you know that moment when you want to go take pictures but you have absolutely no idea what to do for those pictures

Dating Tom Holland Would Include....

  • Constantly bickering with Harrison on who Tom loves more. 
  • Always winning these fights
  • “Sorry mate, but have you seen her? She’s absolutely stunning.”
  • Having all sorts of adventures with Tom and Harrison
  • Because let’s face it, wherever Tom goes, Harrison follows.
  •  But never really minding because as long as Tom is around, so are you.
  • Tom always making sure that you’re okay. 
  • “You sure, love? Okay. I just want to make sure my girl is happy.” 
  • Him wrapping his arms around you every chance he gets.
  • Calling you every kind of cute nickname in the book because he can never just pick one.
  • “Babe, love, doll, sweetie, beautiful, gorgeous, cutie, honey,” All of them.
  • Sometimes finding himself just staring at you because he can not believe how lucky he is to have you.
  • Having to break up Tom and Harrison’s arguments on who loves you more. 
  • “Enough, you two. I swear you guys are like little kids fighting over a toy, and I am NOT a toy.” 
  • “Course you’re not, babe. But, I do love you more than Haz.” 
  • “I know you do. Why do you think I’m with you.” 
  • Tom leaving you with little notes that he placed everywhere.
  • “Hey babe, I love you!”
  • “Did you know you’re amazing?”
  • “You’re my girl, don’t ever forget.” 
  • “Call me when you find this!” 
  • “I could stare you forever.” 
  • “You’re the first and last person on my mind.” 
  • “I miss you.” 
  • Tom begging you to go with him everywhere because he just doesn’t want to leave you. 
  • “Please come with me.” 
  • “No, Tom. I have to work-”
  • “-but, I’m Spiderman. You don’t have to work.” 
  • “Did you just seriously use that line on me?”
  • “Did it work?” 
  • “Absolutely not, you dork. I love you, I do but I promise I’ll come visit. Okay?”
  • “Fine, but you better.” 
  • Always, always feeling guilty because you know that sometimes he gets a little bit of anxiety and stressed and you seem to be the only remedy. 
  • Flying out on the next flight possible.
  • And immediately all the stress and anxious thoughts are thrown out the window the minute he sees you. 
  • Him always whispering in your ear, “Thank you.” 
  • Always reassuring him that he’s earned all the success in his life.
  • Sometimes feeling a little scared that he’ll forget you with his oncoming fame. 
  • Tom reading you like a book and breaking these thoughts from your head. 
  • “You do know that I love you right? And that I wouldn’t be here without you. I’d be a wreck if I ever lost you. Don’t ever think for one second that I could make it without you.” 
  • Feeling reassured until the next time you felt scared. 
  • Tom always going above and beyond in his gifts for you on birthdays, anniversaries, and just because he want to’s. 
  • Him surprising you with a vacation to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. 
  • Following him basically anywhere and everywhere because he will literally get on his hands and knees to beg.
  • Forcing you to play basketball with him even though you know that there’s a reason why you’re not a pro basketball player. 
  • But always seeming to win.
  • Knowing that he lets you.
  • But never questioning it because it was his way of spending time with you.
  • Spending time with his family.
  • Because in a way, they’re your second family.
  • Tom’s mother commenting on how happy she is that Tom has found himself a wonderful girl.
  • His father agreeing one hundred percent and cracking jokes as to when they should expect the wedding.
  • His brothers always teasing Tom about how much you have him wrapped around your finger.
  • Blushing because you would never want him to be “whipped”, but it’s nice to know that you have that power.
  • Tom clapping back with, “At least I’ve got a girlfriend.” 
  • Laughing when they’d all get into a wrestling match.
  • “If I win, [Y/N] is mine!”
  • “No, if I win, [Y/N] mine!”
  • “Bloody Hell! You gits think you’re actually going to win? [Y/N] will always be mine, whether or not I do lose.” 
  • Going to the gym with him.
  • Getting distracted because by God those muscles should be illegal.
  • Him knowing it and teasing you about it.
  • Always getting back at him by doing anything and everything that shows of your figure.
  • Tom throwing down his weights and attacking you with kisses. 
  • Him always being respectful of your boundaries. 
  • Never pushing you to do things you don’t want to do. 
  • You loving him for it.
  • Knowing that you will eventually let him but just not right now because you’re not ready.
  • And him being perfectly okay with that.
  • Sparring with him.
  • Tom being beyond impressed at your skills.
  • Telling you everyday how much he loves you.
  • Begging him to take you to go get icecream even though he can’t really have any.
  • Scolding him when he says, “fuck it,” and gets himself some. 
  • “You’re trainer is going to be pissed.”
  • “So what.” 
  • Shaking your head and enjoying your icecream date with him.
  • Taking Tess out for walks together.
  • Taking a million pictures of her because she’s just so damn cute.
  • Lazy days with Tess
  • Cuddling the poor dog into suffocation until she can’t take it anymore and leaves.
  • Leaving you two clinging onto each other.
  • Tom leaving trails of kisses along your forehead.
  • Holding you tight.
  • Falling asleep in each other’s arms. 
  • Waking up in the middle of night, panicking because your parents are going to freak out.
  • Tom shooting out of bed to get you home.
  • Him trying to help you sneak into your house without your parents waking up.
  • Him mumbling that the two of you should just move out together.
  • Telling him that it would be a good idea but to talk about it later.
  • Tom always gushing about you in interviews.
  • Always being his plus one to the films you want to see.
  • Introducing you to your favorite actors.
  • Getting embarrassed when Robert Downey Jr. finally gets to meet you.
  • “SO, this is the girl you never shut up about? It’s about damn time I finally meet her. [Y/N], it’s so lovely to meet you. I feel like I practically know you with the amount of stuff Tom has told me about you.” 
  • Also getting a little embarrassed but not as embarrassed as when fans stop you on the streets.
  • Getting panicky because you’re just waiting for the hate.
  • But being surprised when it’s nothing but love and awe.
  • Agreeing to take pictures with them and asking to take one of them so you can put it on Instagram as well. 
  • Speaking of Instagram, Tom is forever posting sly pictures of you. 
  • You are literally all over his page.
  • But, it’s okay because he is all over yours.
  • You’ve been trending on #couplegoals for days
  • Threatening Tom with his life if he doesn’t stop posting the selfies you send him. 
  • Him not caring.
  • “I’ll take my chances, babe.”
  • Getting him back on snapchat with the crazy filters.
  • Agreeing to tone down the embarrassing pictures. 
  • But one or two always comes leaking out and you are forever mortified. 
  • Starting a prank war. 
  • You always seeming to have better pranks.
  • Feeling bad and deciding to call it off but not before Tom gets you really good. 
  • Laying out under the stars and talking about the future.
  • Telling each other that as long as you have each other, the future can bring whatever it wants.
  • Tom surprising you with a promise ring. 
  • “We’re both still really young and I know a lot of people our age are getting married but I just can’t imagine getting married at this moment. But at least with this, it’s a promise that you will have my last name, just not right now.” 
  • You accepting it because there is not a damn soul on this earth aside from Tom that you could see yourself with.
When did Lucy fall in love with Natsu?

There’s been so many essay-like posts around tumblr talking about when and where Natsu first realised he was in love with Lucy, but I’ve never actually seen any regarding when Lucy’s feelings started. So I thought I’d share my own opinionated theory!

I feel as though Lucy’s feelings for Natsu took a lot longer for her to realise than Natsu’s, so let’s start from the beginning:

Episodes 1-50:

At this point, the story as well as Natsu and Lucy’s relationship is very much in the starting stages; there simply isn’t a whole lot to it. Neither of them have even considered a relationship, especially not with each other. Lucy may have her “knight in shining armour” fantasies, (as we see in ending 1 of the anime), but that is the most we get.

Episode 50:

Episode 50 is where things start to get more interesting.

After the hilarious scenario of Lucy believing Natsu has a crush on her because of Mira’s meddling, she has now become self aware of the fact people mistake her and Natsu as a couple. Because of this, she starts to picture it in her mind and perhaps imagine what it would be like if they were in a relationship.

Again, though, this is still very early stages in their development, so she will continue to deny any sort of feelings for Natsu.

Episode 122:

The Tenrou Island arc in general was a huge step for NaLu’s relationship, especially on Natsu’s part as that was when (as many of us have speculated) he first realised he was in love with Lucy. Sadly, though, Lucy is nowhere near the love stage at this point.

During Acnologia’s attack in episode 122, Lucy is crying because she thinks it’s all over. Naturally Natsu overhears this, and of course the first thing he does is reassure her that it isn’t the end.

Now, I think the look Lucy gives Natsu after saying this is really significant:

This isn’t a look of love or anything, as I said earlier we’re still far from Lucy being in love with Natsu. Rather, this is her beginning to toy with the idea of liking Natsu. In this moment she cannot confidently say “I like Natsu”, but she is far more aware of it, and knows deep down that there is a slight possibility it could happen. However, at this stage she will still continue to deny any feelings for him.

Episode 123-End of Tartaros Arc

I know this is a really big time jump, but the end of Tartaros is where things start to pick up. Throughout this time, Natsu and Lucy’s characters and relationship develops immensely. I’m not going to dish out every example otherwise we’d be here for weeks, but it’s safe to say Lucy’s feelings have begun to develop, although she is still on the fence of “Do I like him” or “Is he just a friend”.

Chapter 468:

I’m going to skip the beginning of the Alvarez arc, because I know we’ve all heard the theories and opinions on Lucy’s angst a million times, and although their relationship does develop, it’s not enough for me to talk about. After all, a lot of those chapters illustrated Natsu’s feelings more than Lucy’s.

Chapter 468 is when Lucy’s feelings take a huge step forward. For those unaware, Natsu had gone off on his own, (with Happy), to try and defeat Zeref, and Lucy has basically spent most of her time worrying about him.

A few chapters later, (Chapter 468), Happy returns to the guild, but Natsu is unconscious, and Lucy’s face says it all:

Then she realises that Natsu’s heart isn’t beating:

And begs Brandish to save him:

Natsu being faced with death is the last thing Lucy would expect from a war. After all, he’s one of the strongest wizards she knows. So for him to be lying there in front of her, unconscious and his heart not beating, Lucy is absolutely terrified.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the point where Lucy realises that she likes Natsu, because she cannot picture a world without him in it. After over a year of contemplation, she has finally reached the conclusion that she likes her best friend, meaning she would gladly consider a relationship with him, if it weren’t for the current circumstances, of course.

She isn’t in love with him yet, she simply wouldn’t mind the idea of a relationship. Of course she will still deny her feelings because she doesn’t want people to know, after all she’s only just figured it out herself, however you will notice she is definitely less upfront about it:

Of course she gets flustered and blushes over it, however she doesn’t explicitly deny it. Now, this could just be a translation error, I don’t have access to official translations, so please don’t quote me on it, but in this frame she’s simply saying that wasn’t what she meant, not that she isn’t, (as quoted by Ever), “head over heels for him”. See, she isn’t denying that she likes him, but she isn’t exactly singing on the rooftops that she has feelings for him. Remember, this is all still very new to her.

Now, throughout the rest of the Alvarez arc, you can see that Lucy is incredibly protective over Natsu:

This protectiveness is Lucy’s feelings developing more and more. She knows that she likes Natsu, and therefore will now be even more worried about the possibility of losing him, and wants to continuously protect him at all costs, as we can see from the screenshots.

Chapter 545:

Like I said at the beginning of this opinion/theory, Lucy takes a lot longer to comprehend her feelings for Natsu, which is why I believe that she only realises that she is in love with him in the final chapter.

