you know someones going to do this on this trip

Tormented & Loved (Dean Winchester High School AU x Reader) The End?


Part 25

The End?

The entire drive was full of AC/DC, Metallica, and Van Halen along with me checking my phone every hour. My dad ended up calling me two hours into the trip.

“Where the hell are you?”

“I’m going to Boston.”

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Self Care with the Moon (Astrology)

Nurturing, Self care and your Moon sign/placement

The moon in a natal chart represents how we nurture, how we want to be nurtured, our habits and our receptivity.

If you’re feeling tense, anxious or in need of self care and nurturing, look to your moon sign for some help as to how you can take better care of your emotional well being.

Moon in Aries/1st House/conjunct the AC from the 12th
- Express your emotions to others upfront
- Take care of your appearance
- Do jobs for yourself, you’ll feel better being independent
- Have that emotional blow up, don’t hold it in
- Don’t sit around wallowing in your emotions. Get up, and go DO something, take initiative
- You want to cry? Do it….
- Be in solitude sometimes (if your moons in the first house, you’re quite receptive to other people’s emotions. You need to get away from that from time to time)

Moon in Taurus/2nd House
- Material comforts such as good food, a soft bed, and comfy clothes will greatly help nurture you
- Having a well balanced bank account
- Write down 5 things a day that you value (about yourself, and/or what you have - not what you want). A gratitude diary would be great!
- Listening to music (or making music if you like to) will help you relax. Also painting and sculpting
- Hugs! Physically holding another will help you relax
- Nice smelling perfumes on your body or in your house
- Using Body moisturiser and beauty products

Moon in Gemini/3rd House
- Talk about your feelings
- Get out of the house and go for short trips around your neighbourhood/local area. Being in your house for too long will make you agitated
- Talk to others, In real life or online. Prolonged solitude can make you feel lonely very quickly (Facebook/Snapchat/Skype people when you can)
- Hang out with your siblings (if you have any/if your moon isn’t afflicted). If you don’t have any siblings, cousins and neighbours you’re close to is also great!
- Write things down, especially about how your feeling. You may enjoy journaling

Moon in Cancer/4th House/Conjunct the Ic (possibly from the 3rd House)
- Hugs Hugs Hugs!
- Cook/eat your favourite food
- Spend time at home (if you’re a 3rd House moon conjunct the IC, go out for short trips then come home to relax - you kinda need both)
- Be with your mother/family (if your mother is present/if your moon isn’t afflicted)
- Nurture others
- Be with children
- Cry on someone’s shoulder, it’s ok!
- Snuggle in bed

Moon in Leo/5th House
- Be generous and spread happiness to others
- Take the spotlight (but don’t be too greedy)
- Let people know how you really feel (don’t be too pushy about it)
- Express your creativity!
- Dance if you want to!
- Watch a comedy or joke around with friends
- Play games with children/Release your inner child
- Party 🎉
- Play games!
- Express your love to your lover. Give and get kisses and cuddles you deserve

Moon in Virgo/6th House
- Take care of your health. Take your medication, eat healthy and exercise
- Do yoga
- Make a ‘To-do’ list and calendars. You’re naturally emotionally stressed, make it easy for yourself by planning things
- Keep your house and environment organised and clean
- Pamper yourself by being well groomed and hygienic
- Relax in a spa bath
- Enjoy a healthy meal
- Make goals for yourself and aim to achieve them
- Help someone else out. Be of service
- If you aren’t feeling great, ask someone to do some jobs for you. It’s only fair

Moon in Libra/7th House/Conjunct the DES from the 6th
- Make art. Draw and paint
- Make yourself look beautiful. Wear your favourite outfit, get your hair/makeup done
- Listen to music
- Talk to others and close friends
- Spend time with a romantic lover
- Do something nice for someone
- Settle/balance an argument
- Weigh the pros and cons to making a decision
- Beautify your home and environment

Moon in Scorpio/8th House
- You’re emotions are so intense, you may need to seclude yourself fairly often from people. Take time out with yourself to avoid emotional strain
- Spend time 'going within’ yourself. You can do this through mediation or simply self contemplation. You have a need to know yourself.
- You need to protect your vulnerability. Find someone you can trust 100% to tell your feelings to, for you need a channeled way of release
- You can purge excess emotion and passion through sex and connecting with someone on a higher level
- Share your feelings with those you truly trust

Moon in Sagittarius/9th House
- Go for a long drive/bus/train trip. Explore your local area, or if you can, take a trip to a nearby town. Explore your sense of adventure
- You probably generally don’t like to think/talk about your emotions, and your resilience allows you to support yourself
- Enjoy the company of good friends. Laugh and have a good time
- You may enjoy watching a comedy
- Ask yourself the biggest questions of life and let your mind wander in the possibilities. It brings you ease knowing that everything happens for a reason, allowing you to maintain your optimism

Moon in Capricorn/10th House/Conjunct the MC from the 9th
- You like Scorpio moon folk, tend to prefer to keep your emotions under wraps
- You make like to literally 'work’ your problems out. Doing jobs and focusing on goals allows you to gain satisfaction of achievement
- At times, you may feel lonely and cut off from others. This is often self imposed. Don’t be afraid to open to others who you feel comfortable with
- Like Virgo moons, setting your self job lists can help give you direction, removing any feelings of being at a loss with life
- Spend sometime away from people who try to pry you open all the time as this can really stress you out

Moon in Aquarius/11th House
- You’re emotional wellbeing may not be the focus of your life, and you have great difficulty expressing your feelings to others
- You have the ability to logically analyse your emotions and fix things in your external environment that’s causing you problems
- Change things in your home/environment often to keep yourself stimulated
- Perhaps spend time partaking in humanitarian causes
- Talk to anyone and everyone. Being part of society can make you feel quite buzzed

Moon in Pisces/12th House
- Your emotions are highly sensitive and you are greatly sensitive to the emotions of others. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people or if that’s not possible, find a secluded space
- You react to emotional stimulus quite easy. Listen to happy music or watch a funny, lighthearted movie
- Never blame yourself for something you know you didn’t do. Don’t give into pieces victim mentality. Tell yourself the truth always
- Learn how to set yourself boundaries and don’t give into everyone all of the time. It’s great to be loving and generous, but you need to also take care of yourself
- Watch movies or play games that really draws you in and allows your imagination to run freely in a channeled way

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Some of these will not apply to many people so pls take them with a grain of salt. Also I’ve been collecting these pretty much for the two years I’ve been in college so it’s not a guide, they’re just… random I guess.

Making friends 

Warning - specially tailored for super shy people aka me

  • There’s a thing called the ‘first week window of endless oportunities’. It’s when groups are still forming and everyone’s desperate to make friends. This is the time to put your best self forward (I’m not saying be fake, just a little extra friendly).
  • Leave. Your. Door. Open. Do it. Even if you have a roommate. Best way to make friends the first week.
  • Actually get out of your room. You’re not going to meet many people if you hole up in your room. If you have a tv room or people are watching a movie, I don’t care if you’re not interested in what they’re watching, go.
  • If you have the balls to go to the room nextdoor and introduce yourself then you probably can skip this section by all means do it!
  • But if you don’t, going from door to door asking for help with your laundry takes a lot less courage + you will learn how to do laundry. Asking to borrow something (pencil, hair tie, hair dryer) also works.
  • If you’re staying at a residence hall, ask to sit with people at lunch! Nobody is going to say no, i promise.
  • Similarly if you see someone alone, ask them to have lunch with you! 
  • Also if you meet someone you get along with, as soon as you can, ask for their number ‘so you can go to the dinning hall together’. 
  • Remember people’s names - it makes people feel like you actually care about them. I know it’s hard but make an effort. Also it just gets annoying when someone asks about your name for the fourth time. Use mnemonics if you have to.
  • Asking what someone’s major is and where they’re from is standard procedure when you meet them but it doesn’t make for an interesting conversation. Think of other questions!
  • Make sure to arrive about 10 min early to your classes. There’ll be very few people and so it’ll be easier to strike up a conversation (actually people will probably talk to you without you having to say anything which is g r e a t)
  • Say yes - as a rule of thumb, your social life should prevail over your academic life the first two weeks. This is the time where you’re not really pressed for time. Say yes to watching movies, say yes to going to lunch, say yes to going to campus events (and even to parties). Obviously don’t do anything that makes you really unconfortable but do try to step out of your comfort zone
  • Make friends with an upper-classman from your same major. Or at least be on speaking terms. Talk to them on Facebook, ask them about your major, just use any random idc excuse to introduce yourself, it doesn’t really matter how you do it.
  • Don’t go home every weekend, even if you live close by. You’ll miss out on the best of campus life and some of the most fun memories with your new friends.

