you know that it has to go in the eli tag as well

well since PWR BTTM is cancelled. time to break out the good ol’ list of “”LGBT bands and artists you might have heard of but if you haven’t, definitely need to be listening to them””**  my favs are gonna be bolded

The Cliks - if you haven’t heard Lucas cover ‘take me to church’ then go the fuck home. also, dirty king is a jam

LEIF - AMAZING gay rapper. 

Angel Haze - they’re perfect

Ladyhawke - funky autistic lesbian synthpop 

Eli Lieb - i honestly only listen to his lana covers BUT he does have some good original music lol

SÄLEN  - gay as fuck synthpop 

Spoonboy - Linus and Me is good. anything that’s punk w/ trumpets is A+ to me

Beth O’Reiley - gay as fuck and acoustic. does a lot of covers but her original songs are pretty great. 

Radical Face - gay man, makes rly chill music. gives me death cab vibes. but gay

Dodie Clark - bi and a beautiful voice. her ‘teenage dream’ cover with tessa violet is v gay

Years And Years - funky gay beats and rly good vocals

Wasi - Gay synthpop and its fucking amazing

Mykki Blanco - Hip Hop/R&B and rly fucking good

MIKA - theatrical shit. a little too campy for me. but some ppl rly like him

Neon Trees - “songs i can’t listen to” is my favorite by them

Passion Pit - didn’t know the lead singer was gay until recently bc im lame. but i love their music

WoodKid - tbh idk how to describe woodkid. but he’s gay and makes good music

PVRIS - reminds me of troye sivan but lesbian and way more rock

Beatrice Eli - “girls” is the gayest song ive heard in a long time 

Ria Mae - “clothes off” comes as a close second to the gayest song ive heard in a long time

Adore Delano - was on americna idol, became a drag queen, katy perry meets ke$ha but also gay

Courtney Act - was on australian idol as a drag queen, is actually genderqueer and a pretty good singer

Shura - chill vibe, late night car rides, kinda sad, kinda not. very lesbian

Pansy Division - gay greenday 

Perfume Genius - my sad gay husband tbh

Tom Goss - a little bit country a little bit rock n’ roll. all gay

Mr. Twin Sister - ‘Blush’ makes me wanna kiss a boy in a smokey bar 

Rostam - used to be apart of vampire weekend and his music had a lot of the same sound. (also check out vampire weekend lol)

the XX - a gay man and a lesbian make some sad tunes my dudes. the song “angels” took on a whole new meaning when i found out they were gay

Superfruit - The two gays from pentatonix have some good disco-style jams

**honourable mentions bc you’ve probably already heard of them: Sia, Debbia Harry/Blondie, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Mary Lambert, Sam Smith, Troye Sivan, Frank Ocean, Hayley Kiyoko, Tegan and Sara, Todrick Hall, Willow Smith, Adam Lambert, The B-52s, 

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hey loves i was wondering if y'all have a tag for where stiles and derek are both super protective of each other?

We have a protective!Derek tag and Protective!Stiles tag but here’s moar! - Anastasia

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Especially You by MellytheHun

(1/1 I 949 I Teen)

“Is now a bad time to mention I’m claustrophobic?”

Hands Off by Reiya_Wakayama

(2/2 I 2,152 I Teen I Girl!Stiles)

No one messes with what is hers.

Join the club by Nival_Vixen

(1/1 I 8,598 I Mature)

Derek is human now, the others are following up on Scott’s theory about the Benefactor being a Banshee, and Stiles is more of a badass and less of a hyperactive spaz than Derek initially thought.

A seed taking root by Nival_Vixen

(7/7 I 11,107 I Mature)

It wasn’t really in his life plan to get a tattoo, because, y'know - huge freaking phobia of needles over here, thank you very much! - but Stiles kept reading these things about images and words imprinted on a person’s skin actually having power in the magic books that Deaton had given him. (There were actual emissary books in the world, who knew?! They would’ve been helpful a year ago, but whatever. Deaton was still vague and cryptic as all fuck, but the books were helping now. A bit. It was hard to think of anything as helping, especially after the nogitsune, but Stiles couldn’t sleep without waking up screaming, so he figured reading these books were better than the alternative.)

After the events of the nogitsune, Stiles decides to get a tattoo without letting the others know. Derek finally finds him at the tattoo parlour and decides to stay with him, even after the end.

Light at the end of the tunnel by Lesatha

(1/1 I 19,413 I Mature)

“Careful, Stilinski. Don’t think you can go around telling me what to do, or coddling the werewolf.”

“What does it matter to you?”

“If the feral alpha kills you, it will be my fault, as your supervisor.”

Stiles’ head whipped towards the werewolf. He couldn’t see much of him apart from his red eyes, always following Stiles. Crazy as it might sound, it comforted him. The werewolf wasn’t the rabid animal Elis seemed to picture. He was just… hurt.

Nothing Stays The Same by BigBadLittleRed

(14/14 I 33,570 I Teen)

There had been a tremendous amount of stress, emotional and physical tolls pressing down on all of them. There had been death, pain, sadness. Many things pushed him to act, certain moments that told him it was time to make a move.

So he left with a note to his dad and two bags of stuff before getting on a bus. Beacon Hills turned into a distant memory behind him as the bus drove through the night. No matter how much guilt he felt, there was a fire in his chest that told him he was doing the right thing for himself.

That was three years ago, and now he’s back. Armed with victory scars, a new outlook on life, and a new list of priorities.

Number 1: Derek
Number 2: Himself

He’s only here for a favor, that’s it. He needs to do his job, and get the hell out.

Of Wolves and Little Reds by maimas

(12/? I 33,942 I Mature)

Stiles was really hoping that after the whole Kanima and Gerard thing that things would go back to normal. Well, normal-ish? Whatever. It didn’t. She really just needed to accept that this was her life now. Werewolves are a major pain in the ass. Especially those of the Alpha variety. Ugh.
She could handle a lot of bull-shit, but really? Really? Werewolves, man. Werewolves.

Non-Compliant and Always Underestimated (or Underestimating… Shut Up Scott) by nina_rosa95

(28/? I 40,189 I Mature)

He folds his arms under his head and nods at Derek as he approaches, claws extended. Stiles exhales deeply, eyes fixated on the tips of Derek’s claws. “I’m ready.”

Stiles doesn’t tense under his touch like Derek thought he would. He doesn’t whimper or writhe with aborted movements to get away from Derek’s touch when he starts on the first leg of the Triskelion, the incision too shallow at first. He doesn’t ball up his fists when Derek has to dig into the beginning of the first leg to split the sinew apart deeper than before.