I did a whole other opinion/theory explaining what each NaLu panel in the final chapter means, so I’m not gonna go into loads of detail here. (If you want to read that theory click here #shamelessselfpromo)

ANYWAY, I think the moment Lucy finally realises she loves Natsu is here:

Memories come flooding back to her old jobs with Natsu. All these memories cause this sudden realisation that her feelings for Natsu are far more than just “I like him”. She loves him. She’s spent such a long time toying with her feelings and throwing them back and forth, that shes finally figured out that she can’t keep throwing them around forever. She needs to come to that conclusion and she finally has.

Granted, she has only come to this realisation, so she’s not just going to burst out and say “I love you”, but she does do something equally as meaningful:

She hugs him. I touched on what this hug means in my other theory, so again I’m not going to go into heaps of detail, but I will say this. Lucy is new to romance. As is Natsu. Neither of them are just going to say “I love you” because it just isn’t like them to do something that stereotypical of two people in love. This hug is her way of expressing her love for Natsu.

What happens next is controversial. Every single person has a different opinion on it but I’m just going to say it how I believe it.

Natsu was going to kiss Lucy. You may be asking “well if Lucy loves Natsu why did she stutter and say wait?”. You have to remember and keep in mind that Lucy has only just realised that she is in love with him. Her feelings are all over the place and it is all so new to her. It’s all a big shock and a lot to take in, so of course she’s going to stutter and be all nervous; this is her first time feeling this way about anyone. However, because she is aware that she is in love with him, she doesn’t push him away, she doesn’t try to get out of his grip. Instead, she closes her eyes and opens her mouth. She wants Natsu to kiss her.

Of course we know that there was no kiss, but I think the most important thing here is that she would have gladly accepted the kiss and would not have regretted it, because she is in love with Natsu.

So that’s it! It’s annoying to think that Lucy took painfully longer to realise her feelings than Natsu did, but I truly believe that this was the moment she knew that she was in love with him.

As I said before I’ve never really seen any posts regarding Lucy’s feelings towards Natsu, or if I have they haven’t been in immense detail, so this was really fun to write and figure out!

Let me know what you all think <3

So, the time has come where I have decided to share my hidden Nashcon 2016 Cockles photo op with everyone.

Why did I wait so long? Because I told myself, as a silent promise to Jensen and Misha, I was going to wait one year from the day, before I share it, even though Misha said to share it initially. Haha. Anyway, it’s been four months past the year mark, and I have decided to finally unveil the photo, I know it might garnish some stuff from haters, and I might be called “disrespectful”, however I ask everyone to read below first, on how my situation went down with receiving the photo, and then cast your opinions.

 So, I am waiting in the photo op line nervous as all hell haha, I keep the front of the book hidden the entire time, just patiently and nervously waiting. The book I held in my hands was “The Threesome Handbook”, by Vicki Vantoch (For those who don’t know who she is, she’s the amazing woman married to Misha!!). I’ve had the idea in my mind for nearly a year on how funny it would be to take a photo of the three of us reading it, I could imagine Jensen’s “what the hell position is that?!” Face, I can imagine Misha’s mischevious intrigued face, and then I would just be there looking like a dork, haha, either way, it was a year’s idea in the making. So the time has come and here i am shaking with my book…When it is my turn…I walk up to them…I immediately went to Jensen first because above anyone else, I wanted to get his Blessing for the photo, I didn’t want him to do it if he was not comfortable with it, and I was perfectly fine if he would have declined…So, I’m right in front of Jensen and I say “I completely understand if you don’t want to do this but, if not, it’s okay, but can we do something with this?” I showed him the book Misha’s wife wrote “The Threesome Handbook”, and he was like “With this?” He replied with like a shocked laugh as he pointed at the book, I laughed a bit in embarrassment…Then at this moment Misha comes over to the two of us, he sees the book and giggles as he grabs it, Misha being amused at the sight of the book, all I could do is look on in embarrassment and nervously laugh. At this point however, Jensen’s handler came up right away and was like “ Nope. No. No.” And she snatched the book out of Misha’s hand. So he was like “Oh Well” with a shrug kinda look then I was like “Oh well”, I knew at that point it was the risk of asking, so I didn’t mind. So I turned to Misha and Jensen and was like “Hugs then?” So we did a hug picture. The bliss and awesomeness of being between those two, still sends shivers down my spine. Forgive the capital letters but this was the exciting part…after the picture I THEN HUGGED THEM BOTH AND SAID THANK YOU, THEN THE HANDLER GAVE THE BOOK BACK TO ME. I WAS READY TO WALK AWAY WHEN MISHA GRABBED MY HAND, PULLED ME CLOSE TO HIM AND TOLD THE PHOTOGRAPHER TO TAKE ANOTHER. SO MISHA HUGGED ME WHILE WE HELD THE BOOK AND JENSEN GAVE HIS LIKE “WHAT?!” FACE. I WAS IN SHOCK!!!! SO ALL I HAD ENOUGH REACTION TIME FOR WAS TO MAKE A DORKY LOOKING “Idk, worth a shot” SUGGESTIVE FACE.

It happened so quick…I was not expecting it at all…After the picture all I could do was happily give Misha another hug, and just mutter “Thank you thank Misha”, I gave Jensen one more quick one and kinda high tailed it out of the room shaking.

Now…I was absolutely happy, and just speechless, I had two ops, the op I wanted to do, and I spent more time with them. The thing is though…After some time…I felt bad…because I wasn’t sure if Jensen was upset…or kinda just disappointed, because I felt maybe he didn’t want to do it and it was forced, as much as I appreciate it…To confirm, I decided to apologise to him when I got my autograph…The stressful part of it all, was the timing…See…I had to wait for the pictures to print, I wanted to grab it right away because I know sometimes people take photos of other people’s pictures, and I didn’t want this to get out by someone else’s hand. The thing is Jensen was then signing autographs in the same time…So, I was pacing back and forth from the picture table and the autograph hall to see how the lines were, just as it seemed like autographs were almost over, as they called my row many minutes before, the pictures were put out. LUCKILY I received my picture and I was able to make the line for Jensen, photo hidden. So again I nervously wait in line, when I got to him in line, he recognized me and said “Hey you” and smiled, and of course I was like “Hi” *giggles* and then I said “Jensen I’m really sorry about the book photo op”. He smiled and was like “ah, it’s no problem at all” And I said “Okay I just wanted to make sure you know I didn’t mean anything bad by it” and he said “Don’t worry about it, it’s perfectly fine”. I apologized to his handler also and she said “ Its okay honey, I’m not mad about it” and they both said you have a good night and pretty much don’t worry. So *SIGH OF RELIEF*

Got my autograph and his Blessing!! However me being me, I wanted security…So…To Make sure…When I got my Misha autograph, I walk up to Misha with items in hand to get signed.

Misha: “Oh hey it’s you, how are you?”

Me: “I’m good thank you, how are you?”

Misha: “I’m good, I’m good, are you having fun?

Me: “Yeah, it’s been really great”

*Misha begins to sign my items*

Me: *Nervously* “Can I ask you a question?”

Misha: “Of course go ahead”

Me: “Was Jensen upset with the photo with the book?”

Misha: *smiles, then giggles* “Oh no, he wasn’t upset at all. He would have gone through with it if a certain handler didn’t snatch it away from us”

Me: “Are you sure? I really don’t want him to be upset, I just didn’t think it’d be bad”

Misha: “No, don’t worry about it at all, he wasn’t upset” *Misha hands back items*

Me: “Okay, thank you Misha, thank you. You have a great night” *I say while gathering my stuff*

Misha: “You’re welcome. You too” *Misha smiles*

*I turn to walk away when Misha says to me*

Misha: “Don’t give it a second thought”

I respond by just smiling and saying a relieved “Okay”, and then I turn and head out to the hall.

So…This is that photo, from my amazing Nashcon 2016 time…I hope those viewing, find the humor in it as much as I do…If you’re gonna share it, please just attach this story with it, so people know, that yes while some might find it tasteless, it was done with a calculated understanding of the actor’s feelings behind taking the photo and not without asking their personal consent for it first, the events that unfolded from it, were not expected and were out of my hands, just as well I finally want to thank Misha and Jensen and just as well, Jared!! (Though they may not ever read this haha) for everything they’re do for the fans, it was a great time and is now a hell of a story I can add to my life of events. Everyone else…enjoy. :)

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BTS| Reaction to you Coming Home Late|


On your way up the stairs you see the light of your apartment on, giving you the insight that your boyfriend came home earlier than you. As you opened the door you could hear the sound of Mario Kart being played. Once you closed the door his head turned quickly causing him to slip on a banana peel in the game and groan. “Y/N why are you home so late? Where were you? Who were you with?” And here came the bombardment of questions from Jin. Nothing felt better than having someone worry about you this much. As soon as you told him that everyone was working late his furrowed eyebrows went back to their normal state, “Okay, but next time you come home late you’ll be punished.” With the game still playing you plop yourself right next to Jin get the second player control and proceed to play Mario Kart with him. “Jagiya you have no idea what your getting into.” How cocky of him. “Oppa, you seriously think I would go easy on you just because your worldwide handsome?” You giggle innocently after restarting your game.


You tip toe to your shared bedroom where you see Yoongi still sleeping. You run to the bathroom not bothering to turn on the light, you take off your make up, brush your teeth, and take your hair out of its pin trying to get ready for bed. Not wanting to wake him up you quickly go to your dresser and change into your pajamas and run to bed. Trying to quickly get into bed you trip stubbing your toe on the edge of your bed and end up falling on top of Yoongi. You freeze and hold yourself form moving, you stay laying on top of him,stiffly, for a few seconds,scared that you might have woken him up and causing him to get angry. You feel him snake his arms around your waist trapping you in his warm embrace. “Where do you think you’re going now?”, whispering into your neck. “I waited for you for so long I slept so now you stay here.” Feeling his hot breath on your neck, rising and falling steadily like a soothing beat you feel at peace against him. “Nothing could be better than right here” you reply back into his already sleeping form.


“Y/N where are you?” This phone call was the only way to call Namjoon down before he goes into over protective boyfriend mode. “I’m right around the corner I’ll see you soon” with that you hang up the phone call, not wanting to take up anymore of your phone battery seeing as it’s in the low twenties. Crossing the street as soon as the light turns green you see a tall figure running in your direction. Worried at this time of night you reach in your bag ready to pull out your spray, you start walking towards your home. Once the figure gets closer to you, the streetlight illuminates his features and you recognize the visuals of your boyfriend and calm down, putting your spray back into its compartment. “Joonie, why would you come out at this time.” An annoyed tone prominent in your voice. “I was making sure you got home safe since your coming home late. “It’s really cold out tonight” he says while zipping his sweater all the way up.


Normally working in the studio wasn’t that bad but today you felt exhausted from having to do so much. From working on songs, to getting everyone coffee, to even filling in for missing dancers, your feet felt like they couldn’t handle another step. The only thing that helped make your day a little better was Hoseok. In those little moments that you got to see him with the boys he stole glances your way and made sure to send you flying kisses which absolutely made you giggle. The best part of your day was when you got home after that long and tiring day, seeing your Hobi dancing to a random song on the screen of the TV. He didn’t realize you had came home,seeing as he was to concentrated in his own choreography, until you let your things fall with a thud and you lay down on the couch. He went to the bedroom and came out two minutes later with bottles of lotion and a pillow. Putting the pillow on your neck and massaging your feet without hesitation. “Thank you Hobi”, you said with a sigh. “I know you worked hard today (Y/N), I just want to make you feel better.”