Keeping your old friends

  • If you know you’re going home for the weekend, try to finish most of your assignments/studying and make time to hang out with your friends. Spending time with them is the best way to keep those friendships alive. 
  • But! Don’t worry too much if you can’t come home or make time for your friends too often, you just have to make an effort to text them regularly. It will come naturally if it’s your best friend, but don’t forget to set a reminder to text other close friends at least once every two weeks.
  • You may think you don’t care now but you will once you come home for the summer.
  • If any of your friends are staying in your hometown for college, be ready for them to get another friend group. That doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about you, but don’t be mad if they seem to have a lot more plans that don’t involve you. You can always ask to tag along some time and maybe even become friends with these people!
  • Some people you’ll just lose contact with. Don’t fret it.


  • Please print out or buy a calendar that has a whole page for each month. With boxes preferably *shameless plug*. You may think you have it all under control but there’s nothing like being able to see all your due dates, hang out plans and laundry days at a glance. (Also js but the pilot frixion are perfect to use on calendars because they’re erasable).
  • There’s so much space under your bed. UTILIZE IT.

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it's 02:15 am I have school tomorrow but I just went through all your voltron headcanons tag and I'm kajdjsjdjskndnsnsnsnndndjsjdjdjdn thank you so much they're amazing oh my god

i’m finally what i’ve aspired to be all my life: a bad influence

  • lance: “[gasps in spanish]” keith: “did you just say ‘gasps in spanish’ out loud”
  • coran doesn’t really get why lance keeps putting expired food goo on his face but i mean whatever makes him happy i guess
    • he’s mostly just excited someone likes the goo
  • *allura voice* “wait you mean humans can actually ‘pull a muscle’?? i thought pidge just made that up as an excuse to get out of training”
  • pidge judges lance for getting tricked by pretty girls but. like. lowkey if a robot ever asked her to follow it…..
  • hunk: “okay. stay calm. stay calm” keith: “i am calm??” hunk: “i’m talking to myself”
  • hunk teaches allura those elementary school road trip songs
    • he gets to the song that never ends which. causes some confusion
    • “but how do i know when to stop singing??” “well you kinda just go until you get bored”
    • but allura’s so!!! jazzed!!!! to be doing earth things that she can go for hours without getting bored
    • the team eventually votes to ban the song from the castle
  • shiro: “lance, can i talk to you?” lance: “oooh, someone’s in trouble. and it’s me. i don’t know why i did that.”
-posting my masterlist just for the heck of it-

Full-lenth oneshots (typically around 1,000 words) are posted first under each name, separated from shorter works by a line. Enjoy!


“I Want to Try It With You”




It’s Just That…



“I Wrote This For You”

“Excuse Me For Falling in Love With You”

Cha Cha Malone



See You Around

Nice To Meet You


Five Years



“It Brings Out Your Eyes”

“He’s Going to Be Fine”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash at My Place For Tonight?”


“Birds Can’t Fly Without Wings”

“Take the Long Way Around”







“I’m Sorry… I’m Just Stressed Out”

“Please Don’t Do This”



Good Morning

Don’t Tell




Of Course






“What Happened To You Two?”

“He Really Needs Help”

“I Heard a Noise”






“I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Mean To”

“You’re Warm”


1:30 AM


Goodness Knows Why




“I Could Never Lose You”

“You Need Some Sleep”

“You’re Not Happy Here, Are You?”

“Your Feelings Don’t Matter Right Now; We Need to Do This”

“I Want To Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash At My Place For Tonight?”

“I’m Coming Home”


Let Loose

Out Of the Blue

Next Time




With You


“Cross My Heart and Hope to Die”

“Hold My Hand So He Gets Jealous”

“Don’t Say That”

“Sorry I’m Protective Over the Things I Love”



My Pleasure


I Insist



“I’m Not Going Anywhere”

“Keep Your Eyes Open”

“I’m Sorry I’m Protective Over the Things I Love”

“Take Notes, Sweetheart”




“You Look Good”

“Someone Will Find Us”




“The Key Is Under the Mat”

“You Look Good”

“I Couldn’t Do It Without You”

“Why Don’t You Just Crash at My Place For Tonight?”

“Keep Your Eyes Open”

“Have I Ever Told You How Much You Mean To Me?”

“Who Was That Guy?”

“Pillows Are Over-Rated”

Jay Park



Give It a Shot

Go For It

Thank You

One Reason


Little Fish




Just You


“Go Back to Sleep”

“I Wrote This For You”

“Slushies Aren’t Just For Kids, Fuck Society”

“You Got a Cute Butt”

“Do You Do This Every Day, By Yourself?”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been in Love With You?”

“You Still Have Me”

“I Cheated”

“I Swear, I’m Not Scared”

“Can You Just Leave Me Alone?”

“Get Over It”



“This Is For You”

“She Really Loves You, Doesn’t She?”

“Sleep Tight”


The Truth

Too Late

You Know That


Any Chance


“Who Was That Guy?”

“If You Fall, I’ll Catch You”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been In Love With You”

“I Want To Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“I Just Wanted To Get To Know You Better”

“We’re Going On A Trip”

“Let’s Give This Another Shot”


You’re All Mine


“Why Do You Only Kiss Me When I’m Sleeping?”

“I’m Pregnant!”

“Yes… But You’re Prettier”

“And Then On Top Of All That, I’m On My Period”

Mad Clown


“Who Was That Guy?”


You Promise?


“I’m Not Going Anywhere”

“What Happened to You Two?”

“Tell Me What Happened, From the Start”

“We Still Have a Long Way To Go”

“You’re Not Happy Here, Are You?”




“Don’t Cry”

“Take My Jacket, It’s Cold Outside”

“Who Was That Guy?”

“Someone Will Find Us”

“You Look Good”


Roll With It


“I’m Ready”

“Do You Know How Long I’ve Been in Love With You?”



Everything I Need


“Can I Kiss You?”

“I Had a Dream About You”

The Quiett






“You Still Have Me”

“I Love You”

“Can You Come Over?”

“You’ll Stay By Me Forever, Right?”

Rap Monster




“Stay Over”

San E




“I Think You’re Beautiful”


Study Buddy



“Why Don’t You Crash At My Place For Tonight?”

“He Really Needs Help”

“I’m Sorry, But That Was Adorable”

“But, I Said I Love You” (Angst Version)

“But, I Said I Love You” (Fluff Version)

Simon Dominic







Your Turn

I Don’t Need You

Remember That

Come Back


Some Other Day

Day 1

I Believe You

Just Check It


Don’t Remind Me

Good Night

No Big Deal





“I Was in the Neighborhood”

“You Should Have Told Me”

“I Wrote This For You”

“You’re Competitive and So Am I, and It’s Going to Lead to a Fight”

“Don’t Say That”

“He Really Loves You, Doesn’t He?”

“I Need You”

“Let’s Give This Another Shot”

“I Don’t Think I Ever Told You, But…”

“No, You’re MY Bitch.”

“Excuse Me For Falling in Love With You”

“You Have No Chill”


Keeping Score

Happy Birthday

Ugly Duck



“Stay There. I’m Coming to Get You”



“Someone Will Find Us”

“I Bet You Can’t Go 24 Hours Without Cussing”



“You’re Important Too”



“You’ll Stay By Me Forever, Right?”



