, shifting, like it’s made of smoke. every time you approach it, it vanishes. you chalk it up to your mind playing tricks on you.
Suga Daddy: Part 9

Suga Daddy: Part 9 (m)

Word count: 8.2k

Genre/Warnings: angst, smut, dom!Yoongi, dirty talk, role-play (I’m sorry Yugyeom)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: It’s finally time for your showcase but Yoongi is nowhere to be found.

I know some of you have been reading this since the beginning and that’s crazy to me. Thank you so much for the constant support. I love you guys and Yoongi so yeah, onto the next chapter :) 

 Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

This week had been nonstop practice for you. You spent so much time at school or in your dance studio. The dance showcase was getting closer and closer but you were damn well ready. Plus like you had said, Yoongi was now at your place, at night like nothing had happened. He would come to your home, spend wonderful passionate nights with you, play with the dog and be gone before you woke up the next morning.

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M a s t e r l i s t ♡

My full masterlist with all my smuts and drabbles and shits. And yes…I mean everything…even the shitty ones. I mean they’re all shit but…

Quick Notes:

•Ones marked with ‘🅡’ are requests

•Ones marked with ‘∅’ are (in my opinion) the dirtiest/best ones


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Bts Sexual Punishments When They’re Mad At You

 Abcs NSFW, Jungkook                                                                         
Male reader

         Female reader


• Jealous of a Puppy

Jimin and Jungkook
You, Jungkook, Jimin are all sitting down when Jimin asks you and Jungkook if you’ve ever had a threesome before.


Yoongi and Taehyung
Your two sex friends, Taehyung and Yoongi come over to play with you. Hard.



You and Yoongi are roommates and it’s very rare for two of you to do anything with each other. When he decides to be a bitch one day, you facetime him while he’s in the shower. He then gains fucking superpowers and reads your mind, knowing exactly what you want. He takes you into the shower with him to wake you up a little bit more.


Secret Admirer 🅡

Namjoon calls you and asks you to get drinks with him. When you get home, you’re a little bored. So, you decide to have a little fun with Namjoon. Afterwards, you find out a very big secret he’s been keeping from you. 


Not In the Mood

You come home from dance practice to find a horny Jimin that’s been waiting too long.

Magic Trick

While looking for a lighter in the kitchen, you come across some playing cards. The cards remind you of a magic trick you wanna show Jimin. This ‘magic trick’ makes him fall completely under your control.


“It’s October 3rd”

You and Jungkook have been the best of friends for years, but Jungkook thinks that you can be closer than you already are.

Slow Torture 🅡∅

Torture is a dish best served slowly.


Kookie gets sick and asks you to come over. You think that he wants you to take care of him but he really just wanted you there. He doesn’t want you babying him, but he lets you take care of him in the shower.


You had to clean the house. Jungkook was asleep. That was good. You didn’t have him to distract you from actually being productive today. Except…When he woke up….Well, you couldn’t really complain.



Your best friends, Bts, come over and spend the night. You had to wake to feed your fatass dog, who just has to be fed in the middle of the night. While doing so, you were surprised to see a sleepy Hoseok sitting on you couch and playing video games.


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Daddy’s Home 🅡

Jinyoung comes home from a long day of working and just wants to be fed. You made him a cake, but…that’s not really the taste he’s longing for….

✕Monsta x

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Sweety Pi

Wonho wants to come over and spend the night. You know that he only wants to so he could get in your panties. You tell him the only way he could come over is if he lets you tutor him.


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VIXX Reaction To Buying Their Girlfriend New Jeans, But She Can’t Fit Them Because She’s Gained Weight 🅡


Try To Be Gentle 🅡

You love your friend, but you hated her parties. It was only ever people fucking in your face as if they knew you were a virgin. You’ve only ever watched porn, yet have never done anything to yourself. Your friend, Taekwoon, helps you get rid of this problem.



Wonsik always holds you tightly during intimate moments. In return, you do the same.


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Trust Me >> Chanyeol



Your best friend, Sehun, introduces you to the oh-so-famous-and-talented, Park Chanyeol, who you just adore. When Sehun leaves to handle Xiumin’s bullshit, you two get know each other very well.



You decide to have a sleepover with exo and a few of your friends. You and Xiumin end up have ‘fun’ but have to make sure that you don’t wake the boys or shit’ll hit the fan.


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Far From It

You go to Comic Con and meet a boy you’ve seen before. He tries to slip a boner pass you, but you wore your glasses today


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No Control, No Filter

You and ‘your friend’ ,Ten, were at some wedding both your parents made you go to. It was full of old people, weird smells, and was boring as fuck. The two of you slip off to a closet to…’grab a broom’….


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You’re sleeping on top of Taemin on the couch when he starts playing with your stomach while you sleep then he finds out he got a little big something from you..


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Liquorice Bitch

Your friends Daehyun and Youngjae introduced you to the other members of B.A.P and you and Yongguk get to know each other very well in the practice room

Oh Sehun//Love Thy Neighbor

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Summary: You move into a new apartment after your boyfriend leaves to go abroad, making your relationship long distance. You’re tired, stressed and missing him - and your next door neighbor isn’t making life any easier. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: neighbor!AU, slightly angsty
Word Count: 3,712

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Listen up folks...

I’m not gonna talk about what sparked this rant. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is what I’m about to say.

I’m freaking done with the hate.

This SPN Family is supposed to be encouraging, accepting, we’re supposed to at least try to get along. Apparently that’s too hard. Now I could rant for hours about how some people in the SPN Family are treating eachother, but that’s for another time. This rant is going to be about one thing, the hate that the wives of the two leaders of this SPN Family receive. For this post I’m going to focus on one of the wives in particular…Danneel Ackles.

Once again as the Ackles family was nice enough to share parts of their life with us, people decide to be douchebags. This time Jensen isn’t happy with his life because he isn’t smiling in the photo of him & JJ. Also apparently comparing his kids to the comedy & tragedy is just a terrible thing to do. Oh, did you also hear that the twins might not be his because he said “my” twins instead of “our” twins. This is all Danneel’s fault too because she makes Jensen hate his life.

She can’t do anything right in the eyes of some people and it’s pissing me off. What did she do to cause so much hate? Now is the part when I ramble on about all she’s done…

She told her husband to go to a convention for the fans a few days after giving birth to twins.

Jensen told the story about finding out about the twins…JJ gave him a letter about it when he arrived at the airport…meaning he couldn’t be at the doctor appoint. How many doctor appointments do you think he had to miss because of filming?

She uses her “celebrity” to bring awareness to different events and situations going on in the world. I didn’t know about the Yulin dog festival until she talked about it. She does different work for a variety of charities, freaking google it if you don’t believe it.

Her husband is in a different country for the majority of the year while she stays back home in Austin. Have you ever had your husband away for a long period of time? Cause I have. It sucks. I complained about it on social media ALL THE TIME, but she never does.

