you know that's hot

so picture Ronan jumping in the shower after Adam trying to be all playful and sexylike and then immediately jumping back out with a yelp because Adam’s accustomed himself to showering in a “luke-cold” temperature so as not to waste the hot water.

Hey, You’re HOT!

Aries: yeah i AM hot. AND YOU’RE NOT! XP

Taurus: hahahahahaaa….- I know. 

Gemini: haha thanks! you too….! *looks again* I guess… maybe in a darker room.

Cancer: *red face* tHNX *runs away*


Virgo: wait until you know me. THATS HOT. but I guess you’ll never get to see that~~~

Libra: OWWWWwwwwwwwww<3333333 ^~^ thats so sweet thank you!!<33 who’re you again?

Scorpio: yeah whats new

Sagittarius: thks man wanna fuck later?

Capricorn: *cold glare* be careful not to get burn than. *continue on walking*

Aquarius: thank you… though I kinda find it offensive. I mean I AM MUCH MOREEE THAN A HOT BODY I ACTUALLY PREFER YOU TALKING ABOUT MY HOT SOUL

Pisces: really?…… I actually DID felt kinda sick this morning, you think I need to check that?

Priya is really pushy, did you know this? If either of the boys is getting any attention she sidles up and takes their place while batting her eyelashes like, ‘Move over, hamburgers. A prime rib is coming through.’
—  my dad
INTP Thoughts

*snacking on homemade fries*

Mmmm. These are the perfect temperature right now. Not exactly cold, but not hot either. Just the right temperature to absorb all the flavors.

Well, I suppose they could be considered hot in a relative sense. Like compared to absolute zero, they’re burning up.

Nobody’s ever gotten anything to absolute zero, but if they did how would they measure it? Any instrument couldn’t give a measurement because, theoretically, its atoms wouldn’t be moving.

Is there anywhere in space that is at absolute zero? I sort of doubt it. Maybe beyond the edges of the universe?

I wonder what the temperature of a black hole is… I don’t even know. Would it be cold or hot?


*is now googling with greasy fingers while still munching on fries*

GOT7 REACTION: To you being flirted with some other guy

Junior: “ I have a bad feeling about this…” 

*Guy gets closer* Junior: “YeAh NO”

JB:  Is uneasy about the situation but wont confront you until you come back to him..

Jackson: “What exactly is going on..” 

*See’s you getting uncomfortable and sits right next to the guy* Jackson “Woo its a hot day today, thats my girlfriend you know.”

Yugyeom: Would hear the rumour that someone is lingering around you and is on his way like a badass to sort it out..

*But would speak to you about it in a calm manner*  You: “Yugyeom ah? what you doing here” Yugeom: “Everything is ok right?”

Youngjae: “Why does it look like that guys flirting with her?”

*He would be super conflicted not knowing weather to let you sort it out or for him to interfere.* Youngjae: “She told me not to get angry BuT”

Mark: Members realise and tell him that its no big deal 

*He walks over american style but the guy walks off before he gets there*

Mark: “What happened? You: “Nothing happened trust me i got rid of him”. Mark: “You sure?” You:”hahaha was you jealous??”

Bambam: Would see you guys from afar 

And walk over to get his girl back. 

EXO reaction to finding out you’re from Australia/America

Kai - *completely and utterly in love with your accent* You know your Australian accent is really sexy.

Sehun - Wha! Australian!? Thats hot! 

Chen - Please don’t stop talking *in love with your american accent*.

Suho - *Wants to know everything about America and what is like growing up for you* 

Chenyeol - Whats it like riding Kangaroos?

                   Y/N - We don’t.. 

Lay - Y/N -  I’ll take you to Australia one day and I can show you all the snakes                       and spiders.

         Lay - *gif*

Luhan - *is in awe* I love Americans. 

Kris - *knows that he has to compete with tall, buff, Australian men* 

Tao - *loves the way you say things in American

D.O - You know how to speak Korean right?

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Baekyhun - *screams* I love Americans!!!!!

Xiumin - *pervy Xiumin* I heard Australian girls are the best in bed ;) 

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