you know that show in plain sight

The Jealous Original

Elijah x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: smut, sex

“I’m surprised he hasn’t caught on.” Klaus chuckled as he sipped from his drink and let you rest your head on his shoulders.


“I don’t know what you mean?” You chuckled and he shot you a look.


“Because sitting here snuggled up next to me in plain sight of my brother isn’t an attempt to make him jealous?” Klaus glanced at Elijah and smirked when he found his brother pretending not to watch the two of you.

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  • Sonic: Tails? What even is Sonamy, anyway?
  • Tails: -flinch- You mean,... you don't even know!?
  • Sonic: Well... I THINK I know... but I don't ... KNOW know... you know?
  • Tails: What? Me? know anything about that complex relationship status hinted through the eras or the millions of subtle hints littered throughout so many different universes or the magazine articles printed back in the day where they basically advertised you two as a couple or the interview sessions with loads of excuses as to why you two haven't hooked up yet or the fact that this very show tries to conceal the matter by actually having it in plain sight that all may feast upon it's diversity now that things have changed, pfft, what- I almost feel offended you would think that I would have looked into some... nonsense, silly love stuff that totally has no emotional effect on me as your best friend or anything!!! -sweating buckets galore-
  • Sonic: ....Okay. I just thought you would know, since you're a genius and all, but whatever.
  • Tails: -fuming with silent, inward, disgruntled noises-
Sherrinford Hope

You do know this was Sherlock Holme’s original name, right? ACD changed it because his wife hated it. In a show where names are so important, in an episode titled The Final Problem—arguably the most iconic in ACD canon—it is simply inconceivable that choosing “Sharrinford” as a keyword does not carry any meaning beyond the plot. Hope, in revealing what’s been hidden in plain sight – what do we say about coincidence?

I believe in monsters
But not the ones that live under your bed
Nor the ones that hide in your closet
These monsters live in plain sight.
Normally blending in with the crowd
Cleverly hiding their identity.
However these monsters have similar traits
Endearing brown eyes
Sadistic smiles
They show no mercy
Always knowing who to prey on
Because monsters get hungry too
Except they feed off insecurities
They will devour your pain like meat
It will fill them up and satisfy their twisted desires.
Their form of enjoyment is watching tears burn your cheeks
As you suffocate from their manipulative words
Empowerment comes from the physical burden you carry on your shoulders
They latch onto you like a parasite
Destroying you from the inside out
Their life begins when you want yours to end.
—  monsters
How To Impress The Signs:

Aries: challenge them to a duel (getting your ass whooped by an Aries is cool and they’ll probably 10/10 wanna befriend/bang you).

Taurus: eat grass (shows them how “down to earth” you really are). 

Gemini: compliment both faces (don’t act like they don’t have them lol). 

Cancer: be a cat lady (everyone knows how nurturing and sensitive the Crab can be, woo them with your dozens of cuddly over-populating cats)

Leo: dress like them (this superstar needs all the attention and credit it can get). 

Virgo: eat their ass (it tastes better than their salty attitudes).

Libra: make it rain (the best way to balance out their stress is with ca$h). 

Scorpio: cosplay (share their passions of hiding emotional pain in plain sight with weeaboo trash). 

Sagittarius: spell the zodiac name right (seriously).

Capricorn: world domination (its the only way).

Aquarius:  tentacle porn (weird-ass, water-loving, kinky fucks eat that shit up).

Pisces: take that bitch to DisneyLand (where dreams always come true).

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This is the best scene in the show, in my opinion. I really like this scene. Well, not enjoy-like, but admire-like, you know?

It’s sort of a lore-dump, but it’s a good lore-dump. Up to this point in the show, very little was explicitly stated about the Gems or Homeworld or whatever. It was all there, it was hinted at, but never confirmed directly. Until this moment.

Hearing Greg admit to Steven, plain and clear, that they’re aliens who invaded Earth. That choice of words. I’d personally never thought of the Gems that way. Sure, they came from space, but “alien invaders”? It was such a shock at the time. We know all about Homeworld and the rebellion and all that now, and so it’s easy to see the signs in earlier episodes, but hindsight is 20/20. I remember it hitting so hard that first time.