His heart rate doesn’t make alarming jumps and he never tells Derek to stop, not even when Derek digs his claws into the pale, vulnerable flesh of his stomach above his navel as he draws the second leg of the Triskelion.

A Wolf and His Boy by lovesrain44

(1/1 I 59,000 I Mature)

While running in the woods, Stiles is attacked by a feral werewolf. This leaves him marked but unclaimed, which makes it open season on Stiles, which means that any wolf can claim him and take him away. Derek presents a solution, but Stiles says the price is too high. After all, it’s only his safety that is at risk, so he can say no. Right? Wrong.

Lonely Road by CranApplePye

(22/? I 168.791 I Explicit)

Stiles is running from things he doesn’t want to face. Derek is running from a past he cannot leave behind. Their paths collide on a lonely stretch of road when Stiles’ car breaks down and Derek is the only mechanic on hand. An unexpected closeness develops, but both men are harboring secrets and Stiles may have just found the one person whose luck runs worse than his own. When the past catches up with the future, it may be one collision that neither of them can survive, and it may end up pulling everyone they love down with them.

As everything begins to unravel, choices must be made. Stiles must decide how far he’s able to go to protect the people he cares about, and what he’ll do when he hits his breaking point. Derek must decide whether he can overcome a lifetime of betrayal enough to trust in someone again, and what he’s willing to sacrifice if he is. And Scott and Allison must decide what it means to stand by your friends, and what price they are each willing to pay to do what is right.

There’s Magic Between You and I by halcyon1993

(25/25 I 260,699 I Explicit)

After the disaster that was junior year, Stiles is more than ready to finish his last year of high school and move on to college. He splits his time between his studies, taking care of the pack—well and truly blossoming into his new role as the alpha’s mate—and training his powers with Deaton. At the same time he learns shocking secrets about his heritage, strange things start happening around town and to the pack themselves, and he finds himself in a race to save everyone when a new evil arrives and threatens to destroy everything he loves.

16: Afterglow

By @smoothdogsgirl:#16 “wait you’re what?” I hope 🤞 i got the instructions right. Also congrats 🎉🎈🍾🎊!!!!

Word Count: 922

A/N: I love Nine Lashes. Seriously, guys, check them out. There’s something just so full and open about their music. I didn’t even have to listen to this song over and over to capture the kind of feeling I wanted for this drabble because it’s basically ingrained in my head from all the times I’ve listened to it over the years. Plus, this is one of my favorite songs by them so… Also, doing this challenge has made me realize how much bittersweet music I have.

Song 16: Afterglow by Nine Lashes

“That one!” Your daughter pointed to a picture from the album that was open on your lap. “I wanna know that story.”

That ping of pain raced through your heart as it did every night when you put Rachel to bed and let her pick a picture of her father. Ever since Sam died, you made it a point to keep him alive in Rachel’s mind. Sure, he might be gone, but he would never be forgotten.

“That’s a good story. The time daddy and Uncle Dean got into a prank war.”

Rachel giggled softly and snuggled under your arm, already picturing the kinds of antics Sam and Dean could get into.

“It all started when daddy took Uncle Dean’s car into town and parked in a different parking spot when he came home. And you know how much your uncle loves his car, right?”

“More than I love kangaroos.”

You nodded at her sober answer. “More than you love kangaroos. So can you imagine what Uncle Dean did when he couldn’t find his car?”

Rachel thought about her answer long and hard. “Um… he cried?”

“A little bit,” you confided quietly. “But then he decided to get daddy back.”

You went on to describe the escalation of pranks, enjoying your daughter’s giggles and laughter, until you finally finished the story, fully explaining why Dean had a horrible spray tan and Sam’s hair was bright green while they were yelling at each other. Just after you snapped the picture, they turned their glares on you, but you showed them the picture and that was when they realized just how ridiculous they were being.

“One more story?” Rachel begged, watching you with wide, innocent, puppy-dog eyes. She must have inherited those eyes from her father, because you couldn’t say no.

“One more. Then it’s bed time.”

As she flipped through the pages of memories, you found yourself missing Sam so much more than you ever had before. He’d been gone for over a year, and moving on was still so far out of reach. It was like there was a giant, gaping whole inside of you. If it hadn’t been for Rachel in your life, you would have been lost with no idea what to do with your life.

“Mommy! You’re in this one!” Excitedly, Rachel pointed at a photo that Dean had taken.

Tears immediately sprang to your eyes when you saw the hesitant joy on Sam’s face, reflecting from the apprehension and uncertainty on yours. It was a tenderly real moment forever captured on film.

Wrapping your arms around your daughter, you kissed the top of her head and kept your eyes on the picture. “Daddy and I had been together for two years when that picture was taken…”

Nerves tangled with fear, wreaking havoc in your stomach. He looked so relaxed for the first time in months. This hunt had gone well and now he was gearing up for an entire week at home. The three of you had agreed that the world could survive seven days without the Winchesters.

But you weren’t sure you were going to survive the next seven hours with your secret.

“Smile, you two!” Dean held his phone out and snapped a picture just as you rolled your eyes. He grinned. “What? You’re rubbing off on me, Y/N. Gotta document every minute that we’re still alive.”

“We’re not doing anything right now, Dean,” Sam said, closing his eyes and leaning back against the cushions of the couch.

You couldn’t take it anymore. This doing nothing. You had to do something to distract yourself or you were just going to blurt it out and you definitely needed more time to get used to the idea before anyone else knew.

So you pushed off the couch and headed over to the DVD shelf. “How about we watch a movie? There’s Finding Nemo, Prometheus, Kingsman, Indiana Jones, I’m pregnant by the way, Megamind, The Book of Eli, Tex—“

“Wait,” Sam cut in, sitting straight up and staring at you. “You’re what?”

“I’m, um, I’m pregnant?”

That’s when Dean took the second picture. The one that Rachel was running her finger over, tracing Sam’s outline. Everything had changed in that moment. Sure, being pregnant brought about its own problems, especially in the hunter’s life. You and Sam had different ideas about how to parent. But having Rachel seemed to lock you and Sam in place. Everything had more meaning. Each touch and kiss. Each shared grin and teasing jokes.

Rachel looked up at you with wide eyes. “He was happy?”

“Of course he was happy, sweetie. How could he not be happy when we got such a perfect baby girl like you?”

“Do you think he misses me?”

“I know he misses you. He loved you so much, Rachel.”

