you know represents us as companions

I really don’t understand why people hate companions. I just don’t get it. Yeah, some may not be your favorite, but to sit there and say you HATE them? I loved every companion. I loved Rose, I loved Martha, I loved Donna, I loved Amy and Rory, and I loved Clara. And I know I will love Bill. Why?  Because they are flawed, because they aren’t perfect, because they represent real people like us, because they sometimes get on my nerves and because the Doctor chose them. I love all the companions because I can see little bits of myself, good and bad, in all of them. 

Unfortunately, I feel like I’m one of the few who feel this way. 

I wanted to share a special painting for #throwbackthursday that represents blind love. 😌This cutie is “Madmoiselle Gatto” and I painted her in 2015 for my “Beauty in the Breakdown” show at the Thinkspace Gallery. 🐱🐶 I imagined she was blind but surrounded by some of our most precious companion animals. They represent her innocence and her senses. She doesn’t see buts feels unconditional love. I really feel as if pets can guide our hearts at times in ways we don’t always see. ❤ I know I have a deep connection with my little nugget Loki! 🐕 This painting is meant to show how no matter who you are, what challenges we go through, that we need to use our senses and our hearts to guide us💕 She’s so special to me so I’m going to put up prints of her this Saturday for my Caturday Release on my Etsy Shop at 7pm PST/10pm EST 😊 I’ll have Cat Con AND some SDCC goodies going up so set your alarms!  And if you’re looking to customize your print options, “Madmoiselle Gato” is available on my Custom Print Shop ☺ Hope you’re having a great Thursday lovelies and remember to keep spreading love 😙💝

Binding to Fidget Toys

Recently, in my own experiment, I bridge-bound my angelic companion Dezzy to my fidget cube. I quickly found that when i get anxious and use it to fidget, she knows and quickly responds.

The pros of binding to a fidget toy:
• Your spirit friend will know when you’re needing to fidget and can help with whatever issue you have.
• Fidget toys are portable and if you’re allergic to metal used in jewelery, you can still have their vessel near you.
• Fidget toys already help improve focus and productivity, something the spirit can also amplify.
• Spinners and cubes come in many colours, so you can easily find one that represents your companions appearance or represents a symbol of theirs.

Cons of having your spirit companion bound to a fidget toy:
• Some schools and workplaces have banned spinners and cubes altogether
• The spirit may get tired the more you use the cube/spinner, especially if they’re helping you every time.

-The Song of Roland-

Roland and Olivier are inspired by Charlemagne’s knights (confirmed by Jun Mochizuki herself, I asked her!).
One famous epic poem about them is called The Song of Roland and is about the Saracens embushing Roland, Olivier and other knights because they were informed by a traitor (roughly resume). Olivier died and Roland is mourning him. Later, Roland, nearly dead and knowing he has no chance, he blows a last time into his olifant horn, bursting his temples and well…die. (ಥ_ಥ)

The fanart represents the CLXIII and CLXIV part:

/CLXIII: He finds his companion, Olivier. Against his chest he pressed him, tightly embrassed./

/CLXIV: […] and Olivier he loved so much, he is moved; he begins to cry. “Olivier, beautiful companion, on no earth there would be better knight than you!”/

Sorry for the bad translation, I used the french version and it was in complicate form (not old french but nearly ha.ha.ha. orz). But this helps at least to understand why I draw Roland mourning Olivier c’:

LegolasxReader drabble!

As requested for naryamirie. I reeeally hope you like it, and that it fits what you wanted. ^^

Your head is turned upwards towards the sky, where billions of dazzling stars shine overhead. You exhale gently, the strain from the past couple of weeks trailing off into the night air. It had been quite some time since occurrence of the hobbit and the dwarves of Erebor had taken place. Now there was a rumor, a rumor that the Ring of Power was discovered and in the Shire, of all places. It was now in Rivendell, where hopefully, it would be kept safe.

“You are troubled.” Legolas’s voice sifts through your ears, and then he is at your side, gazing out upon the tops of the trees of Mirkwood. The wall that keeps the enemy from ambushing Thranduil’s halls is high, and you often come here to gaze at the starlight and clear your head.

“Troubled? I am not troubled. A dark haze of worry stretches over my mind like a suffocating blanket, but troubled? No.” You look over, gazing at the elven prince and the owner of your heart. His affections had resided in Tauriel for the longest time, but then she fell in the Battle of Erebor and you had comforted him in his grief, or what grief an elf feels when they lose someone they care deeply for.

“You are troubled,” Legolas states again, his hand running along your shoulder and weaving through your hair. He begins to braid your hair, knowing that you love it when he does so, and your eyes slowly close, savoring his touch.

“I worry about the darkness, Legolas. It is spreading. Our borders are growing evil, and I fear we cannot hide forever.” Your confessions comes out in a whisper, and you feel his hands take pause. It is silent, save for the soft breath of you and your companion. You feel his lips brush the top of your head, one of your favorite signs of affection from him. You also know it must mean that he is going to say something you are not going to be all too happy with. “What ails you?” You ask, turning your head so that you can gaze upon him.

“My father is sending me along with two other representatives to ride to Rivendell. Elrond is holding a secret meeting and he wishes for us to be there.” You straighten your back, nodding your head formally. It is what the King wishes, so you have to abide by it.

“When do you leave?”

Legolas turns away from you, pressing his hands against the wood of the wall and peering out into the night. “Tomorrow,” he murmurs. The wind almost catches it, taking it away from you, but you manage to hear. You turn your back to him so that he could not see the disappointment clouding your eyes. It is why elves do not fall in love. The worry clouds their judgment.

“Look at me,” he commands, and you obey. He still is the prince, after all. “Do not despair. I will return to you, and then we shall sail West, like the rest of our kind is doing.” Legolas’s fingers paw your chin, lifting it upwards so that his lips can brush against yours.

The two of you had talked about sailing into the West together, to the Undying Lands. Thranduil wouldn’t approve unless he were to leave as well, and so it had been kept in secret ever since Legolas had made the decision.

You press yourself against the prince, your head fitting perfectly into the crook of his neck. “Promise me. Promise you will return to me, and that I won’t have to sail alone.” Your breath tickles his neck, causing him to shiver slightly, and his hold tightens around you.

“I can’t promise you that, hiril vuin. But I can promise you this: my love for you is as Undying as the Land we are to sail to.”

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