you know that she loves you and you yourself accept that you are in fact crazy about her

Slight Changes || Park Jimin

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Word Count: 1.9k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

“You can’t be serious Y/N, it wasn’t even my fault.” You ignored Jimin’s voice as you stormed away from him and walked into the kitchen. The only thing you wanted to do right now was get away from him, but it seemed that no matter how far you got from him he would just appear right behind you again.

“Yes, Jimin, I am serious. What would make you think otherwise?” Your tone was bitter, anger flooding through you and exiting in the form of words. There was no other way for you to release it so you just had to deal with trying your best to stay calm and not completely flip out on your boyfriend. Jimin sighed loudly before speaking again, causing you to turn around and look at him.

“She was just a fan, fan’s get close. It’s not my fault.” He argued. You rolled your eyes, feeling more anger rise at the fact that he was trying to defend himself over this. The picture had been all over twitter and it seemed that ARMY’s were going crazy over it. They had been tweeting it at you, waiting for some kind of reaction, but you held back until the moment he got home and you could confront him about it.

“It’s your fault that you didn’t try to ask her to move, and it’s your fault that you didn’t mention me, you know, your girlfriend.” You said.

“God you always get like this.” Jimin’s tone surprised you, and you couldn’t help but feel a little taken aback by his words. There wasn’t anything about it that was very different, just a slight undertone of frustration that you weren’t used to. Jimin was always calm with you, even now while you were practically yelling at you he was keeping his normal tone.

“What do you mean I always get like this?” You asked.

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Bucky Barnes Masterlist

I’m So In Love With You

Summary:  ( Ceo!Bucky) You and Bucky spending some quality time together after him being at work nonstop.

Perfect Morning Masterlist Completed

Summary:  When your boyfriend Bucky comes back from a mission all you want to do it’s to spent the day cuddling with him and make up for the lost time. Unfortunately, life has other plans and Bucky is called to work right away.

Possible Future

Summary: In the middle of the night, Bucky shows up in your house with his son in his arms looking for someone to talk to.

Saving Grace

Summary: You and Bucky get into an argument, about the fact that he is always away and you two have a talk about your future,

Somewhere in Neverland

Summary: After a mission, Bucky goes to a trip on memory lane about your relationship.

Making You Happy

Summary:   I should be the only one making you happy.

I Am Not Doing You

Summary:  You didn’t do the dishes, I’m not doing you.

Two Nights Stand Masterlist  Completed

Summary: (Modern Au) After a bad breakup, your roommate insists that you need to a one night stand to end your dry spell. Following her advice, you have a bad one night stand with Bucky Barnes, but what happened when you are forced to spend time with him?

Professional Behavior, Please ( SMUT)

Summary:   ‘Let’s talk dirty to each other.’ ‘Babe… we’re at work. Remember? Professional. Behavior. Please.’

You Make Me Really Confused

Summary:  “You make me nervous and happy and horny all at the same time and it’s confusing as fuck sometimes.”

Friends ( Masterlist) Completed

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Coffee, Cuddles, and Bucky

Summary: You had a shit day and Bucky helps to make better.

The Anchor

Summary: Bucky explains why he loves you. This is inspired a song by the same name.

Dinner Party (Smut)

Summary: After Bucky returns home from a mission all you want to do is stay in bed (naked) all day with him. But you two have to go to a friend’s birthday to make things fun he proposes a little game.


Summary: After a nightmare about your ex, you start to rethink what happened in your relationship and try to get some closure.

Soulmate Au (Masterlist)  Discontinued

Summary: One day every human being on the planet received a mark in some place on their body at the same time; these marks are the initials of your soulmate and their date of birth. What do you do when your soulmate is not the person that you have a relationship with?

My Fake Boyfriend Masterlist Completed

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your best friend and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Too Many Feelings masterlist Completed

Summary: You and Bucky don’t get along, one day Steve asks you to help him after on mission. Feelings could change?

Why you love me?

Summary: After a nightmare, Bucky feels insecure about your relationship and you have to remind him why you love him.

Something Crazy ( Au) Masterlist Completed

Summary: You are really bored with your life and decide to go to one adventure with your Best Friend, Natasha. What could happen?

Anything You Want Baby Girl

Summary: Bucky takes care of you in your period.

Rooftop Talks (Smut)

Summary: Your parents throw another boring partying but you meet someone interesting

Animals Know Best  

Summary: Bucky in a domestic life with a dog and being happy.

4 am Showers 

Summary: After a nightmare, you decide to take a shower and think about your life but you have a surprise while doing it.Pure Fluffy and Bucky being a sweetheart

A day in the Barnes Family

Summary: Totally Fluffy it’s just a domestic! Bucky Dad Fic.

I want to be a daddy

Summary:  Bucky wants to be a daddy

Fake it

Summary: This is inspired by the song fake it by Bastille. Maybe i will write a fic for every song of the new album gosh i am such a Bastille trash . It’s a sad song about a breakup so this is pure angst no happy endings.

Good Grief

Summary: Are you still doing the song thing?? Bucky Barnes and bastille good grief

It Was Just Lunch (Smut)

Summary: Very bad smut.


Summary: This was kind vaguely inspired by the song Warmth by Bastille. And is just pure happiness with a lot of cuteness.


Summary:  I just saw your song fic lost and was wondering if you could do a Bucky with Misery by The Maine? It’s my favorite song (and Bucky is my fave) thank you!

I Need to Talk To You

Summary: “I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I first laid eyes on you.”

The Perfect Bucket List (Au)

Summary: “Perfect” with Bucky Barnes pretty please 😌😌😌. This is an au so no one is a superhero. And god that is the biggest thing i ever written.

“Who did this to you?”

Summary: Bucky saves you from a jerk.


Summary: Can you do Bucky Barnes with the song Unsteady?

New York

Summary: sing along to every song That’s on the radio In the back of a taxi cab in Brooklyn

Show me Kindness

Summary: So i have this idea at 5am and i was kind of inspire with a small conversation that i had with @buckysglow This is you being super nice and kind to Bucky and he opened up to you.

I am not worth your tears

Summary : “Are you still awake?”

Just Relax!

Summary: Bucky helps you relax. 

Take my pain away

Summary “I love you okay? Happy now?”

Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time 

Summary Can you please write a Bucky one with Don’t Threaten Me With a Good Time? Please. I’d love you forever if you did

Don’t touch me

Summary:  You and Bucky have a fight.

Forever and ever

Summary: So this is my first marvel fic . The reader can’t move on after her relationship with Bucky end and know she wonders if she did the right thing.

Dating Wonder Woman would include...

The only headcanons I wrote was about Wolverine (here), and since I never received any other requests about head canons…I’m very glad to write another one with Wonder Woman yo ! Though I’m not sure I’m doing it right, I made it way longer than most headcanons I saw around I think, and also cut it in more than one part…I hope it’s ok. So here we go, hope you’ll like it

(My masterlist blog here :


How you met, how you two fell in love, the first “I love you” : 

✶ You first met Diana when your brother, Bruce aka the goddamn Batman, dragged you to the Justice League’s Watchtower (against your will). You were already a Gotham’s vigilante just like him, the next big step was obviously the League, though you didn’t like the idea of being in a little “super club”…

✶ You quickly changed your mind when you met Diana though. She’s the first one who talked to you, and though your brother told you many things about the Mighty Wonder Woman, you weren’t impressed. 

✶ That’s what made her fall in love with you. Because you accept her just as she is. And you couldn’t care less about the fact that she’s a Princess, or one of the most powerful being on Earth.

✶ The way you’re never afraid to tell people what you think, even if sometimes it’s almost rude, is also another reason she fell for you. She loves the fact that you’re independent, and don’t take anyone’s shit, including hers. You keep her grounded when she gets a bit too cocky or something. 

✶ Another thing that made her fall for you : even though you went through a lot of bad things during your life, you always saw the bright side of everything, and Diana understood why Bruce always referred to you as his “personal sunshine”. You didn’t have any super-power, but hey, the ability to make anyone (even the Batman) smile and laugh was even better. 

✶ Your brother shipping you two even before you started to both flirt with each other like crazy. 

✶ Your brother calling you “an idiot” when you decide to not reciprocate the flirting after a while, afraid to bring her in your chaotic life. “She’s Wonder Woman, as if anything could actually hurt her”. 

✶ Diana being somewhat depressed while your avoiding her…And the League having an “intervention” to convince your stubborn ass to talk to her again. 

✶ You not resisting for very long, because…Well, she’s Diana Prince, and if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve been in love with her ever since you first met. Her not being even remotely mad at you for your sudden coldness toward her, on the contrary, being over the moon because you finally came back.

✶ Your brother giving you relationship advices : basically, do the opposite of what he would do. Best advice ever. 

✶ Becoming very close from each other because it seems you two are just hand made for each other. Conversation is always flowing just right, you don’t always agree with each other but always listen etc etc…A match made in heaven. 

✶ Diana knew she was doomed and totally in love with you the day you punched your brother AND Superman in the face because they dared to say you needed protection. “If I can punch you two idiots without you stopping me, then clearly, I’m fine without protection !”. Yup, she was definitely doomed.

✶Her knowing you hate when people protect you, but not being able to not do it…and you letting her protect you, because you love her, and if it can make her happy, then so be it. 

✶ Surprisingly, she’s the one that said “I love you” first…Right before what should have been a “suicide mission”. Needless to say it gave you a reason to fight like Hell to have the chance to tell her you love her too. 

✶ You never even had time to tell her, as when the battle was finished, and you two were still alive, she crashed her lips on yours. The rest of the League applauded when you were finally able to whisper, breathless : “I love you too D”

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Bad Match - Pt.1/?

Summary: Bucky and the Reader are set up on a date, but things don’t go as well as expected.  

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 2605

Warnings: angst, self-loathing feelings, bad date, Bucky is kind of a jerk, swearing.

A/N: I’m not exactly happy with it, but I just couldn’t stare at the screen anymore. Thank you @imhereforbvcky  for your kind offer to help, giving me some of your time and teaching me so much about writing with just a few notes. You’re amazing.  

English is not my first language, so you’ll find grammar mistakes and nonsenses. Sorry!

Part 1/ Part 2Part 3/ Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

“Are you sure is not too soon for both of us?” you apprehensively asked your best friend through the phone. “I mean, I broke up with Jeff just, what… three months ago and he, on the other hand, well, he’s Bucky Barnes…I really wouldn’t like to become an additional problem for him, since he already has his fair share of issues” you tried to debate with your fellow SHIELD agent.

“Three months are already too long Y/N, it’s past time for you to move on, and when it comes to Bucky, he’s a really sweet guy once you get to know him, you’re gonna love the man, and he’s gonna love you too, trust me,” the strong-minded woman argued on the other side of the line.

“Ok…” you sighed with resignation, knowing there’s no win with Sharon Carter once she’d put something on her mind “I guess you have a point, I’ll be there”.


Lying on their shared bed, arms crossed behind his head, Steve observed his girlfriend sitting by the desk talking to you on the phone. When she hung up with a satisfied smile he knew she’d got what she wanted.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” the Avenger told her with furrowed eyebrows while she was making herself comfortable again beside him laying one arm over his chest.

“Of course I do, they are great for each other.” She responded with the smug confidence that Steve so well knew and loved about her.

“I just don’t think Bucky is ready Shar, and wasn’t it Y/N that recently got out of a terrible relationship?” He tried to ponder with her.  

“Steve, honey, I know you worry a lot about Bucky, and you have your reasons, I get it. Yet, he’s been among us for over a year now. He’s doing so great working with the Avengers. I understand he’s still have some social skills matters to work on, but he’s been doing progress with therapy.” She tried to prove her point.

Steve looked down at his girlfriend “What about the Natasha situation?”

“That’s another reason. That ain’t gonna happen, not now, not never, she’s a different person than she was before and is head over heels for another man. Bucky has got to let go of this obsession with their past.” The blonde woman snorted her disapproval and continued. “He hasn’t been to a proper date yet, don’t you think there’s something missing? He needs someone good in his life, not just those meaningless shallow one-night stands he’s been going on.”

Steve opened his mouth to respond, but Sharon kept talking, circling her hand on his chest in a reassuring way “And as for Y/N, yes, she’s been in a horrible relationship, but she’s managed to put an end on it and deserves a second chance too. They are a good match, I have a feeling.”

“I still don’t know baby, are you really sticking with this?” The soldier insisted.

“Steve… sometimes even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself…”  

The Captain interrupted her, rolling his eyes “Ok ok ok, you don’t have to use the “you move” speech.” Giving her the giggles, he chuckled and put a kiss on the top of her head “I just hope you’re right on this one.”

“I am.” She concluded nuzzling into her boyfriend chest.


“Here it is, Miss,” you smiled at the waiter when he placed your second drink of the night on the table. You took another glance at the clock on the restaurant wall, 30 minutes…

You couldn’t believe that you were going to be stood up on your first date after your break up with Jeff. So much for being open to new possibilities.  At first you were reluctant to go along with Sharon’s idea, but then you started to think that she could be right. You had to move on from you self-pitying state and the sooner the better.