Happy Birthday


“What Are We?”

“We’ve Become That Clingy Couple That You Used to Complain About”

“Do You Really Have to Do That?”

“Please… Don’t Lie To Me”

“I Want to Wake Up With You Like This Every Morning”

“Get Out of the Way Before I Murder You”

“I Think I Busted a Rib”


Tell Me It Again

“Don’t Be an Asshole. Asshole”

“Leave Me Alone”

“Sleep Tight”

You Didn’t Deny It (M)

Originally posted by k-pop-crazy

Word Count: 9.1k (yeah I got carried away)

“But you want Jongin to fuck you.”
Running a hand through your hair, you glare at him.
“Are we really having this conversation right now?”
“You didn’t deny it.” 

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with mother’s day coming up pretty soon let’s all keep in mind that not everyone has positive feelings about or a healthy relationship with their mother.

some people grew up with abusive mothers, some people grew up with absent mothers, and some people have mothers who they just don’t get along with because of personality clashes or a radical difference in beliefs.

while it’s completely okay to celebrate mother’s day and talk about how much you love your own mother, please keep in mind that there are people who are not going to be celebrating and who do not have the positive relationship with their mother that you do. try to refrain from making or reblogging shaming, guilt-tripping posts saying/implying that someone is not a good person for not being with their mother on mother’s day or for not having loving feelings towards their mother and consider tagging your mother’s day posts so that people can avoid seeing them if they want to. also, if you see someone you follow or someone you know having a bad time on mother’s day because it brings up negative feelings for them please consider reaching out to that person and offering them a kind word of support.

mothers are generally seen to be good and wonderful and most of them are! but mothers are not incapable of being abusive and they are not incapable of doing something wrong and unfortunately not everyone was lucky enough to grow up with a mother who loved them and treated them the way a good mother should. please keep these people in mind on mother’s day and do not treat people badly for not celebrating mother’s day or for expressing negative feelings about their mother. there’s a reason they’re not celebrating and a reason those feelings exist. please respect that.

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"It was a joke baby I swear!" With the reader saying it to harry.

Thanks for the request! I have so many more of these to write, but if you want to request one, the original post is tagged #drabble challenge !


It was a fun night. You’d invited a few friends over to your house for drinks and some much needed catching up, and Harry had insisted that he wanted to meet all your friends when you suggested he could go out with some of his own friends if he didn’t feel like sticking around. He was a social butterfly, but being around a ton of new people who could act like lunatics would be overwhelming for anyone.

Everyone was a couple drinks in, and you’d even convinced Harry to drink a little to loosen up. It was now the time when everyone was starting to get a little tipsy, but still aware of what was going on and everything they were saying.

One of your friends had been telling the same story for most of the night, as she was convinced that a ghost was living in her house. Everyone had been laughing and messing around about it, telling other silly ghost stories; but you listened intently for a while.

“You know, I practically live with a ghost too. He’s never around.” You joked, gently nudging Harry’s arm as your friends giggled. Harry laughed lightly along, but you were too distracted to notice the slight look of hurt in his eyes.

The night went along smoothly, and you made sure everyone had a safe ride home before heading upstairs with Harry to get ready for bed. It was clear that you were both exhausted, so nothing out of the ordinary happened as you collapsed onto the mattress and fell asleep with your head on his chest and his arms wound tightly around you.

He left the next morning as usual, kissing you on the cheek softly as you mumbled a quick goodbye and fell back asleep for a few more hours.

You were surprised when he came home in the early afternoon, kicking off his boots and setting down his bag by the door. It was completely unusual for him to be home this soon; you immediately worried that he wasn’t feeling well or something had gone horribly wrong in the studio.

“You’re home?” You asked as you peeked your head around the corner, and he gave you a soft smile, nodding and walking over to sling his arm around you.

“Didn’t have too much to do, so I decided to call it a day and come home to my girl.” He grinned, leaning down to kiss your cheek. You grabbed his face and pulled him farther into you, crashing your lips onto his suddenly. He didn’t complain.

The moment was unexpectedly interrupted by the sound of Harry’s phone ringing in his back pocket, and you pulled away to let him tend to whatever was needed on the other line. He sighed as he pulled out his phone, and his face fell as he looked at the caller ID and backed away.

“I’m sorry, I have to-”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry.” You gave him a reassuring smile and he turned around, bolting up the stairs and answering the call.

He’d been gone a few minutes when you couldn’t hear his muffled voice speaking into the phone anymore, and you tried to give him a little space before going up to talk to him. But worry got the best of you, and you couldn’t hold yourself back from going up to the bedroom to make sure the phone call hadn’t delivered any bad news. He was sitting on the bed when you walked in, not bothering to knock since the door was wide open. His eyes were focused on an invisible spot on the floor and he didn’t move his gaze when you sat next to him. That’s when you knew something was going on.

“Is something wrong?” You asked, setting your hand on his thigh as his gaze still didn’t move to your face. He shook his head slowly, his lips slightly pursed while his mind felt far away from you or the bedroom.

“You’re lying to me.” You said, your voice quiet and gentle as not to sound accusing. He finally allowed his eyes to meet yours, and you cupped his cheek softly to keep his sight from wandering away from you. He knew he couldn’t lie at this point; it would only hurt his case and he didn’t want you to lose any trust in him or think he was keeping something important from you.

“They wanted me back at the studio.” He mumbled, looking down at his legs and twisting one of his rings around his finger. You nodded at him, gently squeezing his thigh.

“That’s okay, baby. Go ahead. If there’s something you need to finish then-”

“I told them no.”

You raised your eyebrows, somewhat shocked at what he’d just told you. He was usually very flexible with his schedule; he would never mind spending a little more time at the studio or scheduling an extra interview. You didn’t complain either. Although it was hard being away from him all day, you knew that he enjoyed what he was doing and all the hard work was going to pay off in the end, when he impressed you with his accomplishments yet again. So, you couldn’t help wondering why he’d refuse another trip to the studio, especially if someone needed him for something. If there was one thing that overpowered his drive to work hard, it was his inability to say no.

“Why?” You nearly whispered, knowing that the answer was probably beyond your comprehension and something else was going on inside his head.

“Just wanted to be with you. That’s all.” He flashed you a tight smile, but you weren’t convinced for a second. His eyes were focused below him again, and seeing as it wasn’t going to be easy to get him to look at you, you slowly knelt down on the floor so he was forced to meet your eyes again.

“What’s really going on? It’s just me, baby, you can tell me.” You pried, your hands set just above his knees and your thumbs rubbing over his thighs gently.

“I just… what you said to your friends last night, it got me thinking that I’m kinda a shit boyfriend to you.”

You had to think a moment, running through everything you could have possibly said the night before that would’ve made him feel insecure. When it finally hit you, sympathy flooded through your body as you looked at his worried expression waiting for you to respond.

“About you not being around? Harry, I really didn’t mean that so seriously.” You tried to give him a small smile, continuing to rub his thighs softly and make him trust you. He didn’t seem convinced.

It was a joke, baby, I swear. I never meant for you to take it to heart.”

He nodded softly, his face still fallen and sad.

“It’s true, though.” He said.

You opened your mouth to get a word in, but he cut you off when his feelings suddenly came pouring out.

“I’m always gone. I can’t be here to help you around the house or do anything fun. I don’t know why you stay with me when I can’t even be a good boyfriend. I love you, but I know it’s only a matter of time before-”

This time, you were the one to cut him off when you leaned up to press your lips against his. You wouldn’t have been able to take it if he’d finished what you thought he was about to say.

“Don’t.” You warned, resting your hand on his cheek and finding your place next to him again. “I love you. And I know our situation isn’t ideal sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that I value you any less. The time we spend together makes up for all the time we spend apart.”

He was listening intently, taking in every word and trying to convince himself that the love of his life had no intention of leaving. You didn’t, of course, but he needed a bit of reassurance when his life got crazy and he’d fear you wouldn’t want to put up with it any longer.