“And he’s in Heaven, right?”

“Yes he is. Uncle Cas made sure of that.”

“Good,” Rachel nodded assuredly. “Because I’m going to Heaven when I die and I want to be with Daddy and you. We can be a family again!”

There was a lump in your throat as you stared down at your innocent little girl. You had so much love for her. “That’s a long ways away, sweetie.”

“I’ll remember him. And he’ll remember me. It doesn’t matter if it’s forever away. We’ll all be together in Heaven and there won’t be any crying and we’ll always be happy.” With another decisive nod, her mind was made up.

And something told you that your daughter was right.

Lyrics and Tags Under the Cut

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Name: My true disaster

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Theme: Percival Graves gets jealous. SMUT.

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“Leta” Part 3

Get ready for the third and final installment of the Leta series! As always, thank you so so much for all the love this series has gotten, hopefully I will try to live up to it! Without further ado, here is part 3!

Disclaimer: I do not hate Leta (I don’t even know her) I’m just using the concept of this character and what we know about her to create some fun conflict. Tbh because she’s played by Zoe Kravitz I’ll probably end up loving her.

Links to : 1 & 2

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Newt watched as you stormed out the door, and hoped to god that it wasn’t for good. He was trying not to let his anxious imagination get the best of him. But of course, a couple of toxic thoughts got the best of him.

You hated him, he thought.

He had lost you. You never wanted to see his face again.

He had hurt you.

He failed to shake the taunting voices from his head.

So he trudged back up the stairs, and opened up the door to his flat. It was incredible how empty it felt without you there, it was almost as if when you left, you carried a piece of home with you.

It left him with a dreadful feeling.

He stepped in and found Leta in the kitchen, pouring two very inviting glasses of wine.

“Leta, no I-” but she talked over him, obviously not listening.

“Well that was a bit childish of her…running out like that in the middle of such a wonderful dinner” she said, while bringing the two (very generously) filled glasses to where he was standing.

“Why don’t you come sit down and relax. Just because she’s gone, doesn’t mean our evening suddenly has to end” she pushed the glass toward him, but he put up his hand lazily, refusing the drink.

“I-I think I’m done for the night, Leta. I just want to be alone.” He decided he would go tend to his creatures for a bit to take his mind off of you. He tried to move around her to get to his bedroom, but she stepped in his path.

“But we’re having such a lovely evening, and I’ve already poured the wine! You don’t want it to go to waste, do you?” He met her eyes for a brief moment, and frowned deeply.

“My love life is hanging in the balance, the most important person to me in the world is furious with me, and I’m about to spend my anniversary alone. This evening is far from lovely” Leta recoiled at his icy tone, and retracted her arm.

She set the glasses down on the table, then turned to Newt and crossed her arms.

“She wasn’t right for you, Newt. She’s obviously threatened by me without any good reason, she has the self esteem of a bug. You need someone who can hold her own, someone who can take care of you.” Leta pressed her hand to his chest, and looked up into his brilliant blue eyes. “You need someone like me.”

Newt knit his eyebrows, incredibly offended at what she was saying about you.

“I love her, why would you say that?” he pushed her hand off, growing more frustrated by the moment.

“You don’t love her, Newt. You know there’s been something holding you back. You’re not taking this slow because you love her, I think it’s the exact opposite. Something is blocking you two, and you know that something is me” Leta bit, face inching closer and closer to his.

“That’s why you haven’t married her yet, Newt. There’s still a thought nagging you, and asking you, ‘What if?’ What if you and I had fallen in love, would there be more passion, more heat? Would you have been happier than you are now with (Y/N)?”

Leta, in a swift and easy motion, pulled Newt close to her by the neck, and into a frenzied kiss.

He stood shocked, not realizing what was going on until it was already too late. Completely disgusted, he shoved her off of him.

That was it.

“Get out of my house” he growled, completely out of character. Her face twisted into a frown.

“You know that I’m right, it was written on your lips” He gathered her coat from the rack, and threw it at her chest.

“I can’t believe I ever gave you a chance, I let you into my home! (Y/N) was right, you haven’t changed.” she began walking toward the door, but not after cheekily replying, “obviously neither have you.”

“You used me, just like you did back in school.”

She stopped in the door frame, smiled,  and looked over her shoulder.

“Oh Newt, someday you’ll come to your senses, and then you’ll know where to find me” A confident smile crept onto her face as she stepped out, and he slammed the door behind her.

Newt didn’t realize how heavy he was breathing until it was just him in the room. He felt utterly lost and confused, unable to think straight. But he knew one thing for sure, he had to find you.


As the clock struck midnight, you lit a small candle in your kitchen. The rest of the room was plunged into darkness, save for your hunched figure at the table.

“Happy anniversary (Y/N)” you whispered bitterly.

You could only think about what Newt must’ve been doing. Was he taking your side? Were they even arguing, or were they doing something entirely different.

You shouldn’t have left him alone with her, what if he was cheating on you?

You tried to push your thoughts away.

You thought about going back multiple times to mend things with your boyfriend, but also to give Leta a swift punch to the throat.

But mostly the boyfriend thing.

You should apologize. It was your anniversary…you didn’t mean to leave it like this.

You were about to reach for your wand, when suddenly the very man you were going to see apparated into your room, looking a panicked mess. Then, his eyes landed on you.

“Newt, I was just about to-” you started, but your words died in your throat as he gathered you in desperate embrace.

You were surprised, but of course you wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him back.

“I was just about to come over.” you said, face buried in his neck, but he suddenly grabbed you by the shoulders and pulled you back, shaking his head wildly.

“No, no I must apologize. Leta is…a terrible woman, you were right. I am so sorry for ever doubting you. I love you, and only you, for the rest of my life!”

You couldn’t stop the smile from making its way onto your face.

“Really?” Newt felt a blush creep onto his cheeks, and decided right now was as good of time as any to go for it.

“Really, and truly. (Y/N), I’ve never met anybody who has made me feel the way I do about you, not even Leta. I remember the day I found you again at the ministry, and thanking Merlin everyday for bringing you back to me. These three years have been the happiest of my life, so It frightened me to death when you left last night. The flat felt so empty, I felt empty. I never, ever want to feel that way again. So I guess what I’m asking is….” A certain small box in his pocket suddenly felt very heavy.

He stepped away from you, but only a step to get down onto his knee, eyes never leaving yours for even a second.

Your breath hitched in your throat.

He reached into his pocket, and pulled out a small velvet box, then opened it to reveal a simple, yet evident diamond on a golden band.