She was a working woman in Hollywood. IMDb that shit. She was a steady worker in Hollywood however she slowed down/stopped when they had JJ.

Think of all the times she’s been out with her husband, cause that’s what Jensen is, he’s not “omg Jensen Ackles TV star”, he’s Jensen, the pain in the butt who forgot to take out the trash or forgot to grab the milk when he ran to the stores. Think about how many times she’s probably been out with him & had to deal with people coming up to talk to him. Now think about how many times this has happened & people have ignored her existence or used her as nothing more then a photo taker. Fans don’t mean too, but that shit probably happens more often then you think. I would get so sick of that.

Did I forget to mention how Jensen freaking lights up whenever someone brings up Danneel? CAUSE I WITNESSED IT IN PERSON A FEW WEEKS AGO & HE LEGIT LOOKS LIKE A TEENAGER IN LOVE WHEN SOMEONE TALKS ABOUT HER!

But no.

Apparently we’re supposed to hate her just cause.

Now is when the “haters” start to go, “you just like her because of who she’s married to.”

No haters.


I knew about Danneel before I knew about Jensen. I know Danneel from One Tree Hill but I started to admire her when she hosted Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2009. She was the really pretty model/actress that I looked up to because she was funny & pretty. It wasn’t until I started watching Supernatural in 2015 that I had the “holy cow they’re married to each other” moment.


To sum up this rant; you don’t have to like Danneel, just don’t be a dick. If you admire Jensen as a human, don’t disrespect his wife or his family.

Basically if you wouldn’t go up to a person & say it to their face, don’t say it. Plus why bother wasting your time hating something when you could spend your time on something you love?

End rant.

This is 2 months too late but Ima do it anyways. Ima review the wedding fashions at the Naruto & Hinata wedding. Let’s get into it. 

Kankuro and Gaara. 

The Sand brothers were not great but not terrible. 

Kankuro should have taken that thing off head to let his cute full head of brown hair breathe and flourish. As always, he came with his face BEAT! I respect it. These white gloves are interesting but Ima let him cook.

Konohamaru looks ADORABLE! He looks so sharp! 

This pink dress is cute on Moegi. 

Udon also looks sharp. 

Now, Ebisu goofy, cheap ass is another story. Take that thing off your got damn head. I know he balding. Has to be. This jacket silhouette and color palette is all wrong. Green trimming, red pocket square, navy blue, & black??? I wouldn’t have let him into the venue if I was working the door. 

Now. *deep sigh* Kiba, sis. This attire is not for an iconic, historical wedding. This dog chain. I am not one to discriminate against a fur trim but you should have just came through with a floor length white mink. Go hard or go home. 

Shino. SHINO. I am uncomfortable just looking at him. He looks like he about to shoot up everybody. I’d be by the exit just in case, tbh.

Kurenai is giving me a strong look. Powerful mother figure two piece. She will definitely cuss out anybody who is off the shits on sake. 

Choji. Adorable. These suspenders are surprisingly very him.

BIIIITCCCHHHH! TENTEN LOOKS GOODT!!! GIVING LEG!!! AND SOME THIGH! FOR WHO?! FOR EVERYBODY!!! A snack!!! I know people tried their luck & tried to scoop her up and she casually flashed a pastel pink kunai from her titty. The print on her dress is so cute. Omg. These gold cuff bracelets giving me Wonder Woman teas. She did what? That. 

Gai and Rock Lee. They look nice. I personally would rather die than to match with anybody else but that’s very them and very on brand. 

Shikamaru and Temari. 

Shikamaru looks EXCEPTIONAL! GQ ready tbh! I was pleasantly surprised. Suit tailored DOWN!!! Who the fuck put him on to a turtleneck??? Nara clan repped to the fullest! And of course, as always, his ponytail was snatched to the heavens. 

Temari. Now, girl. I love you down but this is very basic. Not attrocious but I expected more. That white collared shirt screams 9 to 5 realness. 

Sai and Ino.


Sai stayed true to his usual color palette but peep the pocket square, it matches all of Ino’s accessories, the bracelets and hair tie. Thoughtful. Cute as shit.

Ino’s fit is not show stopping but she looks very, very cute and that high waisted skirt looks goodt on her. Love the necklace. Bang always perched. 

Sakura. I love you girl but this dress didn’t do it for me. This is very similar to Moegi’s dress but you grown. This is a dress you wear to church. You could have gave us some shoulder. 

Iruka and Kakashi.

Iruka, work. The drunk older single aunties were getting real spicy with him. Tryna become Naruto’s honorary mama by the end of the night. 

Kakashi cleans up nice. I wish he would have snatched that mask off and fucked us ALL UP. Also had all the girls (and dudes) following him around. Kakashi is anti-social but he the Hokage so he scattered shadow clones around the reception so he wouldn’t be rude. 

I know Yamato wasn’t seen on the last episode but I don’t give a fuck!!! I won’t accept him babysitting Orochimaru. Anyways….Yamato didn’t disappoint. Go off.

Hiashi and Hanabi.

Hiashi could have came harder as he was the father’s bride. This is a very bleak look. 

Hanabi looks so pretty. 

Moving in/living with Tom Holland headcanon


•He’d ask you to move in with him in his flat in London

•It’d be a big step for the both of you but you were ready and couldn’t wait to spend more time with your love

•Him using his days off to help you move in/organize your things

•Watching his arms flex when he’d carry boxes/heavy items

•"Don’t think I  don’t know what you’re staring at sweetheart"

•Tessa (Tom’s dog) being excited to have more company around the house

•"I’m tired, let’s take a 5 minute cuddle break"

•"You said that half an hour ago babe"

•Jam sessions to all of your favorite songs

•Tom would love to come home to home cooked meals and would make sure to tell you how much he appreciated your hard work around the house

•Missing him majorly when he’s on business trips but always having Tessa to keep you company

•"What’s this thingy?“

•"That’s Eyeliner, Tom”

•His parents coming round often to see Tom, they’d adore you

•Amazing sex, especially after he’s been gone for a while

•"Is that my shirt?“

•"Are those my pANTS?”

•Breakfast in bed

•Sometimes you’d be really tired and just fall asleep in his lap but you’d always wake up in bed

•"Don’t leave please, 2 months is too long"

•"Well I mean… I may not have pulled some strings and… you’re coming with me"


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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for a person getting a shelter cat? Do they have any special needs or is these any special things I should do for them?

This honestly depends on the cat, and the shelter. I’ve gotten almost all my cats from shelters but some were from fosters or other rehomes. 

The best people to advise you on the cat’s needs will be the people running the shelter! 

If it is a no-kill shelter, in particular, they should be able to tell you about the cat’s personality and the conditions it has been kept in, and possibly the cat’s history. At a county shelter or animal control shelter the people working there may know less about the cat, but there still may be employees and volunteers there that can help you. Sometimes the cats will have placards on the enclosures that will tell you about the cat’s personality.