Closing the door shut to your front door you walk to the kitchen wanting a late night snack. There was no time for a lunch break because of how many calls you had coming in. There were always a few days like this a year but this one had been the craziest of all seeing as Christmas was near. You turn on the light above the oven not wanting to bother Jimin in the bedroom since the all the lights were off. Putting on your earphones to listen to some music while cooking, you slightly sway your hips in tune with the beat. You’re almost done with cooking your meals when you feel cold, strong arms wrap around your waist causing you to jump back. “Mmm, jagiya it smells so good.” Nuzzling his head into the curve of your neck, you could feel his eyelashes tickiling you and his eyes drooping from being woken up without warning. You turn around to face him, “I made enough for the both of us.”, you say with a triumphant smile. “There’s something else I want.” and with that he picks you up and takes you to the bedroom.


You find Taehyung in the cutest sleeping position you’ve ever seen, with his legs in the form of a four and his arms hugging your pillow close to his face. Seeing as he shifts in his sleep regularly, you run to your bag getting your phone out and taking close to a million pictures of him. It was dark in your room but you didn’t want to wake him up, you risk taking one picture with flash on. He doesn’t wake up the first time so you try it again, only this time he sits up with brows confused and eyes still closed. You walk to the bed and whisper in his ear, “You looked so cute sleeping I couldn’t help myself” You see his cheeks tinge pink and he hugs you to his chest laying you down with him. “Y/N lets go to sleep I wasn’t comfortable without you here.” That comment surprised you, “Wait, so you just let me take pictures of you.” He laughs into your back,”Jagi, you have no idea how many pictures I have of you.”


The Maknae whose good at everything, was not so good at waiting. You start running towards your house knowing that you were running late. Jungkook will not like that I’m late, you think to yourself. Walking through the house you don’t see Jungkook, you sigh in relief as you think you made it home before he did. “Just why do you think your in the clear?” You hear his voice booming through your bedroom walls. You groan this time knowing that he wasn’t too happy about it. “I’m sorry Kookie, but I got caught up at work and I left my keys in my desk so I had to go back up and get them which delayed me even more, and there was still traffic at this time.” You hear him sigh as he can’t help but not be angry at you once you called him Kookie and explain everything that happened. “Hurry up and get in bed, it must have been a long day. I’ll even play with your hair until you fall asleep” Since he hates playing with your hair because his arm gets tired you jump at the opportunity and jump into bed with him.

The Only Exception (Part 10)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,937 (End!)

Warnings: language, fluff, it’s an innocent lil epilogue

A/N: Sorry I get so cheesy in this space. Thank you to the people who encouraged me along the way, most of you total strangers who didn’t need to stop and take time out to do so, but did it anyway because you’re good people. Thanks to the other writers who sympathized with and cheered for me, I adore you. This is dedicated to you empathetic, beautiful people.

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Evening Out With Your Girlfriend

Honorable Mention+ Have you ever had detention? what for?
Calm Before The Storm (eowyg)+ Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming? What about?
Switchblades And Infidelity+ You can press a button that will make anyone or anything explode. Who or what would you choose?
Pretty In Punk+ What dream color(s) would you love your hair to be?
Growing Up+ Your most favoritest age you’ve been so far?
The World’s Not Waiting (For Five Tired Boys In A Broken Down Van)+Name one thing you have wasted time on.
Short, Fast And Loud+ Short or tall? Fast or slow? Loud or quiet?
Moving Pictures+ Would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theatre?
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (But I’m Gonna Give It My Best Shot)+ What is your favorite day of the whole year?

Take This to Your Grave

Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do TodayDo you get jealous easily?
Dead on Arrival+ How do you start a conversation?
Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy+ What do you think of people who cheat?
Saturday+ Who is your bestfriend?
Homesick at Space Camp+ What is your favorite planet?
Sending Postcards from a Plane Crash (Wish You Were Here)+ Who would you absolutely love to punch in the face?
Chicago Is So Two Years Ago+ Is there anyone in the world you would want next to you right now?
The Pros And Cons Of Breathing+ Do you hate anyone?
Grenade Jumper+ Is there anyone you would take a grenade for?
Calm Before The Storm (tttyg)+ What phobias do you have?
Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over+ Do you consider yourself sucessful?
The Patron Saint Of Liars And Fakes+ Has anyone ever lied to you?

My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue

My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon+ Weapon of choice in zombie apocalypse?
“It’s Not A Side Effect Of The Cocaine, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love”+ Do you have a promise that you will always keep?
Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (Acoustic)+ Have you ever been to prom?
Love Will Tear Us Apart+ When was the last time someone told you they loved you?  
Grand Theft Autumn / Where Is Your Boy (Acoustic)+ Are you keeping a secret from someone?

From Under The Cork Tree

Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued+ What name(s) do you dislike?
Of All The Gin Joints In All The World+ First Fall Out Boy song you’ve ever heard?
Dance, Dance+ Favorite line in a song that you would so get tattooed on your ass cheek?
Sugar We’re Going Down+ Favorite pet name to be called?
Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner+ Are you the rarest pepe?
I’ve Got A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)+ Have you ever gotten into a fight? if so, what was the outcome?
7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen)+ Least favorite thing about school/college?
Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends+ Your house is on fire. What are the things/people/animals you’d grab on your way out?
I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me+ Bandmemebers you have a crush on?
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”+ Night owl or early bird?
Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows)+
What do you want to do before you die? Do you have a bucket list?
XO+ Are you reliable? why?
Snitches And Talkers Get Stitches And Walkers+ Have you ever fractured/broken any bones?
The Music Or The Misery+
What band(s) do you absolutely hate?  

Infinity On High

Thriller+ What is one thing you would like to go back and tell your 12 year old self?
“The Take Over, The Breaks Over”+ Do you like having picture taken of you or selfies?
This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race+ If you were the president, what is the first thing you would make illegal and legal?
I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)+ You get three wishes, what are they? (you can’t wish for more wishes)
Hum Hallelujah+ Have you tried to be someone you’re not to impress someone?
Golden+ Favorite gem stone/mineral?
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs+ Best memory of someone who has left your life?
Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am? Bands you’ve seen perform live?
The (After) Life Of The Party+ Would you rather be a ghost or skeleton in the after life?
The Carpal Tunnel Of Love+ Favorite flavor of icecream?
Bang The Doldrums+ Do you wear makeup? if so, what kind?
Fame < Infamy+ Cursive or print hand writing?
You’re Crashing, But You’re No WaveHave you ever been to court? why were you there?
I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers+ Do you plan on ever getting married?
G.I.N.A.S.F.S.+ What is your eye color? if you could change it, would you?
It’s Hard To Say “I Do”, When I Don’t+ What was the most hurtful thing that someone said to you?

Folie à Deux

Lullabye+ A song you would want your children to listen to.
Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes+ Can you describe yourself in 5 words?
I Don’t Care+ Favorite month of the year? why?
She’s My Winona+Wa aoh oh ooh. What song popped into your head?
America’s Suitehearts+ Andy the Candy, Pete the Treat, Joe the Hoe, or ‘trick the frick?
Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet+ Have you ever lost a bet?
The (Shipped) Gold Standard+ What is the one song that has helped you push through?    
(Coffee’s For Closers)+ How do you like your coffee?
What A Catch, Donnie+ What two bands/musicians should make a song together?
27+ What do you think about aliens?
Tiffany Blews+ Are you scared of the dark?
w.a.m.s.+ Do you like snow?
20 Dollar Nose Bleed+ Would you pay 20 dollars to punch someone in the face?
West Coast Smoker+ What do you think of the ocean?
Pavlove+ Are you happy with the way you look? is there something you would change?

Save Rock And Roll

The Phoenix+ You’re wearing the same thing as someone else. Are you going to be the one to change or are they?
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark+ Do you enjoy bonfires?
Alone Together+ You are the last person on Earth, but you can choose someone else to be with you. Who would you choose?
Where Did The Party Go+  What is the last thing you drew a picture of?
Just One Yesterday+ What did you do yesterday?
The Mighty Fall+ What is the best pick up line you’ve heard lately?
Miss Missing You+ Do you think anyone misses you at the moment?
Death Valley+ Have you ever broken a promise?
Young Volcanoes+ You are a killer in a horror movie. What song is playing in the background? 
Rat A Tat+ Favorite time of day?
Save Rock And Roll+ Would you get revenge on those who have hurt you?


We Were Doomed From The Start (The King Is Dead)+ Your funeral song?Art Of Keeping Up Disappearances+ Have you ever written your own music or poems?
Hot To The Touch, Cold On The Inside+ Do you think tie dye is still cool?
Love, Sex, Death+ What are your favorite scents?
Eternal Summer+ A summer you will never forget?
Demigods+ What is your favorite type of dinosaur?
American Made+ Do you prefer cooking or ordering take out?
Caffeine Cold+ Ice coffee or hot coffee?

American Beauty / American Psycho

Irresistible+ Favorite city you’ve visited?
American Beauty / American Psycho+ Would you reffered to as the beauty or the psycho
Centuries+ Do you like heavy metal? or hardcore/screaming music?
The Kids Aren’t Alright+ Have you dedicated a song to someone before? what song was it?
Uma Thurman+ Do you believe in miracles?
Jet Pack Blues+ What are your favorite colors?
Novocaine+ Vest, Jacket, or Hoodie?
Fourth Of July+ Do you collect anything? if so, what do you collect?
Favorite Record+ Favorite album?
Immortals+ Favorite animated movie(s)?
Twin Skeletons (Hotel In NYC)+ What is the best thing about Halloween?


Alpha Dog+ Favorte dog breed(s)?
From Now On We Are Enemies+ Do you have more enemies than friends?Lake Effect Kid+ Is there somewhere you rather be?
Roxanne+ Have you ever called the police?
Save Your Generation+ Ever had a rumour spread about you?
Start TodayYou have a free ticket to any concert of your choice. Who would you go see?
Yule Shoot Your Eye Out+ What do you want for christmas?

Highway (Part 8)

Originally posted by xopsychogirlxo

Summary: There’s a charming man that enters the diner like he owns the place, like he owns the town. And when he’s calling you baby doll, with a devilish smirk on his face and a twinkle of silver in his baby blues, you know you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling for the infamous Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Wordcount: 3,190

Part 1  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8


He was in love with you.

Bucky Barnes was in love with you.

And it hit you harder than a ton of bricks.

You wanted so desperately to tell him that your date with Brock was so absolutely terrible because Brock wasn't Bucky. Because Brock wasn’t sweet like Bucky, he wasn’t kind and funny and he didn't smile like Bucky. 

Bucky’s smile had been imprinted into the back of your mind, and it’s still there, haunting you as you studied the voicemail over and over again. You studied the intricacies of his tones, the shifting in his voice and the small nervous chuckles he released every now and then.

His voice was a lullaby in and of itself, a beautiful lull full of profundity and velvet that was more than capable of keeping you up all night. Words tumbled from his lips like coarse sugar, spilling and filling into your attentive ears.

I think I’m fallin’ in love with you…

I know you’re probably not… entirely sure about who I am.

I used to be Sergeant Barnes, but now I’m just Bucky.

I’m sorry, sweet girl…that I'm just Bucky. I don’t have much to offer. Hell, I’m deaf in one ear 'n sometimes I wake up thinkin’ I’m gonna get shot through the window…sometimes I drink a little here 'n there, I take it too far sometimes. Helps me forget, though. 

But, y'know, lately, you’ve been helpin’ me forget too.

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anonymous asked:

so, requests are kind of open? sweet. if you do male mc requests, could i get a request for the rfa realizing that they've fallen for another man? i've tried asking other blogs and nobody has done it and i just kinda want validation right now lmao thanks xx

A/N: I usually try to make the MC gender neutral but sometimes it’s difficult (such as when the request specifically has to do with a female!MC) so I’m sorry if that’s ever bothered you! ;A; I’ll try my best for you! ^^ ~Admin 404


               -He’s always talked about getting a girlfriend in the chatroom

               -Girlfriend this, girlfriend that, girl girl girl

               -He didn’t even stop to think, ‘hey, maybe it doesn’t have to be a girl’

               -And that frustrated you.