“This is far from how I wanted this to go…but I realized if I ever wanted to propose you, I need to do it now. So before I freeze up and chicken out again, (Y/N)(L/N), will you marry me?”

You stood there in a trance, willing yourself to speak, or even move. You had to admit, this was not the way you were expecting your anniversary to go for MANY reasons. You observed Newt on the floor, eyes full of terror and passion, and the engagement ring held close to his chest.

You were brought back into reality when you felt your eyes well up with tears, one already slipping down your cheek and landing on the wooden floor.

“O-of course! Of course I-I will!” you replied, your emotions getting the better of your voice. You kneeled down to Newt’s level, and cupped his face, leaning in to kiss him.

He met you halfway and your lips crashed together, completely forgetting about the ring he was still holding.

“I was beginning to get worried” you giggled in between kisses, and you could feel him smile as well.

“How long have you had that?”

“Quite a while really, I’ve been holding onto this so long, I had to keep it in a special place away from the Niffler.” His attention finally turned back to the piece of jewelry.

“Oh, may I?” he held your hand, asking permission to put the ring on. After all this time, he was still sweet as can be.

You nodded vigorously as he pulled the ring out of the little red box, and it slid easily onto your finger, as if it was always meant to be there. You then pulled him back into a hug, clinging to his blue coat and breathing in the scent.

You held him in relief, comforted by the thought that everything was going to be okay. Leta could no longer haunt you, and you could finally be completely free.

Newt held onto you tightly, as if if he let you go, you would slip away from him again. Of course he was completely overjoyed you said yes, but for some reason, he couldn’t push away Leta’s words from his head, and couldn’t ignore her lingering presence on his lips.

Everyday for the rest of your lives, would he be questioning what would have happened between him and Leta if he had never been expelled?

No, he willed himself to banish those thoughts. He had you now, and he would be a hundred times happier with you than he ever would be with that witch.

He looked down at you in his arms and for once in his life, he was absolutely sure.


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hello! i’m eli and i’m 16 years old (in the first pic i’m 7!)

when i was 2 years old, i began to develop an eating disorder and no one knew the name or anything about it, it is now known as avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder or ARFID. it’s different from most eating disorders in that it’s sensory linked and has little do do with body image. basically, most of my life i’ve only been able to eat very few different kinds of foods. i’m still harassed and teased for my eating disorder by my family and by random strangers today.

when i was about 13, i began to hit a downward slope. i stopped doing homework and i stopped studying and would be beyond exhausted from school. i was diagnosed originally with a depressive disorder unspecified and an anxiety disorder unspecified

after rounds and rounds of med changes and therapist after therapist, it was evident that nothing was working. i was then diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. this was about a year ago

and then i began to get very ill, with extreme migraines nearly everyday and constant nausea. every illness is always blamed on my eating disorder, so that is what happened there. i was basically told that i was going to die if i didnt get rid of my eating disorder. it was terrifying and no one believed me when i said i felt like i literally couldnt physically eat foods that werent ‘safe’ for me.

about a month ago i was put into an impatient program for my eating disorder in which i was abused (i’m not going to go into details, but if you’d like to know more, you can message me. sharing what happened to me in a way helps me feel better, especially with those who can relate). i was so lucky to get out of the program after a week, when our insurance stopped covering the program at the claim that i’d had ARFID for so long that i would never be able to get rid of it (what the insurance company said saved me but was also very crushing). i’m still suffering trauma from the abuse and i have nightmares nearly every night about it and i have an extreme fear of being locked up and my thought broadcasting paranoia has worsened

i discovered that i might be autistic about 6 months ago, when i first learned how comorbid my eating disorder was with autism. however, i was unable to tell anyone due to the fact that i usually go mute when having to talk about hard subjects and after my trauma, i worried that a professional autism diagnosis would have me locked up in a hospital even more easily.

last week after visiting my doctor, i learned that they have found out that i am most likely autistic. i have to go back to the hospital in which i was abused for an autism assessment. i am relieved to finally have a diagnosis but beyond terrified to return to that hospital.

so yeah, a lot of stories on here end in nice closure but i’m still getting there. my school situation is still very bad and i still have chronic migraines as well as prediabetes from my ARFID. i’ve not always been confident about my disabilities and disorders, and i now feel like i am on the inside, even if it’s hard for me to show on the outside. 

i hope you all wish me luck, i love hearing all your stories you are all so incredible and help me to move along so much. #noshameday

but honey i can pour a drink

pairing: nico/maki

rating: M

summary: To Nico, Maki is probably the rudest customer she’s had in a while. To Maki, Nico is the most annoying bartender she’s ever met. But neither can say that the other is boring. 

warnings/notes: alcohol, sexual content. all mistakes mines ~ (also happy new year!!)

word count: ~18k

ao3 link

In a quaint little bar on the outskirts of Akihabara, Nico is cleaning the counter. She pushes in deep against the the glass tinted counter, trying to remove the stickiness left from their the last customer. The damn girl nearly spilt all of her daiquiri before her boyfriend decided that maybe it was time to go home.

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Prompt: “Can you stand the person you’ve become?”

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts

Pairing: Percival Graves x reader

By @sweety-meghan

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Loneliest Babies

Pairings: Nozoeli, Kotoumi, Nicomaki

Summary: This is the story of how six adults tried to find a lost baby inside a huge villa. There’s no party like a search party. 

Tags: #Family AU Series     #Family AU

Note: Finally got a perfect name for Nozoeli’s kid

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Submission by Skelesister: AND PEGGY the spy

Peggy was under the kiddie table. 
Peggy was being a spy. 
Go Peggy!

She was giggling as she was thinking this, trying to keep quiet still as her sisters talked above her. They were talking about the other kids at the daycare and the gross middleschool kids and how Spy Peggy was the coolest!! Though that part wasn’t true, Peggy knew that if they knew what spying is, they would be constantly talking about how amazing of a spy Peggy is. 

The last time she visited the other kids, Hercules taught her all about spy stuff and how to be a spy and how they were so cool! Hercules even told her about how he was spy for the daycare, and Peggy wanted to be a spy too! She also  wanted to make a mud pie to throw at Thomas but that’s different.  