It’s a good idea to ask to handle the cat first before you take it home, but keep in mind that the behavior of a cat in an environment like the shelter will often be very different from their behavior in a secure, stable home! Shelters are extremely stressful for cats; being kept in a small cage, or sharing their space with lots of other cats, new people coming and going every day, and so on. Cats react to these stresses in different ways.

Prepare before they come home:

Ideally, give the kitty its own room to start with. You’ll want to give your cat time to settle in; like other animals they need time to adjust. A spare bedroom, a bathroom, or a laundry room works well. Set them up with food, water, and a litter box. Make sure the food, water, and litter box are not too near each other. Cats don’t like to eat near where they poo, and some don’t like their water near their food (because of instinctual desire to keep food and water sources clean).

Set up at least two litter boxes with a couple inches of fresh clean litter. There only needs to be one in the cat’s settle-in room to begin with, but once they leave that room they should have two options. (You should have one litter box per cat, plus one. If you have more than one level in your home, you should have at least one litter box per level.) Find out what litter they were using at the shelter; you may want to start with this litter.

Find out what food they feed at the shelter. You should start the cat on this food, and gradually change to what you want to feed long term. This helps them feel secure and also helps avoid upset tummies from sudden food change.

If possible, see if you can take a towel or blanket that the cat was housed with at the shelter. This will give the cat a familiar scent. In their room, set up a cat bed with this towel or blanket on it. It is also good to provide a hidey-place for the cat, like their carrier, or a cat tent.

Make sure your house is cat-proofed. Cats are climbers, so be sure anything that can be broken or knocked down is secured away. Check for dangers to the cat. Make sure you don’t have any toxic house plants.

If at all possible, provide a nice tall cat tree. A high place to perch will help a cat feel secure and safe. You can also mount cat shelves to the wall. Cats should have a scratching post or scratching pad – sisal rope and cardboard seem to be universal favorites. 

Once your kitty is home:

Let your new cat approach you on their own time. Don’t try to pick the cat up or force your attention on them. Some cats adjust super quickly, and some take more time. Some are outgoing, and some are very shy. Some are cuddly and some are not!

If your kitty is very shy and doesn’t seem inclined to approach you, try being “small”; sit on the floor so the cat can sit above you, or approach on their own level. Spend time near the cat, but ignoring it, such as spending time reading in the room with the cat, or browsing the web on your phone, etc.

Let your cat choose when she is ready to explore.  The cat will start showing interest in the door when it’s opened. Make sure the rest of the house is calm. Let the cat retreat to their own room whenever they want. If you have a dog or small children, a baby or pet gate helps block off a space the cat can retreat to and not be followed.

If you have another cat, here is a good guide on introducing them to each other. Do not let your cats interact until your new cat has had an exam, including blood work to check for communicable diseases. 

Here is a brief guide on introducing a dog to a cat. If you don’t have a dog that can be trusted with cats, I suggest working with a trainer or behaviorist before getting a cat! Some dogs may be too high prey drive to ever trust with a cat. Know your dog.

Cats should not ever be allowed to interact with small animals or prey animals.

Be sure to take your new cat to the vet as soon as possible. The cat may already be neutered by some shelters before you take it home; other shelters give a discount to do so, and many require you get the cat neutered within a certain amount of time. You’ll also want to get a full wellness exam done on a shelter cat, as close-quarters at shelters mean diseases can spread easily. Many shelters provide coupons for the first exam. Find out from the shelter which vaccines your cat will need

Play with your cat! Interactive cat toys, such as dangling toys, laser toys, and fishing rod toys are a great way to bond with your cat, and get the cat to exercise. I especially love Da Bird; the way it moves through the air is especially enticing to many cats. Cats over six months may love catnip (young cats don’t react strongly, and some cats never really care about catnip). Each cat has their own toy preferences, so you may have to try a variety. Catnip is not a drug and your cat is not getting “high” on it. Many cats also love valerian root.

I hope this helps. I am sure I missed some things, so anyone should feel free to add to this!

If These Sheets Were States

Summary: Based on “If These Sheets Were States,” by All Time Low (X). 

Warnings: fluff. that’s basically it. fluff and pet names and iffy writing because it’s my first post.

Word Count: 1,588 Words

note: This is my first ever time writing on Tumblr and sharing it. This is for @sanjariti  and her prompt game and I am dedicating it to her because she is an absolute ray of sunshine and I love her. Please, if you like it let me know or tell me what I could be doing better! Thank you so much for reading! :)

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Sunday mornings have always been something to revel in, whether it’s sunlight streaming through worn curtains or now, with a muscular forearm draped across her hips. Sheets with childhood idols (or cartoon heroes) made way for soft gray linens that draped over your sore limbs.
“Blanket hog,” spoken in a tired and gruff voice was all it took to pull her from her slumber as the arm around her torso pulled her closer to his chest.
“Is that serum those science guys gave you not enough to keep you warm and cozy?” After rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she did her best to drape the sheets over his body that currently dwarfed her figure. 

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Nocturne | 01

Character: Jungkook x OC (feat. BTS)

Type/Genre/words: Angst, Alternate Universe (Hitman!au, Assassin!au), Smut/Mature Scenes | 8,606 words

Prompts: “What would you find when you keep chasing over the ghosts of your past?”

Summary: It took only one night, one event, for the fate of two children to change. And it took another night, and another event, for Jungkook to finally met her.

Warning: mentions of violence, mentions of usage of guns and weapons, smoking and alcohol mentions, language, includes a little bit of girl x girl scene, graphic smut, mentions of cum play

| Prologue | 01 |

| Music Playlist | Characters |

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Imagine cuddling with Niall.

His arms would wrap around you, either from behind in a spooning position or with you facing him (although sometimes you’re the big spoon, because you believe Niall is precious and deserves to be held).

The cuddling session is usually filled with sleepy giggles, Niall blowing raspberries on your neck because he’s a small child, and quiet talk about anything and everything.

“Want to buy a house out in the country,” he tells you one time.

Your hand curls around the back of his neck, fingers running through the longer hair there. “Yeah? What for?” You ask softly.

His eyes are closed when he answers. “For uh-” a stifled yawn interrupts him, “for gettin’ away from the city. To raise some kids away from the bustle, raise them properly. Maybe get a goat or something.”

It’s a nice dream. You quite like it. “Sounds good,” you drowsily murmur, pressing your head into his chest. His hand radiates warmth on your back, flowing through your entire body. “Whenever you want to house hunt, I’m ready.”

A sleepy chuckle rises in his theist. “Ya want to buy a house with me?”

“I would buy anything with you, Niall.” You admit softly, words muffled by his own shirt.

There’s silence between the two of you for a while, and it’s looking like this cuddle session might really become a nap session, which is totally fine with you. “Anythin’, huh?” Niall mutters in a wistful tone, almost to himself, like he expects you to be asleep.