               -Sure, you’re obviously understanding and accepting of other’s sexual orientations

               -But you’re just salty because he doesn’t even notice?? That you’re like??? Completely in love with him??

               -You drop hints all the time but he just thinks you’re being friendly?

               -Like, ‘Oh, haha, MC you’re my newfound best friend!’

               -Stop doing that to me Yoosung, if you don’t return my feelings at least acknowledge them

               -You spend day after day playing video games with him, just wanting to spend time with him

               -Until one day you decided to take the night off, and he had to play alone

               -He immediately realized that the game just wasn’t the same unless you were playing along with him

               -Not even his other in-game friends could make it fun for him- he was at a complete loss

               -He tried to get a hold of you most of the night but you wouldn’t answer the phone

               -There was this weird feeling in his chest every time he would call and get your voicemail, he couldn’t explain it

               -Maybe it was just because he was concerned for your well being? No, that wasn’t it. It wasn’t a fearful kind of feeling..

               -When you finally picked up the phone and he heard your voice, that’s when it hit him

               -This feeling was him missing you. He wanted to talk to no one else but you. He’s literally ignored every girl that’s talked to him since the day he met you. He would get a sinking feeling in his stomach if he heard you calling any other man cute and couldn’t explain it

               -With his knowledge (gained solely from dating sims and movies) he came to the realization that wow he didn’t care about getting a girlfriend. He cared about you.

               -“Yoosung? Hellooooo? Are you okay? You’ve called me like 27 times. Is everything alri-”

               -“I love you, MC”


               -Ah, yes, Mr. Steal Yo Girl™

               -You could say you fell for his natural charm from the beginning

               -Or… you could tell the truth that you practically just jumped off a fucking cliff into your love for him

               -He was just! So! Beautiful! Inside and out!

               -But why?? Was his fanbase mainly made of women??

               -There were some fanboys scattered about but you were still feeling a little under-represented

               -So you decided that you had to let him know how much of a fan you are! (Not to mention how much you practically just wanna jump his bones because you love him so much)

               -Always bringing him flowers, making and making him homemade lunches/dinners

               -Not to mention the two of you always hang out whenever you can! Movies, going for a ride on his motorbike, anything you can do together, you do

               -“It’s almost like we’re dating, haha!” yes Zen, that is the p o i n t

               -He started to see that a handful of his fans began shipping the two of you and editing the selfies he had posted to add hearts and things

               -He giggled every single time and he would send you the pictures because he thought they were adorable!

               -Sometimes when the two of you went out, some girls would run up and ask to take pictures- he was always ready but when they handed him the camera he was so lost??? Like they only wanted a picture with you because you’re totally cute

               -He would pout s o h a r d every time it happened, he would practically cling to you for hours afterwards

               -One day he was waiting for you when he was just scrolling through one of his fan websites, when he saw a picture of you with a girl- She was fangirling and saying all these cute things about you

               -He could feel his blood start to boil and he couldn’t explain why? He wasn’t jealous that you were being praised by his fans instead of him- hell he praises you all the time..

               -That was it! He praises you all the time! He talks about you like his fans talk about him! How the hell couldn’t he see it before? He always looked forward to seeing your smile, or felt his heart flutter when you would wrap your arms around him while the two of you went for late night rides

               -So he was a womanizer in the past, that didn’t matter now, did it? It was completely possible for him to fall for a man- especially a man like you. You always support his decisions and passion, it was practically impossible for him not to fall for you

               -He watched as you walked towards him, throwing him that bright smile that he melted his heart; he can’t believe he couldn’t see before.

               -“Heya Zen! Where are we off to today?” You tilted your head slightly to the side in confusion when he grabbed your hand, bringing it to his lips to place a small kiss on it

               -He watched you as a blush crawled up your face, waiting a moment before pulling his lips away

               -“Well, my prince, I’ve decided, quite recently in fact, that it’s high time we have our first actual date, are you ready?”


I’m not going to do Jaehee since she was canonically into men (until female!mc came along and the Christmas DLC and all;;;) and Idk, I just feel it doesn’t fit this prompt? I’m soRRY


               -He isn’t the type to show emotions in the first place

               -But you start to notice that he’s more chatty towards you over time?

               -Not like you’re complaining, of course.

               -A chance to potentially get closer to Jumin Han? Don’t mind if I do

               -After quite a while of talking (he would even call you at night to talk to you before bed!) he took it upon himself to invite you over for a drink or two

               -He never thought anything about the relationship the two of you shared, though

               -Figured it was similar to the relationship he and V shared

               -Though he did note that he tended to be a little more open to you than he has with V

               -He deemed your personality to be a little more open and less secretive than V’s and he left it at that

               -It was really hard for him to notice any sort of difference in his feelings for your because he was so set in his ways

               -Always distant with women, so he never notice himself completely shutting down the idea of having a wife or a girlfriend

               -He did notice, however, that he found a scowl on his face quite often when a woman is draping herself over you, touching you absolutely anywhere

               -It gets him so worked up, in multiple different ways

               -First, he can’t figure out why he gets so angry- his thoughts have gotten somewhat harsh at times, where he wants to push the woman away, or tear her hands off of you… but he’d never act on those thoughts

               -Second, he can’t wrap his head around why he… recreates the scene in his own mind, but puts himself in your place and you in the woman’s. Was it just a random thought? Did it mean anything?

               -One night, after a long and deep conversation about how the human mind works and a little too much wine for the both of you, he looked deep into your eyes and completely got lost in them. He couldn’t hear you talking at all, but he could see the different levels of passion and emotions in them and he was fascinated

               -He thought aloud about the things he’d been experiencing, the thoughts about you, and how he wondered what it all meant- causing you to stop in your tracks

               -“I can see ever little change of emotion in your eyes, but there’s one I haven’t been able to figure out. Come here,” he said, lightly grabbing the side of your face and coaxing you into leaning towards his face before he placed a quick peck to your lips, watching your eyes change the whole time

               -“Ah, I see. That must be love… that must be what I look like as well- interesting.”


               -Falling for a male wasn’t anything new for our dear love, Saeyoung

               -Expressing those feelings is what was difficult for him

               -He didn’t even realize at first that he may have had feelings for you

               -Treated you no different than he treats Yoosung-

               -Always joking around, always playing pranks

               -Every now and then he catches himself opening up and telling you personal things like his emotions or parts of his past and it t h r o w s h i m o f f

               -He used to try and catch himself but after a while it came so naturally that he didn’t even notice it? But you sure did

               -Instead of kind of secluding himself to his house, he would go out to shops and restaurants with you all the time!

               -His favourite thing to do was let you pick out one of his babies and he’d take you out for a drive. A lot of the time the two of you would be gone for hours and honestly everyone else in the group thought the two of you had snuck off to do the frick frack

               -He finds himself always leaning in towards your face when the two of you are talking

               -When he gets really excited, he grabs your hand and takes you towards the source of his happiness, often forgetting to let go of your hand- so the two of you walk around with each other’s hands

               -Even buys the two of you a ton of adorable matching things, like sunglasses and shirts

               - matching heelies

               -One day, everyone was hanging out and simply just having a nice lunch, when Saeyoung straight stole the bite of food you were about to put in your mouth

               -“Saeyoung! I was about to eat that, you jerk!”

               -“I’m sorry! Here, I’ll let you taste it,” with that, he leaned over and kissed you softly, literally everyone’s eyes were on the two of you

               -It was only after he backed away and noticed the stares did he realize what he did

               -“I-I swear! It felt natural, like the right thing to do at the time! MC I didn’t even think, I’m sorry, I-”

               -You had to cut the idiot off with another kiss or he’d keep rambling and rambling on. Everyone in the group was so happy for the two of you! Saeran couldn’t stop saying ‘finally’ under his breath for the rest of the day


               - honestly i think he’d be the chillest of them all

               -He’s just a huge advocate for true love, okay?

               -If he loves a woman, then so be it. If he loves a man, again, so be it.

               -He’s a very relaxed and trusting person so getting close to you was natural

               -Would constantly call you late at night when he couldn’t sleep just so the two of you could talk about the world, your fears, and what you guys wish you could do over

               -You were always the first person to every gallery of his, and always the last to leave

               -He would spend hours at a time talking to you about every picture he’s taken- pointing out key elements and expressing to you how each detail makes him feel

               -After a while, he decided you would be a great person to go on photography trips with, because you had a keen eye, and immense passion!

               -So, the next trip abroad, he brought you along!

               -Loved seeing how excited you were to see the sights! Every time you saw something you thought was beautiful or amazing, your eyes would shine and your entire face would light up

               -As he sat in his hotel room, waiting for you to join him before leaving for the airport at the end of the trip, he took it upon himself to look through his camera

               -But he quickly realized that it was almost all pictures of you

               -Your smile, how you tilted your head in confusion at things, even one where you looked like a chipmunk because you stuffed a ton of food into your mouth at once

               -He knew exactly what he felt when he saw these pictures of you, he felt it before with Rika- only this time it felt natural, pure, and right

               -You knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. “V? Are you ready to go? It would be terrible if we missed our flight!”

               -The door opened and you noticed his camera in his hand, he ushered you into his room.

               -“Yes, I’m just about ready. I just have to get one more picture before we go.”

               -You tilted your head slightly and watched as a smile spread across his face. “A picture of what? I thought you’ve already gotten great pictures of the view from your roo-”

               -You were cut off by him placing his lips softly against yours, your eyes fluttered shut and the loud click of the camera capturing the moment was the only thing that could be heard over your pounding heart


               -It would take him the longest time to realize he had any sort of emotional attachment to you

               -He actually talked to you rather than, say, Saeyoung

               -When you would come over to visit, he would sit with you on the couch in silence until Saeyoung come out, then he’d get mad and leave

               -Would scoot closer to you each time, hoping you wouldn’t notice.

               -Couldn’t help it?? There was something about you that felt… comforting- something he hasn’t felt in a very long time

               -One day, he came and sat right next to you, letting you watch as he played a game on his handheld

               -At first, he would ignore you and make faces when you told him to do something, but after a while he realized you were right and would do as you said

               -Now, every time he got stuck in a game, he would show up at your door and just shove the system into your hand

               -He’d watch you play over your shoulder, getting close to you and not even realizing it

               -Once, he hugged you from behind and rested his chin on your shoulder because it took such a long time for you to beat the level he was stuck on. You didn’t say anything about it though because you didn’t want him to stop


               -He offered you half of his ice cream. Half of it. Not even a spoonful. Half.

               -You took a direct hit to the heart, and from then on you had to remind yourself to tread lightly because you knew he was still new with these kind of feelings

               -Every time he would quietly grab your hand to show you something you had to fight a blush, and fight even harder when he didn’t remember to let go

               -He brought his game to you once again and when you handed it back, he kissed the side of your head softly and threw a, “Thanks, love you” over his shoulder when he left the room- you were left sitting there completely red in the face

               -Suddenly, you heard running back towards the room you were in, followed by a hand gripping the doorway tightly to stop himself from sliding

               -He looked at you with wide eyes and a crimson red face- he practically looked like a deer in the headlights

               -His mouth kept opening and closing as he tried to find words to say, and you just stared at him

               -Finally he threw his hands up and started to walk back down the hall

               -“Fuck it,” he called out, “You heard what I said. I’m not taking it back”


red carpet | t. holland

word count: 2056
warnings: nada :-)
note: i just had this idea pop up and well i think its cute and i hope you think so too :> anywayy… again, im not much of a writer so pls pardon my writing :’)


You felt your heart beating out of your chest. Your palms started to sweat. This was it. The premiere that’s been eating you up this past week. You’re so nervous, your tongue’s tied already, you haven’t even spoken a single word ever since you left your hotel. Of course, you’ve done movies before. You’ve won and been nominated for numerous awards already, you’ve worked with Scorsese, Nolan, Spielberg—all of them admiring your raw and genuine talent. You were one of the top A-List Actresses in Hollywood.