Hercules taught her how to be sneaky and cool and stuff and here she was and it was so fun! Even though the kitchen floor was cold and the kiddie table is small which meant she has to make sure not to hit her sisters’ feet, but spying isn’t all about fun. It was about getting the In–fo–mation though Peggy didn’t understand how you specifically got in it, just that it was a thing and an important one! Peggy would certainly make sure to ask him-

When she sneaks into the day care!! 
Yeah Peggy was being a spy, and the best spy 
Cause she was hiding her giggles and listening VERY carefully, though Angi and Eli were really just talking about Philip and how much of a dummy Thomas was, listening would still be very important,

Because she was Spy Peggy.

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Champagne Ripples ♡ Pt. 4 (Jumin x MC)

Genre: Angsty? Or maybe not oᴗo

Plot: Jumin Han has always been cold towards you, but an incident at RFA’s annual Christmas party sends Jumin into a panic and his concern for you is revealed.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | [Part 4] | Part 5 | Part 6

♡ A/N: I know I promised lots of romance in this chapter but I liED bc I realized there was a lot more stuff to cover before that so don’t yell @ me pls

Update tags: @1412-dc​ | @rfascenariios​​ | @hitsuhinahappiness | @mintsugawara | @hotpinklion | @lets-be-meowrails | @its0phelia | @ketsueki-kinodoji-sinnameow-roll | @doesjuminhanisdaddyy | @atinypotatocat | @nai0101 | @derpdiaz | @serafarmer **

“Is this some kind of joke Jumin? Because I will k i l l you for waking me up this early. How is this even possible when Rika is gone…” Saeran mumbled.

“He’s right, Jumin. You can’t rebuild an organization like that without Rika, right?” Seven asked as he sat down next to his brother.

Jumin rubbed the back of his neck. “I honestly would not be surprised if she left some kind of instruction manual that detailed the inner workings of Mint Eye. That way, if something happened to her, the other members could continue to carry out what she started,” Jumin admitted. He pulled out a piece of paper that Doctor Song had written for him. “This is what we know about the drug MC was given. Does it sound familiar?“

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True Fluff Series
Word Count: 1110
Summary: Dean and the reader’s first Thanksgiving together is a roller-coaster day. 
Warnings: The usual sickeningly sweet fluff associated with this never-ending series.

Your name: submit What is this?

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Ok, I want to have a bit of a talk about the ladies of Fallout 4. It’s not going to be a happy talk. It’s going to be a rant, and I know people can find negativity very draining so if that’s you, here’s the part to stop reading. I don’t mind.
(It also got FAR longer than I anticipated so it’s under a cut)

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Thank You

Hey guys. This is a post about all the people that have inspired me and I’m just so thankful for them bringing happiness to my life. There are many more people I have not mentioned, but you guys are still in my heart. It made last year worth it, despite being diagnosed with depression, the discovery of Undertale has made my life so much better and despite the conflict in the fandom, I’m still blessed to be a part it. 

My younger sister for supporting me in everything I ever made @animenoyaoichan

Toby Fox for creating Undertale

@loverofpiggies the first person that has gotten me into AUs. Aftertale, CPAU, Fresh, Error, and Gloomverse.

@hiimtryingtounderfell  and @unofficial-underfell 

You guys only increased my love of Underfell with your comics. I love you both.

@askfriskandcompany and @man-who-speaks-in-hands

Both of your blogs inspired me greatly in so many of my stories and headcanons. You guys are amazing.

@bittybones-au You made me create a whole new story so thank you very much.

@shiroba-seragaki Your art is so cute and I just can’t get enough.

@sansfulpuns Your audios, art, and streams have motivated me in ways you can’t imagine. You became my headcanon voice for sans and I just can’t stress enough how amazing you are. Thank you for helping me make so many new friends in the streams and making every single day brighter for me.

@ammazolie Your art is unique and a guilty pleasure of mines. Your YanYans are awesome. Thank you also for allowing me to use Brassberry Bitty in this blog.

@foreverafterall You are a huge inspiration Faa. I absolutely love your characters and their stories. Undercoat, UnderShade, Undermotivated, Undernet characters, and many others. I just love everything you made.

@nyehtish I have fallen in love with all your characters and art and stories for them. Starting with Pine and then all the way to Boss and his men. I adore them. 

@fontsandsins Don’t even get me started. I followed Fonty for a long time from my main blog when they posted my guilty pleasure of skelepreg then made so many characters that interacted with nyehtish characters and I just adored them. I was so happy when I won an Eemre bitty in a raffle. Hopefully you will allow me to answer asks in this blog. I still have high respect for the original creators. Also don’t get me started on how much I love Ben and Noa’s blog.

@skelepreg You have no idea how happy I am for your existence Skelly. You brought my guilty pleasures to life and have inspired me greatly with all your cute family fluff contents. This blog will include quite a bit of pregnancy fluff in the future and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. I adore your style. Also, still adoring the side blogs, especially the poly papys.

@theshyestpotato Another wonderful artist that brought my guilty pleasures to life. Whether it was art or fanfics, you have made very happy.

@flargahblargh Thanks for the nice sin, wonderful audios, and wonderful content. You are an awesome person.

@smallsans Apart from my guilty pleasures being realized in here, I adored your art and style. Your font family side blog is wonderful with such unique stories that you can’t find anywhere. Thanks for the inspiration and for making my days brighter Kisa.

@askmercyseries Amazing blog, amazing art, amazing everything. 

@ask-drunk-chara I have laughed and cried with your blog. You are wonderful and thank you for bringing joy to my life.

@sinfulseeds From your art, audios, and content I want to say thank you. You have made my life brighter and you are just incredible.

@walkingmelonsaaa All Your Beautiful Art has inspired and motivated me in my own works.

@eli-sin-g Beautiful sinful art and comics. So much inspiration. Keep it up.

 @reyindee Ever since I seen Elemental Tale, I have loved your art, style, stories, and at your age you have such an amazing talent. Beautiful work.

@nsfwshamecave UnderLust is amazing. You are amazing. I love your style and stories. Thank you for making my days better.

@m4dh4ttey266 Your art is wonderful and inspiring. I adore you.

@undertalepeasant Ania, you are amazing and funny. I love your voice acting and how you react to many situations. You are very great indeed.

@jakei95 Where do I begin? Your animation, creativity, talent, art, Cross sans, and just everything is heavenly. I am so inspired by everything you have made and I keep re-watching and rereading your comics and episodes. Take your time, I’m a beginner in animation and I know it takes time, patience, and a lot of love. Cross will most definitely appear on this blog. Whether he can be available for RPs is up to your consent. Tambien hablo espanol si lo prefieres de esa manera. Saludos y sigue haciendo lo que amas. 