“Mhm,” you reply, just on that soft edge of sleep. “A house or two, ‘cause we’re gonna have kids, and we can’t keep them in a one-room apartment and we have to have a place in the city for your work. Maybe a garden in the country home. That would be nice, yeah?” You’re rambling a bit, but that’s okay.

Niall hums deep in his throat. “How many kids do ya want?”

“I’m not sure.” You say, thinking it over. “At least two. I think it’ll feel right when we’re full. Get a dog, have the good family life.”

Niall’s quiet for a while, fingers brushing over your back thoughtfully. “You’ll marry me someday, yeah?”

Your heart flutters in your chest. This is not a proposal, you know. It’s just a simple question, one that even in your tired state makes you want to fire off a smart answer, but you don’t, because this is is serious. This is life. “Yeah. I’ll marry you someday.”

Niall breathes out a sigh of relief, before nestling his chin further into the top of your head, a small amount of tension you hadn’t noticed leaking out of him. “Good.”

Good indeed.

Bachelorette, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: You’re starting to question your place in life when you find out your best friend is engaged.

Words: 1,550

Author’s Note: It’s been awhile, huh? Life’s been a bit crazy and a lot of my writing attention has gone to Cafes and Late Nights, but I was able to get this one together! Hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Drinking.

Askbox | Masterlist

“You’ve got an admirer, ten o’clock.” Pippa’s tipsy voice sounded from next to you. You ignored her insistent tugs at your shirt sleeve as you ordered another water. “Come on! We’re in a club, you’re single, he’s attractive.”

“Then you talk to him.” The bartender smiled as she offered your drink, a sympathetic look for the designated driver. Pippa wiggled her ring finger in front of your face.

Oh. Right. The whole reason you were out tonight, celebrating.

Pippa’s impending marriage was certainly something to go to a club for - Paul was a good guy and he supported her and you definitely weren’t pissed off that anti-hopeless romantic Phillipa Soo was tying the knot before you were. Sure, you were excited for her and couldn’t wait to squeeze yourself into whatever unflattering maid-of-honor dress she picked for you, but there was a cloud of uncertainty looming in the distance

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Undertale IRL

It’s here! The whole kick from the kitstarter has arrived! my box of friendship is number 11, if you got one, let us know whose is yours!

Pictured with some additional friends who arrived along the way - Prescription for Sleep, Vinyl and Extended Dog Song!! Still need to obtain a wardrobe and an army of plastic buddies but oh, ow, that Brexit Britain economy!

In the mean time, we’ve got all these cheerful friends! Featuring classic friends such as Ghoatly Jellybeap, Platonic Concept of Mama, <3s, Ahriman AKA Angra Mainyu brother of Ahura Mazda, Froggems, …Jerry, the one friend with the moths, Heckguy and As A Slime! 

Horso! Boat! The Pain of Living! Mr. Onion! Is that a Sims feeling meter! Slime or Rock! ‘Tentacle’! No seriously, is that one a Sim’s emotional gauge? Hard Mode Bug!

Plus he made them sticky so they’re even more fun! Skully! Tall Skull! Lisard! Date Lizard~! That Cupcake Spider Is Adorable! No, I Mean The One That Is A Cupcake But The One That Makes Em Is Rad Too! A Head! A Whole Head! DANCE! Guy Who Seriously Grinded Out Friendship Gold! Volcanx! Candlor! Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits! 

~Spooky Merch~

More friends than you know what to do with including hell faces why do they remain when I close my eyes!

The Amazing Extended Dog

The House of the Rising FUN! (located in Now Orleans, the dad is bad with names)

Whats in The Box??

Oh, yeah Undertell

It is not hands that open the box, it is desire

Also last count I believe is 7 confirmed dogs and a dog boat (maybe…??) but some dog watchers have rated it possibly as high as 51! This is if you factor in dog boat legs as individual dogs, contemplate amalgam dogs dogginess and consider hot dogs to be dogs (when in fact they are actually a kind of grass, you see em down by rivers all the time) 

got a dog number? let us know but show your working!

this one? definitely a dog, what else has bones

answer- THIS GUY!! (same guy, but definitely dog, note the bone)

great! so I have a little home for my art book friend too! I hope I can download the latest art book onto it to update them pesky pages!


With special guest star: THIS ISN’T EVEN MY VINYL FORM!

ACT 2: SECRET ACT (don’t look until 10th of october 8pm or cheat and make it that time!)

tiny cryptid, highly secret

cos ya need ‘can do’ to spell canon donut

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Feral. (Joshua x Mingyu x Reader Smut)

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warning: there will be subtle rape scenes, and it may be triggering to some. if you’re not into that, then you can stop reading now. :) but we do have other stories you might enjoy ;) (self promoting, no shame)

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#52 [Finn Balor]

Requested, #52. “Shh, I promise its all gonna be alright now. I promise.“ (Prompt from here). Requested by @nickysmum1909

Author Note: Pure fluff.

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“Hey, gorgeous.”

Your eyes closed, as a breath slipped past your lips. Hearing your husband’s voice over the phone, calling you by his favorite nickname for you…it was a bittersweet moment, honestly.

“Hey,” you replied, trying to keep a strong tone, your eyes closed. “What are you up to?”

“Just getting to the arena,” Finn answered. “You OK?”

“Stressed,” you admitted, knowing it wasn’t worth it to pretend you were anything but. Finn would be able to tell the second you tried lying, and honestly, you just didn’t have the energy to even attempt a façade.

“What’s goin’ on?”

“…shit day. Shit few days, honestly.”

“Tell me about it.”

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Facing the future

Originally posted by fookyeahstyles

Part one- Just one look
Part two - Learning to trust
Part three - Living with the bond
Part Four - A new wolf
Part Five - This is part five

Embry Call x Reader
Words: 3,299 

GIF not mine but the readers big bro and wolf together <3
No idea what happened to the format but I think I fixed it.

“It’s all my fault.” Leah whimpered.
Cade sat against the wall with her and pulled her into his arms, “No, no baby, I should have got to you. This is my fault.”“Shut up.” Sam boomed making you jump further into Embry’s chest as you curled up in his lap on Billy Black’s sofa. Embry kissed your forehead before resting his head on yours and running his warm hands up and down your back reassuringly. 

Sam continued, “You can’t start to think like that, I know it’s hard because you’re imprinted to each other but this wasn’t any one person’s fault. We live as a pack, we fight as a pack. We look out for one another, Jake got hurt helping a member of his pack, it’s what we do.”A chorus of mumbled and hoarse agreement came from the boys, all of whom were scattered around the front room of the Black household. Leah buried her head in her knees as not to let them see the tears swelling in her eyes from receiving the acceptance that she had always sought from her clawed family.