But this… this was entirely different.

Yes, you knew this was a Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War. Yes, you knew you only had a supporting role in this movie and that this shouldn’t be that much of a big deal to you. So why were you so conscious of what you were wearing? You usually spend an hour tops to prepare for a premiere, but this time you took ages to get ready.

You wanted to look good. You wanted to look your best without trying too hard.

Hmph. You’re not doing all that for the paparazzi, that’s for sure.

You stepped out of your limo and instantly, the bright flashes of cameras blind you, the screams of fans deafen you, the amount of big time movie stars you’ve worked alongside with numbed you. You composed yourself and took a breather, then started walking down the red carpet, with your white lace gown trailing behind you, as if you were royalty. You loved your dress a lot, you gotta hand it to your designer for the amazing design. It was a shame that you had to go alone though.

You wanted a certain someone to be your date, but you guess that someone didn’t see you that way.

You gracefully pause in front of the crowd to pose for some pictures. Later on, you went to the fans and signed some autographs and took selfies. Your once poised and elegant manner banished as soon as you started to have some fun making the most ridiculous faces for the pictures you were taking with your fans. You loved them. You wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for them.

A few more minutes spending quality time with your beloved fans, you were ushered away to have a few interviews.

“Y/N!” The fifth interviewer of the night beamed, “How does it feel to be on a red carpet yet again?”

You laugh and smile, “It feels great. I love the energy these Marvel fans are giving out. It makes me wanna show up in my costume rather than this dress.”

“Well, won’t they appreciate that.” The interviewer replied, “Your dress is absolutely stunning, though! You look really, really, really pretty.”

You reply with a flattered smile, but before you could even verbally reply, someone cleared their throat behind you, disrupting the conversation.

I think the proper term for her is gorgeous.”

You instantly felt your knees go weak as soon as you heard that heart-melting British accent.

Tom Holland! What a great surprise!” The interviewer exclaimed as she saw the Brit behind you.

He hugged you from behind, his arms snaking around your waist, “Hey, love.” Tom winked at you quickly that the interviewer didn’t notice.

“Hey there, Spidey.” You casually punch his arm and pinch his cheek.

Right beside you right now was the reason you felt all those things beforehand. You couldn’t deny it any longer… Tom Holland made you nervous.

The interviewer once again spoke up, “Tom, how are you?”

“I’m good, thanks. It’s really fun to be here.” He flashed his signature smile.

“We were just discussing Y/N’s outfit for tonight. Any comments?” The interviewer wiggled her eyebrows.

You felt my your cheeks flush red again.

“I’m speechless actually. She looks so good that the words haven’t been invented yet.” His cheeky and adorable smile widened with every word that came out of his mouth, to which you blushed intensely at.

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” The interviewer giggled.

You laugh along with Tom and feel his hand rest on your shoulder.

“Okay, real topic guys. You two have been spotted out together so many times, your chemistry on-screen and off-screen is just off the charts, you’re always gushing about each other in interviews. So everyone on this planet wants to know…” The interviewer said, “Are you two seeing each other?”

You didn’t even think of what you were going to say, you just blurted it out… “We’re just really good friends.”

Mental facepalm.

You felt Tom’s chocolate brown eyes on you.

“I mean… uh…” You went off track as you tried to fix what you said.

You were at a loss for words. You didn’t really know how follow that up. It was true that you and Tom were friends. How can you not? You two instantly clicked right away from the moment you both met in the first script reading of the movie. You’ve always thought he was cute. It came to the point that that little innocent admiration for your co-star became… something more. There were so many times you wished you could just tell him how you felt, but you just keep chickening out. Scared. Fearing that he won’t feel the same way.

You loved the fact that Tom is always so open and comfortable around you. He’s always there for you when you need help in the most little things. If you need pads, he won’t hesitate to go the store and buy you pads—with wings. If you need someone to have a movie marathon with you, he’ll come over any time of the night with the complete collection of your favorite Disney movies. If you need someone to talk to, he’s there.

You can’t help yourself. You were falling for him, each time he smiles at you. The more you denied it, the feeling grew and grew until you can no longer ignore it. You’ve always wanted to see the things he does for you as acts of romantic and courtly love, but you know in your heart that he did those things because he sees you as a mere sister. It hurt a lot. You’re still wrapping your mind around that little heartbreaking thought.

So you came back to your reply. We’re just really good friends… Your own voice echoed through your head.

Really good friends.

Friends. You thought. That’s what Tom and I will be for the rest of our lives. Just. Friends.

What can you do, though? You’re young and stupid. Love only makes things worse for you.

“I think what Y/N meant was… we have a really strong bond. We wouldn’t want anything to interfere with that. We have our ups and downs. We may have our preferences and our differences, but I know this for sure…” He turned his head to glance at me, “We’re really good together.”

You felt butterflies flutter in your stomach after hearing his answer.

The interviewer smiled and closed up the interview, “Thank you, Tom! Thank you, Y/N!”

After bidding your goodbyes, Tom and you headed back out to the red carpet, posing for more pictures alongside each other. You were 4 or 5 feet away from him as the camera flashes come one after another. Again, you feel yourself drifting away. The blinding flashes, the deafening screams, the numbness… it all came back from the moment you no longer felt Tom’s presence within your reach.

Though, you still keep a plastered smile on your face. You don’t want anyone thinking there was something bothering you. It was easy to cover it up anyway. You were an actress after all.

“Hey, Y/N…” Tom’s voice surprised you, causing you to slightly wince at his touch when he put his hand on your back, “Are you alright? You seem flustered.”

“I’m fine. What are you talking about?” You lie.

Tom then furrowed his brows. Then without a word, he pulled you to the side.

“Y/N, do you honestly think I don’t know when you’re feeling a bit off?” He crossed his arms on his chest.

Of course.

Of course!

Of course, he could see right through you. He knows you more than you probably know yourself. It was silly thinking you could convince him otherwise.

“Tom, just drop it, okay? I’m fine…” You let it out with a bit of frustration.

He sighed. He already knew what this was about.

“Y/N…” He took a step closer to you, making your heart race a thousand times faster, as if the beat earlier wasn’t fast enough, “Just so you know… I think you look beyond beautiful tonight.”

You look up at him, red bloomed on your face. You tried to hide it, but you realized it was pointless.

“You don’t look bad yourself, Holland.” You replied with a small and shy smile.

He chuckled softly and took your hand in his, “I meant to tell you this a week ago but I just kept on letting fear come first. I was scared.” He held his head down in embarrassment, “But I’m tired of running away from this. I’m done.” He looked into your eyes and you saw how nervous he was. It was even making you nervous as well. You were both trying to gather all the courage you can suck up.

“Now, let me try this again—for real this time.” Tom laughed half-heartedly, “Forgive me if I sound a bit too cheesy, but Y/N Y/L/N, from the very moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew I found the girl who would finally make me fall down to my knees just thinking about her smile, her eyes, her laugh, her cute rosy cheeks… Y/N, you’ve bewitched me. You make me feel the tingly feeling in my stomach every time I’m around you, and it’s bloody annoying. Look, what I’m trying to say here, without sounding like a complete fool, is that I have strong feelings for you, Y/N. I.. I like you. I really like you.”

You widened your eyes and almost choked on thin air, “Are you… are you serious?”

He chuckled, his dimples showing and his eyes looking cute as ever, “I confess my feelings in the monologue I’ve been practicing for weeks, and that’s the response I get?”

You laugh and blush furiously, “Tom, I… I’ve been waiting for you to say that for the longest time.” You wasted no time and engulfed him in a hug, your chin resting on his shoulder.

“Does this mean you like me too?” He wondered like an innocent puppy.

You reply with a giggle, “Yes, you moron. I feel the same way.”

His smile reached up to his eyes when he heard you say that. He was so happy. So were you. You looped your arm into his as you both walked back onto the red carpet, posing for more pictures, but this time, it was different.

People started to screaming louder as soon as they saw Tom’s hand intertwine with yours and your arm hug his waist. You two were smiling so wide, knowing that you were with the one person you’ve been wanting to be with ever since. You still can’t believe you arrived to this premiere empty handed, nervous and worried. The camera flashes once again, came one after another. The screams of the fans, louder and louder. You noticed the rest of the cast including Chris Evans and RDJ on the side, wolf whistling and applauding.

Damn, did everyone want you two together?

When things seemed they couldn’t get any better, Tom swiftly pulled you closer to him. Before you could question his sudden actions, he cupped your cheek, leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss on the lips.

“I’ve been waiting to do that for the longest time too.” He cheekily smiled as he caressed your cheek with his thumb.

You laughed and he laughed. Not minding the blood curdling fangirl and fanboy screams the fans were yelling out. You could only imagine the amount of tweets and tumblr posts you’ll be tagged in later on.

Wonwoo As A Father

Originally posted by yixseok

AHHHH!!!! You’re S. Coups as a father was so good and I may have fangirled a little too much over it lol. I don’t know if you a have a certain order, but can you do Wonwoo next if all possible. And maybe make him have a little girl

