you know that i dooooo

  • Someone: there's only two genders
  • Every non binary person: oh noooo my entire life is a lie it's all falling apart around meeee oh myyyy did I mention I'm an imaginary being? Oh noooo you know my feelings better than I dooooo, just because you have a different life experience than me you can totally reject the fact that other people are different than you, oh nooooo I'm meltiiiiing .-.

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how do you say no to art requests after finding out what the request is after saying yes to the request? if that made any sense to you pls respond im too passive and i dont know what to dooooo

Just say no???? You have the right to chose to refuse to draw something???? You are in no way obliged to draw anything for anyone. It’s your art, you do what you want with it. You are not obliged to draw things you don’t want to draw.

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Draco painting Harry's portrait is everything I didn't know I needed AHHHHHH SO SWEET!!!!!! I love it 😍💜

JAAAAAAADE!!! 💖💖💖 There is so much ugly sobbing going on right now, I don’t know what to dooooo!! 😭Thank you so much! I feel so honored you sent me this message omg! You’re the sweetest! 💖 And I just… want to… oh, what the hell. WATCH OUT, HERE I COME!!!

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Ok, but I raise your Wilford and Dark being drunk Together. Dark is all affectionate to everyone like "DooOoo you know... I appreciate yoou Dorrcotor? You got a good rub glove... Rubber guv... Rub.." and Wilford is staggering about, giggling like a madman because he finds everything funny, and he's just "DORRCOTOR! Waahahahah! It's Doctére, DarkEch... Iplié!" and just Poor Dr. Iplier. He just wanted to make sure they didn't hurt themselves while drunk. Now he's gotta deal with em.


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Do you know any other irish girls who like girls on here?

yeah i dooooo. i’m following so many irish girls who like girls but I don’t have them all here. this should help you find a nice irish gal though :)

(also sorry if i left people out, i was just skimming quickly through who i follow. message me so i can add yous gals in) 









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Cw's Supernatural Preference | #2 Flirting


Sam’s ‘big flirt move’ is mainly eye sex. He would make sure you and only you were looking at him, his eyes would slide up and down your body imagining his hands where his gaze was. You would do the same though, so you weren’t the innocent one here. Sometimes your looks would become so intense to Sam he would have to look away to keep from pouncing on you then and there. “You really drive me crazy, you know that right?” He would purr. You would smirk, knowing full well how much you’re stare would make him squirm. He always ended up in the worst condition, yet whenever he got the chance, he would start it up once again.


Dean has always had the tendency to flirt when it’s not exactly the best time. Usually it’s as you’re patching him up after a hunt. “That needle looks so big in your hands, can they make everything look bigger?” He would smirk as you rolled your eyes, trying not to blush as you continued to stitch him up. “Stop Dean..” You tutted, still trying to concentrate; but his warm breath was hitting you with every passing second, and it was really hard to keep your cool. “Sorry Y/N, you’re just looking gorgeous like this..” He chuckled. “What, with yours and some guys blood all over my hands?” You then laughed and cut the thread running through Dean’s skin. Only then did you look up and meet his eyes. “Yeah. Just like the beautiful hunter you are.” He smiled. 


Castiel was still new to this whole ‘flirting’ thing, but he was learning. Dean and Sam had been giving him pointers on how to speak to you. Most of the lines he spoke made you laugh since they were so cheesy, but one had got your attention the other day. “You really are the best creation my father ever made..” He muttered. You turned to him and cocked your hear to one side. “That was really sweet Cas.. was that Sam’s line?” You asked. “No.. that one was mine. And it wasn’t a line Y/N.. you really are beautiful, I’m glad my father made you.” He smiled. “Cas! You’re getting better at this! I almost had the urge to kiss you then.” You winked. He shrugged and smiled hoping that maybe with a little more practice you would put your threats into actions.

i know most of you don’t watch Supernatural but tbh i think you should. 

dooooo ittttt

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hii, so I really like this kid, and someone found out he kinda likes me but like in a different way :$ he always says that I'm 'super chill' around him so I'm scared he likes me as just a friend.. also he gets drunk or high a lot and my friends always get mad when I talk about him because they think he's gonna turn me bad or whatever but I think I have a good judgement of what's good or bad and he's really nice to me and we talk a lot and I don't know what to dooooo,, thank you love xx

I think your friends are looking out for you! If they don’t know him, they really don’t know what he’s like. Remember that they truly want what is best for you, so ease him into your life and I’m sure they’ll come around.