Everyone fell into silence as you waited for news from Carlisle of Jacob’s condition, you snuggled into Embry’s chest, listening to the steady drum of his heart. It could have easily been the other way around with Embry hurt and Jacob carrying him back to the reservation.  This wasn’t supposed to happen, no one on your side was supposed to be hurt.You felt numb, you barely registered that Carlisle consulting Billy and Sam, nor did you hear the Alpha order for the pack to go home and rest.
 But you felt Embry hook his arms under you and carry you out to the truck, he took you back to his house and curled up with you in bed, thankful that his mum was away for the weekend. You sighed as he pulled the thin blanket up over you; you never needed much to keep you warm when lying next to your radiator-boyfriend. 

“That could have been you.” You whispered into the darkness on the room and gently cupped his cheek with you hand.
He moved his head to press a kiss to the inside of your palm, “Don’t think like that please, Y/N.”
From what the pack had told you they had enhanced vision even at night, so you squeezed your eyes tight so he didn’t see the tears swelling, “I can’t help it, I can’t lose you Embry.”
He shushed you, took your face in his large hands and kissed where your tears had spilled free, “You never have to worry about that. Do you understand me?”
He brushed his lips over yours and, not trusting your voice, you simply nodded.

“Is this a good idea?” You asked smoothing down your dress, the one that Embry liked to paw at when he saw you in it.
Embry shook his head as buttoned up his shirt, “Of course not, it’s an awful idea, but its better if we’re there if Jake loses it.”
You checked that your hair was styled as you wanted it and sighed, the last place you wanted to spend your whole night was with the Cullen’s at Bella and Edward’s engagement party, especially since Bella had told Jacob that she had chosen Edward.
“I still don’t like her.” You pouted.

Embry shook his head at you and grinned, “Okay street fighter, just remember that we both promised Sam to behave so no starting any fights.”
“Well, if she starts anything, I’m going to finish it.” You promised.
He clicked his tongue in amusement and stepped over to you and put his hands on your waist, he kissed the tip of your nose, “I don’t doubt it. You look beautiful by the way.”
He held his hand up so that you could spin around, giggling, “All for you handsome.”
“How’d I get so lucky?” He grinned and leaned down to kiss you.
“It’s probably something to do with those cute dimples.” You teased, smiling against his lips.

He tucked some hair behind your ear before whispering into it, “If Leah is to be believed, it’s because you like my bum.”Then he laughed and blew a raspberry against your reddening check before bolting down the stairs laughing. You covered your red face with your hands and shouted, “Leah!” 

Laughter erupted downstairs.

Pretentious was the words that sprung to mind when you got to the Cullen’s party. Embry’s arm found your waist and pulled your to his side so he could kiss the side of your head. You glanced around at the pack, “Are you all okay?”
Quil’s face was scrunched in discomfort as he answered, “It reeks of leech in here.”

Cade appeared with his arm around Leah, who looked stupid happily for the first time in a long time, “The rest of the party guests masks it a bit, but it’s still there.”

“Luckily I have you.” Embry mumbled to you before pushing his nose into your hair and inhaling.
“I’m not a scented candle.” You pushed his chest playfully.
“I can deal with the smell.” Paul announced happily, “There are other things to focus on.” He gave you an exaggerated wink before making his way over to a group of pretty girls.
Jared clicked his tongue, “He might be my best friend but honestly that boy only ever follows his di-”

“Woah lets it PG-13!” A booming voice interrupted and the pack turned to see Emmett and Rosalie. The pack acknowledged them but then dispersed quickly, leaving the vampire couple and you and Embry. 

  “How’s Jacob recovering?” Emmett asked.
“Okay, he’s around her somewhere.” Embry answered tightly.
“Clinging to Bella somewhere I’m sure.” Rosalie said and you nodded in agreement.

Your boyfriend cleared his throat, “Look, er, I just wanted to say sorry for last time. I would never usually let myself get worked up like that, especially not surrounded by all those people but I thought my imprint was in trouble.. well I’m sure you understand. And thank you, for making sure that she got home safe and looking after her when I couldn’t.”

Emmett just offered him a big grin, “Don’t worry about it, dog breath. I mean you saved Alice out there in the battle, call us equal. But just so you know, I only let it look like you were winning so that you could impress your imprint.”

Cue the collective eye roll of you, Embry and Rosalie.  You parted and enjoyed the party with your boyfriend, who it seemed could drink as much as he wanted and it didn’t seem to touch him.
Stupid wolf metabolism.
You were enjoying a dance with Embry when he stopped dead and looked off into the woods. He cursed and shook his head, “I’ve got to go help the guys with Jacob.” He looked around awkwardly, he didn’t want to leave you, knowing that you’d drank more than usual and the alcohol was effecting you.

“I’ll go find Carlisle or Esme.” You promised him, the older vampires always seemed more favourable to the pack.
“Stay out of trouble, okay beautiful?” He waited until you nodded before kissing your forehead and running off. You stayed for a moment watching where he’d left when Rosalie found you and together you watched as the pack dragged Jacob out of the woods with Bella trailing behind.

You finished your drink in one long swig and passed Rosalie your empty glass, who surprisingly took it from you with no fuss.
“Y/N,” The blonde caught your attention before nodding towards Bella, “Give her hell.”
You gave her a drunken grin, you intended too. 

ake and his escorts were way out of view by the time you reached Bella. She spotted you and narrowed her eyes and you matched her glare, “What are you doing here?”

“I came with the pack.” You responded, “What have you said to Jake? You need to stop messing with him, you’ve already chosen Edward.”
As you approached her eyes rapidly glanced around behind you, no doubt looking for a Vampire shield like the last time you’d seen her. She crossed her arms and raised her nose in the air, “I didn’t choose Edward, fate chose us for each other. You wouldn’t understand, the imprint doesn’t compare.”

Anger flared up from your belly and heat rushed into your cheeks, spewed from your mouth, “How dare you?!” 

“How dare I?” She snipped, “You weren’t even invited tonight. Me and Edward are getting married and we’ll still be married long after you’ve turned to dust. Our bond means that he’ll turn me and we’ll be together forever. The imprint means that you’re going to be stuck here in this depressing little town forever, never able to leave because of Embry. Good luck with life.” 

Her words sucker punched you and for a moment you gaped at her. It was like the wind had been knocked from you, you supposed because a part of you recognised the lace of truth in her words and it scared you. 

What happened to your plans for life now that you had the imprint to work around?


Embry calling your name brought the wind back in your lungs and you turned to the tree line to face Paul, Leah and your boyfriend. Embry held his hand out to you, “Come on beautiful, she’s not worth it.”
Taking in a shaky, drunken breath you stepped away from Bella and towards Embry’s out stretched hand. Of course, Bella demanded the last word, “That’s right, leave. Go to your mongrel boyfriend.”

You spun, swung your arm back and punched her straight in the nose.
 Bella yowled, her hands flew to her face and she crumpled to the floor whining.
“Talk about my wolf again bitch and I’ll rearrange your face.” You snapped in alcohol fuelled fury.

You stormed away from her pathetic whimpering towards your friends. Embry moved to take your hand but you dodged him and looped your arm with Paul so you could lean on him as you walked. Embry let his hand fall and swallowed hard, both of you knew that Bella’s venomous words had wound into your consciousness.