@jokublog Oh Joku, do I love you? Yes I do. Your art is amazing, DreamTale is amazing, you are an incredible person. My love for Dream and Nightmare is huge. I sent an ask asking if I can roleplay/ answer asks as your characters according to my fan stories, but I will only do so with your permission. I also ship Nightmare with my oc Dream Catcher, but it is nothing canon unless you allow it. Hablo espanol si prefieres ese lenguaje. You are one of the greatest inspirations in my life. Just thank you for all you have done.

@comyet Creator of Ink, one of my favorite sanses in history. I bow down to you. You are an amazing inspiration for me and my crazy mind. I shall follow your rules and I hope you like my take on an alternate Ink.

@little-noko and @azraeltree You two are amazing artists and creative storytellers. I love your art and characters so much.

@missladytale and @sugartalesans You girls are amazing and have made me very happy with your art and stories. Sugar sans and Melon are just the sweetest characters and their kids too. Thank you both for everything you have done.

@lazyartz Thank you for your wonderful art and adorable shimejis. They litter my screen every now and then.

@weezy-pup Adorable art. I love your characters and just everything. Thank you for making me smile.

@camilaart Your art and animations have brought joy and emotions to me. Te mereces muchos premios y muchas cosas buenas. You deserve a lot of awards and many good things. Thank you for the inspirations. Gracias por la inspiracion. Good luck on everything you make. Glitchtale is amazing.

@furgemancs and @miyako47 Thank you for AsylumTale and a great comic to go with it. Amazing art both of you. You guys are worderful.

@sorumegane13 Thank you for Medi and for a lot of wonderful art. I absolutely love you.

@butterapplego From Sai, to Eve, to Spell and all your other amazing characters interacting with Faa’s, I have fallen in love with your art and blog. Thank you for filling my life with smiles.

@miya-sheep Your art is awesome. You have inspired me in so many ways. Thank you so very much.

@extreme-op-wuff and @golzy  GZtale and SonaTale are amazing and original. Thank you for getting me addicted guys. I adore both of your cool art styles. 

@nekophy Thank you for the adorable and cute art and your permission to use Goth here. You are a wonderful person and I love you.

@7goodangel Thank you so much for creating Paper Jam and BlueScreen as well as allowing me to use them on this blog. I hope you like my version of Paper Jam. Your art is super awesome and so are you.

@blogthegreatrouge Boy I just love everything about her. From her multiple creative and inspiring AUs, you have made me a happy pile of shipping trash. Your art is gorgeous and I smile at every update. I shall bow down to you.

 @stuffedart Cute chubby art to warm up my heart. Thank you very much for that.

@nagisaheichou Guilty pleasures have been achieved once again thanks to you, Nagisa. You really inspire me in everything. Beautiful art.

@fluffy-bumblebutt Lots of love to your art, your characters, and everything. You are a grand inspiration.

@superyoumna I bow down to your art and animation. You fuel my desires to improve.

@alainaprana, @shypurple, @renrink, @rainbowchibbit, @angexci, @outertale, @nebulawords, @barasans, @shutupadachi, and all my friends from streams. 

Thank you for existing guys. I love you all so much. This is @animesbiggestfan and thank you for the happiness.

memperoreel  asked:


Olivier really like’s kylo’s big hands. Of course since they only have an inch difference in height, their hands are pretty similar in lenght as well but not so much in width. Kylo has bigger hands where as Oli has more “delicate” hand. 
Olivier will always just grab Kylo’s hand and hold it when he can. Oli does this thing where he kind of gently stroke Kylo’s hand with his tumb. ( I do that too and I don’t really know why. it’s just kind of nice?)
If they are not in public Oli snuggles Kylo just to feel his big hands on his shoulders or playing in his hair.  Kylo really likes when Olivier plays in his hair too. I imagine it happens a lot. 

New Turn

Name: New Turn

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Theme: Fluff.

Warnings: Some news are about to be revealed.

This story is based on three requests i got. They just worked so well together. By lovely @eli-cya, @ohlookfanfiction and @abbiefangirls247

This story is gonna be a series of drabbles. There will be 5 parts <3

The next one will be the last one i believe.

I must say THANK yous to my loveliest @umbrellas-and-tallymarks and @elvirateaqueen13

There are three parts so far: part one called “Life’s puzzle pieces” , part two called “The News” , part three called Rescue us and part four called Revelation.

Tags: @seninjakitey @queencobblefreezestuff @myregardstothereader  @rawrcoptergaming @seaweedredandbrown @ofnifflersandkings @hirainhisrain @waywardtimemachinejellyfish @this-is-a-unique-username @socktrollqueen  @casfaith777 @n-octicolor @fairylightsandfandoms @kazezakura @animeo2l @aeichajoanes @coffeeandmondays @misofine @sweetlittlequeer @officially-a-magizoologist @starkingdom @lilasiannerd @bitweird1 @timelessclassic86 @ithilnarmo @theslytherinblood @fandomsunitedtogetherforever @bovaria


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Something Worth Fighting For (Anon Request)


Version en español (Gracias ZaRekPG!)

Summary:  Maki rushes to the Hospital Wing to find that Nico is injured from a fight with a fellow Slytherin. At first, Maki is beyond angry, but that all changes when Nico reveals the reason why she did it. NicoMaki fluff. Hogwarts AU. Threw in some NozoEli here, too.

Words: 2,862

The hasty click clack of Maki’s slippers echoed behind her as she all but sprinted in the direction of the Hospital Wing.

The redheaded Ravenclaw had been at the Owlery that evening with the intention of sending a letter to her mama and papa back home telling of how her studies were going and how she was doing in general when a very frantic Honoka bursted through the door of the Owlery, frightening all of the owls in the process.

As the Gryffindor proceeded to inform her of the latest turn of events all the while struggling for oxygen, Maki could only make out a few words:




Hospital Wing.

And those words had been all she needed to hear before she took off running, pushing open the Owlery door with enough force for it to fly back against the wall with a loud clap. Maki didn’t know if Honoka had chosen to follow or stay behind to catch her breath, but she didn’t care either way. She just wanted to see Nico.

After sprinting across the grounds, racing through the courtyard, and bounding up several flights of stairs, she finally slowed down to a jog as she came across the entrance to the Hospital Wing and went inside.

Nozomi, Eli, and Rin were crowded around the bed at the far end of the room, and from the sounds of the obnoxious complaining and the occasional swear word here and there, there was no doubt in the redhead’s mind that Nico was the one occupying it.

“Fifty points from Slytherin? As far as I’m concerned they can take all fifty of those fucking points and shove them up their asses!”