Flashbacks of the crappy last two years started playing in your mind. You had met Jeff at one of the CIA`s divisions in Europe, when you and Sharon started working there after the fall of SHIELD.  You didn’t know then, but he was the man that would break you into a million tiny self-hating pieces. Without once laying a finger on you he had the power to, with a word or just a look, make you feel unworthy, tiny, unlovable. There was always something that wasn’t good enough for him: your clothes weren’t that fashionable, your looks could be better, your hair should be longer and there was always someone than  you in any given aspect. That was your daily life with the man you started to believe you were lucky to have as partner and that loved you in spite of all of those flaws.

You only realized you were getting stuck in a vicious cycle of self-loathing when your friends, specially Sharon, practically punched some sense into you.

The break up didn’t happen on good terms, so you were glad in accepting SHIELD’s insistent offer to assume your position back after they were reactivated and rejoined forces with the Avengers. You moved countries and focused exclusively on work.

Your fall to an abyss of sad memories was interrupted by the sound of someone clearing their throat next to you. When you looked up, you weren’t expecting to see an ocean of blue eyes staring down at you with a questioning look.

“Oh h-hi, sorry I didn’t see you here” You stood up and, God knows why, leaned to greet him with a kiss on the cheek, only to be stopped with a preventative handshake. Blame it on your European times.

“Hi you must be Y/N, my name is Bucky.” He introduced himself and the soft rusky tone of his voice was the most alluring you had ever heard.

Like in a trance you practically moaned, “I know everything about you Bucky.” Listening to your own words and checking the startled expression on his face as he let go of your hand, you tried to correct yourself. “I-I mean, n-not everything, course not, you’re Bucky Barnes, Steve and Sharon’s friend, t-that’s what I know.” He raised one eyebrow and took his seat in front of yours.

What was the matter with you? You had met the guy for five seconds and suddenly became a stuttering mess? You took in his appearance and concluded that, even though you had seen pictures of him before (most of them with his Winter Soldier mask, since the media still craved for his troublesome past) you certainly weren’t ready for the real deal. He was absolutely gorgeous.

But that fact and the outrageously sexy low bun that was holding his brow locks didn’t stop you from realizing he hadn’t apologized for being 40 minutes late.

“How was the traffic, too crazy?” You questioned to give him the opportunity to redeem himself.

“No, not really” he responded nonchalantly, taking a look around the Indian place you had chosen. “Have you ordered anything yet?”

“Oh, I haven’t, I was waiting for you.”

“I hate Indian food, but go ahead, make your order.” He turned to the waiter already standing next to him and asked for a drink.

“Oh… I’m sorry, this is my favorite place, that’s is why I picked it, I didn’t know… we can go… somewhere else…” You were so flustered that you could feel your whole body burning, starting in your cheeks that probably were showing a deep shade of pink now.

“No, no, don’t worry Doll, I’m a drink kind of guy anyway… So tell me, how long have you been friends with Sharon?”

The use of the nickname and the whole embarrassing events so far got you rambling non-stop. You never ordered your food and kept talking about your childhood, your job, Donald Trump, the lack of male nudity on Game of Thrones… Every single thought that came across your mind was spilled at an impassive Bucky.

When your mouth went dry of talking and not a word had come out of Bucky’s plump lips you excused yourself to the toilet, taking your purse with you.

Inside the small room, you took a deep breath and, while staring at the mirror to retouch your lipstick, you wondered when everything had started to go to shit. Maybe you weren’t ready after all…

Walking back towards the table, you decided to give it another try, start over and maybe have a pleasant rest of night with your date. You glimpsed Bucky by his back talking on his cellphone and the sound of your name made you stop close enough to overhear the conversation.

“What can I tell you Steve? Jesus, she won’t stop talking… And I don’t understand half of the things she’s saying. I can’t see why you and Sharon insisted on this dating thing… Besides, you were wrong… Not for a minute I was able to get Natasha out of my head… Y/N’s got nothing on her, she is not slightly as amazing as Nat…”

You felt your stomach drop to the floor and your heart sank. Bucky kept talking, but there was a buzz in your ears, loud enough to drown out every other sound around you. The restaurant and everything else transformed into a very familiar scenario. It was like Jeff was by your side all over again and his unwanted voice in your mind was reminding you of how distasteful, insignificant and unlovable you were. Your hands started shaking and tears were forming in your eyes, that was the signal you needed to turn around and leave as fast as you could. No goodbyes. You never wanted to see Bucky Barnes in your life again.


When you got to your bedroom after the longest cab ride in your life, your attention was caught by the pathetic form in front of the mirror on your wall. You knew that the woman he was comparing you with was THE Natasha Romanoff, the sexiest spy alive whose seductiveness haunted you poor hard worker mortals who were trying to make a living in the secret agent’s business. How could he even make the comparison when clearly there was none. You were average, tops. Flat where you should be curvy and curvy where you should be flat.

Someone could think that you’d be able to beat you lousy sex-appeal by a dashing interesting personality, but this someone would be wrong. If you had doubts about it, the last few moments with Bucky had dismissed them all, he was pretty clear about how unpleasant your company had been… Not slightly as amazing…

Knowing that you were going down a road too familiar for your taste, you attempted to dismiss all those self-hatred thoughts off of your mind by trying to get some sleep, hoping to dream a sweet dream that would make you forget all about that night. So you took off the dress you’d bought for the occasion and left it on the floor, found some energy in you to remove the full face makeup and brushed your teeth before diving into your bed, putting on some pjs was too much to ask of you at that moment.  


Your alarm rang and it felt like it had been 5 minutes since you finally conquered slumber. You groaned at the sound and the prospect of getting up to face the day ahead. Your half-asleep mind immediately drifted to the night before. Something you were so desperately trying to keep dormant inside you had awakened. The wounds on your self-esteem were too fresh and those words had hit them like a punch.

Despite the desire to keep drowned in your fort of blankets,  you couldn’t skip work. You had a meeting with The Man himself, Nick Fury. You had no idea what it would be about, you were warned by his secretary the day before.

You shook away your thoughts about the date with Bucky and got off the bed.  You had much more important things to worry about and focus on. At least you wouldn’t have to see him again, as the SHIELD’S operating base wasn’t located at the Avengers’ Tower.

Not much time passed before you were ready to go to work, after all it wasn’t that hard to choose an outfit from a wardrobe of grey suits. On your commute to SHIELD’s headquarters you remembered to take a look on your phone. 5 missed calls from Sharon. …he’s a really sweet guy once you get to know him, you’re gonna love the man … You mimic her voice in your head and memorized an entire speech of curses to deliver to the blonde for when you meet her again.

Once inside the building you already felt a little better. Work was your whole life, especially now, you loved what you did and felt appreciated and wanted there. You went straight to the big boss’s office, feeling nervous about whatever the infamous Nicky Fury wanted to talk to you.

“Hi Y/N, how are you today?” Maria Hill greeted you, putting an arm around your shoulder, guiding you to the adjacent room of the large office.

“Hi Maria, a little anxious for whatever this means, any clues?” she gave you a squeeze on your shoulder and smiled at you, but another voice responded:

“Miss Y/L/N, you’re here because I have a proposition for you.” It was the SHIELD’S director, using his well-known straightforward style.

“Tony Stark has contacted me and asked for the name, and I quote, of the most badass spy I could provide him.” Having an idea of where that conversation was heading, but not allowing yourself to fully believe it, you kept a dumbfounded stare at your boss in front of you, waiting for the outcome.

“So, Miss Y/L/N, how would you fancy a position on the Avengers’ team?” The weakness in your knees and the sweat leaking out of your pores must had been pretty evident, since Maria Hill placed her hand on the low of your back, in a support attempt.

“Oh my God sir, it’s such an honor…” your tremulous voice was interrupted by Fury, clearly in a hurry:  

“Good, you’re being transferred today to the Avengers compound, Maria will help you with paperwork and everything else that will be necessary for your relocation…”  He talked in a monotone, gathering some papers on the desk he was standing by, apparently oblivious by the rush of adrenaline that was swelling down your whole body. Suddenly  Maria’s support didn’t seem enough to prevent you from falling, so you gripped one hand on the desk chair in front of you, biting your lower lip so you wouldn’t let out the scream taking place in your mind. You had never thought something like that would happen, but now that it was a reality you felt like you had dreamed about it your whole life.

“You’ll go through evaluations and training for some time and then it will be decided if you really have what it takes to be an Avenger…” I’m going to be a fucking Avenger, bitch. You were trying to maintain some posture and conceal your excitement by listening carefully to the instructions that would change your life.

“Your main tutor for the starting process will give you the guidelines and other details, he’s most likely now waiting for you at the compound. You’ve already had the chance to meet Sgt. James Barnes, haven’t you?”

And just like that you went straight to the floor from cloud 9. FUCK.

End of part 1. 

Part 2 

So? Feedbacks? 

Allow me to rant about Maggie and Sanvers

When we first meet Maggie, we learned three basic things about the character: she’s an out and proud lesbian, she’s a cocky little shit, she cares a lot about people. For a while, this is all we had to hold on to. Maggie’s layers were added painstakingly slowly, and you had to pay attention to see what they were. Looking back, the traits that made Maggie Sawyer the woman we love, were always there, we just didn’t know it.

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A Different Fight II

Warnings: None!! This is a continuation of another short piece of writing that you can find here 

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker 

Genre: Angst but also finally some fluff 

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: HOLY CRAP GUYS!! I’m so blown away by your reactions to the first part, it’s absolutely nuts. Your kind words and feedback are appreciated, I hope this lives up to your expectations 💕

It had been two days since your fight with Peter and you were still really messed up about it. It was a Sunday afternoon and you had refused to get out of your bed since you had gotten in it over 48 hours ago. You had no motivation to do anything, only getting up to use the bathroom when you really needed to or to stock up on snacks. You slept a lot, trying to avoid the feeling of guilt that rotted away in the bottom of your stomach. Your only other super close friend Michelle was blowing up your phone with texts even though you really weren’t in the mood. You told her so, and she decided that she needed to come over (against your wishes). 

“This is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in my whole life.” Michelle’s voice woke you up from yet another nap, and you opened your eyes to find her standing over you.

“Yeah, this is the most pathetic I’ve felt in my whole life so I guess it’s fitting,” you mumbled.

“Seriously, are you this bummed out about a tiny fight with Peter?” she asked. “What did you even argue about anyway?” You groaned at the memories replaying in your head. 

“I don’t even know what really happened,” you said, running your hands through your hair. “I was just so mad and I took it all out on him. Not only that, I also got super jealous.” Michelle listened to your words carefully and you could see the gears turning in her mind. 

“Who is it that you were jealous of?” she questioned. 

“Oh god, this is so embarrassing,” you complained. “It was Liz Allan, the senior. Peter’s been hanging out with her a lot lately and he ditched me to go to her stupid party. Man, what does he see in her anyway? Other than the fact that she’s pretty, smart, and just about everything I’m not… Not that it matters, I just miss him since he’s, you know, a busy guy.” The two of you were silent for a moment. You hadn’t really meant to say all of that, but Michelle had a way of getting you to open up to her. She stared at you for a long time and you raised your eyebrows at her, puzzled by her strange look. 

“Y/N, you totally love Peter,” she declared. You started to argue, but she cut you off. “You like him so much and you’re jealous of Liz because you think he likes her! This isn’t because you were mad, this is because you won’t admit you have feelings for him! I called it!" 

"MJ, that’s crazy…” you said. “He’s just a friend." 

"A friend that you love,” she corrected. You rolled your eyes but didn’t say anything. She was right. Of course she was right, she always was. Thinking about Peter with Liz made you feel like a wave had washed over you, suffocating you in a mix of insufferable envy and sadness. Every time he said her name your stomach dropped, similar to how it did during roller coaster rides or when you drove over big hills. You knew you needed to fix things with him, he was way too important to you and you couldn’t let things stay the way they were. Michelle left, spewing out kind words of support and advice as she went. You finally stood up, ready to face your problems. 

Tracking Peter down was hard. You didn’t want to text him because you weren’t sure he was going to answer. Even if he did, would he really want to see you? You tried his apartment but his aunt was the only one home. May usually loved seeing you, but today she seemed a little off. You didn’t blame her, Peter probably had told her what happened and her opinion of you must have changed. You decided to try one other place, the spot where you and Peter had spent most of your time together. 

The rooftop was a little chilly and your ears stung a bit in the wind, but you barely noticed since you were so preoccupied with finding Peter. Sure enough, there he was, sitting with his legs dangling off the ledge. He was in the Spider-Man suit but the mask was off, discarded behind him on the cement. You took a deep breath and approached him quietly. He must have heard you, probably from his super senses, because he turned his head to face you. He looked just as awful as you did, if not worse. His hair was a mess and he had deep purple circles beneath his eyes. His skin was blotchy and it seemed as if he had cried recently. 

“Hi,” you said, willing your voice not to crack. You fidgeted with your hands, unsure of how to begin. 

“Hi,” Peter echoed, his tone lacking all of its usual enthusiasm. He swung his legs back over the ledge and stood up. 