Everyone could see that something wasn’t right between you and Embry since the party and the pack were worried. When Sam had finally accepted his life as a wolf and alpha, he knew that he’d also have to deal with teenage drama that he thought he’d gotten to leave behind. He never expected his teenage charges to imprint so young, so he didn’t have a plan for when an imprint wanted to move away to college.
“It’s been her plan as long as I can remember.” Jacob mumbled, his words were wiped away by the sea wind.
Paul lay flat on his back on the beach, “She used to tell me that she’d threaten college boys with her big brother and that I’d have to go up to beat them up.”

Sam scowled, “That might be but separating you and your imprint will hurt you both. She has to stay.”Embry let out a wistful sigh, “Well everyone thanks for being no help at all.” He stood and stomped off down the beach.
Sam groaned and rubbed his face with his large hand, “One of you has to talk to her.”
Jacob ran his hand through his hair and shot Paul a look, “I’ll take him, you take Y/N.”

Paul lifted his legs before jumping to stand from being laid down, “Big brother to the rescue again.”

“Paul I told you I’m not in the mood.” You snapped at him. Ignoring you, as he always did, Paul took your phone and book from your hand, placed them on your desk and picked you up by the waist before dropping you both down on your bed. He perched you on his knee like he was Santa and you were and eager child, you glared at his cheeky smile.

“Now, tell big bro what bothering you.” He patted your knee as he asked you.
You narrowed your eyes at him and pinched the back of his hand making him yelp, “I feel the need to point out, yet again, that you’re not really my brother.”

He held his hand over his heart and dramatically whined, “That hurt. Now come on, we all know that you’ve not been right since you KO’d that fang banger.”

You sighed and fell back so you were against his chest, he wrapped his arms around you, his favourite ‘big brother cuddle mode’.
“What are me and Embry going to do? I’ve already started to look for colleges and I love him but does that mean that I give up on my future career? I know that I’ll have to make sacrifices for the pack and Embry will always have a job at the garage but you know that I’ve always wanted to go into further education.” You sighed again as he rubbed your back, “I know now that I’m always going to come back to Forks and La Push for Embry and whatever life we can have together. I do whatever the pack asks me to, when they ask me too, can’t I at least have the career that I want?”

Paul sighed and held you closer to him, he kissed the top of your head and mumbled, “Okay, so my plan was to come in here and convince you to give up this kind of thing for the sake of the pack but you’re not a wolf and you’re not stuck like we are. I don’t know what to say Y/N but you need to talk to Embry, avoiding each other won’t help.”
“You’re right.” You said.
You didn’t need to look at him to know that he was grinning, “Aren’t I always? I miss the days when you just had a crush on Jacob. That was when things were simple.”
“It was more simple back then,” you agreed, “But I don’t miss it, not when I have something real with Embry.”

It was that night that Embry appeared in your bedroom doorway, he lent against the frame with his hands behind his back, “Can I come in? We need to talk.”
Your stomach dropped but you tried to give him a grin, “I thought that we were pretending that nothing was wrong?”

Embry offered a humorous chuckle and shook his head, his hair moving, “Yeah, that’s not working so much for me and don’t forget, I get vibes about how you feel.”
You swallowed hard and moved things from your bed so that he could come and join you sat on it. He pulled a full plastic bag from behind his back and laid it on your bed before sitting across you and taking your hands in his warm ones.

He ran his thumb across the back your hand, “I know that you had your future all plans before I came in like a wrecking ball,” You went to interrupt him but he stopped you, “Let me finish, please. Every time you’ve told me about your plans I’m been so proud of you but also super scared because I didn’t want to face that you could one day leave me. I still don’t want too.”

He let go of your hands before picking up the plastic bag and pulling out a bunch of paperwork before continuing, “Okay so, I know that this isn’t a solid solution but I thought maybe this could be a jump off point for us finding something that works for us. I did some research and all of these are close to the packs territory, you know, just in case Sam orders me to stay here with the pack.”

He passed you the paperwork and tentatively you took them from him before turning them over. 

College prospectus. 

About ten of them in all. Your hand flew to your mouth and you felt tears spring in your eyes. Embry panicked, “No no, please baby. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m sorry.”
You shook your head, “No Embry, no, you didn’t upset me. This, all the planning and thought you put in to this means so much to me.”

Putting the brochures to one side was the one warning that Embry had before you launched yourself at him, you lips pushing against his as you landed in his lap. He kissed you back earnestly, grinning against your lips as he did. And that’s how you spent the next few hours, locked in loving embrace and smiling about your time today and eventually planning for your future.


The pack didn’t see you for a few days.
“Well you guys look a look happier.” Quil quipped when you resurfaced; he was sat on Emily and Sam’s front porch.
“What gave it away?” Embry called up to them as he carried you bridal style up to the house. You squealed playfully and kicked your legs as he jogged towards the house.
Leah grinned and elbowed Cade, “Now I don’t have to beat him up.”
“Again.” Seth added and the pack laughed.
Embry leaned down to whisper to you, “Between us, I’d rather face the newborns again than her pissed off.”
“That’s my girl.” Cade grinned and wrapped his arm around Leah’s waist making the pack laugh again. 

Embry didn’t put you down as he chose a seat and dropped himself down into it with you still in his arms.
“We have a plan.” You announced happily.
“Let’s hear it.” Sam grumbled.
Embry started, “We may have found a solution.”
You continued, “So, Embry found all these colleges not too far out of the packs territories. I found one that I like.”
“Not only does it have incredible reviews but the course that Y/N wants to do offers a special program where there could only be a couple of classes a week actually at the college and the rest of the time she’ll be with a partnering company doing the actual job.”

“We’ve already checked and there’s company in Port Angeles partnered with the college.”

“So theoretically, Y/N could stay in La Push with me – I mean us, and just commute to the classes.”
“And Embry won’t have to leave the pack. I’ve applied and I’ve just got to wait and see if they’ll take me.” You summarised and in the pause you took for breath Embry gave you a quick soft kiss.

The look of relief from the pack was evident and Sam came over to clap Embry on the shoulder in a moment of pride. Embry gave him a grin and you smiled at the exchange. You knew that they avoided the subject of their heritage, that they could share a father as well as a pack.
“Ugh look at them, full of love.” Paul groaned.
“It’s disgusting.” Jared agreed and Kim rewarded him with an elbow to the ribs.Surrounded by the laughter and love of the pack, your family, the stress of the last few days washed away but, as usual, something had to ruin it. Sam stood and the pack followed his gaze to where Jacob paced in wolf form.
“What’s the matter with him?” You asked.
Seth mumbled, “I think I know, we got an invitation to Bella’s wedding this morning.”The pack hushed and you winced, “Poor Jake.”

Embry kissed you’re the side of your head, happier than ever to have you in his life, especially knowing that Jacob was about to cause some major drama in his life.