“Miss Yazawa, watch your language!” Madam Pomfrey chided as she passed by Nico’s bed with a tray of various colored vials, presumably to tend to the person a few beds away from Nico.

The seventh year Slytherin scoffed. “Whatever.”

“Calm down,” Nozomi shushed softly, running a hand through Nico’s long, jet black hair comfortingly. “I sent Honoka to fetch Maki, so she’ll be here soon.”

“I’m right here. What the hell happened?” Maki demanded as she neared Nico’s bed. The four girls turned their attention to the out of character, fifth year Ravenclaw, who never threw around swear words unless she was either angered or irritated, and judging by the somewhat sinister aura her figure was emitting, she was most likely both.

Eli quickly reached out to place a hand on the redhead’s shoulder. “Now, before you go flying off the handle, just remember it won’t help anything. It’ll only make things worse.”

Being the type of person to not let anger cloud her judgement, Maki listened to the blonde’s words and took the time to calm herself down by breathing in and out slowly. She couldn’t risk looking at the older girl on the bed right now, because if she were to look and see any sort of cut, scratch, bruise, or even a tiny speck of blood on Nico, she’d go bolistic.

“Alright,” She started more calmly, glancing at both Nozomi and Rin before looking back at Eli. “What happened?”

The blonde Gryffindor rubbed the back of her neck and looked back at Nozomi, as if she were silently asking the Slytherin prefect for a way to explain this to Maki without the fiery redhead reacting angrily and creating a scene in the hospital. Nozomi, in turn, looked at Rin, to which the orange-haired girl shook her head quickly. The dark haired Slytherin lying in the hospital bed witnessed the apprehension of all three girls and rolled her eyes with a huff.

“Stop trying to look for a way to sugarcoat this, guys,” The bed creaked as Nico raised herself so that she was sitting on the bed with her back against the pillow. “Didn’t Honoka tell you, Maki? I got in a fight.”

Maki made a small noise under her breath out of surprise at the revelation. The shock gave her enough courage to finally look her girlfriend in the face. Nico’s hair had been completely let down with the ribbons laying haphazardly upon the little table next to the bed. Her hair was dirty and gritty, and it looked as if whoever she tousled with had taken her down to the ground at least once. There were small splotches of dirt on her left cheekbone, on her forehead, and on the right side of her chin. Lastly, she’d had a wet cloth placed over her nose, removing it every few seconds to glance down at it before placing it back. Maki could make out some dark spots embedded into the cloth, which could only mean one thing:

Nico was bleeding.

The Ravenclaw’s jaw tightened at the sight. She quickly bit her tongue to keep her anger in check and to prevent the barrage of questions flooding through her mind from spilling out of her mouth all at once. “With who?” She said lowly.

Nico looked off to the side, cloth still clamped over her nose. “Another Slytherin.”

“Why?” Maki sighed, crossing her arms against her chest.

Rin, who had been leaning on Nico’s bed with her hands, abruptly pushed away and turned to silently walk out of the hospital. Maki could only look on as the orange-haired Gryffindor left the room without a word. Honoka poked her head through the door just as Rin exited, looking at the four remaining girls with a sympathetic expression.

Eli motioned her head to the side and mouthed a silent ‘Go.’ to the ginger-haired girl, who didn’t need to be told twice and headed in the direction Rin had left in to provide comfort to her fellow Gryffindor.

Nico sighed afterwards. “A group of them saw Nozomi and me with Eli, Rin, and Honoka out in the courtyard. Things got ugly really quick, and the next thing we knew, one of them called Rin a mudblood.”

Nozomi and Eli both noticeably flinched at the derogatory term. Maki was fully aware of what the word meant, and her parents had taught her not to say something so ugly. She’d never heard anyone use the word out loud, and she hoped she never would.

Nico withdrew the bloody cloth from her nose and checked it again. “Looks like I’m going to need another one. Maki? Could you…?”

“E-eh?!” The Ravenclaw stammered, her face slowly becoming as red as the primary color of Eli’s Gryffindor tie.

“My nose has stopped bleeding, but I need to get cleaned up, you know? Could you possibly get me a clean cloth and some more warm water? Pretty please?”

“Why don’t you just get Madam Pomfrey to do it?” Maki began twirling a strand of her red hair.

“Because I want you to take care of me.”

Maki immediately ceased twirling her hair and met Nico’s crimson eyes. The silence between the two was enough to spur Nozomi into action as the Slytherin quickly grabbed onto the bend of Eli’s arm with both hands. “Elicchi!~”

“Huh? What’s wrong, Nozomi?” And of course, Eli was completely oblivious to what was going on.

“Don’t you need to be getting down to the Quidditch pitch for practice?” Nozomi asked, nudging the blonde slightly and giving her one of those looks that silently told the blonde she was trying to convey something.

Eli’s eyes widened in realization, and she had to refrain from looking back at the two girls. “Well, Hufflepuff is down there right now, so we won’t hold ours until after they’re done. However, we do need to go see about Rin. Maybe Honoka has cheered her up a little?”

“Maybe so, but it wouldn’t hurt to go check,” The purple-haired Slytherin caressed the Gryffindor’s right cheek lovingly. “Elicchi and I will come back to see you before we begin our nightly rounds, Nicocchi. Try not to have too much fun, huh?” She winked at the raven-haired girl before grabbing Eli’s hand and beginning to walk out of the hospital.

“I’ll do my best.” Sarcasm dripped from Nico’s tone as she rolled her eyes. Then she noticed that Maki hadn’t moved from the spot she’d been rooted down to since she’d arrived. “Well, are you going to just stand there? I’d like to get cleaned sometime today.”

Maki huffed, removing a hair tie from her wrist and tying her hair back into a side ponytail. “You’re incorrigible.”

Nico smirked. “Thought you’d be used to it by now, princess.”

The fifth year ignored the snarky comment and went to work, plucking the bloody cloth from Nico’s hand and dropping it into the bowl of murky water. She picked up the bowl, careful not to spill any of the contents on the floor, and carried it over to a sink on the other side of the room. She quickly poured the dirty water out, setting the bowl under the tap to run some fresh, warm water into it. The bloody cloth was disposed of in the wastebasket next to the sink. Normally, students weren’t supposed to mess with anything unless they were given permission, but since Maki volunteered here in the Hospital Wing during her free time, she was allowed to mess with any of Madam Pomfrey’s supplies. Madam Pomfrey trusted her, after all.