“I… I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry,” you started. “I was totally out of line, I should never have said any of those things to you-" 

"Yeah, no kidding,” Peter said. He furrowed his brows, looking at the ground. “Look, I want to accept your apology and for everything to be cool…" 

"Great!” you said, relieved. It felt as if a boulder had been lifted off of your shoulders that you didn’t realize you had been carrying. 

“I want to,” he continued as if you hadn’t spoken. “But I don’t know if I can. It’s just… Well, it’s complicated.”

“So tell me how I can fix it,” you begged. If you had any tears left you would have been crying, but you had already shed them all. You were completely empty and the only thing you could do was stand there like a statue. 

“Y/N, you said some pretty bad things,” Peter reminded you. As if you had forgotten. “Honestly, it was bad enough for you to take swings at me, but Liz? What did she ever do to you? I just don’t get it.” And so it began. You couldn’t stop yourself, the words started tumbling out of your mouth before you could contain them. 

“I don’t like her,” you blurted, your hands falling to your sides. “I don’t like you hanging out with her, I don’t like you talking about her, and I really don’t like you choosing her over me. It makes me feel like garbage. All you do is pine over her and the worst part is that you don’t even realize that it upsets me!” Peter’s mouth was a thin line, his eyes darkening. You felt a surge of dread flow through you. Not again, this wasn’t supposed to happen again. 

“Has it occurred to you that I can have other friends?” he asked loudly, his voice making your legs shake from under you. Panic seized you, the terrifying thought of having a repeat of what had already happened filling your brain. 

“That’s the problem!” you croaked, your voice betraying you. “She’s not just a friend! You were willing to beat me up over her. Peter, you pinned me against a wall! It’s not like you were taking down a criminal, you were arguing with me. Do you have any idea how scared I was?”

“I didn’t mean to,” he said quietly after a moment. “You know that. I’m not used to being so mad at someone I’m close to. I forgot what was happening for a minute, I forgot it was a different fight…” He looked away, sniffing as he tried to hide his face. You got a short glimpse of it and it was enough to know that he was crying. Abandoning all of your lingering anger, you walked over to pick up the mask he had left behind. You held it in your fingers, moving your thumb over the soft fabric absentmindedly. 

“Peter,” you said suddenly. “I’m not mad about Liz. I wasn’t mad to begin with. You were right, I’m jealous of her. I’m so insanely jealous and it made me say such horrible things to you. I’m so sorry, I know that doesn’t change what happened…” Peter rubbed his eyes, finally meeting you gaze.

“But why would you be jealous of her?” he asked. You took a deep breath and took a cautious step forward. 

“I like you,” you finally admitted. “Actually, I more than like you. The way you feel about her, that’s how I feel about you. It’s awful, really. Everything you do makes my heart soar and it’s so hard because I can’t do anything about it!” He opened his mouth to say something, but you shook your head. You just wanted to get this off your chest before you chickened out. 

“The truth is, I love you Peter. I always have and I always will. You can date Liz, I don’t care. Just… Just please don’t hate me anymore. I can’t live with it.” Peter stared at you for a moment, his mouth open and his eyes wide. 

“I-I never hated you,” he said finally. “And I don’t want to date Liz. You’re 0 for 2, want to keep trying?” You were caught totally off guard, especially by how light and joking his tone and gotten once again. 

“But I thought-” you started but stopped as he held out his hand for you to hold. You hesitantly reached out to him and he gripped it gently, lacing his fingers between yours.

“You’re ridiculous, crazy, and have no clue how to deal with your temper,” he said with a small smile. “Why would I ever want to date anyone other than you?

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On Narrators, Observers and the Sun Arc

So for once I’m going to make a meta on how things might not be as bad as they look. It’s shocking, I know. There’s something I’ve noticed though, that was revealed this chapter that I have not seen anybody else talking about.

That the narrator who carries such an objective and flourishing style in narration that was almost absent from Tokyo Ghoul with the exception of the end of chapter and beginning of chapter brief segments, is none other than Furuta himself. Not only that but for most of the time, these narrations are completely objective and more descriptive of the situation around him rather than Furuta’s actual thoughts and emotions.

Clickbait title: why is naki going to survive? Find out below. 

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Sparks Fly

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: In 1919, while looking for ripper Stefan, who went missing nearly a year ago, you have a very pleasant meeting with one the oldest vampires in existence: Klaus Mikaelson. 

Warnings: slight smut, bad words and, oh, well, it’s a vampire imagine, there’s gotta be a little blood. haha

N/A - Not quite as you requested, but I hope you like the same way, anon. :) Also, you guys could read this while listening to Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. I heard it repeatedly when I was writing this one. 

Word Count: 2326 

Dear Damon,

I am aware of the promise I made to sent you a letter every month, so you know that I’m alive, but things have been a bit messy lately. Moving from one place to another has not given me much time to write; actually, my only true focus is finding our brother and getting him back to his oldself. Perhaps I’ll be able to do that here in New Orleans, which, by the way, is a wonderful city. You should be here to see the night lights and cheerful dances.

Oh, shucks! That reminded me I have got to meet up with my friend Lexi in twenty minutes at this famous pub. Apparently, the Original family is here (yes, the one who created all other vampires) and goes there every evening, she thought it would be a cool way to blow off some steam while we don’t find Stefan.

She might have a solid point.

Well, I will not extend myself, for I have to leave, however, don’t worry about me, everything is fine and I got the feeling this it. So, soon enough, we’ll be joining you in Paris.

I miss like crazy those cold winter days…

Anyway, kisses and hugs to you from your loving sister

                                                                                                    Love you,


You dropped the exquisite pen on the table and sighed, thinking that what you were telling him was more than enough. Sure Damon would be pleased to hear you were still breathing, because, in his mind, chasing emotionless Stefan was dead end job. Not that he was wrong, but you were never the kind of girl who would leave someone behind, especially if that someone was your own flash and blood.

“Y/N Salvatore!” A voice cut through the silence of your house. “I can’t believe you’re not ready yet.”

“Hey, Lexi.” You smiled and stood up, moving smoothly towards the majestic mahogany wood wardrobe. “I completely forgot we were supposed to go out tonight! That’s why I’m not…”

“Don’t make excuses!”

“I’m not making any.” This time an angry huff slipped, as you diverted your eyes to the well hung dresses, not being sure which one you were going to pick.

The blonde woman, who was with arms crossed against the wall next to your door’s bedroom, rolled her eyes and cave in, as usual, approaching to help you get dressed. She always had a good eye for those stuff, making anyone advised by her look hauntinly fabulous.

A short time later, after your friend decided what was suitable for the place, you stared yourself in the mirror, feeling ready to steal any man’s heart because the baby pink gown you had on highlighted your every curve, also giving an insinuating gleam to your once innocent traits. Absolutely perfect to a girls night out.

“We should go.” Lexi blurted out, after checking on the huge clock placed in one corner. “It’s getting late.”

“I’m sure that doesn’t matter” Your reply was gentle, as you worked on your Y/H/C wild curls. “But if it means that much to you, we can go now. And, maybe, we’ll find Stefan there, or at least a lead on his whereabouts.”

“Oh no.” The girl rolled her eyes, shaking her head. “We’re shutting off the ‘get my baby brother back’ thing for a night.”


“Shush. Don’t argue with me.” Now her index finger was pointed sharply on your face. “And listen: I know you love him and that he is very important. However, not everything is about Stefan. Or Damon. You are your own person, so live a bit and enjoy the pleasures of life.”

Somehow, you were not able to shout out a rude response. Instead, after a couple of minutes, you exhaled tiredly and nodded, agreeing that she was right. Lexi squeezed the nude skin of your shoulder and you glanced at her, finding her so sweet and so comforting brown eyes.

“Can we please have some fun now?”

“Sure, blondie.”

“Now that’s the Y/N I know.”

You two shared a quick laugh and left the cosy pension room, going to your natural habitat: the darkness.

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Trust Issues - Jay X Reader / Harry Hook X Reader

Originally posted by clearwatersthimprint

Check out Part 2 here (this one has a whole load of Harry for ya!)

A/N:  Just a warning there is no Harry in this part but there will be in the next - stick with me peeps! Trust me when I say it was necessary.
Words: 4181
Requested: Yes!
Warnings: Violence, Angst, Swearing

A: How long have you loved her?
B: Have I missed something? What are you going on about?
A: How long have you loved her?
B: Loved who? Your the only person I lo…
A: Cut the bullshit, I see how you look at her.

“Y/N I can’t believe you are making me do this!” Evie complained as you dragged her down Auradon Prep’s hallways.
You were officially in suspicious girlfriend mode and this time you had roped your best friend into to stalking your lousy excuse of a boyfriend.
“I need to know if I’m going crazy” You said, glummer than you had intended to sound.
Evie glanced at you with a mixture of pity and concern and stopped you from moving any further.
“Y/N sweetie you aren’t crazy,” she said softly “But I think you’re wrong about him, everybody knows how much Jay loves you. He’s never exactly been into subtlety”
The blue haired girl let out a small laugh, hoping to get you to smile, but you just bit down on your lip a little harder.
“Hmm,” you said unconvinced, “It’s just that… It’s just that… Never mind, it’s not important”
But it was important. Overwhelmingly important to you. Your relationship with Jay had been rocky lately, he’d stopped spending time with you at all by this point. You were petrified of sounding like one of those psychotic jealous girls who refused to let their boyfriends out of their sights (there were plenty enough of them already at Auradon and you refused be confined to one of those princess stereotypes) but you couldn’t help feeling somehow… replaced. There really was no other word for it, how else would you describe Jay spending all his time with one other girl. A shinier, prettier newer model of yourself.
A person you couldn’t compete with.
At all.
How else would you describe the person you loved completely ignoring you for the last agonising month, without any kind of explanation.
Yes. ‘Replaced’ was a pretty accurate way of summing everything up.
“Y/N why are we heading towards the fencing Hall?” Evie questioned, bringing you back from you own thoughts.
You gulped.
“I don’t know, I thought it would be a good place to start”.
Lies, complete and utter lies. You knew that was exactly where Jay would be but you didn’t want to admit it out loud.
“Y/N sweetie, we passed the fencing team on our way here and I doubt Jay’ll be training on his own. Maybe we should try somewhere else?”
You gulped again, only this time louder. Loud enough for Evie to hear, her brows furrowing slightly.
“He won’t be alone” You said, your words almost inaudible, as if not speaking them would make them any less real.
“Hmm?” Evie asked, stopping you in your tracks for good now, standing in front of you and placing her hands on you shoulders so you couldn’t edge any closer to the Fencing Hall looming ahead.
“Lonnie” Was all you said, but it came out as more of a croak than a word.
You willed yourself not to cry, you didn’t want to seem utterly pathetic, but you could feel tears welling up in your eyes and your throat begin to close up.
You were more than confused when Evie let out a sigh of relief.
“Oh,” Evie said with a grin “You’re worried about Lonnie”
“What? That’s who he spends all his time with, not me, her.” You said almost defensively.
Evie chuckled lightly before looping her arms in yours.
“Y/N! You don’t have anything to worry about. It’s Lonnie we’re talking about. And Jay. They are friends, that’s all honey. That’s seriously not what has been worrying you has it?”
You wanted to believe Evie, you really did but every gut instinct was screaming at you that she was wrong.
“But… But she’s so…” You were struggling as how to word this “She’s so much like him. She’s perfect Evie, how could he not fall for her. She’s kind where I’m stubborn, she’s confident and outspoken where I’m quiet and reseverved. I mean, look at how athletic she is, he’s always going to get her more than he gets me. Lonnie is just overall… more. Even her parents trump mine, her mother saved the whole of China mine just…”
“Your mother worked hard and made her dreams happen when she was handed nothing” Evie said sternly “Your parents defeated a witch doctor terrorising their city and saw the good in people nobody else could see. Tiana and Naveen are some of the most inspirational people I have ever met and you are so much like the Y/N it’s unbelievable”
You could tell Evie was trying but you still felt deflated.
“I’m not her Ev-”
“So what if your not a fencer! That’s not your thing, fine, absolutely fine. Can Lonnie sing like you? I think not. You are hands down the best cook in the whole of Auradon and it’s safe to say that musical talent runs in the family.”
You flashed Evie a meek smile.
“Stop comparing yourself to her Y/N. They’re just friends.”
You inhaled and let out an indifferent sigh, stuffing your hands into your cardigan pockets.
“How can you be so sure E?”
“Because I know Jay!” She sung theatrically, tossing her hands up in the air for dramatic effect “And Lonnie too for that matter. In fact, come on , let me take you to the Fencing Hall and prove to you that you’ve got it all wrong”
She grabbed your hand and pulled you along.
“And then” Evie continued “When we find the hall completely empty you can apologise from dragging me away from my sewing”
The two of you giggled, running the remaining distance to the training room where you so frequently watched Jay in practise. This was why you loved Evie, she brought you back down to the ground, reeling you in when you went slightly too crazy. Of course Jay loved you, of course the secret love affair you concocted in you head was nothing more than just paranoid worrying. Evie always brought perspective , always knew what to say and when to say it.
Taking a deep breath you flung the doors to the Fencing Hall open, ready to be greeted and with an empty room and to even more ready accept Evie’s contestant I told you so’s on the walk back to your dorm.
But Evie would never get to say I told you so.
For once the girl who always new what to say could say nothing at all.
Because they were there. Together. 