“What I said last night wasn’t serious at all, Harry. It was a joke, meant to make people laugh. And I may have been a bit tipsy when I said it.” You chuckled, rubbing your thumb over his cheek and leaning forward to press your lips against his forehead.

“You know what they say, drunken words are sober thoughts. Or something like that.” He muttered, wringing his hands together nervously in his lap.

“Well, not this time. You’re a great boyfriend. Trust me. I love you so much, Harry, please don’t ever think any different.”

He studied your face for a minute, taking in every feature of the beautiful girl sitting in front of him and wondering how he managed to get so lucky. You were pleased to see a small smile on his face, the first genuine one you’d seen all day, as he spoke again.

“I love you too.”

the signs as fun things

aries: stubbing your toe on a table really hard

taurus: burning your hand baking cookies

gemini: embarrassing yourself in front of people you know

cancer: having a bad day and someone making it worse

leo: talking to someone about you and they make it about them

virgo: doing a lot of hard work just to realize it wasn’t necessary

libra: telling someone you like them and they reject you

scorpio: tripping up the stairs and bruising your knee

sagittarius: when your comeback to someone’s insult flops

capricorn: doing something amazing and someone else taking credit

aquarius: showing up somewhere over or underdressed

pisces: going to pet an animal and it running away ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ happy april fools!!

Okay, so this gifset really got me thinking (thanks @bellarke-stydia )

Let’s talk about one of the first realizations we came to this season, shall we?

I’m talking about the first episode. Everyone kept calling Clarke “Wanheda.” Then, at the end, Bellamy calls her “Princess,” reminding her of who she is, and keeping her grounded. 

All throughout this season, various characters have been bringing up L.exa a lot. Like… a lot. Some would argue, far more often than is really necessary, and I know there are some people who are getting very tired of it. There are a lot of people who have been upset with the writers for some of the ways they’ve used her name. 

Characters, even characters that never saw L.exa and Clarke together would tell Clarke that L.exa would be proud of her. Roan said that Clarke learned nothing from L.exa, and that she’d be disappointed. Clarke herself used L.exa to try and get the grounders not to fight in the conclave. 

What if that isn’t as pointless as a lot of us thought? Hear me out.

I think it was a long-term set-up for a parallel of that first episode, leading up to the parallel between L.exa’s betrayal of Clarke and Clarke’s betrayal of Bellamy, specifically involving Clarke’s relationship with love.

Clarke’s character arc this season has been centered around her own leadership, and her struggle to do what is right in that position while also battling her own trauma stemming back from, I think, the massacre at Mount Weather. 

All season, as I said, characters have been comparing Clarke’s leadership to L.exa’s—especially Clarke. 

Clarke’s opinion of who she thinks she should be has changed because of this. In the City of Light, L.exa said, “I told you my spirit would choose wisely,” which I think played a large role in why Clarke thought it would be okay for her to take the flame. But I digress. 

This enormous weight of responsibility and trauma and stress has reached a peak for Clarke in 4x11 when she pulls a gun on Bellamy (as seen paralleled to L.exa’s leaving Clarke and skikru to die in bellarke-stydia’s beautiful gifset).

The question to ask here is: What’s the difference? 

L.exa believed that love was weakness, at least at the point of her betrayal. As such, she had no one to talk her down, no one to advise her in a way that she’d listen. 

The same is not true for Clarke in season four. It’s been proven over and over again that, to Clarke, love is strength. From The List to “you keep her centered,” Clarke needs to be able to be open with someone—to share the burden. 

Everyone has been pressuring Clarke to be more like L.exa, to compartmentalize and do what’s best for her people specifically, no matter the cost. But that’s not who Clarke is. She can’t function like that without breaking, like we’re going to see in 4x11. 

Some people are worried about the gun scene in the promo, but in my opinion? We have nothing to fear. 

If there’s one difference between the Betrayal parallels, it’s Bellamy. Bellamy’s arc this season has been learning when to know when someone can be saved. “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved,” is true. But Clarke wants to be saved. Her hand shaking so violently in the promo is proof enough of that. Pulling that gun is a cry for help.

Remember Jaha’s line in Day Trip: Part Two? “How many people do you need to save before you forgive yourself?” The answer is, “just one.”

There’s more than one way to save someone. And we’re going to see it when Clarke stops hearing “Wanheda,” and instead hears “Princess.” 

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Dex and a compilation of all his best chirps

Dex’s Favorite On-Ice Chirps:

  • “keep shooting right at the breadbasket, man, i’m sure it’ll go through him eventually”
  • “yo, stripes, does your wife know you’re screwing us?”
  • after literally anyone touches bitty or nursey: “do it again and be ready to drop your fucking gloves, you fucking duster”
  • “hey tendy, we’re not playing dodgeball, buddy.”
  • to a fourth-liner before a faceoff: “hey, does your coach know you’re out here?”
  • after someone dives: “hey buddy did you just trip over the blue line? fucking bender”
  • also he has absolutely called someone a pigeon and then cooed at them à la claude giroux
  • he only uses these chirps when he’s not actually that mad. when he’s really mad it’s all just “fuck you” and the occasional “drop your gloves, make my fucking day”
    • no one ever fights him bc he looks fucking crazy when he’s mad
  • he’s only ever gotten in one fight, actually, and the dude dropped the gloves on him bc he skated over to him after a shift and just laughed and said “bro, you’re terrible at hockey”
    • ransom and holster put it on the wall in the basement as the simplest and most effective chirp in SMH history
Seventeen Reaction to: You Being Their Hot Teacher

S.Coups: Tries his best to be your favourite student. Answers all the questions he can, even if he’s just guessing, and turns in assignments on time. Remembers your birthday and hands you a card on the day. Gives you Christmas presents too. He’s a sporty student so if you show up to any school matches, he goes hardcore and dominates the field, scoring all the points and hoping you’re impressed.

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Jeonghan: The flower boy student, who has all the other students swooning over him. However, he only has eyes for you. He offers assistance as often as he can, staying back to help you clean or correct tests.

“Do you want to be a teacher after you graduate?” you ask one day. “You seem to be really interested in my job.”

“Haha, yeah! That’s it, Miss/Sir. I’m just really interesting in … teaching …”

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Joshua: The type to leave apples on your desk and anonymous notes that reassure you you’re doing a good job or telling you that they’re learning a lot from you. But he’s too shy to do anything more, even to answers q’s. The second you look at him, he falters and blushes and now he worries you think he’s stupid.

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Jun: Deep down, he really cares for your well being, as he does everyone’s. He just wants everyone to be happy, regardless of if he knows them or not. But knowing that nothing will progress past a teacher/student relationship, he’ll settle for making you blush by being greasy.

“Miss/Sir, you look great today ;)”
“I aced our test, thanks to you ;)”
“You look radiant today. But you do everyday ;)”

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Hoshi: *Playing games with the boys during lunch*

“99 … 100! Ready or not here I - “ But as he turns, he catches sight of you.

You’re on lunch duty, doing the rounds to check that all the students are behaving. The way the light glows behind you makes you look angelic. He forgets what he was doing, so distracted by you.

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Wonwoo: Seems like the sulky, emo kid that falls asleep in class sometimes. Which results in him having to be called back or staying in during lunch to clean and tidy. Not that he minds. He doesn’t talk much but you talk to him, rambling about little things that he finds cute. He likes those times together.

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Woozi: A smol, hardworking student that you don’t notice much, purely because he’s so quiet and well behaved. He’s content just to watch you, though. He admires you as you teach, your gentle nature and kind smile. You’re his teacher so he knows this crush won’t lead anywhere, but he hopes to find someone like you someday.

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DK: *During a school trip, when everyone’s splashing around in the hot springs*

“Aren’t you going to jump in, Miss/Sir? The water’s plenty warm!” He pretends that he wants the teacher to have fun too but lbr he just wants to see his hot teacher in the water.

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Mingyu: Knows his crush won’t lead anywhere but he’s content to admire you in class. The boys tease him for his puppy dog stare but he doesn’t mind. It’s just an innocent crush, after all.