 Hope you guys liked it <3

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Paws - Jason Todd

Prompt: “ Dick Grayson / Jason Todd (your choice!) x reader where reader just got an alaskan mamaluke puppy and all of the reader’s attention is on the puppy? how you choose to write is really up to you! x” (x) requested by @tgwltw

A/N: I decided to go with Jason. Hope you like it!

     Jason sighed in relief when home came into sight. He had been away on a mission with his brothers for the past week and was glad to get home to you. It was late and the window of your shared apartment were dark, he didn’t expect you to be still awake. So he was as quiet as he could be when he opened the window next to the fire escape and climbed in.
      Loud barking made him jump. His guns appeared in his hands before he even registered that there was a dog. Or more of a puppy. It stood a few feet away from him, barking as loud as it could. Jason starred at it, his mind failing to come up with a reason as to why there was a dog in his home.
     Lured out by the barking you entered the room, holding a baseball bat ready to strike at whoever the intruder was. Seeing it was Jason you quickly dropped your weapon and rushed forward to greet your boyfriend. “You scared me.” you admitted. The puppy, seeing your reaction to the stranger, stopped barking and watched you carefully.
     Putting his guns away Jason took his helmet off. Turning to you he rose an eyebrow at you and shot the puppy a glance before shaking his head. You laughed when you saw him pout. His eyes returned to you, drinking in the sight of you.  He had missed you. Reaching out he pulled you in for a kiss, earning a smile from you as you drew your arms around his neck.
     The puppy, not understanding what you were doing, barked. At first Jason only rolled his eyes, but then you turned away without giving him a kiss and bend down, calling your dog. Crossing his arms, the vigilante glared at the canine. Well, wasn’t that just great.
     Hesitant because of the stranger the puppy shambled over into your waiting arms. “Such a good boy. You’re watching out for me, aren’t you?” you cooed to your four-legged friend, rubbing his ear. Wild tail-wagging was your answer. “Yeah you are. But Jason isn’t going to hurt us, he is living with us.” you explained to the puppy.
     You were unaware of how Jason was watching you. He would admit, it was cute how your entire face lit up when you were looking at the puppy. Even if he didn’t like the animal and would have it rather that he would have been the one you were looking at like that.
     Looking up you signed for Jason to kneel next to you. it wasn’t hard to guess what you wanted and really he didn’t want to, but one look into your face and he just couldn’t say no. With a sigh he crouched down and held out a hand for the puppy to sniff.
     "Max, this is Jason.“ you told the dog. Still petting him you turned to Jason. "Max is a alaskan mamaluke. I found him abandoned on the streets one day on the way back from buying groceries. And we did talk about getting a dog.”
     He studied the dog as the latter did the same with him. Finally Max barked and Jason sighed. “We did talk about it.” he admitted. Mainly because he just hadn’t been comfortable about leaving you alone at home each time he had to on patrol or a longer mission. “But I thought we would pick out one together.”
     Understanding you nodded. “I know.” you agreed, turning back to Max. “But he was all alone and needed a home.” You picked up your puppy and sat him in your lap, facing Jason. “Besides, can you really say no to this face?”
     How you would react if he did was the real question here. For Jason could say no to the the dog, no question. A laugh ran from your lips as you tried to avoid getting licked by the affectionate puppy and he felt his resistance  break down. You clearly loved your new pet and he wouldn’t hurt you by telling you to give it away. “We see how it works out.” he said and reached out to scratch Max’s ear. This earned him the brightest smile from you.

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Write Me Lovely part 2

You guys seemed to really enjoy my prison Au so I wrote a part 2! I hope you guys enjoy, let me know what you think in the comments! I love reading your reviews!

“Really Betty, I don’t see why you even work that job. It’s not like you don’t make enough at the bakery, I’ve read your tax returns you almost make as much as Daddy and that’s saying something.” Veronica Lodge stared blatantly at her best friend as Betty shuffled a pile of schoolwork and the bakery key in her hands.

“It’s not about the money Veronica, if I didn’t teach the art program at Riverdale elementary then no one would. I love those kids and they deserve an outlet to express their feelings” Betty finally opened the front door, squeezing through and inhaling the sugary scent of pastries.

“Of course Ms. save the world.” Veronica smiled fondly at her best friend, grabbing the pile of art work and placing it on the table freeing up Betty’s hands to turn on the lights, sure she teased Betty but deep down she admired her friends kind heart and unwavering determination to make things better.

With a grateful smile the green eyed blonde, opened the curtains and stood for a moment allowing the sun to warm her bones.

“Sure is a beautiful day isn’t it?” She turned around, long, soft curls flying around her shoulders. Veronica nodded

“Definitely, Archie promised to take me to the city this weekend, I need to do some shopping.” The raven haired princess wiggled her perfectly manicured eyebrows.

“You always need to do some shopping. Speaking of New York, did I tell you about this new prison pen pal program the school has me and the kids doing? My penpal is in New York.”

Veronica looked up from the croissant she had snuck off the display Betty was stacking

“Prisoner? You’re writing to a prisoner? He could be a murdere B!”

Betty rolled her eyes
“Well it’s not like I plan on meeting him, I doubt he’ll even write back, but it’s kind of interesting. I’m sure he has a very interesting past.”

Veronica rolled her pastry in a napkin
“Listen Betty you’re my best friend and I love you but you’ve been mixed up with some pretty bad guys before and I don’t want a redo of what happened last year. These people are criminals.”

Betty winced at the reminder of her last boyfriend, it wasn’t something she was too fond of remembering
“Well you don’t know this man. You shouldn’t judge someone by their status, you should know that better than anyone.” Betty narrowed her eyes and Veronica threw her hands up thoroughly scolded.
“You’re right, you’re right. Just be careful that’s all I ask. Now I’ve gotta run, houses don’t design themselves.”

Veronica was a fairly popular interior decorator, she worked on homes all around the world.

“Alright Ronnie, see you tonight? Dinner at my new place? Kevin’s coming.”

With a dismissive wave of her hand Veronica stood by the front door
“Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Tah tah now love.”
She blew a kiss and swung out the door, leaving Betty completely alone in the bakery.

She loved moments like this, early dawn, the sun shining through the glass windows, cupcakes in the oven and strawberries ready to be sliced for shortcake. She was happy, content. But something was still missing, something had always been missing. Running her fingers through the sticky dough she realized she had forgotten to go through her mail from yesterday. Wiping her hands on a towel, she hopped the counter and landed firmly on a stool by the window, flipping through her letters she couldn’t help the huge smile that graced her face at a certain white envelope titled by “Jughead Jones”

His handwriting was more or less a scrawl, readable but all mushed together. Still it was pretty satisfying to receive a letter back, I guess the whole penpal situation was kind of cool.

Greedily ripping into the envelope Betty began to read.

