you know she has no favorite tweets

I started Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn and let me tell you the bird is my least favorite character so far fuck the bird

I know next to nothing but look at that face, the fact that Micaiah would have gotten her ass caught because that damn bird tweeted when SHE TOLD IT NOT TO and then it goes to get help because no look at me I’m a good bird!

I’m on to you Yune the bird. Forget the dark god of the medallion this is the true evil of Tellius

#88 Another boy babysits your child and tweets a picture of it and someone else replies

Louis: @Niall_Official: Better watch out guys ! It’s definitely looks like I’m her favorite uncle. Abby absolutely loves me!

@Real_Liam_Payne: Ha! She was just hoping that you’d give her a cookie. Everyone knows that I’m her favorite…

@Louis_Tomlinson: Boys, Leave my daughter alone, everybody already knows that she’s daddy’s little girl and that I’M her favorite.

Liam: @zaynmalik: Got stuck on babysitting duty so I decided that it’s never too early to start teaching little Evan how to play some video games! Soon he’ll be better than Liam is aha!

@yourtwittername: He could probably beat Liam at any video game now. No practice needed :P

Niall: @Harry_Styles: I like spending the day with Daniel because he always laughs at my jokes :)

@Zayn_Malik: Don’t flatter yourself Harry, he can’t even understand you yet. He’s just laughing out of sympathy.

@Louis_Tomlinson: And you’ve got him upside down so he’s probably just hoping that if he laughs you’ll just put him back down.

Zayn: @Louis_Tomlinson: I’ve stolen this little man for the day! I can already tell he’s gonna be a lady killer in a couple of years! Look out ladies!

@yourtwittername: Are you teaching Miles how to be a player, Lou? You’re supposed to be taking him to the park for ice cream…

@Louis_Tomlinson: @yourtwttername: Ice cream can be punk too y/n…

Harry: @Real_Liam_Payne: Had to drag Lillian back home after our trip to the beach today. She absolutely loved the water! Sophia finally had to bribe her with food to get her out.

@Niall_Official: You told me you were busy all day which is why we couldn’t go bowling today! You didn’t tell me you had a date with a 7 year old -.- I’ll remember this…

@Real_Liam_Payne: Well I’d rather have spent my day with little Miss Lillian Styles than you anyways… This girl’s got some style B)

Help me get my fav little trash rat bundle sunshine joy flower pot to do a day in my life vlog

Okay so I have this friend Emma , you might know her by her tumblr trxye-and-txlly you might also know she has a youtube, I very much enjoy her YouTube my favorite videos that she makes are her Vlogs but she only Vlogs when she goes to meetups. But becuz i like them so much I was like yo Emma you should do a day my last avlog. She reply ed with my life is really that exciting I don’t think people would enjoy it. I said no I really think people would. All in all the conversation ended she went to cross country and the day in my life vlog wasn’t happening.

So its like 3 hours latter and tweets, “addie really wanted me to do my life video would you guys be up for that too if this gets 15 favorites and 25 retweets then I’ll make a day my life video” so it’s like half an hour later an the tweet only has my favorite my retweet. so she dms me and goes. I’ll make you a deal if you can make tumblr post and get it then I’ll do and I was like alright well I’ll give it my best shot so this is my tumblr post and getb100 notes ill make a day in my life video

So please help me get this post to 100 notes so my fav little trash rat bundle sunshine joy flower pot can do a day in my life vlog