  • Wonwoo is everyone’s bias wrecker
  • Like even if he isn’t he still is so lets see how far I can get without fangirling
  • Wonwoo is another member I can really see having daddy instincts almost instantly when being a father
  • He would be so nervous though and have doubts about being good enough
  • He would be so oblivious to your hints while trying to tell him you were pregnant
  • When you had found out that you were two months pregnant from skipping a period
  • You were kind of scared of the reaction Wonwoo would give you seeing that the two of you aren’t even married yet
  • Heck with it you weren’t even engaged
  • He was just your 6ft dorky book loving boyfriend
  • You were pretty sure that both you and him were not even 5% ready to have a baby together
  • You knew you had to tell him though
  • You can’t keep a swollen belly hidden away from your boyfriend forever
  • So you tried slipping the idea of children smoothly into conversations
  • “You know Wonwoo, those kids at the park were really cute. Ours would be cuter though”
  • “That couple has a cute little baby. I’m pretty sure we could make a baby that cute too”
  • “These baby commercials really have me thinking, catch my drift?”
  • Wonwoo would be so goddamn dense about it though and you couldn’t seem to get the idea of having a baby stuck in his head
  • So you turned to the one resource you knew your boyfriend would never miss
  • books
  • You managed to take the picture of your ultrasound and fold it up in his novel that he was currently reading
  • One night before bed when you were cuddled up under the covers next to your boyfriend, he decided to catch up on that one very special novel
  • It took a couple minutes until he flipped to the page you marked with the ultrasound picture
  • Wonwoo took out the photo and looked at it with a confused face
  • “[y/n] do you know why there is a picture of a baby in my book? And why does it have your name on it??”
  • “Because it’s mine” you would reply
  • Wonwoo would look at you and laugh thinking that you were joking
  • He would stop immediately though once he found out that you were dead serious
  • Then he would turn even whiter than his whitewashed photos
  • “you’re not joking”
  • You would just nod your head slowly and bit your lips in fear of his response
  • Wonwoo would stay silent for a couple of moments before breaking out in a small grin
  • “do you think it’ll be a little girl? I’ve always wanted a little girl”
  • Just his few words would be enough to reassure you that this was going to be a great experience
  • especially now since you have your boyfriend’s full support over the pregnancy
  • Wonwoo would be so caring throughout the entire thing
  • He would be that man to always make sure he held the doors for you
  • Even in your own apartment where the doors didn’t really need to be held for you to get to room to room
  • He would reassure you that he would cook dinner for the next 7 months of your pregnancy
  • You would be skeptical but wouldn’t complain because you loved the fact that Wonwoo was going all out to pamper you during these next few months
  • He would absolutely fail miserably at cooking for you and you would end up fixing his mistakes
  • He somehow managed to burn water (which i may or may not have done before so don’t judge)
  • In the end you really did give him credit because he tried so hard to make a good meal for you and he would get so upset when it wouldn’t turn out right
  • Telling the boys would be an interesting experience
  • Like all they would do is shower the poor man with questions and tease him for the rest of his life
  • “hyung, boys are the one’s with penises right?”
  • “i s2g kim mingyu you’re such a headass”
  • Although Mingyu seemed to act naive to the entire thought of his best friend having a baby
  • He actually was pretty helpful
  • He offered to do the shopping for the two of you
  • He would walk your dog
  • He would water your plants (only to get smacked by Wonwoo because he over watered and killed your cactus)
  • But overall he was a great help
  • Wonwoo would be so giddy when it came to his first viewing of the ultrasound
  • It was your six month checkup and he was beyond excited to finally find out the gender of your baby
  • He would hold your hand throughout the entire process and watch closely as the doctor explained to you guys about the different parts visible on the screen
  • The doctor would then smiled and point to the lower half of the baby and talk to the two of you in a calm tone
  • “it looks like the two of you are going to have a healthy little girl”
  • Wonwoo would cry on the spot because having a baby girl was what he really wanted ever since he found out you were pregnant
  • “Wonwoo, are you okay? you sound like a dying whale”
  • “i’m not crying a spec just flew into my eye”
  • he would say as showers of tears poured down his face
  • This oaf would be so happy about the entire thing for weeks
  • It’s all he would talk about to the boys and even to random strangers on the street
  • “Hey, did you know that the gender of my baby is going to be a-”
  • “A girl, we know wonwoo”
  • “Are you guys psychic or something?”
  • Wonwoo would be so obsessed with shopping for your little girl
  • Like he would be spoiling her even before she was born
  • Her entire nursery would be pastel colors
  • He’d buy her every single plushie he would see
  • There would always be a moment when the two of you were shopping that you needed to pull your boyfriend to the side and tell him that you’re little girl already has enough
  • Of course he would never listen and still end up buying the whole store
  • The first time you felt the baby kick was during one of Seventeen’s practices
  • And of course you ended up disrupting the entire thing
  • Not that you tried
  • When the baby kicked it took you by shock because you weren’t expecting it and you didn’t realize what was happening until it happened so you were like
  • “o h”
  • Wonwoo heard you and thought that something bad happened so he would scream for the music to stop and quickly run over to you to see if you were okay
  • The boys would follow him quickly because you were like family to them and they were worried also
  • “give me your hand”
  • “why??? what’s wrong”
  • You would take his giant hand and place it onto your round belly
  • It would take a couple of seconds until the baby kicked agian and wonwoo was like
  • :O
  • He would scream loudly and turn to his members and motion for them to place their hands on your belly too
  • And that’s basically how you ended up with 13 hands on your pregnant belly
  • All the boys would be so giddy about it and would start screaming about how excited they were to complete this milestone with you
  • This wasn’t exactly how you expected the first kick to go but honestly it was better than you thought
  • Everything since then seemed to run pretty smoothly
  • The only thing that really bothered you were the constant contractions and morning sicknesses
  • The doctor told you that it was normal though because the baby was so close to it’s due date
  • You and Wonwoo were both nervous and excited because you’ve been waiting for this moment for the past 9 months
  • Wonwoo started having his last minute “i’m not good enough” doubts about being a father
  • You did everything to reassure him that it would be perfect though
  • And finally the day came
  • Your contractions were being extra painful that day and Wonwoo was too afraid to leave you all on your own so he decided to take you to work with him where you laid down on a sofa in jihoon’s studio
  • You were about to fall asleep when you felt a sharp pain run through your abdomen followed by trickling liquid
  • You were like “oh shit” and stood up to go find Wonwoo
  • But the second you stood up you screamed out in pain
  • Lucky for you Jihoon was headed back to his studio to grab one of their newest tracks and heard your scream
  • He immediately ran to your side and judge by the way you were struggling to stand he knew exactly what was happening
  • He allowed you to hold onto him as he led you to the practice room where your boyfriend was
  • Right as you walked through the door, you made eye contact with Wonwoo
  • Wonwoo asked you what was wrong and Jihoon gave him a dead face
  • “dude she’s going into labor, can’t you tell??”
  • Wonwoo’s eyes popped out of his head as he went to dial for an ambulance but luckily Seungcheol stopped him and told him to just have someone drive you to the hospital instead
  • So Wonwoo grabbed a staff member and had them run the two of you to the hospital
  • You didn’t really remeber most of the trip because the pain was too much for you to handle at the time so you ended up passing out on the way there
  • The nurse woke you up in time to tell you that it was time to push
  • And damn was that quite the wake up call
  • Wonwoo helped you push pretty well and he managed to stay calm and collected through the entire thing
  • He knew that if he stressed you out that wouldn’t be good so he tried to stay strong
  • But really he was dying on the inside
  • And finally loud cries were heard
  • And no, it wasn’t from that baby
  • It was from your dorky boyfriend who had a giant grin on his face and broke down at the sight of your little girl being held in the arms of the nurse
  • “she’s here! she’s really here [y/n]!”
  • You couldn’t help but smile at your boyfriend as he continued to fuss over how happy he was
  • The nurse soon got the baby cleaned off and handed it to your boyfriend to give to you
  • But he didn’t want to let go
  • You couldn’t blame him though
  • He looked so mezmerized by the small girl and his eyes were so glossy with delight at the sight of her in his arms
  • He couldn’t process how something so tiny could mean so much to him
  • After a couple of days it was finally time to take her home
  • Of course Wonwoo took up the role of becoming her tour guide
  • He would walk around the house with your little girl in his arms and show her around and introduce her to all your plants
  • “these are the marigolds, these are the daisies, and this is the cactus that uncle mingyu killed so he is not allowed to come around the house until your much older because the same thing might happen to you too”
  • She would start at him with her big brown eyes as if she were listening to every word he was saying
  • This is how you knew that your little girl would have her daddy wrapped around her finger
  • As she grew older Wonwoo refused to miss any of her major milestones
  • Such as her first steps when she fell into his arms and he was so proud
  • Or when her first words were “woowoo” and he was melting over how cute she sounded as she tried to say his name
  • Honestly you couldn’t tell if she was trying to mimic the trains you took her to see of if she was calling out for her father’s attention
  • But you didn’t want to fight about it because it made Wonwoo so happy
  • But basically that’s how Wonwoo got his nickname from you and no matter how many times he told you to stop you were like
  • “yeah, whatever woowoo, you know you like it”
  • And he honestly didn’t mind because he loved you so much
  • Sometimes you wondered if he loved you as much as his little girl
  • But he always said he loved you both the same
  • He would be so protective over her
  • Like when the two of you needed a babysitter so you could go out for a special dinner together Mingyu offered to watch her
  • You were okay with it but Wonwoo was afraid he would kill her like he did with his precious cactus
  • You literally had to pull him out the door so he could let Mingyu do his job
  • And throughout the entire night he couldn’t stop worrying about his little girl
  • “if you were so worried about leaving her alone why did you ask me for dinner tonight?”
  • “because i had important business to take care of with you but i didn’t think you would call the worst possible person to babysit”
  • And because he was so worried he would completely rush through the night and almost forgot that he was planning to propose to you so before you guys left he restaurant he shoved a black box into your hands and you were like
  • “lol okay”
  • So that’s basically how you got engaged which is another story
  • And when you got home you told him that there really wasn’t anything to worry because of the sight you walked into
  • Mingyu was laid across your sofa with your little toddler craddled into his chest
  • Wonwoo walked over to the two of them and placed a blanket over top of them and pouted the entire way back to you
  • “he’s gonna take her away from me”
  • “shut up dork, no he’s not”
  • The wasn’t the last time he got jealous over Mingyu’s relationship with your daughter
  • There was also the time they had a tea party and your daughter declared Mingyu her new boyfriend
  • And it was like that way for 3 years until Minghao’s son strutted into your daughter’s life and was like
  • “sup babe you got a man??”
  • And that’s how you and Minghao’s wife started fangirling about how cute your kids would be with each other
  • Wonwoo and Minghao on the other hand were not happy because they didn’t want their babies to have anyone in their lives so young
  • The two of them were best friends for like their entire life
  • Despite Minghao’s baby being a year younger than your daughter
  • And when they got into high school Minghao told Wonwoo that his son had a major crush on his daughter
  • And jealous Wonwoo was back
  • All that went away though when Minghao’s son came over to your place one day to ask if he could take your daughter to prom
  • He was so nervous because Wonwoo looked so intimidating
  • But Wonwoo only smirked at him and was like
  • “dude, chill. if you want to take out my daughter you can, it’s just prom right??”
  • But Wonwoo was wrong because prom actually made their relationship turn into more and before you knew it your daughter had a boyfriend
  • You were honestly just glad that your daughter was with someone that you could trust to not hurt her
  • But Wonwoo had a hard time processing it
  • He did get over it after a while and realized that his daughter was really happy with baby hao
  • God he was such a mess when it came to her graduation
  • He was the one dad who took way too many pictures
  • But he also came up with the cute couple ideas for graduation pics for both his daughter and Minghao’s son
  • The two of them ended up going to the same college and Wonwoo was kind of relaxed because at least his daughter had someone to look after her while she was away
  • Fast forward a couple years
  • MInghao and your daughter were in their last year of college
  • Your daughter had actually just gotten excepted into medical school while Minghao’s son got excepted into veterinary school
  • So Minghao’s son showed up at your door one day during break and asked if he could take Wonwoo out
  • Of course Wonwoo hesitated before he agreed because it was his daughter’s boyfriend and it could do him some good to get to know her
  • He may have also been forced out by his wife
  • Baby hao was so nervous though like he kept shaking and was causing Wonwoo some stress
  • It wasn’t until he spilled juice all over Wonwoo’s pants that Wonwoo finally broke
  • “dude, are you okay”
  • Hao’s son was shocked that Wonwoo seemed so chill about it all so he decided to come clear about why he took Wonwoo out
  • “I want to marry your little girl”
  • Wonwoo was speechless and soon broke out into a small smile
  • “you’re okay kid, you can marry her if you want”
  • And that was how the two of them bonded
  • Wonwoo even helped baby hao plan his proposal
  • And a couple years later they ended up getting married
  • His daughter was so nervous the day of but Wonwoo helped calm her nerves
  • And the look he gave when he was his baby girl in her wedding gown made him cry
  • Like she was so beautiful
  • It was the same reaction he gave his wife as she walked down the aisle so many years back
  • Wonwoo’s little girl was finally grown up and he couldn’t be prouder of his family
  • Even though he gave his little girl away to another man, he still had his loving wife by his side to reassure him that everything was okay
  • He was okay
Text Message Received

Sebastian Stan x Female Reader

Sebastian receives an unexpected text from you.

Warnings: bad date, language, and partial nudity

M/F/N: my friend’s name

Originally posted by buckysqueenbitch

“What do you think?” you asked your best friend as you snapped a picture. “We thinking a skirt or pants?”

She was silent for a moment as the picture loaded. “Pants, definitely. Tight and black. Let the man see your curves!”

“Shut up,” you scoffed.

“Know who you should send the picture to?” You could hear the smile in her voice.