And they certainly weren’t fencing.
A more appropriate word choice would be cuddling, or hugging or holding or snuggling, eloping, squeezing; all far more appropriate than fencing. Whatever it was, it was a whole lot more than friendly.
Her hand around his waist, his eyes glued to hers. You felt sick. In fact you were so sure you were going to be sick, that you ran away before you had the chance to see anything else.
You thanked god for having some mercy; at least they didn’t see you.

Great sobs raked your body as you collapsed behind your dorm room door, your forehead and palms flat against the wood as you tried to breathe deeply. It was a pointless exercise. It’s like a dam, you can only take so much, you can can only handle so much pressure and then boom…  its out of your control. Then your walls break down, the walls that hold you up, make you strong, just collapse. You were a mess. Salty droplets spill down your face as you feel your chin start to tremble like a small child, trying to make sense of what you had just seen.
You’re supposed to love me! The static in your head was screaming. You don’t do this to people you love!
And then you were interrupted, a small rapping at the door causing your to look up with watery eyes, wiping away a token tear.
“Y/N… It’s me Carlos. I’m not going to ask if you’re okay because I know you’re not but will you please open this door. Evie told me what happened”
You clenched your fists trying to fathom out the emotion suddenly pulsing through you. It wasn’t anger - how could you possibly be mad at Carlos who only ever tried to do right be others. He was your closest friend in the whole of Auradon, closer than you and Evie and, for the moment, closer than you and Jay. For a second you thought it was betrayal, you thought you were infuriated with Evie for telling people, but you knew she only told Carlos because she was worried about you.
It finally clicked. The mystery emotion rampaging around your body was complete and utter devastation.
“Carlos… I need to be alone” You whimpered, then you sniffled before adding “Jay doesn’t love me anymore”
Your last sentence was a soggy mess of sobbing, salty tears and voice cracking. You had never felt so pathetic in your life.
“Open the door Y/N” Carlos said softly.
“I really just need to be alone”
“Y/N. It’s part of my best friend duties to get you to open this door so I can smother you in hugs. We can either do this the easy way or the hard way”
You weren’t really listening to him
“I really just need to be alone” You repeated.
“The hard way it is”
“Carlos please ju-”
“Open this door right now, I’m not letting you wallow in self pity any longer” He was banging slightly louder on the door now and was starting to raise his voice. You did not want to here a signature Carlos pep talk where he said everything was going to be just hunker-dory. Clearly it was not.
“I’m really not in the mood. Can’t you just leave me al-”
You were interrupted again
“Y/N, you can either let me in or I can start singing really loudly and even more off key until you undo the latch”
There wasn’t a hint of insincerity in his voice
“Carlos! Come on don’t you dare”
Carlos was nothing if a little comical and you could tell by the floorboards creaking in the hallway that he was probably performing a fully choreographed dance out there which if nothing made you feel a smidge better.
“You’re not helping you know” You said, even though you had stopped crying now.
You just wanted to see his dance routine. He changed songs.
You were now completely convinced the boy was skipping around outside of your dorm. You could feel the corners of your mouth tug into a grin. Curse Carlos, the boy knew Moana was your weakness.
Carlos paused dramatically waiting for you to complete the lyric. You stayed silent, you weren’t exactly in the mood to have a sing along.
“Oh come on Y/N” he huffed “SPROUTED A TREE, NOW YOU’VE GOT”
Fuck it, that’s what a small part of your brain said you. Wait scrap that, fuck Jay. He wasn’t going to rule your happiness, if he wanted to date Lonnie then he better go and do it. You were going to sing an entire soundtrack with your best friend and not think twice about it. So you unclicked the latch and cleared your throat.
“COCONUTS!” You sung loudly, swinging the door open and throwing your hands in the air, no longer caring about your tear stained cheeks, no longer caring about what anybody thought about you.
Then you stopped.
Your face dropped and your stomach plummeted.

“J-Jay?” You said, your voice trembling with confusion and hurt.
Your boyfriend took a step forward and opened his mouth to say something, but you put your hands up in front of you, pushing him slightly away. You shot Carlos an angry glare
“I had no other option Y/N. You need to talk to him and I knew you wouldn’t come out if I told you he was here” Carlos tried to reason with you, glancing towards Jay who was staring at his feet and drawing swirls on the floor with the tip of his boot
You just shook your head, opening your mouth to object but Carlos stopped you, grabbing onto your shoulders before you could say a word.
“Just talk to him Y/N”
Then he left you.
He left you stood in a doorway with the exact person you wanted to run and hide from until you both forgot the other existed.
The uncomfortable silence was shattered when Jay cleared his throat, trying to meet your eye.
“It’s not what it looked like Y/N, trust me” he tried to explain, reaching his hand up towards your cheek.
You didn’t move, not even to push his hand away, you just stared back at him a concoction of betrayal and fury brewing in your eyes.
“But that’s just the thing Jay,” you said your voice sincere and distressed. “I can’t trust you anymore! I can’t trust anything you say!”
Jay retracted his arm immediately, cocking his head to the side and looking at you, trying to figure out what was racing through your head.
“Okay, well that’s not true. Now your just being unreasonable.” His voice was infuriatingly even as if nothing was affecting him, as if the sight of you bordering on tears was completely normal.
“Unreasonable?” You scoffed, laughing coldly at the son of Jafar “You know what’s unreasonable Jay? Ignoring me for a month. Staying out late at night with other girls whilst I sit at home wondering where the hell I went wrong. Cancelling our dates, that’s pretty unreasonable too, pretending I don’t exist -”
“Y/N stop!” He was panicking now.
“Oh no,” you snapped “There’s more. It was our 6 month anniversary on Monday and you completely ghosted me, you disappeared into thin air. I spent the whole day trudging around campus trying to find you, until Harry Hook of all people told me that you had gone with Lonnie back to the Isle! You ditched me for her!”
You weren’t even trying to hold back the tears anymore.
“Ben was there too” Jay mumbled so quietly you didn’t here him the first time.
“I said, Ben was there too, on the Isle I mean”.
You shook your head, spinning on your heels and walking back inside your room. You knew what you had to ask
“How long have you loved her?” Your voice broke even as you spoke softly. Jay’s eyebrows furrowed.
“Have I missed something? What are you going on about?”
“How long have you loved her?”
“Loved who? Your the only person I lo…”
You cut his off mid sentence by hitting the doorframe with your fist.
‘Cut the bullshit Jay, I see how you look at her"
A look of frustration washed over Jay’s face as he clenched his fists. He looked as though he was about to explode.
In a way, he did.
“Why are you acting so….so, so psychotic. It’s stupid! You’re stupid! Lately all you’re doing is acting like some obsessed little bit-”
He stopped himself before he could finish his word, but you got the message. Another part of you died. This was not the Jay you fell in love with.
“Fuck you Jay” You said surprisingly calmly, ready to slam the door behind you.
“Shit! Y/N just wait up. I didn’t mean it, okay I’m acting like an idiot, I didn’t mean it!” He stuck his foot in the door and practically jumped inside of your room.
You were past angry now, you were fuming.
“What do you want from me?”
“Just listen to me please Y/N, I love you, you’ve got to know that I love you”
“I don’t” you whispered meekly, staring up at him with blurry eyes “I can’t”
“Look, look” Jay was fumbling around now desperately in his pockets “Here… Have this”
He thrust a gold ring into your hands and looked up at you nervously. The metal was cool in your hands and you rubbed your thumb along the glinting red stone adorned to the engraved banned. You didn’t look at it, staring directly into Jay’s panic stricken eyes with a dead expression.
“Did you steal it?”
Jay gulped and started to rub the back of his neck, tripping over his words. You had got your answer alright.
“Well…um Y/N…you see-”
“I don’t want it,” You snapped, throwing it back at his feet “We’re done here”
You tried to push him out of your room but Jay was too tall, too muscular, there was nothing you could do to make him leave.
“Y/N just let me explain”
“Y/N calm down”
“I’m not cheating on you Y/N, how many times? It’s me your talking about. Me!”
You looked at him for a moment, same silky hair, same tanned skin, even his eyes though filled with a douse of sadness, still had his signature glint of cheekiness. Taking a deep breath, you ran your fingers through your hair. You gave him one more chance to salvage this.
“Okay,” you said to yourself more than to Jay “Okay. But I have one question. I need the truth, if you lie to me again I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive you okay? I just need the truth”
Jay exhaled a sigh of relief but knew better than to try and touch you. He nodded at you.
“Have you kissed her?”
The words stung as you said them, tumble out of your mouth and filling the room with an uneasy silence. It was the silence that was destroying you. He said nothing. Jay said nothing. He just kept opening and shutting his mouth like a goldfish.
“HAVE YOU KISSED HER?” You screamed.
You didn’t want it to be true.You thought if you screamed loud enough, maybe it would make him speak, maybe he would tell you that he didn’t like Lonnie, that he only saw her as a sister. It was deafeningly quiet.

“SAY SOMETHING, YOU’ VE GOT TO SAY SOMETHING, WHY ARENT YOU ANSWERING ME?” If he had said anything, anything at all in that moment you would have had a chance, there would have still been some hope. But he just kept looking at you with guilty eyes until you couldn’t take it anymore.

You ran out of bedroom and down the hallway before you would breakdown completely.

You ran until your lungs ached, until your legs begged you to stop and dizziness forced you to take huge deep breaths. You’d managed to sprint all the way to the end of the tourney pitch, at the very border of the forest. Maybe the tourney field wasn’t the best place you could have run to, the sight of it bringing your thoughts right back to Jay. You wanted to crumple into a ball.
So you did.
“No,” You told yourself “You are better than this Y/N”.
You were about to pull yourself up when you heard a calling out behind you.
“Well well well! If it isn’t Little Miss Parfait!”
Immediately you shot around, greeted by the glowing purple eyes of a sworn enemy.
“That’s French for perfect Y/N, don’t look so bewildered,”
The boy licked his lips, rubbing his hands together in a manner that was making your uncomfortable. You stood up.
“I know what it means Drew” You snapped “I’m just going”.
You weren’t a judgemental person and you knew the VK’s weren’t a direct representation of there parents , hell up until an hour ago you were dating one, but there was something about Drew Facilier that just creeped you out. You refused to believe it was simply because his dad tried to kill your family, although that may have been half of the issue. Regardless, you had steered clear away from the boy since he arrived in Auradon.
“You, aren’t going anywhere!” Drew yelled, his voice changing from teasing to threatening.
He grabbed your shoulder and pulled you backwards.
“Get of me you creep!” You screamed, tugging his hand from you.
The boys glare fixed in a stony gaze, his eyes glowing brighter and brighter.
You clawed at his legs, trying to scramble away but although you were strong you couldn’t undermine the weight difference between you and the witch doctors son. You knew you couldn’t wrestle your way free so you thought tactically and rationally. Instead you aimed for his eyes, raking your fingernails across his eyelids, causing him to release you momentarily and contract in pain.
You took you chance, sprinting back across the field while Drew was still knelt on the floor clutching at his face.
“GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BITCH!” Drew cursed at you, standing up and screaming in your direction.
You didn’t even glance back at him. You had never run so fast in your life, your legs on autopilot steering you back to safety, the distance between you and the voodoo boy becoming greater and greater with every second.
But then you stopped.
An involuntary halt that both alarmed and confused you.
Icy cold tendrils, wrapped there way around your ankles, pulling the floor from beneath you until you fell face first into grass. You started to shiver, your eyes darting around, unable to comprehend the sudden bitter chill on the hot August morning. You tried to force your body upwards, groaning with strain and effort, but you were flattened back down immediately, another wave of unsettling coolness washing over you.
They were everywhere, gathering in hoards, twisting into shrivelled hands and haunting faces laughing at your misery and hysterics.
You thrashed and writhed around on the floor trying to shake them off of you, but it was no use and soon every one of your limbs was inch of you was pinned down by a different shadow, so you lay flattened in a star shape on the field.    
Drew took his time approaching you whistling “Friends on the other side” to himself as he approached, laughing manically at your distress.
“HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!” You were screaming now, your voice quickly becoming hoarse “JAY! SOMEBODY PLEASE! JAY! JAY! I NEED YOU!” Your heart clenched, even after everything that had happened yo still loved him.
You pulled the shadow pushing down on your chest from you, sitting yourself up abruptly. Drew scowled, waving his hand as another shadow took its place and then whispering something you couldn’t decipher under his breath
“Jay Jay I need you” mocked Drew suddenly breaking out into an unnerving grin. He clasped his hand together like a damsel in distress as he continued to circle you like a shark. “Where is he now Y/N? With Lonnie probably”
You son of a bitch! You tried to scream.
And the you froze.
Tried to scream.
You had tried to scream but quickly realised that you couldn’t.
You couldn’t even open your mouth. A feeling of dread settled in your stomach as you realised you couldn’t move any body part at all, only your eyes which widened in alarm as Drew bent down towards you.
“Paralysis hex,” Drew laughed “Come on Y/N don’t look so surprised, I’m the son of a witch doctor. A witch doctor your parents ruined. I think it’s about time we resettled the score don’t you think?”
You couldn’t even move your eyes now, Drew forcing them to fixate on his face. You had never wanted to close your eyes more in your whole life.
“Right, well we really must be going! I thought I’d bring you with me! Sound good?” The boy continued with mock innocence.
Obviously, you couldn’t say a word.
“Great! I’ll take that as a yes! I have some particular friends which have been just dying to meet you” He emphasised the word dying in a way that made your whole body shudder. You were convinced you were going to be sick.
“SHADOWS!” He bellowed walking away from you and back into the forest. The morphing facing pinning you down dragged you after him, your hair snagging on tree branches, brambles cutting at your skin. Drew was still whistling that dreadful song.
You had one fleeting thought before you hit your head on a tree stump, knocking you out cold.
I don’t care what you’ve done Jay, I need you to find me.