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The8: Doesn’t do much tbh. Will answer if you ask him a question but is otherwise a quiet, mannerly student … in class. During lunch, he’ll have typical guy talk with the boys.

“Did you see how low Miss/Mister (S/N)’s shirt was?”

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Seungkwan: *Tries acting cool when he sees you outside of school*

“Hello, Miss/Sir. Need a ride?”

But in all honestly he’s such a nervous nerd, esp. if his friends are around to tease him. So in class, he’s quiet and polite and maybe he’ll wish you a good evening but that results in an entire week of teasing.

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Vernon: *All the boys are crowded around while you do rounds during lunch, checking you out*

“Look all you want, guys, but s/he’ll be mine someday ~”

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Dino: ”Good morning, Miss/Sir ~” he beams when you walk into class. He finds every excuse to spend time with you and you build a rather good student-teacher relationship. He has the boys convinced that there might be something there.

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Until he stays back to help you one day. And your partner walks in, carrying your child.

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pjo theatre au

have some theatre au headcanons because it is that time of the year again and ya girl nia is in Theatre Hell™

  • Piper basically lives in the theatre ok aside from volunteering at her local animal shelter sometimes she doesn’t have a life outside of this
  • She is the Drama Queen. Head Thespian.
  • imagine every theatre stereotype you’ve ever heard. that is piper.
  • Jason is literally that kid who remembers everything. He’s memorized the script, all the blocking, all the cues. h o w
  • annabeth is SM and she’s never taken a job this seriously in her entire academic career
  • if you miss a rehearsal without informing her at least two days in advance she will make it her mission to hunt you down
  • nico absolutely hates being in the spotlight but he always volunteers to work crew for a show so annabeth promotes him to ASM
  • they’re both really intimidating so you can imagine the productions the department put on are A1
  • percy was that one swimming jock who decided to give theatre a try and ended up being crazy talented
  • he performed Sante Fe for a showcase one time and everyone was moved to tea r s
  • Leo, Rachel, and Hazel are those who like to double as techies and actors
  • honestly there would probably be no set ever if they didn’t have Leo
  • Rachel is basically #1 when it comes to publicity ok she designs all the posters and t-shirts for the productions
  • she once made everyone “I can’t, I have rehearsal.” T-shirts for the hell of it
  • but when she decides to act in a production she leaves that to Hazel because boy does she immerse herself in her characters
  • She takes method acting so seriously like when she was casted as Madea she literally started a protest outside the school over the dress code
  • piper: “i’m a thespian” someone: “did you say lesbian” piper: “that too”
  • Calypso is in charge of costuming and if she doesn’t make the most beautiful intricate well put together costumes every damn time
  • Frank usually just does run crew and honestly they wouldn’t have it any other way because he can lift set pieces that would usually take like 3 ppl
  • he also goes and gets pizza for everyone during tech week thx frank
  • everyone has seen each other half naked at one point it’s not even weird anymore
  • “nico the production is over you don’t have to wear your show blacks anymore” “what are you talking about these are my normal clothes”
  • it’s a tradition to have the entire cast go out to eat after a final performance in stage makeup and all 
  • everyone in the ihop gives them strange looks
  • the employees are used to it
  • they hate them
  • glitter. glitter everywhere.
  • Antigone. Madea. Oedipus. Trojan Women. Heracles. all sold out.
  • Greek plays are just their specialty lol no one’s sure why
  • once piper and percy convinced half the department to stand on the side of road at a busy intersection and bucket fundraise
  • they also ran around a nearby parking lot for a Wal-Mart and put their show flyers in the windshields of parked cars
  • leo almost got hit by a car twice
  • their director made them run laps when they found out but it was fcking worth it
  • a pre-show tradition they always do is to have everyone drink a cup of tea and then do the penguin dance
  • if you don’t know what the penguin dance is i’m referring to this 
  • someone once dared leo to say the M word for 20 bucks and hE DID RIP IN PEACE
  • that day during their dress rehearsal they had a stage light fall, 3 broken props, one costume malfunction, several missed cues, and their director tripped during a blackout and split their forehead open and had to be taken to the hospital for stitches
  • Annabeth wanted to kill him lol it took Nico Percy and Piper to hold her back
DILF- Shawn Mendes

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first imagine on Tumblr. It is 2204 words. Not sure if that’s long or short. I really don’t know what to say 😂 Feel free to message me with any feedback and I hope you enjoy! 

“Daddy comes home today, baby,” I expressed to my almost year old daughter while I bounced her on my hip.

“Aren’t you so excited?” she only replied with cute giggles and two-teethed smiles.

One thing about Avery was she loved her dad more than anything in the world. Anything about him made her happy. She loved to FaceTime with him or just listen to one of his songs. There had been many occasions when she wouldn’t sleep, but I put on her father’s music and she was out like a light.

I looked at my baby, being captivated by her beauty. Sure she was still young, but I could see her looking like her father more and more every day. She had his curly brown hair, the kind that swooped across her forehead, and his beautiful light brown eyes. Avery had Shawn’s smile and his cute little nose. He always said she looked like me and “Thank God because you’re the cute one.” I didn’t agree with either of those statements. I was glad she looked like him. If I was missing him, I had a little mini him around to dull the longing I felt.

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Requested by @heartlesswitch with the prompt, “There are some things I need to say and you should hear me out.”

“I’ll go,” you spoke quietly from the back of the room. You walked up to the table and placed a finger on the tattered map, “I know the area. I’ll be in and out in no time, they won’t see me.”

“Are you sure?” Rick looked at you, searching for any hesitation. “You don’t have to do this, someone else can go.”

Your eyes scanned the faces around you, landing on the hard expression gracing Daryl’s face. He was biting down on his nail, eyes fixated on the map. He finally dragged his eyes up to you and shook his head, “She ain’t going.”

Everyone stood silently but your head snapped to Rick. “I know this place inside and out. I managed before I met you all, I can and will do this.”

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Auston Matthews - Part 28


Everything in the room seems to go still, they stare other and I stand in the kitchen frozen in time. Auston slowly looks back at me, an unreadable look on his face as he opens his mouth to speak to me.

               “Y/N, who’s your friend?” He asks, his voice dangerously low and immediately I feel defensive. He has no reason to be mad at me. None.

               “Auston this is Riley, Riley this is Auston,” I say, moving from the kitchen to the outskirts of the living room. I may be defensive, but I’m not dumb enough to walk over to Auston right now.

               Auston nods at Riley who stands and holds out his hand, Auston eyes it a moment before setting his bag down pointedly on the stairs before moving to the couch and shaking his hand.

               “Nice to meet you,” Riley says pleasantly, though I can see him squirm slightly as Auston squeezes his hand probably a little too hard. I hurry to Auston’s side and put a hand on his arm, he immediately lets go of Riley’s hand and also moves his arm out from under my touch. A flash of hurt passes through me and I frown.

               “How’s the project?” Auston asks me, looking down at me with unfamiliar eyes.

               “Good, we were just finishing up,” I stammer, unable to hold his gaze and look down at my hands.

               “Right, I was just packing my things,” Riley says, sitting back down and stuffing the last of his books into the well-worn backpack. Auston reaches out and relief floods me, but quickly vanishes again when he takes my elbow and walks me to the kitchen.

               “Auston,” I hiss, jerking my arm out of his grasp. “Do not man handle me.”

               “Your lab partner is him?” Auston hisses back at me.

               “No, he’s just a stray I picked up off the street,” I spit back at him, sarcasm thick on my words. “Of course he’s my fucking partner, Auston. What’s your problem?”

               “And you were here working alone, with a very good looking guy, who was blatantly staring at you before I even opened the damn door.” This time it isn’t a question and I give him an exasperated look.

               “Are you fucking kidding me right now? He is my lab partner Auston, what do you not understand about that?” I snap.

               Just as Auston opens his mouth to speak, my dogs come bounding into the room, some watch dogs they are. They bounce around at Riley’s legs and he reaches down to pet them.