“Dear Betty Cooper,
Or should I call you Ms.Cooper? You are a teacher after all. I guess I should say Thankyou for the letter, I don’t get much mail here so it was a surprise. As you know my name is Jughead Jones and yes Betty, I do find it weird that the school you teach at is having young children write letters to hardened criminals, but to each their own I suppose. As for me, I’m not nearly as ruthless as you would imagine, I’m sure you’re wondering if I’m a murderer? It’s okay, everyone always wants to know. The answer is no. I won’t go into further detail but you should know I’ve never killed anything, well maybe a squirrel, but I assure you that wa sour elf accidental. You teach first grade? That’s quite the year. If you don’t mind me asking, what is it that you teach? And to answer your question yes. I love sweets, I love all food but I have a pretty strong ass sweet tooth. You don’t have to send me anything but I wouldn’t hate it if you did. Don’t you want prisoners review for your bakeries website? I have a dog back home, his name is hot dog. I’m sure he’s with another one of my..friends. I may not know you but you can have Hotdog, he’s a great dog and my ..friends don’t quite care about him as much as I do. Anyway I don’t have much to say about myself I was born and ra in New York, it gets pretty exhausting. I think when I get out I’m gonna get out of this state, find somewhere small, get work and get out of the business I’m in now. Well that’s all for me. I normally don’t talk this much but I figured hey? I’ve gotta get it out somehow. Maybe you can write back? Maybe not. It’s fine. Anyway, Live a smart life Betty Cooper and stay good
-Jughead Jones”

Betty gripped the piece of paper tight in her fingers, he had written back and he was attentive, funny and witty. Betty felt her stomach tighten as she reached around for a pen and paper, she wanted to write him back now, ask more questions, get more answers. Suddenly the beeping of her oven went off and the smell of burnt chocolate filled her nostrils.

“Oh sugar!”

Feels Like Home: Chapter 1 - When We Were Young

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Characters- Reader, Maisie the dog, Missouri, RodeoCowboy!Dean
Warnings- None
Word Count- 1,123
Summary- It’s a usual day until a face from your past shows up. You never thought you’d see him again, but fate seems to have other ideas.
A/N- The first in this series! I’m so excited to share this one with y’all since it’s been in the planning stages since January. I had some computer troubles, but luckily I’ve been able to get it working enough to write, so all’s well. It’s all outlined, so I’m just so excited to finally share!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Squinting against the sunlight filtering in through your windows, you sigh before glaring at the beeping alarm on your nightstand. You’d done all the chores you’d needed to the night before, just to spend an extra hour or two in bed this morning. You should have known they’d fly right on by.

Your morning is much the same as always- get up and ready to do some chores before you head out to breakfast at Missouri’s Diner. Your small horse ranch requires daily maintenance, all of which you take care of yourself. Hauling hay, feeding the horses, daily grooming, cleaning stalls- all are a part of your daily chore list.

You open your front door to a bright dawn, bright orangey-yellows melting into blue. The sight brings a small smile to your face, thinking of all the people who are too busy stuck behind a desk to ever see the beauty of a fresh new day. Running a ranch may be hard work, but you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, when i adopted my dog they said to get a martingale collar for her, because she pulls on the leash, so they said it would good. I just have weird feelings about the collar because it pulls on her neck. Is the martingale collar good or something you recommend or not?

Martingales are designed to prevent a dog from slipping out if their collar. It does not choke them, it just tightens up on the slack so if your houdini decides to do the ol’ back up and slip out move, the collar stays on. They are not intended to be training collars. My dog wears one cause he’s fancy. His neck is so long that 1/2″ collars look weird on him, so i’m now addicted to 2″ collars with cute designs!

Back to the point. Whatever you use must be intended as a stepping stone. Your goal can be a nylon collar, rolled leather, or martingale (brachycephalic breeds need harnesses) but these are for dogs who do not pull. You do not want flat pressure around the neck, it will damage the trachea. 

So you try out whichever method you deem fit for your dog & pair it with training. There is no right answer, your dog will be different from everyone else’s. Some people will encourage their methods over others, but ultimately it is what works for your dog.

It is important to know that every tool that is used to prevent pulling is considered an aversive technique. Positive punishment. You are providing an unpleasant response to an undesired behavior. Whether thats a head collar, neck collar, or body harness. So in order to prevent yourself from relying on these methods, you must pair commands with your leash walks. 

Dogs do not know how long the leash is, especially since you’re constantly moving. So when you give them a correction the instant they pull, they aren’t really getting the message. You’re being reactive, instead of proactive, and that can get confusing. Dogs pull because it usually gets them what they want. They want to get to that tree, and if they yank your arm, they get to go there! So you need to first remember that you are walking your dog for them, not for yourself, and use the privilege to smell as a motivator. If your dog pulls, then he does not get to smell that tree, but if he walks nicely - then you need to reward him by letting him smell the tree. A walk where you go around the block with no interruptions may sound nice to you, but it is torture for your dog! So many smells! Sights! Sounds! And you’re just going to go back home!? What is their incentive to not take control and make you stop at every fire hydrant?!?

Alright, so what to do? You simply give them a warning before they’re about to reach the end of the leash. Let them know that the end is near! What happens after your warning is strictly up to you and what works for your dog. You can change directions, stop in your tracks, or give a correction. I tell Charlie “easy” when he gets close to the end, and he almost always slows down right before he pulls. We tried every other method out there before he finally got the picture. Neck collars, harnesses, head collars… some work wonders for dogs, and some can actually make the pulling worse!

But ultimately, you can’t just rely on your tool to do the work for you. Nothing out there can actually teach your dog not to pull, because the second you remove that device - they’re going to pull! 

I’ll give you my go-to analogy. You’re in your car on the freeway, most likely you’re going to speed a little bit, speeding gets you where you want to go, faster. Now you’re on the freeway but there is a police officer nearby, you cannot speed without being negatively impacted. So when the collar is on, the dog is going to listen, when the collar is off… he probably wont. Why? Because the only incentive to not speed is to not get a ticket, but what if there was a reward for not speeding. Every time you went the speed limit, you got to get something you desired! Well then i’m sure a lot more people would go the speed limit!

Ok, enough cheesy analogies. The point is, teaching your dog not to pull takes training. There is no collar out there that is going to teach your dog anything, they are just band-aids. Your goal is to no longer need them after a period of time. But, some dogs have underlying reactivity issues and may never be able to walk nicely on a leash. Just because it can be simple, doesn’t mean it is for everyone. There are those who rely on their gear without even trying to train, but there are dogs who are either in the middle of training, or are not responding to training, that have to use this stuff. What i mean is, not every dog learns the same way. Just because you may have trained a dog once and it was super easy, doesn’t mean that all dogs are super easy. I have met Golden Retrievers that will make you want to cry and don’t even care - they just do not respond to positive reinforcement, and that is certainly not typical for the breed. So anyone with a Golden Retriever can scoff and say well MY Golden Retriever was walking nicely on a leash at 6 months. That means nothing! Stop judging!