Part 2 anybody?


request: “Hiiii I was wondering if you could a Sirius Black!reader fluff along the lines of number 9 on your prompt list? If not it’s no problem! Love your blog ❤’ — by anon

a/n: thank you! 💖

9. "For a minute there, I thought you didn’t know how to smile.”

Masterlist + Request here!

     Sirius Black has been hoping to see Y/N as he carefully climbs the steps towards the Owlery, where just as he suspected, a girl with y/h/c colored hair was petting a grey owl, a parchment clutched inside her free hand while he heard her draw out a heavy sigh. Up close, he could see that her eyebrows were furrowed and that her lips were pursed, in obvious distress for a reason he was yet to know.

     She suddenly turned her head sideways when Sirius accidentally stepped on a twig, and a smile made its way to her features as if she wasn’t just frowning a second ago.

     "For a minute there, I thought you didn’t know how to smile.“ said Sirius, casually approaching her with a similar curved mouth on his face.

     Y/N chuckled to herself. "Well, what can I say? You bring out the best in me.”

      Sirius opened his arms and she sighed, accepting his offer. She wrapped her own arms around his torso and buried her head on his chest, inhaling the scent of him that calmed her nerves. It seemed like just by the sight of him, anything could turn happier in an instant. He was indeed living up to his name and acting as a star in Y/N’s life that was full of darkness.

     He gently pressed a kiss on her head. “What are you doing here? You didn’t even bother to eat breakfast and it’s the last day of school.”

     She pulled away and brought out the letter that she was holding. “I was actually about to send this to my mum. It’s about me not going home anymore — ever.”

     He widened his eyes. “What?”

     "I can’t take it anymore, Sirius.“ said Y/N with an exasperated frown. "She’s like your mother too, you know. She doesn’t even care about me, to be completely honest. Last summer was hell and all she did was call me names, scold me for not being like her, telling me how I’ve been a complete disgrace, and that I didn’t even deserve to bear their name!”

    Sirius frowned, “But where will you go?”

    “To my Aunt Tess for the meanwhile. She understands me and she was actually pleased when I told her. Told me that she ran away herself when she was at my age.”

     "Wow.“ said Sirius. "You really have everything planned out, do you?”

     She smirked. “Not that much but compared to your scandalous fleet, it is more organized and impressive.”

     He chuckled, leaning down and attaching his lips onto hers. Y/N smiled against the kiss, placing a hand on his cheek before affectionately stroking it as she pulls him closer, much to Sirius’ pleasure and amusement. They broke free after a few more seconds of getting lost in each other’s worlds, Y/N’s smile wider than before.

     "Maybe when we’re older, we could live together.“ she whispered, quite shy for proposing the idea.

     "Are you sure you want to live with a bloke like me?” asked Sirius with a goofy smirk.

     She rolled her eyes, wrapping her arms around his waist once again. “Wouldn’t imagine myself with someone else more like.”

    Sirius’ smirk faded and suddenly he was looking at her differently. Y/N was afraid that maybe she has gone too far and that he wasn’t really ready to hear those kind of words coming from her yet; but then a grin was back on his face once again, his hand reaching out to the strands of hair on her face, pushing it lightly away to get a good look at her eyes.

    “I could never agree more, love. I mean, if it weren’t for the fact that we’re too young, I’d propose to you right now.” said Sirius, wiggling his brows in a teasing manner.

    Y/N slapped his chest playfully. “What makes you think I want to marry you?”

     "Other than what I just heard about you not seeing yourself with someone else?“ he teased further more. "Well, let’s face it, you’re crazy for me.”

     "Of course, I am.“ she laughed, stepping backwards from their embrace to walk towards her owl.

     Sirius laughed as well and followed after her, hugging Y/N from behind instead. He watched as she tied the letter to the owl’s leg before giving it a soft pat, the owl hooting and launching itself out of the owlery. Y/N placed her hand over his, leaning on Sirius while the boy tightened his hold.

     "Sirius?” she called.

     He breathed in the fragrance of her hair. “Yes?”

     "If we do get married and you know, have kids …“ trailed Y/N. "Promise me we’ll be better parents than our own. I wouldn’t want my daughter feeling this way because of me.” she murmured the last part so quietly that if they weren’t so close, he wouldn’t have the chance to hear what she just said.

     "I promise, darling.“ Sirius kissed her temple. "We’ll be the best and the coolest, most understanding parents in the world.”

     They both laughed to themselves, enjoying each other’s company once more, their eyes still looking out ahead where the owl was now no longer in sight.

Family Dinner

Originally posted by septimvsmalfoy

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “43 – Zach Dempsey”


43. “I didn’t bring you here to tease me.”

Word count: 1.339

Posted: 25th of May 2017

A/N: Another Zach imagine, but I excuse myself if you find some grammar errors. It’s 01:12 and I am so sleepy. I wanted to post something and I read the imagine to correct it, but my eyes are closing by themselves. Sorry!
Anyways, I am listening to Miles’ podcast while I was writing this, until now, and I am really enjoying it. His voice is angelic and I love him so freaking much, aw. Boyfriend backstories, though. I really need Miles and I need him to be more active in social medias. Ah, the feels.
Last thing: I hope you enjoy the imagine, although I think that it’s boring, but enjoy! Thank you, guys!

P.S.: I am not accepting any part 2 requests for my prompt imagines. Sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt List

Warning: (Y/L/N) is Your Last Name.

“Dinner is almost ready, guys!” Karen, your boyfriend’s mum, shouted from the kitchen as she prepared some delicious food for you and the family. You wanted to help her, also as a token of your gratitude, but she declined your offer. It bothered you, but she insisted that you were a guest and guests usually shouldn’t do anything when they were welcomed in the Dempsey’s residence.

“Alright, mum!” Zach answered happily and relieved because his stomach was already growling loudly for hunger. You told him to eat a snack before going home but he didn’t listen to you, being the hard-headed guy that he was.

You both got up from the couch and you made your way to the dining room. The table was well-set, cutleries and glasses at their right places, and his sister, May, was already sitting on her usual place. You wandered your eyes around the room and you noticed that his mum really prepared too much for the dinner. She cleaned every angle of the room and the floor was brightly shining.

“Love birds!” May exclaimed to tease her brother. Zach was a reserved person when it came to his family. He didn’t keep secrets from his mother, but he was shy and quiet type of guy with them. He never showed them his naughtiness, that would come out only when he was with you alone, at school or in bed, obviously. He didn’t like divulging information about his relationship status in front of his family, mostly with his mother’s presence. “How was your cuddling session going there?”

“May!” Zach approached and he rolled his eyes. You softly giggled for your boyfriend’s actions and red-tinted face. He was obviously embarrassed and, luckily, his mother was too concentrated on what she was doing.

“What?” His sister looked at the two of you as you sat on your respective places and her eyeballs swung back and forth between you and Zach. She was observing your actions and you couldn’t deny that she was a good observer. She had the capacity to observe and to reflect, to remember and to picture the happenings. “It was just an innocent question.”

“Innocent? Right.” Zach huffed and glared at you as soon as he heard your soft laugh. “You are way too young to know these things, May.” And, that time, you knew that he was being overprotective and cosseting brother. He has always been and you found it sweet and cute.

“Zach, she’s not two anymore. She hears things like these in middle school. Do you know that?” You defended May against his brother and she nodded her head to confirm your statements, totally agreeing with you. You caressed your vexed boyfriend’s hand to calm him, letting him know that you weren’t against him, but you were just stating a fact.

“(Y/N) is right, Zach! You’ve been a Middle School student too, you should know what’s going on in those halls and classrooms.” May supported your opinion and you both laughed as you saw Zach rolling his eyes and you heard him huffing, defenceless.

“Stop the blabbering now, the food is ready.”  His mother blurted out as she stood in front of the dining table with a bowl in her hands.  

She attentively put the bowl in the middle of the table, trying not to spill the food. Zach helped her to get the remaining food from the kitchen counter. After all, he was a great, responsible and educated son. His mother grew him well and you would never stop thanking her for raising a civilized and knowledgeable son like Zach.

You then started to eat, doing his family’s daily routines before every meal. You wanted to respect his family, of course. Your parents raised you well and they somehow taught you some good manners.

“So, what were you talking about?” Zach’s mother asked as you chewed your food thoroughly, avoiding the annoying sound that you could possibly have made by chewing.

“Nothing, Mum!” Zach blushed as panic wrapped his body. He was embarrassed and he surely didn’t want to let her know what the chitchatting before was all about.

“Oh, it was about how cute they were when cuddling and Zach was just bewildered.” May nonchalantly responded as she fiddled with the fork on her hand.

“My little baby is still embarrassed when it came to talking about his relationship status.” His mum cheekily teased Zach and he pouted as if he was showing how offended he was.

“Mum!” He approached and you just laughed because of his reaction.

“Zach, I’m sure that they are happy that you have someone with you. There’s no need to be shy, they are part of your family.” You stated and you earned some nods and smiles from May and Karen.

“She’s incredibly right!” May agreed and you smiled back at her. She’s always declared that she liked you for Zach and that she was jubilant because his brother found someone who really knew how to make him contented of his life.

“Zach, honey, it doesn’t bother me at all and you know that you can always talk to me, right?” His mum assured him and he just nodded, realizing that you were right.

“You are absolutely right again, my princess.” Zach said as he rolled his eyes. He couldn’t swallow that only right things came out from your mouth. “Strangely.”

“It’s not my fault if I think before I speak, love.” You pointed it out playfully. You heard his family laughing and Zach shook his head in disbelief. He was satisfied that you had your confidence with your family, but he regretted it as you formed a group against him.

“She really knows you, Zach!” May stated proudly. Zach nodded his head, finally giving up. “That’s why I like her.”

“You like her because you have a partner in crime when it came to me, you had a partner when it came to vexing and teasing me.” Zach sarcastically pointed out. “And, you, Ms. (Y/L/N),”

“Me?” You pointed yourself with your index finger and an eyebrow raised. You were confused, but seeing Zach a little bit miffed made you laugh and contented.

“Yes, baby.” Zach’s face became serious. “I didn’t bring you here to tease me.” He then gave you a playful and wide smile as he poked your sides, trying to find your ticklish part of the body.

“Oh,” His mum exclaimed. “we love her presence also for that reason, son.” She stated and a loud laugh was heard in the dining room. You caught Zach’s index finger and you held it as you stopped him from his devilish plan.

“Sure, you do!” Sarcasm was heard from Zach’s voice and he exasperatedly sighed. He finally gave up as he knew that he could never win against the most important girls in his life. He just loved you so much that he couldn’t really get angry of your actions.

“Sorry, not sorry!” His mum and May said simultaneously, making you and Zach laugh out loud. Zach finally let himself in and decided to have a little bit of fun.

You loved Zach and his family because of its bond and craziness. The members of his family were adorable and you wanted to thank them for accepting you for who you were.

You were grateful, because the Dempsey family is your second home and you couldn’t help but be enthusiastic by thought of it. They considered you as a part of their family and you would always be invited in their family dinners because they liked you, nevertheless your boyfriend would punish you for being an annoying teaser and girlfriend.

It didn’t matter to you though because he loved you so much and he would always do, just at the same frequency as your manner to vex or to tease him with his family. He was a playful jerk and idiot, but Zach was Zach and he would always accept you and love you. He would always do, no more and no less.

A Song of Ice and Stone - Part 1: Winterfell

Characters: Y/N Stone, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Ned Stark, Catelyn Stark, Lysa Arryn, Jon Arryn, Rob Stark, Benjen Stark, Petyr Baelish,

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut     

Word Count: 3800ish

A/N: I know I usually mainly write SPN and honestly I can remember when I last tried writing characters that doesn’t live in that world, but I have wanted to do something for Game of Thrones for the longest of time so I decided it was time to take the leap.

Thanks to my sweet amazing friend, cheerleader and editor @blacktithe7 for betaing this series for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***


Winterfell had always been your home, even if you weren’t or never would be a Stark. You weren’t anything. You were a bastard, a little girl who was sent away after your mother died in childbirth, and your father, Jon Arryn married a woman of a suitable name. Lysa Tully wanted no evidence of her husband’s past treading the halls of her castle. So, soon after the wedding, you were sent away to serve the sister of the woman who banished you. Luckily for you, one of the Stark’s maids took too you. She not only showed you the ropes but treated you as if you were her own child. She had been your saving. Not only were you a bastard, you were a strange child growing up in the North. Your name reminded you and everyone else of that every day. Y/N Stone, a bastard girl from the Vale.