               “I never asked, what are their names?” Riley asks me, glancing over at where Auston and I are huddled behind the counter.

               “Zalla is the bigger one on your right, Andie on your left,” I say, giving him a tight smile.

               “Andie? Isn’t that a boy name?” Riley asks, glancing back up from them.

               “That’s rich coming from a boy named Riley,” Auston grumbles next to me, loud enough for Riley to hear.

               “Auston!” I hiss, sending andelbow into his ribs though he barely even notices, his stare on Riley. To my surprise Riley doesn’t get upset, he laughs quietly instead.

               “Touché. Should have seen that coming,” he gives one last pet to each of them before heading towards the door. Sending a filthy look at Auston, I hurry to open it for him.

               “Thank you for coming to work on our project, Riley,” I try to smile at him, embarrassed by Auston’s actions.

               “No problem, thanks for hosting. I’ll finish the conclusion and email it to you this weekend,” he says before slipping out the door and down the path to his car.

               I close the door quietly behind me, drawing the curtains in the living room before turning very slowly to face Auston who has moved into the living room.

               “Auston, what were you thinking?” I try to say as calmly as I possibly can.

               “What was I thinking? What were you thinking?” Auston asks, crossing his arms across his chest.

               “What was I thinking? Let me tell you what I was thinking, Auston. I was thinking that my fucking boyfriend might possibly find the decency in him to act like a human being when talking to someone who I will have to work with the rest of this semester,” I say, glaring at him with everything I can muster.

               “I was being a decent human being considering he was in my girlfriend’s house, who was completely oblivious to the way he was looking at her like she was a shiny trophy that he had finally won. I never imagined when you said that you weren’t able to make it to my game that you would instead be spending all night with some stranger who could have done anything to you and no one would know about it!” Auston says right back at me, though his voice isn’t as calm as mine.

               “Excuse me? I have school Auston, I have grades to keep up. It’s not like I blew off your game to go on a hot date!” My voice raises several octaves. “I am a grown adult, I can take care of myself and there was no way that he would have ever tried anything. He’s socially awkward and intimidated by me for some reason, he wouldn’t be capable of doing anything to me!”

               “You don’t know that, Y/N! You’ve been here four weeks! Four fucking weeks! You think you know anyone well enough to feel like you know everything they are capable of?” Auston snaps back at me, gesturing with his hands.

               “I guess not because I didn’t know that my boyfriend was so capable of making me feel like shit when I literally did nothing!” I snap.

               “Do not turn this around on me. You know me Y/N, you know most everything about me,” Auston says, this time a little more evenly which infuriates me, while he seems to be calming down, I’m only getting angrier. “I’m just hurt that you didn’t tell me about him before, or that you didn’t go someplace public like a library or something!”

               Tears well in my eyes, I don’t understand why he’s so upset with me.

               “Do not try and make it seem like you were just concerned about my safety,” I yell at him, unable to hold it back anymore. “Alex told me how jealous of a person you can get and it’s pathetic, Auston. I did nothing wrong. At all. You just can’t take that I spent time with someone else that wasn’t you or your best friends. Notice how none of the friends I’ve made outside your little circle are guys? You cannot control who I do and do not work with and spend time with!”

               I take a deep, shaky breath, tears over flowing from my eyes. Auston stares me at me that unreadable look on his face again and I can’t keep his eye contact, it’s too painful.

               “I am not a jealous person, Y/N,” Auston says, his voice incredibly quiet compared to my own yell.

               “Yes you are! Look at you! You’re grasping at every possible straw you can to make me feel bad about not going to your game and having Riley over here to work on school work.” I once again put emphasis on my last two words.

               “Did he make you feel uncomfortable at all tonight? Did he get tense and maybe snap at you over something stupid? Did you notice him looking at you more than you looked at him? Was he over excited when he got here? Try to make small talk and then get upset when you didn’t talk back?” Auston starts listing off these questions and my stomach goes cold at the truth behind all of them.

               “Did you happen to notice him looking at you as you walked away? Did he get distracted by something dumb you said and look like an idiot trying to regain focus?” Auston keeps asking questions and I just stare at him wordlessly. “I can see the yes in your eyes to all of those questions, because those are some of the same exact things that I used to do to you when I was a teenager living in Ann Arbor.”

               I can’t seem to form any words, I just stare at him in confusion.

               “He wants you Y/N. The same way I wanted you when I was a horny teenager. I could see it from the moment I saw him from my car in the driveway. That’s why I’m upset.”

               I find my voice and I feel myself take a step towards him.

               “So what? So what if he wants to sleep with me, Auston? Just because he wants to, does that mean he gets to?” I ask him, venom in my voice from the hurt coursing through me. “Hmm? Does it?”

               “No,” he stammers, eyeing me warily as I take another step towards him.

               “No is right, he doesn’t. Do you trust me?” I ask.

               “Of course I trust you…” Auston again stammers, and I can tell he wants to take a step back when I take another one forward.

               “Really? Because it doesn’t seem like you do right now, Auston,” more tears are steaming down my face but I refuse to wipe them away. “I watch you go on road trips all the time. Do you think I sit here wondering what you’re doing or if some girl is trying to slip into your DMs looking for a hook up? Because I do, but I don’t ever overthink that because I know that you are someone who would never ever hurt me. Ever. But here you are standing in my living room telling me that you trust me when you don’t. You don’t, Auston.”

               “I decided to trust you when I first kissed you on that hill. Because I knew with living here in Toronto, with you being the hottest thing in town, and that I would have to deal with the jealousy thing. Not once have I complained or ever made you feel like shit over it, have I?” I don’t wait for an answer. “And in comes the first boy I’ve been able to make friends with in Toronto and you come flying in and ruining it. All because you can’t extend the same curtesy to me that I do to you. And that hurts Auston, that hurts a lot.”

               Auston stares at me in shock, his feet rooted into the floor. Several minutes pass of me crying and him staring at me before he’s able to speak.

               “Y/N, all I want is to know that someone isn’t going to try and touch yo-,” Auston starts and I cut him off again.

               “I just said that even if he tried to touch me that it doesn’t mean he gets to!” I practically yell at him. “I would stop him Auston, I would stop him because I love you and I care about you and would never do anything that could possibly hurt you,” I cry at him.

               Auston blinks at me. “What did you just say?” He whispers and I blink back, my cheeks flushing.

               “I love you, Auston. I never thought I was someone who could fall in love with someone almost immediately but here I am, crying because the boy that I love doesn’t trust me,” I start sobbing and he takes a step towards me, I take one back.

               “Don’t,” I plead, I can’t take touching him right now.

               “Y/N…” Auston whispers, hurt crossing his face when I pull away. “I…” he trails off and I shake my head.

               “Please don’t,” I plead again. “Please just go.”

               “Go?” Auston’s eyes go wide, panic clearly on his face.

               I cross my arms across my chest and continue backing away from him.

               “Yes, go,” I whisper.

               “No, no, no,” Auston says, his entire demeanor changing before my eyes. Where he had been hard and distant just seconds before, he now looked lost and hurt. I have to peel my eyes away from him, my heart can’t take it.

               “We need some time, Auston. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t trust me, especially someone with a job like yours,” I say, now backing into the foyer and towards the stairs.

               “When can I see you then?” Auston whispers, following me at a distance this time, his feet just inside the foyer.

               “You have to trust me to be with me. I cannot lose you on top of being five hours from my family,” I wipe at my face with the back of my hand.

               “But I do, I do trust you,” Auston pleads. “You’re right I am jealous, I want everything you are all to myself. I can’t bear the thought of someone else being in my place, the thought makes me go insane and it overwhelmed me. I should have never taken it out on you, Y/N,” he takes a hesitant step toward me and I shake my head.      

               “No, just give it time, okay?” I step up onto the bottom stair, next to his overnight bag.

               “No, I don’t want time! I’ve waiting too many years for you, Y/N. I cannot bear the thought of losing you, please,” he whispers.