You knew exactly where this was going. Groaning, you rolled your eyes and stepped into a pair of pants that matched your friend’s description. “I am not going to text a picture to Seb. Especially one I’m almost naked in.”

She chuckled almost wickedly. “Come on, Y/N. You two have the hots for each other. We can all see it.”

“So says you.”

“Just send it,” she continued to tease.

There was only one way to get her to drop it. With a heavy sigh, you pretended to give in. “If it will make you happy. Yes, I’ll send it.”

You had absolutely no intention of sending the picture, but your phone didn’t know that. The voice recognition software that came already installed made quick work of doing exactly what you said.

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Don’t Let Go [m]

Genre: Angst, smut ⚠️ (spanking, crying? idk man i felt all the feels in this one, no major kinks)

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 3674 (I’m so sorry)

Summary: Making up hurts. But it feels too good to care.

A/N: This is the sequel to my Never Ever drabble “Let You Go” If you haven’t read that one yet, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU DO for storyline and buildup purposes! So this was originally supposed to be just straight up smut, but now it’s like straight up smut but with a lot of angsty feelings. I’m emo tonight. Someone hold me. 

Read first: Let You Go


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Practice Buddy (pt. 2)

Originally posted by kookmint

Characters: Jungkook x Y/N, Jimin x Y/N
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word count: 4.3k

1 | 3 | 4 | 5


You were Jungkook’s best friend-practice buddy for his crush in college, but when you attempt to get into a relationship with someone new, Jungkook can’t help but to feel hurt.

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A Not So Gentle Reminder

Prompt: Baby Peter spills the beans about the readers celebrity crush and let’s just say Yondu doesn’t take it lightly.

Prompt Request # 7: Anon - “You belong to me and me alone.”

Pairing: Yondu Udonta X  Fem!Reader

Warnings: Cursing, explicit sexual content, and an unforgiving Daddy kink

Tagging @multi-villain-imagines and @socktrollqueen because I know how much yall love Space Daddy

Originally posted by josemoscosogta

“You two had a good time? I reckon yall done spend enough of my money to cause some trouble.”

With a slight giggle you wrapped your arms around the Centurian man’s neck, leaning in you pressed your lips to his in a welcoming kiss. You could feel his lips forming into that mighty fine grin that had made you so smitten with him in the first place.

“We sure did have fun, didn’t we, Peter?” You sighed contently and glanced behind you to see the short Terran boy carry all your bags back into the bedroom.  

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|| Yours To Cherish || [[smut]]

{summary: you are his to cherish alone, and you’ll be damned if you let another woman take him away from you.}

to those of you who have sent me some new nsfw peter parker headcanon asks, i’ll get to them tomorrow because my plan with those is to do three posts a day so that it won’t come out as too much clutter on everyone’s dashes :D I’m not ignoring them, I promise you I’m not ignoring them! I’m saving them ;w; so if you have anymore headcanons you want to send me, then bring them in !!

now let’s delve into this guilty pleasure series [♥]

[ {I’m Yours} series tagging list ]: @marvel-fanfiction , @sea-kale , @acunningstargazer , @imagine-thingsandstuff , @sebatianstanisbae , @boom-boombang (if you wish to be added to this series’ tag list, let me know in a reply or an ask!)

warnings: masturbation, smut, blow jobs

**please don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine!!**


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disneyland adventures

requested: Hello there! Since Shawn will be having a concert in Paris can u do one where y/n is at the Paris show and after that they went to Disneyland and just super fluffy and went into a romantic dinner or lunch. I love your account 😊 and I’m sending you my love since there’s a lot of chaos happening in this world (sending all my love to all the people as well GROUP HUG) ❤️

requested: Can u please do prompt 38? Coming from a big Disney fan haha😂😂 Love ur writing❤😙

so sorry this is super super short!! i hope y'all enjoy


you were currently joining your boyfriend shawn on the european leg of his tour. today he was in paris and had a day off before the show tomorrow and he insisted that you two go to disneyland paris for the day.

at first you declined, you knew he was exhausted from playing all those shows and doing press and he really needed to take this day off to sleep. he insisted on taking you, he claimed you never got time alone and he wanted to take advantage of it.

you weren’t sure why shawn wanted to take you to disneyland in the first place, he’s told you multiple times that he wasn’t a big fan of disney movies. but here the two of you were, hand in hand, walking down main street of disneyland paris.

you both were tired considering you walked around disney almost all day, the sun was setting but you dragged shawn to the castle one more time. you wanted to see it one more time because you knew you would probably never see it again.

“y/n,” he whined. “you’ve seen it all day! i’m hungry.”

you snapped a few pictures of the castle and uploaded them to your social medias. you and shawn had been pretty active on social media all day, you basically documented the entire day.

“okay, okay, i’m finished now.” you said, intertwining yours and shawn’s hands and quickly kissing his cheek. “where are we going to eat?”

“some castle thing i made reservations for, it’s back on the other side of the park.” he said, “it’s the theme of some movie but i don’t know which one.”

before you could answer, two girls approached you and shawn asking for a quick picture. he happily took the picture with them, answering the few questions they asked.

once shawn was finished taking the picture he and the fans went their separate ways and he returned to you. connecting your hands once again.

“are you taking me to be our guest?” you gasped, knowing exactly which restaurant shawn was talking about. earlier you passed by it, mentioning that one day you’d like to eat there.

“i think so? i don’t know, there was a talking tea pot.” he said, “and the princess who wears yellow. i don’t remember her name. emma watson wore it too.”

“belle, shawn, belle! from the one and only beauty and the beast! do you not remember watching it like three weeks ago?” you laughed. “seriously! i can not believe you don’t like disney movies!”

the rest of the walk to the restaurant, you and shawn argued about how he didn’t like disney movies even though you thought he should.

“i mean, you look like a disney prince already so why not?” you said, pointing out one of the disney princes on the wall of a store.

“y/n that does not look like me, he has black hair.”

“oh you get the point!”

he chuckled, leading you into the restaurant where they quickly lead you to a table at the back, almost separated from everyone else.

“so if i’m the disney prince that makes you my princess, right?” shawn asked, still not dropping the disney movie topic.

you rolled your eyes as the waiter approached your table ready to take drink orders, both of you decided to order water since it was quick and free.

“this place is cute,” shawn commented, taking a bite of bread that was on the table.

“oh please,” you scoffed. “you probably don’t know what this place even is.”

“it’s a fancy restaurant y/n, duh.”

“no” you rolled your eyes, “this is the beast’s castle dining room. you know, where be our guest is sung.”

“what’s that?”

“oh my god.” you sighed, taking a sip of water and ending the conversation right there.

after you ate dinner, you decided to walk around for a little longer, not wanting to leave just yet despite how tired you both were.

“shawn, just one more time! please please please?” you begged, trying to pull him in the direction of your favourite ride. the little mermaid ride.

“y/n, i have had enough of under the sea if i have to hear that song one more time i think i’m going to lose it.” he sighed, walking the opposite direction.

to people walking past, this was an odd sight. a 5'5 girl wearing minnie mouse ears trying to pull her 6'2 boyfriend into a disneyland ride while he’s walking the opposite direction. you received a few stares from people, but in this moment you didn’t mind. all you wanted was to go on the ride just one more time, and you would stop at nothing.

“come on shawn, who knows when we’re going to be here again!”

“y/n, you forced me on that ride 5 times today just for the song! i think that’s enough.” he exclaimed. “but we can go on the star wars one again.”

the star wars ride was right across from the little mermaid one and you absolutely hated it. shawn dragged you on it earlier, and at first you had an open mind about it but after a few minutes you hated it with all your heart. you never liked star wars in the first place but you went on to make him happy.

“no we are not going on that again.”

“well we aren’t going on the stupid mermaid one again either.”

you sighed, the two of you had moved to the sidewalk right in front of the entrance to the ride so you weren’t right in the middle of the street anymore.

“shawn,” you tried just one more time, a new idea popping into your head.

“no, i’m not giving in.” he crossed his arms, keeping his gaze fixed on the star wars ride ahead.

“oh yeah?”

“try me.”

“i’ll do whatever you want,” you smirked. “at the hotel. if you know what i’m saying.”

he turned to face you, narrowing his eyes.

“you’re lying.”

“try me,” you mimicked him from earlier. “i’m dead serious.”

he scanned your face, looking for any possible signs of lying. after making sure you were really serious, he grabbed your hand pulling you into the entrance.

“well in that case, what are we waiting for?”

Proposal // Dean x Reader FLUFF

A/N: sooooo after that mama performance of the holy trinity, I felt some type of way. This is the result, enjoy :)

Word count: 1.215

Dean started to pace around his dressing room, nervously playing with a tiny velvet box in his hands.

When the door suddenly swings open, he quickly put the box in his pocket, hiding his hands behind his back afraid you had walked in, but as he recognized the faces of his good friends Zico and Crush he immediately relaxed.

“What’re you hiding?” Zico says raising his eyebrow at him.

Crush closes the door behind him as he sits down on one of the nearby couches.

“It’s nothing” Dean says sighing, running his hand through his hair.

He couldn’t recall the last moment he was this nervous. Before performances he got healthy nerves, but the nerves he was feeling right now weren’t good for his blood pressure.

He quickly checked his appearance in the mirror and fixed a piece of hair which was parted from the rest.

“Okay, so you’re acting all kinds of weird bro, what’s going on?” Crush says crossing his arms.

Dean looked at the both of his friends who weren’t going to let his behavior slide. He put his hand in his pocket, revealing the black velvet box, opening it to reveal a 3 karat princess cut diamond ring.

Zico’s mouth dropped to the floor and Crush immediately jumped up from the couch in pure shock.

“W-wh-this? H-when? Who?” Zico stammered.

“(Y/n) obviously, dumbass.” Dean said closing the box again

“You’re asking her? Tonight?” Crush finally said, taking the box again to inspect the ring.

Dean nodded. “Do you think she’ll say yes?” he nervously asked biting on his lower lip

“That’s what you’re worried about? Of course she will.” Zico says putting an arm around Dean’s shoulder, comforting him.

“She’ll be crazy not to say yes to this” Crush says playing with the box.

Dean snatched the box out of his hands. “Don’t play with that, it cost more than my apartment” he frowns.

“No but seriously, you’ve been together for 4 years now, she’s not going anywhere. You’ve been through so much together, there is no way in hell she’ll say no” Crush says sitting back down.

“Yeah, yeah I guess.”
“Everybody! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all so much for the support you have given me for the past couple of years. This year has been especially precious to me as I got to introduce you all to my beautiful girlfriend (y/n)”

The crowd went wild and all eyes were turned on you. You were shocked at his sudden public outburst of affection, something he rarely did. But given the fact it was your 4-year anniversary, you understood a little.

You get butterflies in your tummy as your boyfriend stares at you lovingly, smiling widely holding out his hand

“Will you please come up on stage with me?” he asked.

Your eyes widen and you furiously start to shake your head, trying to get him to stop whatever he was doing.

Zico laughed through the mic “Ah come on (y/n) don’t leave him hanging”

You stood frozen in your place as you felt thousands of cellphone camera’s pointed to you.

“(y/n)! (y/n)! (y/n)! (y/n)! (y/n)!” Crush chanted to get the crowd going.

They all joined in and with that your legs automatically started moving towards the stage.

As you walk up the stairs onto the stage Crush takes your hand leading you to Dean.

The smile on his face was contagious so you hide your face in with your long sleeves, eyeing the crowd. The ocean of lights was absolutely breathtaking and you heart started to pound harder and harder in your chest.

You had no idea what he was going to do, maybe serenade you? But you could already tell you were going to have a hard time trying not to pass out in front of thousands of people.

Dean took your left hand intertwining your fingers. You were still covering your gigantic smile with your other hand as he never lost eye contact with you.