You had thought you would hate Lady Stark, but she was just kinda there. She was the lady if the house. You worked for her, but she never spoke badly of you or treated you as any less than the other maids. The way she treated her husband’s bastard though would make you flinch. At least she let him stay. At least he got to grow up in the house he, rightfully or not, was born into while you had been cast aside like trash.

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Stay Professional! Pt. 12

Work AU! Fluff, Angst and smut: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 (Part 13 will be a continuation!)

Summary: You realise that you still have feelings for Jungkook despite his actions. You can’t help but melt and swoon under his charms- but you were still acting stubborn. When will you finally admit that you’re under his spell?

A/N: Honestly had a rough time writing this chapter- had to squeeze out the limited inspo I seemed to have so forgive me if it took long but regardless, enjoy the story! As always, responses would be appreciated! 

The blinding sunlight seeped through the white mesh curtains and you grumbled at the realisation of having to wake up. You turned around so that your back was facing the bright light and cuddled your blanket closer to your chest. You didn’t want to wake up to another day. You didn’t want to face your current problems of… Jungkook

Your eyes shot open and you sat up immediately, reminded of last night’s affectionate cuddles you knew you shouldn’t have enjoyed so much. You looked over your shoulder and to your surprise, he was nowhere to be seen. Instead, your eyes rested on the sight of neatly folded blankets on the floor mattress he supposedly ‘slept’ on last night. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as you rubbed your eyes to wake yourself up. 

You carelessly threw on a bathrobe for extra warmth during the chilly morning and shuffled towards the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water. 

“Thank you for letting me stay the night. I can’t thank you enough for giving me a chance to express my apologies.” You stopped your shuffled footsteps and shifted your ear closer to the doorframe. It was childish to eavesdrop, but you physically couldn’t stop yourself from doing so. 

“It’s fine dear. I just hope I made the right choice.” Your mother’s quiet giggle sounded mute as you were listening through the door that connected the hallway to the kitchen. 

“I guarantee you that you did. I will take care of Y/N no matter what. I can give you my word, ma’am. I know that to you that might not sound convincing because I know I’ve made some pretty dumb and selfish decisions but… would you allow me to be selfish once more and let me love Y/N?” Jungkook’s soft morning voice sent chills down your spine. Was it the way that his voice sounded so irresistibly sultry in the mornings? Or his sweet words that had you practically melting by the doorframe. 

“I’ll do it right this time.” Jungkook chuckled and you couldn’t help but smile at the sweet sound. 

“Jungkook dear, I don’t know much about you at all. And for a fact, I can’t make any reliable judgements about you from just what she’s told me and from what I’ve seen from you. But I have a good feeling that what you’re proposing to me is sincere. I’m deciding to trust my instincts so please don’t let me down. Don’t let her down.” 

“You have my word, ma’am.” 

“Good morning.” You walked in on their quite intimate conversation about you with a straight face, although you were full of glee inside from Jungkook’s charming words. 

“Morning” Jungkook smiled radiantly as his small dimple made an appearance. You had to pretend as though he didn’t just give you a small heart attack from that unexpected cuteness so early in the morning so you managed to maintain that straight face, just barely

“What’s for breakfast?” You rummaged through the shelves in search of a cup and your mother immediately got up from her seat. 

“Oh I haven’t thought about that yet. What would you like?” She asked and you replied a little late from drinking water. 

“Anything, mum. Is there anything you want to eat, Jungkook?” You casually murmured as you put the cup in the sink and Jungkook’s eyes lit up at your sudden acknowledgment of his existence. He looked a little taken aback but you could tell that he could hardly contain his glee. 

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Surprise, Surprise (G.D)

Request: “Hi! Can I request an imagine where Gray and Ethan are on tour and reader comes to visit them (Gray and her have been secretly dating for quite awhile) and when it gets to the questions, somebody asks the twins if they have girlfriends and Gray’s like ‘just a sec’ and goes backstage and carries reader on stage like 'here she is meet my gf’ (because that sounds cute af)”

A/N: I changed up the request a lil, so I hope you don’t mind :)

Word Count: 3,600 +

Warnings: Cursing, and fluff :)

“It’s the best idea I’ve had in a while, I’m sure it’ll work, E.” You spoke to your best friend over the phone as you took a bite out of your granola bar. Your legs were crossed and your sunglasses were perched on the bridge of your nose as you waited for your flight number to be called. You were currently on your way to New York to give your boyfriend a surprise visit, you’ve been missing him like crazy. All around the walls of your apartment were pictures of you and Grayson, of you and Ethan and all three of you. You stared down at your phone wallpaper, there stood Grayson, grinning like an idiot. You closed your eyes, letting your mind fill with his voice. You could hear him teasing you like he’s just feet away, your mind fills with the witty retorts he always comes up with and his heart-warming laugh. You wanted to call out for him softly, as if he could crawl out of your phone screen but this wasn’t Hogwarts and you were no Hermione Granger.

But there was a bright side to all of this, Gray and Ethan were in New York for a very big reason. The two seventeen year olds took the world by storm, they were hosting a television show in New York City and you couldn’t be more proud. They’ve been going back and forth between Jersey and New York, but you knew for a fact they’d be in NY today. It would be the first episode of their show, Grayson begged you to come before, he even offered to pay for your flight but at the time you were too caught up with work.

After begging your boss for a week off, you made a deal for your next vacation you’d have half of it off so you could take this week off. You were okay with it, you didn’t really care, you just wanted to support your boyfriend on his first day of being on TV. You knew the nerves would get to him, especially at night. He was a worrier, he tended to over think things at night and that was why he barely got any sleep. You knew he probably had trouble sleeping last night as well, that was part of why you wanted to visit. Not to just see him, but to calm him. Even Ethan had his occasional doubts but you were always there to show them the bright side of things.

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Forever (FP Jones-Riverdale)

Request by the lovely @imagination-factory : Could you do an FP imagine where The Reader is a serpent (much older than the gang but still theres an age gap) and she and FP have been in a relationship for a while bc Jugheads mom moved on and asked for a divorce so FP moved on too. She’s almost the opposite, loves being peaceful and her and FP are completely in love, Jughead doesn’t know. The situation but catches them together and gets angry? Fluff with FP explaining the story to him as well as you meeting his son properly? Thank you!!

Love it! If you guys want any more FP, let me know, and tell me what do you wanna see in those imagines :)

Y/N woke up to the sound of some kids playing outside of the trailer. She rolled on to her side to come face to face with a sleeping FP. He looked so peaceful when he slept. The 28 year old girl couldn’t help but smile at the love of her life.

She and FP have  been together for a bit over 2 years now and they still somehow managed to act like they were in the honeymoon faze of their relationship.

They were so different, yet they somehow managed to fit together perfectly. She was very calm and peaceful, she was able to talk and get along with absolutely anyone. FP always thought she had the power to calm any situation and make it better. While he was a very impulsive person. If someone pushed the wrong buttons he wouldn’t hesitate to get in a fight with that person. They were life fire and ice.

The girl leaned down to press a light kiss on FP’s cheek before getting out of bed. She made herself a cup of coffee before grabbing her yoga mat and spreading it open in the living room. Yes, a south side serpent did yoga. Besides when she wore a south side serpent jacket there was no way anyone could tell that she was from that part of the town.

“Well this is a nice view to wake up to.” A raspy voice said from behind her as she was doing the downward dog pose.

“Mornin’.” She smiled straightening up before walking over to her boyfriend who was leaning against the door frame in nothing but his boxers.

“Don’t let me disturb you, princess.” He smirked, letting his eyes run up and down her body. She was wearing a pair of black panties and a white t shirt that she slept in.

“Can’t help it, you’re too distracting.” She said joyfully before walking over to him and wrapping her arms around his neck.

“You’re the one to talk.” He said before kissing her.

“I’m kinda hungry. Wanna make breakfast while i shower?” She asked as the pulled away, his hands still on her hips.

“Sure.” He said before making his way in to the kitchen as she walked in to the bathroom.

“Breakfast’s ready.” FP called out just as she walked back in to the living room wearing nothing but a towel, her hair still dripping wet.

“Thanks, love.” She smiled before sitting down and taking a bite of her eggs.

FP bent down and kissed her forehead as she ate before walking over to the fridge and pulling out a bottle of beer.

“Forsythe Pendleton  Jones the second, don’t you dare open that bottle.” The younger girl said with a serious voice. 

“Fine.” He left out a sigh before putting the beer back and replacing it with a cup of coffee.

“Seriously? After two years  of being with me, you still try to drink in the morning.” She said shaking her head, remembering all the times she had to slap the bottle of beer out of his hands. 

“Can’t blame me for trying.” He winked at her as he sat down next to her. She has changed him, a lot. As crazy as it sounded love really does change a person. Yes, it was hard to break the old habit  of drinking at every hour of the day, but with her in his life, he had something to fight for, someone to help him break the nasty habit.

“Yes, yes,  I can.” She said before standing up and washing her plate.

Less than a minute later FP Joined her by the sink, giving her his plate to wash as well.

“How the hell  do you manage to eat this fast?” She said with a chuckle as she started to wash the rest of the dishes. The slightly older man leaned down and started to kiss her shoulder, warping his arms around her waist. 

Once she was done with the dishes she leaned back against her boyfriend  and enjoyed the feeling of his lips on her skin and the slight starching of his stubble.

“I should get ready for work.” She sighed without actually moving.

“You can be a bit late.” He said against her neck making her smile, none of them hearing the door open and close.


Y/N jumped away from FP, wrapping her towel righter around her body, making FP turn around to come face to face with his son and a blonde girl, who he remembered as Jughead’s girlfriend.

“Jughead.. I-” FP didn’t know what to say. He knew his son always hoped for him and his mother to get back together, never accepting the fact that they got divorced.

“Hey Jughead, it’s nice to meet you, finally.” Y/N jumped in, giving FP some time to think about what he’ll say.

“Who are you?” Jughead said in a flat tone.

“I’m Y/N.” She said, not knowing if she should say anything more about her and his fathers relationship. “And you must be Betty.” She smiled at the girl who stood behind Jughead.

“Nice to meet you.” The blonde smiled.

“Sorry about.. um.. my outfit?” Y/N smiled a small blush creeping on her face. “I’ll let you guys talk, I have to get ready for work anyway.” She smiled, squeezing FP’s hand in encouragement before walking in to the bathroom where she started to put on  her make up.

“Um.. Make yourself at home, I’ll be right back.’‘  FP said before walking in to their room.

’'I thought you said your dad and your mum were close to making up.” Betty said to her boyfriend as they sat down on the couch.

“They were… But Now he’s sleeping with her.” Jughead said, spitting the last word out like it was venom.

“Sorry about that.” FP said sitting down opposite them, now fully dressed.

“Who the hell is she?” Jughead snapped.

“She’s my.. girlfriend.” The older man said, not sure what to call her or how to explain to his son that he found the love of his life and kept it from him for over two years.

“What about mum?” The boy pressed again making FP let out a deep breath, knowing this will be a difficult conversation.

“Juggie, your mum and me, weren’t made for each other. That’s why we separated.”

“But you said you want to work things out!”

“Yes and I did. I  do. But not in a sense that i want to get back together with her. I want to work out something, so i could see Jellly bean.” He told him. “I don’t love your mother. We got together, when we were very young… Your age. She got pregnant. That’s the only reason we got married. None of us was in love. But we got you. For which I’m always gonna be thankful.”

“What about Jelly bean?” Jughead tried, in his mind, still imagining his parents madly in love.

“Your mum thought that getting another kid will bring us closer together.” FP explained just as Y/N walked out of their room, now dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a red and black flannel paired off with a pair of black high heal ankle boots.

“Betty, do you want me to drive you home, i think the boys need to talk about a lot of stuff.” The girl offered grabbing her keys and her purse from the kitchen table.

“Sure.” Betty nodded before looking at her boyfriend. “Are you gonna be okay?”

“Yeah.” He said shortly still looking at his dad with an angry expression on his face.

'I love you.’ Y/N mouthed  to FP, trying not to make things worse by walking over and kissing him like every morning.

FP nodded, sending her an apologetic smile before she and Betty walked out of the trailer.

“Juggie, She’s the one.”

“How do you know?” The boy asked, like a little kid not believing their parents when they told him Santa Clause wasn’t real.