               “You’re not losing me,” I whisper, my heart breaking into a million pointy pieces. “You’re just going to have to get over whatever it is that’s keeping you from trusting me. I love you, Auston, I’ve never loved a boy before. You say you’ve been waiting for me so the past few years, what’s a little more time.” I nod to his bag and then to the door, I won’t be able to speak another word.

               Auston’s eyes had closed the moment I said “love” and when he opens them, they are shining with tears. I resist every urge in my body to reach out to him, to show him how much I love him and how much I’m hurting because of that love.

               “Baby,” he whispers and I can see the same longing in his eyes that are in mine. “Please,” he whispers though he know my words stand. I watch him take the bag from next to my feet, his eyes traveling from my toes to my eyes, memorizing me just like I am him. Auston backs toward the door, and I refuse to look away from him.

               We don’t say goodbye, the only sound is the door closing behind Auston’s back and then his car engine as he pulls out of my driveway and back down the road. I slink down on the stairs, wrapping my arms around the banister and let the tears fall down my cheeks.


               I don’t hear from Auston the next day, and he doesn’t hear from me. In fact, I don’t hear anything from anyone all day, my phone lays silent and cold on my coffee table as I keep my mind busy with books and movies. I let myself cry last night, now I refuse to shed another tear. Instead, I live precariously through the characters on my pages and on my screen.

               Mitch POV

               “What do you mean we still can’t message her?” I ask Auston for the tenth time today. We are sitting in a restaurant in downtown Chicago, three days after the two idiot’s mini break up.

               “Just don’t please,” Auston snaps back at me, stabbing at his chicken.

               “I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that you didn’t say you loved her back,” Connor says to my side and I nod in agreement.

               “Because I don’t love her,” Auston says, avoiding all eye contact, clearly not pleased about being the center of conversation once again.

               “Bullshit,” I say. “You’re a bigger idiot than I thought. You love her, it’s impossible not to love Y/N. Even we love her, but our love is a bit different that yours,” I push my food around on my plate. “If you were honest with yourself, you would realize that you’ve loved her since you were sixteen years old.”

               Auston eyes flash to mine and then back down to his food and I know I’m right.

               “Wanna know what I think?” I ask him, her shakes his head but I choose to ignore that. “I think that you’re used to being the one in control of a relationship. Every girl you’ve ever dated has been more into you than you are into them and now that the roles are reversed, you don’t know what to do. You’re vulnerable and at the complete mercy of whatever Y/N says. Which is why you left her house the other night instead of staying and working things out,” I say. Auston again is staring at me with an open mouth, as is Connor.

               “And it’s also why you didn’t tell her that you loved her back because for just a moment, she was like the other girls, admitting her feelings before you said your own and that made you feel better. So, by being a complete dumbass, you have ruined the relationship you’ve been craving since you were sixteen years old. You got to have the girl you’ve daydreamed about for last four years for just six weeks all because you thought she might hurt you just like all the girls that you previously dated thought you were going to hurt them. That’s why you don’t trust her, because you’re scared of the thought of someone hurting you instead of you hurting them.” I finish and take a big bite of my pasta.

               “Which, if I might add, is the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard,” I add, talking through a mouthful.

               Auston stares at me, still comprehending my words, a lost look on his face.

               “You think I ruined it forever?” Auston asks and I can hear the vulnerability in his voice. I know he hates talking about this but with how grumpy he’s been the last few days on the road, I can’t take it anymore and I miss Y/N already. I had grown used to her constant sarcasm and need to take care of us, even her scolding me like a child.

               “I don’t think you ruined it forever, Auston,” I say slowly. “I think that you made things very difficult, especially because by you leaving, she lost not only her best friend but all of us. She’s in a huge new city away from her family and we were her only lifeline and the only ones she trusted. Now she’s home alone, probably hurting and confused.” I don’t hold back with my words even though Auston visibly flinches like I slapped him.

               “I can see why she was so upset,” Connor pipes up. “While I think you had a good point about her having someone she doesn’t know over, I think the whole not trusting her is what you messed up on.”

               Auston nods slowly, pushing his food around on his plate, deep in thought. I’m just in shock he’s actually listening to what we have to say. I slip my phone out of my pocket and open my thread of messages with Y/N.

               U gonna have dinner ready for me tomorrow night?

               I stare at the phone screen with a hint of anxiety, I know she has her phone on her and I know she’s already read it. Finally the little bubbles pop up on the screen and I relax.

               Chinese takeout good enough?

               You read my mind

               Can’t wait

               She includes a happy face and a winky face with her message. I go to type a reply but the bubbles pop up again indicating that she’s typing.

               Thank you

               Is all it says with a blue heart next to it.

               For what?

               I send her back, though I know. For the last three days she’s been completely alone in Toronto, not knowing if she still has friends that are going to come home to her and raid her kitchen and make her squawk like a mother hen, picking up after us and yelling.

               You know

               That I do. See you soon kid.

               Did you actually just call me that?

               Yes, u mad bro?

               Guess someone is only getting ONE crab raggoon tomorrow…

               How rude

               You’re telling me…

               Auston catches on that I’m talking to Y/N, and I see him open his mouth to say something but it looks like a light flashes on in his eyes and he stops. Connor and I exchange a quick glance, unsure what to do.

               “Uh you okay?” Connor asks, eyeing Auston warily.

               “I need Y/N’s dad’s number,” he mutters to himself and whips out his phone faster than I thought possible.

               “Why is that?” I ask slowly, though Auston just waves a hand at me to shut me up.

               “Hey,” he says putting his mouth to the receiver of his phone. “Can you do me a favor?”

blackcur-rants  asked:

So in honour of the new Justice League trailer, can I ask you what you feel are the top ten worst things about the DCEU movies so far?

*grins evilly, cracks knuckles*

Let’s get this one out of the way:

10. This fucking shot right here

“Pretentious” does not even begin to cover it. And that expression! I don’t have much nice to say about Henry Cavill in these movies, but I do enjoy his utter inability to hide his embarrassment at what he’s participating in at this moment. 

9. The Why Did You Even Bother Club: Lois Lane, the Daily Planet, Rick Flag & June Moon, the media, the military, Congress…

Remember how The Avengers had this idea of Agent Coulson as the in-universe fanboy who understood the team better than anybody, and how the best part of Age of Ultron was the trip to Hawkeye’s farm? So why do the “human” elements of the DCEU feel so forced and stale?

8. Someone needs to go to jail for these action scenes

I thank the gods that I (unlike many of my friends) walked into Man of Steel sober, because Snyder’s destruction porn in that movie is a truly bad trip. Everything you need to know about the dude is in this juxtaposition: when he’s showing a building breaking apart, he wants you to see details, dammit, this is his canvas. When he has to cut to, y’know, humans, they’re dully shot and horribly lit, and his impatient desire to get to the next orgasmic splash-panel-shot is palpable. Elsewhere, the Doomsday sequence in BvS not only extends the plot far beyond its logical climax (the dictionary definition of overkill), it’s an unbelievably dull and drab nesting doll of mushroom clouds, pure headache-inducing sound and fury signifying nothing, my least favorite superhero throwdown on screen…until the Enchantress fight in Suicide Squad, which had me in tears in the theater, I was laughing so hard.

7. Pa Kent wants you and your children dead, you hear me? DEAD!

This may be the single worst aspect of Man of Steel specifically. I hate it on every level. I hate that Pa Kent spouts this BS, I hate that we’re supposed to take it seriously, I hate how it bogs down the post-Krypton story with no real weight or payoff (since we already know that Adult Clark is saving people by the time we get his Dad’s speech about not doing so), I hate that entire unbelievably dumb tornado scene, and I hate how freakin’ casual Snyder and Goyer are about death throughout this SUPERMAN STORY. Supes kills Zod, screams that scream…and then he’s downing satellites with a smirk, and biking through an apparently just-fine Metropolis, and hahaha look, glasses! Tone? Stakes? What are those? What was the point to him killing Zod other than Snyder getting that fetishistic close-up of the scream? Man of Steel was always going to be a bad movie, but this is where it became a Bad movie.