“Jagi” he sighed

The crowd screamed in response to his voice.

“I just wanted to tell you that you make me so happy” he started.

“aaaaaaaaaaawwhhh” Crush said teasingly.

“Give me a moment guys” Dean joked to his friends who were standing next to the two of you, with their arms around each others shoulders, and with that you knew something else was up.

Dean smiled at you sweetly. “We have been through more then anyone can imagine in the short 5 years we’ve known each other and the 4 years we’ve been dating, I literally fell in love with my best friend and I don’t know what I did to deserve you” he says sighing and looking down.

Tears start to prickle your eyes at his sudden confession. You love him so much it’s almost annoying.

“With every choice I make I think of you, you just make me a better version of myself and I don’t know what I would do without you”

The crowd was silent but all of the flashlights were still focused on the two of you.

You looked around the crowd, people were looking behind you so your eyes followed.

A picture of you and Dean smiling at each other was displayed on a huge screen. You’ve never seen that picture before, but it was already your favorite picture of the two of you together.

You both looked truly happy and carefree. Something you wish to always be.

“That” he said pointing to the picture. “Is how I feel every single time I lay my eyes on you.”

He let go of your hand and from there on out everything went by so fast.

He got on one knee, revealing a black velvet box, opening it for you.

You were in complete and utter shock. You would have never seen this coming, as Dean didn’t seem like the type to feel the need to claim you with marriage.

Of course you’ve talked about it, but never in a serious matter, and since this was happening, he was down on one knee in front of you showing you such a beautiful ring held by the most beautiful man, you couldn’t stop the tears from flowing anymore.

How did you become so lucky? How did this even happen? Where did those 4 years of your life go, because to you your relationship with him never got old.

Every time you see him you fall in love all over again. You don’t know why but you were always a little self conscious about yourself, thinking he could find a better girlfriend, but this just took all of that insecurity away.

He wanted you. No. He needed you. And he is all you need as well.

“(y/n) would you make me the happiest man alive?” he smiled up at you.

“Will you marry me?” he says not believing he actually said those words out loud.

Your tears were streaming down your face as you kneel down with him, taking his face between your hands, placing a sloppy kiss on his lips, nodding, resting your forehead against his.


The crowd goes wild.

Zico and Crush started to jump around the stage like happy babies.

“Yes” you repeated.

Dean’s face lit up and he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you in for one of his bear hugs as he kissed the top of your head.

“I love you so much jagiya, forever.”

“I love you too, forever” you say sniffling into his chest.

That, was the start of forever.

RFA + Minor Trio React to Short MC (+ New Admin Info)

Alright!! So, I’m guessing by short MC you mean like, extremely short?? So, I’m going to go with an MC that’s about 5 feet tall! I hope this satisfies ^^ Please tell me if I get one of the heights wrong so I can immediately correct it~


  • alright, Zen already thinks that you’re perfect from every conversation you guys had in the chatroom
  • and then bam, you went to visit Zen on day 7 of his route !!
  • oh gosh, Zen is 5′11″ and you’re so smol next to him
  • he immediately took his phone out and started taking pictures of him with you
  • and gushed about how absolutely adorable you were to everyone who will listen and even to those who won’t
  • asks MC to get his water bottle from a shelf that they couldn’t reach
  • MC is completely unaware that he has his phone out recording them struggling and squirming to get the water bottle
  • probably captions video “look at my jagiya try and help me out~”
  • he posts it everywhere
  • e v e r y w h e r e
  • his fangirls aren’t amused *coughs* especially echo girl *coughs*
  • if any of his fans start making fun of you for your height he’ll go on strike and not post selfies and only pictures of you
  • but seriously, if he sees you upset over your height he whispers reasons why he finds your height cute and how much he absolutely adores you
  • “babe, your height doesn’t describe who you are. everything that makes up MC is the reason why I love MC, not just your height.”


  • absolutely melts
  • someone is finally shorter than him
  • he’s not the baby of the RFA anymore !!!
  • he absolutely cherishes you
  • teasing all day long!!
  • you’re short like rika
  • anyways, when he’s playing LOLOL, he places you in his lap and asks for encouragement
  • he brags to his friends about how you fit perfectly in his lap and he can play LOLOL with them
  • when MC tries to cook for Yoosung during the morning, they realize they’re a tad bit short and can’t open the cabinets 
  • they grab a chair and stand on it and opens the cabinets
  • and Yoosung went into the kitchen and conveniently has his phone on him and takes a picture of her and sends it to the chat
  • takes you around his university and shows you off to his classmates
  • he brags to Zen about how he got a s/o before he did
  • if anyone dare insults your height, he gets so upset
  • considering Yoosung is confirmed to be a bit of a yandere, he’ll glare at the person who insulted you and threatens them
  • to comfort you, the moment you get home he cuddles you on the bed and whisper about how much he loves you
  • “you’re amazing, honey. don’t worry about what they say.”


  • she’s smol herself, so it’s a shock to see someone shorter than her
  • does she secretly treasure the fact that you’re shorter than her? y e s.
  • she will tell you that it doesn’t matter, but to her? it’s so adorable that it hurts
  • and that’s coming from Jaehee. she’s extremely bashful too, so she won’t say it out loud, but it’s obvious she gushes about you on the inside
  • she probably has more pictures of you then Zen on her phone and on the walls of her room
  • probably even has a picture of you framed in the café
  • she encourages you to do whatever you want, such as wearing heels
  • she finds it just as adorable
  • alright, if anyone makes fun of you??
  • oh gosh
  • don’t even get me started, this girl has a black belt in judo
  • don’t do it
  • d o n o t
  • it’ll make MC feel bad for people who did it
  • you swear you might have to call the ambulance for them but Jaehee drags you away
  • “but Jaehee they’re unconscious on the floor”
  • “oh well they know better than to mess with you”
  • and if you and Jaehee see the insulter in public they’ll avoid you like the black plague
  • if you got insecure over your height, Jaehee will close the café for the day
  • makes a special coffee just for you and pampers you with treats and encouragements
  • “your height doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t represent who you are. look at me, I’m only a few inches taller and I beat their ass, did I not?”

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McHanzo Week 3


kind of only tangentially related but it’s good enough and you can’t stop me

“Hey, sweetheart,” McCree’s voice murmurs, and Hanzo all but melts at the sound.

“Hello, Jesse,” he replies as he shuts the door to his motel room behind him. He double-checks the locks, though so far he has not been in any danger, and sits on the edge of the flimsy bed. Every muscle in his body aches in ways he had not previously thought possible, and fatigue weighs heavily down upon him life a suffocating blanket. He had not expected bartending, of all things, to be so hard on him.

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anonymous asked:

While discussing/planning a sleepover, the UT/UF/US skelebros crush oh-so-casually mentions having a habit of sleeping nude.


Did you just..?  He freezes up.  He starts to sweat.  You look so casual, like that’s not a big deal, when it’s a huge deal.  This could only mean one of two things.  Either you 1) didn’t think he would care because he’s a skeleton and he’s literally made of what’s beneath your skin or 2) you want to jump said bones.  In the first scenario, he’s not attracted to you in the slightest, while in the second, he can’t keep his phalanges off you.  

But which is it?

He can’t process.  He tries to play it cool and forces his grin wider.  "is that so?“  You’re still so nonchalant.  He chuckles, but it sounds a little breathless.  Nope, he’s not picturing you without your clothes, he’s not– okay, so he definitely is.  

”.. is that the naked truth, pal?“

He acts like he doesn’t care, and as much as he’d like to make the sleepover one that would include his bed, he knows he’s going to end up on the couch.  Under no circumstances is Sans going to let Papyrus possibly walk in on you.  


Y..YOU DO WHAT?!  Oh, is it getting hot in here, or is it just him?  Papyrus is blushing and shifty-eyed, looking anywhere but at you.  Is that a normal human thing?  Sh..should he sleep nude as well?  Is this a normal sleepover thing?  It must be, and surely, you were being nice by kindly pointing it out to him.

Papyrus is nothing if not a COOL GUY, however, and as such, he keeps his cool.  


Nailed it.


True to his nickname, Blueberry blushes bright blue and fidgets with his gloves.  Is that something you’re going to do during the sleepover?  Oh no!  Now he’s picturing what it’ll be like!  That’s disrespectful, so he shakes his head hard to dispel the wanton images.  

“R..REALLY?  WELL, YOU MIGHT WANT TO WEAR SOMETHING TOMORROW.  Y-YOU DON’T WANT PAPY TO ACCIDENTALLY SEE YOU!”  Now that he’s thinking about it, he doesn’t like the idea of his brother walking in on you.  "Y-YEAH, DEFINITELY NOT!  BUT IF YOU LIKE.. YOU COULD WEAR ONE OF MY SHIRTS TO BED!“

Now the idea of you sleeping in one of his shirts has him staring at you with literal stars in his eyesockets.  Are you really going to disappoint that face?  Of course you’re going to wear his shirt.


Outwardly, it doesn’t phase him.  His grin doesn’t falter, he doesn’t stumble over any words– nothing.  But his hands are clenched into fists in his hoodie pockets, and you’ve actually thrown him for a loop with that little tidbit.  He’s trying to figure out how to utilize this information to his advantage.  "well, guess you won’t be sleeping on the couch then,” he drawls, twirling a sucker stem between his teeth.  "you can sleep in my bed.  not like it’ll  bother me.“  

His grin suddenly stretches.

“in fact, i sleep in the nude, too.  so if we’re in the same bed, we’ll be..”  He pauses, leaning in with that absolute shit-eating grin.  ”skin and bones.“

You’re either totally into it or he’s just blown any chance he ever had with you, but he decides to roll the dice anyway.


The moment you mention it, his eyelights turn into super-tiny pin-pricks.  Did he just hear that right?  Surely, he can’t be THAT lucky.  The mental image makes him start drooling immediately, right in front of you.  "o..ohhh, dollface, y-you really sl-sleep stark naked?”   His nervous stutter is back–or maybe it’s just difficult to speak with all the saliva built up in his mouth.  "what, uh, what a coincidence, sw-sweetheart.“  He swallows hard.  "so do i~.”  

His smirk could either be interpreted to be creepy or endearing, depending on your taste in skeletal men.    Whether or not you were serious about the sleeping in the nude thing doesn’t matter to him; he’s going to end up calling you into his bedroom at some point, and he’s going to be laid out with all his bones on glorious display.

“i told ya i sleep sans-clothes, sweetheart.”


WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?  He pauses in the middle of setting the ground rules for the sleep-over, his jaw closing with an audible click.  He’s super quiet for an uncomfortable full three minutes, which has to be a record for him.  Papyrus isn’t even envisioning the image; nope, he’s just checked out.

Human nudity doesn’t really do it for him, except in the weird “OH THERE’S A SKELETON UNDER THERE SOMEWHERE” way, but he likes you, and if he’s honest with himself.. he’d like to see.  BUT WAIT, EXPOSING YOURSELF DURING A (PLATONIC) SLEEPOVER IS JUST PLAIN INDECENT!   When he checks back in, he’s pissed off about it.  He proceeds to lecture you about how it’s inappropriate behavior and you need to stop the practice at once, even in your own home because WHAT ABOUT INTRUDERS?!  YOU HAVE TO BE PREPARED FOR ANY SITUATION!  ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO FIGHT THEM OFF IN THE NUDE?!  WHAT IF YOUR HOUSE CATCHES ON FIRE AND YOU HAVE TO RUN INTO YOUR YARD WITHOUT ANY CLOTHES?!  

His face is getting redder and redder, and he goes on for the next thirty minutes without giving you the chance to speak.  Needless to say, you’re going to be wearing clothes.