“I just know. She makes me a better person.” He told him and that made Jughead realize that his father really cut down the drinking, got a job and in general fixed his image in the last year or so. “I meet her in the Whyte Wyrm.” He told him, noticing that he is listening, he decided to continue the story. “I was in a bad place. Black out drunk. I remember some guy pushed the wrong buttons and i snapped. We got in a fight in the middle of the bar. It wasn’t looking good for me.” He said remembering how drunk he was, he was hardly able to stand, let alone fight. “Y/N stepped in, talking some sense in to the other guy, before taking me to her place. She patched me up and let me crush on her couch. Next morning she made me breakfast and we talked. At first, I’ll admit, i thought she was just another girl that felt sorry for the old drunk.” He shook his head. “But oh, i was so wrong. We ran in to one another at Whyte Wyrm, the next day as well. She saw me drinking again and sat down next to me, grabbing the bottle of beer out of my hand. I didn’t realize it at the time, but she started to ask questions, talking, about this and that. She kept me talking, to distract me from ordering another drink.” He said, noticing that the expression on his sons face had softened. “I was absolutely enchanted. She was nothing like the other girls  who usually hang out at that bar. No, she was nothing like anyone i have ever met on the south side. I walked her home that night, it was the first night i was sober, in a very long time. I found myself thinking about her, wanting to know more. I went to the Whyte Wyrm again  and again, hoping to see her again. I was like a school boy, having his first crush.” The man chuckled, shaking his head at his own actions. “Weeks passed, and i found out that she was only in the bar on the weekends, i caught myself counting down the days to the next Friday. By the first month i was whipped, but i haven’t even got a kiss from her yet. I’ve tried, oh I’ve tried, but she always rejected me.” He chuckled again. “I think that’s what made me want her more.”

“So how did you get her?” Jughead asked, surprising his father with a soft voice, the wrinkles of anger gone from his face.

“Roses.” FP said shortly, smiling at the memory. “One day i noticed she has this tattoo on the side of her left wrist. A small and simple rose, so i asked her about it. She told me that she got it when she finished high school. I was confused what it had to do with high school. She just laughed and said that there is no connection, she just loved roses. So the next day i got her a rose. The smile it brought on her face, it lit up the whole room. Such a simple thing made her so happy. And that’s when i knew. When i saw that smile, i knew, I was in love.” He said not even realizing he was smiling. Jughead couldn’t recall last time he saw such joy on his face. “She jumped up and hugged me, when she pulled away she gave me the sweetest kiss I’ve ever received. Sorry sorry, I know you don’t wanna listen to that.” FP laughed a nervous laugh, starching the back of his head.

“I get it, dad, You love her.” Jughead nodded.

“I do.”

“I… I’d like to meet her, property.”

“Yeah, how about we go  to Pop’s today? A dinner, on me. You can bring the Cooper girl.” FP offered.

“Sure.” The boy nodded.


“Why am I so nervous?” Y/N asked herself as she fixed her hair.

“You have nothing to be nervous about. He will love you.” FP said wrapping his arm around her shoulder as they sat in one of the boots at Pop’s, waiting for Jughead and his girlfriend.

“Yeah, he really seemed to love me this morning.” She laughed.

“He understands now. He’s the one who asked to meet you.”

“I know, i know.” She said taking a deep breath as she noticed the two teenagers walking towards them. “Jughead, hey.” She smiled offering him her hand, which he shook.

“Hey.” Jughead said before sitting down. “I wanted to say sorry about how I acted this morning.”

“That’s okay.” The girl smiled before sitting down besides her boyfriend again. “So,  how was school?” She asked and before they knew it they were talking about everything and anything.

FP couldn’t help but to smile, he loved the girl. She was his and he was hers. They were forever.


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my not-at-all-universal hot tips for living a crazy joyful gay life

grow up as an over-achiever people-pleaser
this is going to lead to some heartache. this is going to keep you in the closet far longer than you’d like. you’re going to do everything you can to mitigate the fact that you’re gay. you’re going to get degrees from great institutions, get accepted to prestigious programs, + generally be a good kid. and yet, it won’t be enough. you’ll still be gay. you will still disappoint people.

but listen. everyone has to work through something(s). this is your lifelong battle. disappointing people will always be difficult, but you’ll get thicker skin. and in the meantime, your achievements will have opened a lot of doors that lead to financial + professional + personal freedom. so march on.

snag yourself a dope woman to make your wife
look out for a smart, charming, driven, gorgeous woman in your post-graduate program full of 20-somethings who are both ambitious + politically liberal. if she challenges you, get to know her better. if she makes you laugh everyday, buy her a drink. if she seamlessly transitions from philosophical conversations to taking shots, move in with her, follow her across the country, + marry her.

this is who you want to travel life’s path beside. it’ll be tough (often). but she is who tethers you to this world. she makes you the best you, and you her. there’s no one better to laugh with, fight with, discuss life’s big questions with.

adopt a rescue dog
trust me on this. this dog will cause you more headaches in a single week than your entire two years of business school. but 4 years after you adopt her, you will have a son who looks at her like she hung the moon, + every frustration will be worth it. she’s family.

get a job that gives you financial security without eating your soul
this is harder than it sounds. it’s going to be a balancing act, + the discussion on “what if?” will linger. financial security provides tremendous relief, but stay focused; there are jobs + people + corporations that will gladly take your entire livelihood in exchange for a check. and your life is too glorious to trade in.

make a family
have a baby. decide how + who + when, but go all in. this kid is going to rock your world. he’s going to come out of your wife + you’re going to fall in love with the curves of his ears. you’re not going to sleep a full night in 10 months (and counting), but he’s going to smile his gummy smile + your heart will melt.

it’ll test you, your sanity, + your marriage. everyone will be tired. doors will close. life will fundamentally change. but that dope wife you snagged? you two were meant to bring up a child in this world. 

figure out who to give a shit about (+ who not to)
this is critical. at your core, you’re still that over-achiever people pleaser. you want approval, + this gives people power over you. be precise about who matters. (spoiler alert: it’s very few people: yourself, your wife, son, a handful of family + friends.) pay attention to them, foster those relationships, show up.

and do not give a shit about anyone else. now, this is an over-generalization, but hone the skill of brushing it off. do not internalize the input or feedback or criticism of people who do not wish you well. of people who are not invested in you. of people who want to invalidate your identity. from colleagues to family members, take back your power.

most importantly, get outside
this big world is so beautiful. go make some memories. build community. drink happy hour beers on patios with your wife + kid. go on lots + lots of neighborhood walks with your pup. ride your bike. take road trips. live + love in a big, bold, visible way.

질투 (Jiltu) (1/2)

Title : 질투 (Jiltu) - Jealousy

Author : Myself

Genre : Drama, fluff, Angst

Words : 4057

Summary : Jinyoung can’t help it. He knows you, he knows your heart, but he can’t help it. 

Part I 

He was fuming. Every muscle was painfully contracted, from his jaw to his toes. His fingers were taping incoherently on the wooden table, feet mimicking the sound on the parquet. He could accept, he could be the chill boyfriend, brushing his worries off because of love, but he wasn’t this type of person.

Jinyoung wasn’t chill.

The fact that you could be close to another man wasn’t something he was against to, because he had friends of the opposite sex. What was enraging was seeing you, hugging, laughing, touching him like you belonged to this guy.

And he couldn’t accept it, not when you certainly didn’t belong to anyone except him.

Yet, here he was, waiting for you to come home knowing you had just met with the annoying enemy. It’s not like he had been following you, but somehow he ended up seeing you with your friend, walking around town and being extremely close.

This had been the last straw, and after a lot of internal conflict, he decided diplomacy was for the weak. Maybe he was blinded by anger, but he didn’t care. If you couldn’t understand on your own, then he’ll make you have a grasp of the situation, no matter how.

The noise of the door being unlocked made him stand up, and the chair made a loud noise.

“Home already?” The voice was light, almost happy. He couldn’t utter a word so he continued walking, instinctively going to the window, hoping the view would make him calm down.

Most of the time, when Jinyoung was annoyed, he’d speak loudly, yell, jump around, eyes dark and lips pursed but he understood he had passed a point of no return. He was beyond angry.

“Oh, you’re here. I’m home.” Your voice made him laugh bitterly to himself. How dare you talk like you were in a good mood when he was feeling like shit.

“Are you okay? You’re so silent.” Your hand went to his shoulder and he shook, taking you by surprise. His eyes met yours and it didn’t even take a second for you to understand that your boyfriend was mad.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

He wanted her to stop acting like she didn’t understand. How couldn’t she link the two situations?

“Are you stupid?” His question took you off guard but you didn’t budge.

“Excuse me?” You went to the couch and let your bag fall on it, before crossing your arms, ready to defend yourself from whatever he was going to reproach you.

“I am asking if you are stupid, or if you are doing this on purpose.” His voice was lower than a whisper and for a moment you thought he was about to combust. He was enunciating the words perfectly, as if you were too dumb to understand.

“Explain yourself and stop going in circle, Jinyoung.” You had learnt how to take him over the years. Jinyoung wasn’t a man you could soften with a cute voice and stupid attitude, and confronting him had become a part of the fighting process.

He scoffed and leaned against the window glass, not believing his ears. If anything, you should be keeping a low profile, right now.

“How was your day?” His falsely sweet voice echoed in the room and you shrugged.

“It was okay, I guess I can’t say the same about yours.” You answered and he didn’t like it, not at all.

“Quiet.” He ordered and you sighed.

“If you’re going to ask me something, I suppose I can answer, right?” You said, taking a seat on the couch next to your bag.

“No, if you are going to act like this, then you can shut up.” He spat.

“Then tell me what the hell is wrong now!” You snarled. If you did something wrong, why couldn’t he say it simply?

“Are you cheating on me? No wait, do you think I’m stupid or something? Am I easy?” Jinyoung asked and you made a face.

“Wh-what? Wait, What?” It was beyond anything. There was no way he was asking that, right?

“You heard me. Answer.” His body moved on its own and he came closer, hands on his sides.

“I’m not cheating on you, why would you say that?”

“Ok, so you do think I’m stupid, then.” He concluded and you got up.

“I’m not! I don’t understand what you’re-” And it hit you. It took a while but you got it. It was about you meeting your friend.

It has always been about him, anyways.

“I guess you understand, now?” He leaned, smile bitter and you blinked.

“Again? Are we really going to fight now?” You tried and he laughed “I think you’re going crazy, Jinyoung.”

“Am I, tell me, Am I? I think I am, yeah.” He said next and you laughed too.

“It’s always the same! I get to meet with him and you go crazy over nothing! No matter how many times I try to convince you, you never listen!” You felt wrongly accused. You had one male friend, one bloody friend who had a girlfriend, with whom you could spend time and he was trying to take him away from you?

“It’s always the same because you always act the same! I tried to make you understand, but you’re the one who never listens!” He yelled, finally letting go of his frustration.

“So what, I’m meeting with him and I’m having an affair? Is that what you really think?”

“I saw you two today, and hell it looked like you were having a good time.” Jinyoung clapped in his hands.

“He has a fiancé, Jinyoung.” Your hand went to your forehead, rubbing it slowly.

“And you have a boyfriend, but it never stopped you, right?” he fumed. “Since when being in a relationship works like a magical barrier?”

“You’re insane! If you have trust issues, you should be seeing a psychologist.” You breathed, tired.

“If not liking the fact that you slut around with a man who is not me means I have trust issues, then yeah I fucking have trust issues!” He continued and didn’t even see how mean he sounded.

You knew Jinyoung. You knew he was soft to a certain extend. He could be the sweetest man, then spit fire to your face like you were the most disgusting worm. Until now you had never found yourself being the target of his ultimate anger, but here you were, putting up with his temper like you were a cheater.

“Are you done?” You knew it was no use trying to sort things out, not when he was in this state.

“I am not done! If you don’t understand something as simple as faithfulness, I’ll force it into your damn brain.”

“Oh and how are you going to do it? You’re going to forbid me from seeing a good friend? Kick his ass? Tell me, you genius.”

You jumped when he slapped the small candle on the table but kept your stance. If it could help him relieve some stress, then so be it.

“It’s him, or me.”

You gasped “Are you serious now?”

“Yeah, do I look like I’m acting?” His irony was infuriating.

“I can’t believe you’re making me chose…” You trailed off, disappointed.

“Is it hard? I’m sorry to spoil the fun, really.” His hand went to his chest in a fake apologetic manner and you wanted to slap his pretty face.

“I don’t understand, what’s making you act this way? I don’t go around kissing him, I never meet him without you knowing, we always go to cafés or around town, we don’t flirt, we don’t do anything that would be considered cheating, what more do you need?” You tried, hurt.

Jinyoung looked like he didn’t care. “Oh don’t make me cry. Hugging, hooked arms, laughing. You would even stand me up because you promised you’d meet him.”

It made you react and you sighed heavily “You can’t go on tour for weeks and expect me to put my life on stand-by! You coming and asking for a date in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean I have to forget everything just for you! How many times was I stood up because of your work?”

“You knew what my job was, don’t try to make it sound like you’re a victim.” He said, finger pointing at you.

“And I never complained, not even when I was left in the middle of the street in winter for two hours because you forgot we were supposed to meet! I can’t be here whenever you need and disappear when you’re busy, and if this is what you want, then you better get a dog now, because humans don’t act this way.” You were annoyed. Until now you were doing everything he wanted, because you didn’t want to put pressure on him and now he was the one asking for justifications? He must have gone crazy.

“This has nothing to do with you giving your ass to the first loser in town! So what, you’re the lonely girlfriend, now? You need somebody to comfort you when the bed is empty? Is it what you’re trying to say?” Jinyoung wasn’t a mean person, this you knew, but now he was making you doubt his kindness.

You refused to retreat. There was no way he was making you cry right now. You tried so hard for a minute, but failed and a tear fell down, salty.