5. Batman v Superman is I Took Half a Philosophy Course, The Movie

Every single second of this insufferable thing is screaming at you to take it seriously. Every. Single. One. And it’s earned maybe 2% of the time, usually when it directly swipes a line from a comic. There’s nothing else to most of these scenes—just This Is Dramatic, with no attention put into the “this” from the basic “we need to care about these people” angle that Marvel generally has a lock on. The ambition falls flat. In particular, the worldbuilding sequences in BvS (the Injustice future, the Flash visitation, the videos of future JL members) constitute some of the clumsiest and most misguided scenes ever in a comic book movie, because they thoroughly ratfuck the tone, pacing, and focus in the most masturbatory manner imaginable outside of literal porn. (Has there ever been a less appropriate use of Exciting Pump-You-Up music than when Wonder Woman is…sitting at her laptop…watching QuickTime videos?) 

4. Scene to scene, line to line, end to end, every storytelling decision in Suicide Squad is wrong

I don’t demand a movie make perfect logical sense for me to like it, and nitpicking about plot holes often aggravates me, because there are many more important things to making and watching movies. What I demand is that you not assemble your movie like a dozen different food-poisoning-induced fever dreams all happening simultaneously. When you have to literally actually reshow parts of your “villain launches their evil plan” sequence (kind of an important part of a comic book movie!) because it was so confusing and poorly communicated the first time through, you’ve lost any semblance of structural coherence. This isn’t clever nonlinear storytelling. This is an abysmal, abyssal editing fail. Honestly, given the garbage fire behind the scenes, Suicide Squad barely counts as a finished movie.

Final three slots reserved for the fatal performances. You know the ones.

3. How did you let Jared Leto keep doing this after day one

How did you not brain him with a shovel or something

2. Why, though

Why would you do this to us

And of course, at #1…

1. This ostensibly sentient block of granite you insist on calling Clark Kent

Ok, that’s not entirely fair. He’s poorly cast, written, and directed. The DCEU is fundamentally broken because its central character does not work. He’s got two modes–deadly boring and straight-up deadly–and neither is compelling. I’m far from the first to say it: this is a Superman for people who never liked Superman.

anonymous asked:

What would a trip to Disney with your father Arthur Weasley involve?

  • I never realised before but this is the #dream
  • There are not many things better than sharing an incredible experience with someone who’s just as excited as you to be there
  • Do you know how amazing it would be to see his face light up at literally everything
  • And how he’d be amazed at the smallest of things like “how does that clock know exactly how long the wait for this ride is?” or “so this is where America’s Queens and Princesses live?”
  • It would probably take forever to get anywhere because he’d stop to look at everything
  • He’d want so many souvenirs to take home and show the rest of your family
  • The face characters would probably enjoy seeing an adult with such child-like glee
  • He’s one of those people who love trying to work out the mechanics of rollercoasters and would be happy just watching them go round if you don’t want to go on any

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Involves Masterlist: (x)

-Lauren and Kerrie

The fight (part 3) // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n crashes into Shawn after not seeing him for 9 months

Authors note: So this is part 3, the last part, hope you like it as much as I do :)

One quick trip over someones foot was all it took for my chocolate chip muffin to go falling to the floor. I freeze, watching it splatter, feeling my mood fall just like my chocolate treat.

“Great,” I mumble, picking the muffin by the wrapper and putting it back in the bag it came in. 

“I’m sorry I tripped you Y/n,” a voice speaks, pulling my back to reality. My head snaps up to the face, knowing that voice in a heartbeat.

“Shawn,” I stammer, my heart thudding as I realise he’s standing right in front of me, looking just as good as the last time I saw him which was the day we broke up. He’s been on tour for the past 9 or so months, the music and fans being a capable distraction from our broken relationship- or that’s what I thought.

“I can buy you a new muffin, I know you like them,” Shawn comments, smiling gently.

“Um,” I look away, still in disbelief that the man I’ve been longing for since he broke up with me was right there. He gives me a hopeful look.

“Please,” He pouts slightly, my eyes drawn to his puffed out lip.

“Sure,” I say, immediately regretting the decision straight away, knowing it will just end up in pain for me.

“Awesome,” he smiles brightly, turning back to the bakery door I had just came out from and holding the door open for me.

“I’ll go get you a muffin while you find a seat,” Shawn says, nudging me to the seated area and I move my legs even though they feel like they’re stuck in concrete.

I sit down, having chosen the table in the corner, against the window, admiring the street outside and the cars driving by quickly.

“One chocolate muffin for the lady,” Shawn says teasingly, placing the heated item in front of me before taking a seat across from me. He folds his arms across his chest, leaning back in the chair and his eyes stay glued to me.

I cut the muffin open, taking a bite. My eyes slide over to meet Shawn’s and I shyly offer him a piece. Slowly he leans over, taking a piece and chewing it, eyes never leaving my glance.

“Can I just say, you two are the cutest couple I have ever seen,” I look up at the sound to see an older lady, probably 50 or so, her hands clasped together in delight.

“We-” I go to say but Shawn cuts me off.

“Thank you, it means a lot to us,” he grins at her and she pats his shoulder before turning away.

“Shawn.” I growl, glaring sharply at him. “We aren’t together anymore? Remember? In fact you broke it off, right over on that table just there to be precise,” I point behind me, not wanting to look back and relive one of the worst moments in my life.

“I know I did. I also know that it was the worst decision of my life.” He says, remorse filtering through his eyes.

“Sure,” I snort, taking another bite of my food.

“Please, Y/n believe me. I had a reason for doing what I did,” He looks pained, eyes searching mine, willing for me to understand- understand something, I don’t know what.

“And what reason was that Shawn, You told me you didn’t want me.” I gulp, tears threatening to fall but I blink them away.

“I swear upon my life, there is nothing I want more than you. Breaking up was the stupidest decision of my life. I had to do it though,” he reaches out his hand to rest it on mine but I jerk it back as soon as I hear that.

“Excuse me?” I ask, drawing back from him.

“They told me that our relationship wasn’t good for my career, because I was dating someone, I wasn’t selling as much as I could. I didn’t care about how much money I made, I care about the music- and you,” he holds my gaze, his dark eyes staring into mine.

“So when I said I couldn’t do that to our relationship they made me work longer hours to produce more music for the fans. I didn’t realise then that it would have to end up sacrificing my relationship for a few extra hours. I knew I was hurting you, I could see it in your face, the tours, the long hours,”

I nod slowly at his words, finally being able to listen to him talk about his side of the story, understanding the hurt he was talking about.

“Then the year long tour came and I decided to do what I thought was best for you,”

“And that was breaking it off with me?” I ask, putting my hand on top of his.

He looks at me gratefully, “I was stupid, I thought I was making a correct decision and that you deserved someone who would actually have time for you or had people telling me to break up with you,” he grips my hand back tightly.

“Shawn,” I mumble, stroking his thumb softly. “You should have talked to me,”

“I know, but I feel like this was meant to happen? Us separating for the moment I mean. I’ve grown a lot over these past couple of months from tour and I feel that through that, our relationship will be stronger then before,”

“You think?” I ask softly.

“I never even thought of someone else after we parted, I couldn’t, I was too caught up on you, even now. This was fate Y/n- you and me running into each other today,”  He looks so sure that I couldn’t help but believe him.

“If I said I wanted to give us another shot-” I begin.

“I will do anything for you to give me another chance,” Shawn says, bringing my hand up to his lips as he kisses my knuckles softy.

“You have to promise to talk to me okay? and I want to start fresh, clean slate,” I ask, worry filling my eyes.

“I promise I will, If that’s what you want, that’s what we’ll do,” He says grinning at me, happiness shinning in his smile.

“Then lets give us another go,” I confirm, my nerves about our rekindled relationship seeming to fly out the window at his effort to give us a try.

“Thank you Y/n, so much,” Shawn says softly.

“I want to try again,” I reply, going to reach for the last piece of muffin to realise its gone. I look up at Shawn to see him stuffing the last piece in his mouth.