She quickly shut the tap off and carried the bowl of fresh water back to Nico’s bedside table. The seventh year Slytherin had moved around to where she was laying on her back with her eyes closed. And judging by the little grin still present on her face, Maki knew the raven-haired girl hadn’t fallen asleep.

“Why didn’t you just cast Aguamenti? Would’ve made things a whole lot easier on you.” She teased.

“Because I haven’t been taught that spell yet. I won’t learn it until my sixth year.” Maki bent down to rummage through the cabinet under the bedside table.

“Flitwick taught it to us during my sixth year, but I don’t remember the wand movement. I’m actually surprised that I remember the name of the spell becau-”

“Because you never pay attention during Charms,” The Ravenclaw interrupted as she closed the cabinet doors and stood up with a clean, white cloth. “I know, Nico.”

“Hey, I pay attention sometimes!” Nico defended.

“I’m sure you do.” Maki placed the cloth in the bowl to let it soak for a bit. She quickly took this time to look over the Slytherin’s torso and lower body to see if she could spot anything Madam Pomfrey may have overlooked. Her uniform was a little scruffed up from the fight - patches of dirt here and there on the white button-up and a small tear in her vest which could be easily patched up with a little sewing. Her skirt and knee socks were also a little grimey, but there were no signs of scratches or bruising on her knees. All in all, it looked like her torso and lower body were unharmed.

Maki took a seat on the side of Nico’s bed and wrung the excess water out of the cloth before bunching it up and dabbing gently at the remnants of dried blood on and under Nico’s slightly swelled nose.

“Your nose is broken.” She whispered softly.

The Slytherin chuckled weakly. “Don’t think I didn’t even up the score.” She brought a hand up to pull her green and silver tie completely off and pulled at the wrinkled flap of her collar, showcasing a small trail of droplets of blood.

Maki paused her movements as she caught a glimpse of what she assumed was the blood of the other Slytherin. She stared blankly, trying her best to keep a stoic expression, but the more and more she tried, the harder it got. The anger she had tried to keep in check ever since she got here was a hair away from boiling over at this very moment. How could Nico be proud of this? Displaying someone else’s blood like it was some sort of morbid trophy. And to top it all off, she was hurt and she didn’t even care!

“Are you happy with yourself?” Maki said lowly, feeling herself begin to tremble slightly.

Nico’s triumphant grin slowly started to disappear. “What do you mean, Maki?”

“What do I mean?!” Maki raised her voice, the tremors in her body finding their way to her larynx. “Here you are, lying in a hospital bed with a broken nose, and the only thing you care about is that you “evened up the score”? Hurting another person, especially someone in your own house, solves absolutely nothing! And putting yourself in harm’s way doesn’t solve a damn thing, either! You didn’t have to fight her, Nico! You didn’t have to fight anyone!“

Maki’s shoulders quaked as she sobbed loudly. She didn’t even know when she had started crying - possibly halfway through her outburst but that didn’t matter right now. The next thing she felt was the warmth of Nico’s neck on her face as the shorter girl sat up in the bed and pulled her close, rubbing her back lovingly.

As Maki’s sobs slowly dwindled down to quiet whimpers, Nico swallowed hard at what she was about to say to the younger girl. “I didn’t want to do it, you know?”

The redhead raised her head up to look into the seventh year’s crimson eyes. “You didn’t?” Maki asked, wiping at her runny nose with her hand.

Nico pulled her sleeve up over her hand to wipe at the remaining tears of Maki’s red, puffy eyes. “No.”

“Then why did you do it?”

The Slytherin swallowed hard again, looking off to the side in thought. Maki didn’t know if it was her post-crying eyes playing tricks on her, but she could’ve swore she saw water in the corners of Nico’s eyes.

“Because they were hurting Rin.”

Maki’s mouth opened slightly, but she couldn’t find any words to say, so she silently waited for Nico to continue.

The seventh year sighed. “There’s nothing wrong with being a Muggle-born, Maki, but there are some people out there who don’t see it that way. That’s why Rin is so self-conscious about her home life.”

“I know.” Maki said softly with a nod.

“I don’t know what it is about Slytherin, but it just seems that my house is the only house that has some kind of disdain for any Muggle-born or any Gryffindor. I mean they say it’s not as bad as it used to be, but there are still some Slytherins who still hold that belief. And I know for a fact that they talk about Nozomi and me behind our backs just because we associate with Gryffindors, but they won’t dare say a thing about it to Nozomi’s face because she’s a prefect.”

The Ravenclaw watched as tears began to trickle down Nico’s face.

“I honestly don’t give a damn if someone talks about me, but if someone says anything about or to my friends, I’m going to fight. Consequences be damned.”

“Nico…” Maki whispered, hugging the raven-haired girl tightly. “I didn’t know you felt so strongly about us like that.”

Nico returned the fifth year’s hug equally as tight. “I’ve always fought for the people I love, and I’ll fight even harder for you.”

“I don’t want you fighting anyone for me,” Maki spoke softly. “Not when you could get hurt.”

“You just mean so much to me, Maki. More than anything in this world. I love you so much.” The Slytherin’s shoulders began to tremble. Nico’s dam had finally broken, and the tears were flowing heavily now.

The redhead shushed her secret girlfriend, rubbing her back lovingly like she had done for her earlier. “I love you, too.”

Nico held onto the Ravenclaw tightly until her loud sobbing grew into low whines. It had been such a long time since the two of them cried in front of each other, and it wasn’t in a broom closet on the third floor for once. Not that anyone would notice the two of them, anyway. The student Madam Pomfrey was tending to had checked out about fifteen minutes ago, and Madam Pomfrey herself had stepped out of the room.

“Now, let’s finish getting you cleaned up.” Maki grinned swatting Nico on the shoulder playfully. She took the now-dried up cloth that she had set down on the side of the bed earlier and dipped it back into the bowl of water.

“Wait.” Nico grabbed Maki’s arm, preventing the redhead from wringing out the cloth.


“Kiss me.”

Maki looked at the Slytherin with wide eyes before glancing back to the door. “What? No! Madam Pomfrey might catch us!”

“Please?” Nico asked. “I haven’t been able to see you since you started cramming for your O.W.L’s last week!”

Maki closed her eyes with a huff. No matter how much she wanted to, she couldn’t deny the fact that she’d missed Nico, too. “Alright, fine! But just a quick one! Nothing more!”

Nico’s face immediately lit up as she silently cheered in her head. “Just don’t hurt my nose.”

“Of course not.” Maki stated in a bored tone, and pressed her lips against Nico’s.