“You’re a horrible person, Jinyoung. I give up, you win.” You could answer back, but you certainly couldn’t be as mean as him, and it hurt knowing he wouldn’t hesitate hurting you on purpose.

You went to the couch and took your bag.

“Where the heck do you think you’re going?” Jinyoung growled but you shook your head, silently.

“I’m out of this. There’s no point in talking when you’re in this state.” You went to the door and your hand took the doorknob but his own one stopped you and you looked up at him.

He wasn’t just angry now, he was also scared.

You laughed “Don’t worry, I don’t plan on slutting around.” You pulled on your arm and released yourself from his grip.

You opened the door and simply heard him whisper your name, deep with regret before closing it softly behind you.

He found himself in the lonely flat and suddenly, Jinyoung didn’t felt so angry. He was worried, pained, hurt.

He missed you already.

You went down the stairs, wiping tears falling from your cheeks and shivered when the cold air hit your body. You should have stayed; you should have stayed because you didn’t deserve freezing to death when you did nothing wrong.

You got yelled at, insulted, stomped on like you were nothing and he was the one staying in the cosiness of your flat.

You didn’t deserve that.

Ever since you met him, you knew. You knew his lifestyle wasn’t easy, you knew he’d be away often but you loved him enough to handle it. Your friends were supportive, and your best-friend was always taking his side, because “hey, that’s what men do!” he always said. Jinyoung was possessive, but until now, except the small fights about your infamous friendship, he never went to the extent of implying you were cheating on him. He always spat a bit over the situation, gave you the cold shoulder, didn’t answer for several days but never once did he accused you of slutting around, or sharing a bed with somebody who was simply a brother to you.

You entered the park next to your building and sat on the nearest bench, trying to process your painful thoughts. When did it come to this?

Jinyoung was conflicted. He was mad, mad at the whole world. Mad at you for not understanding him, and mad at himself for talking without thinking.

He knew you wouldn’t cheat on him, he knew you were faithful, and at first he just wanted you to understand that the whole situation was hurting him, but he ended up telling you horrible things.

And the worst part was that he knew it was bullshit. There was no way you would cheat on him, because if you were about to do this, you’d break up with him. He knew you better than anyone else.

Jinyoung decided not to chase you, and he didn’t know why, but it felt like he’d be spitting even more nonsense if he did so he sat back and waited. He didn’t budge, didn’t smile, didn’t cry, didn’t do anything.

He was worried, worried something might happen to you, and worried you’d never come back. Worried you’d find somebody who’d be here for you, somebody who wouldn’t get mad like he did, somebody who didn’t have to go on tour for a month, or hide instead of dating like normal people.

You deserved somebody like that.

When you came back, it was 2 in the morning. Cold had won and even if it hurt admitting it, you wanted to see him. You had received no messages, no phone calls, nothing from him.

You opened the door and found all the lights off, like he had gone to bed. You scoffed and decided not to wake him up, so you carefully let your bag fall on the floor and took off your coat, before heading to the sofa. You took the plaid, neat on the side and wrapped yourself around it, before letting your body fall like a bag of sand.

“Ow.” You heard when your leg got in contact with someone and yelped, surprised.

Jinyoung was sitting on the couch, in the dark, silent.

“What are you doing here?” You asked. You couldn’t see him, but you could feel him sitting leisurely, legs spread and head leaning on the couch.

“I was thinking.” It seemed like he had cooled down but you knew better than giving in so you got up, the plaid slowly falling from your shoulders.

“I’ll take the bed, then.” You took a step back and felt his arms wrap around your hips, like claws.

“Just a minute.” He said, not even asking but then again, it’s not like he needed permission.

No matter how mad you were, you’d always let him hold you, always.

“Are you done now?” You breathed, not moving and his head connected with your pelvis, nuzzling the cold material of your jeans.

“Yes.” His answer was muffled and you sighed when you finally recognized his sweet voice, the one who was always whispering loving words to your ears.

“Good, I’ll go to sleep now.” You tried, hoping he’d let you go but he shook his head against you, and it almost felt like you were dealing with a child.

“Can we talk?” he said, his head rising and you could barely see his eyes against the dark.

“Now you want to talk?” You scoffed and heard him whine, one of these noises he kept for the most vulnerable moments.

“Yes. I feel like shit.”

“Oh I’m sorry I made you feel like shit. I’m such a mean girlfriend, you see.” Your voice made him tighten his hold around you.

“That’s not what I mean, you know it.” He said, raising his head to meet your annoyed face. You were thankful the place was so dark right now, because it was helping in keeping your anger toward him.

“I’m freezing, and tired.” You explained. You were the one who stayed out in the cold while he was sitting here, regretting his outburst.

“I can feel that. You’re shaking.”

“No, I’m shaking because I’m mad at you, and hurt.” You took a step back, preying your body out of his grip and he grunted.

“You know I didn’t mean any of this…” He tried, his arms going limp on the couch.

“You did. I thought you knew me better than that, but I guess I was wrong.” He looked totally powerless in front of you, shadow moving slowly to get up.

“I didn’t! I really didn’t. Please believe me.” He paused, and you felt his hand softly brushing against your shoulder. You couldn’t tell if he was trying to reassure you, or if he was trying to reassure himself. “I’m sorry.”

“Then you said it on purpose, to hurt me. It’s worse.” You didn’t want to cry again, mostly because it would result in showing your weakness, and you needed to be strong, to hold it in and show him you could be mad at him.

But you failed again, and a quiet sob escaped of your mouth, making him instantly come closer to hold you.

“You’re so stupid, Jinyoung. We were supposed to enjoy the evening, and you had to ruin everything!” You sniffed and he wrapped his arms around your shaking form, hating himself for being responsible of your miserable state.

“I’m sorry. Stop crying. Yell at me, curse, hit me, but don’t cry.” He pleaded. His fingers touched your face slightly and when he could finally get a good grip, his thumbs tried wiping the tears away, but you took a step back, surprising him again.

“This is too easy! I won’t play the push and pull game with you!” It felt good to stand your ground, and for once, you were able to resist his kindness, storming into the bedroom and leaving him alone in the warm living-room.

You violently wiped your tears and decided to head straight to bed. You rapidly took out your clothes and threw them on the floor –Jinyoung hated it- and scoffed, covering your cold body with the heavy comforter.
There was no way you could sleep though.

Jinyoung rubbed his face tiredly and decided to wait a bit before going to bed. Usually, you’d forgive him easily after a small fight, because you knew he loved you, but for the first time you decided not to, and it was scaring him more than he’d admit it.

When he was almost sure you were sleeping, he tiptoed in the now dark bedroom and entered the bed like a thief.

He felt you shift away from him and rolled his eyes. So you were not sleeping, of course not. He knew you were a wreck when you were disturbed by something.

“I’m scared.” He said, looking at the ceiling and the stripes painted by the curtain’s shadows were hypnotizing.

He knew you wouldn’t answer so he continued.

“I’m missing a lot of things and it scares me. You’re doing with him all the things I should be the one making you do. I know this is not your fault, I’m frightened by the idea of you discovering you need someone else. I’m always scared.” He whispered and you shifted.

“So I said things I really didn’t mean. I didn’t do it just to hurt you, I just…said it. I don’t want you to grow out of love because I’m not what you thought I would be. You’re so much better than what I can offer, but I’m so selfish I want to keep you all for me only.” He couldn’t imagine how it’d feel to come back to Korea and find this place empty. He didn’t even want to think about it.

“I get that you’re mad, and you are totally right. But still, I want you to forgive me, if you can. I can’t give you any excuse, I was a jerk and that’s final. There’s really nothing else I could say except that. I’m sorry.”

You knew he was being honest. Jinyoung wasn’t the kind of man who could pull off such vicious game. If he was talking non-stop, stopping from time to time to think and shifting uncomfortably, then he was really pained by the situation. You knew his body language by heart.

But how could he think you’d stop loving him?

“And now I want to hold you, but I’m scared you’d push me away and tell me you don’t want to see my face. So I’m talking and trying to find a way to get close to you, but I can’t find anything.” He laughed bitterly and you smiled to yourself.

You hated when he was being cute.

“I love you. I missed you, too.” He said next and your body started to itch.

You wanted to hold him, too.

“You look beautiful with that new haircut. I noticed you cut your hair.” He should have said that way earlier, you thought.

You slowly turned around and peeked from under the comforter. He was looking at the ceiling, hands on his chest and smiling to himself. His cute wrinkles were screaming at you “kiss us! Kiss us!”

His now sad voice echoed in the room. “I didn’t get to see your smile, yet. I missed it.”

You slowly lifted a hand and brushed his jaw. He looked surprised for a minute, but slowly turned to face you, his arm going under his head for support.

“Forgive me?” He made a horribly cute face and you smiled.

If he was pulling off the cute card, then he must really have no other option.

You acquiesced and he smiled at you. He didn’t come closer, though.

You were the one initiating contact, and your body approached his, bare legs against the soft material of his pants and arms going into his hair, pulling them out of his face.

He closed his eyes and sighed, liking the way your fingers were sinking into his locks, massaging his scalp.

“You’re the stupidest man I’ve ever met, Park Jinyoung.” You whispered and he agreed instantly.

“I know.” He said and didn’t open his eyes when he felt your face coming closer.

“You don’t deserve my kisses.” You trailed off and he nodded again.

“I know.”

You pecked him slowly and felt an arm sneak around your waist, sticking your body close to his.

“Don’t ever say, imply, or even think I’m cheating on you.” You ordered and he nodded again, lifting his head to get more kisses.

“Never. Never never never.” He was way too caught up in the moment to think clearly, but he had understood the parts about not being an ass with his girlfriend.

“I missed you too.” You breathed and he smiled brightly, pulling on your body to roll both of you around and you found yourself on top of him.

“God, I thought you’d throw my luggage out the window like they do in movies.” He said between kisses all over your face and you scoffed.

“I should be doing that, but I’m way too nice to do that. Well, it’s not like you know anything about being nice, right?” You teased and he grunted against your face, still nodding.

“Whatever you say about me, I agree. I’m a bitch.”

“Yeah, you’re a pretty bitch. These are the worst.” You said and he stopped his kisses to look at you.

“Really. I’m sorry. I’m seriously sorry.” Jinyoung was rather surprising tonight. Usually he’d apologize once and move on, but it felt like he was disturbed by something.

“I know. I’m not going to break up with you. And I’m not going to escape with another man. Chill out, Jinyoung.” You sighed.

“I know I know! I’m not saying that-“

“Shut up. I just, need some nice moment right now.” You cut him.

“Anything you want.” He whispered and smiled, his wrinkles showing again and you whined in pain.

“Oh, the wrinkles…I missed them. Show me, show me again.” He laughed and they were even bigger.

You grabbed his face almost violently and your mouth left small kisses all over his face, making him hug you harder against him.

He suddenly felt so happy.

“I’m just going to enjoy for now because I don’t deserve this, but I swear Jinyoung, we need to sort this out.” Your voice was calm again and his heartbeat went crazy with stress, suddenly.

“Everything you want.” He hated himself for being so weak whenever you were close. He felt so fragile sometimes, he who was used to be in total control of the events in his life.

“But for now, give me love.” You concluded and he nodded, ready to heal your wounds with all he had.

drunk texting bucky barnes

for erin( @theassetseyeliner )’s writing challenge!!

word count : 3.1k yeah i got excited 

prompt : “I realised that I called you about 20 times and texted you twice as much when I was drunk last night.”

pairing : avenger/reader x avenger/bucky

warnings : bad language words :)

Originally posted by buckingoffthebed

Maybe it was a subconscious thing. And then again maybe it wasn’t. Maybe drunk you was a complete life ruiner with Bucky Barnes related priorities.

That seemed the more likely, if you were completely honest with yourself but nevertheless, you would forever blame it on the subconscious drunk you, that way, you were essentially blameless. Or so you’d like to believe.

However, the second and third time you drunk messaged Bucky Barnes, you began to come to the realisation that maybe, just maybe, you had a bit of a problem.

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Make Me

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“Honestly, if they’re not wearing cinder block shoes then they have to be running some kind of illegal zoo up there. There’s no other explanation for the noises that they make,” you complain as you glance up at the ceiling. You’re certain that, one of these days, the base between the two floors is going to give and your upstairs neighbors (along with their fucking petting zoo that you’re certain has to exist) will come crashing down into your bedroom in the middle of the night.

“They could be fucking,” Taehyung offers as he flips a page in his Biology textbook, “they could be into some really weird shit. You never know about these crazy college kids.” He glances up in time to catch the blank look you offer and shrugs. “Or they could have a petting zoo. I don’t know. They are loud, though. Have you tried talking to them?”

You sigh as you fold another t-shirt and place it into your suitcase. “No,” you grumble, “I wanted to avoid problems. I knew after the first day of living here that I wouldn’t be renewing but I didn’t think it’d be this bad for the whole year.”

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Owned - pt 10

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“Darling, look at this arrangement. They’re so beautiful!” Mrs. Kim said.

The flowers you gave her were, of course, from the best shop in town.

The reporters were buying everything. Mr. Kim smiled and nodded at his wife.

“I’m glad you like them.” You said.

Namjoon remained silent.

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